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Kurami Zell : Wh-What... What have you done? (0:00:15.75)
Sora : King! You foolish king! (0:00:20.41)
Sora : You cruelly ordered your servant to slay his queen! (0:00:22.92)
Sora : How does it feel, knowing your people
can see you tremble in rage?
Sora : My queen, (0:00:31.34)
Sora : I cannot ask you, nor the knights who have
lowered their swords in your admiration,
Sora : to attack your comrades. (0:00:38.98)
Sora : But it is clear that your king
has been struck by madness!
Sora : Only you can lead
your people. No one else. {I believe that you are the only one who can lead your people now!}
Sora : Do you not agree?! (0:00:54.90)
Sora : My queen, I urge you
to make your decision.
Sora : It pleases me to see you still have
some fight in you, my queen.
Sora : And the righteous warriors, who have overcome
their mind control to obey their one true queen.
Sora : Only with your help can we
overthrow this mad king!
Stephanie Dola : ...Is... Is this... (0:01:20.65)
Shiro : A rebellion. (0:01:23.17)
Shiro : A third force has emerged. (0:01:25.13)
Stephanie Dola : This was Sora's goal all along? (0:01:27.56)
Sora : I told you that I'd
win without fighting.
Stephanie Dola : They're going to
win without fighting?
Former King of Imanity : Yes, that's right. (0:03:10.34)
Former King of Imanity : If they don't have the wisdom to do that, (0:03:12.61)
Former King of Imanity : then there's no way they can
save Elkia as it is now, Stephanie.
Stephanie Dola : ...But... (0:03:22.14)
Former King of Imanity : The Imanity are the
weakest race in Disboard.
Former King of Imanity : That's exactly why we come up
with our own ways to face the strong.
Former King of Imanity : We use wisdom. (0:03:32.98)
Former King of Imanity : That's what your grandpa thinks. (0:03:35.31)
Stephanie Dola : ...Grandfather... (0:03:37.19)
Former King of Imanity : There must be someone
out there with that wisdom.
Former King of Imanity : Someone who knows the strength
of being weaker than everyone.
Stephanie Dola : ... That's... (0:03:48.65)
Sora : We do not wish for your blood. (0:03:49.95)
Sora : We wish for nothing more than peace. (0:03:52.26)
Shiro : Assist the red queen's troops. (0:03:56.46)
Shiro : Surround them. (0:04:00.17)
Shiro : Make sure no one dies. (0:04:02.19)
Kurami Zell : You traitors! (0:04:04.51)
Stephanie Dola : The red pieces are protecting them. (0:04:08.15)
Sora : Yeah. It'll be difficult for them
to kill their former comrades.
Kurami Zell : They defeated my elven magic? (0:04:17.19)
Kurami Zell : Which race is helping them? (0:04:20.34)
Kurami Zell : I can't let them overthrow me! (0:04:23.02)
Sora : Hey, mad king. (0:04:25.86)
Sora : Did you know? (0:04:28.19)
Sora : Many real-life wars have ended
without the death of a king.
Sora : And there's no way you can win. (0:04:35.69)
Sora : Just surrender. (0:04:38.29)
Stephanie Dola : This is how you win without fighting? (0:04:40.85)
Stephanie Dola : Sora! (0:04:47.15)
Kurami Zell : Surrender? (0:04:52.93)
Kurami Zell : You're not taking this country. (0:04:56.77)
Kurami Zell : This country belongs to us! (0:04:59.23)
Kurami Zell : Men! (0:05:05.24)
Kurami Zell : Slay the enemy king,
even at the cost of your lives.
Kurami Zell : Slay all traitors who
stand in your way.
Shiro : ...Bro... (0:05:17.53)
Shiro : This is what happens when you
force your enemy into a corner.
Sora : Yeah, I know. (0:05:23.42)
Stephanie Dola : It's not working. (0:05:26.01)
Stephanie Dola : There's no way you can without fighting...
Sora : That's why I did it. (0:05:30.43)
Shiro : Bro. (0:05:35.03)
Sora : Oppression. Rule by fear. Dictatorships. (0:05:36.81)
Sora : They're all so strong. (0:05:40.65)
Sora : All throughout history, the lives of
such rulers have ended the same way.
Sora : They're assassinated by someone
who isn't even part of a combat unit.
Sora : Sorry. (0:06:01.13)
Sora : Our world isn't as
nice a place as yours.
Sora : When it comes to war and killing,
we have far more experience.
EXTRA : Th-The winner of this battle is Blank! (0:06:14.17)
Former King of Imanity : Your grandpa believes that, one day,
someone like that will appear.
Former King of Imanity : Someone who knows the strength
of being weaker than everyone.
Former King of Imanity : Someone who can face true strength
because they are weaker than everyone.
Former King of Imanity : They are the hope and
potential of the Imanity.
Stephanie Dola : Potential? (0:06:38.62)
Former King of Imanity : You look lovely in
that dress, Stephanie.
Sora : This is fine, right? (0:06:49.99)
Sora : It's what your
grandfather believed in.
Stephanie Dola : ...Sora... (0:06:57.23)
Sora : Your grandfather was right
to believe in the Imanity.
Sora : Now no one will
call him a fool, right?
Stephanie Dola : Yeah! (0:07:07.75)
Stephanie Dola : Thank you. (0:07:09.36)
Stephanie Dola : ...I truly am grateful, Sora, Shiro... (0:07:11.00)
Shiro : It's okay. (0:07:17.51)
Kurami Zell : What sort of trick was that? (0:07:18.45)
Sora : What? (0:07:20.41)
Kurami Zell : You can't possibly be suggesting the Imanity
beat elven magic without assistance.
Sora : Sure I am, because it's true. (0:07:26.59)
Shiro : Is that a problem? (0:07:29.36)
Sora : I didn't really think that getting
help from the elves was a bad idea.
Kurami Zell : ...So why— (0:07:38.42)
Sora : I just don't like the way you think. (0:07:39.02)
Sora : Isn't the idea that we can't survive without
the elves' protection a bit self-deprecating?
Kurami Zell : ...But... (0:07:47.28)
Sora : We Imanity have our
own way of doing things.
Sora : Just like how we were able to win because
you were so convinced that we were enemy spies.
Kurami Zell : ...No, that can't be... (0:08:03.09)
Kurami Zell : No mere human can
stand against magic!
Sora : Believe that all you want.
You're just building a wall in front of you.
Sora : Let me fill you in on something: whether the
opponent is an elf or a god, Blank never loses.
Sora : Don't underestimate humanity. (0:08:22.63)
Sora : What the heck? (0:08:36.11)
Kurami Zell : Do you have any idea how h-hard
it was to get the elves to help me?
Sora : ...H-Hang on... (0:08:45.47)
Kurami Zell : I wasn't underestimating
anyone! I was serious!
Shiro : Bro, you made a girl cry. (0:08:52.66)
Kurami Zell : ...I was serious... (0:08:52.66b)
Sora : Wait, it's my fault? (0:08:54.94)
Kurami Zell : ...I wasn't underestimating anyone... (0:08:54.94b)
Sora : Even though you're
single and still a virgin.
Kurami Zell : I'll never accept this! (0:08:57.64)
Kurami Zell : I'll expose your secret! (0:08:59.84)
EXTRA : This man, Sora, has defeated every
opponent he's faced in the tournament.
EXTRA : Is there no one left to challenge him? (0:09:11.08)
EXTRA : Then, in accordance with the late king's last will
and testament, I declare Sora as the new king—
EXTRA : Again? (0:09:22.33)
Sora : It's not Sora. It's Blank. (0:09:23.58)
Sora : The two of us are Blank together. (0:09:25.90)
Sora : You've got two kings now. (0:09:28.18)
EXTRA : Unfortunately, that's impossible. (0:09:30.27)
EXTRA : According to the ten commandments,
we must specify a designated representative.
EXTRA : There cannot be two of them. (0:09:37.72)
Sora : We'll split it, then.
...I'll take the title of king and—
Shiro : If you become king,
then you can make a harem.
Shiro : You won't need me anymore. (0:09:47.58)
Sora : A harem? (0:09:49.44)
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What are they doing? (0:09:51.36)
Shiro : I'll take the title of king. (0:09:53.86)
Shiro : I'll have no further objections, then. (0:09:57.57)
EXTRA : ...Okay. Now, then... (0:10:00.55)
Sora : Now just a moment, my sister. (0:10:03.62)
Sora : It's odd to see you make a joke like that.
Are you going to make it rain spears next?
Shiro : I'm super serious. (0:10:10.21)
Sora : Fine. (0:10:12.40)
Sora : I won't hold back, little sister. (0:10:13.58)
Sora : ...Today's the day... (0:10:15.64)
Shiro : ...Today's the day... (0:10:15.64)
Sora : that I will win! (0:10:17.34)
Shiro : that I will win! (0:10:17.34)
Sora : ...Just... one more... (0:10:24.27)
Stephanie Dola : Look! A butterfly! (0:10:26.65)
Sora : Just admit defeat already! (0:10:28.73)
Stephanie Dola : You've got such pretty wings! (0:10:30.31)
Shiro : You're the one who wanted it to be two wins in a row. (0:10:31.90)
Stephanie Dola : I want wings too! (0:10:33.42)
Stephanie Dola : I can fly! I can fly! (0:10:36.65)
Sora : Why... can there only be one king? (0:10:37.05)
Shiro : ...Bro... (0:10:41.10)
Shiro : Commandment seven: (0:10:42.16)
Shiro : Conflicts between groups will be conducted by
designated representatives with absolute authority.
Stephanie Dola : A light! I see a light!
A bright, gold light!
Sora : Where does it say anything
about only allowing one?
Sora : Feels like that took a lifetime. (0:11:00.37)
Shiro : Yep. (0:11:03.08)
Stephanie Dola : It's all your fault for
not paying attention.
Shiro : Your face is red. (0:11:06.88)
Sora : Because she's exposing a lot of skin? (0:11:07.80)
Shiro : She's going commando. (0:11:09.78)
Stephanie Dola : Did you have to tell him that ?! (0:11:10.85)
Stephanie Dola : And why are you
making me wear this?
Shiro : It's not fair if just we
have to wear formal clothing.
Sora : Not that I mind the 2D effects
showing she's not wearing panties.
Stephanie Dola : What are you talking about? (0:11:20.16)
Stephanie Dola : Anyway, you two
need to do your jobs!
Stephanie Dola : We haven't had a king in so long that
our domestic affairs are in complete turmoil.
Sora : We'll let you handle
all the internal stuff.
Sora : C'mon, I'm trying to do this
with no equipment. Don't use traps.
Shiro : But it's more efficient this way. (0:11:35.10)
Stephanie Dola : That won't do! (0:11:35.86)
Stephanie Dola : Rumors say the ministers have been collaborating
with other countries since the decline of Elkia.
Stephanie Dola : ...As the new king, you need to— (0:11:44.96)
Sora : Oh, that's all? (0:11:47.06)
Sora : ...Well, in that case... (0:11:48.02)
Sora : In accordance with the commandments,
we shall all play RPS, and you lot will lose on purpose.
Sora : I'll be playing scissors,
while the rest of you play paper.
Sora : Whoever loses will be forbidden from
presenting false reports or arbitrary messages.
Shiro : We're using the commandments
to our advantage.
Shiro : Now we won't have any spies. (0:12:07.44)
Sora : Is everyone ready? (0:12:09.56)
EXTRA : Aschente! (0:12:11.45)
Sora : Aschente! (0:12:11.45)
EXTRA : As you can see, our country's
provisions are in dire straits.
Sora : Got it. (0:12:18.69)
Sora : Here's what I want you to do. (0:12:20.06)
EXTRA : Yes, my lord. (0:12:22.04)
Sora : ...Let's see... (0:12:22.55)
Sora : Let's introduce
crop-rotation-based agriculture.
Sora : ...You'll be given a field, with... (0:12:27.14)
Shiro : Wheat, root crops,
barley, and pasturage.
Sora : You're to rotate the
crops in that order.
EXTRA : Yes, my lord. (0:12:33.98)
EXTRA : What exactly are "treasury bonds"? (0:12:35.29)
Sora : I'll explain it later. (0:12:36.77)
Sora : You'll issue these bonds
and make the banks buy them.
Sora : That'll give us a budget. (0:12:41.48)
EXTRA : Y-Yes, my lord. (0:12:42.72)
Sora : All that's left is to sit back and
see what happens after a few turns.
Stephanie Dola : J-Just who are you? (0:12:49.11)
Stephanie Dola : You handled all our domestic problems with such ease. (0:12:52.54)
Sora : I usually go for the
domestic route in Civ.
Sora : It's a good thing I downloaded a
bunch of guides to study for quiz games.
Shiro : That's not fair, Bro. (0:13:03.42)
Shiro : You're cheating. (0:13:04.80)
Sora : Don't call me a cheater in a world
that officially allows cheating with magic.
Fil Nilvalen : It's time. (0:13:11.78)
Sora : Looks like it's time. (0:13:14.18)
Ino Hatsuse : It's beginning. (0:13:17.10)
Stephanie Dola : Is that what you're wearing?! (0:13:20.46)
Sora : Yeah. It's a lot more comfortable. (0:13:22.96)
Shiro : Bro. (0:13:26.56)
Sora : Yep. (0:13:27.26)
Sora : ...All right, then... (0:13:28.12)
Sora : Let's get to it. (0:13:30.95)
Sora : Hello, everyone! (0:13:51.85)
Shiro : You're nervous, Bro. (0:13:53.68)
Sora : Shut up. You're just as
scared of crowds as I am.
Sora : Normally, I just hold it in. (0:13:58.89)
Sora : ...My beloved citizens— (0:14:10.75)
Sora : no, my fellow Imanity. (0:14:12.46)
Sora : We Imanity live in a world where war
is forbidden by the ten commandments,
Sora : and yet we've continued to lose. (0:14:19.21)
Sora : All we have left is Elkia,
our last remaining city.
Sora : I ask you, why has it come to this? (0:14:26.72)
Sora : Is it because the last king failed? (0:14:30.22)
Sora : Because we are the
lowest ranked race?
Sora : Because we can't use magic? (0:14:34.72)
Sora : Because we are
fated to die, helpless?
Sora : No! (0:14:39.48)
Sora : During the ancient war,
all races fought.
Sora : Gods, elves, and warbeasts.
We all fought together and survived.
Sora : Why is it that this continent
was once ruled by humans?
Sora : Is it because we are a race
that specializes in violence?
Sora : We cannot use magic,
like the elves.
Sora : We are not strong,
like the warbeasts.
Sora : And we are not long-lived,
like the Flugel.
Sora : So why were we able to rule over the continent?
Because we were the masters of war?
Sora : No, it is not! (0:15:13.37)
Sora : We fought and survived
because we are weak!
Sora : Through every era in every world, the strong have polished
their fangs while the weak have polished their minds.
Sora : Why are we in such danger now? (0:15:27.00)
Sora : Because the ten commandments
have broken the fangs of the strong.
Sora : They've learned
how to polish their minds.
Sora : They've learned the strategies
...that we, the weak, once monopolized—
Sora : those which allowed us to survive. (0:15:40.91)
Sora : The strong have gained them all! (0:15:43.22)
Sora : And that is why we're here. (0:15:45.28)
Sora : I ask of you all,
why do you bow your heads?
Sora : Answer me. (0:15:56.56)
Sora : Why do you bow your heads? (0:15:57.94)
Sora : We are the weak! (0:16:00.31)
Sora : We are the weak,
just as we've always been!
Sora : Nothing has changed. (0:16:05.69)
Sora : While the strong may try to imitate
our weapons, they will never master them!
Sora : At the heart of our weapons lies a
cowardice born of almost humiliating weakness.
Sora : The cowardice that gave us
the wisdom to escape from magic.
Sora : The cowardice that gave us the wisdom, tempered
by education and experience, to predict the future.
Sora : I'll say it once more. (0:16:33.59)
Sora : We are the weak! (0:16:35.30)
Sora : We are the proud weak, who have always sliced the
throats of those who sit and boast of their strength.{maaaybe "we are the weak but proud". not sure which sounds better, though i'm not 100% happy with either}
Sora : We declare now that we,
...Elkia's 205th king—
Shiro : ...and queen— (0:16:49.02)
Sora : have taken the throne! (0:16:50.82)
Shiro : have taken the throne! (0:16:50.82)
Stephanie Dola : That's the piece given to a race's representative,
they who stand for everything that race is:
Stephanie Dola : the Race Piece. (0:17:05.15)
Sora : We hereby declare that we will
live as the weak, fight as the weak,
Sora : and destroy the strong as the weak. (0:17:10.66)
Sora : Just as we once were,
and just as we will forever be.
Sora : Accept that we are the weakest race. (0:17:20.01)
Sora : Accept that, as the weakest race,
we can do anything,
Sora : because we were
born with nothing!
Sora : Let the games begin. (0:17:33.03)
Sora : You've suffered enough, haven't you? (0:17:35.54)
Sora : You've endured enough
humiliation, haven't you?
Sora : The wait is over,
my fellow Imanity.
Sora : As of this moment, my country,
...Elkia, declares war...
Sora : on every other country in the world. (0:17:48.95)
Stephanie Dola : What?! (0:17:51.09)
Sora : Let slip the dogs of war! (0:17:51.96)
Sora : We will take back our borders! (0:17:54.10)
Shiro : We will take back our borders! (0:17:54.10)
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What have you done?! (0:18:01.07)
Sora : Relax. You're creeping me out. (0:18:05.55)
Shiro : Steph is creepy. (0:18:07.86)
Stephanie Dola : How can I be calm
at a time like this?
Stephanie Dola : Declaring war? (0:18:11.18)
Stephanie Dola : Are you trying to
destroy this country?
Sora : I thought I told you
not to be so trusting.
Sora : How do you think the other nations are
going to react, knowing we took out the elves?
Shiro : They'll think we're backed by a
race more powerful than the elves.
Stephanie Dola : I-I suppose so. (0:18:25.50)
Sora : And until they figure out
...which race that is...
Stephanie Dola : They can't attack us? (0:18:31.35)
Sora : Yep. (0:18:33.25)
Sora : Everyone will start suspecting one another,
and no one will make any rash moves.
Shiro : That's why we took the risk of declaring war. (0:18:38.28)
Sora : And we'll be able to shore up
the home front without doing anything.
Stephanie Dola : ... They put that much thought into it... (0:18:49.67)
Stephanie Dola : Blank. (0:18:52.87)
Stephanie Dola : ... Maybe those two really can... (0:18:55.57)
Sora : We went from a cramped
gaming room, to a crappy inn,
Sora : to Steph's room,
and now the royal chambers.
Sora : I feel like they only
get harder to relax in.
Shiro : ...The Flugel... (0:19:10.54)
Sora : Long-lived,
with high magical capability,
Sora : they live on the giant floating
phantasma Avant Heim.
Shiro : Their thirst for knowledge is such that they
play games to obtain books from all over the world.
Sora : I wonder if we could
win them over to our side.
Sora : Our otherworldly knowledge
would make excellent bait.
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What on Earth? (0:19:38.32)
Shiro : ...Bro... (0:19:44.53)
Teto : It looks like things
are starting to get fun!
Shiro : It's that kid who calls himself God. (0:19:52.17)
Teto : Oh, please! I don't call
myself God. I am God!
Teto : Also, my name is Tet. (0:19:58.05)
Sora : Again? (0:20:01.80)
Shiro : Again? (0:20:01.80)
Teto : How do you like my world? (0:20:03.66)
Teto : Are you enjoying it? (0:20:04.80)
Sora : Yeah. You've got good taste. (0:20:10.39)
Sora : Our god prefers watching from the sidelines.
He could learn a thing or two from you.
Teto : Really? (0:20:16.16)
Sora : Our enemies can
use magic, and we can't.
Sora : All we have left is one city. (0:20:20.57)
Sora : The situation is incredibly bad. (0:20:23.28)
Sora : And in order to protect the Blank name,
we can't lose a single game.
Sora : That's the world we're in. (0:20:28.48)
Sora : What do you think? (0:20:30.73)
Shiro : It's wonderful. (0:20:32.04)
Sora : Right? (0:20:33.26)
Teto : Looks like I was right
to call you here, then!
Teto : But I generally watch
from the sidelines too.
Teto : I don't favor any one particular race. (0:20:42.84)
Teto : I told you before, didn't I? (0:20:45.56)
Teto : This world is dictated by simple games. (0:20:48.36)
Sora : I see. (0:20:51.71)
Sora : So even the title of One True God
is determined by a game?
Teto : Precisely. (0:20:57.15)
Teto : That is why I set it so
there were exactly sixteen races.
Sora : Each side on a chess board
has sixteen pieces.
Sora : So conquering all the races
allows you to challenge God, huh?
Teto : I love the way your brain works. (0:21:11.32)
Teto : You're such fast learners. Hard to
believe you came from another world.
Sora : Thanks. (0:21:17.84)
Sora : But are you sure you
should be smiling right now?
Sora : It's Blank's policy to be the
very best at whatever game we play.
Teto : Which is why I knew you'd try
to win the right to challenge me.
Sora : Did you forget we beat you
at chess once already?
Teto : That you did. (0:21:36.72)
Teto : But I won't lose next time. (0:21:37.48)
Sora : Hey, God. (0:21:43.03)
Teto : Call me Tet. (0:21:44.18)
Sora : All right, then, Tet. (0:21:45.68)
Sora : You'd never lost before, had you? (0:21:47.31)
Sora : The God of Play was so upset at his
first loss that he just had to bring us here.
Sora : Am I wrong? (0:21:55.28)
Teto : Interesting. (0:21:58.35)
Teto : Why do you think that? (0:21:59.78)
Sora : Because I know exactly how you feel. (0:22:01.25)
Sora : Blank never loses. (0:22:04.70)
Sora : However, we have lost
to each other many times.
Shiro : You're not allowed to
quit while you're ahead.
Teto : Looks like I was right
to choose you after all!
Teto : That's right. (0:22:22.54)
Teto : I won't let you quit while you're ahead, because next time, I'll win. (0:22:23.30)
Teto : That's the reason. (0:22:26.72)
Teto : Is it disappointing? (0:22:27.94)
Sora : Not at all. (0:22:29.16)
Sora : I'm actually relieved it's not some
noble reason like saving humanity.
Teto : All right, I'm heading back. (0:22:35.41)
Teto : Bye-bye. (0:22:37.76)
Sora : Hey, Tet! (0:22:38.68)
Sora : Thanks for letting us
be reborn here.
Sora : This is the world where we belong. (0:22:43.70)
Shiro : Thank you, God. (0:22:47.06)
Sora : We'll meet again. (0:22:50.51)
Shiro : We'll meet again. (0:22:50.51)
Teto : We'll meet again. (0:22:50.51)
Shiro : Next time, on the chess board. (0:22:52.62)
Teto : Next time, on the chess board. (0:22:52.62)
Sora : Next time, on the chess board. (0:22:52.62)
Stephanie Dola : ...Isn't Tet... (0:23:00.99)
Stephanie Dola : Sora! Shiro! (0:23:04.71)
Stephanie Dola : Was that Tet, the One True God? (0:23:07.03)
Sora : Yeah, why? (0:23:10.54)
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What's going on? (0:23:11.66)
Stephanie Dola : Did you really beat him at a game?! (0:23:13.84)
Sora : Never mind that. Can you
get us down from here?
Teto : And for now, for the
sake of form, I'll say this:
Stephanie Dola : That doesn't matter right now! (0:23:19.66)
Teto : Once upon a time... (0:23:24.21)
Sora : We'll start by conquering the world. (0:23:26.96)
Sora : Our ultimate goal is to beat God. (0:23:29.04)
Teto : Now watch as a brand new
fairytale unfolds before you.
Stephanie Dola : We sure had fun last night, didn't we? (0:23:40.59)
Sora : Yeah! We were up all night playing games! (0:23:42.68)

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