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One Punch Man - Episode 2

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EXTRA : What could be the cause of the massive
mosquito outbreak this year?
Line ID
EXTRA : We ask Mr. Kafetch, Line ID
EXTRA : a mosquito expert who has written
several books on the subject.
Line ID
EXTRA : Thank you for having me. Line ID
EXTRA : Well, let me come right to the point. Line ID
EXTRA : These mosquitos belong
to an entirely new species.
Line ID
EXTRA : Therefore, I know nothing about them. Line ID
EXTRA : Get out! Line ID
EXTRA : Ah, excuse me. Line ID
EXTRA : Now, let's take a look at the areas Line ID
Saitama : - Man, City Z's in their path.
- likely to be hit hardest by the outbreak.
Line ID
Saitama : Now we've got a mosquito outbreak? Line ID
EXTRA : We interrupt this program
for breaking news.
Line ID
EXTRA : A large swarm of mosquitos
has been sighted in City Z.
Line ID
EXTRA : Mummified remains of attacked
farm animals have also been found.
Line ID
EXTRA : If you encounter a swarm of mosquitos,
flee immediately.
Line ID
EXTRA : This is an emergency evacuation warning.
Threat level: Demon.
Line ID
EXTRA : No resident is to go outside
under any circumstances.
Line ID
EXTRA : I repeat, no City Z resident
is to go outside...
Line ID
Genos : Acquiring target. Line ID
Line ID
EXTRA : Thanks to that warning,
they're all empty!
Line ID
EXTRA : Like someone's gonna die
from a mosquito bite.
Line ID
EXTRA : What's losing
a little blood if I get all this?
Line ID
EXTRA : The wind...? Line ID
EXTRA : What the--?! Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Come on, you guys.
That wasn't nearly enough.
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Go get some more for me! Line ID
Genos : Target acquired. Line ID
Genos : I see. Line ID
Genos : You make them suck the blood,
then take it all for yourself.
Line ID
Genos : You must be controlling the mosquitos
via some sort of signal.
Line ID
Genos : That would explain
their mysterious behavior.
Line ID
Genos : So if I were to get rid of you,
the leader,
Line ID
Genos : would the swarm disperse too? Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Our next meal is here.
Go drain him dry.
Line ID
Genos : Incinerate. Line ID
Genos : I am about to eliminate you. Line ID
Genos : Stay where you are. Line ID
Mosquito Girl : You, eliminate me? Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Go on and try! Line ID
Saitama : Got you. Line ID
Saitama : Damn...mosquitos!! Line ID
Genos : Incinerate. Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Maybe a leg next? Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Wait, where are my legs? Line ID
Genos : Impossible. Line ID
Genos : You cannot escape from me. Line ID
Mosquito Girl : What the hell is that guy? Line ID
Mosquito Girl : He's gonna get me
if I don't do something.
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : The townspeople may
all be hiding,
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : but there are plenty
of animals around.
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Come here, little ones. Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Empty all your stored juices into me! Line ID
Genos : So many. Line ID
Genos : If she's been collecting blood
from the whole town and beyond,
Line ID
Genos : then it may not simply be
a food source for her.
Line ID
Genos : I should put an end to this
as soon as possible.
Line ID
Saitama : Get back here, dammit! Line ID
Saitama : You and I aren't done yet! Line ID
Genos : What's with this guy? Line ID
Saitama : It's in my mouth!
Pft! Pft! You little--!
Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Saitama : What's that squirming over there? Line ID
Saitama : It's...mosquitoes?! Line ID
Genos : You over there. Line ID
Genos : Evacuate now. Line ID
Genos : That swarm is conscious. Line ID
Genos : If it senses you,
it will immediately attack.
Line ID
Saitama : Seriously? Line ID
Saitama : That's bad. I gotta get-- Line ID
Genos : Since you spoke, I thought you would have
at least human-level intelligence.
Line ID
Genos : But you were just a bug. Line ID
Genos : You brought all the mosquitos together
into one, easy-to-burn swarm.
Line ID
Genos : When I spotted you, Line ID
Genos : I confirmed there were
no living beings within 500 meters,
Line ID
Genos : so I should have been free to fire away. Line ID
Genos : Wait, that guy might have-- Line ID
Saitama : Man, you saved me.
You're amazing.
Line ID
Saitama : What was that just now?
You totally made them bug out!
Line ID
Saitama : Ba-dum-dum-tsh. Line ID
Saitama : Oh, I was just trying to make a joke
about the mosquitos being bugs, and...
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Idiot! Line ID
Mosquito Girl : I no longer need the tiny ones. Line ID
Mosquito Girl : I mean, Line ID
Mosquito Girl : look... Line ID
Mosquito Girl : how strong I've become!! Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Can't your punches
kill a little mosquito?
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Weakling! Line ID
Genos : I see. Line ID
Genos : The more blood she consumes,
the more powerful she becomes.
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : I think I'll have your head next! Line ID
Genos : I let my guard down.
There's no chance of winning.
Line ID
Genos : All I can do is self-destruct. Line ID
Genos : Forgive me, Doctor... Line ID
Saitama : Mosquitos...suck! Line ID
Genos : Hold on! Line ID
Genos : Please tell me your name! Line ID
Saitama : Oh. It's Saitama. Line ID
Genos : I'd like to be your disciple. Line ID
Saitama : Oh, okay. Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Genos : Sensei! Line ID
Saitama : You really showed up. Line ID
Saitama : Uh... Line ID
Genos : It's "Genos," Saitama-sensei. Line ID
Saitama : Can you not call me sensei? Line ID
Genos : Master! Line ID
Saitama : Not Master either! Line ID
Saitama : Go on home after your drink. Line ID
Saitama : I'm not looking for disciples. Line ID
Saitama : Wait--you're back in one piece? Line ID
Genos : Yes, my body is mostly mechanical. Line ID
Genos : As long as there are parts,
repairs are quick.
Line ID
Saitama : You're an odd one. Line ID
Genos : What kind of parts
do you use, Master?
Line ID
Saitama : Don't use any. Line ID
Genos : Then what about the
skin-colored armor on your head?
Line ID
Saitama : Yeah, that's my skin. Line ID
Genos : But that would mean you're bald
despite being so young.
Line ID
Saitama : So I'm bald--what's your problem?! Line ID
Genos : Me? You'll listen to my problems? Line ID
Saitama : No thanks, I'm good. Line ID
Genos : Actually, four years ago, when I was 15,
I was still a real human being.
Line ID
Saitama : Did you hear what I just said? Line ID
Genos : Although we had to pinch pennies, Line ID
Genos : my family and I lived
a peaceful and fairly happy life.
Line ID
Genos : But one day, a crazy cyborg went out of
control and attacked our town.
Line ID
Genos : The insane cyborg... Line ID
Genos : Most likely, a failed body modification
generated an irregularity in his brain.
Line ID
Genos : He destroyed everything in sight. Line ID
Genos : Parks, schools, buildings, my house... Line ID
Genos : He even took my family's lives. Line ID
Genos : Miraculously I survived,
but being only a weak 15-year-old,
Line ID
Genos : I was alone and at the end of my strength
in a ruined town.
Line ID
Genos : That's when Doctor Kuseno happened
to pass through.
Line ID
Genos : Doctor Kuseno, a scientist for justice, Line ID
Genos : was on a mission to stop the destruction
caused by the rampaging cyborg.
Line ID
Genos : I asked Doctor Kuseno to perform
body modification surgery on me.
Line ID
Genos : That's how I was reborn as a cyborg
who fights for justice.
Line ID
Genos : I promised Doctor Kuseno that one day
I would terminate the evil cyborg.
Line ID
Saitama : I see-- Line ID
Genos : It's been four years since that day. Line ID
Genos : I'm now 19 and I've been wandering
from town to town eliminating evil.
Line ID
Genos : The number of monsters and criminal
organizations I have destroyed
Line ID
Genos : are too many to count. Line ID
Genos : But I have been unable to find any clues
about the insane cyborg
Line ID
Genos : and have become increasingly
frustrated and restless.
Line ID
Genos : I find myself chasing a virtual image
of that cyborg
Line ID
Genos : whenever I square off against
my enemies.
Line ID
Genos : Then last week, when that mosquito
monster appeared,
Line ID
Genos : I let my concentration slip. Line ID
Genos : I was convinced I could not lose to anything
but the rampaging cyborg,
Line ID
Genos : so I neglected to even analyze the data
on my opponent and rushed to confront her.
Line ID
Genos : The result, as you know, Line ID
Genos : was that an opponent
with immense strength bested me.
Line ID
Genos : If you, Master Saitama,
had not been in the area,
Line ID
Genos : I would have undoubtedly
been destroyed.
Line ID
Genos : Master, you saved my life. Line ID
Genos : My life that was once saved by
Doctor Kuseno
Line ID
Genos : has now been saved again by you,
Master Saitama.
Line ID
Genos : I feel the weight of that responsibility. Line ID
Genos : I must not die before
destroying that cyborg.
Line ID
Genos : And to do that, I must continue
fighting evil as a righteous cyborg
Line ID
Genos : until he appears before me one day. Line ID
Genos : I need to get stronger. Line ID
Genos : Last week,
when I saw your punch,
Line ID
Genos : I knew I had to study under you
as your disciple.
Line ID
Genos : If only I could be
as strong as you, Master Saitama!
Line ID
Genos : I have an old enemy to defeat, Line ID
Genos : and the battle is not for me only. Line ID
Genos : It's for my hometown,
and for Doctor Kuseno too.
Line ID
Genos : I realize I am still inexperienced. Line ID
Genos : But right now,
I need enormous power
Line ID
Genos : so I can eradicate
the greatest of evils!
Line ID
Genos : Doctor Kuseno is-- Line ID
Saitama : Enough, you idiot!
Shorten it to 20 words or less!
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Mosquito Girl was defeated? Line ID
Doctor Genus : With one punch, you say? Line ID
Doctor Genus : Well, she was merely
a prototype, after all.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Why is he naked? Line ID
EXTRA : Unknown. Line ID
Doctor Genus : Well, whatever. Line ID
Doctor Genus : He'll make an excellent specimen. Line ID
Doctor Genus : We shall study his physiology--
by force if necessary.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Send a messenger
and invite him here,
Line ID
Doctor Genus : to our "House of Evolution." Line ID
Genos : Master, here's the short version: Line ID
Genos : Please teach me the way to become
strong like you.
Line ID
Saitama : - Genos...
- Yes!
Line ID
Saitama : How old are you? Line ID
Genos : 19. Line ID
Saitama : So young... Line ID
Saitama : I'm sure you'll surpass me in no time. Line ID
Genos : Do you mean that? Line ID
Saitama : I'm 25 now, but I was 22
when I started training in the summer.
Line ID
Saitama : Sure, I'll teach you. Line ID
Saitama : But it won't be easy.
Can you handle it?
Line ID
Genos : Yes, sir!! Line ID
Genos : Object approaching at high speed--
It's here!
Line ID
Saitama : What? Line ID
EXTRA : My name is...huh? Line ID
Saitama : Pay for my ceiling! Line ID
EXTRA : So... Line ID
EXTRA : Hm? Line ID
EXTRA : It seems our advance agent,
Kamakyuri, is down.
Line ID
EXTRA : I can't sense him
with my telepathy anymore.
Line ID
EXTRA : What? Wasn't he one of
our stronger guys?
Line ID
Genos : There are two more outside. Line ID
Genos : Master, leave them to me! Line ID
Saitama : Don't bust people's ceilings! Line ID
Genos : Oh, never mind. Line ID
Saitama : Can't you guys just
come through the door?
Line ID
Genos : M-Master! Line ID
Saitama : No, I'm fine. Line ID
Saitama : I kinda feel like a...bamboo shoot. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Elevated energy levels detected. Line ID
Genos : A cyborg? Line ID
Genos : Could it be...? Line ID
Armored Gorilla : You are not the target. Line ID
Saitama : What's going on? I can't see. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : You are in the way! Line ID
Genos : I have a few questions for you. Line ID
Beast King : It would appear you're in
what they call a "tight spot."
Line ID
Beast King : Well done, Ground Dragon! Line ID
Line ID
EXTRA : It complicates things
if they put up a fight.
Line ID
Genos : Master! Line ID
Armored Gorilla : You dare look away? Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Quite courageous! Line ID
Armored Gorilla : I am the pinnacle of
the House of Evolution's science.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : I am Armored Gorilla. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Your attacks have no effect. Line ID
Genos : The "House of Evolution"? Line ID
Genos : What does it want with my master? Line ID
Armored Gorilla : It is none of your business. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : And it is our rule that any who
oppose us be eliminated without fail.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : I must destroy you. Line ID
Beast King : Hey, jerk-off! Line ID
Beast King : What's with that look? Line ID
Saitama : Being underground keeps you cool, Line ID
Saitama : but at the same time,
it's nice and warm.
Line ID
Saitama : I'm sleepy. Could you get lost? Line ID
Beast King : I see I need to
teach you your place.
Line ID
Beast King : Listen up! I'm gonna slice
your eyes out with these!
Line ID
Beast King : Then we'll see if you resist! Line ID
Beast King : The Beast King never
lets anyone off easy.
Line ID
Saitama : Well, enough fooling around. Line ID
Saitama : If you wanna apologize,
now's your chance.
Line ID
Saitama : You guys smashed my ceiling! Line ID
Beast King : Humph. Fine. Line ID
Beast King : Then behold the true power Line ID
Saitama : - Aw man...
- of the Beast--
Line ID
Saitama : I got dirt in my special place. Line ID
Beast King : Hey, are you listening? Line ID
Saitama : Let me just shake this out. Line ID
Beast King : You done? Line ID
Saitama : One sec. Line ID
Saitama : I'm done. Line ID
Beast King : Okay, then behold the true power
of the Beast King!
Line ID
Beast King : Lion Slash! Line ID
EXTRA : You okay, Frog Man-- Line ID
Beast King : Outta the way, pissants! Line ID
Beast King : Such is the law of the jungle! Line ID
Beast King : And you're next! Line ID
EXTRA : Wait! Don't kill him yet! Line ID
Beast King : Lion Slash: Meteor Power Shower!! Line ID
Saitama : Consecutive... Line ID
Saitama : Normal Punches. Line ID
Saitama : Oh. Line ID
EXTRA : N-No one told me
he'd be like that!
Line ID
EXTRA : It's best we retreat now and regroup... Line ID
Saitama : Found you! Line ID
EXTRA : No waayyy! Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Genos : Answer the question or be eliminated. Line ID
Genos : Your choice. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : It is you who will be eliminated. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : You fool. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : I am the third most powerful
fighter in the "House of Evolution."
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : At your power level, Line ID
Armored Gorilla : you will never beat the Beast King,
the second most powerful.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : You will be destroyed. Line ID
Saitama : Is this who you mean? Line ID
Genos : Apparently so. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Look, I'm really sorry. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : I'll tell you everything,
just don't kill me!
Line ID
Saitama : What the--?
What happened to your robot voice?
Line ID
Saitama : Sorry, I was just trying
to sound cool.
Line ID
EXTRA : What do you mean?
The hit team wiped out?
Line ID
EXTRA : - How did this happen?
- Wait, don't jump to conclusions yet.
Line ID
EXTRA : - It may be a mistake.
- Verify the report immediately!
Line ID
EXTRA : - Right away.
- Be careful!
Line ID
Doctor Genus : What's all the commotion? Line ID
Mosquito Girl : NEXT EPISODE:

Okay, time for Mosquito Girl's
episode preview!
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Next week's story will be about
my birthplace.
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : I was born--what?!
Time's up already?!
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Oh, all right. Line ID
Mosquito Girl : The next episode of One-Punch Man
is episode 3, "The Obsessive Scientist."
Line ID
Mosquito Girl : Scientist, huh? Who could that be? Line ID
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