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- Kamui Woods

The Seven Deadly Sins - Episode 4

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EXTRA : Elizabeth, the third princess of the Liones Kingdom, Line ID
EXTRA : presses onward with her search for the
legendary Seven in order to save the kingdom.
Line ID
EXTRA : Together with the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas, her journey continues. Line ID
EXTRA : In the Forest of White Dreams, they met a giant girl, Line ID
EXTRA : the second member of the Seven, the Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane. Line ID
EXTRA : Just as she joined the team, Line ID
EXTRA : the Holy Knight Gilthunder who was chasing Meliodas arrived. Line ID
EXTRA : As the battle was coming to a close, Line ID
EXTRA : the demise of Meliodas appeared imminent. Line ID
EXTRA : However... Line ID
Meliodas : Thanks, Li'l Gil! Line ID
Meliodas : The Baste Dungeon and the City of the Dead, right? Line ID
Meliodas : Guess I'll pay 'em a visit. Line ID
Gilthunder : I see... Line ID
Gilthunder : You let yourself come to harm in order to find out where your allies are. Line ID
Meliodas : We'll continue this some other time, okay? Line ID
Gilthunder : You wish! Line ID
Gilthunder : Farewell. Line ID
Meliodas : See ya. Line ID
Diane : Captain said "some other time," didn't he? Line ID
Gilthunder : Unhand me! Line ID
Diane : Didn't I tell you a long time ago that
"shocking" men aren't popular with girls?
Line ID
Meliodas : Thanks, Diane. Line ID
Meliodas : Looks like you'll need a new one of those. Line ID
EXTRA : This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds. Line ID
EXTRA : It is a story of ancient times. Line ID
EXTRA : The Holy Knights who protected this country Line ID
EXTRA : wielded immensely powerful magic. Line ID
EXTRA : They were both feared and revered. Line ID
EXTRA : However, Line ID
EXTRA : a faction arose who betrayed their country and turned their blades against the remaining Knights. Line ID
EXTRA : To the masses, they were known as the "Seven Deadly Sins." Line ID
Hawk : Hey, you! You've got a lot of nerve messing with me! You bastard pig! Line ID
Hawk : It's my turn now! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Are you two all right? Line ID
Meliodas : Yup. Line ID
Hawk : Huh? Where'd that bastard pig go? Line ID
Meliodas : You're the pig, aren't you? Line ID
Diane : And he smells delicious! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas, you're wounded! Line ID
Meliodas : Oh, it's no big deal. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But you're bleeding so much! Line ID
Diane : D-Don't get so touchy-feely with Captain! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But— Line ID
Diane : It's my job to look after Captain, okay? Line ID
Diane : If anyone's gonna help him, it'll be me. Line ID
Hawk : Hey, I'm injured too! He really did a number on me! Line ID
Meliodas : Here? Line ID
Hawk : That's my spare rib... Line ID
Meliodas : Here? Line ID
Hawk : That's my shoulder roa— Line ID
Hawk : You're doing this on purpose, aren't you!? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Hawk, let's cool your back down a bit. Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth is the only one who cares about me! Line ID
EXTRA : O God, Line ID
EXTRA : please bring back to us the young men of
the village who were taken by the kingdom.
Line ID
EXTRA : Please bring divine retribution to the Holy Knights. Line ID
EXTRA : Divine... retribution... Line ID
EXTRA : Someone... help me... Line ID
Gilthunder : Oh well. Line ID
Hawk : Ah, that's the spot! Line ID
Hawk : That damn Holy Knight. Line ID
Hawk : I won't go easy on him next time! Line ID
Hawk : So, Elizabeth, you knew that guy? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Gilthunder was originally my sister Margaret's escort. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : He treated me affectionately, like I was his own sister. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Even after his father, the Great Holy Knight, passed away, he continued his loyal service. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : And yet... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Could he be related to what happened to Father? Line ID
Hawk : What's wrong, Elizabeth? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : We can never return to that time, can we? Line ID
Meliodas : So the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban, was thrown into a dungeon, Line ID
Meliodas : while the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth, King, is dead and buried... Line ID
Meliodas : What do you think? Line ID
Diane : I don't care... Line ID
Diane : I have no interest in men other than Captain. Line ID
Diane : But enough about that. Line ID
Diane : I've become such a fine
woman over these ten years!
Line ID
Meliodas : That's just a sketch, y'know. Line ID
Meliodas : It's decided! Line ID
Diane : You could've kept riding on me... Line ID
Meliodas : Let's go pick up Ban at the Baste Dungeon first! Line ID
Hawk : Why the Baste Dungeon first? Line ID
Meliodas : It's closer. Line ID
Hawk : That's the only reason? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I-I disagree! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Shouldn't we treat your wounds before we go to the dungeon? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : If you have to fight another Holy Knight with your body in that condition... Line ID
Meliodas : Maybe this'll help. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : R-Really? Line ID
Hawk : Obviously not! Line ID
Meliodas : Elizabeth... Line ID
Meliodas : It's just a few scratches. Line ID
Meliodas : No need to worry. Line ID
Meliodas : I'll be fine with a little rest. Line ID
Meliodas : G'night. Line ID
Hawk : I figured he would've asked you to sleep with him or something. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm going to check on him. Line ID
Hawk : Sleep with him, you mean? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Are you okay changing your clothes by yourself? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Meliodas... Line ID
Jericho : A report from the Royal Palace. Line ID
Jericho : We've confirmed the presence of two Sins at the Forest of White Dreams. Line ID
Jericho : I fear that they'll be coming here in search of a certain someone. Line ID
Freesia : Oh? Line ID
Freesia : They're finally coming? Line ID
Freesia : Little Sins. Line ID
Golgius : Whether he comes straight here or stops by the neighboring town first, Line ID
Golgius : I suppose we should be ready to welcome him. Line ID
Freesia : Oh come now, Golgius. Line ID
Freesia : What an unpleasant move! Line ID
Golgius : It's your turn, Fresia. Line ID
Jericho : Um... Line ID
Freesia : No need to worry, Jericho. Line ID
Freesia : You see, this dungeon Line ID
Freesia : was built in preparation for battles to come. An experimental fort, you could say. Line ID
Freesia : Even for the Seven Deadly Sins,
it won't be easy to conquer this place.
Line ID
Ruin : That's true. Line ID
Ruin : Don't forget that we Weird Fangs are here as well. Line ID
Jericho : O-Of course not, Lord Ruin. Line ID
Jude : However, Line ID
Jude : I wonder if they'll really come. Line ID
Freesia : Good point. Line ID
Freesia : There's no way anyone would take such a huge risk just to save him . Line ID
Freesia : Since we captured him five years ago, he hasn't basked in the sun, Line ID
Freesia : nor has he moved an inch or
been allowed to speak a word.
Line ID
Freesia : He hasn't been fed anything worth eating, either. Line ID
Freesia : He's just going to be tortured until the day he dies. Line ID
Jude : Although he was a member of the Seven,
I don't know why they'd bother saving him.
Line ID
Golgius : To think he was the legendary Fox's Sin of Greed... Line ID
Golgius : How pitiful. Line ID
EXTRA : That sound... Line ID
EXTRA : Where's it coming from? Line ID
Diane : Hey, townspeople! Line ID
EXTRA : It's a giant! Line ID
EXTRA : Whoa, you're huge! Line ID
Diane : Wait! Line ID
Diane : I just want to know where the doctors are! Line ID
Diane : Captain... Line ID
Hawk : I told you so! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Hawk and I will look for a doctor in the village. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Diane, can you— Line ID
Diane : I'll be the one to save Captain! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : B-But— Line ID
Hawk : You're scaring everyone away! Line ID
Diane : I get it. Line ID
Diane : Go start looking. I'll wait here. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Y-Yes! Line ID
Hawk : Be good and wait for us! Line ID
Freesia : I've found them! Line ID
Freesia : Just as Golgius anticipated. Line ID
Jude : Are you going, Fresia? Line ID
Freesia : Yes. Line ID
Freesia : I'm going to deliver the first
strike and put an end to him.
Line ID
Diane : Captain... Line ID
EXTRA : This is a medicine I've prepared myself. Line ID
EXTRA : It'll make him at peace. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Thank you very much, Dr. Dana. Line ID
EXTRA : Honestly, I'm amazed he's still alive. Line ID
EXTRA : The wound from the sword is deep,
and he's got a burn as if he was struck by lightning.
Line ID
EXTRA : Why would a kid like this... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : This is my fault. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It's because I told him I wanted to stop the Holy Knights. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : In order to get information about the Seven Deadly Sins... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : He's so reckless... Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm sorry. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas, I hope you get better soon. Line ID
Hawk : What should we do now? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Let's wait until Lord Meliodas wakes up. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : We can think about the Baste after— Line ID
Diane : I'm going to the Baste Dungeon myself. Line ID
Diane : I'm sure that heading to the Baste Dungeon is the first thing that Captain will do when he wakes up. Line ID
Diane : Until he's fully healed, Line ID
Diane : I won't let that happen. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lady Diane, I am coming as well! Line ID
Diane : Oh, please, you'll just slow me down. Line ID
Diane : With that tiny body and those skinny arms... Line ID
Diane : What exactly do you think you can do? Line ID
Diane : You may be a princess, Line ID
Diane : but all you can do now is be
Captain's nurse and change his linens.
Line ID
Hawk : What's up with your attitude? Line ID
Hawk : Not every girl in the world is big and strong like you! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Even I... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : want to be of some help to Lord Meliodas... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I don't want to be any more of a nuisance than I already am. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I don't want anyone to do
anything reckless for my sake—
Line ID
Diane : Don't get the wrong idea! Line ID
Diane : Captain isn't doing all this just for you! Line ID
Diane : Captain... helped me out, too... Line ID
Diane : He's always been like that. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Diane... Line ID
Diane : It was when I left my hometown and went traveling on my own. Line ID
Diane : I got into some petty argument with a few knights... Line ID
EXTRA : Y-You! How dare you! Line ID
Diane : That's what you get for drawing your sword against such a beautiful girl. Line ID
EXTRA : Like hell you're a beautiful girl! Line ID
EXTRA : Damn giants! Line ID
EXTRA : Go back to your homeland! Line ID
EXTRA : There are no men or women for monsters like you! Line ID
Diane : You make me sick. Line ID
Diane : You humans are so full of yourselves
just because there are so many of you!
Line ID
EXTRA : Why, you... Line ID
EXTRA : You think we're just gonna let you run your mouth? Line ID
EXTRA : Let's teach her a lesson! Line ID
EXTRA : Who's this brat? Line ID
EXTRA : Do you understand that you're
fighting Knights of the Golden Wheats?!
Line ID
Meliodas : You guys shouldn't act so high and mighty, ganging up on a girl like this. Line ID
EXTRA : Damn you! Line ID
EXTRA : Are those your last words?! Line ID
EXTRA : R-Retreat! Line ID
Meliodas : Well, that's that! Line ID
Meliodas : Were you scared? Line ID
Diane : It was the first time in my life that someone asked me if I was scared. Line ID
Diane : And it was to a girl much bigger than he was. Line ID
Diane : I still remember it clearly, even now. Line ID
Diane : At the time, I felt like I'd become the
same height as the boy in front of me.
Line ID
Diane : I understand, of course. Line ID
Diane : Those were just silly feelings. Line ID
Diane : I'm not small and cute like you, Little Princess. Line ID
Diane : I can't go inside a house,
so I can't even take care of Captain.
Line ID
Diane : The only thing I can do is fight for him. Line ID
Diane : That's it. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I want the strength to fight the Holy Knights. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I want to be able to protect those who are dear to me... Line ID
Diane : I... Line ID
Diane : wish I were smaller. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lady Diane... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : That's... Line ID
Diane : It's coming from the Baste Dungeon. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Are those... rain clouds? Line ID
Hawk : Him again? Line ID
Diane : No... This is the sound of... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : This can't be... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Bugs?! Line ID
Hawk : Not just any bugs... Line ID
Hawk : A whole swarm of poisonous ones! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Is this an attack from the Baste Dungeon?! Line ID
Hawk : That means a Holy Knight is behind this! Line ID
Hawk : Diane, we're counting on you! Line ID
Diane : I hate bugs! Line ID
Freesia : Come, have a taste of my adorable insects' "Rain Capriccio"! Line ID
Hawk : No way! At this rate, the whole town's gonna be annihilated! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas... Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth! Line ID
Freesia : You're going to melt along with the whole town! Line ID
Diane : I hate bugs, but... Line ID
Diane : If it's for Captain's sake, I'll do anything! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : This is... Lord Diane's power? Line ID
Hawk : She destroyed 'em all! Amazing! Line ID
Diane : I'll crush every one of your insects! Line ID
Freesia : I should say... As expected, right? Line ID
Hawk : Hey, teach me that move you just used— Line ID
Diane : I'll leave Captain to you! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Y-Yes! Line ID
Hawk : He's sure resting comfortably despite all the racket outside. Line ID
EXTRA : How's the patient doing? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : He's sleeping very deeply, thanks to your medicine. Line ID
Hawk : It's almost like he's dead. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Hawk! Don't say scary things like that! Line ID
EXTRA : Well... Of course he is... Line ID
Golgius : Dr. Dana, thanks for your hard work. Line ID
Golgius : You suitably held up your end of the deal. Line ID
Hawk : Wh-What was that? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Who's there? Line ID
EXTRA : Wolfsbane, deadly nightshade, cantharidin and henbane's leaf. Line ID
EXTRA : A specially mixed deadly poison. Line ID
EXTRA : This boy will never open his eyes again. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It wasn't medicine for healing his wounds? Line ID
Golgius : Even we wouldn't come out unscathed
in a battle against the legendary Seven.
Line ID
Golgius : Besides, for the kingdom to accomplish its goals, we have to take drastic measures. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Who are you? Show yourself! Line ID
Golgius : Allow me to introduce myself. Line ID
Golgius : I am the Holy Knight Golgius of the Weird Fangs. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Holy Knight... Line ID
Hawk : Where'd he come from? Line ID
Golgius : Princess Elizabeth, I have come to pick you up. Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, wanna bet on who wins? Line ID
EXTRA : Between the Weird Fangs
and the Seven Deadly Sins!
Line ID
EXTRA : They're fighting in the town now, aren't they? Line ID
EXTRA : That's not even worth betting on. Line ID
EXTRA : The Seven Deadly Sins just have
their captain and one more, right?
Line ID
EXTRA : They have no chance against the Weird Fangs— Line ID
Ban : Hey! Line ID
Ban : That's pretty interesting. Line ID
EXTRA : N-No way! Line ID
Ban : It's nice to get out for a walk every now and then. Line ID
EXTRA : Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban, of the Seven! Line ID
EXTRA : You... Line ID
EXTRA : How did you break out?! Line ID
EXTRA : Why now? Line ID
Ban : You can tell just by looking. Line ID
Ban : I kicked the door down. Line ID
Ban : It's because you guys were
having such an interesting chat.
Line ID
Ban : He was alive? Line ID
Ban : Our cap'n... Line ID
Jericho : What's the commotion? Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Jericho! Line ID
Ban : Huh? Line ID
Jericho : The Deadly Sin, Ban... Line ID
Jericho : I don't know how you got out of your cell,
but you'd better go back in.
Line ID
Ban : Look here, brat. Line ID
Ban : That's no way to speak to a hero, is it? Line ID
Jericho : You dare address an apprentice Holy Knight as "brat," huh? Line ID
Jericho : For a half-dead criminal,
you sure like to run your mouth.
Line ID
Jericho : Send a message to Lord Golgius! Line ID
Jericho : A prisoner broke out of his cell and resisted,
so Lord Jericho had no choice but to kill him.
Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, ma'am! Line ID
Ban : Wonder if this is too short? Line ID
Ban : Well, it feels refreshing. Line ID
Ban : Guess it'll have to do. Line ID
Ban : You've got talent, you know... as a hairdresser. Line ID
Jericho : You dodged my blade despite
having wounds all over your body?
Line ID
Ban : Wounds? What wounds? Line ID
Jericho : No way... Line ID
Jericho : You just had steel stakes
hammered through your limbs.
Line ID
Ban : Remember this well, brat. Line ID
Ban : This is what you call a wound, got it? Line ID
Ban : Though the wound he gave me... is what you'd call a special case. Line ID
EXTRA : The Weird Fangs order of the Holy Knights are here! Line ID
Freesia : You've finally come, Sins! Line ID
Freesia : But you won't get past me! Line ID
EXTRA : Elizabeth and Diane have escaped! Line ID
Freesia : Looks like they ran away in fear of me. Line ID
Meliodas : No, they ran away because of your fashion sense. Line ID
Meliodas : And those bugs... You really need a bath. Line ID
Freesia : Y-You've got it wrong! Line ID
Meliodas : Next time on The Seven Deadly Sins: "Even if You Were to Die." Line ID
Freesia : I'm just a noble maiden who loves nature! Line ID
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