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Stephanie Dola : So what was that all about? (0:00:02.89)
Sora : What do you mean? (0:00:04.94)
Sora : Oh, and by the way,
we're siblings, so this isn't weird.
Shiro : ...Bro rejected me... (0:00:12.11)
Stephanie Dola : I don't care about that. (0:00:14.28)
Stephanie Dola : But if you knew she was cheating,
why didn't you tell me how she was doing it?
Stephanie Dola : I would've won if you'd just told me! (0:00:20.52)
Sora : Commandment eight: (0:00:22.84)
Sora : "If you're found cheating during a game, you will be disqualified and lose", right? (0:00:24.44)
Stephanie Dola : Exactly! (0:00:27.92)
Stephanie Dola : It's your fault that I lost! (0:00:29.08)
Stephanie Dola : It's all over now! I've lost my
only chance to become Queen!
Sora : ...So basically... (0:00:36.61)
Shiro : She's mad that she lost,
and she's taking it out on us.
Sora : She fell for it. (0:00:41.64)
Sora : I see. (0:00:43.73)
Sora : So you fell for a simple trick,
lost everything, and now you're blaming us?
Sora : How hilarious. (0:00:50.02)
Stephanie Dola : What did you say?! (0:00:51.66)
Sora : And then, when a kid calls you on it,
you get so mad you can't even think.
Sora : You're simple-minded, easily-riled,
can't control your emotions,{either remove 'you' from the last two items or add it to easily-riled}
Sora : and you're too
conservative to take risks.
Sora : To be honest,
you never stood a chance.
Sora : It's no wonder you lose all the time
if you're related to that foolish king.
Stephanie Dola : You take that back. (0:01:13.61)
Stephanie Dola : Say what you want about me,
but I won't let you insult my grandfather!
Stephanie Dola : Take it back, right now! (0:01:21.98)
Sora : Getting mad only proves my point. (0:01:24.00)
Sora : You're so obviously the
granddaughter of that foolish king.
Stephanie Dola : How dare you! (0:01:29.65)
Sora : How about we play a game, then? (0:01:35.33)
Stephanie Dola : A game? (0:03:09.13)
Sora : Yep. Remember? "Any and all conflicts
will be resolved through games."
Sora : That's one of the commandments. (0:03:13.84)
Sora : So let's play rock-paper-scissors. (0:03:15.94)
Stephanie Dola : Rock-paper-scissors? (0:03:19.05)
Sora : ...Yeah, but... (0:03:20.18)
Sora : I'll only play paper. (0:03:22.84)
Sora : If I play anything
other than paper, I lose.
Sora : You lose if I beat you with
rock or scissors, so it'll be a draw.
Stephanie Dola : What happens when it's a draw? (0:03:38.43)
Sora : If we both use paper, it's a draw. (0:03:40.70)
Sora : Everything else is fair game. (0:03:43.70)
Sora : Simple enough, right? (0:03:45.98)
Stephanie Dola : I see. (0:03:47.77)
Stephanie Dola : So that's how it's going to be. (0:03:49.32)
Stephanie Dola : So what are we going to wager? (0:03:51.12)
Sora : If you win, then I'll do anything you want. (0:03:53.68)
Sora : I'll even tell you how she cheated, (0:03:57.27)
Sora : and if you're still upset that
I called your grandfather a fool,
Sora : then you can tell us to kill ourselves. (0:04:02.36)
Sora : But if I win, then you
have to do everything I say.
Sora : I'm risking my life for a
game of rock-paper-scissors.
Sora : Makes sense, right? (0:04:13.57)
Stephanie Dola : What if it's a draw? (0:04:15.77)
Sora : I'll give you a hint
as to how she cheated.
Sora : And, in exchange, you'll
have to do me one, little favor.
Sora : You know, once we use what's left of this,
we won't be able to afford food or a place to stay.
Stephanie Dola : So you want me to
find you a place to stay?
Stephanie Dola : Fine. (0:04:36.71)
Sora : I swear by the commandments. (0:04:37.92)
Sora : Aschente! (0:04:42.59)
Stephanie Dola : Aschente! (0:04:42.59)
Stephanie Dola : He may think I fell for his trap, (0:04:45.11)
Stephanie Dola : but in reality, while these rules
seem to give me an advantage,
Stephanie Dola : there's only a one-in-three
chance that it's a draw.
Stephanie Dola : He wants a draw so
he can get a place to stay.
Stephanie Dola : I won't let him have his way, though! (0:04:59.37)
Stephanie Dola : With these rules, then, I have a
two-in-three chance of winning if I play rock.
Stephanie Dola : If I play scissors, then I also have
a two-in-three chance of winning.
Stephanie Dola : And if I play paper, then I have
a one-in-three chance of winning.
Stephanie Dola : I have to choose
between scissors and rock.
Stephanie Dola : But he said he'd only play paper,
which makes it harder for me to play rock.
Stephanie Dola : So basically, he wants
me to play scissors!
Stephanie Dola : Hmph. I've got it all figured out. (0:05:24.09)
Stephanie Dola : That's some classic misdirection. (0:05:26.16)
Stephanie Dola : I'll foil your plans and go with rock! (0:05:29.12)
Stephanie Dola : No! (0:05:35.73)
Stephanie Dola : Calm down, Stephanie Dola! (0:05:36.70)
Stephanie Dola : If I play rock, then I only have
a one-in-three chance of losing.
Stephanie Dola : Yeah. He did say
he can only play paper.
Stephanie Dola : That means he has a one-in-three
chance of losing or
Stephanie Dola : He only has a two-in-three chance of losing
with the other two, and no chance of winning!
Stephanie Dola : It's as clear as day. There's
no reason to play anything else.
Stephanie Dola : He's going to play paper! (0:06:04.77)
Sora : All right, let's go. (0:06:10.47)
Stephanie Dola : I hope you're ready to lose! (0:06:11.68)
Sora : Rock, paper, scissors... shoot. (0:06:12.56)
Sora : You didn't put enough
thought into that.
Sora : You almost let me fool you
into playing rock,
Sora : but when you saw my face,
you came to your senses
Sora : and knew that if I played
anything but paper, I couldn't win.
Sora : You did a good job of eliminating
my chances of winning.
Sora : You should've picked paper, though. (0:06:36.37)
Stephanie Dola : But scissors gives me a
higher chance of winning than paper!
Sora : That's why I knew you'd pick scissors. (0:06:43.12)
Sora : If you knew that I'd figured it out, then you
could've played paper instead of scissors.
Sora : That's why I said that
you're not good enough.
Sora : I was going to win anyway.
It was over from the start.
Stephanie Dola : So you were looking
for a draw the entire time.
Stephanie Dola : Fine, I get it. (0:07:07.16)
Stephanie Dola : I'll find you a place to stay. (0:07:08.26)
Sora : That's not what I wanted. (0:07:09.30)
Sora : Hey, Sis, what did I say I wanted? (0:07:11.36)
Shiro : That you wanted a small favor. (0:07:14.16)
Sora : Did I say what the favor would be? (0:07:16.37)
Shiro : No. (0:07:19.57)
Stephanie Dola : What?! (0:07:20.37)
Stephanie Dola : W-Wait! (0:07:21.50)
Stephanie Dola : That's not true! (0:07:22.74)
Stephanie Dola : I even double checked! (0:07:23.76)
Stephanie Dola : I asked if you wanted a place to stay. (0:07:25.48)
Sora : Yeah, but did I answer? (0:07:26.71)
Stephanie Dola : ... No... There's no way... (0:07:33.07)
Stephanie Dola : Did I just convince myself
that he wanted a place to stay?
Sora : So basically, the trap was the fact that you carried
...the same risk whether you lost, or it was a—
Stephanie Dola : That's fraud, though! (0:07:48.78)
Sora : I obeyed all the commandments
when I issued the challenge.
Sora : It's your fault for not checking. (0:07:54.57)
Sora : All right, (0:07:58.03)
Sora : I guess I should tell you
what the favor is.
Sora : ...I want you... (0:08:08.38)
Sora : fall in love with me!... (0:08:11.84)
Stephanie Dola : Huh? (0:08:12.76)
Sora : fall in love with me!... (0:08:13.63)
Sora : fall in love with me!... (0:08:14.93)
Sora : fall in love with me!... (0:08:16.26)
Sora : Sis, tell me! What do you think
of your brother's perfect plan?
Sora : Commandment six: (0:08:25.02)
Sora : "Any and all wagers made in accordance "
."with these commandments must be upheld."
Sora : If I force her to fall in love with me, then she'll
give me all of her money and a place to stay!
Shiro : Bro, you could've just said, "You belong to
me now", and you'd still have all of that.
Sora : Huh? (0:08:38.99)
Shiro : Bro, were you overcome
by your desires?
Sora : ...No way... (0:08:46.08)
Sora : Did the fear of never getting a girlfriend if
I missed this opportunity dull my judgment?!
Sora : Did I do that? Me? No way!
How could I ever make that mistake?!
Shiro : But you said you
didn't need a girlfriend.
Shiro : You said that I was
the only one you needed.
Sora : ...Shiro... (0:09:05.67)
Sora : I was just acting cool! I'm sorry! (0:09:12.99)
Sora : It's not like I can go
after my sister, anyway!
Sora : Besides, you're like, eleven! (0:09:19.64)
Sora : I'm already at that age, you know? (0:09:21.00)
Sora : I've got sexual,
sexual and sexual needs!
Sora : And even sexual needs! (0:09:24.50)
Sora : It's important! (0:09:26.17)
Shiro : ...You said it four times... (0:09:26.17b)
Stephanie Dola : I know the ten commandments are absolute, (0:09:27.84)
Stephanie Dola : but for some reason, I'm jealous that
he's ignoring me to talk to his sister.
Stephanie Dola : ... I... (0:09:36.27)
Stephanie Dola : ... I... (0:09:37.43)
Stephanie Dola : I won't let that happen! (0:09:38.80)
Stephanie Dola : No! This isn't right! (0:09:49.19)
Stephanie Dola : Nobody falls in love forever in a flash! (0:09:51.32)
Stephanie Dola : ... So if I can keep my cool... (0:09:55.25)
Sora : Hey. (0:09:58.54)
Stephanie Dola : Yes? (0:09:59.07)
Sora : Can I call you Steph? (0:09:59.86)
Stephanie Dola : Of course! (0:10:01.88)
Stephanie Dola : No! No! This isn't me! (0:10:02.87)
Sora : Hey, Steph. (0:10:06.54)
Stephanie Dola : Yes? (0:10:07.29)
Sora : Can I live in the palace with you? (0:10:08.10)
Stephanie Dola : Of course you can! (0:10:09.64)
Stephanie Dola : No no no! (0:10:10.88)
Sora : So this is the power of
the commandments.
Shiro : ...Bro... (0:10:14.40)
Shiro : Grats on losing your virginity. (0:10:15.63)
Stephanie Dola : ...Wait, what? No, I can't... (0:10:20.69)
Sora : No way. I'm not doing
something R-rated in front of you.
Shiro : I don't mind. (0:10:24.66)
Sora : But I do. (0:10:25.98)
Sora : It has to be wholesome! (0:10:27.72)
Shiro : Let's keep it just
slightly wholesome, then.
Shiro : He's fondling breasts for
reasons beyond his control.
Sora : Beyond my control! (0:10:43.66)
Sora : They're so big... (0:10:49.21)
Stephanie Dola : A-Amazing! (0:10:52.92)
Shiro : And then her skirt lifts up,
...revealing her...
Sora : Panties. (0:10:58.75)
Stephanie Dola : N-No... not now! (0:11:01.83)
Stephanie Dola : ...Sora! Are you oka— (0:11:12.62)
Sora : I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! (0:11:14.64)
Sora : I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! (0:11:17.44)
Sora : Please forgive me! (0:11:19.36)
Sora : I thought I'd never get to touch boobs
...unless I took this opportunity...
Sora : I'm a guy, and we have
...needs too, you know...
Stephanie Dola : ...What's the hell— (0:11:25.66)
Sora : I'm the worst, I know! I'm just a pervert! (0:11:25.66b)
Sora : I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! (0:11:27.83)
Shiro : Where are you, Bro? (0:11:28.18)
Shiro : Don't leave me alone. (0:11:30.10)
Stephanie Dola : Is this what happens
when you two are separated?
Shiro : Bro! (0:11:40.05)
Sora : Shiro! (0:11:41.30)
EXTRA : (0:11:43.68)
Stephanie Dola : What the hell's
wrong with you two?
EXTRA : (0:11:47.93)
Stephanie Dola : You're from another world? (0:11:51.35)
Sora : Yeah. (0:11:52.69)
Stephanie Dola : That explains why you don't
have a place to stay.
Shiro : Do you really believe we came
from another world?
Stephanie Dola : There is such a thing
as summoning magic,
Stephanie Dola : so it is possible. (0:12:02.08)
Sora : It really is a fantasy world. (0:12:04.55)
Stephanie Dola : ...Anyway... (0:12:06.44)
Stephanie Dola : What's going on here? (0:12:08.25)
Sora : Oh, Shiro doesn't like to take baths. (0:12:10.50)
Sora : She says I can't watch, because that
would be illegal, so she never takes 'em.
Sora : That's why we invited our
good friend Mr. Steam to help out.
Shiro : I hate you, Bro. (0:12:21.10)
Stephanie Dola : Why don't you go outside, then? (0:12:23.09)
Sora : Shiro and I can't be too far apart. That's why
Mr. Steam's presence is an absolute necessity.
Sora : Don't worry, though, Steph. I'll make sure
to get a good look at your naked body.
Sora : Sorry, Steph, my hand slipped.
Could you get that for me?
Stephanie Dola : What is that? (0:12:41.65)
Sora : A secret tool from another world. (0:12:42.96)
Stephanie Dola : From another world? (0:12:45.49)
Sora : If Steph picks up my phone, (0:12:49.59)
Sora : I'll be able to see her naked
without having Shiro in the shot.
Sora : O-Oh, did you get it? (0:12:57.84)
Stephanie Dola : Yeah. (0:12:59.70)
Shiro : And she's right in the shot. (0:13:00.97)
Shiro : It's so frilly and hard to move in. (0:13:05.31)
Stephanie Dola : I used to wear it as a kid. (0:13:08.19)
Stephanie Dola : It fits you perfectly. (0:13:11.20)
Sora : It's a bit too formal for my tastes, (0:13:14.44)
Sora : but it's like cosplay,
so it's kind of fun.
Stephanie Dola : A butler outfit! I love it! (0:13:20.15)
Sora : You look great in that dress, Steph. (0:13:21.65)
Stephanie Dola : I'm honored! (0:13:24.34)
Stephanie Dola : No! Nooo! (0:13:27.32)
Sora : Who's she fighting? (0:13:29.62)
Shiro : Herself, I think. (0:13:31.18)
Stephanie Dola : I'll go make some tea! (0:13:35.09)
Sora : What's with her? (0:13:40.69)
Shiro : You don't get women, Bro. (0:13:41.76)
EXTRA : ...Um... (0:13:44.47)
EXTRA : ...Miss... (0:13:46.14)
EXTRA : We'll take care of the tea. (0:13:46.84)
Stephanie Dola : It's fine! (0:13:49.04)
EXTRA : Where did you get that outfit? (0:13:50.96)
Stephanie Dola : I'll bring him some homemade cookies too. (0:13:50.96b)
EXTRA : What should we do? (0:13:52.60)
EXTRA : ...My... (0:13:53.74)
Sora : It's delicious, Steph. (0:13:54.85)
Sora : You would make a perfect housewife. (0:13:56.58)
Shiro : You should marry her, Bro! (0:13:58.64)
Stephanie Dola : Marry me? Oh gosh, I'm so embarrassed... (0:14:02.77)
Stephanie Dola : So god damn embarrassed! (0:14:04.86)
EXTRA : Miss! (0:14:05.45)
Stephanie Dola : Stay strong, Stephanie Dola. (0:14:08.73)
Stephanie Dola : I won't be that foreigner's
plaything anymore.
Stephanie Dola : Sorry for the wait! (0:14:15.57)
Stephanie Dola : Huh? (0:14:17.60)
Stephanie Dola : Sora? (0:14:19.03)
Sora : Looks pretty empty for a country that's
holding a tournament to determine its next king.
Sora : The place is lifeless. (0:14:42.06)
Sora : That's not in Japanese? (0:14:45.83)
Shiro : Doesn't look like it. (0:14:47.68)
Stephanie Dola : It's in Imanity. (0:14:48.46)
Stephanie Dola : Elkia was once the largest
of all the Imanity nations.
Sora : What's Imanity? (0:14:54.74)
Stephanie Dola : The human race. (0:14:56.48)
Sora : The human race? (0:14:58.00)
Stephanie Dola : There used to be many
Imanity countries.
Stephanie Dola : But when my grandfather took power,
they were already on the decline,
Stephanie Dola : leaving only Elkia left. (0:15:08.42)
Stephanie Dola : We had to wager our own territory
for any chance of expansion.
Sora : So you weren't betting against
humans—or rather, the Imanity.
Stephanie Dola : Yes. (0:15:20.80)
Sora : What is there besides humans? (0:15:22.42)
Stephanie Dola : ...Let's see... (0:15:24.40)
Stephanie Dola : There are sixteen sentient races in all
to whom the ten commandments apply.
Stephanie Dola : We collectively call them the Exceed. (0:15:31.84)
Stephanie Dola : The first is the Old Deus, the gods
who were defeated by the One True God.
Stephanie Dola : The Phantasma are the second, (0:15:39.82)
Stephanie Dola : the Elementals are the third, (0:15:41.22)
Stephanie Dola : and the Elves, who are good at magic, are the seventh.
They made Elven Garde the largest nation on the planet.
Stephanie Dola : At the bottom of the list are the
Warbeasts, who are fourteenth,
Stephanie Dola : and the Sirens,
who are the fifteenth.
Sora : Hang on. (0:15:53.24)
Sora : What's this first and second stuff? (0:15:54.59)
Stephanie Dola : It's their ranking. (0:15:56.54)
Stephanie Dola : I've heard that it's determined
by their affinity for magic.
Stephanie Dola : The Imanity aren't on that list? (0:16:01.78)
Stephanie Dola : We're the sixteenth. (0:16:05.89)
Sora : The absolute bottom, huh? (0:16:07.98)
Stephanie Dola : Well, not like we can change that. (0:16:09.46)
Stephanie Dola : We have zero affinity for magic. (0:16:11.18)
Sora : Really? (0:16:12.78)
Sora : So the Imanity can't use magic? (0:16:13.94)
Stephanie Dola : No, we can't. (0:16:15.82)
Stephanie Dola : We lack the Spirit Circuits that
let us connect to the origin of magic.
Stephanie Dola : Not only can we not use it,
we can't even tell when it's being used.
Sora : And that's why you can't win. (0:16:29.09)
Sora : If that's what you think,
then it's no wonder you keep losing.
Sora : Steph, do you have a library here? (0:16:37.01)
Stephanie Dola : ...There are books in the study... (0:16:41.43)
Stephanie Dola : ...But... (0:16:43.52)
Sora : They're all in Imanity. (0:16:44.98)
Sora : Guess I'll need to learn it. (0:16:46.96)
Stephanie Dola : Probably. (0:16:48.76)
Shiro : Bro. (0:16:50.46)
Shiro : I already learned it. (0:16:53.91)
Sora : Attagirl. (0:16:54.61)
Shiro : Praise me more. (0:16:56.08)
Sora : That's my little sister! I'm so
proud of you, you little genius!
Stephanie Dola : ...Wait, you learned it? There's no way... (0:16:58.33)
Stephanie Dola : You just learned an entire language? (0:17:01.20)
Sora : Yeah. (0:17:03.50)
Stephanie Dola : Seriously? (0:17:04.68)
Stephanie Dola : So fast? (0:17:05.98)
Shiro : It's easy because it's written
exactly like it's spoken.
Shiro : You're just slow, Bro. (0:17:10.48)
Sora : It's better for a man
to be slow than fast.
Stephanie Dola : E... Easy? (0:17:13.28)
Shiro : That's very small of you. (0:17:15.63)
Sora : I'm not small! (0:17:16.80)
Stephanie Dola : ... These two... (0:17:16.99)
Stephanie Dola : His negotiation in rock-paper-scissors. (0:17:18.95)
Stephanie Dola : Her genius-level intelligence. (0:17:21.07)
Stephanie Dola : Their trust in each other is
what makes them a great team.
Sora : You're just special. You can speak 18 languages,
including their classical forms.
Stephanie Dola : ... Could these two... (0:17:27.23)
Stephanie Dola : ...possibly save Elkia?... (0:17:30.17)
EXTRA : The winner of this
match is Kurami Zell!
Sora : Steph, why did you
want to become queen?
Sora : I stayed up all night reading. (0:17:55.57)
Sora : And I've learned a lot
about this kingdom
Sora : and your grandfather. (0:17:59.68)
Stephanie Dola : ...I see... (0:18:02.01)
Sora : Were you scared of losing
your position in the royal family?
Stephanie Dola : That's not it. (0:18:06.23)
Sora : You wanted to save Elkia? (0:18:07.88)
Stephanie Dola : Yeah. (0:18:10.55)
Stephanie Dola : That's the primary reason, (0:18:12.38)
Stephanie Dola : but it's really because my grandfather was forced to
gamble our country's territory, and he kept losing.
Stephanie Dola : He was called a foolish king for that. (0:18:19.98)
Stephanie Dola : But that was only because he
believed in the potential of the Imanity.
Stephanie Dola : Even if we're the ranked lowest, (0:18:26.26)
Stephanie Dola : even if we can't use magic, (0:18:28.70)
Stephanie Dola : he believed in his heart that
we could beat the other races.
Stephanie Dola : I wanted to prove
my grandfather was right.
Stephanie Dola : If I became queen and
took back our territory,
Stephanie Dola : then I could prove that my grandfather
was right about what the Imanity could do!
Shiro : ...Steph... (0:18:48.27)
Shiro : Do you like this country
and this world?
Stephanie Dola : Yes. (0:18:55.07)
Stephanie Dola : Yes, I do. (0:18:56.43)
Shiro : That's nice. (0:19:00.67)
Sora : I'm a bit jealous that you can
say that with such certainty.
Sora : ...But... (0:19:05.95)
Sora : that wish won't come true. (0:19:07.67)
Sora : The worst part is, (0:19:13.34)
Sora : this country's doomed
to fall the way it is now.
Sora : The moment someone
becomes king, it's over.
Stephanie Dola : ...Ku-Kurami... (0:19:28.73)
Stephanie Dola : It's finally time for
the coronation, isn't it?
Kurami Zell : Stephanie Dola. (0:19:37.19)
Kurami Zell : Have you not changed
at all since I beat you?
Kurami Zell : You told me that your wonderful
grandfather gave you this dress, right?
Kurami Zell : You can have it back. (0:19:47.58)
Kurami Zell : Remember. You lost. (0:20:00.53)
Kurami Zell : Don't make the same mistake as the
foolish king who gave you that dress.
Sora : This is why people call you the
granddaughter of a foolish king.
Sora : ...Don't you know that... (0:20:21.99)
Sora : ...the game's already begun?... (0:20:24.25)
Stephanie Dola : Sora? (0:20:31.83)
Sora : Commandment six: (0:20:34.65)
Sora : "Any and all wagers made in accordance
with these commandments must be upheld."
Sora : This belongs to you. (0:20:40.69)
Sora : For now, at least. (0:20:43.27)
Kurami Zell : I see the granddaughter of a
foolish king has foolish servants too.
Sora : Hey, sister. (0:21:02.41)
Sora : Would you follow your
big brother, anywhere he goes?
Shiro : Of course. (0:21:07.98)
Shiro : I promised I would. (0:21:09.33)
Sora : An instant answer, huh? (0:21:12.45)
Sora : ...I had to work myself up to— (0:21:14.28)
Shiro : You're lying. (0:21:15.56)
Shiro : You look like you're having fun. (0:21:16.36)
Sora : Well, I guess I'll take you somewhere
more fun than our old world.
Sora : Steph, how much longer
are you going to sit there?
Sora : You want that dress back, right? (0:21:26.72)
Shiro : Hurry up, Steph. (0:21:29.54)
Sora : Let's go. (0:21:32.37)
Stephanie Dola : Where are we going? (0:21:33.46)
Sora : We're going to prove
your grandfather was right.
Stephanie Dola : Sora! (0:21:40.71)
Stephanie Dola : What's going on? (0:21:43.44)
Stephanie Dola : Wait, what happened to
those visions I was having earlier?
Sora : Oh, by the way. (0:21:49.34)
Sora : The cookies were delicious. (0:21:51.02)
Sora : Thank you. (0:21:52.94)
Shiro : Thanks! (0:21:53.60)
Stephanie Dola : Took you long enough! (0:21:56.59)
Sora : ... My goal... (0:22:03.83)
Sora : For now, I'll become king. (0:22:06.23)
Sora : You sure that's enough armor? (0:23:40.74)
Stephanie Dola : No, it's not! (0:23:42.46)

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