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Your erogenous zones.

- Jibril

No Game, No Life - Episode 7

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Shiro : I hate baths. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wai— Shiro! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I can't wash you unless you sit still! Line ID
Shiro : No! Line ID
Sora : After all that's happened today, you kinda need it, Sis. Line ID
Shiro : Don't wanna.
It makes my hair all stiff.
Line ID
Jibril : Why don't you try this shampoo, then? Line ID
Sora : Where did you come from, Jibril?! Line ID
Jibril : This is the Flugel's special
Spiritwater Blend shampoo.
Line ID
Jibril : It's guaranteed to give
your hair a soft, silky-smooth finish.
Line ID
Jibril : So, as your slave, I would be more than
happy to wash your backs for you, Masters.
Line ID
Jibril : The bodies of beings
from another world—
Line ID
Sora : Stay away from her, Shiro! Line ID
Sora : Her very existence is rated 18+! Line ID
Shiro : Jibril, stay. Line ID
Jibril : Huh? Line ID
Shiro : You just sit there and watch, Jibril. Line ID
Jibril : What?! Line ID
Jibril : I can't see anything
through this steam! No fair!
Line ID
Sora : She already has complete
dominance over Jibril.
Line ID
Sora : You're amazing, Shiro. Just amazing. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I hate that I'm starting to get used to this. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What is this? Line ID
Jibril : A kitchen I prepared for my masters. Line ID
Jibril : Um... Stefan? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : It's Steph! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Stephanie Dola! Line ID
Jibril : I have no interest in any Imanity
other than my masters,
Line ID
Jibril : so I'll call you Dola! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : D-Dola? Line ID
Jibril : I bear a message for you from my masters. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I'm Stephanie! I'm Stephanie! Line ID
Jibril : "There's plenty of sugar and butter here, Line ID
Jibril : so make whatever you want", they say. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Really? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I could make all kinds
of sweets with these!
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wait, so they're basically dropping
hints that I should cook for them?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : They're always taking advantage of me. Line ID
Sora : If it weren't for you, we'd have lost. Line ID
Sora : Thanks. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Please! You're making me blush! Line ID
Jibril : I see. So this is how the
Imanity experience love.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Love? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : N-No, it's not! Line ID
Jibril : You were ordered to
"fall in love", not "stay in love".
Line ID
Jibril : So why do you still
seem to be affected?
Line ID
Jibril : Every minute I spend around my masters,
I discover new things that interest me.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I'm back, Clammy. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Would you like information? Food? Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : Or... me? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Clothes first, I think. Line ID
Kurami Zell : These taste better than they used to. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : I heard that conditions began
to improve for the Imanity
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : once the late king's granddaughter began
to put the new king's policies into effect.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : I see. Line ID
Kurami Zell : Stephanie Dola did that, huh? Line ID
Kurami Zell : A puppet of a puppet. Line ID
Kurami Zell : She's as shameless as
her grandfather was foolish.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : But you've been regretting
how mean you were to her,
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : and you've been secretly
practicing how you'll apologize.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : That's so cute! Line ID
Kurami Zell : How did you know that? Line ID
Kurami Zell : I mean, forget that!
Didn't you say you had information?
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : ...Let's see... Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : The only other developments are
that the new king's got a Flugel now,
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : and that he's interested
in the Eastern Federation.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : What did you say? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Okay, so I got a little carried away. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : B-But this will benefit
the Imanity in the long term.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : It's definitely not love or anything! Line ID
Sora : Now then, Jibril. Line ID
Sora : Tell me everything you know
about the Eastern Federation,
Line ID
Sora : this animal girl paradise
I'm about to conquer.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : This country is doomed already, isn't it? Line ID
Jibril : As you wish. Line ID
Jibril : The various Werebeast clans were
embroiled in civil war for many years,
Line ID
Jibril : stirred up by the physical
differences between them.
Line ID
Jibril : However, an individual known as the Shrine Priestess
ended the war in under half a century,
Line ID
Jibril : uniting the many clans into a massive naval empire
and the third biggest country in the world:
Line ID
Jibril : the Eastern Federation. Line ID
Sora : So basically, it's a country
of girls with cat ears, dog ears,
Line ID
Sora : fox ears, rabbit ears—any kind of ears you can
think of—and they're all going to be mine!
Line ID
Sora : We'll declare war and
conquer them immediately.
Line ID
Sora : To do that, we'll need you to
put all that knowledge to good use!
Line ID
Jibril : Unfortunately,
your confidence is misplaced.
Line ID
Jibril : I'm afraid that even you may not be
able to defeat the Eastern Federation.
Line ID
Shiro : ...Jibril, are you saying... Line ID
Sora : ...that "Blank" might lose?... Line ID
Jibril : No. Line ID
Jibril : I'm saying that I may not be able
to live up to your expectations.
Line ID
Jibril : For I have challenged the
Eastern Federation once already,
Line ID
Jibril : and I was defeated. Line ID
Kurami Zell : That confirms it. Line ID
Kurami Zell : The ones backing Elkia are the
Werebeasts of the Eastern Federation.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : How can you be sure? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Don't you understand, Fi? Line ID
Kurami Zell : Elven Garde has challenged the
Eastern Federation four times,
Line ID
Kurami Zell : only to lose each time. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : To be fair, it was those
senile elders who lost, but yes.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : That explains how those two could beat a Flugel,
and how they were able to overcome your elven magic.
Line ID
Kurami Zell : With the support of the Werebeasts, Line ID
Kurami Zell : they could easily have used some trick
that even you elves couldn't see through.
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : ...Clammy... Line ID
Kurami Zell : That must be it. Line ID
Kurami Zell : The Imanity could never beat a
higher-ranked race on their own.
Line ID
Sora : Don't underestimate humanity. Line ID
Kurami Zell : He mocked me. Line ID
Sora : So they beat not only the elves,
but even you, a Flugel?
Line ID
Sora : What kind of game
did they make you play?
Line ID
Jibril : I cannot say. One of the conditions was that the
loser would retain no memories of the game itself.
Line ID
Jibril : Do you understand now? Line ID
Sora : I see. No way to beat that. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What do you mean? Line ID
Sora : By eliminating the loser's memories, Line ID
Sora : they ensure no records of what happened
during the game will remain.
Line ID
Sora : Which means you can't
strategize in advance.
Line ID
Sora : On top of that, they can
supposedly read minds.
Line ID
Sora : How do you beat that? Line ID
Shiro : We just told you that
information is important.
Line ID
Shiro : You're a Steph, all right. Line ID
Sora : No, wait. Line ID
Sora : That doesn't make sense. Line ID
Shiro : What doesn't? Line ID
Sora : If no one ever came
close to beating them,
Line ID
Sora : then people would
stop challenging them.
Line ID
Shiro : Wouldn't the Federation
prefer it that way?
Line ID
Sora : Sis, this is why you always lose at strategy games,
even though you're smarter than me.
Line ID
Shiro : Grr. Line ID
Sora : They've got something up their sleeve
that lets them beat the elves and the Flugel.
Line ID
Sora : So, by showing a little vulnerability and luring the
enemy into attacking, they can expand their territory.
Line ID
Sora : ...But... Line ID
Shiro : Your play style is obnoxious. Line ID
Sora : Broshock! Line ID
Shiro : But you're right. It is strange. Line ID
Shiro : How could they have expanded
their country so much in just fifty years?
Line ID
Sora : Right? Line ID
Sora : It doesn't make sense, right? Line ID
Jibril : Oh, I think I can fill you
in on that, Masters!
Line ID
Sora : Fill us in? Line ID
Sora : How do you mean? Line ID
Shiro : It was in one of these books. Line ID
Shiro : Only one country has challenged the
Eastern Federation in the last ten years.
Line ID
Sora : And who were the fools who did that? Line ID
Jibril : It would be faster to show you. Line ID
Jibril : Dola will accompany us, of course. Line ID
Jibril : Please hold on tight, Masters. Line ID
Jibril : Now, please excuse me. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What's going on?! Line ID
Jibril : It's nice and clear today. Line ID
Sora : W-Wait! Line ID
Sora : What did you just do? Line ID
Jibril : I teleported us. Line ID
Sora : Oh. Line ID
Sora : That's right. We're in an
actual fantasy world, aren't we?
Line ID
Shiro : What kind of range do you have? Line ID
Jibril : I can travel anywhere
within line of sight,
Line ID
Jibril : or anywhere I've been to once before. Line ID
Sora : Sounds like the Zoom spell. Line ID
Shiro : Sounds like the Zoom spell. Line ID
Sora : How did the Imanity ever survive
the ancient war against these guys?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : That's considered the greatest
mystery in human history.
Line ID
Jibril : Oh, I remember the ancient war! Line ID
Jibril : The Dragonia, Gigants, and Old Deus
storming around the battlefield,
Line ID
Jibril : fifty Flugel banding together and
barely managing to kill a single dragon,
Line ID
Jibril : or two hundred of us
taking on a god and losing!
Line ID
Jibril : What wonderful memories! Line ID
Jibril : But never mind that.
Take a look over there, please.
Line ID
Sora : ...Okay... Line ID
Sora : What's that pointy skyscraper doing,
ruining the Elkian view?
Line ID
Shiro : It's huge. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : It's the Eastern Federation's
Elkian embassy.
Line ID
Sora : That's quite a building. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : The Federation remodeled our former
palace into the building you see today.
Line ID
Sora : I see. Line ID
Sora : Wait a minute! You said
"former palace", didn't you?!
Line ID
Sora : ...Does that mean... Line ID
Jibril : Do you remember, Master? Line ID
Jibril : Only one country challenged the
Eastern Federation over the past ten years.
Line ID
Sora : ...You're not telling me... Line ID
Shiro : Oh, it was Elkia. Line ID
Shiro : Are you okay, Bro? Line ID
Sora : Yeah. Sorry, Shiro. Line ID
Sora : I'm just in despair, that's all. Line ID
Sora : The elves challenged
these guys and lost four times,
Line ID
Sora : and Elkia challenged them
eight times and lost half their territory?
Line ID
Sora : Maybe the old king
really was an idiot.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : You said before that
he was doing the right thing!
Line ID
Sora : He threw away half the
country's territory for no reason!
Line ID
Sora : How am I supposed to defend that? Line ID
Sora : Do you have any idea how much agriculture and
industry we could build if we had that territory?
Line ID
Sora : He really is your grandpa, isn't he? Line ID
Sora : Did he believe in luck Line ID
Sora : and figure that he'd win
eventually if he just kept trying?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : He may not have
been good at games,
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : but he wasn't crazy enough to gamble with
the lives of three million Imanity for no reason!
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : He was a good, sane man,
unlike you two!
Line ID
Sora : A good, sane man? Line ID
Sora : If losing half your territory
for no reason makes you "sane",
Line ID
Sora : I'd rather stay crazy. Line ID
Sora : Well, I guess he's a fitting king for a race of people
who'd rather bicker uselessly than save themselves.
Line ID
Sora : Humanity's past saving, seriously.
Every last one of them.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I don't care if you insult me, but don't insult my grandfather or the things he believed in! Line ID
Sora : Hey! Line ID
Sora : Steph! Line ID
Shiro : Bro, you went too far. Line ID
Sora : How was I supposed to respond
to a ridiculous story like that?
Line ID
Shiro : Delicious. Line ID
Sora : Damn. Line ID
Sora : It really is. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Grandfather, what's this key for? Line ID
Former King of Imanity : It's the key to where I keep
something very important.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I know about that! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I heard men collect books
they can't show to other people!
Line ID
Former King of Imanity : ...No, that's another key— Line ID
Former King of Imanity : Wait, no! Line ID
Former King of Imanity : This is a key of hope. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Hope? Line ID
Former King of Imanity : Someday, I'll give this to you. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Really? Line ID
Former King of Imanity : Yes. Line ID
Former King of Imanity : One day, when you meet someone with whom
you can truly entrust Elkia's fate, give it to them.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I'm not giving it to that man! Line ID
Jibril : May I have a word? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What are you doing?! Line ID
Jibril : I would recommend you return
to the library immediately.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : That's trespassing! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Immediately? Line ID
Jibril : I decided that it would be best for my
Masters if I came and informed you of this.
Line ID
Jibril : You may do as you like. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wait! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : D-Don't be ridiculous! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...Why would I... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Oh, for crying out loud! Line ID
Jibril : Master, no matter how hard you look, I don't think you'll find anything to justify the late king's actions. Line ID
Sora : That's not why I'm doing this. Line ID
Sora : I just feel like something's
not adding up.
Line ID
Jibril : So would you say you're
doing this for Dola's sake?
Line ID
Sora : I just thought I'd go
over the details again
Line ID
Sora : so I know what not to do when I
challenge the animal girl kingdom!
Line ID
Sora : Why'd he challenge them
eight times, anyway?
Line ID
Sora : A sane man responsible for three million people
wouldn't just rush into defeat that many times.
Line ID
Sora : So the first time,
the king wagered this land here.
Line ID
Jibril : An Armatite mine. Line ID
Sora : It's a valuable metal, Line ID
Sora : but we can't even use it with the Imanity's
current level of technology, so it's worthless.
Line ID
Sora : Then he wagered this second, Line ID
Sora : this third, Line ID
Sora : ...this fourth... Line ID
Sora : and this eighth. Line ID
Sora : Until the last time, when he wagered the castle,
the king didn't put up a single thing of value.
Line ID
Sora : There has to be
some reason for that.
Line ID
Jibril : Master? Line ID
Sora : Why does the Eastern Federation wipe
players' memories, when that only hurts them?
Line ID
Sora : Why did Elven Garde
challenge them four times?
Line ID
Sora : ...Why did the previous king... Line ID
Sora : No, wait! Line ID
Sora : Did he stop after eight times Line ID
Sora : because he'd achieved his goal? Line ID
Sora : This is just conjecture,
but what if he didn't lose his memories?
Line ID
Jibril : ...Master... Line ID
Jibril : I'm sorry to say this, Line ID
Jibril : but not all the Imanity act with
the same level of thought that you do.
Line ID
Sora : But some of them do. Line ID
Sora : And most of the time,
they're misunderstood.
Line ID
Sora : It's my duty to try
and understand them.
Line ID
Sora : Just say it. Line ID
Sora : "How can you believe in a lesser
life form like humanity", right?
Line ID
Jibril : ...No, I wasn't... Line ID
Sora : The answer is simple. Line ID
Sora : I don't believe in humanity. Line ID
Sora : Humans are lowly, stupid creatures.
Every single one of them.
Line ID
Sora : Including me. Line ID
Sora : They're all crap. Line ID
Sora : Between this world and the
old one, that hasn't changed a bit.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ... I knew it. I can't let that man... Line ID
Sora : But I believe in the
potential of humanity.
Line ID
Sora : She's my proof. Line ID
Sora : Some of them are the real thing. Line ID
Sora : People with the potential,
the hope, and the imagination
Line ID
Sora : to reach the gods themselves,
all inside one tiny little body.
Line ID
Sora : It was eight years ago
when I first met Shiro.
Line ID
Sora : She was just three years old. Line ID
Sora : When she heard my name,
what do you think she said?
Line ID
Shiro : You really are empty. Line ID
Sora : She put together my name, Sora, meaning "sky", and the
fact that I was only smiling because everybody else was,
Line ID
Sora : and used that double
meaning to insult me.
Line ID
Sora : Funny, huh? Line ID
Sora : It made my heart pound.
I was so excited.
Line ID
Sora : People like her actually existed! Line ID
Sora : And, Line ID
Sora : even though I knew it was
impossible, I wanted to be like her.
Line ID
Sora : In our old world, humans could fly
through the sky and travel among the stars.
Line ID
Jibril : I can't imagine that. Line ID
Sora : Nobody could at first, not even us. Line ID
Sora : But somebody did it. Line ID
Sora : One of those real people made it there. Line ID
Sora : It's our job as normal people to ensure that the
potential of these often-misunderstood ones is realized.
Line ID
Sora : So that's why I need to start
by believing in the old king too.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...Sora... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I want to give you something. Line ID
Sora : There's no doubt. Line ID
Sora : It's for his porn stash! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I knew it. My whole life was a mistake. Line ID
Jibril : But where's the door it unlocks, Master? Line ID
Shiro : You hide your porn in your own room. Line ID
Shiro : That would be this room. Line ID
Sora : Actually, we found it a long time ago. Line ID
Shiro : Victory. Line ID
Sora : Remember when I said this bed
was tilted and hard to sleep on?
Line ID
Sora : That was the start of the puzzle. Line ID
Sora : Then you just fiddle
...with a few objects...
Line ID
Sora : and there's your secret room! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : This is a failure on so many levels. Line ID
Former King of Imanity : I leave this in hope that the one who
reads it will not be Imanity's last king,
Line ID
Former King of Imanity : but the one who will restore them. Line ID
Former King of Imanity : I am not a wise king. Line ID
Former King of Imanity : In fact, I expect that I will be
remembered as one of the most foolish.
Line ID
Former King of Imanity : But I take up my pen for the
king who will restore our glory.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I trust and hope that my pathetic,
hopeless struggles will aid you.
Line ID
Former King of Imanity : I trust and hope that my pathetic,
hopeless struggles will aid you.
Line ID
Sora : I knew it. Line ID
Sora : The old king didn't
lose his memories.
Line ID
Sora : Unlike the elves, lower life forms like the Imanity
were nothing but easy prey to the Werebeasts.
Line ID
Sora : They didn't erase his memories
because they wanted him to keep trying.
Line ID
Shiro : They wanted to lure
him in and beat him?
Line ID
Sora : They deliberately went easy on him to make
him believe he could beat them next time.
Line ID
Sora : But the previous king knew
that and challenged them anyway,
Line ID
Sora : hoping to figure out
how their game worked.
Line ID
Sora : He deliberately gave them useless land,
intending to eventually take it back.
Line ID
Jibril : Why didn't he tell the secret
of the game to anyone, then?
Line ID
Sora : He probably vowed by the commandments
not to tell anyone as long as he lived.
Line ID
Jibril : But then what was the point? Line ID
Sora : ...However... Line ID
Sora : that doesn't apply after he's dead. Line ID
Sora : He played eight times, found
a loophole in the vow he made,
Line ID
Sora : and entrusted what he knew to
...a king that would restore humanity—
Line ID
Sora : to humanity's greatest gambler. Line ID
Shiro : And that was why he held a gambling
tournament to determine the next king?
Line ID
Sora : He made a bet Line ID
Sora : that a human, the lowest-ranked race, Line ID
Sora : would appear who could
defeat the other races.
Line ID
Former King of Imanity : ... The probability is ever so close to zero... Line ID
Former King of Imanity : but it still exists. Line ID
Sora : Steph. Line ID
Sora : Your grandfather was a great man
who pretended to be a fool, challenged and lost,
Line ID
Sora : and devoted himself to
finding his opponent's secrets.
Line ID
Sora : This is his trust in humanity. Line ID
Sora : Your grandfather—no,
...the previous king...
Line ID
Sora : He really was your grandfather. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...Grandfather... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Grandfather! Line ID
Sora : And his legacy is weighty indeed. Line ID
Shiro : It's okay. Line ID
Shiro : We can do it. Line ID
Sora : See, Jibril? Line ID
Sora : There really are humans like this. Line ID
Sora : Crazy, isn't it? Line ID
Jibril : Perhaps so. Line ID
Shiro : Eastern Federation, your head would look good on the end of a pole! Line ID
Sora : Eastern Federation, your head would look good on the end of a pole! Line ID
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