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Your erogenous zones.

- Jibril

No Game, No Life - Episode 1

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EXTRA : I can't believe it! Line ID
EXTRA : There's only four of them! Line ID
EXTRA : And yet they beat 1,200 players? Line ID
EXTRA : It's over, though. Line ID
EXTRA : You're mine. Line ID
EXTRA : ... No way... Line ID
EXTRA : They dodged that too? Line ID
Teto : Have you heard of this urban myth? Line ID
Teto : There's a group of unknown players
who beat every game they play.
Line ID
Teto : Their scores are out of this world too. Line ID
Teto : They never fill in their account names, Line ID
Teto : so we only know them as "Blank". Line ID
Teto : It's said that these people
are unbeatable.
Line ID
EXTRA : You think the Blanks are cheaters? Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah. I'm pretty sure
they're a group of cheaters.
Line ID
EXTRA : There's no other explanation to
the four of them beating 1,200 people.
Line ID
EXTRA : They must've used aimbots, dodge hacks,
and changed the size of their hitbox.
Line ID
EXTRA : There's no doubt they're cheating. Line ID
EXTRA : No. Line ID
EXTRA : We were the ones breaking the rules. Line ID
EXTRA : There's no other way I'd be
able to spam those massive spells.
Line ID
EXTRA : What? Line ID
EXTRA : Blank still dodged them, though. Line ID
EXTRA : They predicted I'd cheat
to spam those spells.
Line ID
EXTRA : ...Blank... Line ID
EXTRA : I bet they're super smart! Line ID
EXTRA : ...I wonder who they are... Line ID
Teto : And so the rumors spread even faster. Line ID
Teto : Urban myths are kind of like a wish. Line ID
Teto : Because, when it comes down to it, the least
interesting answer is usually the correct one.
Line ID
Sora : ...I can't believe we won... Line ID
Sora : Hey, Sis, could you stop controlling
Blank's main account with your feet?
Line ID
Shiro : I'm hungry. Line ID
Shiro : Want some? Line ID
Sora : Thanks. Line ID
Sora : I'd have never thought you'd
buy something this fancy.
Line ID
Shiro : Nutrition is important. Line ID
Sora : Just so you know, Sis, the human brain
can function so long as it has glucose.
Line ID
Sora : In terms of cost-performance,
white bread is the best.
Line ID
Shiro : Nice min-maxing. Line ID
Shiro : But I won't grow if I don't get
any other types of nutrients.
Line ID
Sora : You're beautiful as you are,
so I wouldn't worry about it.
Line ID
Sora : Hey, what time is it? Line ID
Shiro : It's... 8:00 AM.
The middle of the night.
Line ID
Sora : What day is it? Line ID
Shiro : Does that really matter to a NEET? Line ID
Sora : Of course it does! Line ID
Sora : It lets us know whenever there are
new events or tournaments in MMOs.
Line ID
Sora : Hang on! I know you've been up for five days
straight, but if you quit now, I won't have a healer!
Line ID
Shiro : You can do it. Line ID
Sora : Do you really expect me to control
four characters with my hands and feet?
Line ID
Shiro : Good luck. Line ID
Sora : Hang on! Just hang on! Line ID
Sora : If you go to sleep, Shiro, then everyone—
and by "everyone" I mean "me"—will die!
Line ID
Sora : Fine, I'll do it! Line ID
Teto : The world is chaotic,
unreasonable, and unfair.
Line ID
Teto : It has no meaning whatsoever. Line ID
Teto : Those who realize that but refuse come to terms with it make a wish—
Line ID
Teto : a wish that the world could
be a little more interesting.
Line ID
Teto : That's what an urban myth is. Line ID
Teto : Let me lend you a hand. Line ID
Teto : And for the sake of form, I'll write, Line ID
Teto : "Have you ever heard a rumor like this?" Line ID
Shiro : Bro... you got an email. Line ID
Sora : Your brother's been playing
four characters on four separate screens.
Line ID
Sora : I don't know what you want,
but I don't have the energy to do it.
Line ID
Shiro : It might be from a friend. Line ID
Sora : Whose friend? Line ID
Shiro : Yours? Line ID
Sora : That's funny. Line ID
Sora : It's almost like my sweet little sister just said
something mean and sarcastic about me.
Line ID
Sora : What's this? Line ID
Sora : And how does he know
that Blank are siblings?
Line ID
Shiro : What do we do? Line ID
Sora : Is he trying to bargain with us? Line ID
Sora : Well, it could be fun to check it out. Line ID
Sora : Chess? Line ID
Shiro : ...Good night... Line ID
Sora : Hang on. Line ID
Sora : I can't play against
some high-level computer!
Line ID
Sora : Chess is a finite, two-player,
zero-sum, perfect-information game.
Line ID
Sora : There's absolutely no luck involved. Line ID
Sora : Theoretically, there is a perfect
solution that will never lose.
Line ID
Sora : But that's only if you understand
the 10^120 possible states of the board!
Line ID
Shiro : Chess is no different from tic-tac-toe. Line ID
Sora : That's right. Line ID
Sora : Shiro's scored 20 straight victories against
computers designed to defeat grandmasters,
Line ID
Sora : alternating between
going first and second.
Line ID
Sora : ... But... Line ID
Shiro : It blocked off its own piece? Line ID
Sora : Wait, Shiro. Line ID
Shiro : ...Brother... Line ID
Sora : A computer will always
select the best move.
Line ID
Sora : That's why you're able to beat them. Line ID
Sora : But they're deliberately
playing poorly to lure you in.
Line ID
Sora : It's a human. Line ID
Sora : Calm down. Line ID
Sora : In a game of skill,
there's no way you'll lose.
Line ID
Sora : I'll tell you when they're
trying to spook you or lure you in.
Line ID
Sora : The two of us, Sora and Shiro,
form Blank together.
Line ID
Sora : Let's see if there's somebody
who can actually beat us.
Line ID
EXTRA : Checkmate! Line ID
EXTRA : You are winner! Line ID
Sora : We won! Line ID
Shiro : It's been a long time since I've
been pushed to the brink like this.
Line ID
Shiro : Were they really human? Line ID
Sora : What? Line ID
Sora : What do we think? Line ID
Sora : We have no idea what the
rules are, or what the goal is.
Line ID
Sora : But there are 7 billion people
making whichever moves they want.
Line ID
Sora : There are penalties
if you win or lose too much.
Line ID
Sora : You can't skip your turn, and if you
talk too much, you'll be ostracized.
Line ID
Sora : There are no parameters
and no way of telling the genre.
Line ID
Shiro : This world is nothing more
than a shitty game.
Line ID
Sora : This world is nothing more
than a shitty game.
Line ID
Sora : Well, if there were a world like that,
then we were born in the wrong world.
Line ID
Sora : What's going on? Line ID
Shiro : ...Bro... Line ID
Teto : I agree! Line ID
Teto : You were definitely born
in the wrong world!
Line ID
Teto : ...So I'll let you be reborn... Line ID
Teto : in the world where you
should've originally been born.
Line ID
Teto : Welcome to my world! Line ID
Sora : What the hell?! Line ID
Shiro : What the hell?! Line ID
Teto : This is the world of your dreams. Line ID
Teto : The world of games: Disboard! Line ID
Teto : This world is dictated by simple games. Line ID
Teto : The outcome of people's lives,
and even national borders, hinge on them.
Line ID
Shiro : Who are you? Line ID
Teto : Me? I'm Tet. Line ID
Teto : I live over there. Line ID
Teto : I guess I'm the god here. Line ID
Shiro : A god? Line ID
Sora : Now's not the time! Line ID
Sora : What do we do about this?! Line ID
Teto : There are ten commandments in this world. Line ID
Teto : One: All murder, war,
and robbery is forbidden.
Line ID
Teto : Two: Any and all conflicts
will be resolved through games.
Line ID
Teto : Three: In those games, each player will wager
something that is agreed to be of equal value.
Line ID
Teto : Four: So long as it doesn't break the third rule, what you wager and how you play the game is up to you. Line ID
Teto : Five: The challenged party has the right
to decide how the game is played.
Line ID
Teto : Six: Any and all wagers made in accordance
with these commandments must be upheld.
Line ID
Teto : Seven: Whatever conflicts you have
with another group will be conducted by
Line ID
Teto : designated representatives
with absolute authority.
Line ID
Teto : Eight: If you're found cheating during a game,
you will be disqualified and lose.
Line ID
Teto : Nine: In the name of God,
the previous rules may never be changed.
Line ID
Sora : I told you, this isn't the time! Line ID
Sora : W-We're about to crash! Line ID
Shiro : Bro! Line ID
Sora : Shiro! Line ID
Teto : And ten: Remember to
have fun with everyone else.
Line ID
Sora : H-Hey! Line ID
Teto : I look forward to seeing you again. Line ID
Teto : I'm sure we'll meet again soon. Line ID
Shiro : ...Bro... Line ID
Shiro : Where are we? Line ID
Sora : ...Sis... Line ID
Sora : I've always thought that life was just impossible game for masochists, but...
Line ID
Sora : Now it's gone and hit a fatal bug! Line ID
Shiro : What's going on? Line ID
Sora : This is such a shitty game! Line ID
Shiro : This is such a shitty game! Line ID
EXTRA : Long ago, in the distant, distant past, Line ID
EXTRA : an eternal war had begun with the gods,
along with their kin and creations,
Line ID
EXTRA : to see who would rule the world
as the One True God.
Line ID
EXTRA : The long and terrible battle quickly ended
with the death of the sky, sea, land, and stars.
Line ID
EXTRA : The one deity who had not participated won
by default, and took the title of One True God.
Line ID
EXTRA : His name was Tet. Line ID
EXTRA : He was once known
as the God of Play.
Line ID
Teto : You creatures who fought this war
with strength, violence, blood, and death.
Line ID
Teto : You who built a tower of corpses as high as
the sky itself and think of yourselves as wise,
Line ID
Teto : answer me one question. Line ID
Teto : How are you different
from these dumb beasts?
Line ID
EXTRA : They had no excuses
in their shattered world.
Line ID
EXTRA : That is when God spoke. Line ID
EXTRA : "All murder, war, and robbery in this world is forbidden." Line ID
Teto : You sixteen races who
think of yourselves as wise:
Line ID
Teto : put that wisdom to use,
along with your fortune and wealth,
Line ID
Teto : and build me a tower
that symbolizes it.
Line ID
Teto : Show me just how wise
you really are!
Line ID
Sora : I see. Line ID
Sora : So that explains why there's a
world that's dictated by games.
Line ID
EXTRA : Exactly. Line ID
EXTRA : ...And also... Line ID
Sora : What? Line ID
EXTRA : Could you at least
leave us a pair of pants?
Line ID
Sora : Six: Any and all wagers made in accordance
with these commandments must be upheld.
Line ID
Sora : We wagered all that we
could offer, including our lives,
Line ID
Sora : and you wagered
everything you own.
Line ID
Sora : Isn't that right? Line ID
EXTRA : ...Yes, it is, but... Line ID
EXTRA : You can't leave us here like this! Line ID
Sora : Let's go, Shiro. Line ID
Shiro : Roger. Line ID
EXTRA : Wait! Kid! Line ID
EXTRA : At least let me punch you once! Line ID
Sora : Looks like even thieves
can't rob or kill you.
Line ID
Shiro : I don't think they can,
no matter how bad they want to.
Line ID
Sora : So basically... it all comes down
to how good you are at the game.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Would you hurry up? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Shut up already! I'm thinking! Line ID
Kurami Zell : Think all you want.
It won't change your hand.
Line ID
Sora : A gambling tournament
to determine the next king?
Line ID
EXTRA : It was the previous king's dying wish. Line ID
EXTRA : He wants the next king to be
the best gambler there ever was.
Line ID
Sora : So even the king is
decided by playing games?
Line ID
EXTRA : The red-haired girl is Stephanie Dola. Line ID
EXTRA : She's the granddaughter
of the previous king.
Line ID
EXTRA : But due to his will,
she can't inherit the throne.
Line ID
EXTRA : So she's here trying to
win the tournament.
Line ID
Sora : Shiro, are you okay? Line ID
Shiro : I'm fine. Line ID
EXTRA : What is it?
Have you fallen for me?
Line ID
Sora : Nah. I was just wondering
if you were planning on entering.
Line ID
EXTRA : Me? No way. This is all I need. Line ID
EXTRA : Besides... that Kurami girl is so powerful
that most of the other players just dropped out.
Line ID
Sora : So you're scared? Line ID
EXTRA : What? Line ID
Sora : Well, so long as you don't actually lose here,
you can make up as many excuses as you'd like.
Line ID
Sora : Like, "I would've actually beaten her,
but I decided to let her go."
Line ID
EXTRA : Interesting. Line ID
EXTRA : Down for a game, boy? Line ID
Sora : Sorry, but I don't play for fun. Line ID
Sora : How about for all your money? Line ID
EXTRA : What? Do you have any idea
how much this is?!
Line ID
EXTRA : Besides, we need to bet
something that's of equal value.
Line ID
Sora : The third commandment, right? Line ID
Sora : ...Fair enough... Line ID
Sora : How about doing whatever
you want with the two of us, then?
Line ID
Sora : You can sell us, abandon us,
or do anything you'd like.
Line ID
EXTRA : Seriously? Line ID
Shiro : Yes. Line ID
Sora : We'll play a single hand of poker. Line ID
Sora : How about it? Line ID
Sora : This is your chance to back out. Line ID
EXTRA : Don't get cocky, outsider. Line ID
EXTRA : I'm in. Line ID
EXTRA : I swear by the commandments. Line ID
Sora : I swear by the commandments. Line ID
Sora : Aschente! Line ID
EXTRA : Aschente! Line ID
EXTRA : He's just some brat from the backwoods
who has more confidence than sense.
Line ID
EXTRA : That bluff might work
in your little village,
Line ID
EXTRA : but it won't work here. Line ID
Shiro : ...Bro... Line ID
EXTRA : Aw. Bad hand? Sucks to be you. Line ID
Sora : Guess so. I started today off
with a 10,000 meter skydive,
Line ID
Sora : then had to walk however long
under the blazing sun.
Line ID
Sora : Today's definitely not my day. Line ID
EXTRA : What are you talking about? Line ID
Sora : Nothing. Line ID
Sora : Ready to show? Line ID
EXTRA : Of course. Line ID
EXTRA : I'll even give you another chance
to exchange your cards.
Line ID
Sora : I'm fine. Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah? Line ID
EXTRA : ...Well, then... Line ID
EXTRA : Sorry, boy. Line ID
EXTRA : Full house! Line ID
Sora : Oh, yeah. Line ID
Sora : "Sorry" is right. Line ID
EXTRA : ...A... Line ID
EXTRA : ...A royal... Line ID
EXTRA : ...S-Straight... Line ID
EXTRA : F-Flush?! Line ID
EXTRA : No! There's no way! Line ID
Sora : Take a good look. It's real. Line ID
EXTRA : There's no way! There's only
...a 1 in 6,150,000 chance...
Line ID
Sora : And that's what just happened. Line ID
EXTRA : ...But... Line ID
Sora : The sixth commandment. Line ID
Sora : Any and all wagers must be upheld. Line ID
Sora : Isn't that right? Line ID
EXTRA : Wh... Who the hell are you? Line ID
Sora : No one important. Just an outsider. Line ID
Shiro : ...You cheated, Bro... Line ID
Shiro : It was very obvious too. Line ID
Sora : The eighth commandment: If you're found cheating
during a game, you will be disqualified and lose.
Line ID
Sora : Basically, if you're
not caught, it's okay.
Line ID
Shiro : How much did you win? Line ID
Sora : No idea. Line ID
Sora : Just leave it to me, though. Line ID
Sora : I'm a natural at negotiating. Line ID
Sora : I'll take a room for two. Line ID
Sora : One bed is fine. Line ID
Sora : How many nights is this worth? Line ID
EXTRA : One night. Line ID
Sora : I'm exhausted, man. Line ID
Sora : Why don't you tell me
how many nights I can really stay?
Line ID
Sora : If you're going to cheat someone, Line ID
Sora : then you should pay more attention
to your tone and where you're looking.
Line ID
EXTRA : Two nights. Line ID
Sora : There you go again! Line ID
Sora : Here's some advice. Line ID
Sora : Think very carefully
about who you lie to, okay?
Line ID
Sora : Okay, four nights. Thanks. Line ID
EXTRA : What's your name? Line ID
Sora : Just leave it blank. Line ID
Sora : Sorry for the wait, Shiro. Line ID
Shiro : She's going to lose. Line ID
Sora : Of course she will. Line ID
Sora : She wouldn't know what a face was even if it came—
Line ID
Sora : She's cheating? Line ID
Shiro : ...She is, but... Line ID
Shiro : I can't tell how. Line ID
Sora : I see. Line ID
Sora : ...I can't believe it, but this world... Line ID
Sora : Seriously? Line ID
Kurami Zell : So, are you going to fold? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Sh-Shut up already! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Let's have a fair fight! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...Uh... uh... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Okay! Line ID
Sora : She's cheating. Line ID
Kurami Zell : You're ready to show, aren't you? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Y-Yes, I am! Line ID
Sora : Smartphones, DSPs, a tablet,
...a battery, a solar charger, and cables...
Line ID
Shiro : Is this all we have? Line ID
Sora : Well, considering the circumstances of our arrival,
I guess we're lucky to have kept this much.
Line ID
Shiro : I can't get a signal. Line ID
Sora : I'm sure. Line ID
Sora : This is a real fantasy world. Line ID
Sora : I can't believe she was cheating like that.
Like, really. There's gotta be a line.
Line ID
Shiro : Bro... can you beat that? Line ID
Shiro : It was a stupid question. Line ID
Sora : Hey, Shiro. Line ID
Sora : In fairy tales, when the protagonists
end up in a different world,
Line ID
Sora : they do their best to
get back home, right?
Line ID
Sora : But who would want to
go back to a world like that?
Line ID
Shiro : ...I agree... Line ID
Sora : Guess it's decided, then. Line ID
Sora : Now, let the game begin. Line ID
Sora : Shiro, as your brother, I'm really
glad that you love me so much.
Line ID
Sora : But could you let go for a second? Line ID
Sora : ...Who is it? I paid up fro— Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Can I come in? Line ID
Shiro : ...Saving someone's life... Line ID
Sora : Do you really need a reason
other than it being fun?
Line ID
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