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Touka Kirishima : Eat it! (0:00:02.40)
Ken Kaneki : Why would you do that to me?! (0:00:15.94)
Ken Kaneki : There's no way I can eat human flesh! (0:00:18.41)
Ken Kaneki : I'm human! I'm not like you monsters! (0:00:22.02)
Touka Kirishima : Well? If I'm a monster, what does that make you? (0:00:37.60)
Ken Kaneki : I'm begging you, please, tell me... (0:00:41.90)
Ken Kaneki : What am I supposed to do? (0:00:45.37)
Ken Kaneki : Everything has sucked since that day! (0:00:48.11)
Touka Kirishima : Sucked, huh? I wish you'd tell me something. (0:00:51.81)
Touka Kirishima : What does cake really taste like? (0:00:56.25)
Touka Kirishima : It's so nasty, it makes me want to puke, so I can't tell, (0:00:59.95)
Touka Kirishima : but it's something that humans enjoy eating, isn't it? (0:01:02.92)
Touka Kirishima : What was it like, living a peaceful life? (0:01:08.06)
Touka Kirishima : One where you didn't need to live in fear of CCG and other ghouls? (0:01:11.23)
Touka Kirishima : Everything has sucked? Come off it. (0:01:17.24)
Touka Kirishima : Does that mean that everything since I was born has sucked? (0:01:20.91)
Touka Kirishima : Well, buddy? Tell me! (0:01:23.98)
Ken Kaneki : I'm... (0:03:15.09)
Ken Kaneki : I'm human! (0:03:16.36)
Touka Kirishima : You're not a ghoul, that's for sure. (0:03:27.47)
Touka Kirishima : But you're not human, either. (0:03:30.21)
Touka Kirishima : There's no place left for a half-and-half like you anywhere now. (0:03:32.57)
Ken Kaneki : I'm... I'm... (0:03:35.81)
Touka Kirishima : If you want to be human so badly, (0:03:37.55)
Touka Kirishima : why don't you see how long you can starve? (0:03:39.71)
Touka Kirishima : I'll tell you right now, (0:03:43.22)
Touka Kirishima : starvation for a ghoul is utter hell. (0:03:45.05)
Yoshimura : Touka, I think that's quite enough. (0:03:49.46)
Touka Kirishima : Sir... (0:03:53.56)
Yoshimura : It must be hard on you, huh? Come with me. (0:03:55.23)
Touka Kirishima : But sir, why? (0:03:58.43)
Yoshimura : Touka... (0:03:59.90)
Yoshimura : It's our policy to help out our fellow ghouls. (0:04:01.67)
Yoshimura : Thank you for waiting. (0:04:12.98)
Yoshimura : Here you go. (0:04:15.15)
Yoshimura : Do you not like coffee? (0:04:20.19)
Ken Kaneki : It's not that, but... (0:04:22.16)
Yoshimura : Kaneki, take a good look at this coffee. (0:04:24.19)
Yoshimura : What do you think? (0:04:28.46)
Ken Kaneki : It looks quite delicious. (0:04:30.30)
Yoshimura : It's regular coffee. (0:04:33.77)
Ken Kaneki : It's delicious. This is delicious! (0:04:53.05)
Ken Kaneki : But no matter what I eat, it tastes awful... (0:04:57.66)
Yoshimura : Through the ages, coffee is the only thing (0:05:02.56)
Yoshimura : that ghouls have been able to enjoy, the way humans do. (0:05:05.20)
Yoshimura : However, we cannot satisfy our hunger by drinking it alone. (0:05:10.41)
Yoshimura : Which is why... (0:05:14.91)
Ken Kaneki : What is it? (0:05:19.01)
Yoshimura : When you need more, come on back. You need not hesitate. (0:05:20.48)
Touka Kirishima : Sir, why did you help that guy? (0:05:29.66)
Yoshimura : Touka, (0:05:32.73)
Yoshimura : a little while ago, (0:05:34.03)
Yoshimura : there was a story about an organ transplant on the news, remember? (0:05:35.53)
Yoshimura : Some steel beams fell, and two students were crushed beneath them. (0:05:39.23)
Yoshimura : The doctor took it upon himself to transplant the organs (0:05:43.24)
Yoshimura : from the deceased girl into the surviving young man's body. (0:05:46.01)
Touka Kirishima : But the girl that died in that accident was... (0:05:49.08)
Yoshimura : It was Rize. (0:05:52.35)
Touka Kirishima : Then, you don't mean... (0:05:53.88)
Yoshimura : Yes. He is that young man. (0:05:55.68)
Yoshimura : He has had ghoul organs transplanted into him. (0:05:58.69)
Touka Kirishima : That's preposterous. (0:06:02.12)
Yoshimura : It's the first time I've seen this happen, (0:06:03.29)
Yoshimura : but his body may be becoming like ours. (0:06:05.46)
Ken Kaneki : Flesh... Flesh... Flesh... Flesh... (0:06:15.90)
Ken Kaneki : Flesh... Flesh... Flesh... (0:06:20.07)
Ken Kaneki : Flesh... Flesh... Flesh... Flesh... (0:06:22.28)
Ken Kaneki : You're neither a ghoul, nor a human. (0:06:24.91)
Touka Kirishima : There's no place left for a half-and-half like you anywhere now. (0:06:27.55)
Rize Kamishiro : Who cares if you're a half-and-half? (0:06:31.65)
Rize Kamishiro : Neither a human, nor a ghoul... (0:06:36.09)
Rize Kamishiro : You're still you. (0:06:40.33)
Rize Kamishiro : Enjoy being a half-and-half.
That delicious flesh is waiting for you.
Rize Kamishiro : It's so delicious, it's tantalizing. (0:06:47.80)
Rize Kamishiro : Once you start eating it, you won't be able to stop. (0:06:51.44)
Rize Kamishiro : It will put any steak to shame. (0:06:54.68)
Rize Kamishiro : Now, go on. Wolf it down. (0:07:04.09)
Rize Kamishiro : It's prepared extra-specially rare. (0:07:07.66)
EXTRA : "New message""Hide" (0:07:23.81)
EXTRA : "Sub: You're gonna die alone" (0:07:23.81b)
EXTRA : "Missing you a bunch in Asian History..." (0:07:34.18)
EXTRA : "You need my notes?" (0:07:34.18b)
Ken Kaneki : Hide... (0:07:34.85)
EXTRA : Have you ever been to the sweets shop in front of the station? (0:07:42.29)
EXTRA : That place has the tastiest stuff, huh? (0:07:44.83)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Hey, you, Kaneki! How long are you gonna skip class, you jerk?! (0:07:53.33)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Put yourself in my shoes!
When rabbits get lonely, they can die!
Ken Kaneki : Hide, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. (0:08:00.74)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : And what's up with the eyepatch?
You styling it up?
Hideyoshi Nagachika : While you were gone, I was so bored that before I knew it, (0:08:05.35)
Ken Kaneki : --I'm sorry? Huh? When was it?
--I'd joined the school festival planning committee...
Hideyoshi Nagachika : --I'm sorry? Huh? When was it?
--I'd joined the school festival planning committee...
Ken Kaneki : Seems like this happened before once... (0:08:10.85)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Hey, Kaneki! How long are you gonna stay home?! (0:08:22.06)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Do you know how hard it is for me when you stay home like this?! (0:08:24.43)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Hey, are you listening to me, Kaneki? (0:08:27.77)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, sorry. What'd you say? (0:08:30.84)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Anyhow, I've got to go see that upperclassman with the sharp tongue (0:08:34.24)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : to borrow some material from him. Care to join me? (0:08:37.25)
Ken Kaneki : Mm-hmm. (0:08:40.78)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Kaneki, are you eating right? (0:08:42.52)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? (0:08:45.09)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : You're looking pale. You've gotta eat, or you'll ruin your health. (0:08:46.95)
Ken Kaneki : Y-Yeah... (0:08:52.06)
Ken Kaneki : He's always been like that.
Hide is sharp-witted in some odd ways.
Ken Kaneki : He's overly aware of the sentiments of others, so instead, (0:08:59.77)
Ken Kaneki : he pretends not to notice anything, out of concern for me. (0:09:02.20)
Ken Kaneki : If I were to stop being human, (0:09:07.04)
Ken Kaneki : would we never be able to walk together again? (0:09:10.08)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : I've been wanting to introduce him to you, Kaneki. (0:09:15.45)
Ken Kaneki : Is this Mr. Nishio? (0:09:20.62)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Yeah. (0:09:22.39)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : I don't know whether to describe him as toxic, or bad-mouthing, (0:09:25.13)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : or just as someone I feel uneasy around... (0:09:28.60)
Kimi Nishino : No! (0:09:30.73)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : This is it. Pardon the intrusion! (0:09:32.47)
Ken Kaneki : Hide, at least knock. (0:09:34.60)
Nishiki Nishio : Nagachika, can't you knock first? (0:09:40.51)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Mr. Nishio, I'm sorry. (0:09:43.74)
Nishiki Nishio : Nothing pisses me off more than having my territory violated. (0:09:46.01)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Yeah... Oh, this is Kaneki, the good friend I mentioned before. (0:09:51.75)
Nishiki Nishio : You don't say. Nishio Nishiki, second year, School of Pharmacy. (0:10:04.20)
Nishiki Nishio : Good to meet you, Kaneki. (0:10:08.87)
Nishiki Nishio : You wanted last year's material? (0:10:14.11)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Yes, I wanted to see the retail data. (0:10:15.61)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Oh, where did I put that? (0:10:18.68)
Nishiki Nishio : Aw, it might be at home. (0:10:21.68)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : You're serious? (0:10:23.05)
Nishiki Nishio : Nagachika, why don't you come with me to grab it right now? (0:10:24.32)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : You mean, to your house? (0:10:27.52)
Nishiki Nishio : Yeah. (0:10:29.46)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Hmm, well, okay. (0:10:30.79)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Kaneki, sorry, but I have to stop by Mr. Nishio's place, (0:10:33.13)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : so head on out without me. (0:10:36.06)
Ken Kaneki : Hide... (0:10:42.87)
Ken Kaneki : Um, is it okay if I go, too? (0:10:44.31)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Huh? (0:10:46.57)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : What's come over you? (0:10:47.54)
Nishiki Nishio : Yeah, that's okay. (0:10:50.51)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Huh? (0:10:51.88)
Nishiki Nishio : It's not like I'm planning on letting him in. (0:10:52.48)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Oh, yeah, sure. (0:10:54.65)
Nishiki Nishio : Before we go, I have to smooth this over. (0:10:56.98)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : What's with you, all of a sudden? (0:10:59.09)
Ken Kaneki : Nothing. (0:11:00.92)
Nishiki Nishio : --Hmm...
Hideyoshi Nagachika : --Hmm...
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Hmm? What? (0:11:03.36)
Nishiki Nishio : How much did you see earlier? (0:11:04.33)
Ken Kaneki : --Why are there ghouls popping up around me? (0:11:06.06)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : --Huh? Oh, just her shoulders. (0:11:06.06b)
Nishiki Nishio : --Just your shoulders. (0:11:08.76)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : They were very pretty. (0:11:09.93)
Ken Kaneki : No, that's not true. They were there before this all started. (0:11:11.03)
Ken Kaneki : I'm the one who wandered into this. (0:11:15.84)
Nishiki Nishio : Want one? (0:11:21.58)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Oh, how nice. (0:11:22.44)
EXTRA : Yes, step right up. These are freshly made. (0:11:24.55)
Nishiki Nishio : Here. (0:11:27.11)
Ken Kaneki : Ugh, I feel nauseous. (0:11:28.38)
Nishiki Nishio : --Here.
--Thanks so much.
Hideyoshi Nagachika : --Here.
--Thanks so much.
Nishiki Nishio : Kaneki, are you in any clubs? (0:11:34.52)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, I don't do that well around large groups. (0:11:36.72)
Nishiki Nishio : Hmm. The exact opposite of Nagachika, huh? (0:11:40.86)
Ken Kaneki : Can a ghoul eat something like this? (0:11:45.20)
Nishiki Nishio : Mm, what a superb taste. (0:11:52.31)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Nice and crispy, too, huh? (0:11:54.28)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Huh? Kaneki, aren't you eating yours? (0:11:56.28)
Ken Kaneki : Later. (0:11:58.45)
Ken Kaneki : He really does blend in to human society (0:12:00.61)
Ken Kaneki : like a normal college student. It's kind of amazing. (0:12:03.92)
Ken Kaneki : I'm sure nobody suspects that he's a ghoul. (0:12:08.46)
Nishiki Nishio : It would mean trouble if anyone saw this. (0:12:16.26)
Ken Kaneki : Hide! (0:12:18.33)
Nishiki Nishio : Who'd have guessed there'd be another ghoul on the same campus? (0:12:19.60)
Nishiki Nishio : You reek. You stink just like a female ghoul! (0:12:23.77)
Nishiki Nishio : You were planning to eat Nagachika, weren't you? (0:12:31.15)
Nishiki Nishio : There's nothing better to whet the appetite (0:12:35.58)
Nishiki Nishio : than that moment you turn on some idiot who completely trusts you, (0:12:38.99)
Nishiki Nishio : and that look of anguish that crosses their face (0:12:42.32)
Nishiki Nishio : when the foolish human gives up hope, is there, Kaneki?! (0:12:44.26)
Ken Kaneki : I'm not like you... (0:12:48.00)
Nishiki Nishio : Oh, yeah? (0:12:51.93)
Nishiki Nishio : Having a kid younger than me talk back to me really pisses me off. (0:12:57.71)
Nishiki Nishio : You know what? (0:13:03.64)
Nishiki Nishio : Your body is awfully fragile.
I thought it might be tofu.
Nishiki Nishio : Aw, how disgusting. (0:13:10.79)
Nishiki Nishio : Geez, how can humans eat that stuff? (0:13:13.99)
Nishiki Nishio : It feels like eating horse crap. (0:13:19.19)
Nishiki Nishio : Sorry about that, Kaneki.
I've befouled your meal, here.
Nishiki Nishio : You've known this guy a long time, right? You're best friends, right? (0:13:32.84)
Nishiki Nishio : Just when were you going to eat him? (0:13:36.58)
Nishiki Nishio : Come on, tell me, Kaneki.
What were you going to eat first?
Nishiki Nishio : Huh? Huh? Huh? (0:13:44.75)
Ken Kaneki : Hide is not food. Move your foot. (0:13:47.22)
Nishiki Nishio : What foot? (0:13:51.59)
Ken Kaneki : Stop that! (0:13:55.66)
Nishiki Nishio : Seriously? Attacking with your bag? What are you, a woman?! (0:13:57.67)
Nishiki Nishio : You know, you just don't get it, do you? (0:14:07.61)
Nishiki Nishio : Humans are nothing but things to eat, (0:14:10.91)
Nishiki Nishio : the way that cows and pigs are to them, right? (0:14:12.58)
Nishiki Nishio : Are you having fun, (0:14:15.92)
Nishiki Nishio : playing like you're friends with what amounts to livestock? (0:14:17.59)
Ken Kaneki : I'm not playing... (0:14:23.09)
Nishiki Nishio : I see. Then again,
I think Nagachika is risky.
Nishiki Nishio : The guy is no idiot. (0:14:29.13)
Nishiki Nishio : Even you have to be aware that having someone (0:14:31.20)
Nishiki Nishio : as shrewd as he is by your side is going to be dangerous. (0:14:33.10)
Nishiki Nishio : And this... (0:14:36.47)
Nishiki Nishio : You can't even control your own eyes. (0:14:39.31)
Nishiki Nishio : Come on, get up.
Or should I kill Nagachika first?
Nishiki Nishio : Whoa, what's this? Here, avoid this ! (0:14:50.28)
Nishiki Nishio : I guess I've toyed with you more than enough. (0:14:56.22)
Nishiki Nishio : And I could have taken no time at all by releasing my kagune. (0:14:58.16)
Ken Kaneki : There's no way... I can beat someone like him... Hide... (0:15:00.43)
Ken Kaneki : Hide...! (0:15:04.57)
Nishiki Nishio : Oh? Very good. That's more like it. (0:15:05.67)
Nishiki Nishio : Hurry up, before I crush him. (0:15:09.77)
Nishiki Nishio : He's unconscious? (0:15:14.31)
Ken Kaneki : You've helped me again, have you? (0:15:16.41)
Nishiki Nishio : Later, Nagachika. (0:15:20.41)
Ken Kaneki : No... No... (0:15:22.78)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Hey, you. You're always reading books by yourself at school, huh? (0:15:28.46)
Ken Kaneki : I-Is that wrong? (0:15:32.59)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : I don't mean that. I just moved here, so I don't have any friends. (0:15:33.83)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : So would you be my friend? (0:15:39.70)
Ken Kaneki : Mm-hmm, sure. (0:15:42.10)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : All right! I'm Nagachika Hideyoshi. (0:15:43.77)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : Call me Hide. Nice to meet you. (0:15:46.51)
Ken Kaneki : Mm-hmm. Nice to meet you, Hide. (0:15:48.71)
Ken Kaneki : Even then, when I didn't get along well in class, (0:15:52.95)
Ken Kaneki : Hide was concerned, and reached out to me. (0:15:57.15)
Ken Kaneki : No... (0:16:00.85)
Ken Kaneki : I don't want Hide... (0:16:02.89)
Ken Kaneki : to die! (0:16:05.29)
Ken Kaneki : I won't... I won't let that happen! (0:16:08.03)
Nishiki Nishio : Damn you! (0:16:21.31)
Nishiki Nishio : Stop it! Stop it, you dumbass! (0:16:30.58)
Nishiki Nishio : I'm dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, dying! (0:16:33.99)
Nishiki Nishio : That was... Rize's... (0:16:43.20)
Nishiki Nishio : Damn it... (0:16:46.17)
Ken Kaneki : Hide... (0:16:51.04)
Rize Kamishiro : Mm, he sure looks tasty. (0:16:54.17)
Rize Kamishiro : What a savory aroma.
It's making me hungry.
Rize Kamishiro : Here, you see? Look closely.
Doesn't he look delicious?
Ken Kaneki : Stop it! Hide is not for eating! (0:17:06.72)
Rize Kamishiro : Are you sure about that? Take a good look. (0:17:09.89)
Rize Kamishiro : See? You can tell, right? (0:17:13.59)
Ken Kaneki : Mm-hmm, I can tell. (0:17:16.26)
Ken Kaneki : He does look good! (0:17:20.23)
Ken Kaneki : Stop! Stop that! (0:17:25.21)
Rize Kamishiro : What are you talking about? (0:17:27.11)
Rize Kamishiro : You want him so bad you can't stand it, right? (0:17:29.21)
Rize Kamishiro : You don't have to put up with it.
You're not doing anything wrong.
Rize Kamishiro : Come on, quickly. You can do as you like. (0:17:39.42)
Ken Kaneki : As I like? (0:17:44.49)
Rize Kamishiro : He's all yours. (0:17:45.76)
Ken Kaneki : All? (0:17:49.66)
Rize Kamishiro : Go on. (0:17:52.13)
Ken Kaneki : You're right. This is my special treat, isn't it? (0:17:58.17)
Ken Kaneki : I... I have to eat him... (0:18:02.84)
Ken Kaneki : Hide is my... (0:18:07.08)
Touka Kirishima : ...friend! (0:18:08.95)
Ken Kaneki : Yes! He is my friend, so I have to eat him! (0:18:10.35)
Touka Kirishima : You're becoming so much more like us, huh, half-ass? (0:18:17.69)
Touka Kirishima : Your sense of reason has given way to hunger, hasn't it? (0:18:21.10)
Ken Kaneki : Move! (0:18:23.36)
Touka Kirishima : You don't give a damn about your own friend's life now. (0:18:25.03)
Touka Kirishima : You know what? After you gobble this guy up, you'll regret it. (0:18:29.47)
Touka Kirishima : In a sea of blood and entrails. (0:18:34.54)
Touka Kirishima : Such is a ghoul's hunger, and our destiny. (0:18:37.21)
Touka Kirishima : You really are tedious.
I'll be understanding this one time.
Touka Kirishima : So go down nice and easy! (0:18:49.69)
Yoshimura : Touka brought you back here. (0:19:00.13)
Ken Kaneki : Where's Hide?! (0:19:03.14)
Yoshimura : Come with me. (0:19:04.71)
Ken Kaneki : Hide! (0:19:08.24)
Ken Kaneki : I've been... stricken with this hunger this whole time. (0:19:16.32)
Ken Kaneki : At that moment especially, (0:19:22.39)
Ken Kaneki : I was so hungry, I thought I might die. (0:19:24.09)
Ken Kaneki : I didn't even realize what I was doing. (0:19:26.89)
Ken Kaneki : And then, I went after Hide... (0:19:29.90)
Ken Kaneki : But right now, that's completely gone. (0:19:32.70)
Ken Kaneki : That blood that was in my mouth-- (0:19:35.57)
Ken Kaneki : Please, answer me truthfully.
What did you do while I was asleep?
Yoshimura : There is only one way to satisfy a ghoul's hunger. (0:19:42.58)
Yoshimura : You know what that is, right? (0:19:46.55)
Yoshimura : The way you were going, you would have set upon your friend. (0:19:48.78)
Yoshimura : You have to know what you are. (0:19:55.59)
Ken Kaneki : I... don't want to hurt my friend. (0:19:59.86)
Ken Kaneki : Which means, I can't be around Hide anymore. (0:20:04.30)
Ken Kaneki : But I can't enter the world of ghouls, either. (0:20:08.87)
Ken Kaneki : I, who am neither human nor ghoul, am all alone. (0:20:12.24)
Ken Kaneki : There isn't a place for me anywhere now...! (0:20:18.15)
Yoshimura : That's not true. (0:20:23.25)
Yoshimura : You are both ghoul and human. (0:20:26.62)
Yoshimura : You are the one and only person who has a place in both worlds. (0:20:29.89)
Yoshimura : Come over to Anteiku. I'm sure it will lead you to the path (0:20:35.30)
Yoshimura : in which you can keep your own place. (0:20:38.33)
Yoshimura : I also want you to understand us better. (0:20:42.24)
Yoshimura : To see whether or not we are just ravenous beasts. (0:20:47.91)
Yoshimura : How about it? What do you say (0:20:55.98)
Yoshimura : you start by learning how to make a delicious cup of coffee? (0:20:57.99)
Ken Kaneki : Well, um... (0:21:02.36)
Ken Kaneki : Do you think even I can do it? (0:21:03.82)
Kureo Mado : Nice rain, huh? Rain makes their senses duller. (0:21:07.79)
Koutarou Amon : This is perfect weather for us to work in, isn't it? (0:21:13.50)
Koutarou Amon : According to the 20th Ward
Branch Office's report,
Koutarou Amon : three months ago, there was a predatory incident (0:21:18.87)
Koutarou Amon : by what they believe was a binge eater here in this building, (0:21:20.87)
Koutarou Amon : and there were eyewitness reports of a Jason sighting at that time. (0:21:24.54)
Kureo Mado : Binge eater and Jason, huh? (0:21:28.28)
Koutarou Amon : Interaction between two S-rated subjects? (0:21:30.62)
Kureo Mado : Who can say? I doubt they were cordially sharing a meal, though. (0:21:32.69)
Koutarou Amon : Mr. Mado? (0:21:41.13)
Koutarou Amon : Mr. Mado! (0:21:45.00)
Kureo Mado : Amon! (0:21:46.97)
Kureo Mado : You see? I knew it! (0:21:48.50)
Kureo Mado : If I had to offer one drawback to this rain, (0:21:51.41)
Kureo Mado : it would be that I can't hear the scumbags' throes of death! (0:21:54.88)
Nishiki Nishio : It feels like eating horse crap. (0:23:32.27)
Ken Kaneki : Mr. Nishio, you know what horse manure tastes like? (0:23:35.08)
Nishiki Nishio : What are you, an idiot,
Kaneki?! Of course not.
Nishiki Nishio : It's a simile! A figure of speech! (0:23:40.98)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, yeah? (0:23:42.85)
Hideyoshi Nagachika : What?! Mr. Nishio has eaten horse crap?! (0:23:45.85)
Rize Kamishiro : Cow manure, too? (0:23:47.79)
Yoshimura : And every other kind of feces, it seems. (0:23:49.09)
Touka Kirishima : For real? (0:23:50.86)
Nishiki Nishio : K-Kaneki! (0:23:52.33)
Touka Kirishima : Hey, Nishiki! How's that poo taste? (0:23:53.93)
Kimi Nishino : Nishiki, you smell like poo! (0:23:56.03)
Yoshimura : You're a disgrace as a ghoul. (0:23:57.86)

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