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Don't you dare underestimate me, fate!

- Asta

No Game, No Life - Episode 8

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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Sora : What's the point of having a building this big? Line ID
Jibril : It's hilarious how hard they're trying to compensate
for their own weakness by building something so huge.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : So could you tell me why you suddenly dragged me here? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : H-Hey! The embassy is foreign soil! Line ID
Sora : I know. I also know that
it was originally our castle.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : You're invading their territory! Line ID
Sora : Don't worry. I made an appointment. Line ID
Sora : Isn't that right? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Welcome, rulers of Elkia, Sora and Shiro. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : I am Hatsuse Ino, assistant ambassador
for the Eastern Federation's Elkia Embassy.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : It's a pleasure to meet you. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...Wait, when did— Line ID
Sora : This morning. Line ID
Sora : He was looking at me
when I was in the library,
Line ID
Sora : so I gestured to say I was coming over. Line ID
Sora : The Werebeasts' senses
really are as good as they say.
Line ID
Sora : I was surprised at
how great their vision is.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : ...No, I mean... Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : You've come to see the ambassador,
Hatsuse Izuna, correct?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : The Werebeasts can read minds! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : The rumors are true! Line ID
Sora : I'm glad we're on the same page. Line ID
Sora : Could you take me there? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Very well. Follow me. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I can understand
how a Werebeast could,
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : but how the heck did
...Sora see him from...
Line ID
Sora : ...the game's already... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : The game's already begun, hasn't it? Line ID
Sora : Hey, Jibril. Line ID
Jibril : Yes? Line ID
Sora : Do you know what this is? Line ID
Jibril : It's a sort of image display device, Line ID
Jibril : ...but the Werebeasts don't use magic... Line ID
Jibril : M-My interest is piqued! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Th-The floor's moving! Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : However, Mr. Sora, I would greatly appreciate it
if you'd schedule an appointment properly next time.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Following that incident, there are a number of
Werebeasts harboring extreme animosity toward Elkia.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : I didn't have time to tell them you
...were coming, so some may act cold toward—
Line ID
Jibril : So a talking dog who can walk
on two feet is still a dog, after all.
Line ID
Sora : Steph, what incident
is he talking about?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : The construction wars. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Having a foreign embassy that was
bigger than our palace was bad for our image,
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : so we built a new one. Line ID
Sora : Oh, you mean the palace we live in. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : After that, the Eastern Federation kept
building their embassy bigger, as if to spite us.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Elkia lags behind the Eastern Federation
in construction technology.
Line ID
Jibril : And even without that, Line ID
Jibril : the mere idea of the Werebeasts, rank fourteen,
...looking down on the Imanity, rank sixteen, is like...
Line ID
Jibril : Oh, I've got just the phrase. Line ID
Jibril : The pot calling the kettle black. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Well put. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : And quite harsh coming
from the sixth-ranked race.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : So what does that make you, as a defective
weapon working with these hairless monkeys?
Line ID
Sora : This world is pretty hostile, isn't it? Line ID
Jibril : It's nice to see how lively you children are,
now that violence is forbidden.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : We had been at war for many, many years by the time
the ten commandments came along, forbidding violence.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Well, we're not like you antiques, who were
only good for killing and had to retire.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : It's only natural that some grudges remain. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : How embarrassing. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Please wait here. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : You can really see the difference
in the sophistication of our cultures!
Line ID
Jibril : By the way, Master, how did you
make contact with the Werebeasts?
Line ID
Sora : No one's talking about it.
Can't you take a hint?
Line ID
Jibril : I'm sorry. Line ID
Jibril : Unlike those mind-reading beasts, Line ID
Jibril : I'm curious! Line ID
Jibril : Oh? Line ID
Jibril : You couldn't see him at all,
but you just guessed that he saw you.
Line ID
Jibril : ...Then you gestured, so... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : You bluffed someone
who can read minds?
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : I apologize for the wait. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : This is Hatsuse Izuna,
the Eastern Federation's ambassador to Elkia.
Line ID
Sora : King Crimson! Line ID
Shiro : King Crimson! Line ID
Sora : Hey, little cutie with the animal ears, Line ID
Sora : why don't you come and play with me? Line ID
Sora : Don't worry, I'm just a pervert. Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : Why the hell are you
touching me, asshole? Please.
Line ID
Shiro : -50 cuteness points. Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : Why the hell did you stop? Please. Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : I was just surprised because you assholes
randomly started touching me. Please.
Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : Get back to it already. Please. Line ID
Sora : ...Um... Line ID
Sora : Adding "please" to the end of every
sentence doesn't make it polite. Please.{there's a "hai" overlap from shiro here that you may or may not want to do something with}
Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : It... It doesn't? Please. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Please don't be upset. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : My granddaughter is still
learning the Imanity language.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : ...And... Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Keep your filthy hands off my sweet granddaughter,
you hairless monkey, or I'll rip you in half!
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Please refrain from doing anything
that would make me say that.
Line ID
Sora : Oh, so that's where she gets it from. Line ID
Shiro : I don't like him. -1000 points. Line ID
Shiro : But Izuna is so cute with her
contrasting personalities! +1050 points.
Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : You hairless monkeys are
much better at this than my grandpa.
Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : Keep going. Please. Line ID
Sora : Hey, why don't you stop
calling us "hairless monkeys"?
Line ID
Sora : I'm Sora, and that's my sister, Shiro. Line ID
Shiro : Hi, Izuna. Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : Got it. Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : Sora, Shiro. Please. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Let's hear what you
damn monkeys have to say.
Line ID
Sora : What's the point? It's not
like you can't read our minds.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : This is a place of diplomacy. A place
for exchanging words and documents.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Or is that too complicated
...for you monke—
Line ID
Sora : Don't be mad just because your
granddaughter likes us better than you.
Line ID
Shiro : How immature. Line ID
Jibril : Master, try not to shatter the
Werebeast's fragile, glass-like heart.
Line ID
Jibril : He's so pathetic it makes me
want to laugh—I mean, cry!
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Where are your manners?! Line ID
Sora : Fine. I'll tell you
what we want, old man.
Line ID
Sora : We want to play a game for
your granddaughter's panties.
Line ID
Sora : I'll wager Steph's. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : If you're that desperate to be
rolled up in a carpet and thrown out,
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : then just say so, you damn monkey! Line ID
Sora : So... you want Jibril's instead? Line ID
Jibril : ...If that's your wish, Master... Line ID
Sora : Shiro's, then? Line ID
Sora : You want an eleven-year-old's
panties? That's sick, old man.
Line ID
Sora : ...Or maybe you want... Line ID
Sora : M-Mine? Line ID
Sora : Too bad I'm not gay. Line ID
Shiro : I'll protect your chastity! Line ID
Sora : Are you sure, old man? Line ID
Sora : I'd say giving up her panties
is a good deal for you.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : If you're not going to say
...what you want, then leave immed—
Line ID
Sora : Could you drop that pathetic act? Line ID
Sora : If you can actually read thoughts,
then go for the panty game.
Line ID
Sora : It's not the panties you're after. Line ID
Sora : It's the chance to wipe my memories
of how all your games work.
Line ID
Sora : Here, shake my hand. Line ID
Sora : See, you're scared. Line ID
Sora : So I was right. Line ID
Sora : Cold reading. Line ID
Sora : It's a cheap trick that anyone with
enough knowledge and intuition can do,
Line ID
Sora : even without the
Werebeasts' amazing senses.
Line ID
Sora : As luck would have it,
it's a specialty of mine.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : ... He's... Line ID
Sora : Are you done confirming
that it's not a bluff?
Line ID
Sora : Well, now that we've established that this
whole "mind-reading" thing is a load of crap,
Line ID
Sora : let's get to business. Line ID
Sora : I'll tell you what we came here for. Line ID
Sora : We, Sora and Shiro, designated
...representatives of the Imanity—
Line ID
Sora : the sixteenth-ranked race—
and the kingdom of Elkia...
Line ID
Shiro : ...are giving you, the Eastern Federation,... Line ID
Shiro : the chance to be the first step
on our path to world domination.
Line ID
Shiro : We challenge you to
a game between nations
Line ID
Sora : for everything the Eastern Federation
has on this continent.
Line ID
Shiro : for everything the Eastern Federation
has on this continent.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : A game between nations? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : W-We're attacking
the Eastern Federation?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Is that what you're saying? Line ID
Sora : Yes. Line ID
Sora : We're also not changing our wager.
It's still Steph's panties.
Line ID
Sora : You should've wagered Izuna's
panties while you had the chance.
Line ID
Sora : What a shame. Line ID
Sora : Sorry, old man. Line ID
Sora : Check. Line ID
Jibril : M-Master, what's the meaning of this? Line ID
Shiro : You still don't understand, Jibril? Line ID
Sora : We've got the
Eastern Federation in check.
Line ID
Sora : The Eastern Federation's technology
rapidly advanced fifty years ago,
Line ID
Sora : but it's rather difficult being an
advanced civilization on an island.
Line ID
Sora : They needed lots of resources
from the continent.
Line ID
Sora : However, Elven Garde attacked before
they could get a toehold on the continent.
Line ID
Sora : The Eastern Federation
lured them into it.
Line ID
Sora : Nobody would ever agree to play a game that
even the strongest nation couldn't beat, though,
Line ID
Sora : meaning they'd
never get the continent.
Line ID
Sora : They should've deliberately
lost and just paid the price.
Line ID
Sora : But why didn't they? Line ID
Sora : Let's solve these mysteries in order. Line ID
Sora : Question one! Line ID
Sora : Why do they wipe
memories of the game?
Line ID
Shiro : Because if they didn't, then they
wouldn't be able to win every time.
Line ID
Sora : Correct! Line ID
Sora : It contradicts the goal of
luring others into playing.
Line ID
Sora : Even though it defies logic,
they wipe memories
Line ID
Sora : because there's something
they don't want anyone to find out.
Line ID
Sora : The problem is, even if you erase their memories,
the fact remains that they lost.
Line ID
Sora : Question two! Line ID
Sora : Why did Elven Garde
challenge them four times?
Line ID
Shiro : Because they wanted to discover what
the game was from the fact that they lost.
Line ID
Sora : Unlike Elkia,
Elven Garde's a big country.
Line ID
Sora : They were prepared to suffer
a few losses to do their research.
Line ID
Sora : After the first loss, they deduced it
was a game where you couldn't use magic.
Line ID
Sora : That's the most likely
reason an elf would lose.
Line ID
Sora : So they challenged a second time,
having some sort of plan in mind,
Line ID
Sora : but they lost again. Line ID
Sora : ...And then, the third time... Line ID
Sora : I don't know how,
but they figured out the game.
Line ID
Sora : They used those official cheats
known as "magic" that you envy so much,
Line ID
Sora : and challenged you a fourth time. Line ID
Sora : But they stilllost. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : You have a very active imagination. Line ID
Sora : However, the process by
which they lost doesn't matter.
Line ID
Sora : Why did they stop after four tries? Line ID
Sora : If the rest is just my imagination,
then it doesn't matter.
Line ID
Sora : ...But as for why they stopped... Line ID
Sora : There are two possibilities. Line ID
Sora : First: They realized the game
was fundamentally impossible to win.
Line ID
Shiro : But if that was so, they could have
won by exposing it on their fifth try.
Line ID
Sora : Second: They figured out the game,
but they never figured out why they lost.
Line ID
Shiro : So they stopped trying. Line ID
Shiro : ...But... Line ID
Shiro : What, what? Line ID
Shiro : That doesn't make sense! Line ID
Shiro : You understand the game
but don't know why you lost?
Line ID
Sora : Things are getting heated up now! Line ID
Sora : Question three! Line ID
Sora : What sort of game works against
each of these very different races
Line ID
Sora : but is only possessed by the technologically
advanced Eastern Federation?
Line ID
Sora : ...The answer is... Line ID
Shiro : A video game where you can
cheat as much as you want.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : A video game? Line ID
Jibril : A video game? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What's that? Line ID
Sora : You don't know? Line ID
Sora : But you challenged the
Eastern Federation once before, Jibril.
Line ID
Sora : How come you acted like you'd never
seen that thing in the entrance before?{it's not that she didn't notice it, because she pointed it out as they went in, but that she acted like it was the first time she'd seen it when presumably she would have seen it the last time she visited their embassy}
Line ID
Jibril : H-Huh? Line ID
Jibril : ...That's... Line ID
Sora : Because you'd forgotten about it. Line ID
Sora : And why? Because it was
associated with the game.
Line ID
Sora : Though even without that, Line ID
Sora : if a Flugel like Jibril
doesn't know about them,
Line ID
Sora : then it's safe to say that the Eastern Federation
is the only country in the world with video games.
Line ID
Sora : So you erase memories
to keep them a secret.
Line ID
Sora : Because in a video game
where you're the game master,
Line ID
Sora : you can cheat all you want. Line ID
Shiro : There's no way your
opponents can figure it out.
Line ID
Sora : If you don't know what cyberspace is,
then magic doesn't help you.
Line ID
Sora : So that nonsense about reading minds Line ID
Sora : is a way to call your cheats a "sixth sense"
so your opponents won't think too much about it.
Line ID
Sora : That's right. Line ID
Sora : You can tell when someone's lying, Line ID
Sora : but you can't read minds. Line ID
Sora : Okay, last question! Line ID
Sora : How did we figure all this out? Line ID
Sora : I'll let you answer this one, old man. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : It couldn't be the previous king! Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : He swore by the commandments
not to tell anyone!
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : And he didn't figure out
...that we couldn't read minds...
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : ... No, the problem is... Line ID
Sora : Exactly. Line ID
Sora : That's not the problem. Line ID
Sora : The fact that the previous king
was able to tell us anything
Line ID
Sora : proves that you weren't
able to read his mind.
Line ID
Sora : He may have pledged not to
tell anyone for the rest of his life,
Line ID
Sora : but the catch was that it
didn't apply after his death.
Line ID
Sora : So, now that we know
...all about your game...
Line ID
Sora : If the elves were to get their
hands on this information,
Line ID
Sora : then the next time they challenged you, Line ID
Sora : you'd lose. Line ID
Sora : To prevent that, you'd
need to erase our memories.
Line ID
Sora : However, if you're willing to bet
territory for Steph's panties in a game,
Line ID
Sora : it would mean that my "imagination"
was correct this whole time.{i would like to put "However, if you're so desperate to challenge us that you'd bet territory for Steph's panties, it means my "imagination" was correct all along." but i think it's way too long}
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : ... He's right. Which means... Line ID
Sora : Which means that Line ID
Sora : your only option is to claim I'm
making it all up and run away, huh?
Line ID
Shiro : Did you think we'd let you escape? Line ID
Sora : Did you think we'd let you escape? Line ID
Sora : I'll throw another chip on the pile: Line ID
Sora : all of Imanity. Line ID
Sora : I'll wager my Race Piece. Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : ...K-Kurami, that's... Line ID
Kurami Zell : Fi, has there ever been a game
where a Race Piece was wagered?
Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : N-No, of course not! Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : If you wager your Race Piece and lose, Line ID
Fil Nilvalen : you lose all your rights an Exceed, meaning...
Line ID
Kurami Zell : The ten commandments
no longer protect you,
Line ID
Kurami Zell : and you're no better than an animal. Line ID
Kurami Zell : It's a de facto death sentence. Line ID
Kurami Zell : Those bastards! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Are you insane? Line ID
Sora : I've wagered our entire territory
and the lives of every last one of us.
Line ID
Sora : If you ran now, Line ID
Sora : then you'd be shouting to the entire world
that my "imagination" was dead on.
Line ID
Sora : Did you see that one coming,
Mr. Mind Reader?
Line ID
Sora : Checkmate. Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Are you really sure about this? Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Even if we assume you're correct,
Elven Garde still lost this game.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Not to mention,
you're wagering your Race Piece.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Do you want to go extinct? Line ID
Sora : It's a shame you didn't notice anything odd about the
fact that I could communicate with you from the library.
Line ID
Sora : If you had, you might have realized Line ID
Sora : that we're not from this world. Line ID
Sora : When it comes to video games, Line ID
Sora : you can use any
cheats or aids you want.
Line ID
Shiro : You'll never beat
Blank with those, though.
Line ID
Sora : ...When we came here... Line ID
Shiro : Did you just see us as easy prey? Line ID
Sora : It's your turn to
be hunted, Werebeasts.
Line ID
Ino Hatsuse : Who the heck are these people? Line ID
Sora : Well, you can't agree to play a game
of this magnitude on your own, right?
Line ID
Sora : We can play some other day. Line ID
Sora : We're wagering our Race Piece, Line ID
Sora : so every Imanity
has the right to watch,
Line ID
Sora : and all four of us will be playing. Line ID
Sora : We won't take no for an answer. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : W-Wait! Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : I'm not too sure I understand, Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : but are you challenging me
to a fight, Sora and Shiro?
Line ID
Sora : A fight? No way. Line ID
Shiro : Izuna, let's play a game next time! Line ID
Izuna Hatsuse : I won't lose. Line ID
Sora : Sorry, but you will. Line ID
Shiro : Blank never loses. Line ID
Shiro : Bye for now, Izuna. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What were you thinking ?! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Do you realize what you've done? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What are you going to do if you lose? Line ID
Sora : What are we going to do? Line ID
Sora : We're all screwed if we lose,
so there's nothing to do.
Line ID
Sora : If we lose, it's game over
for us and three million people.
Line ID
Sora : If we win, we get the
animal girls and their territory.
Line ID
Sora : All or nothing. Line ID
Sora : Isn't it exciting, Shiro? Line ID
Shiro : It sure is! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Y-You're crazy! Line ID
Sora : Calm down, Steph. Line ID
Sora : It's just a game. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : I knew I shouldn't have entrusted
these people with my grandfather's hopes!
Line ID
Jibril : Let me ask you, Dola. Line ID
Jibril : If my masters win, Line ID
Jibril : every Werebeast on the continent will be
stripped of their rights and possibly killed.
Line ID
Jibril : Who will do something then? Line ID
Jibril : We rule each other and kill each other
with games instead of violence.
Line ID
Jibril : If you lose, you're exploited,
enslaved, and killed.
Line ID
Jibril : That's what the
ten commandments are.
Line ID
Jibril : The boldness needed to risk the lives of
your people, even your own, just for an instant,
Line ID
Jibril : ...for a sure chance to slay your enemy... Line ID
Jibril : That's what we need in a ruler. Line ID
Sora : Huh? What are you talking about? Line ID
Shiro : Huh? What are you talking about? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What? Line ID
Jibril : What? Line ID
Sora : Wait, have you two
not figured it out yet?
Line ID
Shiro : How to beat this world. Line ID
Jibril : How to beat this world? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : How to beat this world? Line ID
Sora : That explains it.
No wonder God's so bored.
Line ID
Shiro : Poor Tet. Line ID
Sora : Don't worry. We'll conquer
the world just like we promised.
Line ID
Sora : The whole thing. Line ID
Sora : ...And as for what we'll do if we lose... Line ID
Sora : I already said there was
no chance of us losing, didn't I?
Line ID
Shiro : Checkmate! Line ID
EXTRA : Bring down the foolish king! Line ID
EXTRA : He's using us all in his stupid wager! Line ID
EXTRA : They're working with
the Eastern Federation!
Line ID
EXTRA : I knew something
was off from the start!
Line ID
EXTRA : There's no way one of the
Imanity could beat an elf!
Line ID
Jibril : It's amazing how fast
they've turned on you.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : They're staring death in the face,
so of course they're upset.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : It'd be strange to stay
calm at a time like this.
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : What are you going to do about them? Line ID
Shiro : If they don't like it, they can take
our position as representatives from us.
Line ID
Sora : Let the people who don't have the
guts to challenge us whine all they want.
Line ID
Sora : More importantly,
they're sure taking their time.
Line ID
Sora : It's been a week. Line ID
Stephanie Dola : You mean the Eastern Federation's
naming of a date for the game?
Line ID
Stephanie Dola : A whole continent's at stake,
so of course it'll take some time.
Line ID
Sora : ...Yeah. So before that... Line ID
Sora : I'm expecting someone
with more backbone.
Line ID
Sora : They're here. Line ID
Sora : Took you long enough. Line ID
Sora : Yeah, I know what you want. Line ID
Sora : Any time is fine. Line ID
Sora : Shiro, listen to me carefully. Line ID
Sora : I believe in you. Line ID
Shiro : I believe in you too. Line ID
Sora : Shiro, the two of us are always one. Line ID
Sora : Shiro, we're bound by a promise. Line ID
Sora : Shiro, we're not the heroes
from some boys' comic.
Line ID
Sora : Shiro, we always win
every game before we start.
Line ID
Shiro : Bro? Line ID
Sora : I'm going to get the last piece we need
to bring over the Eastern Federation.
Line ID
Shiro : Bro? Line ID
Shiro : ...Bro, wait— Line ID
Sora : Now, let's start the game. Line ID
Shiro : Bro? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Shiro? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : It's morni—Huh? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wh-What's wrong, Shiro? Line ID
Shiro : ...Bro... Come out, Bro... Line ID
Shiro : ...Don't leave me all alone... Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Wh-Who's "Bro"? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Someone you want
me to bring to you?
Line ID
Shiro : ...No... Line ID
Shiro : No! Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Shiro? What's wrong? Line ID
Shiro : ...Steph... Line ID
Shiro : ...Where's Bro... Line ID
Shiro : Where's Sora? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Sora? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Is that... someone's name? Line ID
Stephanie Dola : Who's that? Line ID
Shiro : I won't let go of your hand, Bro, because
I think you'd take my soul with you.
Line ID
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