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EXTRA : A Gastrea! (0:00:54.45)
EXTRA : It's heading this way! (0:00:55.41)
EXTRA : Fire! Fire! (0:01:00.42)
Kikunojou Tendou : If you do not want to die, (0:01:42.88)
Kikunojou Tendou : survive, Rentaro. (0:01:45.39)
EXTRA : #01 The Last Hope (0:03:33.79)
EXTRA : What? (0:03:38.44)
EXTRA : You're the civil officer who's
come to help us out?
EXTRA : But you're still a kid. (0:03:43.71)
Rentarou Satomi : I can't exactly help that,
but I'm the civil officer.
EXTRA : Tendo Civil Security Agency, huh... (0:03:48.19)
EXTRA : Never heard of it. (0:03:51.45)
Rentarou Satomi : Hey, why don't we talk about work? (0:03:53.97)
EXTRA : Fourth floor. (0:03:57.41)
EXTRA : Someone on the floor below (0:04:01.00)
EXTRA : reported that blood was leaking
through their ceiling.
EXTRA : Putting together all the information,
it's definitely a Gastrea.
EXTRA : For cryin' out loud... Now that
you're here, I can finally go in.
Rentarou Satomi : The law preventing you guys
from entering the scene
Rentarou Satomi : without a civil officer is to
reduce the amount of victims.
EXTRA : That's exactly what I don't like about it! (0:04:18.13)
EXTRA : So, where's your partner, the "Initiator"? (0:04:20.95)
EXTRA : As a standard, civil officers are supposed
to fight in pairs, aren't they?
Rentarou Satomi : I-I didn't think it was
necessary for her to help.
EXTRA : Oh, Inspector. (0:04:34.55)
EXTRA : Any changes? (0:04:36.54)
EXTRA : I-I'm sorry... two of our point men just went down (0:04:37.69)
EXTRA : through the window with wires to engage. (0:04:40.94)
EXTRA : We haven't heard from them since. (0:04:43.51)
EXTRA : Why didn't you wait for
the civil officer's arrival?
EXTRA : We didn't want guys like
him to steal the glory!
Rentarou Satomi : Out of the way. I'm going in! (0:04:52.28)
Kagetane Hiruko : You're rather late, Mr. Civil Officer. (0:05:09.00)
Rentarou Satomi : What... (0:05:13.05)
Rentarou Satomi : Are you one of us? (0:05:14.40)
Kagetane Hiruko : I was, indeed, also after the Gastrea
that was the source of infection.
Kagetane Hiruko : However, (0:05:20.77)
Kagetane Hiruko : I'm not one of you. (0:05:22.11)
Kagetane Hiruko : Because... (0:05:24.72)
Kagetane Hiruko : the one who killed these police officers... (0:05:26.39)
Kagetane Hiruko : was me. (0:05:30.15)
Kagetane Hiruko : Not bad. (0:05:35.15)
Kagetane Hiruko : Is that you, Kohina? (0:05:50.30)
Kagetane Hiruko : Yes... Right. (0:05:52.02)
Kagetane Hiruko : I'll meet up with you in a moment. (0:05:53.81)
EXTRA : I will avenge my friends! (0:05:56.89)
Rentarou Satomi : Inzen: Kokutenfu! (0:06:01.70)
Rentarou Satomi : Inzen: Genmeika! (0:06:05.26)
Kagetane Hiruko : Oh, it's nothing. I'll be right there. (0:06:16.24)
Kagetane Hiruko : Splendid. (0:06:21.15)
Kagetane Hiruko : I didn't think you'd actually land a hit. (0:06:22.57)
Kagetane Hiruko : What is your name? (0:06:25.41)
Rentarou Satomi : Satomi Rentaro! (0:06:26.96)
Kagetane Hiruko : Satomi-kun, eh? (0:06:29.22)
Kagetane Hiruko : Let us meet again, Satomi-kun. (0:06:31.29)
Rentarou Satomi : Just who are you? (0:06:35.07)
Kagetane Hiruko : I am... (0:06:36.96)
Kagetane Hiruko : the one who will destroy the world. (0:06:38.62)
Kagetane Hiruko : It is impossible for anyone to stop me. (0:06:41.68)
EXTRA : Where's the Gastrea? (0:06:51.38)
Rentarou Satomi : The victims were assaulted here. (0:06:53.20)
Rentarou Satomi : Then they escaped through
the window in search of help.
EXTRA : Come on, now... (0:06:59.32)
EXTRA : You said "escaped," but this apartment
is on the fourth floo—
Rentarou Satomi : And if they were able to move
after losing this much blood...
EXTRA : So not only is the source of the infection (0:07:06.95)
EXTRA : running about, but the infected are, as well? (0:07:08.52)
EXTRA : Pandemic... (0:07:10.95)
Rentarou Satomi : Set a blockade around the
area, Inspector Tadashima!
Enju Aihara : Rentaro, you imbecile! (0:07:15.84)
Enju Aihara : Regardless of the urgency, how dare he throw
me, his fiancée, off the bicycle and leave?!
EXTRA : Little girl! (0:07:24.50)
Enju Aihara : What is it?! I am in quite a hurry! (0:07:26.79)
EXTRA : Little girl... I wanted to ask for directions... (0:07:31.04)
Enju Aihara : Do you... not understand
what is happening to you?
EXTRA : Huh? (0:07:39.95)
Enju Aihara : There is nothing that I can do for you. (0:07:41.75)
Enju Aihara : Do you have any final words? (0:07:45.09)
Enju Aihara : Do you remember now? (0:07:54.51)
EXTRA : When I was on the balcony, (0:07:55.89)
EXTRA : I was almost killed by a Gastrea, (0:07:57.74)
EXTRA : so I ran for my life... (0:08:00.37)
Enju Aihara : Sadly, I'm afraid that you will transition
from victim to aggressor very soon.
EXTRA : H-Help me! (0:08:17.78)
Enju Aihara : What is this?! It's all sticky! (0:08:28.04)
Rentarou Satomi : Gastrea! (0:08:36.71)
Rentarou Satomi : Model Spider Stage One confirmed! (0:08:38.07)
Rentarou Satomi : I will now engage! (0:08:40.44)
EXTRA : What d'ya think you're doing?! (0:08:47.66)
Rentarou Satomi : Normal bullets have no effect on Gastrea! (0:08:48.85)
Rentarou Satomi : It'll just agitate it more! (0:08:51.74)
EXTRA : It's working... (0:08:58.12)
EXTRA : Black bullets... Varanium! (0:09:01.21)
Rentarou Satomi : Yeah. It's a metal that stops
the regeneration of Gastrea!
Rentarou Satomi : This one's a Stage One element, (0:09:08.32)
Rentarou Satomi : a Jumping Spider Gastrea! (0:09:10.28)
Rentarou Satomi : Damn it! I'm out of bullets. (0:09:17.08)
Rentarou Satomi : Enju! (0:09:23.59)
Enju Aihara : Hmph! (0:09:36.28)
Enju Aihara : You're too quick to let your guard down, Rentaro! (0:09:37.88)
Enju Aihara : I can't bear to watch you! (0:09:39.91)
EXTRA : I see... so this kid is... (0:09:41.41)
Enju Aihara : Indeed. I am Rentaro's Initiator... (0:09:43.77)
Enju Aihara : Or rather, (0:09:47.05)
Enju Aihara : his partner, (0:09:48.25)
Enju Aihara : Aihara Enju! (0:09:49.56)
Enju Aihara : Don't you forget it, you public servant! (0:09:50.98)
Rentarou Satomi : More importantly, are you all right, Enju? (0:09:52.90)
Enju Aihara : Yes. It'll heal soon. (0:09:55.47)
Enju Aihara : I'm more angered by the
destruction of my outfit.
EXTRA : The Cursed Children... (0:10:01.47)
Enju Aihara : What now? Are you smitten with me? (0:10:04.11)
Enju Aihara : Unfortunately for you, Rentaro and I
have sworn to be together forever.
Enju Aihara : Give it up. (0:10:11.26)
Rentarou Satomi : No one swore anything! (0:10:12.36)
Rentarou Satomi : What are you doing?! (0:10:16.13)
Enju Aihara : What? Did you want to do more, Rentaro? (0:10:17.48)
Rentarou Satomi : You idiot! (0:10:20.09)
Enju Aihara : By the way, are you going to make it
in time for the limited time sale?
Rentarou Satomi : Oh... Crap! (0:10:24.81)
EXTRA : Hey, you're leaving already? (0:10:26.92)
Rentarou Satomi : Bean sprouts are six yen a bag! (0:10:28.51)
Enju Aihara : Rentaro, are you trying
to leave me behind again?
Rentarou Satomi : What happened earlier was inevitable! (0:10:34.33)
Enju Aihara : How rude! (0:10:35.79)
EXTRA : Varanium, huh? (0:10:42.43)
EXTRA : Sir! (0:10:43.65)
EXTRA : Initiators, born to fight Gastrea, (0:10:48.98)
EXTRA : and Promoters, who are in charge
of keeping them under control.
EXTRA : You mean that civil officer who was just here? (0:10:56.06)
EXTRA : Yeah... (0:10:57.89)
EXTRA : They're humanity's last hope. (0:10:59.57)
Kisara Tendo : Is there anything you'd like to
say before you die, Satomi-kun?
Rentarou Satomi : I-I can't do anything about
something that already happened.
Kisara Tendo : You idiot! (0:11:22.16)
Kisara Tendo : Why did you run away?! You're infuriating! (0:11:23.79)
Rentarou Satomi : Don't be ridiculous! (0:11:26.33)
Kisara Tendo : So because you were in a rush to go
buy something at a limited time sale,
Kisara Tendo : you later realized that you forgot
to get compensation from the police?
Kisara Tendo : You tried to contact them,
but they wouldn't pay you...
Kisara Tendo : And yet you bought two bags of bean sprouts. (0:11:41.63)
Rentarou Satomi : Would you like some, Kisara-san? (0:11:45.55)
Kisara Tendo : Call me President while we're at work! (0:11:47.77)
Kisara Tendo : Listen, Satomi-kun. (0:11:52.33)
Kisara Tendo : We made nothing this month. (0:11:53.76)
Kisara Tendo : Whose fault do you think that is? (0:11:55.98)
Kisara Tendo : You're useless! A weakling! An idiot! (0:11:58.06)
Kisara Tendo : And you actually gave the sale
priority over reporting to your boss?
Kisara Tendo : And most of all... (0:12:05.96)
Kisara Tendo : Why didn't you tell me about the sale?! (0:12:06.87)
Kisara Tendo : Can't go on... (0:12:13.99)
Kisara Tendo : I want steak... (0:12:15.26)
Rentarou Satomi : So do I. (0:12:17.24)
Kisara Tendo : Running a company is harder than I thought. (0:12:19.08)
Kisara Tendo : It's all because you're such
a useless idiot, Satomi-kun...
Rentarou Satomi : You're not going to blame it
on the company's location?
Kisara Tendo : If we were a better company,
the location wouldn't matter!
Rentarou Satomi : I know! (0:12:33.06)
Rentarou Satomi : Why don't you put on a maid outfit
and hand out flyers, Kisara-san?
Kisara Tendo : Are you saying I should act like a hostess? (0:12:36.87)
Kisara Tendo : You need to run (0:12:40.26)
Kisara Tendo : into a crowd of people yelling,
"Tendo Civil Security Agency is right here!"
Kisara Tendo : and catch on fire or explode! (0:12:45.52)
Rentarou Satomi : That'd be an act of terrorism... (0:12:47.38)
Kisara Tendo : Hey, the Gastrea you killed
was an infected, right?
Rentarou Satomi : Yeah. I didn't encounter the
source of the infection, though...
Rentarou Satomi : Some other company probably
already found it and got rid of it.
Kisara Tendo : Not only did no one take care of it, (0:13:02.84)
Kisara Tendo : no one's even seen it. (0:13:04.37)
Rentarou Satomi : Why didn't you send out a warning? (0:13:07.83)
Kisara Tendo : This is why we civil officers have our jobs. (0:13:09.88)
Kisara Tendo : Since it's not in the police's net,
it won't be easy to find.
Kisara Tendo : I'll ask others in the business
if they know anything.
Kisara Tendo : Satomi-kun, we're going to hunt down
the other sources of infection, too!
Kisara Tendo : Understood. (0:13:25.25)
Rentarou Satomi : If you're going home, I'll walk you partway. (0:13:28.38)
Kisara Tendo : I have a hemodialysis appointment today, (0:13:31.22)
Kisara Tendo : so I have to go to the hospital... (0:13:33.55)
Rentarou Satomi : Oh... I see. (0:13:35.26)
Kisara Tendo : It's almost been an entire year... (0:13:39.22)
Kisara Tendo : since you became a Promoter
and met Enju-chan.
Rentarou Satomi : It's only been a year. (0:13:45.66)
Rentarou Satomi : You and I are still only partway to our goals. (0:13:47.60)
Kisara Tendo : Satomi-kun, you've really changed lately. (0:13:51.22)
Kisara Tendo : You smile a lot more. (0:13:54.53)
Rentarou Satomi : That's not true... (0:13:56.46)
Kisara Tendo : So, what exactly is your current goal? (0:13:59.18)
Kisara Tendo : You always said as a kid, (0:14:03.01)
Kisara Tendo : "I know Mom and Dad are alive,
so I'm going to find them."
Kisara Tendo : Do you still think that? (0:14:11.40)
Rentarou Satomi : That has nothing to do with this. (0:14:13.83)
Rentarou Satomi : Stop bringing that up all the time! (0:14:16.30)
Rentarou Satomi : It doesn't matter anymore. (0:14:18.44)
Rentarou Satomi : My parents died in that war! (0:14:19.75)
Rentarou Satomi : Damn... (0:14:29.23)
Rentarou Satomi : I still can't handle it when
people bring up that subject...
Rentarou Satomi : It's already been ten years... (0:14:36.49)
Rentarou Satomi : I need to build up a little tolerance already. (0:14:38.94)
Rentarou Satomi : Sensei, where are you? (0:14:52.06)
Sumire Muroto : Over here. (0:14:54.29)
Rentarou Satomi : Whoa! (0:15:00.36)
Sumire Muroto : Boo! (0:15:04.25)
Rentarou Satomi : Don't scare me like that, Sensei! (0:15:06.00)
Sumire Muroto : Well, hello, Rentaro-kun. (0:15:08.84)
Sumire Muroto : Welcome to the abyss. (0:15:11.05)
Sumire Muroto : Corpses are great.
They don't waste time with idle chat.
Rentarou Satomi : So, who's the guy? (0:15:16.56)
Sumire Muroto : Charlie. (0:15:18.55)
Sumire Muroto : My boyfriend. (0:15:19.87)
Rentarou Satomi : Wasn't it some woman named Susan before? (0:15:21.63)
Sumire Muroto : The Gastrea you defeated earlier was
brought into our lab a little while ago...
Sumire Muroto : Can't you kill them a bit more cleanly? (0:15:29.89)
Sumire Muroto : Not to mention there were bullets
lying all over the place...
Sumire Muroto : Not only are you a perverted, lazy coward,
but you can't shoot worth a damn, either.
Sumire Muroto : Why haven't you killed yourself yet? (0:15:42.38)
Rentarou Satomi : Am I that much of a lost cause? (0:15:44.71)
Sumire Muroto : If you don't shape up,
Kisara's never going to look your way.
Rentarou Satomi : Where'd that come from?! (0:15:51.92)
Sumire Muroto : If you like her, you should just
make her yours by force.
Rentarou Satomi : Kisara-san is a master of the
Tendo Martial Arts form of iaido...
Rentarou Satomi : She'd kill me in an instant. (0:16:03.75)
Sumire Muroto : When you lived in the Tendo household, (0:16:06.11)
Sumire Muroto : Kisara protected you from
her older brothers, right?
Rentarou Satomi : Yeah. I think I've gotten (0:16:12.16)
Rentarou Satomi : strong enough to at least
protect Kisara-san now, too...
Sumire Muroto : But you're still as worthless as ever? (0:16:17.89)
Sumire Muroto : Now let's get down to business. (0:16:24.12)
Sumire Muroto : You didn't come here to ask
about the autopsy, did you?
Rentarou Satomi : Sensei, there are no reports
of eliminating or even spotting
Rentarou Satomi : the Gastrea that was the
source of the infection.
Rentarou Satomi : At this rate, there'll be more victims. (0:16:35.33)
Sumire Muroto : Investigation, huh? (0:16:38.13)
Sumire Muroto : Do you know the unique characteristic
of a jumping spider?
Rentarou Satomi : The color of its body, right? (0:16:43.23)
Rentarou Satomi : And it's known to jump when hunting its prey. (0:16:45.37)
Sumire Muroto : Precisely... (0:16:48.65)
Sumire Muroto : By nature, even if an insect
grew to the size of a human,
Sumire Muroto : it would no longer be able
to use its jumping ability.
Rentarou Satomi : Really? (0:16:57.89)
Sumire Muroto : If a flea were to get that big, (0:16:58.99)
Sumire Muroto : it wouldn't be able to support its own body, (0:17:01.04)
Sumire Muroto : nor would it be able to breathe properly. (0:17:03.51)
Sumire Muroto : However, the Gastrea virus
turns all that around.
Sumire Muroto : When an organism turns into a Gastrea, (0:17:11.60)
Sumire Muroto : the strength of its skin as
well as its physical functions
Sumire Muroto : are elevated to compensate for its size. (0:17:16.82)
Sumire Muroto : The speed at which the Gastrea
virus is able to rewrite DNA
Sumire Muroto : is irregular in every way. (0:17:23.61)
Sumire Muroto : And once it's taken over
more than 50% of the body,
Sumire Muroto : the body of the host can't
maintain its human form.
Sumire Muroto : It goes through a process
in which its form is destroyed,
Sumire Muroto : and it becomes a Gastrea. (0:17:35.82)
Sumire Muroto : That process sometimes results
in new, original powers.
Sumire Muroto : The source you've yet to find (0:17:41.53)
Sumire Muroto : may have acquired a new,
original power, as well.
Rentarou Satomi : Like optical camouflage? (0:17:47.18)
Sumire Muroto : If it truly had that kind of ability, (0:17:49.22)
Sumire Muroto : the Tokyo Area could become extinct
by a pandemic as early as tomorrow.
Rentarou Satomi : It'll be okay. (0:17:55.17)
Rentarou Satomi : Enju and I will make sure that won't happen... (0:17:56.42)
Sumire Muroto : Enju-chan, huh? (0:17:58.86)
Rentarou Satomi : Wh-What? (0:18:01.45)
Sumire Muroto : Your share. (0:18:04.06)
Sumire Muroto : You're not going to eat it? (0:18:07.05)
Enju Aihara : Wow! (0:18:14.33)
Enju Aihara : Stir-fried bean sprouts, (0:18:16.31)
Enju Aihara : chilled bean sprouts in soy sauce, (0:18:17.49)
Enju Aihara : and bean sprout miso soup! (0:18:19.11)
Enju Aihara : It all looks so delicious! (0:18:21.32)
Enju Aihara : This is amazing, Rentaro. (0:18:23.48)
Rentarou Satomi : Hey, before you eat... (0:18:25.17)
Enju Aihara : What? I've already passed along
the neighborhood bulletin.
Rentarou Satomi : That's not what I'm talking about. (0:18:30.04)
Enju Aihara : Oh! I see, Rentaro.
You want to do that thing.
Enju Aihara : Would you like dinner first, or your bath? (0:18:36.22)
Enju Aihara : Or... (0:18:39.09)
Rentarou Satomi : Hurry up and put some pants on! (0:18:41.69)
Enju Aihara : The meals you make are
so delicious, Rentaro.
Enju Aihara : How can you make such delicious
meals from just bean sprouts?
Rentarou Satomi : Enju, it's time for your shot. (0:18:56.23)
Rentarou Satomi : All done. (0:19:08.49)
Enju Aihara : Our daily routine is complete! (0:19:11.53)
Enju Aihara : Now that we've filled our bellies,
there's only one thing left to do, Rentaro.
Rentarou Satomi : Yep. Goodnight. (0:19:17.74)
Enju Aihara : You insolent pig! How dare you ignore me?! (0:19:23.67)
Enju Aihara : Really now... (0:19:43.04)
Enju Aihara : What kind of man are you,
passing up an offer from a lady?
Rentarou Satomi : Ladies are modest and prudent. (0:19:48.45)
Rentarou Satomi : Not to mention, you're as flat as a board. (0:19:51.96)
Enju Aihara : Th-They'll get bigger soon enough! (0:19:54.68)
Rentarou Satomi : It's important to know when to give up. (0:19:57.03)
Enju Aihara : However! (0:20:01.29)
Enju Aihara : I hear there are many unfortunate people (0:20:02.60)
Enju Aihara : like yourself in the world who
cannot love mature women.
Enju Aihara : Things like, "Onii-chan,
inject Enju with your shot of love,"
Enju Aihara : are what you're into, right, Rentaro? (0:20:11.47)
Rentarou Satomi : I'm begging you, don't lead
me down the road to hell.
Rentarou Satomi : And eat your breakfast. (0:20:18.73)
Enju Aihara : Okay! (0:20:20.41)
EXTRA : Look! It's Seitenshi-sama! (0:20:24.97)
EXTRA : Seitenshi-sama has appeared on the balcony! (0:20:27.50)
EXTRA : She has appeared alongside
her advisor, Tendo Kikunojo.
Enju Aihara : Hey, that's your... (0:20:34.32)
Rentarou Satomi : Just hurry up and eat! Let's go, Enju! (0:20:36.26)
Enju Aihara : Say, Rentaro. (0:20:41.64)
Enju Aihara : Why don't you take this opportunity
to transfer into my class?
Rentarou Satomi : Don't be ridiculous. (0:20:46.16)
Enju Aihara : Then keep failing school for the next six years, (0:20:47.32)
Enju Aihara : until I'm in my second year of high school. (0:20:49.41)
Rentarou Satomi : There'd be quite a few problems with
a 23-year-old high school student....
Rentarou Satomi : Enju, at school... (0:20:59.03)
Enju Aihara : Worry not. (0:21:01.38)
Enju Aihara : No one has realized my true identity. (0:21:02.58)
EXTRA : Morning, Enju-chan! (0:21:06.48)
Enju Aihara : Morning indeed, Mai-chan. (0:21:08.55)
Enju Aihara : I'm delighted to see that you're faring well. (0:21:10.18)
EXTRA : I see you're talking weird as usual. (0:21:12.04)
EXTRA : Did you watch Tenchu Girls yesterday? (0:21:14.52)
Enju Aihara : But of course. (0:21:17.38)
Enju Aihara : The nihilistic nature of
Tenchu Black, whom we are
Enju Aihara : uncertain is friend or foe, is quite real. (0:21:20.50)
EXTRA : Yeah... but I think Tenchu Gold is cooler. (0:21:22.06)
Sumire Muroto : Normally, the Gastrea virus is only spread
among humans through bodily fluids...
Sumire Muroto : But there are very rare cases in
which the Gastrea virus enters
Sumire Muroto : the mouth of a pregnant woman,
infecting the offspring...
Sumire Muroto : They are the Cursed Children. (0:21:43.95)
Sumire Muroto : All of them are born girls. (0:21:47.28)
Sumire Muroto : Their eyes are red, (0:21:50.08)
Sumire Muroto : and the Gastrea virus is rooted
deep within their bodies.
Sumire Muroto : Because of the inhibiting
factor within their bodies,
Sumire Muroto : the virus's corrosion is very slow, (0:21:59.36)
Sumire Muroto : but there are quite a few
who refuse to accept
Sumire Muroto : that those children are human. (0:22:03.93)
Rentarou Satomi : Ten years ago, humanity
was infected by Gastrea,
Rentarou Satomi : the parasitic lifeform that
spread like an explosion,
Rentarou Satomi : and we were nearly exterminated. (0:22:16.69)
Rentarou Satomi : On the brink of extinction, (0:22:19.26)
Rentarou Satomi : humanity surrounded itself with
giant Monoliths made from Varanium,
Rentarou Satomi : a metal the Gastrea hated, and managed
to survive by staying within these barriers.
Rentarou Satomi : Ten years have passed. (0:22:30.86)
Rentarou Satomi : After much trial and error, (0:22:32.31)
Rentarou Satomi : humanity is gradually arming itself
with ways to fight Gastrea.
Rentarou Satomi : At the core of that are Enju and the other
chosen Cursed Children, the Initiators.
Rentarou Satomi : Peace is being maintained here
thanks to those girls who inherited
Rentarou Satomi : Gastrea's regenerative and physical abilities. (0:22:50.63)
Sumire Muroto : The Cursed Children are indeed the
curse that Gastrea put upon humanity.
Sumire Muroto : However, they are also currently
the only thing that makes it possible
Sumire Muroto : for humanity to defeat Gastrea. (0:23:03.59)
Sumire Muroto : Those girls are the last hope for humanity. (0:23:06.90)
EXTRA : #02 The Mask of Madness (0:23:29.93)
EXTRA : Why didn't you save them? (0:23:30.62)
Sumire Muroto : Time for work, Satomi-kun. (0:23:32.09)
EXTRA : To the Ministry of Defense. (0:23:33.30)
Kagetane Hiruko : Despair. (0:23:34.35)
Rentarou Satomi : Are you even human? (0:23:34.90)
Kagetane Hiruko : The day of extinction is nigh. (0:23:36.39)

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