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EXTRA : We won't let you fight the Eastern Federation! Line ID
EXTRA : Do you think our lives are worthless? Line ID
EXTRA : Come out, you stupid king! Line ID
EXTRA : We know you're working
with the Federation!
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...So... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What are we all here for? Line ID
Sora : I told you after we
won yesterday, didn't I?
Line ID
Sora : Demand two: Line ID
Sora : You, elf. Line ID
Sora : Fiel, I'm taking the right
to alter your memories.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : ...Wha— Line ID
Kurami Zell : You want us to spy for you, right? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...Spy... Line ID
Sora : The reason we bet Imanity's
Race Piece is that we knew you,
Line ID
Sora : the spy working with Elven Garde,
would form contact with us.
Line ID
Sora : And we beat you in the game. Line ID
Kurami Zell : You thought that, by giving me
your memories during the game,
Line ID
Kurami Zell : you could bring me to your side without
having to use the commandments, right?
Line ID
Kurami Zell : However, while I
did agree to help you,
Line ID
Kurami Zell : I didn't see anything in your memories that'd lead me
to believe you can beat the Eastern Federation.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Do you really think you can? Line ID
Sora : We'll be fine. Line ID
Sora : Anyway, I've brought you here
for a very important reason.
Line ID
Sora : There's only one thing
we need to do now.
Line ID
Sora : Something we need to do
in order to fight together.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What is it? Line ID
Kurami Zell : ...You mean... Line ID
Sora : Introductions! Line ID
Kurami Zell : Introductions? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Why would we do that now? Line ID
Kurami Zell : I'm Clammy Zell. Line ID
Kurami Zell : It's nice to meet you. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Huh? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Is that all? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Don't you have anything else to say? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Nope. Line ID
Kurami Zell : That's not a problem, is it? Line ID
Sora : She's eighteen years old, same as me.{don't think the well really makes sense here since he's not answering a question} Line ID
Sora : 158 centimeters tall. Line ID
Sora : ...Her three sizes, from the top, are... Line ID
Kurami Zell : Hey! Line ID
Kurami Zell : That's not fair! Line ID
Sora : ...And she pads her bra. She's actually— Line ID
Kurami Zell : F-Fine, fine! I'll do it
for real! Just stop it!
Line ID
Kurami Zell : But I can't do that
without introducing Fi first.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Hello there! I'm Fiel Nilvalen! Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : You're all free to call me Fi,
except for that demon over there.
Line ID
Jibril : My, it seems you don't
like me very much at all.
Line ID
Jibril : I wonder why. How mysterious. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : ...Because... Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : When I think of
how many of my people
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : died in the attack by a certain
...Flugel during the great war...
Line ID
Sora : Defendant Jibril, what is your plea? Line ID
Jibril : I don't know what to say. Line ID
Jibril : If you had only known your place and avoided
placing anti-flight wards above your cities,
Line ID
Jibril : then I never would've
even noticed you.
Line ID
Jibril : You got what you deserved. Line ID
Jibril : Thanks to you, I fell from
the sky and bumped my head.
Line ID
Jibril : I don't see how you could blame me
if I accidentally let you all die.
Line ID
Sora : Judge! The defendant, Jibril, is guilty! Line ID
Jibril : Why? Line ID
Sora : Fi, since we'll be working together,
I don't want any hard feelings.
Line ID
Sora : What does Jibril have to do
to earn your forgiveness?
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : That's a very difficult question. Line ID
Kurami Zell : ...Fi... Line ID
Kurami Zell : We need her power for Sora's plans. Line ID
Kurami Zell : I ask you too. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Fine. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : If you lick my feet and say,
"Please forgive me, O' great Fiel",
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : then I'll forgive you. Line ID
Jibril : Excuse me? Line ID
Jibril : You long-eared forest mongrels
are as cocky as can be, aren't you?
Line ID
Shiro : Jibril. Guilty. Line ID
Shiro : Punishment. Line ID
Jibril : I... I really have to lick this animal's feet?! Line ID
Shiro : Punishment! Line ID
Jibril : I really don't want to,
...but if that's my masters' order...
Line ID
Jibril : Please forgive me, O' great Fiel. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Okay, I forgive you! Line ID
Sora : That's all it took? Line ID
Jibril : Ma-Master! Line ID
Jibril : Licking this vulgar animal's feet and apologizing
has to be the ultimate humiliation!
Line ID
Jibril : But why? Line ID
Jibril : Why is it that, when I think that
I'm doing it because you ordered me to,
Line ID
Jibril : I get so excited? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Who is Blank, that they're
capable of doing this to a Flugel?
Line ID
Jibril : Do you know what's behind
this shocking discovery?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...Um... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : If we're talking about hard feelings,
then I have my share too.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : She used magic to
cheat and defeat me!
Line ID
Sora : It's your fault for being deceived. Line ID
Kurami Zell : Oh, he's just cold-blooded and uncaring. Line ID
Kurami Zell : Fi is my childhood friend. Line ID
Kurami Zell : More specifically, she's my master. Line ID
Jibril : Elven Garde is a democracy, Line ID
Jibril : but they maintain a hierarchy and
promote the binding of lower-ranked races.
Line ID
Jibril : Basically, they have a slave system. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...So Clammy is... Line ID
Kurami Zell : Yes. Line ID
Kurami Zell : We've been slaves of the
Nilvalen family for generations.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : I was born and raised in Elven Garde. Line ID
Kurami Zell : The Nilvalen family is one of
the most famous in Elven Garde
Line ID
Kurami Zell : and has served in the
Upper Diet for generations.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : But Fi was the only one treat me, a slave...
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Do you want to eat together? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Fi, don't be nice to me anymore. Line ID
Kurami Zell : If you treat a slave me as a friend...
Line ID
Kurami Zell : a friend....{or remove the addition to 120, since this said "like as a friend" before} Line ID
Kurami Zell : Though she can't show
any signs of it on the surface.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I really don't like that! Line ID
Kurami Zell : Since the last head of the
family passed away last year,
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Fi is the de facto
leader of the family.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : So, from society's perspective, Line ID
Kurami Zell : our relationship has gotten
even more complicated.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wait, so Fiel, you're acting
as an Upper Diet member now?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : An Upper Diet member
...planning to free the slaves...
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Isn't that treason? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : That's really surprising, isn't it? Line ID
Sora : Yeah, it was. Steph, were you
really able to follow all that?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : That's what surprises you?! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Are you fine with this, Fiel? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Helping us could lead to
the destruction of Elven Garde.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I'm fine with anything so long
as Clammy doesn't get hurt.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I don't really care
about my family at all,
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : and I've even thought it would be faster if
the whole country would just up and vanish.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : You're surprisingly brutal. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Clammy starts crying whenever
I take my eyes off of her,
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : so I want to stay by her side. Line ID
Kurami Zell : I... I don't cry! I've never cried! Line ID
Sora : Actually, when you
lost the battle for the crown,
Line ID
Sora : you were bawling like a baby. Line ID
Kurami Zell : No! That's not what happened! Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I knew it! Line ID
Kurami Zell : I told you, I didn't cry! Line ID
Kurami Zell : Just because you've
known me since I was a baby
Line ID
Kurami Zell : doesn't mean you can
treat me like a kid forever!
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Clammy tries to
push herself too hard.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : There, there. Line ID
Sora : She's more like a mom than a best friend. Line ID
Kurami Zell : Leave me alone! Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : There, there. Line ID
Kurami Zell : Anyway! Line ID
Kurami Zell : We need to focus on the
Eastern Federation now!
Line ID
Kurami Zell : When their ruler,
the "Shrine Priestess", appeared,
Line ID
Kurami Zell : they became the third-largest country
in the world in just fifty years.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Nobody knows how great
a threat they truly pose.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Not to mention that the Werebeasts
have an ability called Blood Destruction.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Do you have any sort
of plan to deal with that?
Line ID
Sora : I'm thinking. Line ID
Sora : If we're going to fight together,
we need teamwork.
Line ID
Sora : Bonds. Line ID
Sora : We need to get to
know each other better!
Line ID
Sora : ...And to do that... Line ID
Kurami Zell : I'm not taking a bath with you. Line ID
Sora : How... How did you know? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Did he forget that he
gave me all his memories?
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Well, too bad. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Clammy, it's important to get to know
the people we'll be fighting alongside.
Line ID
Sora : That's right! Line ID
Sora : In the world we came from, Japan, there was
a traditional ritual for getting to know each other,
Line ID
Sora : ...and it was... Line ID
Sora : hanging out while naked! Line ID
Sora : I'm having you work with me because of
mutual trust, not because of the commandments.
Line ID
Sora : My only hope is to resort
to traditional culture!
Line ID
Kurami Zell : All you're relying on is worldly
desires and ulterior motives.
Line ID
Sora : Jibril, explain to the girl. Line ID
Jibril : Ahem. Line ID
Jibril : The idea of associating while naked Line ID
Jibril : dates back to the Japanese civil wars,
...when carrying weapons was—
Line ID
Jibril : In other words, because both the
ancient Romans and modern Japanese
Line ID
Jibril : shared this concept of a public bath, Line ID
Jibril : it became a major hit
and a nationwide phenomenon.
Line ID
Sora : So, do you understand now, Clammy? Line ID
Kurami Zell : I... don't even know what
we're talking about anymore.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Very well, then. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I'll refuse for you. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : This is what Clammy is trying to say. Line ID
Kurami Zell : ...Uh, thank— Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : She doesn't want to take a bath with you
because she lacks confidence in her proportions.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : That's not it! Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : It's fine, Clammy. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : A woman's worth isn't
determined by her breasts!
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Fine! Line ID
Kurami Zell : I'll take a bath with you!
That's what you want, right?
Line ID
Sora : Aw yiss! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Couldn't you make this
shampoo a bit easier to use?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Clammy? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I didn't know you
had such a nice figure.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Well, I'm the type who
looks smaller with clothes on.
Line ID
Jibril : Master, did you expect that? Line ID
Sora : But of course. Line ID
Sora : Fi, I mean, Fiel, Line ID
Sora : is the magic you're using on
Clammy's breasts an illusion,
Line ID
Sora : or did you actually alter them? Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Looks like he found out, Clammy. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I think it's rude to use our magic like that
when we're supposed to be baring ourselves.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : What sort of magic would you prefer? Line ID
Sora : Glad you understand! Line ID
Sora : Ahem. Line ID
Sora : Can you turn me into a girl? Line ID
Sora : That way, I can enjoy the
paradise spreading out behind me.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Of course I can! Line ID
Sora : For real?! Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I won't be able to
turn you back, though.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Is that okay? Line ID
Shiro : No. Line ID
Shrine Priestess : They sure are a fun bunch. Line ID
Shrine Priestess : It's fun to think that there are
still Imanity willing to challenge us.
Line ID
Shrine Priestess : Isn't that right, Ino? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Indeed. Line ID
Shrine Priestess : But they're the only ones
who should have fun.
Line ID
Shrine Priestess : You have but one job. Line ID
Shrine Priestess : Do you understand, Izuna? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Hey! Line ID
Kurami Zell : We didn't even get
a chance to talk today.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Where did he disappear to? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Sora! Line ID
Kurami Zell : So this is your strategy to
defeat the Eastern Federation?
Line ID
Kurami Zell : You're not taking this very seriously. Line ID
Sora : Honestly, this is Shiro's area now. Line ID
Sora : It's beyond me. Line ID
Sora : I'm just helping. Line ID
Sora : I've just been looking over
the footage from the bath earlier.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : If you're expecting me to react like
Stephanie Dola, it's not happening!
Line ID
Sora : I don't quite believe that when your face is
bright red and you're covering your breasts.
Line ID
Sora : You're here to ask if we
can really win, aren't you?
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Yes, I am. Line ID
Kurami Zell : I've looked over your memories,
and all of your victories have been close calls.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : And, like I said earlier, this time
you're fighting the Eastern Federation.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : One misstep and you're doomed. Line ID
Kurami Zell : I don't think you can win like this. Line ID
Sora : So I just have to avoid misstepping. Line ID
Kurami Zell : Can you really be sure you
won't make a single mistake?
Line ID
Sora : No way. Line ID
Sora : If it were just me,
I'd be sure to screw it up.
Line ID
Sora : But Blank is different. Line ID
Sora : If I make a mistake, Shiro is there. Line ID
Sora : That's how Blank always wins. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Don't you want to be
friends with me, Clammy?
Line ID
Kurami Zell : That's not it, Line ID
Kurami Zell : but if they find out about us
...and something bad happens to you...
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : You and I are different. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : If I make a mistake, you're there. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : And I want you to
be always by my side,
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : so I don't make a foolish mistake
and lose the person I care about.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : ...Fi... Line ID
Kurami Zell : Did you pull that line
from my memories?
Line ID
Sora : Who knows. Line ID
Kurami Zell : Anyway, I understand. Line ID
Kurami Zell : The reason I think you can't win
is that I only have your memories.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : You've found your wings, haven't you? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Hey, Shiro. Line ID
Kurami Zell : ...They say people can change... Line ID
Sora : ...but is that really true?... Line ID
Kurami Zell : Pretty embarrassing,
but I kind of like that thought.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : There's no need to be ashamed. Line ID
Sora : Shut up! Line ID
Kurami Zell : It's hard to have
such a talented sister.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : You've got your pride
to think of, big brother.{maybe also add onii-chan in comments if you intend to dual-track}
Line ID
Sora : Get out of here, already! Line ID
Sora : If you stay too long in Elkia,
they'll get suspicious!
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Tomorrow's the day, isn't it? Line ID
Kurami Zell : I'll believe in the
potential of humanity.
Line ID
Sora : Of course you will. Line ID
Sora : You're human too. Line ID
EXTRA : Hey! Line ID
EXTRA : He's coming out! Line ID
EXTRA : You mad failure of a king! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : You're insane, leaving
by the front gate like this!
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : There's a riot happening! Line ID
Sora : This didn't just happen. I started it. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What do you mean? Line ID
Sora : Well, they made a path
for us, so let's get going.
Line ID
Sora : We're heading for Izuna's house! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Why are you ignoring me? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : We've been waiting for you. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Please wait here until the game begins. Line ID
Sora : Make sure you let the audience in. Line ID
Sora : All right, Shiro. Line ID
Sora : How are you feeling? Line ID
Shiro : All green! Line ID
Sora : How about you, Jibril? Line ID
Jibril : Flugel are the ultimate weapons. Line ID
Jibril : How we feel has
nothing to do with it.
Line ID
Jibril : I will give you my all
at a single word.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : My stomach hurts. Line ID
Sora : By the way, Steph. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Yes? Line ID
Sora : You remember that I still have one demand
left after our bet in that last game, right?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Huh? Line ID
Sora : Jibril, can you keep the Werebeasts
from hearing what goes on in here?
Line ID
Jibril : Yes. Line ID
Jibril : I'm able to cover you and Dola in spirits
to keep the sound from getting out.
Line ID
Sora : Okay, Steph. I'm going to
put a special spell on you.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I've got a bad feeling about this. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Players, please sit here. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : I will now confirm
the terms of the game.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : The Eastern Federation wagers
everything it owns on the Lucia continent.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : The kingdom of Elkia
wagers its Race Piece.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : In other words, all the rights
of the Imanity, their territory,
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : and everything they possess is on the line
in a game designated by the Eastern Federation
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : between the representative
of the Eastern Federation
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : and the two rulers of Elkia,
joined by their two attendants.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : The game will be conducted
with these five players, one vs. four.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : And as always, if the Federation wins,
all memories of the game itself are to be forgotten.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : This includes all players and
all the Imanity viewing the game.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Now, the rules will be
explained once the game begins.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : So if you decide to decline
after hearing the rules,
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : your memories of the game will be taken,
but the contest will be voided.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Are you sure this is okay with you? Line ID
Sora : Sure, no problem. Line ID
Sora : But there are two things
I want to make clear.
Line ID
Sora : Firstly, if we do decide to drop out, then the
only memories we lose are of today's game.
Line ID
Sora : If your plan was to
give us an impossible game
Line ID
Sora : to make us drop out and then rob us
of all our memories, give it up now.
Line ID
Sora : And secondly, if we catch you cheating during
the game, it's grounds for an immediate loss.
Line ID
Sora : That's a major premise
of the ten commandments,
Line ID
Sora : and as long as you don't forget it,
we'll have no problems.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : I'll take that as an agreement and
ask you to swear by said commandments.
Line ID
Shiro : Aschente! Line ID
Jibril : Aschente! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Aschente! Line ID
Sora : Aschente! Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : Aschente, please. Line ID
Sora : Let's do this, Izuna. Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : I won't lose. Line ID
Sora : Hey, Izuna. Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : What, please? Line ID
Sora : When was the last time
you thought a game was fun?
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Are you all ready? Line ID
Sora : Okay, Shiro. Line ID
Sora : Don't let go of my hand. Line ID
Shiro : You too, Bro. Line ID
Sora : Let's begin the game. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : ... I sense magic... Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Clammy Zell? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : What's she doing here? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : ... And... Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : You're trying to act
like you didn't notice,
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : but your ears moved
when you sensed my magic.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Fi, it doesn't look like we can
interfere with the game from here.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I know that. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : What's important is the
fact that we're watching.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : This means the Eastern Federation
can't use any obvious cheats.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : Let's see what you can do, Line ID
Kurami Zell : Sora. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : He's sharing information with the elves? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Just how cautious is he? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : But even so, we Werebeasts
can't possibly lose at this game.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Are we really okay? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I don't think we can win this. Line ID
Sora : Steph, it's the same as the
answer to your earlier question.
Line ID
Sora : Why did I make the people riot? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Huh? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Why are you talking about this now? Line ID
Sora : I don't need the trust of anyone
who's sure we can win.{i think the point here is more to emphasise that he does need to win over people who doubt him}
Line ID
Sora : They're watching closely to
make sure we don't deliberately lose.
Line ID
Sora : As a result, it's harder for the
Eastern Federation to use obvious cheats.
Line ID
Sora : There's no more trusted observer
than someone who suspects you.
Line ID
Jibril : That's impressive, Master! Line ID
Sora : They'll try to use cheats
and Werebeast abilities
Line ID
Sora : that we aren't expecting
so they can overcome our observers.
Line ID
Sora : What determines our victory is how
...quickly we react to what we expected—
Line ID
Sora : and to what we didn't expect—and
how we reflect that in our strategies.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wh-Where the heck are we? Line ID
Jibril : It's an illusionary world that
I've never seen or heard of before.
Line ID
Jibril : ...Master, where are— Line ID
Jibril : What's wrong, Master? Line ID
Sora : We're doomed. Line ID
Sora : We can't do this. Line ID
Sora : Sorry. Imanity's finished. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What do you mean? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : After all that buildup? Line ID
Sora : I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Line ID
Sora : I didn't expect it
to be set in Tokyo.
Line ID
Sora : I can't do anything here. Line ID
Sora : It's our home,
but we're the away team.
Line ID
Sora : We can't help you, so I'm sorry, Line ID
Sora : but please handle this
yourselves. We can't do it.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...No way... Line ID
Sora : No doubt in my mind!
I believe Shiro!
Line ID
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