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Just as your kind partakes of meat as nourishment,
Servants partake of minds and souls.

- Archer

The Seven Deadly Sins - Episode 8

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Episode Transcript

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EXTRA : The Grizzly's Sin, King,
the fourth of the Seven, is alive.
Line ID
King : You walked right into my trap. Line ID
EXTRA : King stalked Ban, still harboring an intense grudge against him. Line ID
EXTRA : Ban also continued his own pursuit of something else. Line ID
EXTRA : Furthermore, a single woman is tailing the group. Line ID
Guila : I guess the Capital of the Dead does exist. Line ID
Ellen : Wh-Who is this person? Line ID
Luigi : Don't tell me... you're a Holy Knight? Line ID
Guila : If you'd be so kind, please tell me
how to get to the Capital of the Dead.
Line ID
Luigi : As if... we'd tell you anything. Line ID
Ellen : Brother, I... I can't breathe... Line ID
Guila : Please tell me. Line ID
Luigi : "A priceless memory shared with the
deceased will open the path to the Capital..."
Line ID
Guila : I don't quite understand that. Line ID
Luigi : Then how are we supposed to get it?! Line ID
Luigi : How would we know about
a city where dead people go?
Line ID
Guila : Dead people... Line ID
Guila : I see. Line ID
Guila : You have my gratitude. Line ID
Luigi : S-Stop it... Line ID
EXTRA : This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds. Line ID
EXTRA : It is a story of ancient times. Line ID
EXTRA : Long ago, the Holy Knights fought alongside three tribes to seal away the Demon Clan. Line ID
EXTRA : It was known as the Holy War, and memory of it has long left the minds of the people. Line ID
EXTRA : However, a new Holy War has begun. Line ID
EXTRA : The battle to banish the Seven Deadly Sins unto oblivion. Line ID
Meliodas : Ban! Line ID
Diane : King! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Ban! Line ID
Hawk : King! Line ID
Diane : Jeez, where did those two go? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas? Line ID
Meliodas : Someone's here. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : But it doesn't seem like there's anyone here beside us. Line ID
Hawk : There's not even a single ghost. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : It's scary to imagine one being here. Line ID
Hawk : W-We're not getting anything done hanging around here. Line ID
Hawk : L-Let's hurry and go find those two! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Y-You're right. Line ID
King : You think you can get away from me? Line ID
Ban : It's you again? Line ID
Ban : Impostor King! Line ID
King : Impostor King? Line ID
Ban : You heard me. Line ID
King : No, no, I'm actually King. Line ID
Ban : I'm busy right now. Line ID
Ban : Shoo, shoo. Line ID
King : Not happening. Line ID
Ban : Is that so? Line ID
King : You haven't changed one bit. Line ID
King : You don't care what happens to anyone who gets in the way of your greedy pursuits. Line ID
Ban : Why, you... You're really King? Line ID
King : Didn't I say so? Line ID
Ban : Then... I won't feel bad clobbering you! Line ID
King : That's exactly how you always used to try to hurt me, back in the old days. Line ID
Ban : If we're gonna dredge up the past, you showed yourself to us—no, to me. Line ID
King : If it were up to me, we wouldn't have been reunited on these terms. Line ID
King : Ten years ago, following my exile after
being accused of overthrowing the kingdom,
Line ID
King : I headed back to my hometown, having nowhere else to go. Line ID
King : But what I returned to was... Line ID
King : a town cruelly burned to the
ground and beyond recognition.
Line ID
King : I didn't think much of it back
when we were in the Sins together.
Line ID
King : Why was a human like you immortal? Line ID
King : I never would've imagined you obtained that power by killing the Saint and drinking from the Fountain. Line ID
Ban : How do you know about that woman? Line ID
King : The Saint you killed... Line ID
King : Elaine was my sister! Line ID
Ban : Oh, I see. Line ID
Ban : So you want to kill me for revenge. Line ID
Ban : But that won't do you any good. Line ID
Ban : I'm immortal! Line ID
King : You know that my sacred
treasure has many forms, right?
Line ID
King : I see. Line ID
King : Anything that doesn't interest you goes in one ear and out the other. Line ID
King : Spirit Spear Chastiefol Form Three, Fossilization! Line ID
Ban : What now? Line ID
King : Petrification. Line ID
King : I've been looking forward to this moment. Line ID
King : Are you watching, Elaine? Line ID
Elaine : I wish what Ban came to steal wasn't the Fountain of Youth... but me... Line ID
Ban : Wanna make that happen? Line ID
Elaine : Y-You... You said you were going to get food! Line ID
Ban : I found some cowberries right over there. Line ID
Ban : All right, let's do this! Line ID
Elaine : Don't make fun of me! Line ID
Ban : Nah, I'm being serious. Line ID
Ban : For some reason, I don't get along
with other people particularly well.
Line ID
Ban : And you're... the first person to
really listen to what I have to say.
Line ID
Elaine : I... I can't. Line ID
Elaine : I... I'm happy, but... Line ID
Elaine : I have to protect the Fountain of Youth, or this forest will— Line ID
Ban : Now, just leave it to me. Line ID
Elaine : Huh? Line ID
Ban : I'll find your brother and bring him back. Line ID
Ban : You mentioned that a while ago, right? Line ID
Ban : You have a brother that left some hundred years ago. Line ID
Ban : If I do that, you're free to get out of here. Line ID
Elaine : Ban, pull yourself together! Line ID
Ban : What... in the world... Line ID
Ban : What kind of monster is that? Line ID
Elaine : It's from the Demon Clan. Line ID
Ban : Demon? Line ID
Elaine : If the Fairy King's Forest is being burned, then it must be purgatory fire! Line ID
Elaine : But they should have been sealed away after
losing to the Holy Maiden Clan in an ancient war...
Line ID
Ban : Where's the Fountain of Youth? Line ID
Elaine : Don't worry. I managed to hold on to it. Line ID
Ban : All right. Take that with you and run! Line ID
Elaine : You come with me! Line ID
Elaine : The demon hasn't noticed us yet. Line ID
Ban : That's why we've gotta take it down in one hit while we can! Line ID
Ban : Now! Line ID
Ban : See? One hit. Line ID
Elaine : No, Ban! Line ID
Elaine : A demon has more than one hea— Line ID
King : If you have any last confessions, I'll listen to them. Line ID
King : Not that I'm going to forgive you. Line ID
King : What's so funny? Line ID
King : Don't act so tough. Line ID
King : You're really frustrated, aren't you? Line ID
King : Good-bye, Ban. Line ID
Diane : They're not here. Line ID
Hawk : Couldn't they have already returned to the real world? Line ID
Diane : Who's that? Line ID
Guila : Greetings, Dragon's Sin,
Meliodas and Serpent's Sin, Diane.
Line ID
Guila : I am Holy Knight Guila. Line ID
Hawk : How did she get here? Line ID
Guila : I got here by dying. Line ID
Hawk : Did she just say "I got here by dying"? Line ID
Meliodas : That she did. Line ID
Hawk : Does she have something wrong with her? Line ID
Meliodas : Yeah. Very wrong. Line ID
Meliodas : Hawk, take Elizabeth and
run as far away as you can.
Line ID
Hawk : Agreed! Line ID
Hawk : Get on, Elizabeth. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : O-Okay! Line ID
Hawk : Go, eluding pig trivet! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Please stay safe, you two! Line ID
Hawk : Piggyup! Piggyup! Hup, hup, hup! Ho! Line ID
Hawk : Ho! Ho! Hup! Line ID
Hawk : Piggyup! Piggyup! Ho! Line ID
Hawk : I sensed something really dangerous about that Holy Knight Guila... Line ID
Hawk : It's just my animal instinct, though. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : No, I sensed something too. Line ID
Hawk : Oh, really? Line ID
Hawk : Pig tap! Line ID
Hawk : This should be far enough away. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Maybe we went a little too far... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas? Line ID
Meliodas : What are you still doing here? Keep running! Line ID
Hawk : You gotta be kidding me! Line ID
Diane : Captain! Line ID
Meliodas : So heavy. Line ID
Diane : That's mean! Line ID
Diane : Don't you have any delicacy? How could you say that?! Line ID
Meliodas : Now's not the time! Line ID
Guila : Serpent's Sin, Diane. Line ID
Guila : Your superhuman strength is among the highest of the Seven Deadly Sins. Line ID
Guila : You wield an ability which has a deep connection to nature and is exclusive to the Giant Clan, Line ID
Guila : Creation. Line ID
Guila : I've been looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes. Line ID
Diane : Well, what do you think? Line ID
Guila : Honestly, I'm disappointed. Line ID
Guila : It's not as impressive as the stories I've heard. Line ID
Diane : Then how about this? Line ID
Diane : Sand Whirl! Line ID
Diane : I can also turn minerals into sand. Line ID
Diane : Take good notes. Line ID
Guila : I see. This is very informative. Line ID
Diane : Take that! Line ID
Guila : I'd expect no less from the legendary
captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas.
Line ID
Guila : You really do have such remarkable abilities. Line ID
Guila : But it's strange. Line ID
Guila : Why do you not use your sword? Line ID
Guila : Do you really think you can
defeat me with your bare hands?
Line ID
Meliodas : Well, if you insist. Line ID
Diane : Captain's got this. Line ID
Diane : You did it, Captain! Line ID
Guila : I see. Line ID
Guila : So that's your power. Full Counter. Line ID
Guila : It reflects attacks targeting you back at the enemy with far greater force. Line ID
Guila : Very interesting. Line ID
Guila : So the stronger your opponent's attacks are,
the stronger your power becomes.
Line ID
Guila : But it has one weakness:
you can't initiate your own attacks.
Line ID
Meliodas : Why, you. Line ID
Meliodas : You figured that out, so you pulled your punches. Line ID
Guila : Come on, you two. Bring it on. Line ID
Guila : Please satisfy me. Line ID
King : Unrepentant to the very end, huh? Line ID
King : I can't say I'm surprised, Ban. Line ID
King : Well then, you can spend an agonizing eternity all alone in the Capital of the Dead, Line ID
King : where you'll find neither peace nor release from suffering. Line ID
King : That's a suitable fate for you, in return for stealing everything from Elaine. Line ID
King : What is that? Line ID
King : One of Ban's tricks? Line ID
King : No, he should no longer be able to do anything. Line ID
King : No way... Line ID
King : Elaine? Line ID
King : Is that you? Line ID
King : What? The petrification was reversed? Line ID
Ban : Yo, Elaine. Line ID
King : N-No way... Line ID
Elaine : Ban, how did you get that scar? Line ID
Ban : So you haven't been watching from this world at all? Line ID
King : Th-That voice really is... Line ID
King : Elaine, it's me! You recognize me, don't you? Line ID
King : Please, let me see you too! Line ID
Ban : You should let him see you. Line ID
Elaine : Those who still live and those who have passed on... Line ID
Elaine : The Capital of the Dead is where the
strong bond created by their memories
Line ID
Elaine : allows them to see each other for the first time. Line ID
King : You're still mad at me, huh. Line ID
King : That I abandoned you... Everything... Line ID
King : I left and threw it all away! Line ID
Ban : What's that? A Holy Knight? Line ID
Elaine : Wait, Ban! Line ID
Elaine : Why did you come to see me? Line ID
Ban : No reason. Line ID
Ban : I just wanted to say one thing. Line ID
Ban : Someday, I'll definitely make you mine. Line ID
King : Ban, what do you think you're doing to my sister? Line ID
Elaine : Thank you, Ban. Line ID
King : Why? Line ID
Elaine : No, Ban! Line ID
Elaine : A demon has more than one hea— Line ID
Elaine : Ba— Line ID
Ban : Ela— Line ID
Elaine : Ban... Ban... Line ID
Elaine : Take this water... Please, drink it... Line ID
Ban : Y-You drink it. Line ID
Ban : Idiot... Line ID
Ban : Wait here. I'll put a swift end to this. Line ID
Ban : Let's have a contest. Line ID
Ban : Who'll be turned into mincemeat first?! Line ID
King : I don't understand. Line ID
King : How can you forgive Ban,
the man who stole everything from you?
Line ID
Elaine : After you threw the country away, for 700 years... Line ID
Elaine : I lived that whole time
fighting loneliness by myself.
Line ID
Elaine : But he took those 700 years of solitude Line ID
Elaine : and buried them in just seven days. Line ID
Elaine : Because Ban found out that you're my brother, Line ID
Elaine : he provoked you and took your spear. Line ID
King : What? Line ID
Elaine : He's not the person you think he is. Line ID
King : E-Elaine! Line ID
Guila : A little more effort, please. Line ID
Guila : Attacks like those won't be able to stop my power, Explosion. Line ID
Ban : My bad, I think I just stopped it. Line ID
Meliodas : Ban! Line ID
Guila : Fox's Sin, Ban. Line ID
Guila : Take your hand off my rapier. Line ID
Ban : That's no way to ask for a favor, Miss. Line ID
Ban : I'm not touching anything. Line ID
Guila : I see. Line ID
Guila : This is your power, Snatch. Line ID
Guila : Here's something more suitable for a little snitch like you. Line ID
Guila : I've been told that you're immortal, Line ID
Guila : but from the looks of it,
you'll be sitting out the rest of this one.
Line ID
Guila : Oops. Line ID
Diane : Captain! Line ID
Guila : No matter how many times you try to
reflect my attacks with your Full Counter,
Line ID
Guila : as long as I don't let you read the nature
and timing of my attacks, it's not a problem.
Line ID
Meliodas : Ow. Line ID
Diane : Are you all right? Line ID
Meliodas : Why do you look so happy? Line ID
Ban : You alive, Cap'n? Line ID
Guila : Impressive. Line ID
Guila : The legends of your immortality were true. Line ID
Ban : That's right. You can't defeat me because I'm immortal. Line ID
Guila : Immortality and invincibility are two different things. Line ID
Guila : I can think of so many ways to dispose of you. Line ID
Ban : I don't like her one bit. Line ID
Meliodas : Ban, did she hit the mark? Line ID
Diane : Come on, you two, save the chitchat for later. Line ID
King : How am I able to see— Line ID
Elaine : If you can see me, then it's because... Line ID
Elaine : I want you to understand Ban. Line ID
Elaine : I want you to help him. Line ID
King : Elaine... Line ID
Hawk : I-I'm done. I can't run anymore. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Ouch... Line ID
King : A girl and a pig? Line ID
King : Elaine... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Um, you're Lord King, right? Line ID
King : And you are? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm Elizabeth. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : As it happens, I'm traveling with Lord Meliodas's group. Line ID
Hawk : And I'm the Captain of the
Knights of Leftovers Disposal—
Line ID
King : With Captain's group? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Yes. Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Just now, a Holy Knight appeared here and attacked Lord Meliodas and Diane. Line ID
King : What? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Um, weren't you with Lord Ban? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : He's probably a target as well, so we have to let him know. Line ID
King : And? You want me to help them out? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Spear... Line ID
King : Spear? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Please run away, Lord King! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : I'm going to borrow this spear. Line ID
King : What? Line ID
King : You... Can you really fight? Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Meliodas and Diane are always helping me out... Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : So I want to help them out for a change! Line ID
Hawk : Elizabeth... Line ID
Hawk : All right! Line ID
Hawk : We'll wipe that smug smile off her face! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : That's right, Hawk! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Wait for me, Lord Meliodas! Line ID
Hawk : We'll be there soon, Diane! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : Lord Ban! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : All right! It came out! Line ID
Hawk : Piece of cake! Line ID
Elizabeth Lyonesse : What? Line ID
Guila : My, my. Line ID
Guila : Even if it wasn't at full strength, Line ID
Guila : to take my Explosion head-on and not be blown away... Line ID
Guila : The toughness of the Giant
Clan is to be respected indeed.
Line ID
Diane : Captain, are you all right? Line ID
Meliodas : Thanks, Diane! Line ID
Ban : If you're gonna take the hit, cover me too! Line ID
Diane : Don't wanna. Line ID
Ban : Oh, 'kay. Line ID
Diane : Captain, I think I'm dying. Line ID
Diane : Can I have a parting kiss— Line ID
Meliodas : Just rest there for a bit. Line ID
Ban : All right, time for the two of us to throw down! Line ID
Guila : So these are the legendary knights? Line ID
Guila : Were the legends just fairy tales after all? Line ID
Ban : What? Line ID
King : Yo, Ban. Line ID
Elaine : Take this... This forest's last seed... Line ID
Elaine : Plant it... somewhere. Line ID
Ban : You really... All for this? Line ID
Ban : Do it yourself! Line ID
Elaine : The forest must have known... Line ID
Elaine : that you would... protect it... Line ID
Ban : The forest doesn't matter! Stay with me, Elaine! Line ID
Elaine : I was... really happy... Line ID
Elaine : When you said... "Wanna make that happen?" Line ID
Elaine : Hey, Ban... Line ID
Elaine : Can you... say it... aga... Line ID
Ban : Yeah, Elaine. Line ID
Ban : Someday, I'll definitely make you— Line ID
Ban : Come on, at least let me finish. Line ID
EXTRA : King loves Diane, and he's
following her even to this day.
Line ID
Diane : That King, where could he be? Line ID
Diane : Even Ban ran off somewhere. Line ID
Diane : And now no one's around. Line ID
Diane : I'm hungry. Line ID
Diane : Green light. Red light! Line ID
Diane : Next time, on The Seven Deadly Sins: "Dark Pulse." Line ID
EXTRA : By the way, all fairies can fly, but giants can't. Line ID
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Just as your kind partakes of meat as nourishment,
Servants partake of minds and souls.

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