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- Rizu Ogata

The Seven Deadly Sins - Episode 18

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EXTRA : Under the Great Holy Knight Hendricksen's
command, Elizabeth has been captured.
Line ID
EXTRA : In order to save her, Meliodas and
the others have infiltrated Lioness.
Line ID
EXTRA : What is the King of Camelot,
Arthur Pendragon's objective?
Line ID
EXTRA : And now, in Diane's time of need,
two Holy Knights stand up for her.
Line ID
Dreyfus : Holy Knights of the kingdom
intend to protect the criminal...
Line ID
Dreyfus : ...and point their swords at me? Line ID
Hauser : She ignored her own safety to save
someone you're sacrificing for your
Line ID
Hauser : own greater good without any hesitation! Line ID
Hauser : How can you just let others die? Line ID
Dreyfus : Hmm... Line ID
Jericho : Hey Guila, stop screwing
around and come back here!
Line ID
Aldrich : Guila, I thought you wanted to know the
truth behind your father's disappearance?
Line ID
Guila : Yes, but I think I already know the answer. Line ID
Guila : If she had not protected him, my brother... Line ID
Guila : ...would have died by your hands! Line ID
Aldrich : Ah, I see... Line ID
Aldrich : Like father like daughter, eh. Line ID
Dreyfus : Our duty as the Holy Knights is to convict evil and guide the people. Line ID
Dreyfus : Nothing more... Line ID
Dreyfus : Return here at once! Line ID
Dreyfus : And I'll act like this never happened. Line ID
Dreyfus : Now... Line ID
Dreyfus : You fools! Line ID
EXTRA : This is a tale of humans and
beings from other worlds.
Line ID
EXTRA : It is a story of ancient times. Line ID
EXTRA : The usage of Holy Knights is no longer
limited to only the Lioness Kingdom,
Line ID
EXTRA : and has spread throughout Britannia. Line ID
EXTRA : Magic is power, and that very power
will decide the fate of the entire kingdom.
Line ID
EXTRA : Amongst the many knights, there's one
group that is infamous all over Britannia.
Line ID
EXTRA : Those people are known as... Line ID
Guila : Sir Platinum Holy Knight.... Line ID
Guila : ...what are your thoughts on our
chances of winning in this dire situation?
Line ID
Guila : With our abilities, we can't guarantee the safety of those two behind us. Line ID
Diane : Don't come out... Line ID
Hauser : And not only that... Line ID
Hauser : Our opponents are a Great Holy Knight, a
Cardinal and a Diamond ranked Holy Knight...
Line ID
Hauser : Our chances of winning Line ID
Hauser : Like hell I'd say that! Line ID
Hauser : Like hell I'd say that! Line ID
Hauser : Rising Tornado! Line ID
Hauser : This is a highly condensed
tornado squeezed to its limit!
Line ID
Hauser : Guila! Line ID
Hauser : Pour all of your power into my tornado! Line ID
Jericho : Don't do it...Guila! Line ID
Jericho : We're...comrades...! Line ID
Guila : Forgive me, Jericho. Line ID
Guila : There's no other way except to do this! Line ID
Guila : Shot Bomb! Line ID
Hauser : Combined Technique: Bomb Cyclone! Line ID
Hauser : Keep firing until your magic power runs out! Line ID
EXTRA : I don't want to die! Line ID
EXTRA : The Seven Deadly Sins have come to destroy us! Line ID
Gowther : Such an immense output of magic power. Line ID
Gowther : However, it's not Diane's. Line ID
Hawk : Sounds like something has started. Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth, I think we're at the underground cells right now. Line ID
Hawk : Let's get out of here! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Cell? Line ID
Hawk : I'm talking about jail. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Ah! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Father! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Sister Margaret! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Where are you?! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Father! Line ID
Hawk : Hey, hey, if you're too loud the guards will come. Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : Is that Elizabeth? Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : that you? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Sister Margaret? Line ID
Hauser : Don't let out, Guila! Line ID
Guila : Same goes for you! Line ID
Gilthunder : How long do you plan to keep this up? Line ID
Hauser : Figured only you wouldn't get caught in it. Line ID
Hauser : Tch! Line ID
Aldrich : For an impromptu combined
technique, that was pretty good.
Line ID
Aldrich : But ultimately, it's just an improvisation. Line ID
Guila : Even with my full power,
that's all the damage I did?
Line ID
Guila : He's completely unscathed... Line ID
Dreyfus : Pierce! Line ID
Aldrich : Who's that?! Line ID
Hauser : Who is that?! Line ID
Gowther : Who indeed? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Big Sister! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Is that you, Sister Margaret? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Big Sister, are you alright? Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : I'm fine. Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : Father and I have been
really worried about you.
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm... If it's me, I'm just fine...but... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm sorry... because of me... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It's my fault... that Sister Veronica is... Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : Elizabeth, don't blame yourself like that...okay? Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : That's not what she would want. Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : She really thought preciously of you. Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : Besides, it's strange but— Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Sister Margaret, we'll talk more later. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Let's get out of here together. Line ID
Viviann : Plotting to escape between sisters? Line ID
Viviann : With that cute face of yours, how
did you break out from your cell?
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Let my sister out right now! Line ID
Viviann : That's a huge misunderstanding... Line ID
Viviann : Lady Margaret chose to be
imprisoned of her own will.
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Do you expect me to believe that?! Line ID
Viviann : Think whatever you like. Line ID
Viviann : Now, Lady Elizabeth, I will
take you to a much safer loca-
Line ID
Viviann : Who's that?! Line ID
Hawk : Super Special Move: Forget Meal! Line ID
Hawk : A forbidden technique where I conceal my
presence and attack from the enemy's blind spot...
Line ID
Hawk : But, how dare you ignore this great Lord Hawk! Line ID
Hawk : I'll be your opponent! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Hawk! Line ID
Viviann : A talking...pig? Line ID
Viviann : Pig...?! Line ID
Viviann : Disappear! Line ID
Hawk : Huh? Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth?! Where is this? Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth, I'm right over here! Line ID
Viviann : How utterly despicable! Line ID
Viviann : There's nothing I hate more in this world
other than pigs! Where was it hiding?!
Line ID
Margaret Lyonesse : Elizabeth! Line ID
Viviann : She's just unconscious. Line ID
Viviann : Oh, that's right. Line ID
Viviann : I'll grant your adorable sister's
wish and open the door for you.
Line ID
Viviann : Now then, go wherever you please. Line ID
Viviann : If you have the will to abandon him, that is. Line ID
Guila : Y-You are... Line ID
Guila : The crest of a can't be—?! Line ID
Gowther : Yes, it can. Line ID
Gowther : The Seven Deadly Sins, the
Goat's Sin, Gowther, arrives!
Line ID
Aldrich : That's...?! Line ID
Hauser : He bares no resemblance to his wanted poster. Line ID
Dreyfus : Gowther... Line ID
Gowther : You have my gratitude for
fighting to protect Diane, Guila.
Line ID
Guila : Eh? Line ID
Gowther : I've already grasped the situation thanks
to yours and Dreyfus' recent memories.
Line ID
Gowther : Dreyfus, I will give my all to defeat you. Line ID
Dreyfus : That's... Line ID
Dreyfus : Charge! Line ID
Dreyfus : Pierce! Line ID
Dreyfus : That's my intention as well! Line ID
Dreyfus : Your ability that can ruin another's mind, Line ID
Dreyfus : is possibly the most dangerous
among the Seven Deadly Sins.
Line ID
Dreyfus : Therefore, I have to bring you down before
you can activate your magic power.
Line ID
Gowther : You talk too much! Line ID
Dreyfus : Impossible... your body was pierced... Line ID
Dreyfus : How can... you move...? Line ID
Gowther : Don't strain yourself. Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : What's going on...this is a nightmare. Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : Did you have a bad dream? Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : That's your punishment for napping
in a place like this...probably.
Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Hendricksen... Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Is that you? Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : Do I look like someone else? Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : Pull yourself together, Dreyfus. Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : Say, what do you think about
what His Majesty said yesterday?
Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : What His Majesty said...? Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : The thing about it being possible
to prevent the Holy War.
Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : His Majesty's Vision is a power
that allows him to see the future.
Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : But if it really is possible to prevent the Holy War, Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : I wonder if there's any meaning
for us Holy Knights to exist?
Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Even if there's no war, that doesn't mean there
won't be any threat from monsters and savages.
Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Regardless of the threat, we Holy Knights
are needed to protect the kingdom.
Line ID
EXTRA : If it comes down to it, we can
start the Holy War ourselves!
Line ID
Griamore (young) : Welcome home, Dad! Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : I'm back, Griamor. Line ID
Griamore (young) : I had ten sword matches with
Gil today, and I won three times.
Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Really? You've gotten stronger, haven't you? Line ID
Griamore (young) : One day, I want to become a Holy Knight too! Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Of course you can. Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Just like your dad— Line ID
Griamore (young) : Just like Uncle Zaratras! Line ID
Griamore (young) : Everyone says that Gil's father
is stronger than my father.
Line ID
Griamore (young) : Is that true? Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : I don't know, I've never fought
seriously with my big brother.
Line ID
EXTRA : I'm stronger. Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Anna...what did you just say? Line ID
Meliodas : There's nothing like having a drink after training. Line ID
Meliodas : But Zaratras sure has some skills. Line ID
Meliodas : I don't feel like I can beat him. Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : You're just being humble. Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : In the whole kingdom, only you the Seven
Deadly Sins can fight evenly with Zaratras.
Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : Even Dreyfus has never won a battle against him. Line ID
Meliodas : That may be true, but when it comes to
sword skill, Dreyfus is above Zaratras.
Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : R-Really, Sir Meliodas?! Line ID
Meliodas : I don't lie. Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : That's amazing. Line ID
Meliodas : I'd say what you lack is experience and ambition. Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : That's right... I haven't lost yet. Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : One day I'll surpass my brother
as a Great Holy Knight!
Line ID
Meliodas : But I guess it's impossible.
There's no chance anymore.
Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Chance? Line ID
Meliodas : Right, Zaratras? Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : B-Brother... Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Stop! Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : No... That's not it! Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : I didn't want this to happen... Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : I didn't mean to kill you. Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : It's the truth! Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Please believe me, Zaratras! Line ID
Zaratras : Atone... for... your... sins... Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : Forgive me... Line ID
Dreyfus (young) : I'm sorry... I'm so sorry! Line ID
Gowther : Nightmare Teller! Line ID
Gowther : Humans are so fragile... Line ID
Gowther : Dreyfus, I will be going now. Line ID
Gowther : But you will never wake up from this nightmare. Line ID
Gowther : Who's ther— Line ID
Hauser : Wh...What's going on? Line ID
Hauser : At the same time Gowther was Line ID
Hauser : pierced and his hand touched the Great Holy Knight's head... Line ID
Hauser : ...both of them suddenly stopped moving. Line ID
Diane : Gow...ther... Line ID
Dreyfus : That's just too bad, Gowther. Line ID
Dreyfus : Looks like I'm the one that has returned. Line ID
Dreyfus : And there will no longer be another time for us to meet! Line ID
Aldrich : Lord Dreyfus! Line ID
Gilthunder : Great Holy Knight! Line ID
Dreyfus : It looks like I took a lot more
damage than I originally thought.
Line ID
Dreyfus : Sorry, Gilthunder. Line ID
Gilthunder : Don't mention it. Line ID
Dreyfus : Master Helbram, I leave the cleaning up to you. Line ID
Aldrich : Okay! Line ID
Hauser : Seriously... He just appears
and gets beaten that quickly?
Line ID
Hauser : Is that even possible? Line ID
Guila : No, as expected of the Seven Deadly Sins... Line ID
Guila : Thanks to him, even if it's temporary, our
opponent is now just Master Helbram.
Line ID
Aldrich : "Now the battle should be easier..." Line ID
Aldrich : Is that what you're thinking? Line ID
Aldrich : Now that it's not a crowded battle
also means that I can do as I wish...
Line ID
Aldrich : Did you overlook that?! Line ID
Aldrich : Call of Inferno! Line ID
Hauser : This black mist is... Line ID
Hauser : The magic power of "Death"...! Line ID
Hauser : Are you insane?! Line ID
Hauser : If there's still people that haven't evacuated... Line ID
Aldrich : It matters not whether I'm sane or in sane. Line ID
Aldrich : Either way you will all die—! Line ID
Diane : I won't...let anyone die...! Line ID
Hauser : Diane! Line ID
Diane : Hauser...please take this kid and run... Line ID
Guila : Zeal... Line ID
Hauser : Cut the crap! Line ID
Hauser : Once only care about others... Line ID
Hauser : Think about yourself for once! Line ID
Aldrich : What a persistent giant pest... Line ID
Hauser : Diane! Line ID
Guila : D-Don't...! Line ID
Hauser : STOP!! Line ID
Aldrich : Well, well...if it isn't the Fairy King. Line ID
Hauser : He's... Line ID
Guila : The Sin of Sloth, Grizzly's Sin, King! Line ID
King : Who did this... Line ID
King : Who did such a horrible thing to Diane?! Line ID
King : Was it you? Line ID
King : Or was it you?! Line ID
Diane : Not... them... Line ID
Diane : They... protected me... Line ID
Diane : So... don't blame them... Line ID
King : You didn't protect her! Line ID
King : You didn't protect her at all! Line ID
King : Are you fucking kidding me?! Apologize!! Line ID
Hauser : Hey, you— Line ID
King : Why... Why... Line ID
King : Why am I...always...always failing
to protect what's important—?!
Line ID
Aldrich : You're always late... No, you're too late! Line ID
Aldrich : The Great Fire of the Fairy
King's Forest 20 years ago,
Line ID
Aldrich : that time 700 years ago, Line ID
Aldrich : and this time too! Line ID
Aldrich : Because of you, that Giant girl will die—! Line ID
King : Silence! Line ID
Hauser : Did he get him? Line ID
King : Prepare yourself. Line ID
Aldrich : Looks like you've got more spirit
compared to that time at Byzel.
Line ID
King : Turn back to your original form. Line ID
King : In that form, you can't use your
true magic power, Helbram!
Line ID
Hauser : A Fairy Clansman?! Line ID
Guila : That's...Master Helbram? Line ID
King : Back in Byzel, I never imagined it was you. Line ID
King : Because of that worn-out
helmet you were wearing.
Line ID
Helbram : SHUT UP! Line ID
Helbram : Well, it is certainly a dirty helmet. Line ID
Helbram : But I can't bring myself to throw it away. Line ID
Helbram : For me, this is a warning to myself. Line ID
King : I have no interest in that story! Line ID
Helbram : Why are you being so tense towards me? Line ID
Helbram : Ah! Line ID
Helbram : Are you shocked seeing what
happened to that huge cutie?
Line ID
Helbram : But she's just one of your
mish-mash fake knights, right?
Line ID
King : I won't ask you to try and understand. Line ID
King : The fact of how important she is to me. Line ID
Helbram : Then you should've just kept her in a box
or something. That's not possible though.
Line ID
King : Even you should understand the pain
of losing someone important to you!
Line ID
Helbram : Then do you understand? Line ID
Helbram : The pain of seeing something
precious destroyed in front of you...
Line ID
Helbram : Wow! Nice save! Line ID
Helbram : Now let's move on to the next one! Line ID
Helbram : Was that supposed to be an attack? Line ID
Helbram : The Fairy King sure can bounce around! Line ID
Helbram : Like I said, your puny Chastiefol cannot defeat me! Line ID
Helbram : A useless Fairy King like yourself can't make full use
of Chastiefol that was made from the Sacred Tree.
Line ID
Helbram : Just watch comfortably from over there
while your precious Giant is torn to shreds.
Line ID
Hauser : Serves you right, you tree monsters! Line ID
Helbram : Wow! Impressive, Hauser! Line ID
Hauser : They...regenerated? Line ID
Helbram : Now, Fairy King... Line ID
Helbram : Burn the image of your beloved's tragic death into your eyes, mind and heart! Line ID
Helbram : Do you want to see the sight of your
precious Giant who is now minced meat?
Line ID
Helbram : Then go closer so you can get a better look. Line ID
Ban : Captain... Line ID
Meliodas : Yeah... Line ID
Meliodas : Just as Diane and Gowther's
magic powers faded away...
Line ID
Meliodas : Now King's magic power has
raised to an unbelievable level!
Line ID
Helbram : No way...! Line ID
Helbram : That attack had no effect at all?! Line ID
Helbram : All this time, you abandoned your
offense on me and defense on yourself...
Line ID
Helbram : ...and used all your magic power
only to protect that half-dead girl?!
Line ID
King : Helbram! Line ID
King : The promise I made you 700 years ago... Line ID
King : ...let's fulfill it now. Line ID
Elaine : You can't go, Brother! Line ID
Elaine : Without Brother, how can we protect the forest?! Line ID
King : I can't just abandon Helbram! Line ID
King : Sit tight just for a little while, Elaine! Line ID
Elaine : Wait, Brother! Line ID
King : Guys...! Line ID
King : Where's Helbram? Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : Hi there. I'm the young Hendricksen. I'm currently looking for a girlfriend. Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : Next time on the Seven Deadly Sins: Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : "The Fairy King Waiting in Vain". Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : Dreyfus sure is lucky... Line ID
Hendrickson (young) : ...having a beautiful wife and a child. Line ID
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