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Mr. Kaneki,

- Rize Kamishiro

The Seven Deadly Sins - Episode 19

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EXTRA : Meliodas and the others continue
to fight in order to save Elizabeth.
Line ID
EXTRA : Meanwhile, Diane has been forced into a corner... Line ID
EXTRA : ...due to Helbram's overwhelming power. Line ID
EXTRA : And that's when King intervened to fight Helbram. Line ID
EXTRA : Diane and King's... Line ID
EXTRA : ...past is about to be revealed. Line ID
King : Long ago... Line ID
King : human kingdoms formed a peace treaty
with the forest ruled by the Fairy King.
Line ID
King : Not only as a symbol of their alliance, Line ID
King : but also as an agreement not
to interfere with each other.
Line ID
King : I had lost my memory around that time. Line ID
King : I only remember being assaulted... Line ID
King : ...and that man's face. Line ID
King : Who was that man... Line ID
King : ...and who am I? I've already forgotten. Line ID
Diane (young) : Harlequin! Line ID
King : Aah! A monster?! Line ID
Diane (young) : You surprised? Let's eat. Line ID
King : And I lived with the girl from
the Giant Clan who saved me.
Line ID
EXTRA : This is a tale of humans and
beings from other worlds.
Line ID
EXTRA : It is a story of ancient times. Line ID
EXTRA : Where there's a kingdom,
there are Holy Knights.
Line ID
EXTRA : Where there are Holy Knights,
the kingdoms are at war.
Line ID
EXTRA : And then, there are those who took
the Holy Knights' justice and freedom.
Line ID
EXTRA : Therefore, they are legends, the
Holy Knights beyond Holy Knights.
Line ID
EXTRA : In other words, the Seven Deadly Sins! Line ID
Diane (young) : Roasted and grilled pork! Line ID
Diane (young) : Eat a lot, 'kay? Line ID
King : I'll just have some fruit... Line ID
Diane (young) : Really? Then let's dig in! Line ID
Diane (young) : While you sleep, you dream of sleeping... Line ID
Diane (young) : You sure must love sleeping. Line ID
Diane (young) : So, do you remember anything? Line ID
King : I saw a big tree in a mysterious place. Line ID
Diane (young) : The place where you're from? Line ID
King : Perhaps... Line ID
Diane (young) : Here, meals for both of you, Fillet, Roast. Line ID
King : I didn't think you could make golems, Diane. Line ID
King : I've heard that the Giant Clan has a Line ID
King : strong connection with the Earth... Line ID
Diane (young) : I was always alone. Line ID
Diane (young) : I think it's because I've always wanted friends Line ID
Diane (young) : that I was able to make them. Line ID
King : I see. Line ID
Diane (young) : But they can't talk and only do what I tell them. Line ID
Diane (young) : That's why I'm glad to have met you. Line ID
King : Same here. Line ID
King : I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't saved me. Line ID
Diane (young) : Then, then...! Will you be my friend someday? Line ID
King : We're already friends. Line ID
Diane (young) : Really?! Line ID
King : Yeah. Line ID
Diane (young) : I'll give you this. Because we're friends. Line ID
King : Forget the pork... Line ID
Diane (young) : It tastes good. Just try some! Line ID
King : I didn't have my memories, but
that was a blissful time for me.
Line ID
King : That's probably why I was
living so peacefully back then.
Line ID
King : While being oblivious to what
was happening at that time...
Line ID
King : Diane...where did she go— Line ID
Diane (young) : Harlequin...! Line ID
Hunter : Well, I'll be damned! A fairy child! Line ID
Hunter : Meeting a Giant girl is already rare in itself. Line ID
King : Diane, let's go. Line ID
King : That human shared his food with us? Line ID
Diane (young) : That's right. He said it's a soup of
mountain birds, mushroom and nuts.
Line ID
Diane (young) : Here you go! Line ID
King : Diane... Line ID
Diane (young) : Hmm? Line ID
King : You shouldn't trust humans so much. Line ID
Diane (young) : Why not? Line ID
King : Why, you say... Line ID
Helbram : Why can't we trust humans? Line ID
Diane (young) : Why can't we trust humans? Line ID
King : Those lowly humans... Line ID
King : They're always fighting their own
kind for some stupid reason...
Line ID
Helbram : But they have all kinds of things we
Fairies don't like culture and philosophy.
Line ID
King : If you trust them too much, you'll regret it. Line ID
Helbram : Well, if that happens, you'll stop me. Line ID
Helbram : Since you're my best friend! Line ID
Diane (young) : Harlequin... Line ID
Diane (young) : Harlequin! Line ID
Diane (young) : You dozing off again? Line ID
Diane (young) : Helbram... Line ID
King : best friend? Line ID
Diane (young) : Did you remember something? Line ID
King : Helbram is my best friend? Line ID
King : Who is....that? Line ID
King : I'm... Line ID
King : Diane, stay with me! Line ID
King : Can you hear me? Line ID
King : Wait for me, I'll go get some herbs! Line ID
King : Diane! Line ID
Diane (young) : Don't...go... Line ID
King : But...! Line ID
Diane (young) : Don't... Line ID
Diane (young) : ...go... Line ID
Diane (young) : I' lonely... Line ID
Diane (young) : I don't be alone... Line ID
Diane (young) : Don't...leave me alone! Line ID
Elaine : You can't go, Brother! Line ID
Elaine : Without Brother, how can we protect the forest?! Line ID
King : I can't just abandon Helbram! Line ID
King : Sit tight just for a little while, Elaine! Line ID
King : Elaine... Line ID
King : Wait, this isn't the time for that!
Diane, let go of me! Let go of me!
Line ID
Hunter : Oh, my! Line ID
Hunter : It's you guys. Line ID
King : Human? Line ID
Hunter : When you have a fever, this is the best for it. Line ID
Hunter : Looks like she's calmed down a bit. Line ID
King : Thank you... Line ID
King : And for the soup the other was really good. Line ID
Hunter : The other day? Line ID
Hunter : Ah, that was many decades ago. Line ID
King : Decades...? Line ID
King : That's when I learned about the passage of time... Line ID
Diane (young) : Wait, hold up! Line ID
King : A short time for Fairies could mean
an entire lifetime for humans.
Line ID
King : There was a huge difference in time. Line ID
King : Let's see... Line ID
King : Alright, if you can catch me,
I'll let you have one wish.
Line ID
Diane (young) : Really?! Alright! Line ID
King : Over here, over here! Line ID
Diane (young) : Take this! Line ID
King : Eh...?! Line ID
King : Diane!! Clothes, clothes...your clothes! Line ID
Diane (young) : I gotcha! Line ID
King : Eh? Line ID
King : Oh... Enough about that, your clothes...! Line ID
Diane (young) : Clothes? But I don't have anything besides this. Line ID
King : Eh? Line ID
Diane (young) : Thank you, Harlequin! Line ID
King : I made them by tanning the hide of a Dusk Bison. Line ID
Diane (young) : Pigtails, pigtails, pigtails! Line ID
King : Um... That tickles! Line ID
Diane (young) : Hey, can I make it too? Line ID
King : Okay, I'll show you how later. Line ID
King : Actually, my clothes are self-made too. Line ID
Diane (young) : Huh? What's wrong now? Line ID
King : Self-made? Line ID
King : I made...these clothes? Line ID
King : What do you think? Line ID
King : I made them myself. Line ID
Elaine : Did a human teach you? Line ID
King : How rude! Line ID
King : I just happened to see them make it! Line ID
Helbram : Harlequin, I thought you
said you hated humans?
Line ID
King : I've only said not to trust them! Line ID
Elaine : Brother, your job is to protect
the Fairy King's Forest!
Line ID
King : Fairy King's Forest... Line ID
King : That is my... Line ID
Diane (young) : Harlequin! Line ID
King : Ah! S-Sorry! Line ID
Diane (young) : No, look over there. Line ID
King : Houses in a place like this? Line ID
Diane (young) : There are so many little houses... Line ID
King : Since when...? Line ID
EXTRA : Ooh... Line ID
EXTRA : Could it be... Are you Dianette and Hereqin? Line ID
Diane (young) : Ooh! Mister Hunter! Line ID
EXTRA : No, no...that Hunter is my deceased Grandpa. Line ID
EXTRA : I run the general store here. Line ID
King : Grandpa? Line ID
Diane (young) : Grandpa? Line ID
EXTRA : To think that you guys exist... Line ID
EXTRA : Grandpa told me that he met rare lovebirds,
a Giant and a Fairy, a few times.
Line ID
Diane (young) : Lovebirds? Line ID
King : I-It means really close friends. Line ID
Diane (young) : Then, are they lovebirds too? Line ID
King : Well, lovebirds are between
a man and a woman...
Line ID
King : Look, like them. Line ID
King : Humans live short lives, Line ID
King : so they make an exchange of vows between two
people called marriage and then they live together.
Line ID
Diane (young) : Together? Line ID
Diane (young) : Harlequin, do you love me? Line ID
King : Y-Yeah, I do love you... Line ID
Diane (young) : You said you'll grant me one wish, right? Line ID
King : Then... Line ID
Diane (young) : I want you to love me forever. Line ID
Diane (young) : Now, let's get back. Line ID
King : I promise! Line ID
King : I will always love you, Line ID
King : and always be by your side! Line ID
Diane (young) : It's fine... Line ID
Diane (young) : long as you always love me. Line ID
King : Diane... Line ID
King : The Fairies that went with
Helbram were captured?!
Line ID
EXTRA : It was an old warrior with an
eyepatch... At this rate, we'll...
Line ID
EXTRA : What should we do, Fairy King? Line ID
EXTRA : Your Highness? Line ID
King : I'm...the Fairy King, Harlequin. Line ID
King : Protector of the forest... Line ID
King : ...and got here after chasing my best friend, Helbram, who went to the Human world... Line ID
King : And then... Line ID
King : I remember everything. Line ID
Diane (young) : Harlequin... Line ID
Diane (young) : The village...! Line ID
Diane (young) : We have to go! Line ID
King : It's dangerous! Stay here, Diane! Line ID
King : I'll go by myself! Line ID
King : When it's over, I'll... Line ID
Diane (young) : Go find your friend, and
return home to everyone.
Line ID
King : I'll definitely come back to you. Line ID
King : I promise. Line ID
King : Definitely... Line ID
Diane (young) : Okay. Line ID
King : But, I was... Line ID
King : That promise... Line ID
King : more important than anything else. Line ID
King : Hey, are you alright?! Hey! Line ID
King : You're...! Line ID
King : It's been hundred of years since
then, how are you still alive?!
Line ID
Aldrich : That's what I wanna ask you! Line ID
Aldrich : When you were killed because
you were caught off-guard,
Line ID
Aldrich : I killed him when he was
off-guard to avenge you!
Line ID
Aldrich : Then, I'm... Line ID
King : Helbram...? Line ID
King : Is that you, Helbram? Line ID
King : It's you, isn't it? Line ID
King : What's with that appearance?! Line ID
Helbram : So I won't forget my hatred towards the humans. Line ID
King : Hatred? Line ID
Helbram : Yeah, that's right. Line ID
Helbram : The humans... the humans that I once admired... Line ID
Helbram : They tricked my friends,
and ripped off their wings!!
Line ID
Helbram : They promised them a lot of money... Line ID
Helbram : One by one... piece by piece... Line ID
Helbram : Slowly so they didn't damage the wings... Line ID
Helbram : Hey... Can you imagine it? Line ID
Helbram : The feeling of seeing those I trusted pluck
my friends' wings out in front of my eyes...
Line ID
Helbram : Rip, rip...snap, snap...the sounds
and everyone's cries echoing...
Line ID
Helbram : ...begging for help as their wings are
being torn off while they're still alive!
Line ID
Helbram : Hey, try and imagine it! Line ID
Helbram : The feeling of having those sounds echoed in
my head for, hundreds of years!
Line ID
Helbram : Hey, try and imagine it... Line ID
Helbram : Try and imagine it, Harlequin! Line ID
King : Helbram... Line ID
Helbram : I detest humans! That's why I've been
killing them for five hundred years!
Line ID
Helbram : But it's never enough! Line ID
Helbram : No matter how many I kill, I can't
get away from that sound...
Line ID
Helbram : I've killed and killed... Line ID
Helbram : ...but I can't escape that sound!! Line ID
Helbram : That's why...! Line ID
Helbram : That's why I will eliminate the
humans from this world...
Line ID
Helbram : Not even one... Line ID
Helbram : I won't leave a single one—! Line ID
Helbram : If that happens... Line ID
Helbram : If that happens, you'll stop me. Line ID
Helbram : Since you're my best friend! Line ID
King : I have to atone for my sins... Line ID
King : For leaving my friend in suffering
for a long... for a really long time...
Line ID
King : For not even knowing of his suffering... Line ID
King : For not keeping that important
promise I made with Diane...
Line ID
King : But... Line ID
King : ...I'll never forget. Line ID
EXTRA : The massacre done by a single Fairy
that continued a long period of time.
Line ID
EXTRA : The responsibility lies on the Fairy King
and his "sloth" for allowing it to happen.
Line ID
EXTRA : Therefore, you're sentenced to an
imprisonment of a thousand years!
Line ID
King : My feelings for you will never change. Line ID
King : Hey, Diane... Line ID
King : If by chance we meet again someday... Line ID
King : I will... Line ID
Helbram : Why... Line ID
Helbram : ...hasn't the Sacred Tree forsaken you?! Line ID
Helbram : How can you use so much of Chastiefol's power?! Line ID
Hauser : It's warm... Line ID
Hauser : My wound...! Line ID
King : When the Sacred Tree is hurt, Line ID
King : it produces pollen to protect wounds, and heals them. Line ID
King : You're pretty lucky... Line ID
King : If you weren't near Diane, you would've died already. Line ID
King : The Sacred Tree exists to protect the Fairy World. Line ID
King : It has no sentiment of evil. Line ID
King : Do you still want to do this, Helbram? Line ID
King : Even now... after seven hundred years,
you still want to continue killing humans?
Line ID
Helbram : It's not "continue"... Line ID
Helbram : Rather "I can no longer stop"! Line ID
Helbram : Holy Knights, give all of your magical power to me! Line ID
Helbram : It's coming... Line ID
Helbram : It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! Line ID
Helbram : It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! Line ID
Helbram : It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! Line ID
Helbram : It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! Line ID
Helbram : It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! Line ID
Helbram : I can't lose here! Line ID
King : It's alright now. Line ID
King : You can rest now... Line ID
King : ...Helbram. Line ID
Helbram : Hey... long time no see... Harlequin... Line ID
Helbram : That helmet... was actually my present... to you... Line ID
Helbram : I thought... you would like it... Line ID
Helbram : I got it... from a human though... Line ID
Helbram : But... I'm such an idiot... Line ID
King : Now that I look at it properly...
it wouldn't suit you at all...
Line ID
King : That's right... you really are... an idiot... Line ID
King : I'm sorry, Diane... I let you
experience all that alone.
Line ID
Diane : Thank you... King... Line ID
King : Leave the rest to me. Line ID
Diane : Harlequin... Line ID
Diane : That name... sounds so nostalgic... Line ID
Diane : Whose was it...? Line ID
Diane : I can't remember... Line ID
King : It must be from a dream. Line ID
Diane : Eh? Line ID
King : You must have been dreaming. Line ID
Hauser : May I ask something? Line ID
Hauser : No matter how I look at it, Line ID
Hauser : I can't believe that you guys are
trying to overthrow the kingdom.
Line ID
Hauser : But then, why did you suddenly
infiltrate the kingdom?
Line ID
King : To rescue the kidnapped Princess Elizabeth. Line ID
Hauser : Kidnapped...?! Line ID
Hauser : D-Don't tell me... Elizabeth is
in the kingdom right now?!
Line ID
EXTRA : It's a war! Line ID
EXTRA : The Seven Deadly Sins are attacking us! Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Sir Hendricksen, why don't we
wrap up things on our side too?
Line ID
Hendrickson : Your attitude alone is becoming
of a king, Arthur Pendragon.
Line ID
Hendrickson : He's a brat with immeasurable
strength and intellect.
Line ID
Hendrickson : Judging by what he said, he already
has a grasp on the situation over here.
Line ID
Hendrickson : The question is what and how
much he knows exactly...
Line ID
Hendrickson : The King's imprisonment? Line ID
Hendrickson : The kidnapping of the Princess? Line ID
Hendrickson : Or the Demon Clan's resurrection plan? Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Are you thinking deep thoughts... Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : the midst of battle?! Line ID
Hendrickson : Come at me seriously... Show me the
power that made you the new King!
Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : O-Ouch... Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : But, we're not done! Line ID
Hendrickson : Do you intend to hold back until you die? Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Then, why don't you try
harder to force me to use it?
Line ID
Hendrickson : As you wish... Line ID
Arthur Pendragon : Black... flames? Line ID
Hendrickson : Now, die! Line ID
Hendrickson : {\bord1\c&H000000&\2c&HFFFFFF&\3c&HFFFFFF&\4c&HFFFFFF&\blur2)\fscx220\fscy233\pos(482,458)}Hellblaze
Line ID
Hendrickson : Hellblaze Wave! Line ID
Hendrickson : My attack was reflected...? Line ID
Meliodas : You've acquired quite some dangerous
magic power while I've been gone...
Line ID
Hendrickson : That voice... You're... Line ID
Meliodas : Well, well, well... Line ID
Meliodas : Well, well, well... Line ID
Meliodas : Well, well, well... Line ID
Meliodas : I'll be taking Elizabeth back now. Line ID
Hawk : What the hell... Line ID
Hawk : Where the hell is this place? Line ID
Hawk : When will I get more screentime?! Line ID
Hawk : Next time on the Seven Deadly Sins: Line ID
Hawk : "Charm of Courage". Line ID
Hawk : It's dark... Line ID
Hawk : It's scary... Line ID
Hawk : Ma...! Line ID
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Mr. Kaneki,

Rize Kamishiro
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