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Jibril : I am Jibril. (0:00:09.61)
Jibril : What can I do for you, Sora and Shiro, le nouveau roi et reine of the Imanity? (0:00:12.49)
Sora : You know who we are? (0:00:18.12)
Sora : Well, that makes it easier, then. (0:00:20.58)
Sora : I'll just cut to the chase. (0:00:22.49)
Sora : I want this library. (0:00:25.55)
Jibril : You want meine Bibliothek ? (0:01:59.07)
Jibril : What a sudden demande . (0:02:02.33)
Sora : Steph, the Flugel were
god-killing warriors, right?
Stephanie Dola : Th-They're supposed to be! (0:02:09.74)
Jibril : I must look like a pigeon that took
a balle to the face—I mean, la faccia.
Shiro : She corrected herself. (0:02:16.56)
Sora : The way you're talking reminds me of someone famous,
so if you're doing it on purpose, then please, stop.
Jibril : Qué ? (0:02:22.33)
Jibril : I had thought it an avant-garde and unique way
of speaking, but someone else beat me to it?
Sora : No need to get upset over it. (0:02:28.48)
Jibril : Let's get back to the point. (0:02:30.65)
Jibril : So, you want my library. (0:02:33.11)
Jibril : Are you challenging me
to a game, human?
Sora : Yes, I am. (0:02:41.35)
Jibril : I see. (0:02:44.13)
Jibril : Before the ten commandments were introduced,
we Flugel collected severed heads.
Jibril : Now that murder is forbidden, though,
we value knowledge above all else.
Jibril : It's not exaggerating to say that books,
which contain that knowledge,
Jibril : and the place where they are held,
are as valuable as one's life.
Jibril : You want me to wager my life,
so what are you offering in exchange?
Sora : More than forty thousand
books from another world.
Shiro : That's disgusting. (0:03:22.15)
Sora : It's okay, Shiro. (0:03:23.18)
Sora : In our business, that's a prize!{maybe "Lots of people like us would kill for this chance!" or something} (0:03:24.28)
Jibril : F-Forty thousand? (0:03:26.77)
Jibril : ...Th-That sure is a lot...
Where do you keep them?
Sora : Right here. (0:03:30.64)
Sora : I used them to study for quiz games. (0:03:32.03)
Sora : There are dictionaries,
...medical books, philosophy books...
Sora : It's filled with information
from our world.
Jibril : Are you saying that you two
are from another world?
Sora : Yes. (0:03:44.46)
Jibril : That's impossible. (0:03:46.19)
Sora : Hey, what's she talking about? (0:03:48.67)
Stephanie Dola : ...Um... (0:03:50.18)
Jibril : Summoning a living creature
from another world
Jibril : and keeping it here requires
a tremendous amount of power.
Jibril : Even the Old Deus would
find it extremely difficult.
Sora : That kinda flew over
my head, but I can prove it.
Sora : Take a look at this,
if you can read it.
Jibril : What are you saying? (0:04:07.93)
Jibril : I can speak every one of the
...over seven hundred languages—
Jibril : It... It's a language I don't know? (0:04:14.67)
Jibril : An encyclopedia from
a world I don't know?
Jibril : This little board contains
all that knowledge?!
Jibril : And forty thousand books of it! (0:04:23.28)
Sora : ...H-Hey— (0:04:26.70)
Sora : You're drooling! You're drooling! (0:04:27.54)
Jibril : E-Excuse me. (0:04:28.83)
Jibril : I see. (0:04:31.52)
Jibril : I'm very interested in this thin board, but I still
don't believe that you're from another world.
Sora : What do you want from us, then? (0:04:40.22)
Jibril : Let me check your bodies. (0:04:42.01)
Sora : Check our bodies? (0:04:44.47)
Sora : Why would you do that? (0:04:46.08)
Sora : What are you checking, anyway? (0:04:47.60)
Jibril : Your erogenous zones. (0:04:49.61)
Sora : Do it for as long as you'd like,
and then do it some more!
Stephanie Dola : You sure changed your tune quickly. (0:04:54.36)
Shiro : ...Bro, that'd be 18+ only... (0:04:55.82)
Sora : ...Oh, right... (0:04:58.71)
Sora : Leave the pants on, then. (0:05:00.11)
Sora : And, since I'm letting you touch my
erogenous zones, let me touch yours!
Stephanie Dola : ...What the heck?! There's no way— (0:05:07.41)
Jibril : Sure, that's fine. (0:05:09.16)
Stephanie Dola : Wait, it is?! (0:05:11.29)
Sora : ...Hey... (0:05:16.99)
Jibril : What? (0:05:17.88)
Jibril : Do you not enjoy
how it feels to the touch?
Sora : No, it feels wonderful. (0:05:22.88)
Sora : Surprisingly so. (0:05:26.02)
Sora : But... well, I guess
I just feel a bit betrayed.
Sora : A bit let down. (0:05:31.94)
Jibril : Is this not one of
your erogenous zones?
Sora : I'll just say that admitting so
would hurt my manly pride.
Sora : Besides, I was actually hoping
that you'd touch me somewhere else.{unless the meaning of this was changed on purpose, but CR's makes much more sense as a followup}
Jibril : ...But... (0:05:47.24)
Jibril : All of our power comes from
what we call "Spirit Circuits".
Jibril : And our wings, where they
...all collect, are a very erogenous—
Sora : Yeah, you like that? Right here? (0:06:01.63)
Jibril : ...When you touch them like that, it... (0:06:02.18)
Stephanie Dola : What on Earth are you doing?! (0:06:07.72)
Sora : All I'm doing is
touching her wings, right?
Shiro : Yep. It's entirely wholesome. (0:06:13.04)
Stephanie Dola : What are these two doing this god-killing weapon...
Jibril : My investigation shows that there are
absolutely no spirits within your bodies.
Jibril : In other words, you two aren't even
strictly defined as "life" in this world,
Jibril : though you have the
appearance of Imanity.
Sora : ...So that makes us... (0:06:37.29)
Shiro : What? (0:06:38.88)
Jibril : Unknown! (0:06:40.93)
Jibril : You are the unknown! (0:06:43.92)
Jibril : The source from which
new knowledge is born!
Jibril : Nothing in this world is as
wonderful as the unknown!
Sora : So I guess we've proven that
we're not from this world?
Jibril : Yes, you have.{if you want to keep 'we proved', change this 'have' to 'did', though i think this is better} (0:06:57.92)
Jibril : Please accept my sincerest apologies
for assuming you were mere Imanity.
Jibril : I will certainly accept the game. (0:07:05.09)
Jibril : But I don't really have anything worth
forty thousand books from another world.
Sora : ...Look, all I want is the lib— (0:07:11.78)
Jibril : How about I bet "everything I have"? (0:07:13.14)
Sora : For real? (0:07:16.71)
Sora : ...Lucky me... (0:07:17.91)
Jibril : Is that fine with you? (0:07:19.29)
Sora : Of course. We want
full rights to you, personally.
Jibril : Thank you! (0:07:24.92)
Jibril : Oh, and may I add in that you two
have to come by for tea every so often?
Jibril : I want to know more about you. (0:07:32.30)
Sora : You're talking like
you've already won.
Sora : All right. So if we win,
we can add another demand too?
Jibril : Of course. (0:07:43.78)
Jibril : There's no way you'll win, but if you
manage to, then you can have whatever you want.
Jibril : We'll play word chain,
but not your average word chain.
Jibril : We'll play Materialization Word Chain. (0:08:01.90)
Sora : Materialization Word Chain? (0:08:04.17)
Jibril : Yes. The rules are simple. (0:08:05.75)
Jibril : It's just like regular word chain, where
if you use a word that's already been used,
Jibril : fail to answer for thirty seconds,
or cannot continue, you lose.
Sora : Can we use words
from any language?
Jibril : Yes. However, purely fictional
objects and concepts don't count.
Jibril : Remember, we're playing
Materialization Word Chain.
Jibril : If you say something
that's here, it'll disappear.
Jibril : If it's not, then it'll appear. (0:08:30.65)
Jibril : I'm sure you understand what this means. (0:08:32.74)
Jibril : Once the game's over, everything will return to as
it was, so don't hesitate to show off your knowledge.
Sora : All right. (0:08:44.36)
Sora : 'kay, Shiro. Come over here. (0:08:45.73)
Sora : We'll play together,
as we always do.
Jibril : That's fine. (0:08:50.00)
Jibril : You're powerless humans, so be sure
to enjoy yourselves, and try not to die.
Stephanie Dola : ...What? W-Wait... (0:08:56.06)
Stephanie Dola : Die? (0:08:57.51)
Jibril : You cannot directly cause someone to
die—or rather, to be unable to continue.
Stephanie Dola : I don't need to be here, then, right? (0:09:04.81)
Stephanie Dola : ...That's only dangerous for— (0:09:08.11)
Jibril : ...Now, then... (0:09:08.11b)
Sora : Yeah. (0:09:11.68)
Sora : Let's get this game started. (0:09:12.65)
Shiro : Come and get us. (0:09:14.80)
Stephanie Dola : Listen to me! (0:09:16.03)
Shiro : Steph, sit! (0:09:17.09)
Stephanie Dola : Oh God, I can't run away now! (0:09:19.01)
Stephanie Dola : I've had it with this! (0:09:21.52)
Jibril : You can go first. (0:09:23.16)
Jibril : Pick any word you like. (0:09:25.55)
Sora : ...All right... (0:09:27.54)
Sora : ...Well, I'll start with... (0:09:30.06)
Sora : Hydrogen bomb. (0:09:31.30)
Jibril : What's this? (0:09:37.22)
Jibril : Bkulians! (0:09:41.76)
Jibril : Self-destruction on the first move? (0:09:56.85)
Jibril : That was Bkulians,
the highest-level sealing spell.
Jibril : If I hadn't been nice enough to protect
you all, the game would be over already.
Sora : "Nice enough"? Please. (0:10:10.34)
Jibril : Bkulians! (0:10:12.21)
Sora : I was just banking on the fact that you'd think ending
the game in a single move would be terribly boring.
Jibril : I see. (0:10:20.79)
Sora : I figured as much, though it doesn't seem like we'll
be able to stop you from keeping this game going.
Jibril : I'm glad you understand. (0:10:27.38)
Jibril : Please try not to bore me. (0:10:29.68)
Sora : Don't worry. I wouldn't dream of it. (0:10:32.86)
Sora : Spirit Circuits. (0:10:36.10)
Jibril : Well, looks like
you don't waste time.
Sora : It's a word I just learned.
I hope that won't be a problem.
Jibril : No. It just limits my physical abilities
a bit and prevents me from flying.
Jibril : I still have spirits in my body,
so it's no problem whatsoever.
Jibril : It just makes me a bit uneasy, is all. (0:10:58.28)
Sora : Oh, like when your cell phone
can't get reception.
Jibril : Cell phone? Reception? (0:11:04.64)
Jibril : Is that related to that
thin board of yours?
Sora : Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You're too close!
Sora : Beat me and I'll tell you. (0:11:10.32)
Shiro : ...I think she's... (0:11:11.94)
Sora : Yeah, this is getting even more fun. (0:11:13.32)
Sora : Hey, Jibril. It's your turn. (0:11:17.22)
Jibril : R-Right. (0:11:19.67)
Jibril : Here's an easy one. Stallion. (0:11:21.28)
Sora : Okay. Nether r*gions. (0:11:24.74)
Sora : Well? (0:11:28.09)
Stephanie Dola : ...Wh... Wha— (0:11:34.54)
Stephanie Dola : What the hell are you thinking?! (0:11:36.55)
Jibril : I'm getting a bit
tired of all this dust.
Jibril : Let's have some fun. (0:11:46.27)
Jibril : Beach. (0:11:48.02)
Sora : Yes, it's beautiful, but it's too much
for someone who never goes outside!
Sora : Okay! Hooter-nub! (0:11:54.52)
Jibril : I'll play along, then. (0:11:57.52)
Jibril : Bikinis. (0:11:59.53)
Sora : Jibril, don't you get it?! (0:12:01.03)
Sora : If you wanna see her in a bikini,
you need to get rid of her clothes!
Jibril : Oh! I'm so sorry. I couldn't understand
what you were getting at.
Stephanie Dola : Would you two take this just a little bit seriously?! (0:12:10.70)
Sora : Whatever. Suitcases. (0:12:12.71)
Jibril : ...Let me see, then... (0:12:16.21)
Jibril : How about "squall"? (0:12:18.10)
Stephanie Dola : Hey, what are you doing?! (0:12:21.84)
Sora : It all worked out, Jibril! (0:12:22.73)
Sora : Steph's not wearing any panties,
so without the bikini, this would be 18+!
Sora : But seeing just a bit of bikini
under a skirt is nice too!
Jibril : I'm glad to hear it. (0:12:31.85)
Sora : And now, it'll be complete! (0:12:33.85)
Sora : Ladies' clothes! (0:12:36.32)
Stephanie Dola : No! (0:12:42.15)
Sora : What do you think of that, Sis? (0:12:45.47)
Sora : There aren't any privates, and we've
still got shoes, knee socks, and a collar!
Sora : It's even better than pure nudity! (0:12:51.40)
Sora : Suitable for all ages! (0:12:53.60)
Sora : Very wholesome! (0:12:56.46)
Sora : Moderately sexy, but not dirty at all! (0:12:57.36)
Sora : ...We should call this... (0:12:59.26)
Sora : The "Super Wholesome Space!" (0:13:01.05)
Shiro : Bro, omega good job! (0:13:04.28)
Stephanie Dola : What on Earth are
you guys trying to do?!
Sora : Hey, Jibril, do you get hungry? (0:13:16.63)
Sora : Mantle. (0:13:20.28)
Jibril : Please, don't worry. (0:13:21.98)
Jibril : Unlike you powerless Imanity,
we don't need to eat.
Jibril : Eccentric moth comic. (0:13:26.99)
EXTRA : Let's be together! (0:13:28.18)
Sora : Oh, I see. You do get tired,
though, right?
Sora : The sun's rising soon.
Shouldn't you just surrender?
Sora : Crust. (0:13:35.22)
Jibril : If you're tired, then you're
more than welcome to forfeit.
Jibril : I didn't expect to have this much fun
with a weak Imanity.
Jibril : Timepiece. (0:13:45.36)
Sora : It's a bit annoying how you
keep saying "weak" and "mere".
Sora : Extraterrestrial. (0:13:51.51)
Sora : Well, I'm sure we at the bottom must look like
mere ants to a mighty sixth-ranked race like you.
Stephanie Dola : ...Thank goodness... (0:13:58.25)
Sora : But who decided that ants
are weak and powerless?
Jibril : I'm sorry. I didn't consider that you Imanity
would consider yourselves anything but weak.
Sora : If you honestly think long life and durability give you
power, then I'm afraid you're the stupid one here.
Jibril : Are you saying that I'm
inferior to the Imanity?
Jibril : My feelings toward you are best
described as curiosity, not respect.
Jibril : Don't forget that I could
end this game any time I like.
Jibril : Lanterned mall. (0:14:29.24)
Sora : And that's exactly why you're weak. (0:14:31.99)
Sora : It's what makes you an
empty-headed academic.
Jibril : Empty-headed academic? (0:14:37.02)
Sora : Yep, empty-headed academic, meaning you don't know
how things work in the real world. Keep that in mind.
Jibril : I know what that phrase means. (0:14:42.90)
Jibril : How am I an
"empty-headed academic", though?
Sora : Instead of respecting the unknown,
you're merely curious.
Sora : It's time for a little lesson. (0:14:53.89)
Sora : You'll see just how
weak you really are.
Sora : Thanks for all the hard work, Steph. (0:15:01.39)
Sora : We couldn't have won without you
keeping all those dangers off of us.
Jibril : You think you've won? (0:15:06.30)
Sora : So, Steph, this might kill you a little,
but take one for the team, okay?{"kill you a little" is too hilarious a phrase not to include ok}
Stephanie Dola : Huh? (0:15:12.85)
Sora : Lithosphere! (0:15:19.35)
Shiro : Lithosphere! (0:15:19.35)
Sora : Lithosphere. (0:15:32.71)
Sora : The surface of the planet. (0:15:34.73)
Sora : You didn't understand
what they meant,
Sora : so I was able to strategically erase
the mantle and crust beforehand.
Sora : You fail to fear and
respect the unknown.
Sora : That's your "empty-headed"
weakness, Jibril!
Jibril : I see. (0:15:51.95)
Jibril : That's why you got rid of the
Spirit Circuits to cripple my wings.{they were crippled by the removal of the circuits, not the circuits themselves}
Jibril : It has a core temperature
of 6,000 degrees,
Jibril : and a surface temperature
of 3,000 degrees, I suppose.
Jibril : You can't kill me
that easily, though.
Jibril : I won't let morning come just yet. (0:16:09.65)
Jibril : Eos lumo. (0:16:11.90)
Sora : Oxygen. (0:16:15.17)
Shiro : Oxygen. (0:16:15.17)
Jibril : You stopped me from breathing,
but it's useless.
Jibril : I'll have a little more fun with you. (0:16:22.33)
Jibril : Nodes. (0:16:25.18)
Sora : Damn it... Sepia.{as far as i can tell these two are random shit in the jp as well so w/e} (0:16:26.79)
Jibril : You're making this easier
than I thought.
Jibril : Okay, then. (0:16:31.66)
Jibril : Air. (0:16:33.18)
Jibril : Once the air comes back,
I can breathe.
Jibril : Why? (0:16:38.35)
Sora : I was right! Jibril doesn't
know atomic theory!
Sora : You thought that you just needed
to bring back air to breathe,
Sora : but I only got rid of oxygen. (0:16:47.52)
Sora : The rules say that what's there
disappears and what isn't there appears.
Jibril : Okay, then. (0:16:54.36)
Jibril : Air. (0:16:55.87)
Sora : The other gases disappeared,
and oxygen came back.
Sora : All that's left here is oxygen, which is
toxic at tremendous pressures and purity!
Jibril : ... This is the same for you too, though... (0:17:06.27)
Jibril : Wh-What? (0:17:11.86)
Sora : Circular breathing. (0:17:13.97)
Sora : This is the difference
between you and us.
Sora : Let's go, Shiro. (0:17:19.47)
Sora : Rest of the atmosphere. (0:17:24.27)
Shiro : Rest of the atmosphere. (0:17:24.27)
Sora : ... The atmosphere... (0:17:27.48)
Sora : The zero-pressure environment (0:17:29.48)
Sora : created by the disappearance of the atmosphere
will cause the air inside you to expand and burst.
Sora : You had no idea why we got rid of all the air in our bodies, did you? (0:17:38.31)
Jibril : It's no use. (0:17:42.93)
Jibril : My voice? (0:17:47.35)
Sora : You can't speak in a vacuum. (0:17:49.49)
Sora : ... And if you can't answer in thirty seconds... (0:17:52.16)
Jibril : I suppose I lose. (0:17:57.39)
Jibril : I see. (0:18:02.39)
Jibril : It's a shame you're just Imanity. (0:18:03.50)
Jibril : This time I'll answer you
with thanks and respect.
Jibril : Do you understand? (0:18:15.19)
Jibril : This is something that the Imanity
will never be able to overcome.
Jibril : You have no way to answer me. (0:18:21.42)
Jibril : In the end, you will lose because of the
soundless world and burning land you've created.
Jibril : So I win. (0:18:32.03)
Sora : When Coulomb force vanishes, leaving only
the nuclear force that draws atoms together,
Sora : the result is the astronomical phenomenon that normally only
occurs during the gravitational collapse of supermassive stars.
Sora : A hypernova, capable of destroying
stars dozens of light years away.
Sora : It's got a temperature of fifty billion
degrees Celsius, rivaling the dawn of creation.
Sora : Just try and survive that, Flugel! (0:19:06.62)
Jibril : So that was it. (0:19:08.58)
Jibril : He's right. (0:19:10.19)
Jibril : Even if I die only a fraction
of a second earlier, I still lose.
Jibril : That first explosion was simply him trying to see
if he could use words that his opponent didn't know.
Jibril : That explosion gave him
all the information he needed.
Jibril : Everything that happened after that
was simply a farce to keep me distracted.
Jibril : The game was over after
the first move, wasn't it?
Jibril : People from another—no, the Imanity...
Jibril : They truly are a terrifying race. (0:19:44.33)
Stephanie Dola : I died. (0:20:05.57)
Sora : Oh, welcome back. (0:20:06.68)
Stephanie Dola : You used me as a decoy,
and then just went and killed me!
Stephanie Dola : You monster! The inhumanity! (0:20:12.46)
Stephanie Dola : I mean, in-Imanity! (0:20:14.04)
Shiro : Steph, beg. (0:20:15.31)
Stephanie Dola : We're still doing this?! (0:20:18.99)
Sora : I know you've got some complaints,
but if it weren't for you, we'd have lost.
Sora : Thanks, Steph. (0:20:27.32)
Jibril : I lost. (0:20:31.17)
Jibril : No matter how well you tried to tempt me, (0:20:34.03)
Jibril : there was never a guarantee that I'd
answer with "empty-headed academic".
Jibril : You're insane, you know that? (0:20:40.22)
Sora : I'm challenging God.
I couldn't do that if I were sane.
Jibril : You're... challenging God? (0:20:48.13)
Sora : It was Tet who called us to this world. (0:20:50.68)
Sora : Our only option is to beat him. (0:20:54.65)
Sora : So, Jibril, in accordance with the commandments,
everything you have is now ours.
Sora : Oh, and by the way, the books on my tablet
were just bait. You can read them all you want.
Sora : You're free to use the library too. (0:21:11.01)
Jibril : O dear, departed master! (0:21:13.84)
Jibril : Artosh, the one who created us. (0:21:16.34)
Jibril : At long last, I've fulfilled our long-held dream of
finding someone worthy to serve as our new master.
Jibril : An Imanity, who looks down
on the elves, and on me,
Jibril : and who will overturn
everything we think we know.
Jibril : My master, my lord, (0:21:35.31)
Jibril : I, Jibril, member of the Council of Eighteen Wings
of the Flugel, ranked sixth among the Exceed,
Jibril : offer you everything I have. (0:21:45.62)
Jibril : I will find no greater pleasure
than carrying out your will.
Sora : Yeah, leave it to us. (0:21:54.45)
Sora : Right, Shiro? (0:21:56.52)
Shiro : Yeah. (0:21:57.78)
Shiro : Leave it to us. (0:21:59.11)
Stephanie Dola : How much longer do
I have to act like a dog?!
Sora : I used to be a gamer like you,
...then I took an arrow in the knee...
Jibril : Stop! (0:23:43.78)

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