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Maria Naruse : It's morning. Please wake up, Basara-san! (0:00:11.93)
Basara Toujo : Maria? (0:00:17.53)
Basara Toujo : Hmm? (0:00:20.32)
Basara Toujo : Wait, what on earth are you doing?! (0:00:22.84)
Basara Toujo : You're naked?! (0:00:26.16)
Maria Naruse : You know you're actually happy about it. (0:00:27.65)
Maria Naruse : Now, just be honest. (0:00:30.02)
Basara Toujo : Fine, I lose! (0:00:35.29)
Basara Toujo : So get away from me! (0:00:36.88)
Maria Naruse : I refuse. (0:00:38.78)
Basara Toujo : Huh? (0:00:39.98)
Maria Naruse : If you must insist, (0:00:41.39)
Maria Naruse : could you say,
"Maria... I want to be inside you."
Maria Naruse : Yes, like a sweetly whispered breath. (0:00:49.71)
Basara Toujo : Maria. (0:00:54.73)
Maria Naruse : Yes, Basara-san? (0:00:55.78)
Maria Naruse : Y-You raised your hand against a woman?! (0:01:00.41)
Basara Toujo : Yeah. (0:01:03.65)
Basara Toujo : It's the lowest thing for a man to do. (0:01:05.84)
Basara Toujo : However, I had no choice because
your actions were even lower!
Maria Naruse : Good grief, you're simply not being honest. (0:01:16.52)
EXTRA : A Little Sister's Morning Demon Lording (0:02:52.52)
Basara Toujo : Jeez, that lewd demon. (0:02:53.39)
Basara Toujo : S-Sorry! (0:03:06.84)
Basara Toujo : I just accidentally... (0:03:08.20)
Basara Toujo : Ow! (0:03:13.62)
Mio Naruse : Hey! (0:03:19.16)
Mio Naruse : Not there! (0:03:20.68)
Basara Toujo : Huh? Wha? (0:03:22.80)
Mio Naruse : Wh-What are you coming in here for, pervert! (0:03:29.30)
Mio Naruse : I'll kill you a hundred times! (0:03:31.95)
Basara Toujo : Wait! The door didn't have the "bathing"
sign hung on it, so I assumed...
Mio Naruse : Come up with a better lie
if you're making excuses!
Basara Toujo : I'm not lying! (0:03:40.76)
Basara Toujo : Besides, if I did something like
that everything would be over!
Mio Naruse : Huh?! (0:03:45.26)
Basara Toujo : Our life together here! (0:03:46.12)
Mio Naruse : Oh... (0:03:48.09)
Basara Toujo : I've been trying not to use
our Master-Servant pact
Basara Toujo : except when I have to so we can
protect our privacy, haven't I?
Basara Toujo : So it's only natural for accidents
like this to happen, right?
Mio Naruse : Right. (0:03:59.44)
Mio Naruse : I'm sorry. But I know I hung the sign. (0:04:01.82)
Basara Toujo : I didn't remove it. (0:04:06.19)
Basara Toujo : There's only one other person, right? (0:04:08.01)
Mio Naruse : Oh. (0:04:11.19)
Basara Toujo : Well, I'm sorry I ended up panicking. (0:04:12.28)
Mio Naruse : That reminds me, (0:04:15.41)
Mio Naruse : you were like that when we first met, too. (0:04:16.22)
Mio Naruse : I'll let you off with 500,000 volts! (0:04:22.64)
Basara Toujo : Damn, it still stings. (0:04:31.16)
Yuki Nonaka : Leave it to me. (0:04:34.00)
Basara Toujo : Sure. Thanks. (0:04:35.15)
Basara Toujo : Huh? (0:04:36.80)
Basara Toujo : Y-Yuki? (0:04:38.22)
Yuki Nonaka : I came to pick you up. (0:04:39.71)
Yuki Nonaka : I thought we could go to school together. (0:04:41.36)
Basara Toujo : I-I see. (0:04:44.08)
Basara Toujo : Wait, hold on. (0:04:46.05)
Basara Toujo : How'd you get inside our house? (0:04:47.08)
Yuki Nonaka : Through the entrance like normal. (0:04:48.64)
Yuki Nonaka : That succubus let me in. (0:04:49.97)
Basara Toujo : Maria again?! (0:04:51.70)
Basara Toujo : But you... (0:04:53.54)
Yuki Nonaka : I tried completely concealing my presence. (0:04:55.09)
Basara Toujo : That's a bad way to show humility. (0:04:57.81)
Basara Toujo : You could give someone a
heart attack like that!
Yuki Nonaka : Basara, let me wash you. (0:05:02.19)
Basara Toujo : N-No, that wouldn't be right! (0:05:03.97)
Yuki Nonaka : Why not? (0:05:06.18)
Yuki Nonaka : We used to bathe together long ago. (0:05:07.20)
Yuki Nonaka : Basara, don't you like
bathing with me anymore?
Basara Toujo : The issue isn't about whether I like it. (0:05:14.06)
Basara Toujo : Uh, Yuki-san? (0:05:19.54)
Yuki Nonaka : You bathed with Naruse and that succubus, (0:05:22.04)
Yuki Nonaka : yet you don't want to with me? (0:05:25.06)
Basara Toujo : H-Hey! (0:05:29.24)
Yuki Nonaka : Basara, let me wash you. (0:05:30.23)
Yuki Nonaka : If you won't let me wash you, (0:05:31.80)
Yuki Nonaka : then I'll do something even bolder. (0:05:35.22)
Basara Toujo : It's been five years already. (0:05:38.98)
Yuki Nonaka : It has. (0:05:41.80)
Yuki Nonaka : Basara... (0:05:45.49)
Basara Toujo : Hmm? (0:05:46.56)
Yuki Nonaka : Will and you and Jin-san
ever return to the village?
Mio Naruse : Basara? (0:05:54.77)
Basara Toujo : S-Sorry. I'm coming out. (0:05:56.12)
Basara Toujo : Come on. (0:05:59.83)
Mio Naruse : Hey, Basara. (0:06:01.88)
Mio Naruse : You were at fault earlier, too, you know. (0:06:03.09)
Mio Naruse : My bath towel came undone
because you were so rough,
Mio Naruse : and you seized the chance
to do those things...
Mio Naruse : It really was embarrassing for me. (0:06:10.48)
Basara Toujo : I-I'm sorry. But that was... (0:06:12.80)
Basara Toujo : Hey! What are you doing? (0:06:16.26)
Mio Naruse : What's wrong, Basara? (0:06:18.22)
Basara Toujo : N-No, it's nothing. (0:06:19.80)
Basara Toujo : H-Hey! (0:06:22.73)
Yuki Nonaka : Basara, what did you seize the chance to do? (0:06:24.08)
Basara Toujo : N-No, it was a bit of an accident. (0:06:27.29)
Mio Naruse : Hey, Basara. (0:06:29.49)
Basara Toujo : Y-Yeah? (0:06:30.93)
Mio Naruse : Why is there a girl's uniform here? (0:06:32.12)
Basara Toujo : Huh? O-Oh, s-sorry. (0:06:35.11)
Basara Toujo : That's mine. (0:06:37.77)
Basara Toujo : I actually have an interest
in cross-dressing.
Basara Toujo : I'm kidding. (0:06:45.00)
Basara Toujo : That's impossible, right? (0:06:46.56)
Basara Toujo : W-Wait! (0:06:49.51)
Mio Naruse : No, no way... (0:06:52.15)
Mio Naruse : Right now? Like this? (0:06:55.46)
Basara Toujo : Don't tell me?! (0:06:57.08)
Basara Toujo : I knew it. (0:06:59.95)
Yuki Nonaka : What's wrong? (0:07:01.49)
Basara Toujo : Just a wrap a towel around yourself! (0:07:02.50)
Maria Naruse : Excuse me! (0:07:10.48)
Maria Naruse : Could it be Mio-sama's
going weak with pleasure?
Maria Naruse : Oh! (0:07:15.12)
Maria Naruse : I thought this might
happen, so I bought this!
Maria Naruse : The world's smallest, most lightweight! (0:07:19.64)
Maria Naruse : Never let your memories fade, (0:07:21.40)
Maria Naruse : so the memorial to your youth
remains with you always!
Maria Naruse : Huh? (0:07:27.08)
Maria Naruse : Huh? (0:07:27.88)
Maria Naruse : What are you doing, Basara-san! (0:07:30.87)
Maria Naruse : I don't care about me, just take the camera! (0:07:32.82)
Maria Naruse : Please take the camera at least! (0:07:34.89)
Maria Naruse : My pride as a succubus demands that
I must film Mio-sama right now!
Basara Toujo : Shut up! (0:07:40.68)
Basara Toujo : Show some restraint,
you loli pervert succubus!
Basara Toujo : Are you all right, Mio? (0:07:44.42)
Mio Naruse : It's your fault, and yet I... (0:07:46.48)
Mio Naruse : Onii-chan, you jerk! (0:07:49.75)
Mio Naruse : I'll kill you a hundred times! (0:07:51.60)
Basara Toujo : I get it. Let's go to your room, then. (0:07:52.71)
Maria Naruse : Basara-san! Can you hear me? (0:07:55.44)
Basara Toujo : Sorry, Yuki. (0:07:57.13)
Maria Naruse : Please give me back my camera! (0:07:58.42)
Basara Toujo : Could you wait in our living room? (0:07:58.47)
Maria Naruse : Please! Give it back! (0:07:59.85)
Yuki Nonaka : All right. (0:08:00.52)
Basara Toujo : We're making sure we undo
this Master-Servant pact
Basara Toujo : on the next night of the full moon. (0:08:06.83)
Yahiro Takigawa : Incredible! There's no way this is beef! (0:08:10.99)
Basara Toujo : It's perfectly good beef. (0:08:15.59)
Basara Toujo : Watch out. It'll burn if
you cook it took long.
Yahiro Takigawa : I won't let something this good burn! (0:08:20.53)
Yahiro Takigawa : So good! (0:08:28.18)
Yahiro Takigawa : But are you sure, Basacchi? (0:08:32.06)
Yahiro Takigawa : This is expensive, right? (0:08:34.31)
Basara Toujo : I always repay my debts. (0:08:37.51)
Yahiro Takigawa : I see! (0:08:39.37)
Yahiro Takigawa : Uh-huh. (0:08:42.91)
Yahiro Takigawa : Are you sure it's all right to
be spending money on this
Yahiro Takigawa : when your dad's out of town? (0:08:46.16)
Basara Toujo : It's pocket change from my savings. (0:08:51.79)
Basara Toujo : I couldn't use Dad's money to treat you. (0:08:54.32)
Yahiro Takigawa : You're so earnest. (0:08:58.96)
Yahiro Takigawa : Are you really Jin Toujou's kid? (0:09:02.56)
Basara Toujo : Is my dad famous in the demon realm, too? (0:09:05.72)
Yahiro Takigawa : Huh? (0:09:08.40)
Yahiro Takigawa : Well, yeah. (0:09:09.05)
Yahiro Takigawa : Apparently, one of the reasons the
previous Demon Lord, Wilbert,
Yahiro Takigawa : decided to withdraw his troops (0:09:12.12)
Yahiro Takigawa : was that he feared Jin Toujou's
monstrous strength in combat.
Yahiro Takigawa : He was the demons' greatest enemy, (0:09:19.74)
Yahiro Takigawa : and they treated him like a war god. (0:09:21.64)
Basara Toujo : My father's my father, and I'm me. (0:09:24.18)
Yahiro Takigawa : Regarding our last incident at the park... (0:09:27.96)
Yahiro Takigawa : Word from the top is they're sending
reinforcements for observation.
Basara Toujo : Reinforcements?! (0:09:34.21)
Yahiro Takigawa : Apparently they've decided there's a chance (0:09:36.67)
Yahiro Takigawa : that Naruse Mio has awoken to
the previous Demon Lord's power.
Yahiro Takigawa : It'll be difficult for me
to cooperate in the future.
Yahiro Takigawa : And they might not necessarily
send someone who's weaker than I am.
Yahiro Takigawa : Plus, you and Naruse formed
a Master-Servant pact, right?
Basara Toujo : Y-Yeah. (0:09:56.18)
Yahiro Takigawa : Judging from that, I guess you haven't heard. (0:10:02.22)
Yahiro Takigawa : That magic doesn't just allow to
you detect each other's locations
Yahiro Takigawa : or activate a curse when betrayed. (0:10:09.50)
Yahiro Takigawa : It raises your combat strength the
stronger your faith and loyalty grow.
Basara Toujo : You mean it makes us stronger? (0:10:17.14)
Yahiro Takigawa : That's why the higher up a demon is, (0:10:20.26)
Yahiro Takigawa : the more that demon will try to amass others
to command through Master-Servant pacts.
Yahiro Takigawa : The curse does more than
just prevent betrayal, too.
Yahiro Takigawa : If captured by the enemy, (0:10:29.14)
Yahiro Takigawa : the subordinate becomes a liability to the master. (0:10:30.94)
Yahiro Takigawa : That is the greatest act of
betrayal towards their master.
Yahiro Takigawa : So the curse activates to its fullest, (0:10:36.04)
Yahiro Takigawa : and well, most don't live through it. (0:10:38.81)
Basara Toujo : You mean if the enemy
captures Mio, she'll die?!
Yahiro Takigawa : Plus, if I remember right... (0:10:45.82)
Yahiro Takigawa : You formed your pact using
that succubus's nature, right?
Basara Toujo : Y-Yeah. She said using Mio's
nature would be dangerous.
Basara Toujo : What about it? (0:10:57.48)
Yahiro Takigawa : No, I'll stop there. (0:10:59.23)
Yahiro Takigawa : It's not a very pleasant topic. (0:11:02.77)
Yahiro Takigawa : We're here enjoying some barbecue. (0:11:05.96)
Yahiro Takigawa : Let's end that talk here. (0:11:07.84)
Basara Toujo : Yeah. (0:11:10.48)
Yahiro Takigawa : It's all-you-can-eat, (0:11:11.59)
Yahiro Takigawa : so we'll be missing out if we
don't keep placing more orders.
Basara Toujo : You're right. (0:11:16.12)
Basara Toujo : All right, let's eat! (0:11:17.76)
Basara Toujo : Wait, ahh! (0:11:19.31)
Basara Toujo : Ahh... (0:11:21.45)
Yahiro Takigawa : Ahh... (0:11:21.45)
Chisato Hasegawa : What? It's you two? (0:11:23.12)
Yahiro Takigawa : Hasegawa-sensei?! (0:11:25.92)
Chisato Hasegawa : Mind if I join you two? (0:11:27.40)
Basara Toujo : Huh? (0:11:29.52)
Yahiro Takigawa : No, please do, please do. (0:11:30.34)
Chisato Hasegawa : The men from other tables came up in turns (0:11:35.00)
Chisato Hasegawa : to ask me if I'd eat with them. (0:11:37.96)
Chisato Hasegawa : Does a woman eating barbecue by
herself seem that lonely to others?
Basara Toujo : No, they probably... (0:11:45.19)
Yahiro Takigawa : Yeah, I think it's something else, Sensei. (0:11:47.08)
Chisato Hasegawa : Did you choose this restaurant, Toujou? (0:11:50.16)
Basara Toujo : Huh? Oh, yes. (0:11:52.31)
Basara Toujo : This place is run by a friend of my father's. (0:11:54.15)
Basara Toujo : But why do you ask? (0:11:56.60)
Chisato Hasegawa : This picture is your father's, right? (0:11:58.32)
Basara Toujo : You know my dad? (0:12:01.57)
Chisato Hasegawa : Yeah, I love the photos he takes. (0:12:03.83)
Basara Toujo : Thanks. I'll let him know. (0:12:07.00)
EXTRA : Sorry for the wait. (0:12:09.89)
Chisato Hasegawa : Now then, shall we eat? (0:12:11.92)
Yahiro Takigawa : Yeah! We're just getting started! (0:12:14.80)
Yahiro Takigawa : Cheers! (0:12:19.37)
Basara Toujo : Cheers! (0:12:19.37)
Yahiro Takigawa : Later, I've got business to take care of (0:12:23.60)
Chisato Hasegawa : You two were having an awfully
strange conversation,
Chisato Hasegawa : talking about demons and loyalty. (0:12:29.78)
Basara Toujo : Huh? Oh, we were discussing a game. (0:12:32.92)
Chisato Hasegawa : A game, huh? (0:12:36.88)
Chisato Hasegawa : You seem awfully into it. (0:12:38.54)
Basara Toujo : Huh? (0:12:41.07)
Chisato Hasegawa : Your tone was serious when you were
talking about it with Takigawa.
Basara Toujo : I guess so. (0:12:47.08)
Basara Toujo : Even if it is a game... (0:12:48.76)
Basara Toujo : There are some things I just can't lose. (0:12:50.45)
Basara Toujo : Huh? (0:12:54.65)
Basara Toujo : S-Sensei? (0:12:57.53)
Chisato Hasegawa : You have to protect your little
sisters in your father's stead?
Chisato Hasegawa : I see. (0:13:07.71)
Basara Toujo : But it's hard, you know? (0:13:09.09)
Basara Toujo : Right now it seems impossible with my power. (0:13:11.69)
Chisato Hasegawa : You're taking too much on yourself. (0:13:14.91)
Chisato Hasegawa : Listen. (0:13:17.48)
Chisato Hasegawa : If you draw a line you absolutely
refuse to surrender,
Chisato Hasegawa : then that's the only thing you
need to protect, no matter what.
Basara Toujo : A line I absolutely refuse to surrender... (0:13:24.00)
Chisato Hasegawa : Toujou, you should give some more thought to (0:13:26.51)
Chisato Hasegawa : what it is you truly want to protect. (0:13:30.50)
Basara Toujo : All right. (0:13:33.54)
Chisato Hasegawa : Good! (0:13:34.87)
Basara Toujo : Huh? (0:13:37.32)
Chisato Hasegawa : For the future of the heavens up high, (0:13:40.69)
Chisato Hasegawa : may the protection and guidance of
the spirits of light be with you.
Basara Toujo : S-Sensei? (0:13:44.52)
Chisato Hasegawa : Oh, sorry. (0:13:46.11)
Chisato Hasegawa : It's an old charm from my village. (0:13:47.11)
Chisato Hasegawa : Don't worry about it. (0:13:49.75)
Lars : I didn't expect it would be you, Valga. (0:14:06.52)
Valga : Well, shall we see how our target's doing? (0:14:10.28)
Lars : The hero clan is moving already, too. (0:14:13.79)
Valga : Oh? (0:14:16.13)
Lars : If we stir things up too much, (0:14:16.83)
Lars : they may start acting in earnest, (0:14:18.33)
Lars : and if anything happens to Naruse Mio... (0:14:21.20)
Lars : The leaders will kill you. (0:14:23.66)
Valga : I want to get to know the
situation myself as well.
Lars : Jeez. (0:14:31.91)
Lars : We both know you won't
stop at just observing.
Zest : Please wait. (0:14:37.64)
Lars : Zest?! (0:14:42.00)
Lars : I heard we were sending one
person as reinforcements?
Zest : I'm not here as your reinforcements. (0:14:46.36)
Lars : Then why would Marquis Zolgia's right-hand woman
make an appearance herself?
Zest : I am not acting on His
Excellency's command alone.
Zest : I have orders from His Majesty, as well. (0:14:56.78)
Zest : Do you have any complaints? (0:15:04.36)
Lars : No. (0:15:07.20)
Lars : If that's the case, then
I'll gladly work with you.
Maria Naruse : Basara-san, what you say is true. (0:15:22.08)
Maria Naruse : If Mio-sama were to fall
into the enemy's hands,
Maria Naruse : the curse is likely to
activate its greatest effect.
Basara Toujo : Don't tell me... (0:15:31.27)
Basara Toujo : You said this was so we could
sense each other's whereabouts,
Basara Toujo : but you actually had us form this pact so
Wilbert's power wouldn't fall into enemy hands?!
Maria Naruse : I did not! (0:15:39.92)
Maria Naruse : If Mio-sama is kidnapped, (0:15:41.24)
Maria Naruse : then you would be able
to pinpoint her location.
Maria Naruse : As you are now, you'd be
able to go rescue her!
Maria Naruse : I did debate it. (0:15:50.32)
Basara Toujo : And you chose to let me protect her (0:15:52.88)
Basara Toujo : over the risk of her
falling into enemy hands?
Maria Naruse : That's all I can do right now. (0:16:00.05)
Maria Naruse : If Mio-sama knew about this, (0:16:03.73)
Maria Naruse : then she would probably worry
from the sense of responsibility.
Basara Toujo : She might run off on her
own again like last time.
Maria Naruse : Which is why I didn't tell you about this, (0:16:13.61)
Maria Naruse : and tried to cultivate
your trust in each other,
Maria Naruse : hoping that it would grow stronger. (0:16:19.30)
Maria Naruse : But I never thought you would go
looking into the Master-Servant pact.
Basara Toujo : Well, I am a former member of the hero clan. (0:16:29.46)
Basara Toujo : I have a connection or two... (0:16:33.56)
Basara Toujo : Which means it's probably best to leave
our Master-Servant pact tied as is.
Maria Naruse : Please leave it to me, Basara-san. (0:16:44.80)
Maria Naruse : It might be presumptuous of me, (0:16:47.27)
Maria Naruse : but I've thought of the most effective
solution for this situation.
EXTRA : Mai (0:16:55.16)
EXTRA : We're all alone together now, huh? (0:16:56.12)
EXTRA : D-Don't stay silent. Say something. (0:16:58.17)
Maria Naruse : It's good, isn't it? (0:16:59.67)
Maria Naruse : The smell of a woman fresh out of the bath. (0:17:01.63)
Basara Toujo : So, how is this supposed to
be an effective solution?
Maria Naruse : Right now, building the trust between
you and Mio-sama is our top priority.
Maria Naruse : This game is an example
of how you can tame her.
Basara Toujo : This is a good opportunity to say
what I've been thinking for a while.
Maria Naruse : Hmm? (0:17:22.08)
Basara Toujo : You're an idiot, aren't you? (0:17:22.80)
Maria Naruse : My, my... (0:17:24.68)
Maria Naruse : I think it's far more foolish
to fight with conventional means
Maria Naruse : when we need to combat the current Demon
Lord's faction and our forces are limited.
EXTRA : 1) Approach her normally and put her at ease. (0:17:37.70)
EXTRA : 2) Act very kindly and gentlemanly (0:17:38.70)
Maria Naruse : Now, there are three choices here, (0:17:38.95)
EXTRA : 3) Knowing Mai's determination, I can't hesitate. In order to
respond to her feelings, I'll be strong and rough with my love.
EXTRA : I won't regret it. That's my responsibility as her
step brother, her family... and I believe that.
Maria Naruse : so please select the choice
you think is appropriate.
Basara Toujo : Hey, isn't there something
wrong with that third option?
Maria Naruse : Ah, I knew it. (0:17:51.45)
Basara Toujo : What? Do you have a problem with it? (0:17:52.94)
Maria Naruse : No. Please continue. (0:17:55.58)
EXTRA : The next morning I woke, feeling a chill on my skin. Our home was the same... (0:17:59.18)
Maria Naruse : See? You got the bad ending, didn't you? (0:17:59.99)
EXTRA : but the girl who should have been there was gone.
She had disappeared. Leaving only a single letter...
EXTRA : "I'm glad I got to feel your kindness in the end." ...It read in her familiar, trembling handwriting. (0:18:01.26)
Basara Toujo : How'd things end up like this? (0:18:05.73)
Maria Naruse : Basara-san, you don't understand
a woman's feelings at all.
Maria Naruse : Oh well. (0:18:11.36)
Basara Toujo : Hey?! (0:18:12.37)
Maria Naruse : Now, let's help her out! (0:18:12.90)
EXTRA : "Huh?! What are you saying all of sudden? Is there something wrong with your brain?!" (0:18:17.07)
Basara Toujo : See, look? That third option's out. (0:18:17.47)
Maria Naruse : What are you saying?
You should be looking closely.
EXTRA : "No! Onii-chan!!! Don't stop!
More... More!! I love you!!"
Maria Naruse : Listen, Basara-san. (0:18:26.87)
Maria Naruse : With strong-willed women, (0:18:28.65)
Maria Naruse : they're all submissive at heart,
once you peel away their shell.
Basara Toujo : What kind of twisted reasoning
makes you say that?
Maria Naruse : So, for Mio-sama, you need to
forcefully strip away her shell!
Basara Toujo : Are you really her subordinate? (0:18:40.99)
Maria Naruse : It's because I'm her subordinate that (0:18:43.61)
Maria Naruse : I want Mio-sama to be
able to be her true self.
Maria Naruse : Now, Basara-san, there's no time to waste. (0:18:49.42)
Maria Naruse : In order to help you forge an
unshakable bond with Mio-sama,
Maria Naruse : you're going to pick up the proper know-how
to train your little stepsister!
Mio Naruse : I knocked several times,
and you weren't answering,
Mio Naruse : but you seem to be having
an awfully fun chat.
Maria Naruse : Mio-sama! (0:19:08.75)
Mio Naruse : What? (0:19:10.13)
Maria Naruse : I-If you let me... (0:19:11.55)
Maria Naruse : if you let me explain, you'll understand. (0:19:12.42)
Mio Naruse : Perhaps. (0:19:13.92)
Mio Naruse : But before that, can we have a moment, Maria? (0:19:15.16)
Mio Naruse : Don't worry, I won't take
too much of your time.
Maria Naruse : Basara-san, quit watching
and help me, please!
Maria Naruse : I taught you, didn't I? Be strong! (0:19:25.63)
Maria Naruse : Now is the time! (0:19:27.87)
Takashi Hayase : I knew it. There's an awful
lot being drawn here.
Kyouichi Shiba : Having a victim on hand would give
us a reason to eliminate the target.
Takashi Hayase : There's no call for unnecessary victims. (0:19:56.09)
Kyouichi Shiba : You sure are earnest. (0:19:58.30)
Kyouichi Shiba : Good grief, it's hard work
being a hero of justice.
Kyouichi Shiba : Don't you agree, Kurumi-chan? (0:20:04.39)
Kurumi Nonaka : No, that's our duty. (0:20:07.97)
Takashi Hayase : Shiba-san, the village has
already given its decision.
Takashi Hayase : The target... (0:20:16.59)
Takashi Hayase : Naruse Mio has been upgraded from a target
for observation to a target for elimination.
Basara Toujo : Umm, did you need me for something, senpai? (0:20:25.12)
Shouhei Donoue : I hear you're living with
Princess Mio, but...
Shouhei Donoue : you haven't done any weird
things to her, have you?
Kaiji Hozumi : I've heard Princess Yuki was giving you a hug, (0:20:35.07)
Kaiji Hozumi : but are you two really
just childhood friends?
Shouhei Donoue : Hey, say something! (0:20:42.26)
Mamoru Sakazaki : What are you all doing over there? (0:20:44.42)
Shouhei Donoue : Tsk. (0:20:47.81)
Kaiji Hozumi : We weren't doing anything. (0:20:49.01)
Kaiji Hozumi : Let's go. (0:20:51.69)
Mamoru Sakazaki : Are you all right? (0:20:55.84)
Basara Toujo : Yes. (0:20:57.05)
Basara Toujo : Thank you very much, Sensei. (0:20:57.79)
Mamoru Sakazaki : Sure. (0:20:59.84)
Basara Toujo : Yuki! I see. You called the teacher. (0:21:07.85)
Yuki Nonaka : Yeah. (0:21:12.56)
Yuki Nonaka : I thought it would be better for
Sakazaki-sensei to show up than for me to.
Basara Toujo : Thanks. (0:21:18.20)
Basara Toujo : I didn't want to make a move, either. (0:21:19.64)
Basara Toujo : Not against normal people. (0:21:22.14)
Yuki Nonaka : Actually, there's something
I want to ask you.
Basara Toujo : Why so formal? (0:21:26.91)
Yuki Nonaka : Do you have any plans next weekend? (0:21:29.00)
Basara Toujo : No, not particularly. (0:21:33.20)
Yuki Nonaka : Then, go on a date with me, Basara. (0:21:36.05)
Basara Toujo : Huh?! (0:21:40.28)
Kyouichi Shiba : Well, shall we get going then? (0:21:51.12)
Kyouichi Shiba : To be heroes who protect this world (0:21:54.00)
Kyouichi Shiba : by defeating this future Demon Lord. (0:21:57.83)

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