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EXTRA : CCG Base to 203, (0:00:05.07)
EXTRA : trespassers reported in the 20th Ward at the Aqua Building. (0:00:07.10)
EXTRA : Trespassers are believed to be ghouls--repeat, ghouls. (0:00:19.78)
EXTRA : Proceed to location immediately. (0:00:23.08)
EXTRA : Ah... (0:00:25.09)
EXTRA : More! More! (0:00:27.19)
EXTRA : Delicious! (0:00:32.56)
EXTRA : It looks like they weren't kidding when they called you a binge eater. (0:00:36.10)
EXTRA : I hate being interrupted when I'm eating. (0:00:44.57)
EXTRA : You don't know me, do you? (0:00:49.48)
EXTRA : Yes, I do. You're a joyless fellow that enjoys torturing others. (0:00:52.31)
EXTRA : I've got orders from above. (0:00:59.45)
EXTRA : I'm supposed to take you alive. (0:01:01.46)
EXTRA : But then, before I do,
I can take a finger or two,
EXTRA : an arm or two, a leg or two... (0:01:10.33)
EXTRA : You don't mind, do you? (0:01:15.44)
EXTRA : A small toy for such a big body.
I'll bet you like playing house.
EXTRA : How adorable. (0:01:24.65)
EXTRA : Let me... (0:01:29.58)
EXTRA : take them from you. (0:01:31.85)
EXTRA : Give them back. They're mine. (0:01:48.50)
EXTRA : Give them back! (0:01:52.31)
EXTRA : I'm not going to play with you. (0:01:54.94)
EXTRA : Early this morning, several unidentified male bodies (0:02:11.66)
EXTRA : were discovered in the Aqua Building, (0:02:15.16)
EXTRA : a commercial facility in Tokyo's 20th Ward. (0:02:17.50)
EXTRA : What is believed to be saliva belonging to ghouls (0:02:21.00)
EXTRA : was retrieved from the bodies, (0:02:24.07)
EXTRA : "Multiple Unidentified Bodies Found" (0:02:24.51)
EXTRA : and the incident is being investigated as a ghoul crime. (0:02:25.84)
Ken Kaneki : It's not that funny, is it? (0:02:30.41)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : I'm just saying, you can't have a first date at a bookstore, right? (0:02:33.25)
Ken Kaneki : Why not? She might be thrilled, you know! (0:02:36.55)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : I'll state for the record, that won't happen. Case dismissed. (0:02:39.85)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? Then first, I'll take her out to Big Girl, just the two of us, (0:02:43.02)
Ken Kaneki : and we'll get a burger. (0:02:46.66)
Ken Kaneki : I'm giving you a serious answer. (0:02:50.40)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : No, it's great! It's great, just like you! (0:02:52.23)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : But as a date, it'll be a flop. (0:02:55.04)
Ken Kaneki : What, is everything I do wrong?
Hide, what would you do?
EXTRA : "Anteiku" (0:03:00.84)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Listen up. You have to choose a place (0:03:01.21)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : where the girl will be pleased when making a date. (0:03:03.28)
Ken Kaneki : Such as? (0:03:05.91)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Huh? S-Such as... (0:03:06.85)
Ken Kaneki : Hide, you don't even know. (0:03:09.05)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : If I knew, (0:03:11.52)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : --I wouldn't be here spending my afternoon off like this
--These last few days have seen a string
EXTRA : --of predatory ghoul attacks in the 20th Ward, (0:03:14.29)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : --out having a date with you. (0:03:14.29b)
Ken Kaneki : --I guess that's true. (0:03:16.22)
EXTRA : and according to CCG's 20th Ward Branch, (0:03:18.06)
EXTRA : "Being Investigated as Ghoul Predation" (0:03:18.19)
EXTRA : they are investigating the possibility that the incidents (0:03:20.09)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : --That's pretty close, huh?
--are the result of the same culprit. In other news...
EXTRA : --That's pretty close, huh?
--are the result of the same culprit. In other news...
Hideyoshi Nagachika : So? So, so, so? (0:03:25.70)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Who is she? The cute girl you mentioned? (0:03:27.37)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : --Oh, that's her, right?
--Yes, indeed.
--No it isn't.
EXTRA : --Oh, that's her, right?
--Yes, indeed.
--No it isn't.
Ken Kaneki : Sure, she's cute, too... (0:03:35.31)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Excuse me! (0:03:37.75)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : One cappuccino, please! And you, Kaneki? (0:03:39.21)
Ken Kaneki : --I'm not done with this, yet.
--One cappuccino.
Hideyoshi Nagachika : And also, what's your name? (0:03:43.99)
Ken Kaneki : Hide! (0:03:45.65)
Touka Kirishima : It's Kirishima Touka. (0:03:48.66)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Miss Touka! Are you seeing anyone?! (0:03:50.59)
Ken Kaneki : Stop that, you idiot! (0:03:52.89)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Hmm, how lovely. (0:03:54.40)
Ken Kaneki : If I get kicked out of here, then what do I do?! (0:03:56.13)
Ken Kaneki : This shop is the one place where she and I both-- (0:03:58.97)
Ken Kaneki : She's... the one. (0:04:06.11)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Give it up. (0:04:21.12)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? (0:04:22.82)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : You and her would be Beauty and whatever. (0:04:23.42)
Ken Kaneki : The Beast! (0:04:25.36)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Well then...
Now that I've seen you lovelorn,
EXTRA : "Egg of the Black Goat" (0:04:31.17)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : I think I'll be off. (0:04:31.53)
Ken Kaneki : Wait, Hide... (0:04:33.77)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : See you later, Miss Touka. (0:04:36.04)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Good luck, delusional Kaneki! (0:04:39.17)
EXTRA : "Egg of the Black Goat" (0:04:57.23)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : I guess sometimes you get lucky. (0:05:16.31)
Ken Kaneki : Yeah. Imagine, liking the same novelist that I do! (0:05:18.98)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Yeah, who was it again? Takasaki Sen? (0:05:22.92)
Ken Kaneki : No, Takatsuki Sen! (0:05:26.32)
Ken Kaneki : We're going to go to the bookstore together this coming Sunday. (0:05:28.32)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Oh, yeah? I'm not sure how good a bookstore date is gonna be, (0:05:31.93)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : but have a good time. (0:05:35.93)
Ken Kaneki : Yeah. (0:05:37.17)
EXTRA : I have to say, this is getting ugly. (0:05:40.54)
EXTRA : Yeah. (0:05:43.84)
EXTRA : Word is that eating one person is supposed to last them a month, (0:05:44.84)
EXTRA : but these binge eaters are something else. (0:05:48.74)
EXTRA : Write them off as animals, (0:05:51.21)
EXTRA : and they'd eat any number of people, wouldn't they? (0:05:53.08)
EXTRA : Ghouls as animals, huh? (0:05:56.05)
EXTRA : They're worse than livestock, since they're not good for anything. (0:05:59.09)
EXTRA : That's true. (0:06:02.22)
Rize Kamishiro : Mr. Kaneki, what's your favorite work by Takatsuki? (0:06:06.39)
Ken Kaneki : It would have to be her debut book. (0:06:10.90)
Rize Kamishiro : It was a breakout hit, after all. (0:06:13.37)
Rize Kamishiro : The delicacy amidst all the extremeness, you might say. (0:06:16.47)
Ken Kaneki : Y-Yes, exactly. To have that much talent in writing, (0:06:19.64)
Ken Kaneki : and still be in her teens when it came out-- (0:06:22.31)
Rize Kamishiro : Are you all right? (0:06:25.81)
Ken Kaneki : I-I'm fine... (0:06:29.25)
Ken Kaneki : Er, I mean... that is... (0:06:31.39)
Ken Kaneki : Miss Rize, you don't eat much, do you? (0:06:34.99)
Rize Kamishiro : Huh? Oh... Actually, um, I'm on a dietary regimen... (0:06:37.33)
Rize Kamishiro : Excuse me, I need the restroom. (0:06:43.73)
Ken Kaneki : She's a girl... (0:06:48.60)
Rize Kamishiro : Thank you very much for today. (0:06:54.84)
Ken Kaneki : No, thank you . It-It's been fun. (0:06:57.31)
Rize Kamishiro : The truth is, I... live near where these recent incidents have been... (0:07:04.95)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, the ghouls? (0:07:09.79)
Rize Kamishiro : I'm awfully bad at handling this. (0:07:13.16)
Rize Kamishiro : Just thinking about it even now, I can't stop from trembling. (0:07:16.53)
Ken Kaneki : That's all right. (0:07:20.87)
Ken Kaneki : Please, rest assured. I'll see you home. (0:07:22.44)
Ken Kaneki : Yes, so then Hide asked me, "Which do you like better, me or novels?" (0:07:31.45)
Rize Kamishiro : He sounds like a funny person. (0:07:38.32)
Ken Kaneki : Yes. (0:07:39.99)
Rize Kamishiro : Was there something that served to turn you on to books? (0:07:43.22)
Ken Kaneki : My dad left us a lot of books in our house. (0:07:46.56)
Rize Kamishiro : Ah... (0:07:49.96)
Ken Kaneki : I lost my dad before I can even remember. I liked the books he left, (0:07:51.00)
Ken Kaneki : and while my mom was out working, I spent the time reading them. (0:07:57.34)
Ken Kaneki : Then, ever since my mom died... (0:08:02.81)
Ken Kaneki : You know, Hide is the only one I've ever told this to. (0:08:05.31)
Rize Kamishiro : Is that right? Ah... (0:08:08.82)
Rize Kamishiro : It's this way. (0:08:12.42)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, okay. (0:08:13.35)
Yoriko Kosaka : Touka, is something wrong? (0:08:20.26)
Touka Kirishima : Mm-mm, not really. (0:08:23.00)
Rize Kamishiro : Well, I'm right over here, so... (0:08:26.73)
Ken Kaneki : Miss Rize... (0:08:30.44)
Ken Kaneki : Um, if you wouldn't mind, can I see you again? (0:08:31.84)
Rize Kamishiro : We do have a similar taste in books, and we're the same age... (0:08:38.45)
Rize Kamishiro : There's a lot we have in common, huh? (0:08:44.22)
Rize Kamishiro : Mr. Kaneki... (0:08:55.86)
Ken Kaneki : Y-Yes? (0:08:57.30)
Rize Kamishiro : The truth is, I noticed you. (0:08:58.90)
Rize Kamishiro : The way you were looking at me. (0:09:01.97)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? Then, you mean, you, too... (0:09:05.21)
Rize Kamishiro : Yes. (0:09:08.64)
Rize Kamishiro : I, too... (0:09:10.08)
Rize Kamishiro : happen to be interested... (0:09:11.15)
Rize Kamishiro : in you. (0:09:13.31)
Rize Kamishiro : Ah, delicious! (0:09:33.77)
Rize Kamishiro : Mr. Kaneki, (0:09:39.14)
Rize Kamishiro : there's something I like even more than reading. Know what it is? (0:09:40.78)
Rize Kamishiro : It's pulling out all the organs of someone (0:09:45.11)
Rize Kamishiro : scampering to get away from me. (0:09:47.25)
Rize Kamishiro : That expression! It's fantastic! (0:09:50.59)
Rize Kamishiro : Would you let me... (0:09:54.66)
Rize Kamishiro : thrill myself even more?! (0:09:56.62)
Ken Kaneki : No way! No way! No way!
No way! No way! No way! No way!
Rize Kamishiro : I caught you! (0:10:12.31)
Rize Kamishiro : Mr. Kaneki! (0:10:22.05)
Rize Kamishiro : I'm going to gently scramble up your insides for you now, okay? (0:10:40.97)
Rize Kamishiro : Uh-oh, did you die? (0:10:45.81)
Rize Kamishiro : That's too bad. I really did like you. (0:10:48.58)
Rize Kamishiro : There's just the right amount of fat on you; (0:10:52.81)
Rize Kamishiro : you look nice and soft, and easy to eat. (0:10:55.38)
Rize Kamishiro : How... (0:11:06.83)
Rize Kamishiro : could... this... (0:11:10.43)
EXTRA : His abdominal organs are ruptured. (0:11:21.11)
EXTRA : --What is this?
--We'll begin operating immediately.
Ken Kaneki : Where is this place? (0:11:24.25)
Ken Kaneki : I thought I was on a date with Miss Rize... (0:11:28.38)
EXTRA : Prepare for organ transplant. (0:11:32.09)
EXTRA : Without the consent of the next of kin? (0:11:34.09)
Ken Kaneki : Organ? Next of kin? (0:11:36.79)
Ken Kaneki : What exactly are they talking about? (0:11:40.56)
EXTRA : Dr. Kanou! (0:11:42.70)
EXTRA : I will accept full responsibility! (0:11:44.73)
EXTRA : Transfer her organs into him! (0:11:48.14)
Ken Kaneki : It's warm... (0:11:54.71)
Ken Kaneki : Is this...? (0:11:56.98)
Ken Kaneki : That's strange. What's going on here? (0:12:18.30)
EXTRA : Mr. Kaneki! (0:12:22.40)
EXTRA : Is this all you're going to eat? (0:12:32.48)
EXTRA : Oh, right. Your friend came by again today. (0:12:37.02)
EXTRA : Ah, Dr. Kanou... (0:12:43.79)
Akihiro Kanou : How are we feeling, Kaneki? (0:12:45.79)
Akihiro Kanou : I hear you haven't eaten anything since you were admitted, (0:12:56.37)
Akihiro Kanou : but there doesn't particularly seem to be anything wrong. (0:12:59.84)
Ken Kaneki : Um... (0:13:04.88)
Ken Kaneki : my sense of taste... isn't right... (0:13:06.01)
Akihiro Kanou : Sense of taste? (0:13:09.62)
Ken Kaneki : It's like everything tastes icky... (0:13:11.32)
Akihiro Kanou : That could be psychological in nature. (0:13:15.66)
Akihiro Kanou : It was a pretty serious accident, after all. (0:13:17.86)
Akihiro Kanou : There's no rush. (0:13:21.16)
Akihiro Kanou : Take all the time you need to heal. (0:13:23.33)
Akihiro Kanou : I'll be by again later. (0:13:25.80)
Ken Kaneki : Nothing particularly wrong? (0:13:29.74)
Ken Kaneki : It almost seems like the events of that whole day with Miss Rize (0:13:38.18)
Ken Kaneki : were something that never really happened. (0:13:40.85)
Ken Kaneki : But one thing is for sure... (0:13:44.49)
Ken Kaneki : Ever since then, something has been... (0:13:47.82)
Ken Kaneki : something has been strange. (0:13:50.52)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : "Kaneki! (0:13:56.33)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Congratulations on your discharge! (0:13:57.73)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Presenting some leftover high-quality ingredients from my place, (0:13:59.60)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : along with your favorite hamburger. (0:14:02.20)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : I hope you appreciate it! Wah-ha-ha! (0:14:04.74)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : P.S. When you're up to it, come on back to school. (0:14:07.61)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : It's rough here on my own." (0:14:10.58)
Ken Kaneki : Hide... (0:14:12.41)
Ken Kaneki : Thanks. (0:14:14.52)
Ken Kaneki : But I'm sorry. (0:14:16.58)
EXTRA : A ghoul doesn't have any need to eat this much (0:14:20.89)
EXTRA : in this short amount of time in the first place. (0:14:24.06)
EXTRA : One dead body will allow them to survive for a month or two. (0:14:27.13)
EXTRA : Mr. Ogura, can't ghouls be satisfied (0:14:31.40)
EXTRA : by eating the same food as humans do? (0:14:33.80)
EXTRA : No, ghouls are only able to derive their nutrition from people. (0:14:36.77)
EXTRA : Not to mention that their tongues work differently than ours do. (0:14:40.74)
EXTRA : "Ogura Hisashi, Ghoul Expert" (0:14:41.78)
EXTRA : When they eat human food, (0:14:44.04)
EXTRA : it tastes incredibly awful to them. (0:14:46.55)
EXTRA : Their tongues work differently than ours do... (0:14:50.22)
EXTRA : It tastes incredibly awful to them... (0:14:52.72)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, no... (0:15:27.82)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Presenting your favorite hamburger. (0:15:44.31)
Ken Kaneki : Hide... (0:15:48.48)
Ken Kaneki : Did you go out and buy this just for me? (0:15:50.38)
Ken Kaneki : This can't be real. (0:16:04.69)
EXTRA : "Hide" (0:16:07.86)
Nishiki Nishio : Friend of yours? (0:16:12.50)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Yes. (0:16:13.73)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : He was supposed to get out of the hospital today, (0:16:14.97)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : but I can't reach him.
I went to see him several times, too,
Hideyoshi Nagachika : but I got turned away. (0:16:20.37)
Nishiki Nishio : Hmm... If it were me, I'd cut off ties with anyone as rude as that. (0:16:22.18)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Kaneki and I have been best friends since we were kids. (0:16:26.08)
Nishiki Nishio : Best friends, huh? (0:16:31.42)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Hello? Kaneki? How are you feeling? I was just at the bookstore (0:16:34.05)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : in front of the station, and Takatsuki what's-her-name (0:16:37.32)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : is doing a book signing, so I thought I'd tell you. (0:16:39.49)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Anyhow, give me a call when you're feeling better. (0:16:41.83)
EXTRA : "The Takatsuki Sen (0:16:47.70)
EXTRA : book signing is now over." (0:16:47.70b)
Ken Kaneki : People... People... (0:17:08.09)
Ken Kaneki : People... People... (0:17:11.86)
Ken Kaneki : Children... (0:17:14.53)
Ken Kaneki : People... People... (0:17:15.80)
Ken Kaneki : --Flesh... (0:17:19.23)
Ken Kaneki : --Woman... (0:17:19.23b)
Ken Kaneki : --Girl... (0:17:20.47)
Ken Kaneki : --Man... (0:17:22.07)
Ken Kaneki : --Family... (0:17:23.30)
Ken Kaneki : --Children... Boy... Woman...
--Flesh... Flesh... Flesh...
Ken Kaneki : --Child... Boy...
--Flesh... Flesh...
Ken Kaneki : --Flesh... Flesh... Flesh...
--Flesh... Flesh... Flesh...
Ken Kaneki : Flesh! (0:17:30.98)
EXTRA : Whoa, that man... (0:17:38.22)
EXTRA : Don't get involved, you dummy! (0:17:39.99)
Ken Kaneki : What is this? (0:18:03.28)
Ken Kaneki : I know what's causing it! (0:18:11.52)
Akihiro Kanou : Transfer her organs into him! (0:18:12.95)
Akihiro Kanou : Blades such as knives or kitchenware cannot hurt them. (0:18:14.42)
Ken Kaneki : If that's true... (0:18:18.96)
Ken Kaneki : If that's true... If that's true... (0:18:20.33)
Ken Kaneki : then this...! (0:18:22.30)
Ken Kaneki : What am I supposed to do now? (0:18:34.17)
Ken Kaneki : Kill a person... take their flesh! (0:18:53.49)
Ken Kaneki : What... am I...? It's almost as though I'm... (0:18:58.07)
Ken Kaneki : That scent... (0:19:06.97)
Ken Kaneki : It's the first time I'm smelling it, but it seems so familiar... (0:19:09.21)
Ken Kaneki : A sweet aroma, like Mom's home cooking... (0:19:13.71)
Ken Kaneki : There's something over here that even I can eat! (0:19:20.52)
Ken Kaneki : Where is it? Where is it?
Where is it? Where is it?!
Ken Kaneki : It's close... (0:19:32.23)
Ken Kaneki : A ghoul... (0:19:49.52)
Ken Kaneki : A human! (0:19:50.68)
Ken Kaneki : How could I have been enticed here by the scent of a corpse?! (0:19:52.55)
Kazuo Yoshida : You're a ghoul... right? (0:19:59.46)
Kazuo Yoshida : What's the matter? Are you all right? (0:20:02.53)
Kazuo Yoshida : My name's Kazuo.
It's been a long time for me,
Kazuo Yoshida : so I can't share too much with you, (0:20:09.64)
Kazuo Yoshida : but here, eat-- (0:20:12.27)
Nishiki Nishio : Sheesh, (0:20:14.88)
Nishiki Nishio : don't go plundering my feeding grounds. Hmm? (0:20:16.31)
Nishiki Nishio : I've never seen you before. (0:20:20.95)
Nishiki Nishio : For that matter, why is only one of your eyes red? That's nasty. (0:20:23.58)
Nishiki Nishio : You know what you get for looting someone else's territory, right? (0:20:29.22)
Ken Kaneki : I-I wasn't... I didn't know... (0:20:33.83)
Ken Kaneki : I just happened to be passing by... (0:20:37.66)
Nishiki Nishio : Okay, imagine this. Your girlfriend is naked and lying on the ground. (0:20:41.07)
Nishiki Nishio : Then someone else there with his pants down says to you, (0:20:46.34)
Nishiki Nishio : "I wasn't doing anything.
I just happened to be here."
Nishiki Nishio : That's the same as what you're telling me. (0:20:53.28)
Nishiki Nishio : If it were me, I'd kill the guy. (0:20:56.62)
Nishiki Nishio : That's why I'm killing you, (0:20:59.45)
Nishiki Nishio : as punishment for trespassing on my feeding grounds-- (0:21:01.32)
Touka Kirishima : Whose feeding grounds, did you say? (0:21:03.12)
Touka Kirishima : Since when were these your feeding grounds, (0:21:06.79)
Touka Kirishima : Nishiki? (0:21:10.00)
Nishiki Nishio : Touka... (0:21:12.00)
Nishiki Nishio : I know she's dead, right?
The binge eating woman?
Touka Kirishima : And that makes these your feeding grounds? (0:21:18.71)
Touka Kirishima : The task of distributing the feeding grounds Rize stole (0:21:21.38)
Touka Kirishima : to the weaker ghouls, and otherwise managing the 20th Ward... (0:21:23.64)
Touka Kirishima : belongs to those of us at Anteiku. (0:21:27.51)
Nishiki Nishio : Huh?! A bunch of fence-sitters like Anteiku (0:21:30.15)
Nishiki Nishio : have no right to go picking over every little thing! (0:21:33.89)
Nishiki Nishio : This was my feeding ground in the first place, before Rize came-- (0:21:37.19)
Touka Kirishima : Because you were weak. (0:21:40.49)
Nishiki Nishio : Being insulted by a smart-mouthed punk younger than I am (0:21:42.50)
Nishiki Nishio : is something that really pisses me off. (0:21:45.67)
Touka Kirishima : Is it? (0:21:49.37)
Nishiki Nishio : Enough! (0:21:52.41)
Nishiki Nishio : You'll have to cut deeper than that! (0:21:58.88)
Touka Kirishima : Will I? (0:22:00.85)
Touka Kirishima : Can I go even harder next time? (0:22:05.02)
Touka Kirishima : Take your corpse with you, beansprout. (0:22:10.52)
Touka Kirishima : You want this? (0:22:25.37)
Touka Kirishima : You're not eating? (0:22:30.54)
EXTRA : Tell me, oh tell me, the way it works (0:22:31.45)
Touka Kirishima : Then again, only one of your eyes is different... (0:22:35.05)
EXTRA : Who is that inside of me? (0:22:38.75)
Touka Kirishima : You're the one who was with Rize. (0:22:39.52)
Touka Kirishima : Why weren't you eaten? Then again... (0:22:42.42)
Touka Kirishima : your eye... (0:22:45.13)
EXTRA : Here in this broken-down, (0:22:45.86)
EXTRA : broken-down world, (0:22:45.86b)
Ken Kaneki : Please help me...! (0:22:48.46)
Ken Kaneki : I know you may not believe this, but I'm human. And yet... (0:22:50.73)
EXTRA : you laugh, without seeing a thing (0:22:53.07)
Ken Kaneki : I want to eat that... (0:22:56.74)
Ken Kaneki : I want to eat it so bad I can't help it... (0:22:58.54)
Ken Kaneki : But if I do... (0:23:00.64)
Ken Kaneki : I won't be human anymore! (0:23:02.31)
Touka Kirishima : If you're in that much pain, then eat. (0:23:05.65)
EXTRA : I'm just so damaged, (0:23:12.55)
EXTRA : I hold my breath and freeze (0:23:12.55b)
Ken Kaneki : No way! (0:23:15.49)
Ken Kaneki : No way! No way! No way!
No way! No way! No way!
EXTRA : Breakable, unbreakable; (0:23:19.63)
EXTRA : shakable, unshakable (0:23:19.63b)
Ken Kaneki : There's no way I can eat something like that, right? (0:23:21.29)
EXTRA : When I found you, it shook me (0:23:23.23)
Ken Kaneki : What is this? What is it to be a ghoul? (0:23:24.23)
EXTRA : In this twisted world, I'm gradually (0:23:26.80)
EXTRA : growing transparent and vanishing (0:23:26.80b)
Ken Kaneki : Killing people... killing each other... (0:23:27.50)
Ken Kaneki : I'm not like that! (0:23:30.17)
Ken Kaneki : I'm... human! (0:23:33.11)
EXTRA : Don't look for me; don't look at me (0:23:33.94)
Touka Kirishima : This is ridiculous.
Why not give in already?
EXTRA : I don't wish to hurt you in a world (0:23:41.08)
Touka Kirishima : If you don't have the nerve to eat... (0:23:41.98)
EXTRA : of someone else's imagining (0:23:44.58)
Touka Kirishima : then I'll give you a hand! (0:23:44.99)
EXTRA : Remember who I am (0:23:48.16)
EXTRA : Though the city sleeps, its buildings are always (0:24:04.81)
EXTRA : under construction (0:24:09.68)
EXTRA : Urban planning carries on (0:24:11.98)
EXTRA : Its belt lines morphing, snakes interlocking, (0:24:14.45)
EXTRA : stirring up endorphins, and off you go, go, go (0:24:19.19)
EXTRA : Souls ascend up into the night sky (0:24:24.02)
EXTRA : Their procession and their faith both resembling (0:24:28.80)
EXTRA : an aberrant riddle (0:24:33.30)
EXTRA : Our as-yet-empty tomorrows (0:24:43.58)
EXTRA : are an all but black shade of gray (0:24:49.42)
EXTRA : Without any possibilities (0:24:53.15)
EXTRA : an all but black shade of gray (0:24:59.06)
EXTRA : Ah, tonight, you're the one I want (0:25:02.83)
EXTRA : Saints (0:25:09.34)
EXTRA : Ah, I want you to signal the end (0:25:12.37)
EXTRA : Saints (0:25:18.91)
EXTRA : Saints (0:25:23.72)
EXTRA : Saints (0:25:28.52)
EXTRA : Yoshida Kazuo, age 41. Ghoul. (0:25:31.73)
EXTRA : "Yoshida Kazuo, age 41""--"Ghoul"--" (0:25:32.46)
EXTRA : Occupation: Fitness club staff. (0:25:35.06)
EXTRA : "Occupation: Fitness club staff." (0:25:35.43)
EXTRA : On one of his days off, he takes over a feeding ground from Anteiku's Yoshimura. (0:25:38.70)
EXTRA : At home, he selects his target, (0:25:42.94)
EXTRA : kills them, then starts eating. (0:25:45.21)
EXTRA : When a young ghoul suddenly shows up, (0:25:48.38)
EXTRA : "Aaaaah!" (0:25:50.58)
EXTRA : he is shouted at, screamed at, and sobbed at. (0:25:50.64)
EXTRA : --Whomp!
--Then he is whomped by Nishiki.

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Tokyo Ghoul

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