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Changed your mind pretty quick!

- Ban

The Seven Deadly Sins - Episode 5

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Hawk : Ah, that feels great! Line ID
EXTRA : The wounds inflicted upon Meliodas by the Holy Knight Gilthunder Line ID
EXTRA : were more serious than they seemed. Line ID
EXTRA : Continuing their efforts to rescue Line ID
EXTRA : the third Sin, the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban,
who is currently imprisoned at Baste Dungeon,
Line ID
EXTRA : Elizabeth tends to Meliodas's
wounds in the town of Dalmary.
Line ID
EXTRA : However, the Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane, continues to butt heads with Elizabeth. Line ID
EXTRA : The four Holy Knights, the Weird Fangs, begin to make their moves. Line ID
EXTRA : Ban frees himself from his cell. Line ID
EXTRA : However, Line ID
EXTRA : as for Meliodas... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Who are you? Show yourself! Line ID
Golgius : Allow me to introduce myself. Line ID
Golgius : I am the Holy Knight Golgius of the Weird Fangs. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Holy Knight... Line ID
Hawk : Where'd he come from? Line ID
Golgius : Princess Elizabeth, I have come to pick you up. Line ID
Hawk : Whoa there! Line ID
Hawk : First you'll have to get past Hawk,
the captain of the Knights of Leftovers Disposal!
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Hawk! Line ID
Golgius : Besides... Line ID
Golgius : There's no reason to leave this sword in your possession. Line ID
Golgius : I'll just be taking this back. Line ID
EXTRA : This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds. Line ID
EXTRA : It is a story of ancient times. Line ID
EXTRA : The Holy Knights who protected this country Line ID
EXTRA : wielded immensely powerful magic. Line ID
EXTRA : They were both feared and revered. Line ID
EXTRA : However, Line ID
EXTRA : a faction arose who betrayed their country and turned their blades against the remaining Knights. Line ID
EXTRA : To the masses, they were known as the "Seven Deadly Sins." Line ID
Ban : Hey, Cap'n.... Line ID
Ban : C'mon! Line ID
Ban : Lemme have a look at that sword. Line ID
Meliodas : What's so interesting about this piece of junk? Line ID
Ban : Why would the captain of the Sins always Line ID
Ban : carry a piece of junk with him wherever he goes? Line ID
Ban : It'd be weird if I wasn't at least a little curious. Line ID
Ban : C'mon, show me. Line ID
Ban : Oh? Line ID
Meliodas : Let go, Ban. Line ID
Diane : What're you two still doing up? Line ID
Meliodas : Let go, Ban. Line ID
Meliodas : Don't make me angry. Line ID
Ban : Cap'n... Angry? Line ID
Ban : I've been with you for many years, but... Line ID
Ban : I haven't even seen you get angry once. Line ID
Meliodas : Let go. Line ID
Ban : Besides, I'm curious as to why you're
called the Sin of Wrath in the first place.
Line ID
Diane : Ban, what are you doing to Captain?! Line ID
Ban : All this talk of Cap'n actually getting angry Line ID
Ban : makes me really want to see the sword—no, to steal it! Line ID
Ban : So that's Cap'n's hidden side. Line ID
Ban : A new discovery. Line ID
Meliodas : I'm sorry, Ban, but this sword is... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Stop it! What are you doing to Lord Meliodas?! Line ID
Golgius : I see... So it's this sword. Line ID
Doctor Dana : I-Impossible! Line ID
Doctor Dana : Even after all that poison... Line ID
Golgius : You just refuse to die. Line ID
Golgius : Let go of the sword! Line ID
Meliodas : I can never let go of this sword, even if I die. Line ID
Meliodas : That is the one and only thing I can do to atone for my sins! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas! Line ID
Golgius : Your heroic words mean nothing!
I'm taking the sword and the princess!
Line ID
Hawk : He got away! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Um... You're still Lord Meliodas, Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : aren't you? Line ID
Meliodas : Yo, Elizabeth and the ass-hog. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Thank goodness! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : That sounds like the Lord Meliodas I know. Line ID
Hawk : But this guy just called me ass-hog. Line ID
Meliodas : Hey, where are we? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : The town of Dalmary. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It's close to Baste Dungeon. Line ID
Meliodas : And who was that guy just now? Line ID
Hawk : A Holy Knight called Golgius or something. Line ID
Hawk : Seemed like he was after
Elizabeth and your broken sword.
Line ID
Hawk : That rotten doctor's with him too. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Huh? Line ID
Hawk : He ran away! Let's go after him! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Wait! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Meliodas still hasn't fully recovered! Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth, that really hurt! Line ID
Meliodas : Looks like it's healed. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Wh-What? No way! Line ID
Meliodas : What's wrong? Line ID
Meliodas : You're awfully assertive today. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : No, it's not like that! Line ID
Meliodas : Feel free to touch me some more. Come on! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But that's... Line ID
Hawk : Hurry up and put some clothes on. Line ID
Golgius : God, that was close. Line ID
Golgius : So that's the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas. Line ID
Golgius : If I had retreated even a moment later... Line ID
Golgius : Yeah. Line ID
Golgius : Interesting. Line ID
Meliodas : There! Line ID
Golgius : Whoops. Line ID
Golgius : Looks like I've been caught. Line ID
Hawk : Don't underestimate my nose that
can smell leftovers from a mile away!
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Is that true? Line ID
Hawk : Yep! Interested? Line ID
Meliodas : You're going to tell us who sent you after the princess and my sword. Line ID
Meliodas : If not, things will get troublesome— Line ID
Golgius : Okay! I surrender! Line ID
Golgius : I, Golgius, am of a cowardly nature and dislike fighting to begin with. Line ID
Golgius : Especially against someone like
the captain of the legendary Seven.
Line ID
Golgius : I threw those assassination blades the moment I raised my hands. Line ID
Golgius : Did you actually notice them? Line ID
Meliodas : Don't underestimate my eyes that can see exposed panties from a mile away. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I-Is that true? Line ID
Meliodas : Nope. Line ID
Doctor Dana : Lord Golgius, there you are! Line ID
Hawk : I-It's the rotten doctor! Line ID
Doctor Dana : Although I didn't manage to kill him, Line ID
Doctor Dana : I made him drink the poison as instructed! Line ID
Doctor Dana : Please return my daughter like you promised! Line ID
Meliodas : He's gone?! Line ID
Hawk : Wh-Where'd he go? Line ID
Meliodas : Elizabeth, stay close. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes! Line ID
Hawk : Come to think of it, he's always appearing out of nowhere! Line ID
Golgius : No need to raise your voice. Line ID
Golgius : I will return your daughter to you. Line ID
Doctor Dana : Thank you! Line ID
Meliodas : Hey, get away from there! Line ID
Golgius : In the next world, where she'll be joining you shortly. Line ID
Hawk : He's really done it! Line ID
Golgius : There'd be serious trouble if word got out that the Holy Knights are ordering people to poison kids. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Dr. Dana! Line ID
Meliodas : Elizabeth! Line ID
Hawk : Just leave that bastard alone! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Dr. Dana, hang on! Line ID
Meliodas : It's dangerous here! Line ID
Meliodas : We have no idea where he'll appear next! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But we can't just leave Dr. Dana to die! Line ID
Golgius : Take this! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas! Line ID
Hawk : He disappeared again? Line ID
Hawk : Is this what they call teleportation? Line ID
Golgius : You're a smart pig. Line ID
Golgius : Yes, all your powers are useless against my teleportation! Line ID
Meliodas : We've gotta run for it! Line ID
Hawk : Dammit! Line ID
Hawk : I can trace his metallic smell, but... Line ID
Hawk : If we're running, there's nothing we can do! Line ID
Meliodas : Trace his smell... Line ID
Golgius : No matter where you run or hide, I will find and corner you. Line ID
Meliodas : Here! Line ID
Hawk : Why are we hiding in this abandoned building? Line ID
Meliodas : Hawk, were you planning on getting the townsfolk involved in this? Line ID
Hawk : Well, that's true, but... Line ID
Meliodas : Let's wait here until he's gone. Line ID
Hawk : But man, what a rundown building. Line ID
Hawk : It's so moldy in here. Line ID
Hawk : What are you doing? Line ID
Meliodas : A magic spell that'll keep him outta here. Line ID
Hawk : Magic my ass. Line ID
Hawk : There's no way that'll do anything. Line ID
Meliodas : We'll see about that. Line ID
Hawk : Are you sure about this? Line ID
Hawk : We're on the top floor of
a narrow abandoned building.
Line ID
Hawk : There's nowhere to escape. Line ID
Hawk : Close the door, at the very least. Line ID
Meliodas : If he can teleport, the door won't do anything. Line ID
Meliodas : He could just appear in the middle of the room. Line ID
Hawk : S-Scary! Line ID
Golgius : Too bad. Line ID
Golgius : I'm behind you. Line ID
Meliodas : Too bad, it's underneath you. Line ID
Hawk : He fell all the way to the bottom of this building. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : So your spell earlier was to... Line ID
Golgius : A cut on the floor of the entrance? Line ID
Meliodas : So your power's invisibility, huh? Line ID
Meliodas : I couldn't figure out why it took you some time to reappear after you vanished. Line ID
Meliodas : It was weird that we could trace your smell even though you "teleported." Line ID
Meliodas : In other words, you've been
moving at the same speed as us.
Line ID
Meliodas : Which means that the door was the only way you could get in. Line ID
Meliodas : Also, since we're down here,
I don't need to worry about Elizabeth.
Line ID
Meliodas : Well now, let's hear it, Li'l Golgius. Line ID
Meliodas : Why are you after Elizabeth and
my sword? Who put you up to it?
Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas! Line ID
Hawk : For a second there I thought you were a goner! Line ID
Meliodas : Oh my, he got away. Line ID
Hawk : Oh, it's just a horse. Line ID
Hawk : It probably got frightened by the loud noise earlier. Line ID
Hawk : Such a timid animal. Line ID
Meliodas : There, huh? Line ID
Golgius : So scary. Line ID
Golgius : The brass gave me such a crazy mission. Line ID
Meliodas : The horse must be headed toward Baste Dungeon. Line ID
Hawk : All right, let's go then! Line ID
Meliodas : Hey, Elizabeth! Line ID
Hawk : Baste Dungeon's not that way! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Doctor! Doctor Dana! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Pull yourself together! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Why did this... Line ID
Doctor Dana : Why... are you crying for me? Line ID
Doctor Dana : I'm sorry... Line ID
Doctor Dana : I just wanted... to save my daughter... Line ID
Doctor Dana : Cenette... Line ID
Doctor Dana : I just wanted... to protect... Line ID
Doctor Dana : you... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It's all my fault... Line ID
Meliodas : What're you talking about? Line ID
Meliodas : Golgius killed the doctor. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : If we didn't come to this town... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Dr. Dana wouldn't have died, Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : and his daughter wouldn't have been
taken hostage by the Holy Knights, right?
Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : And if I hadn't found Lord Meliodas while searching for the Seven Deadly Sins, Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : you wouldn't have suffered a serious injury fighting with Lord Gilthunder, Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : or nearly killed by Golgius's scheme! Line ID
Meliodas : I understand why you're crying. Line ID
Meliodas : But... Line ID
Meliodas : Is your desire to protect the
kingdom from the Holy Knights
Line ID
Meliodas : so easily broken by just a few tears? Line ID
Meliodas : I resolved to find the other Sins
with you and stop the Holy Knights.
Line ID
Meliodas : Even if you were to die, Line ID
Meliodas : I would fulfill the promise I made with you. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas... Line ID
Meliodas : Everyone has to die someday. Line ID
Meliodas : But... Line ID
Meliodas : What they believed in will never fade away as long as someone protects it. Line ID
Meliodas : Once you've made the decision Line ID
Meliodas : to protect those principles no
matter the cost in blood and tears...
Line ID
Meliodas : You follow through with it! Line ID
Meliodas : That's what it means to be a knight. Line ID
Golgius : Man, what a beating. Line ID
Golgius : I didn't expect him to be so powerful. Line ID
Golgius : But it looks like the welcoming party's all ready. Line ID
Meliodas : Well, let's get going to Baste Dungeon then, shall we? Line ID
Hawk : Hey, you're not gonna leave Elizabeth behind, right? Line ID
Hawk : She hasn't come out of the clinic ever
since she carried that useless doctor in.
Line ID
Meliodas : Stupid. She'll be much better off laying low in town. Line ID
Meliodas : There are Holy Knights at Baste who are after her as well. Line ID
Meliodas : Geez, how stupid can you be? Line ID
Hawk : You called me stupid twice, didn't you? Line ID
Hawk : Well, it takes one to know one! Line ID
Meliodas : My bad, ass-hog. Line ID
Hawk : Calling me an ass-hog is no different at all, you bastard! Line ID
Hawk : You're stretching my skin... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas! Line ID
Meliodas : Why are you out of breath? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Here. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I fixed it for you while you were sleeping. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It's not that great, but... Line ID
Hawk : Such a good girl! Line ID
Meliodas : Thanks, Elizabeth! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Happy to help! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : All right, let's go! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I may not be a knight, Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : but... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I will keep fighting for the kingdom and its people. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Even if you were to die right now, Lord Meliodas. Line ID
Meliodas : Don't be killing me now. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : S-Sorry! Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth! What about me? What if I died? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Oh, um... I'd do my best? Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth, the difference in your attitude is so cruel! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I-I'm sorry, Hawk! Line ID
Meliodas : Don't worry, Hawk. Line ID
Meliodas : If you were to die... Line ID
Meliodas : I wouldn't let your meat go to waste! Line ID
Meliodas : Right, Elizabeth? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes! Line ID
Hawk : What about how I feel?! Line ID
Meliodas : Let's go! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Y-Yes! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Let's go save Lord Ban! Line ID
Meliodas : Not just yet. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Eh? Line ID
Meliodas : Cenette, was it? Line ID
Meliodas : We've gotta save Dr. Dana's daughter. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Oh, but what about Lord Ban? Line ID
Meliodas : Well, if he knows that we're on the way, he'll probably just bust himself out. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Really? Line ID
Hawk : Enemy attack?! Line ID
Meliodas : Diane! Line ID
Meliodas : What are you doing here? Line ID
Diane : Captain? Line ID
Diane : Captain! You're supposed to be resting! Line ID
Diane : What are you doing up and about? Line ID
Meliodas : Enough about me. Are you okay? Line ID
Diane : You're asking if I'm okay? Line ID
Hawk : After you crushed all the bugs in Dalmary, Line ID
Hawk : you went charging toward Baste Dungeon, didn't you? Line ID
Diane : Huh? Did I? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lady Diane? Line ID
Meliodas : Sounds like there's a really troublesome enemy. Line ID
Meliodas : Are you really okay, Diane? Line ID
Diane : Uh, yeah. Line ID
Diane : I'm just a little out of it. Line ID
Ruin : I am Ruin, Holy Knight of the Weird Fangs, Line ID
Ruin : here to bring ruin upon the Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Diane : A Holy Knight! Line ID
Diane : Captain, protect the prin— Line ID
Diane : Captain? Guys? Where did everybody go? Line ID
Ruin : They're already in my hands. Line ID
Diane : Give Captain back! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas! Line ID
Meliodas : Diane! What's gotten into you all of a sudden? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lady Diane! Lord Meliodas is right here! Line ID
Hawk : What, are you sleepwalking or something, big girl? Line ID
Diane : Let me just say this now:
I won't lose to some Holy Knight!
Line ID
Meliodas : Those eyes... Line ID
Meliodas : She can't see us at all. Line ID
Hawk : Wh-Wh-What should we do?! Line ID
Meliodas : We're running, duh! Line ID
Hawk : I knew it! Line ID
Hawk : Uh-oh, innocent bystanders! Line ID
Meliodas : Hey! Line ID
Meliodas : You two had better run! Line ID
Diane : Where are you hiding, Holy Knight? Line ID
Diane : A midget like you should be smashed, twisted, and torn apart in your armor! Line ID
EXTRA : Someone help! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas, what's happened to Lady Diane? Line ID
Meliodas : There's definitely something going on with her. Line ID
Meliodas : Keep an eye on this little guy. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : O-Okay! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : What were you guys doing out here? Line ID
EXTRA : We're shepherds from Dalmary. Line ID
EXTRA : We were just returning from the pasture. Line ID
EXTRA : What's gonna happen to us? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : There's no need to worry. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : He'll protect us. Line ID
Meliodas : You're—? Line ID
Ruin : I am Ruin, Holy Knight of the Weird Fangs, Line ID
Ruin : here to bring ruin upon the Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Meliodas : Hey, you big oaf! Line ID
Meliodas : You're the one who did something weird to Diane, aren't you? Line ID
Hawk : You're... speaking to Diane... Line ID
Meliodas : Return Diane to the way she was before! Line ID
Hawk : No, it can't be! Line ID
Hawk : Even Meliodas is under the effects of a spell just like Diane? Line ID
Hawk : Run, run, run! Line ID
Freesia : Old man Ruin is really getting into this! Line ID
Freesia : Guess I should join in on the fun soon, too. Line ID
Hawk : What should we do, Elizabeth? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : What should we do? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : If this keeps going... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : What am I supposed to do? Line ID
EXTRA : Lady Jericho! Line ID
Jericho : Find him! Find the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban! Line ID
EXTRA : B-But, Lady Jericho... Line ID
EXTRA : Y-You're... Line ID
Jericho : It's fine! Just bring me a change of clothes and armor! Line ID
Jericho : Hurry up and go! Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, ma'am! Line ID
Jericho : That bastard! Line ID
Jericho : Kill me! Kill me now! Line ID
Ban : Listen, hairdresser... Line ID
Ban : That's a nice set of armor you've got there. Line ID
Ban : Doesn't really suit you, though. Line ID
Jericho : Ban... Line ID
Jericho : I will get you back for this! Line ID
Ban : Ah, guess it's too small. Line ID
Ban : That's a real shame. Line ID
Ban : I liked the look of it. Line ID
EXTRA : Cut off all the exits! Line ID
EXTRA : He might be hiding in the vents! Line ID
Ban : It's been noisy for a while... Line ID
Ban : Did someone escape or something? Line ID
Jude : Where exactly do you think you're going? Line ID
Jude : Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Ban : Hey, if it isn't the Holy Knight Jude. Line ID
Jude : You are going to die here, Ban. Line ID
Jude : And I shall be the one to kill you. Line ID
Ban : You're gonna kill me? Line ID
Ban : Why now, of all times? Line ID
Jude : You are of no more use to us. Line ID
Jude : You were the bait for the captain of the Sins,
and you've fulfilled that role.
Line ID
Jude : Right now, the other Weird Fangs are disposing of two members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Jude : The Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas, and the Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane. Line ID
Jude : And once I kill you, there will be
four fewer criminals in this world.
Line ID
Ban : I sure hope all your dreams come true. Line ID
Jude : Five years ago, who was it that caught and tortured you? Line ID
Jude : You haven't forgotten, have you? Line ID
Ban : Well, I'll be going. Line ID
EXTRA : The Seven's Deadly Sins' Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban, has escaped from prison! Line ID
Ban : Cap'n? Line ID
Ban : Cap'n, where are you? Line ID
Ban : Come on, Cap'n! Answer me! Line ID
EXTRA : The reunion between Ban and Meliodas's crew is still to come. Line ID
Meliodas : Next time on The Seven Deadly Sins: "The Verse of the Beginning." Line ID
Ban : Cap'n! Line ID
Ban : Come on! Line ID
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Changed your mind pretty quick!

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