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and interacts with the faculty.

- Riko Kurahashi

The Seven Deadly Sins - Episode 16

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King : Hey, Ban, you had another set of those clothes? Line ID
Ban : Yeah, found 'em on the road to the village. Line ID
Gowther : Stolen, right? Line ID
Hawk : Food, food, food! Line ID
Diane : Mind your table manners, Hawk. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Diane, you shouldn't sit cross-legged at the table either! Line ID
Diane : Okay. Line ID
Meliodas : You're leaving already? Line ID
Meliodas : Drink with us before you go. Line ID
Cain Barzad : No, I'm more than happy having met you again. Line ID
Meliodas : I see. Line ID
Cain Barzad : Hey, Meliodas... Line ID
Cain Barzad : You're not projecting Liz onto the princess, are you— Line ID
Cain Barzad : No, forget I said that. Line ID
Cain Barzad : I hope we meet again. Line ID
Meliodas : Take care of yourself, Barzad! Line ID
EXTRA : This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds. Line ID
EXTRA : It is a story of ancient times. Line ID
EXTRA : Liones wasn't the only nation with the power of the Holy Knights. Line ID
EXTRA : They are used throughout all Britannia. Line ID
EXTRA : Magic is power. Line ID
EXTRA : And that very power Line ID
EXTRA : is what shapes the fate of each nation. Line ID
EXTRA : Amongst the numerous Holy Knights, there is one group whose fame stretched all across Britannia. Line ID
EXTRA : And that group's name was— Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Pleasure to meet you, Lord Gowther. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I am Elizabeth, the third Princess of Liones. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Please lend me your strength so that we can save the kingdom. Line ID
Gowther : No. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : No?! Line ID
Diane : No?! Line ID
Ban : No?! Line ID
King : No?! Line ID
Gowther : That's the wrong greeting. Line ID
Gowther : We already met at the village of Ordan. Line ID
Gowther : Furthermore, you already met all of us when you were young. Line ID
Ban : Come to think of it, I remember there being a tiny kid next to the king all the time. Line ID
Diane : I don't really recall... Line ID
King : Come on, it's rude to address her so casually. Line ID
Gowther : "Princess," then. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : So... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I met Lord Meliodas in the past as well? Line ID
Meliodas : Guess so. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas. Line ID
Meliodas : So, Gowther. Line ID
Meliodas : What's your answer? Line ID
Gowther : I acquiesce. Line ID
Gowther : The king appointed me a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Gowther : Therefore, I have no reason to refuse a
request from his daughter, the princess.
Line ID
Meliodas : Perfect! Line ID
Meliodas : Now that five of us are reunited, let's have a drink to celebrate! Line ID
Ban : Yeah! Line ID
King : You guys drink every day anyway, though... Line ID
Diane : Cheers! Line ID
King : Ch-Cheers! Line ID
Diane : Delicious! Line ID
King : Can I get you something to eat? Line ID
Diane : No, no, it's fine. I can get it myself. Line ID
Ban : I ain't losin', Cap'n! Line ID
Meliodas : Hope you can back that up. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Here you go. Is there anything you're not fond of eating? Line ID
Gowther : I have no preferences when it comes to food. Line ID
Gowther : I detect a strange sound. Line ID
Hawk : Yo, Gowther! Line ID
Hawk : I'm Hawk, the Captain of the Knight of Leftovers Disposal. Line ID
Hawk : If you don't understand something, just give me a shout! Line ID
Gowther : Why does a pig speak the human language? Line ID
Hawk : Beats me. Line ID
Gowther : Why are you eating leftovers? Line ID
Hawk : 'Cause they're tasty. Line ID
Gowther : That's all. Line ID
Hawk : That's all?! There's nothing else you wanna ask? Line ID
Meliodas : "I'm moved." Line ID
Meliodas : "I never would have thought that we'd
be able to see each other again like this."
Line ID
Meliodas : That's what you're thinking, right? Line ID
Gowther : Each one here is the only one of their kind. Line ID
Meliodas : That's it, huh? Line ID
Gowther : That is it. Line ID
Meliodas : Now that you mention it, you're right! Line ID
Meliodas : Hey, Gowther... Line ID
Meliodas : Ten years ago, when the Seven Deadly Sins
were framed for attempting a coup d'état,
Line ID
Meliodas : do you remember— Line ID
Gowther : I understand what you want to ask. Line ID
Gowther : The image and sound are unclear, Line ID
Gowther : but the person who attacked and rendered you unconscious when you attempted to escape was... Line ID
Meliodas : You know who? Line ID
Gowther : Yes. Line ID
Gowther : It was... Line ID
Gowther : The Boar's Sin, Line ID
Gowther : the Sin of Gluttony, Merlin. Line ID
Meliodas : Merlin! But why? Line ID
Gowther : I do not know her motive. Line ID
Gowther : Although I have heard some rumors of her since then, Line ID
Gowther : they were inconclusive. Line ID
Gowther : They did not lead to any truths. Line ID
Ban : Hey, everyone! Get a load of this! Line ID
Ban : Can you believe it? Gowther figured out who King was based on his body odor! Line ID
Gowther : In addition to his bone structure and voice. Line ID
Diane : Body odor? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : By the smell of his body? Line ID
Ban : With that said, King... Let us have a whiff! Line ID
Ban : Ah, what a sweet aroma. Line ID
Hawk : It reeks of flowers! Line ID
King : S-Stop— Line ID
Diane : The smell has a nostalgic feel to it. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Just what you'd expect from the Fairy King! Line ID
King : Diane's face is so close to me... Line ID
King : Guys, stop! If you keep coming that close, I'll— Line ID
Ban : It's gotten all musky all of a sudden. Line ID
Hawk : Reeks of sweat. Line ID
King (human form) : Th-That's because you're expecting
that smell based on what I look like.
Line ID
Diane : This smell also has a nostalgic feel to it. Line ID
Ban : Don't mind us. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : L-Lord King, stay strong! Line ID
King : Why is it only me? That's not fair! Line ID
Gowther : Did I do something wrong? Line ID
King : Yeah, you did! Line ID
King : Do something about this unbearable atmosphere! Line ID
Gowther : Understood. Line ID
Gowther : Diane, you conceal your true height by lying that you're 29 feet tall when you're in fact 30. Line ID
Gowther : Furthermore, your weight is not even close to what you clai— Line ID
Diane : You're so mean! You're so mean! Stupid Gowther! Line ID
Diane : You can't just reveal a lady's secrets like that! Line ID
Meliodas : I don't see the difference between 29 or 30 feet. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It matters to girls! Line ID
Gowther : As for Ban, twelve years ago, during the mission at the Edinburg castle against the vampires... Line ID
Ban : Oh, that time I got so wasted I couldn't come along for the mission? Line ID
Ban : My bad on that. Line ID
Gowther : Actually, you used Physical Hunt on King and Diane to rob them of their strength, Line ID
Gowther : and rolled on the ground laughing as they struggled in the battle. Line ID
Diane : No wonder I didn't have any strength back then... Line ID
King : So that's why. Line ID
Ban : Come on, that was twelve years ago! Line ID
Ban : Don't be— Line ID
Ban : Now it ain't fair on me! Line ID
Gowther : Understood. Line ID
King : W-Wait a second, Gowther. Let's stop it here! Line ID
King : Why do you keep causing trouble? Line ID
Meliodas : We've all got stuff to hide that we feel guilty about, right? Line ID
King : N-Not that I have anything to feel guilty about! Line ID
Gowther : There was no need to back you up in that fight. Line ID
Gowther : The reason is that your true strength would have been more than enough to defeat your opponent. Line ID
Gowther : Because you're drunk, your thoughts are in disarray. Line ID
Gowther : Elaine? Line ID
King : Stop it, Gowther! Line ID
Gowther : Who is... Helbram? Line ID
Gowther : It appears that this man is the reason
you are unable to use your full power.
Line ID
Gowther : Or more precisely, you refuse to— Line ID
Meliodas : Come on, you don't have to get so upset. Line ID
King : Yes, I do! Line ID
Meliodas : You too, Gowther. Line ID
Meliodas : You shouldn't keep reading people's memories like that. Line ID
Hawk : If you're going to read something, read the atmosphere! Line ID
Gowther : Read... the atmosphere? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas, the meat is ready! Line ID
Meliodas : Oh, thanks! Line ID
Gowther : Is the princess fond of Captain? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Eh?! Line ID
Gowther : If you compare this interaction with how she talks to the other members, Line ID
Gowther : her voice is higher and her heartbeat is quicker. Line ID
Gowther : I've heard of this in the past. Line ID
Gowther : These are the common symptoms of a human being in love. Line ID
King : I-I-Idiot! Line ID
Ban : We're really in for it now. Line ID
King : Please calm down, Diane. Line ID
Ban : Don't destroy any villages. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm going back inside. Line ID
Meliodas : Elizabeth. Line ID
Meliodas : Thanks... for this. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas... Line ID
Meliodas : It wasn't because she wanted me to keep fighting. Line ID
Meliodas : But to keep on living, huh? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Um... Line ID
Meliodas : Hm? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : What kind of person was Liz? Line ID
Meliodas : Let's see... Line ID
Meliodas : She was the complete opposite of you. Line ID
Meliodas : A wild spirit, always fighting. Line ID
Meliodas : But... she was also just like you. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Like me? Line ID
Meliodas : Yeah. Both of you are strong. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Strong? Me? Line ID
Meliodas : Also, you're really similar in this department. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Um... Line ID
Gowther : Is that a greeting of sorts? Line ID
Hawk : Hell no! Line ID
Hauser : Great Holy Knight Dreyfus! Line ID
Hauser : Are you all right? Line ID
Hauser : You were inside your chambers for such a long time. Line ID
Dreyfus : I apologize for worrying you. Line ID
Dreyfus : I'm a disappointment as a Great Holy Knight,
to be in such a state after losing a family member.
Line ID
Hauser : He's completely worn out. Line ID
Hauser : I can't blame him. He just found out that his son Griamor died. Line ID
Dreyfus : Have there been any new developments in my absence? Line ID
Hauser : Well, we've had even more of the New Generation of Holy Knights appearing. Line ID
Dreyfus : I see. Line ID
Hauser : Is this an omen of some kind? Line ID
Hauser : They all have eyes that look like
they've been possessed by something.
Line ID
Hauser : On top of that, they're all... Line ID
Dreyfus : Within Hendrickson's faction, correct? Line ID
Hauser : Yes, that's correct. Line ID
Dreyfus : Unfortunately, it appears that my prediction was correct. Line ID
Dreyfus : It seems I will need to speak about this in great length... Line ID
Dreyfus : with Hendrickson. Line ID
Guila : This isn't like you. Line ID
Guila : What's wrong? Line ID
Jericho : The other day, Lord Helbram ordered Dawn Roar to dispose of the Armor Giant, correct? Line ID
Jericho : To be honest, I was annoyed that we weren't chosen, so I tailed them. Line ID
Jericho : And there, Line ID
Jericho : I witnessed an intense battle between a monster that Line ID
Jericho : resembled the Armor Giant and the Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Guila : The Seven Deadly Sins? Line ID
Guila : Then, the one who handled the monster is— Line ID
Jericho : That's not the issue here! Line ID
Jericho : I felt two distinct sources of magic from that monster. Line ID
Jericho : One felt similar to the demon held underground. Line ID
Jericho : And the other... was that of a Holy Knight. Line ID
Guila : A Holy Knight? Line ID
Jericho : Yeah. Unbelievable, right? Line ID
Jericho : It was a monster that had both demonic and Holy Knight powers! Line ID
Jericho : It's just like... Line ID
Guila : Us. The New Generation. Line ID
Jericho : To confirm this, I dug up the grave
where the Seven Deadly Sins buried it.
Line ID
Jericho : And what I found on that monster— Line ID
Jericho : no, on the man who once might have been a Holy Knight—was this. Line ID
Guila : This is... Line ID
Hendrickson : Has the so-called Armor Giant been eliminated? Line ID
Aldrich : Yes, thanks to you. Line ID
Aldrich : Though it did take us some time to hunt down that failed experiment of yours. Line ID
Hendrickson : The Old Generation based on Holy Knights, Line ID
Hendrickson : while powerful, were incredibly hard to control. Line ID
Hendrickson : However, the New Generation are based on Holy Knight Apprentices. Line ID
Hendrickson : Although they're weaker than the Old Generation, Line ID
Hendrickson : they still have ample magic powers and are much easier to control. Line ID
Aldrich : So, the father's failure was redeemed by the success of his daughter, huh? Line ID
Aldrich : Quite the beautiful story, no? Line ID
Aldrich : Come forth. To these welcoming arms. Line ID
Aldrich : Heed these words. Line ID
Hendrickson : Well then, our preparations are almost complete. Line ID
Aldrich : I swear to grant you freedom. The spell cast on you, I shall dispel! Line ID
Hendrickson : All that remains is to wait for the chaos to ensue. Line ID
Hendrickson : King Liones brought peace to
Britannia with his great power.
Line ID
Hendrickson : Peace robs people of their survival instincts, Line ID
Hendrickson : and robs knights of their pride and spirit! Line ID
Hendrickson : All peace does is make armor rust and swords dull. Line ID
Hendrickson : But I will return Britannia to its former glory. Line ID
Hendrickson : Once more, the Demon Clan shall be released. Line ID
Hendrickson : And we, the New Generation, will be there to fight them! Line ID
Aldrich : The gate is opening! Line ID
Hendrickson : Come forth, demons! Line ID
Hendrickson : Show us your horrible, despicable faces! Line ID
Aldrich : It seems that we do not yet have all the pieces required. Line ID
Hendrickson : Then we will just have to obtain what is needed. Line ID
Aldrich : What should we do? Line ID
Hendrickson : We have no choice but to call for her . Line ID
Diane : Hey, Hawk Mama. Line ID
Diane : What exactly do you eat every day? Line ID
Diane : Earthworms and moles? Line ID
Diane : I don't understand you at all. Line ID
Ban : What are you doing? Line ID
Gowther : A greeting that Captain showed me yesterday. Line ID
Hawk : I told you it's not a greeting! Line ID
Ban : So, where are we headin' now? Line ID
King : Did you get a lead on one of our members or something? Line ID
Gowther : Escanor or Merlin... Line ID
Meliodas : Nope. Line ID
Meliodas : First, we're going to infiltrate
Liones and get my sword back.
Line ID
Ban : Sword? You mean that sword with a
dragon handle that was stolen from you?
Line ID
Meliodas : We can't let them hold onto that for too long. Line ID
Meliodas : You'll come with me, right? Line ID
Ban : Sounds like a chore, so I'll pass. Line ID
King : It was Captain's fault that it was stolen in the first place... Line ID
Gowther : Take responsibility. Line ID
Meliodas : Please comfort me. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Oh. There, there... Line ID
Diane : Captain! Line ID
Meliodas : Yeah, the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. Line ID
Meliodas : That dragon handle is a relic for the ritual. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : That sword is? Line ID
Meliodas : Yeah, so the legend goes. Line ID
Meliodas : In the ancient past, the Goddess Clan, Giant Clan, and Fairy Clan united with humans Line ID
Meliodas : and used that relief to seal the Demon Clan. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : What are the Holy Knights going to do after collecting all those parts? Line ID
Meliodas : Most likely... resurrect the Demon Clan. Line ID
Ban : The Demon Clan again? Line ID
King : By the way, Hendrickson was the one who turned Dale into that monster, right? Line ID
Gowther : Yes. No doubt about it. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Hendrickson and Dreyfus, who hold all the
power of Liones... Planning such an experiment...
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But why would they do something so horrible as resurrecting the Demon Clan? Line ID
Hawk : They trying to make new friends or something? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : No way! Line ID
Hawk : Then what's their goal? Line ID
Hendrickson : It's the advent of the Holy War. Line ID
Dreyfus : What are you saying, Hendrickson? Line ID
Hendrickson : Dreyfus, your interpretation of the prophecy of the Holy War Line ID
Hendrickson : was that we Holy Knights are the Guiding Hand of Light, Line ID
Hendrickson : and the Bloodline of Darkness are the Sins, correct? Line ID
Hendrickson : My interpretation is a little different. Line ID
Hendrickson : They are not enough... Line ID
Dreyfus : You don't mean to say that the Bloodline of Darkness is the Demon Clan, do you? Line ID
Hendrickson : In the Ancient War, Line ID
Hendrickson : the Demon Clan fought on equal or greater terms with the four races. Line ID
Dreyfus : You bastard... Line ID
Dreyfus : I sensed that you were plotting something in the shadows, but do you really think—? Line ID
Hendrickson : The preparations are nearly complete. Line ID
Hendrickson : All that remains is to gather the last fragment and break the final seal. Line ID
Dreyfus : Are you serious? Do you really think we can win against the Demon Clan?! Line ID
Hendrickson : Yes, of course we can win. Line ID
Hendrickson : For that very purpose, I researched the Demon Clan for many years and made many discoveries. Line ID
Hendrickson : The New Generation is one of them. Line ID
Dreyfus : Ridiculous! Line ID
Dreyfus : Open your eyes! Line ID
Dreyfus : Do you really think that we Holy Knights, Line ID
Dreyfus : keepers of justice, will be allowed to break the seal of a cursed clan?! Line ID
Hendrickson : Justice? Line ID
Hendrickson : You of all people bring up justice now? Line ID
Hendrickson : Ten years ago, you asked me to join you in your plot to kill your own brother, Zaratras. Line ID
Hendrickson : All in order to satisfy your lust for the position of the next Great Holy Knight. Line ID
Hendrickson : Dreyfus, I need you. Line ID
Hendrickson : I want you to lend me your strength. Line ID
Hendrickson : But if you should ever dare to oppose me, Line ID
Hendrickson : you will suffer the same fate of your own son Griamor. Line ID
Dreyfus : It is you who will be dead! Line ID
Diane : Hey, hey. Line ID
Diane : Since Captain's sword was stolen, does that mean the Demon Clan is already resurrected? Line ID
Meliodas : Nope. Line ID
Meliodas : It's an incredibly strong seal. Line ID
Meliodas : If it was broken, there'd be some kind of sign that it happened. Line ID
Hawk : It... It's happening! Line ID
Ban : Just shitting?! Line ID
Hawk : Th-The seal... is about to break! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Hawk, are you okay? Line ID
Hawk : Come to think of it... Line ID
Hawk : Why are they always... Line ID
Hawk : after Elizabeth and the sword? Line ID
Viviann : That's because... Line ID
Viviann : she is the final key to breaking the seal. Line ID
Meliodas : Elizabeth, get away from her! Line ID
Ban : The hell?! Line ID
Gowther : Most likely a magus. Line ID
Gowther : The user appeared and disappeared at precise locations. Line ID
Gowther : A high-level teleportation technique. Line ID
Diane : Captain! Line ID
Meliodas : To the kingdom! I'm going to rescue Elizabeth right now! Line ID
King : But we're at least 40 miles away! Line ID
Meliodas : Diane! Line ID
Diane : Got it! Line ID
Ban : Hold on. Line ID
Ban : I changed my mind. I'm comin' with ya! Line ID
King : Ban, this isn't the time to be playing around. Line ID
Ban : Now I have my own reasons to go, too. Line ID
Gowther : I'm going as well. Line ID
King : What in the world are you doing, Gowther? Line ID
Gowther : I want to observe more arguments
between Ban and Captain for my studies.
Line ID
Diane : Ready? You'll just have to deal with it if I'm a little off, okay? Line ID
Meliodas : Not a problem as long as you get the direction right. Line ID
Diane : You have to rescue Elizabeth, got it? Line ID
Meliodas : Yeah. Line ID
King : Is this for real? Line ID
Ban : I'm gonna die! Line ID
Meliodas : You say something? Line ID
Gowther : I'm unable to hear your words. Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Great Holy Knights! Line ID
EXTRA : I-It's an emergency! Line ID
EXTRA : We've detected a great power approaching rapidly from the northwest of the kingdom. Line ID
Dreyfus : Whose is it? Line ID
EXTRA : It's unknown. Line ID
EXTRA : However, power on this scale could only be... Line ID
Dreyfus : The Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Hendrickson : If that's the case, it means we have acquired the final piece. Line ID
Hendrickson : Dreyfus, let's continue this later. Line ID
Dreyfus : Do not forget... Line ID
Dreyfus : I will never forgive you. Line ID
Hendrickson : No need to worry. I have an excellent memory. Line ID
EXTRA : Calling all knights and Holy Knights within the castle! Line ID
EXTRA : The Seven Deadly Sins are approaching! Line ID
EXTRA : Fortify the northern gate and the western wall! Line ID
EXTRA : Deploy Holy Knights outside the gates as well! Line ID
EXTRA : Steel yourselves! Line ID
EXTRA : There! Line ID
EXTRA : It's coming! Line ID
EXTRA : Target confirmed! Line ID
EXTRA : Prepare the assault! Line ID
Meliodas : Our primary goal is the rescue of Elizabeth. Line ID
Meliodas : Keep the fighting to a minimum! Line ID
Gowther : Understood. Line ID
Ban : But when we do have to fight,
you're going all out, huh, Cap'n?
Line ID
Meliodas : I'm ready to kill! Line ID
EXTRA : Aura Burst! Line ID
EXTRA : Inferno Incantation! Line ID
EXTRA : Plant Whip! Line ID
EXTRA : Bullet Squall! Line ID
EXTRA : Wind Shooter! Line ID
EXTRA : Death Breath! Line ID
EXTRA : Flick Stone! Line ID
Meliodas : Full Counter! Line ID
EXTRA : They're breaching the defense line! Line ID
EXTRA : So you guys are the Seven Deadly Sins? Line ID
EXTRA : Worthy opponents— Line ID
EXTRA : Stop the Seven Deadly Sins! Line ID
EXTRA : Stop them— Line ID
Meliodas : Wait for me, Elizabeth! Line ID
EXTRA : They're not even slowing down! We can't stop them! Line ID
Ban : Cap'n, why are you stopping all of a su— Line ID
Ban : What... is this strange power I feel? Line ID
Gowther : The source is located on the other side of the castle. Line ID
Dreyfus : This magic power... Line ID
Dreyfus : The south gate. Line ID
Hendrickson : Could it be that the Sins split up and are flanking us? Line ID
Dreyfus : No, there are far more than just one or two hundred powers. Line ID
Dreyfus : Amongst them, there are two powers incomparably greater than the rest. Line ID
Dreyfus : Who... Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Great Holy Knights! Line ID
EXTRA : It's an emergency! Line ID
Dreyfus : What's wrong? Line ID
EXTRA : A massive army is approaching the southern gate! Line ID
Dreyfus : An army?! Line ID
Hendrickson : Who's the commander? Line ID
EXTRA : It's... Line ID
EXTRA : the new King of Camelot. Line ID
EXTRA : Arthur! Line ID
Meliodas : Yo, it's me, Meliodas! Line ID
Meliodas : Well now, it's almost the last day of winter! Line ID
Meliodas : Maybe I'll decorate the bar with this sardine head! Line ID
Meliodas : Next time, on The Seven Deadly Sins: "First Casualty." Line ID
Meliodas : The shorter previews are proof of the change of season! Line ID
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and interacts with the faculty.

Riko Kurahashi
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