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Ikuko Tsukino : Usagi! (0:01:55.51)
Ikuko Tsukino : You're gonna be late! (0:01:56.92)
Serena Tsukino : Come on, Mum! (0:02:07.89)
Serena Tsukino : Why didn't you wake me up earlier?! (0:02:09.76)
Serena Tsukino : Ouch! (0:02:17.15)
Ikuko Tsukino : Are you all right? (0:02:19.69)
Serena Tsukino : I'm not all right! (0:02:21.89)
Serena Tsukino : It hurts... (0:02:25.03)
Serena Tsukino : I'm off! (0:02:27.62)
Ikuko Tsukino : Have a safe trip. (0:02:29.44)
Ikuko Tsukino : Be careful. (0:02:30.70)
Serena Tsukino : Okay. (0:02:32.28)
Ikuko Tsukino : Really, Usagi... {not great but better than "my, this usagi." srsly sakura? srsly? -☿} (0:02:35.87)
Ikuko Tsukino : I wish you'd take after Sailor V. (0:02:39.17)
Serena Tsukino : I'm late, I'm late! (0:02:46.44)
Serena Tsukino : Why does morning have to come every day? (0:04:26.47)
Serena Tsukino : I'm so sleepy... (0:04:29.61)
Serena Tsukino : My name is Usagi Tsukino, (0:04:31.77)
Serena Tsukino : fourteen years old, eighth grader. (0:04:33.74)
Serena Tsukino : I think so myself, (0:04:35.89)
Serena Tsukino : but I'm a bit clumsy and a crybaby. {not great, maybe edit/QC could polish this line and the above a bit -☿} (0:04:37.55)
Serena Tsukino : Whoa! {orig. "wow!" really, CR? really? and sakura, y u no fix it?} (0:04:42.07)
Serena Tsukino : Ouch! (0:04:46.00)
Serena Tsukino : Huh? Did I just step on something? (0:04:48.95)
Serena Tsukino : No way! A cat?! (0:04:52.55)
Serena Tsukino : I'm so sorry! (0:04:55.03)
Serena Tsukino : A black cat, huh? (0:04:59.44)
Serena Tsukino : How cute! Please forgive me. (0:05:02.13)
Serena Tsukino : What's with you? There's no need to scratch me! {huh, sakura actually fixed CR. also: "Meowth used Scratch! It's super effective!"} (0:05:11.17)
Serena Tsukino : Huh? (0:05:14.46)
Serena Tsukino : Why do you have band-aids on? (0:05:15.82)
Serena Tsukino : Do you want me to take them off? (0:05:19.02)
Serena Tsukino : All right. (0:05:20.61)
Serena Tsukino : Oh, no! I don't have the time for this! {edit/QC: should there really be two commas there? the first one doesn't look right to me. -☿} (0:05:39.81)
Jedite : Come forth, youma, servant of our great master. (0:05:52.66)
Jedite : Go. (0:06:06.62)
Jedite : Get me the "Legendary Silver Crystal". (0:06:07.83)
Patricia Haruna : Tsukino Usagi-san! (0:06:16.81)
Patricia Haruna : You're late again? (0:06:18.97)
Patricia Haruna : Go stand in the hallway! (0:06:20.67)
Serena Tsukino : Yes... (0:06:21.97)
Serena Tsukino : Ahh... {alt. "unbelievable"/"oh man..."/*expression of exasperation* / orig. "i can't believe..."} (0:06:25.31)
Serena Tsukino : She made a frail little girl stand in the hallway. {literal. orig: "...she made an innocent girl like me stand outside."} (0:06:26.55)
Serena Tsukino : The princess in my dream was so beautiful. (0:06:40.03)
Serena Tsukino : It must be nice. (0:06:44.23)
Serena Tsukino : A princess wouldn't have to go to school. (0:06:45.85)
Serena Tsukino : I'm hungry... (0:06:51.93)
Serena Tsukino : Well, I skipped breakfast today, so... (0:06:57.36)
Serena Tsukino : Let's eat! {TL note: "itadakimasu" is nipponese for "rub a dub dub thanks for the grub"} (0:06:59.61)
Serena Tsukino : Ah! (0:07:01.62)
Patricia Haruna : Tsukino-san! What are you doing? (0:07:03.46)
Patricia Haruna : Ah, well, thing is, I, um... (0:07:06.86)
Patricia Haruna : That's why you get scores like this! (0:07:08.94)
Serena Tsukino : This is my homeroom teacher, Sakurada Haruna-sensei. (0:07:14.34)
Serena Tsukino : Nickname: Haruda. She teaches English. (0:07:17.33)
Serena Tsukino : I don't like English...{alt. "i'm bad with english" / "i no engrish berry werr."} (0:07:20.20)
Molly Baker : Really, Usagi! (0:07:25.70)
Molly Baker : I can't believe it. (0:07:27.04)
Molly Baker : Eating your lunch early even though you're a girl. (0:07:28.54)
Serena Tsukino : Well... (0:07:31.05)
Serena Tsukino : This is my best friend, Naru-chan. (0:07:33.36)
Melvin Overstreet : Usagi-san, how'd you do on the test? {they fucking say "test" in english, how can CR and sakura fuck that up? it's not like it means something different in japanese.} (0:07:35.31)
Melvin Overstreet : I held back this time, but... {orig: "I didn't prepare much this time, but..." CR's version changes the meaning of the line.} (0:07:38.08)
Serena Tsukino : This is Umino, the nerd. (0:07:41.28)
Serena Tsukino : He's annoying. (0:07:43.26)
Melvin Overstreet : Tests are like a game. (0:07:45.62)
Molly Baker : A game? (0:07:48.55)
Molly Baker : You really are annoying! (0:07:49.78)
Molly Baker : Umino was the one person I didn't want to lose to. {orig. "I can't believe only his score is higher than mine."} (0:07:53.59)
Serena Tsukino : Naru-chan is pretty and smart. And her family is rich. {feel free to fix the grammar, but even in the manga, usagi talks like a mentally challenged child.} (0:07:56.75)
Yumiko : Oh yeah, have you heard that another jewellery store in town got robbed? (0:08:02.11)
Yumiko : Been a lot of those lately. (0:08:05.82)
Molly Baker : That's scary... (0:08:07.75)
Melvin Overstreet : But Sailor V caught the robbers. (0:08:09.04)
Serena Tsukino : What's that? {orig: "who's she?" usagi hasn't heard of sailor v at this point and she's dumb as a brick. she wouldn't know a random english word is referring to a specific person let alone that it's a girl. so i went with the literal "what's that?"} (0:08:12.33)
Melvin Overstreet : You don't know? (0:08:13.41)
Melvin Overstreet : Sailor V is helping the public right now... (0:08:14.98)
Melvin Overstreet : ...as an ally of justice in a sailor uniform! (0:08:17.95)
Melvin Overstreet : There's even a rumour that she's a special investigator for the police department. (0:08:21.33)
Serena Tsukino : Oh, so there's someone like that around. (0:08:25.43)
Yumiko : Ah, but I can understand the feeling of wanting to rob a jewellery store. {somewhat literal. also, she says feeling in a way that implies jewels make her wet. she's probably the type of girl that would put out if you bought her a necklace.} (0:08:28.32)
Kuri : Jewels are so pretty! They're so sparkly! (0:08:34.42)
Serena Tsukino : Yup, yup! (0:08:37.77)
Serena Tsukino : Naru-chan, your family runs a big jewellery shop, right? {lit. "naru-chan, your house is a big jewelry store, isn't it?"} (0:08:39.31)
Molly Baker : Actually, there's a big sale that started yesterday. {orig. "Yes, actually we've just started discount sales,"} (0:08:43.03)
Molly Baker : There's even some that we can afford. {orig. "making some of our jewellery actually affordable."} (0:08:45.99)
Yumiko : You're kidding, right? I will drop by on the way home, then. (0:08:48.50)
Serena Tsukino : Me too, me too. (0:08:50.93)
Mrs. Baker : The one in the middle is a Pigeon's Blood Ruby. (0:08:59.88)
Mrs. Baker : It's worth one billion yen! (0:09:01.83)
Mrs. Baker : Though we can't exactly put these items on sale. (0:09:03.71)
Serena Tsukino : So many people... (0:09:11.10)
Mrs. Baker : Help yourselves, we've got plenty of cheap ones! {orig. "Please come in and feel free to look, they are really cheap!" why would she say that? they're already inside.} (0:09:13.55)
Molly Baker : Mum, I'm back! (0:09:17.09)
Mrs. Baker : Ah, welcome home, Naru-chan. (0:09:19.10)
Mrs. Baker : Your friends? (0:09:21.32)
Molly Baker : Yes. (0:09:22.63)
Mrs. Baker : It's crowded, but see if you can find something you like. (0:09:24.68)
Mrs. Baker : For Naru-chan's friends, I'll lower the price a bit more. (0:09:26.56)
Yumiko : Really? (0:09:29.69)
Molly Baker : We've never had a sale before... (0:09:33.22)
Molly Baker : I wonder what happened to my mum. (0:09:36.90)
Mrs. Baker : Don't push! (0:09:38.37)
Mrs. Baker : We've got plenty for everyone. (0:09:39.98)
Kuri : This is so cute! (0:09:44.06)
Kuri : Since I did well on my exam, I'll ask my dad to buy it. (0:09:45.56)
Mrs. Baker : I need more young energy... (0:09:50.49)
Mrs. Baker : I need to gather... more... (0:09:54.95)
Serena Tsukino : I want one... {lit. "must be nice" usagi is implying she'd like to lose her shit and collect shiny things like those other girls or perhaps like a crow, but she can't for some reason. perhaps spending all her money on junk food and stuffing her face.} (0:09:58.36)
Serena Tsukino : Only thirty percent. I don't think I can ask my mum for anything. (0:10:06.87)
Serena Tsukino : Let's go home! (0:10:12.25)
Serena Tsukino : Huh? (0:10:15.87)
Darien Shields : That hurt, Bumpy-head. (0:10:18.31)
Darien Shields : Are you trying to give me a bump on my head, too? (0:10:20.82)
Serena Tsukino : These aren't bumps, they're called buns! (0:10:23.78)
Darien Shields : Thirty percent. (0:10:26.67)
Darien Shields : You need to study harder, Dumpling-head. {dango can be dumplings, unless QC thinks we should just have "dango" in the TLs. but as a hairstyle, i think the proper term is "buns"}{TIL "odango" is an actual thing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bun_(hairstyle) lol SM had something to do with it) but I'd like to keep the weeb level low and stick with an English translation - ♃} (0:10:28.55)
Serena Tsukino : M-Mind your own business! (0:10:32.50)
Serena Tsukino : My heart is still pounding... (0:11:00.63)
Serena Tsukino : Who wears a tuxedo in the middle of the day? What a show-off! {alt. "smug bastard"/"pretentious asshole"}{don't use either alt. doesn't fit the tone and usagi isn't smart enough to know what "pretentious" means} (0:11:05.35)
Darien Shields : That's a huge jewellery store. (0:11:16.08)
Darien Shields : They might even have it. (0:11:18.74)
Darien Shields : The "Legendary Silver Crystal". (0:11:21.90)
Serena Tsukino : Oh, so this is the Sailor V everyone's talking about? (0:11:28.73)
Serena Tsukino : I wish I were Sailor V. (0:11:32.59)
Serena Tsukino : I wouldn't have to go to school, (0:11:35.49)
Serena Tsukino : and I bet it's nice to beat up the bad guys. {lit. "and being able to get rid of bad guys seems like it would be refreshing."}{but you know what's even more refreshing? the crisp lemon-lime taste of Sierra Mist. It's one shockingly refreshing lemon-lime.} (0:11:37.24)
Serena Tsukino : Eh, I can't beat him! (0:11:46.84)
Serena Tsukino : You stupid mook! {mook in the sense of being a meat shield, a red shirt, or cannon fodder. usagi sucks so hard, she's losing to a generic enemy.} (0:11:48.28)
Andrew Foreman : Oh, Usagi-chan. Are you on your way home from school? {orig. "Oh Usagi-chan, are you again on a detour on your way back home, wearing your uniform?" looks like sakura or CR ran it through google-sensei since the original was extra literal.} (0:11:49.84)
Andrew Foreman : There's a special trick for this one. (0:11:54.53)
Andrew Foreman : Here, take a look. (0:11:56.30)
Andrew Foreman : If you keep spacing out, you'll lose! (0:11:57.96)
Andrew Foreman : We did it! (0:12:02.89)
Serena Tsukino : We did it! (0:12:02.89)
Serena Tsukino : This is Motoki-oniisan, who works part-time at this arcade. (0:12:06.27)
Serena Tsukino : He's really cool and kind. (0:12:09.31)
Serena Tsukino : I've got my eye on him. (0:12:11.27)
Serena Tsukino : Oh hey, it's the black cat from this morning. (0:12:16.66)
Andrew Foreman : Ah, this cat... (0:12:19.07)
Andrew Foreman : She's been wandering around here the past few days. (0:12:21.11)
Serena Tsukino : Hahaha, look! She's got a crescent moon-shaped bald spot on her forehead. (0:12:23.68)
Serena Tsukino : I'm home. (0:12:37.04)
Ikuko Tsukino : Welcome back, Usagi. (0:12:38.84)
Ikuko Tsukino : I ran into Umino-kun not too long ago. (0:12:41.24)
Ikuko Tsukino : He scored ninety-five percent on his test. (0:12:44.57)
Ikuko Tsukino : What score did you get, Usagi? (0:12:47.75)
Serena Tsukino : That jerk Umino and his big mouth... (0:12:49.79)
Ikuko Tsukino : Thirty percent?! {it was around this time i noticed usagi's mom is voiced by the woman that did mihoshi in tenchi muyo.} (0:12:54.63)
Ikuko Tsukino : Usagi! (0:12:57.31)
Ikuko Tsukino : If you're going to get a score like this, you shouldn't bother coming home! (0:13:00.24)
Serena Tsukino : Eh, waiMum? (0:13:04.87)
Sammy Tsukino : What are you doing, Stupid Usagi? (0:13:07.57)
Serena Tsukino : Shingo? (0:13:10.02)
Sammy Tsukino : You got kicked out again? (0:13:10.88)
Sammy Tsukino : I wish I could have a more capable sister. (0:13:13.01)
Serena Tsukino : Shingo! Even though you're my younger brother! {literal. implying usagi is saying he isn't showing her proper respect as the elder sibling even though she's done nothing to earn it. at least cure black was good at sports. usagi is useless.} (0:13:16.98)
Serena Tsukino : Sailor V Kick! (0:13:21.51)
Serena Tsukino : Ouch! (0:13:28.12)
Serena Tsukino : Please let me back in, Mum! (0:13:30.34)
Ikuko Tsukino : Be patient, be patient... (0:13:34.16)
Mrs. Baker : Foolish humans. (0:13:51.29)
Mrs. Baker : They have no idea their energy is being drained away by the jewels. (0:13:53.57)
Mrs. Baker : But it seems like what I seek is not here either. (0:13:58.71)
Molly Baker : Mum? (0:14:03.57)
Serena Tsukino : Mum didn't have to get that angry. (0:14:20.68)
Serena Tsukino : Ugh, I don't feel like doing homework. (0:14:24.57)
Serena Tsukino : I'll take just a tiny little break. (0:14:27.15)
Serena Tsukino : What's going on? (0:14:45.08)
Serena Tsukino : A continuation of the dream from this morning? (0:14:47.01)
Serena Tsukino : Huh? (0:14:58.00)
Serena Tsukino : Ah, so this was a game! {dream? it looks like a game, and sounds like she said game -♀} (0:14:59.29)
Serena Tsukino : Oh yeah, I gotta help that cat. (0:15:02.26)
Serena Tsukino : That black cat with the crescent moon-shaped bald spot. (0:15:06.44)
Serena Tsukino : Ouch! (0:15:10.03)
Serena Tsukino : What do you think you're doing?! (0:15:12.72)
Luna : It's not a bald spot. How rude. (0:15:14.33)
Serena Tsukino : Eh? (0:15:17.88)
Serena Tsukino : The cat talked? (0:15:19.65)
Luna : My name is Luna. (0:15:21.18)
Luna : I have been looking for you, Usagi-chan. (0:15:22.71)
Luna : Removing the band-aids really helped me out. (0:15:26.32)
Luna : With those on, I couldn't speak and it dulled my sensing ability. (0:15:29.16)
Luna : It was troublesome. {QC - perhaps adjust timing on this line and the above and split/combine them somehow. a rewording wouldn't hurt either.} (0:15:32.49)
Luna : The children around here are such brats. (0:15:33.70)
Luna : I'm so happy I met you. (0:15:36.46)
Luna : I was wondering what to do if I couldn't find you. (0:15:38.20)
Serena Tsukino : Good night. (0:15:41.42)
Luna : Usagi-chan, this isn't a dream. (0:15:42.18)
Serena Tsukino : This is a dream, a dream... (0:15:44.57)
Luna : Fine. {lit. "i understand." alt. "okay then/all right/etc."} (0:15:48.58)
Luna : I'll give you something to wake you up. (0:15:49.74)
Luna : I've got a present for you, Usagi-chan. (0:15:52.20)
Serena Tsukino : Eh, a present? (0:15:54.37)
Serena Tsukino : Oh wow, how cute! (0:15:56.24)
Serena Tsukino : It's so beautiful. (0:15:59.02)
Serena Tsukino : Are you sure it's okay for me to have it? (0:16:00.71)
Luna : Usagi-chan, listen to me! (0:16:03.88)
Luna : Right now, in Tokyo, there have been a string of crimes that the police can't handle. (0:16:06.14)
Luna : Usagi-chan, you're a chosen warrior. (0:16:10.77)
Luna : You have a mission. (0:16:13.51)
Luna : Find your allies and defeat the enemy! (0:16:15.74)
Luna : And then search for our princess. (0:16:18.45)
Serena Tsukino : Luna! The broach is shining! (0:16:21.37)
Luna : You still can't believe what I'm saying? (0:16:25.52)
Luna : Shout out! Moon Prism Power, Make Up! (0:16:29.86)
Serena Tsukino : Moon? (0:16:34.84)
Serena Tsukino : Moon Prism Power, (0:16:37.89)
Serena Tsukino : Make Up! {it's not so bad, just some of the animations don't look natural. -♀} (0:16:40.66)
Sailor Moon : Eh, no way! (0:17:36.07)
Sailor Moon : What's this? (0:17:38.32)
Sailor Moon : I look like Sailor V! (0:17:39.97)
Luna : Do you understand now? (0:17:43.01)
Sailor Moon : What's this? (0:17:44.96)
Molly Baker : Someone please save me, my mum is...! (0:17:47.54)
Sailor Moon : This voice... (0:17:51.09)
Sailor Moon : ...Naru-chan? (0:17:52.50)
Luna : Looks like a youma has appeared. (0:17:54.74)
Sailor Moon : Luna, I don't really know what's going on, but Naru-chan is in danger! (0:17:56.39)
Sailor Moon : I have to go save her! (0:18:00.16)
Molly Baker : What's wrong, Mum? (0:18:05.30)
Molly Baker : Stop it! (0:18:06.87)
EXTRA : Your mum is currently in the basement, having some nice dreams. (0:18:08.59)
EXTRA : I cannot allow you to live since you found out about my secret. (0:18:14.26)
Molly Baker : No! (0:18:19.55)
Sailor Moon : Get away from Naru-chan! (0:18:22.09)
Sailor Moon : You monstrous old hag! (0:18:24.52)
EXTRA : Who the hell are you? (0:18:29.29)
Sailor Moon : Eh, me? (0:18:30.65)
Sailor Moon : I'm, umm... (0:18:32.65)
Sailor Moon : I am... (0:18:41.35)
Sailor Moon : ...the sailor warrior of love and justice, (0:18:44.65)
Sailor Moon : Sailor Moon! (0:18:49.67)
Sailor Moon : In the name of the moon, I'll punish you. (0:18:53.63)
EXTRA : Sailor Moon? (0:18:58.28)
EXTRA : Never even heard of you! (0:19:00.20)
EXTRA : Awaken, servants that offer their energies to our great ruler! (0:19:02.65)
Sailor Moon : Eh, what is going on? (0:19:19.75)
EXTRA : Finish her! (0:19:21.61)
Sailor Moon : What's going on? (0:19:30.82)
Sailor Moon : It isn't a dream? (0:19:31.85)
Sailor Moon : It hurts! I'm bleeding! (0:19:33.80)
Sailor Moon : No! (0:19:37.25)
Luna : What are you doing, Sailor Moon? (0:19:37.78)
Luna : Fight back! (0:19:40.18)
Luna : You have to defeat her! (0:19:41.50)
Sailor Moon : Eh, why? (0:19:42.92)
Sailor Moon : How? (0:19:45.05)
Sailor Moon : Why do I have to go through this? (0:19:54.99)
Sailor Moon : I can't take it any more! (0:20:03.11)
Sailor Moon : I wanna go home! (0:20:05.95)
EXTRA : I'm feeling numb... Are these ultrasonic waves? (0:20:11.35)
Tuxedo Mask : Don't cry! Do it now! (0:20:15.53)
Tuxedo Mask : Sailor Moon! (0:20:17.61)
Luna : Now's the time, Sailor Moon! (0:20:24.37)
Luna : Take your tiara and shout, Moon Tiara Boomerang! (0:20:26.91)
Sailor Moon : Moon Tiara... (0:20:39.24)
Sailor Moon : ...Boomerang! (0:20:42.10)
Luna : You did it, Sailor Moon! (0:20:54.49)
Tuxedo Mask : I couldn't find the "Legendary Silver Crystal", (0:20:58.90)
Tuxedo Mask : but I saw something interesting. (0:21:01.83)
Sailor Moon : Wait, Sailor Moon. (0:21:07.24)
Tuxedo Mask : My name is Tuxedo Mask. {note he is the perfect prince and so hot this season lol ≺3} (0:21:19.61)
Tuxedo Mask : Sailor Moon, I will remember your name. (0:21:22.91)
Jedite : Sailor Moon, huh? (0:21:35.90)
Jedite : Not bad at all. (0:21:37.92)
Jedite : I must obtain the "Legendary Silver Crystal" as soon as possible. (0:21:40.17)
Molly Baker : And then, and then, (0:21:53.84)
Molly Baker : the robber attacked me and I passed out. (0:21:55.43)
Molly Baker : Before I passed out, that sailor warrior came to save me! (0:21:59.28)
Molly Baker : If I didn't pass out, I could have seen who she was. (0:22:04.25)
Yumiko : Did that really happen? (0:22:07.52)
Kuri : Are you sure you weren't just dreaming? (0:22:09.05)
Molly Baker : It really happened! (0:22:10.50)
Luna : What's wrong, Usagi-chan? (0:22:12.11)
Serena Tsukino : Seems like it wasn't a dream after all. (0:22:17.21)
Serena Tsukino : What's going to happen to me from now on? (0:22:21.37)

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