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Touka Kirishima : Tsukiyama! (0:00:01.93)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Mmm... Long time no see, Miss Kirishima. (0:00:04.67)
Touka Kirishima : What do you want? (0:00:10.01)
Shuu Tsukiyama : As cold as ever, I see. (0:00:11.44)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Well, I suppose that's what's charming about you. (0:00:14.28)
Touka Kirishima : You disgust me, you prig. (0:00:17.08)
Shuu Tsukiyama : You, with the eyepatch... (0:00:20.78)
Shuu Tsukiyama : You're new here, huh? (0:00:23.69)
Ken Kaneki : U-Um... (0:00:24.59)
Shuu Tsukiyama : What's your name? (0:00:25.89)
Ken Kaneki : K-Kaneki. (0:00:26.62)
Shuu Tsukiyama : What a wondrous aroma. (0:00:31.29)
Touka Kirishima : Hey, you're interfering with our work, and you're gross, (0:00:33.13)
Touka Kirishima : so get lost already. (0:00:36.53)
Shuu Tsukiyama : You really are tactless, aren't you? (0:00:37.90)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I'll be by some other time to enjoy some coffee. (0:00:41.04)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Some time when Mr. Yoshimura is around. (0:00:43.81)
Ken Kaneki : O-Okay... (0:00:45.91)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Ravissant . See you later, Kaneki. (0:00:47.71)
Shuu Tsukiyama : We'll meet again. (0:00:51.25)
Ken Kaneki : W-Who was that? (0:00:53.62)
Touka Kirishima : Watch out for that guy. (0:00:55.55)
Touka Kirishima : He's one of the 20th Ward's parasites. (0:00:57.55)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Mmm, merci. (0:01:04.93)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Kaneki, huh? (0:01:08.96)
Shuu Tsukiyama : How intriguing... (0:01:11.13)
Shuu Tsukiyama : that scent is. (0:01:13.64)
Touka Kirishima : What? (0:02:47.26)
Yoriko Kosaka : A jam bun, again? (0:02:48.53)
Touka Kirishima : It's all right. This is the best on-the-go food there is. (0:02:50.40)
Yoriko Kosaka : You can't! You're still a growing girl! (0:02:53.40)
Yoriko Kosaka : Eenie, meenie, miney, mo! (0:02:56.34)
Yoriko Kosaka : Fried chicken! (0:02:59.44)
Yoriko Kosaka : Here you go. (0:03:00.61)
Touka Kirishima : Huh? That's okay. (0:03:01.78)
Yoriko Kosaka : You can't survive on bread alone. Here, eat this. (0:03:03.68)
Touka Kirishima : Geez... (0:03:08.25)
Yoriko Kosaka : I changed the seasoning on it. What do you think? (0:03:11.19)
Yoriko Kosaka : Huh? What? (0:03:15.36)
Yoriko Kosaka : Ow! (0:03:17.43)
Touka Kirishima : Well, it's pretty good. (0:03:19.13)
Yoriko Kosaka : Ah, I think you're just saying that. (0:03:20.86)
Touka Kirishima : No, really. (0:03:22.80)
Touka Kirishima : Pass it! Pass it! Pass it! Pass it! Pass it! (0:03:38.25)
Touka Kirishima : Pass it... Pass it... (0:03:42.38)
Touka Kirishima : Compliments to the chef. I ate it, Yoriko. (0:03:50.79)
EXTRA : "Monochrome of Rainbows" (0:03:56.00)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Kaneki... (0:04:00.44)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Hey. (0:04:04.07)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, hi, uh... (0:04:04.91)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Tsukiyama Shu. May I? (0:04:07.28)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, be my guest. (0:04:10.35)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Merci beaucoup. (0:04:13.25)
Ken Kaneki : Um, Mr. Tsukiyama, what brings you to Kamii University? (0:04:15.08)
Shuu Tsukiyama : What if I said... I'm here to see you? (0:04:19.59)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? Uh, well, I don't know. (0:04:22.86)
Ken Kaneki : This man is a gourmet, one of the 20th Ward's pests. (0:04:27.50)
Shuu Tsukiyama : You appear to be quite the bibliophile. (0:04:31.53)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I heard so from one of Anteiku's regulars. (0:04:35.27)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, not really. I wouldn't go that far. (0:04:37.37)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Books are nice, aren't they? (0:04:42.48)
Shuu Tsukiyama : With just one sentence, you can get lost in all sorts of dreams. (0:04:44.38)
Shuu Tsukiyama : The way I think of it, literature allows the reader's consciousness (0:04:49.18)
Shuu Tsukiyama : to more deeply relish the author the closer he comes to him. (0:04:52.45)
Shuu Tsukiyama : And so, we freely walk around the world of the story (0:04:57.29)
Shuu Tsukiyama : from the yarn spinner's view. (0:05:01.00)
Shuu Tsukiyama : It's only when you immerse yourself in the world of a book (0:05:03.23)
Shuu Tsukiyama : that you are able to forget just who you are. (0:05:06.00)
Ken Kaneki : You like books, don't you? (0:05:09.30)
Shuu Tsukiyama : It has been many a story that has seen me through (0:05:16.91)
Shuu Tsukiyama : some bitter and painful times. (0:05:20.21)
Ken Kaneki : He's a lot... like me... (0:05:24.19)
Shuu Tsukiyama : What a surprise. (0:05:27.19)
Shuu Tsukiyama : You read Takatsuki, too? (0:05:29.19)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, yes. (0:05:31.36)
Ken Kaneki : Her style may be delicate, but it also has eloquence, (0:05:32.93)
Ken Kaneki : and I'm terribly drawn to the elusive way in which she writes. (0:05:36.10)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I like her style of writing, too. (0:05:39.70)
Shuu Tsukiyama : You don't say. Takatsuki, huh? (0:05:42.44)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Listen, Kaneki, (0:05:44.87)
Shuu Tsukiyama : there's this cafe that's run by an owner who loves books. (0:05:46.91)
Shuu Tsukiyama : If you like, how about going there with me sometime? (0:05:50.08)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Rumor has it that Takatsuki
Sen sometimes goes there, too.
Ken Kaneki : Huh? Ms. Takatsuki? (0:05:55.42)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, uh, on second thought... (0:05:57.22)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Miss Kirishima must have said something to you. (0:06:01.69)
Ken Kaneki : No, it's just... (0:06:04.19)
Shuu Tsukiyama : No, it's okay. I've always been easily misunderstood. (0:06:05.73)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I haven't had anyone to talk to since Miss Kamishiro died, either. (0:06:10.97)
Ken Kaneki : Kamishiro? Miss Kamishiro Rize? (0:06:15.57)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I sensed the same kind of vibe from you that she had. (0:06:19.47)
Shuu Tsukiyama : There aren't that many ghouls who are also into books. (0:06:22.78)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I just wanted a friend who I could chat with (0:06:26.11)
Shuu Tsukiyama : about the things I like, in a nice, quiet place. (0:06:28.92)
Ken Kaneki : L-Listen... (0:06:35.16)
Ken Kaneki : i-if you'll settle for me... (0:06:36.39)
Shuu Tsukiyama : All right, this Sunday at three o'clock. (0:06:42.43)
Ken Kaneki : He didn't seem like all that bad a person. (0:06:45.67)
Yoshimura : Kaneki, you can go home now. (0:06:49.40)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, okay. (0:06:51.67)
Ken Kaneki : Have a nice evening. (0:06:53.51)
Yoshimura : Oh, and Kaneki... (0:06:54.64)
Yoshimura : Yomo said he was waiting downstairs for you. (0:06:56.68)
Ken Kaneki : Mr. Yomo? Downstairs? (0:07:00.08)
Ken Kaneki : Um, where are we? (0:07:04.82)
Ken Kaneki : He's as tight-lipped as always. (0:07:08.32)
Renji Yomo : Doves have entered the 20th Ward. (0:07:12.59)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? You mean... (0:07:15.20)
Renji Yomo : If it comes to it, you will be responsible for protecting yourself. (0:07:17.83)
Renji Yomo : Let's go! (0:07:25.84)
Ken Kaneki : H-Hold on! (0:07:26.77)
Renji Yomo : You do a fair job of dodging, but you're hopeless at the rest of it. (0:07:36.45)
Ken Kaneki : R-Right. (0:07:40.86)
Renji Yomo : Stop by here on days you work. I'll train you. (0:07:43.32)
Ken Kaneki : All right. (0:07:47.40)
Renji Yomo : Would you come with me? (0:07:52.47)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? (0:07:54.74)
Renji Yomo : There's someone who wants to meet you. (0:07:56.64)
Itori : So you're Kaneki, are you? (0:08:00.01)
Itori : I'm so glad you came to see me. (0:08:02.21)
Itori : I've heard all about you from Ren and U, here. (0:08:04.71)
Itori : I'm Itori, and this is my bar. Pleasure to meet you. (0:08:08.42)
Ken Kaneki : Th-The pleasure is mine. (0:08:11.59)
Itori : Now, now, don't be so stiff! Relax, Kaneki! (0:08:13.59)
Ken Kaneki : U-Um... Have you all known each other long? (0:08:17.73)
Itori : Well, we're pretty much stuck together. (0:08:22.76)
Itori : Way back when, Ren and
Uta were on terrible terms.
Itori : Because of them, the 4th Ward was even crazier than it is now. (0:08:28.87)
Uta : We're on good terms now, though, right? (0:08:33.54)
Renji Yomo : I guess. (0:08:36.18)
Itori : Ren really was beyond anyone's control, once upon a time. (0:08:37.51)
Ken Kaneki : Th-That bad? (0:08:41.28)
Uta : Mm-hmm. Kind of like
Miss Touka when she gets mad.
Itori : Ah, very similar! (0:08:46.05)
Ken Kaneki : That is scary, huh? (0:08:48.02)
Renji Yomo : Enough talk about me. (0:08:50.59)
Renji Yomo : Itori, didn't you have something to say to him? (0:08:52.59)
Itori : Ah, yes I do! (0:08:55.43)
Itori : Here, this is for you. (0:08:59.70)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, no, I'm still underage. (0:09:00.97)
Itori : It's not wine, you know! (0:09:04.14)
Ken Kaneki : Wah! Whoa! (0:09:05.74)
Itori : Whoo-hoo! Amazing! I've never seen this! A one-eyed ghoul! (0:09:08.48)
Itori : Sorry, sorry. But right now, it's just us ghouls around. (0:09:14.95)
Itori : Here, a token of my apology. (0:09:19.22)
Itori : I wonder if the other one-eye is like him, too. (0:09:24.29)
Renji Yomo : Who knows? (0:09:27.43)
Ken Kaneki : U-Um, is there someone else besides me with only one, uh... (0:09:29.26)
Itori : Oh, did that grab your attention? (0:09:33.17)
Ken Kaneki : Yes. (0:09:35.07)
Itori : All right. Kaneki, you see, if a human and a ghoul fall in love, (0:09:36.27)
Itori : what do you think you get if you cross them? (0:09:41.41)
Ken Kaneki : A human and a ghoul, you say? (0:09:44.11)
Itori : They die. (0:09:49.98)
Itori : Death from infirmity. (0:09:54.32)
Itori : The chances of getting pregnant itself are pretty low, though. (0:09:56.12)
Itori : However, in extremely rare cases, one is born; (0:10:00.13)
Itori : a half-ghoul, half-human baby. (0:10:03.46)
Ken Kaneki : A half-human ghoul... (0:10:07.00)
Itori : A half-blooded ghoul is far superior to a full-blooded one. (0:10:10.54)
Itori : And this one only had a red eye... (0:10:15.38)
Itori : on the one side. (0:10:17.88)
Itori : But then, those stories are urban legend grade. (0:10:20.45)
Ken Kaneki : A one-eyed ghoul... (0:10:25.29)
Itori : U-Um... (0:10:27.82)
Itori : Oh? What is it? Ask me anything. (0:10:29.12)
Ken Kaneki : Do you know... Do you know anything about Miss Kamishiro Rize? (0:10:32.63)
Itori : Oh-ho... Why do you ask? (0:10:38.37)
Ken Kaneki : The whole reason my body got to be this way started when I met her. (0:10:40.57)
Itori : Mm-hmm... (0:10:45.57)
Ken Kaneki : And yet, I don't know a thing about her. (0:10:47.21)
Itori : I see. Rize, huh? (0:10:52.85)
Itori : She was a troublemaker, whose death is shrouded in mystery. (0:10:55.98)
Itori : Indeed, over the last few months, that has been the talk of the town. (0:10:59.02)
Ken Kaneki : A mysterious death?
But it was an accident...
Itori : Oh? Do you really think that was just a common accident, Kaneki Ken? (0:11:05.93)
Renji Yomo : Itori... (0:11:12.43)
Itori : That day, you see, (0:11:13.77)
Itori : rumor has it that a person was seen standing on top of the building, (0:11:15.04)
Itori : at the same time the accident took place. (0:11:18.17)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? S-So then, it wasn't a coincidence? (0:11:21.41)
Itori : Somebody killed Rize... or some such. (0:11:26.08)
Renji Yomo : Itori! (0:11:29.92)
Itori : I'm just saying! It's only a rumor. A rumor! (0:11:30.92)
Ken Kaneki : Who would... Who would have done that? (0:11:38.53)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Kaneki... (0:11:42.10)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Kaneki? (0:11:43.96)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, yes? (0:11:45.63)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Has something happened? (0:11:47.44)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, no. (0:11:49.07)
Ken Kaneki : Um, Mr. Tsukiyama... (0:11:50.81)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Hmm? What is it? (0:11:52.91)
Ken Kaneki : What did you used to talk about with Miss Rize? (0:11:54.44)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Oh, Miss Kaneshiro?
We talked about books...
Shuu Tsukiyama : and of course, we talked about dining. (0:12:03.32)
Rize Kamishiro : Tsukiyama, I'm pleased by your invitation, (0:12:06.29)
Rize Kamishiro : but I have absolutely no interest in your members-only gourmet club. (0:12:09.56)
Shuu Tsukiyama : W-Why not? Don't you wish to have a taste of something higher? (0:12:14.13)
Rize Kamishiro : Well, whatever you can arrange on one plate for me won't be enough. (0:12:19.30)
Rize Kamishiro : Sure, there's nothing that beats flavor when eating, (0:12:23.00)
Rize Kamishiro : but ghouls, pretending to be high society, devoted to their palates? (0:12:28.24)
Rize Kamishiro : It's comical how human that would be, isn't it, Tsukiyama? (0:12:32.45)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Why, that little...!
How dare an ignoble sow like her
Shuu Tsukiyama : make a mockery of my dining! (0:12:41.52)
Ken Kaneki : Um, M-Mr. Tsukiyama? (0:12:45.43)
Ken Kaneki : Ow! (0:12:48.36)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Oh, how could I let that happen? I'm sorry! (0:12:51.00)
Ken Kaneki : It's all right. I just cut myself a little. (0:12:54.10)
Shuu Tsukiyama : T-Tell you what, Kaneki,
I know it's not much of an apology,
Shuu Tsukiyama : but Miss Kamishiro's favorite hangout is near here. (0:13:03.51)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Would you like to go there? (0:13:06.71)
Ken Kaneki : Miss Rize's favorite place? Yes, I would. (0:13:08.48)
Shuu Tsukiyama : All right. With that settled, let's head there right now. (0:13:12.15)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Is your finger all right? (0:13:16.02)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, yes. The bleeding seems to have stopped. (0:13:17.73)
Ken Kaneki : I'll be sure to wash this later, and-- (0:13:20.66)
Shuu Tsukiyama : O-Oh, no, it's okay. Don't worry about it. (0:13:22.73)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I'll wash it myself. (0:13:25.37)
Shuu Tsukiyama : That was a close one. I can't believe I let myself spook him. (0:13:30.87)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Be cool... Keep it smooth, why don't you? (0:13:36.24)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Tsukiyama Shu, you just have to be patient a little longer. (0:13:40.55)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Such tender sweetness, and... (0:13:49.66)
Shuu Tsukiyama : mellow harmony... (0:13:52.36)
Shuu Tsukiyama : This newly discovered treat... (0:13:59.67)
Shuu Tsukiyama : is, as regards my happiness... (0:14:03.70)
Shuu Tsukiyama : even better than discovering a new star! (0:14:06.17)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Monsieur Savarin... (0:14:10.28)
Shuu Tsukiyama : you were absolutely right... (0:14:12.85)
Ken Kaneki : Why am I even taking a shower, anyway? (0:14:21.96)
EXTRA : Mr. Kaneki? (0:14:25.73)
Ken Kaneki : Oh, yes? (0:14:26.96)
EXTRA : I have left some clothes here for you. Please, be my guest. (0:14:28.53)
Ken Kaneki : Okay, thanks. (0:14:33.13)
Ken Kaneki : Miss Rize used to come here, too? (0:14:44.08)
EXTRA : I brought you a cup of coffee. (0:14:51.92)
EXTRA : Enjoy. (0:14:54.09)
Ken Kaneki : Uh, excuse me, where is Mr. Tsukiyama? (0:14:55.92)
Ken Kaneki : What is this?! (0:15:11.07)
EXTRA : Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for waiting. (0:15:25.32)
EXTRA : Presenting today's main dish! (0:15:28.29)
EXTRA : Today's entrée is an unusual cut of meat. (0:15:32.66)
EXTRA : A ghoul, of all things! (0:15:35.60)
EXTRA : Ghoul? (0:15:38.87)
EXTRA : I'm not quite up for cannibalism. (0:15:40.30)
EXTRA : It is being furnished by Mr. MM! (0:15:42.47)
EXTRA : Oh, Mr. MM! (0:15:47.81)
EXTRA : It's Mr. MM! (0:15:49.64)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, the flesh of a ghoul (0:15:53.45)
Shuu Tsukiyama : offers a coarse flavor not worthy of devouring. (0:15:57.72)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I am sure that those of you here of such discerning taste (0:16:00.79)
Shuu Tsukiyama : are well aware of this. (0:16:03.39)
Ken Kaneki : M-Mr. Tsukiyama! (0:16:05.36)
Ken Kaneki : W-Why...? (0:16:07.29)
Shuu Tsukiyama : The thing that caught my attention was his scent. (0:16:09.06)
Shuu Tsukiyama : For while he is a ghoul, the scent of human is also pervasive. (0:16:14.47)
EXTRA : Oh, he's right! (0:16:22.14)
EXTRA : How aromatic! (0:16:24.01)
EXTRA : Magnificent! (0:16:25.31)
EXTRA : Ah, I can't take it! (0:16:26.05)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Aren't you fascinated? (0:16:27.98)
Shuu Tsukiyama : What sort of flavor does a ghoul who smells like a human possess?! (0:16:30.22)
Ken Kaneki : I've been set up.
This whole thing was a trap.
Shuu Tsukiyama : An adventure into the unknown for the sense of smell and taste... (0:16:40.09)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Now! Let us enjoy the ultimate epicurean delight! (0:16:44.40)
EXTRA : Now, here is the scrapper who will be serving today's main dish! (0:16:51.94)
EXTRA : Tell me, Madam A... (0:17:00.75)
Maiko Abe : Oh, what is it, Mr. PG? (0:17:02.55)
EXTRA : Which scrapper have you brought with you today? (0:17:05.19)
Maiko Abe : Today, it's my all-time favorite, Taro. (0:17:10.92)
EXTRA : Pleazzure to meed you. (0:17:26.74)
EXTRA : Sawnter, sawnter, sawnter, sawnter... (0:17:29.71)
EXTRA : Gah! (0:17:39.45)
EXTRA : Squash him good! (0:17:40.32)
EXTRA : Hunh? W-Waid up! (0:17:47.96)
EXTRA : W-Waid up! (0:17:52.33)
Maiko Abe : Taro! Come on, run! (0:17:56.94)
EXTRA : Mamma! (0:17:59.44)
EXTRA : His owner, Madam A, also offers her encouragement! (0:18:00.94)
Ken Kaneki : Gotta get outta here!
Gotta get outta here!
Ken Kaneki : I-I've gotta do something! (0:18:07.08)
EXTRA : You can't geddaway! (0:18:15.79)
EXTRA : --Get him!
--This is bad! I can't get away!
Ken Kaneki : --Get him!
--This is bad! I can't get away!
EXTRA : See you, saw you! (0:18:28.04)
Ken Kaneki : It's no use. That had no effect at all. (0:18:40.05)
Shuu Tsukiyama : What's the matter, Kaneki?
Why don't you use your kagune?
Shuu Tsukiyama : We have to hurry things along, here. (0:18:47.52)
Ken Kaneki : I have to think of some way to slip out of here! (0:18:50.82)
EXTRA : Shood! (0:18:59.63)
EXTRA : --What?
--Did his legs get all twisted up?
Shuu Tsukiyama : Ladies and gentlemen, it appears the drug is starting to take effect. (0:19:06.91)
Ken Kaneki : Don't tell me the coffee was... (0:19:11.81)
EXTRA : A-A-Awright! I-I g-godcha! (0:19:14.68)
EXTRA : Get him! Wring his neck! (0:19:19.02)
EXTRA : Rip his guts out! (0:19:21.32)
EXTRA : This is... This is fun! (0:19:26.53)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Tschüss , Kaneki. (0:19:37.00)
EXTRA : Huh? What's that? (0:19:40.57)
EXTRA : Is he...? (0:19:42.41)
EXTRA : A-A one-eyed ghoul! (0:20:00.06)
EXTRA : One eye?! (0:20:01.76)
EXTRA : One eye? For real? (0:20:04.10)
Maiko Abe : Taro, snap out of it! Get up! (0:20:06.47)
EXTRA : It hurdz! It hurdz! It hurdz! (0:20:09.24)
Shuu Tsukiyama : One eye... How rare! (0:20:12.27)
EXTRA : Mr. MM? (0:20:17.28)
EXTRA : Are you all right? (0:20:18.55)
Shuu Tsukiyama : What a delicacy! (0:20:21.28)
Maiko Abe : Get up! Taro! (0:20:24.99)
EXTRA : Mamma! (0:20:28.09)
Ken Kaneki : It's hopeless... (0:20:32.79)
Maiko Abe : That's it! What a good walker!
What a good walker! What a good walker!
Maiko Abe : Mamma is so excited! (0:20:40.63)
EXTRA : That hurdz! (0:20:46.07)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm terribly sorry for all the commotion.
Shuu Tsukiyama : I had no way of knowing that he was a so-called one-eyed ghoul. (0:20:55.68)
Shuu Tsukiyama : However, I have no intention of ruining the dinner we all came for. (0:21:01.09)
Shuu Tsukiyama : How does this sound to everyone? (0:21:07.29)
EXTRA : It hurdz! (0:21:09.10)
Shuu Tsukiyama : How about we enjoy
Madam A's pet boy, the scrapper?
Maiko Abe : Taro! Taro! (0:21:23.11)
EXTRA : It hurdz... (0:21:24.68)
Maiko Abe : Taro... you... good-for-nothing! (0:21:26.38)
Maiko Abe : Embarrass me, will you?!
I hope you get fed on quickly, damn you!
EXTRA : Mamma... (0:21:33.72)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Did you enjoy that, Kaneki? (0:21:42.03)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I just meant for this to be a little joke. (0:21:45.97)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I may have been a bit hard on you. Can we forget about this? (0:21:49.70)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Such a rare treasure... (0:21:55.38)
Shuu Tsukiyama : I'm not going to let anyone else eat him. (0:21:57.91)
EXTRA : Yes! Yes, Tsukiyama! That's the face I want! Nice feeling! (0:23:31.91)
EXTRA : Even more! Release yourself even more! That's it! (0:23:37.18)
EXTRA : Fantastic! This is great,
Tsukiyama! I can't say enough!
Ken Kaneki : Um... What are you doing? (0:23:46.42)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Oh? Well, (0:23:49.09)
Shuu Tsukiyama : apparently, I'll be appearing on an upcoming cover of the comics. (0:23:51.09)
Shuu Tsukiyama : Kaneki, would you care to join me? (0:23:54.29)
EXTRA : Well? (0:23:56.60)
EXTRA : "Next time: 'Scars'" (0:23:57.53)
Ken Kaneki : Huh? Oh, no, I'll pass. (0:23:58.00)

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