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I only heard the gist,

- Anastasia Hoshin

One Punch Man - Episode 1

Episode Replay

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EXTRA : What on earth! Line ID
EXTRA : Look at that! Line ID
EXTRA : It's closing in! Line ID
EXTRA : Who's available? Line ID
EXTRA : We have word that Lightning Max
and Smile Man are on their way.
Line ID
EXTRA : Get me that threat level assessment! Line ID
EXTRA : As you can see, loud explosions
are going off behind me!
Line ID
EXTRA : The damage left by the monster
is at an unprecedented scale.
Line ID

The Heroes Association is currently
analyzing the threat level--

Line ID
Saitama : Guess I'll go. Line ID
Line ID
EXTRA : Daddy! Mommy! Line ID
Vaccine Man : And who do we have here? Line ID
Saitama : Just a guy who's a hero for fun. Line ID
Vaccine Man : What kind... Line ID
Vaccine Man : of half-assed backstory is that? Line ID
Vaccine Man : I was formed from
the constant stream of pollution
Line ID
Vaccine Man : with which you humans
have suffused the earth.
Line ID
Vaccine Man : I am Vaccine Man! Line ID
Vaccine Man : The Earth is a single living organism. Line ID
Vaccine Man : You humans are nothing but
a disease-causing bacteria
Line ID
Vaccine Man : eating away at her lifeforce. Line ID
Vaccine Man : In order to obliterate humans
and their evil civilization,
Line ID
Vaccine Man : the Earth has given birth to me! Line ID
Vaccine Man : You say you do this for fun?
For fun?
Line ID
Vaccine Man : How dare you confront me,
Mother Earth's apostle,
Line ID
Vaccine Man : for that inane reason?! Line ID
Vaccine Man : Yet, what more could be
expected from a hu--
Line ID
Saitama : Not again...
All it took was one punch!
Line ID
Saitama : DAMN IT! Line ID
Line ID
EXTRA : - A monster!
- Run!
Line ID
Crablante : Huh? Line ID
Crablante : You sure you
don't want to run away?
Line ID
Crablante : I bet you're a newly employed
businessman already tired of work.
Line ID
Crablante : I ate too much crab and
transformed into this, Crablante!
Line ID
Crablante : Why aren't you running? Line ID
Crablante : You've got a death wish. Line ID
Crablante : Is that it? Line ID
Saitama : Well, not quite. Line ID
Saitama : I'm no businessman. I'm unemployed.
Right now, I'm looking for a job.
Line ID
Saitama : I had another interview today
and got rejected royally.
Line ID
Saitama : I couldn't care less about anything. Line ID
Saitama : So I'm in no mood to run Line ID
Saitama : just because the mighty Crablante
has appeared.
Line ID
Saitama : So, what'll happen if I don't run? Line ID
Crablante : Your eyes are lifeless, just like mine. Line ID
Crablante : From one set of lifeless eyes
to another, I'll let you go.
Line ID
Crablante : Besides, right now... Line ID
Crablante : I'm hunting different prey. Line ID
Crablante : A big-chinned brat. Line ID
Crablante : And when I find him,
I'm gonna rip his arms off!
Line ID
Split-Chinned Kid : What're you looking at? Line ID
Saitama : A big-chinned brat...
If he's caught, he's dead!
Line ID
Saitama : Hey, kid. Were you messing
with a big crab monster?
Line ID
Split-Chinned Kid : Huh? Line ID
Split-Chinned Kid : He was asleep in the park, Line ID
Split-Chinned Kid : so I drew some nipples on him
with my marker.
Line ID
Saitama : It's definitely him... Line ID
Saitama : He has no idea what he's done.
What do I do? I could still help...
Line ID
Saitama : But man, this kid isn't cute at all. Line ID
Saitama : It's none of my business...
I should just walk away.
Line ID
Saitama : Right. I mean, who really cares? Line ID
Crablante : I found you! Line ID
Saitama : What the hell am I doing? Line ID
Crablante : Huh! Line ID
Saitama : Kid, he's after you!
Get outta here!
Line ID
Saitama : Don't worry about me. Just go! Line ID
Split-Chinned Kid : B-But... Line ID
Split-Chinned Kid : My soccer ball... Line ID
Saitama : Your ball?! Line ID
Crablante : Hey, what's the big idea? Line ID
Crablante : Don't tell me you're gonna
protect that stinkin' brat!
Line ID
Saitama : Come on, you're gonna kill him
over some harmless prank?
Line ID
Saitama : Think about this! Line ID
Crablante : I've already mutilated lots of people. Line ID
Crablante : Whoever makes fun of
the way I look pays the price.
Line ID
Crablante : No exceptions. Line ID
Crablante : By the way, that brat drew
nipples on my body.
Line ID
Crablante : With a permanent marker! Line ID
Crablante : Look at these claws!
I can't even use a towel to wipe it off!
Line ID
Crablante : Get in my way, and I'll make sure
you never go job hunting again!
Line ID
Saitama : It just came to me. Line ID
Saitama : You look exactly like a villain
from this anime I used to watch!
Line ID
Crablante : Die. Line ID
Saitama : Hold it right there. Line ID
Saitama : In this age of declining birth rates,
I can't just let you kill a kid.
Line ID
Saitama : You know what? Line ID
Saitama : When I was a little boy,
I wanted to be a hero.
Line ID
Saitama : Not a businessman, Line ID
Saitama : but a hero who could send
rotten villains like you flying
Line ID
Saitama : with one punch. Line ID
Saitama : Screw looking for a job! Line ID
Saitama : Bring it on! Line ID
Crablante : Some hero you are! Line ID
Crablante : You're pathetic! Line ID
Crablante : You don't stand
a chance against me.
Line ID
Crablante : Your life! Line ID
Saitama : Has it really been three years
since then?
Line ID
Saitama : After that day,
I trained so hard I went bald.
Line ID
Saitama : I became so powerful,
no one can beat me.
Line ID
Saitama : I'm the hero I dreamed of becoming. Line ID
Saitama : So what is this? What's wrong? Line ID
Saitama : Why does my heart feel so empty? Line ID
EXTRA : 482 yen, please. Line ID
Saitama : Okay. Line ID
Saitama : Oh, hang on. Line ID
Saitama : I have 82 yen. Line ID
Oldface : Incredible... Line ID
Oldface : This is incredible, little brother! Line ID
Oldface : I never thought it would work so well. Line ID
Beefcake : Yes, it's more than
I ever imagined, big brother.
Line ID
Beefcake : My goal was to become
the strongest man in the world.
Line ID
Beefcake : The strongest man. Line ID
Beefcake : That was my dream. Line ID
Oldface : At last, the ultimate steroid,
"Biceps King," is complete!
Line ID
Oldface : Little brother! Line ID
Oldface : Drink this and you will obtain
the power you've been seeking!
Line ID
Beefcake : What? Drink that? Line ID
Oldface : Indeed! I added strawberry flavoring,
to make it go down easier.
Line ID
Beefcake : Brother... Line ID
Oldface : Yes, this will do! Line ID
Oldface : My brains and your brawn! Line ID
Oldface : By combining the greatest of minds
and the strongest of bodies,
Line ID
Oldface : we brothers will conquer everything
on earth
Line ID
Oldface : and rule as kings! Line ID
Oldface : I-Incredible! Line ID
Oldface : Well done, little brother.
Thousands have perished!
Line ID
Oldface : Now, on to the next town
to destroy it as well!
Line ID
Beefcake : This! This is it, big bro.
This is what I was looking for...
Line ID
Beefcake : To be the strongest man. Line ID
EXTRA : This is an emergency
evacuation warning.
Line ID
EXTRA : A giant creature has
appeared in City D.
Line ID
EXTRA : The creature is currently
heading towards City B.
Line ID
EXTRA : All residents of the area,
please evacuate immediately.
Line ID
EXTRA : I repeat, the giant creature
is currently heading for--
Line ID
Oldface : Yes, that's right! Scatter like rats! Line ID
Oldface : Get them! Line ID
Beefcake : I'm the strongest man, Line ID
Beefcake : I'm the strongest man,
I'm the strongest man.
Line ID
Oldface : What do you think, brother? Line ID
Saitama : Yeah, how's it feel
being the strongest?
Line ID
Oldface : What?! Line ID
Oldface : There's someone on your shoulder! Line ID
Saitama : Put some pants on. Line ID
Oldface : That guy on your shoulder! Kill him! Line ID
Beefcake : Brotherrrr! Line ID
Beefcake : How did this happen?!
I just wanted to be strong!
Line ID
Beefcake : And I finally am
the strongest man, but...!
Line ID
Beefcake : I don't know who you are,
but it's your fault my brother is dead!
Line ID
Beefcake : The strongest! Line ID
Beefcake : Behold our brotherly power! Line ID
Beefcake : I am the strongest. Line ID
Beefcake : So what if I am? Line ID
Beefcake : I feel empty. Line ID
Saitama : Right? Line ID
Saitama : Having overwhelming strength is... Line ID
Saitama : ...pretty boring. Line ID
Saitama : Oops. Line ID
Line ID
Saitama : There's no sign that the evils
of the world are disappearing.
Line ID
Saitama : This hasn't changed since
before I became a hero.
Line ID
Saitama : In other words, you could say that
I haven't made any impact.
Line ID
Saitama : I'm not necessarily sad about that. Line ID
Saitama : But there's something
bothering me lately.
Line ID
Saitama : As the days pass,
my emotions grow more distant.
Line ID
Saitama : Fear, tension, joy, anger...
I feel none of them anymore.
Line ID
Saitama : In exchange for power, Line ID
Saitama : maybe I've lost something
that's essential for a human being?
Line ID
EXTRA : Vroom, vroom? Line ID
EXTRA : No sense hiding if you saw me. Line ID
EXTRA : I'm Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II! Line ID
EXTRA : I love... Line ID
Saitama : - I used to feel all kinds of emotions
- building custom cars so much...
Line ID
Saitama : - whirling inside me when I fought.
- I decked myself out.
Line ID
Saitama : - Fear. Panic. Anger.
- I'm a custom car-loving monster!
Line ID
EXTRA : If you're thinking of getting in my way, Line ID
EXTRA : I'll put a shine on
that big headlight of yours!
Line ID
Saitama : But now, all I need is
one punch to end it.
Line ID
Saitama : Guess I'll have eggs over rice tonight. Line ID
Saitama : Each day... Line ID
Saitama : I come home uninjured
and wash my gloves.
Line ID
Saitama : When I'm out fighting monsters,
I never feel as if my heart's really in it.
Line ID
Saitama : I mean, I just do the hero-thing
as a hobby.
Line ID
Saitama : In other words, Line ID
Saitama : as long as I get a kick out of it,
that's all I care about.
Line ID
Saitama : My house?! Line ID
Saitama : He's tough! Line ID
Saitama : What the hell are you? Line ID
EXTRA : "What" am I? That's rude.
We are the true earthlings.
Line ID
Saitama : We? Line ID
EXTRA : I believe you call us
Line ID
EXTRA : We suffer from overpopulation. Line ID
EXTRA : Therefore, we must now
claim the world aboveground.
Line ID
EXTRA : I understand that there are
many people on the surface too.
Line ID
EXTRA : As it stands, you are in our way. Line ID
EXTRA : That is why we have decided to
eradicate you all.
Line ID
EXTRA : Since our invasion commenced, Line ID
EXTRA : 70% of the surface dwellers
have been killed.
Line ID
EXTRA : This is a battle for survival. Line ID
EXTRA : I hope you can understand that. Line ID
EXTRA : However, this is unexpected. Line ID
EXTRA : We have encountered
no surface dwellers
Line ID
EXTRA : whom our punches would not kill. Line ID
Saitama : Same here. Line ID
Saitama : It's been too long since
I've come across such worthy opponents,
Line ID
Saitama : Subterraneans! Line ID
EXTRA : We are earthlings! Line ID
EXTRA : But how?! Line ID
EXTRA : You bastard! Line ID
Saitama : Die! Line ID
EXTRA : It's over. Line ID
EXTRA : What was that surface dweller? Line ID
Saitama : I'm... Line ID
Saitama : just a guy who's a hero for fun. Line ID
Saitama : I do not lose! Line ID
Saitama : And the surface... Line ID
Saitama : is under my protection! Line ID
EXTRA : Big talk for a race of vermin! Line ID
Saitama : What is this feeling? Line ID
Saitama : This wild throbbing in my heart?! Line ID
Saitama : This rush, this tension! Line ID
Saitama : It's been so long, I forgot Line ID
Saitama : the exhilaration of a real fight! Line ID
Saitama : It's coming back to me. Line ID
Saitama : This is it. Line ID
EXTRA : Well, well... Line ID
EXTRA : Looks like you've been taking
good care of my children.
Line ID
Saitama : This is it! Line ID
EXTRA : I, the Subterranean King,
will take you on.
Line ID
Saitama : This is the very feeling
I've been looking for!
Line ID
EXTRA : The surface is ours! Line ID
EXTRA : You surface dwellers must die! Line ID
EXTRA : I am the Subterranean King! Line ID
EXTRA : Surface dwellers,
prepare yourselves for--
Line ID
Saitama : All right, bring it on! Line ID
Line ID
Saitama : I've become too strong. Line ID
Line ID
Line ID
EXTRA : How'd you like seeing me
get ripped apart this week?
Line ID
Crablante : Now it's time for me,
the mighty Crablante,
Line ID
Crablante : to tell you what happens next week. Line ID
Crablante : Huh? There are no visuals? Line ID
Crablante : Well, next week this guy appears
in Z City where Saitama lives!
Line ID
Crablante : What now? Time's up? Line ID
Crablante : Well next week will be episode 2,
"The Lone Cyborg."
Line ID
Crablante : I hope you all-- Line ID
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