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Armored Gorilla : Long ago, there existed
a brilliant young scientist.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : By dint of his astonishing genius, Line ID
Armored Gorilla : he was able to make a number of
contributions to human knowledge.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Eventually, however, he became
disillusioned with the world.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Though constantly showered with praise
for the subtlety of his mind,
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : none of his ideas or theories
ever received
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : even the slightest support
from the scientific community.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : "We should not be striving to advance
human civilization,
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : but rather the artificial evolution of
humans as a species."
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : That was the only dream
he had ever had,
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : but not a single person came forward
to help him fulfill that dream.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Damn these apes! Line ID
Doctor Genus : "Dangerous ideas?"
Writing about me as if I were some freak?
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Do they really think humans have come
this far by avoiding risks?
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Idiots who think
they no longer need to evolve
Line ID
Doctor Genus : have no right to pass on their genes! Line ID
Doctor Genus : Of course, this plan was always
for my own sake.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : I will carry it out...
even if I must do it all myself!
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Thereafter, he devoted himself to research. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : It was only after he turned 70
that his efforts began to yield results.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : First, the scientist regained his youth. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Next, he began cloning himself. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : He named his laboratory
the "House of Evolution,"
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : and together with his clones Line ID
Armored Gorilla : he conducted countless experiments
with animals to create new species.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Eventually, his experiments shifted to
human subjects--
Line ID
Saitama : This is taking too long! Line ID
Armored Gorilla : ...Huh? Line ID
Saitama : What's this got to do with me?
You're just trying to act cool again.
Line ID
Saitama : Just get to the point, okay? Line ID
Genos : My master is a busy man.
Summarize it in 20 words or less.
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : ...I-I'm sorry. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : So, in other words, my boss has become
very curious about your body.
Line ID
Saitama : I'm not interested in dudes. Line ID
Genos : I think you misunderstood, Master. Line ID
Genos : He plans to use your body,
which surpasses normal human limitations,
Line ID
Genos : for his research on evolution. Line ID
Genos : If we don't do something,
I'm sure he'll try again.
Line ID
Genos : We cannot allow him a free hand. Line ID
Genos : Our move should be to attack him. Line ID
Saitama : Sure, let's go. Line ID
Genos : Okay. Line ID
Genos : Huh? Line ID
Genos : Now?! Line ID
Saitama : Yeah, there's a sale on tomorrow.
Can't do it then.
Line ID
Genos : Master! Line ID
Armored Gorilla : This doesn't sound good.
Better tell the Doctor....
Line ID
Genos : Hey, you. Line ID
Armored Gorilla : Oh. Yes? Line ID
Genos : I have one last question. Line ID
Genos : Was the "House of Evolution" developing
cyborgs prior to four years ago?
Line ID
Genos : How many more cyborgs are there? Line ID
Genos : Have any of them destroyed towns
in the past?
Line ID
Armored Gorilla : I'm not sure, Line ID
Armored Gorilla : but at the "House of Evolution,"
I'm the only combat cyborg.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Impossible! Line ID
Doctor Genus : Our elite force, formed for the extermination
of these obsolete humans, wiped out?!
Line ID
Doctor Genus : According to Armored Gorilla's report,
the two responsible are on their way here.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : If they come, Line ID
Doctor Genus : all our research, everything we've been
working on, could be destroyed.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : This is a serious matter. Line ID
Doctor Genus : The only option is to use our trump card. Line ID
Doctor Genus : Begin preparations for the release of
Carnage Kabuto.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : What?! Line ID
Doctor Genus : -No, not him!
-That's crazy!
Line ID
Doctor Genus : -He'll finally be released?
-He's right. That might be the only way.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : -But maybe we should stop him.
-It's too dangerous.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : -I have a bad feeling about this.
-Is that the only way?
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Be calm!
He will be our last resort.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : But... Line ID
Doctor Genus : First, from the first to the eighth floor,
we'll activate all our traps.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : If we're lucky, they will take care of
the intruders.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : I'm fully aware of what will happen to me Line ID
Doctor Genus : should we fail. Line ID
Genos : I didn't think we'd be running
the whole way.
Line ID
Saitama : How else are we gonna get there? Line ID
Genos : I was sure you could fly or something. Line ID
Saitama : Humans can't fly, you know. Line ID
Genos : It's amazing that you are never late.
You are a true hero.
Line ID
Saitama : Actually, I hardly ever arrive on time. Line ID
Genos : We're here. Line ID
Genos : This is the place Gorilla told us of. Line ID
Saitama : So this is... Line ID
Genos : ...the "House of Evolution." Line ID
Saitama : One, two, three, four, five, six...
Looks like it's about eight stories high--
Line ID
Saitama : Uh...what was that all of a sudden? Line ID
Genos : Yes. I decided it would be most efficient
to destroy them all in one swoop.
Line ID
Saitama : Well, that's true but... Line ID
Saitama : We could have at least seen
what the bad guys had in store for us.
Line ID
Saitama : That was kind of mean. Line ID
Saitama : Looks like there's a basement. Line ID
Doctor Genus : S-Stop!! Line ID
Doctor Genus : Hey, Carnage Kabuto. Line ID
Doctor Genus : Are you well? Line ID
Doctor Genus : It appears you've killed
a bunch of my clones again.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Satisfied? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Huh? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Fool! Why would I be satisfied? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : I've been kept locked up
deep beneath the Earth.
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Me! The strongest warrior in the entire
"House of Evolution."
Line ID
Doctor Genus : You are mentally unstable. We couldn't
control you. There was no choice.
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Control? You moron! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : I am the culmination of the "New Human"
you guys have sought for so long.
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : My intelligence and physical strength
and your own are incomparable!
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : You should be the ones obeying me. Line ID
Doctor Genus : No. You're a failure. Line ID
Doctor Genus : It's true you perform
at unheard of levels,
Line ID
Doctor Genus : but it is humanity you lack. Line ID
Doctor Genus : Go ahead, kill me.
Plenty of clones could take my place.
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Oh? Line ID
Doctor Genus : But I have a favor to ask first. Line ID
Doctor Genus : There's a specimen I must have. Line ID
Doctor Genus : He is extremely strong.
Only you can defeat him.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : I want you to catch him for me... Line ID
Doctor Genus : ...dead or alive. Line ID
Saitama : This basement is huge! Line ID
Saitama : I'm getting kind of fired up. Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Genos : I sense living beings deeper in... Line ID
Genos : Master, two of them are approaching. Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Oh, here we go! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : There are two. Which one is it? Line ID
Doctor Genus : The one on the right... Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : In that case, you don't need the one
on the left!
Line ID
Saitama : Genos? Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Saitama : Hey... Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : I am Carnage Kabuto! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : We got a combat experimentation room. Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Let's do this in there. Line ID
Saitama : You turned Genos into a piece of
modern art.
Line ID
Saitama : Fight's on! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Pretty big, eh? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : It's the biggest room in the facility. Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : This is where they make us fight
to test our combat abilities.
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Well then, let's start the killing-- Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Oh? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Still alive, huh? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : You fool! Line ID
Genos : Machinegun Blows! Line ID
Genos : He got me. Line ID
Genos : Let me... Line ID
Genos : ...take him... Line ID
Saitama : Your face is all cracked.
Don't push yourself.
Line ID
Genos : With his breath? Impossible! Line ID
Saitama : Genos, you okay? Line ID
Genos : Yes... Line ID
Saitama : No you're not! Look at your head! Line ID
Saitama : You've gone and gotten my hopes up. Line ID
Doctor Genus : I have always been critical of humans
and their inferior abilities.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : The entire species, aside from myself,
can be viewed only as dumb animals.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : That realization was agony for me. Line ID
Doctor Genus : If memory serves, I was 15
when it occurred to me.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : A plan to evolve
the human animal
Line ID
Doctor Genus : and create a world
where I could live contentedly.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : A utopia of my own, created by me. Line ID
Doctor Genus : A world made up of only us, Line ID
Doctor Genus : the new human breed
that will transcend humanity!
Line ID
Doctor Genus : I must see it through. Line ID
Doctor Genus : Compared to my anguish back then,
this physical pain I feel now is nothing.
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : What's the hold up? Let's go! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Bring everything you've got. Line ID
Doctor Genus : Carnage Kabuto--a demon incarnate, Line ID
Doctor Genus : the strongest and most brutal
creation of the House of Evolution.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Let's see how you, at your archaic stage
of human development,
Line ID
Doctor Genus : fare against a monster that is
the final form of artificial evolution.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Or will you be the trigger for
a new evolution?
Line ID
Doctor Genus : I can't wait to find out! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Oh, I see it. I see it!
You're supposed to be strong.
Line ID
Saitama : Don't disappoint me now. Line ID
Saitama : You're this place's ultimate weapon, right? Line ID
Saitama : You're clearly not the same as the guys
from this morning.
Line ID
Saitama : Look at you, just oozing with confidence. Line ID
Genos : Such speed! Line ID
Saitama : What are you doing? Line ID
Saitama : Hey. Line ID
Doctor Genus : He just backed off? Line ID
Doctor Genus : Carnage Kabuto?! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : If I'd attacked him just now,
he'd have killed me.
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Who the hell is this guy? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : He's leaving himself wide open, Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : yet all my instincts are screaming,
sending out danger signals!
Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : You bastard! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : How the hell did you get that strong?! Line ID
Saitama : So you wanna know too? Line ID
Saitama : Okay, fine. Line ID
Saitama : Genos, you listen carefully too. Line ID
Genos : He's going to tell us right now? Line ID
Genos : The secret to Master's power...? Line ID
Doctor Genus : I'd like to know too. Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Saitama : Who are you? Line ID
Doctor Genus : I am Genus. Line ID
Saitama : Well, fine. Listen up. Line ID
Genos : It's too risky! He can't let these guys
know his secret!
Line ID
Saitama : First, what's important is, to make sure
you stick to this intense training regimen.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Training? Not modification surgery
or genetic enhancement,
Line ID
Doctor Genus : but training? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : What training...? Line ID
Saitama : Listen, Genos. Line ID
Saitama : You just have to keep doing it. Line ID
Saitama : No matter how hard it gets. Line ID
Saitama : It took me three years to get this strong. Line ID
Saitama : One hundred push-ups!
One hundred sit-ups!
Line ID
Saitama : One hundred squats! Line ID
Saitama : Then a ten kilometer run. Line ID
Saitama : Every single day! Line ID
Saitama : And of course, make sure you eat
three meals a day.
Line ID
Saitama : Just a banana in the morning is fine.
But the most important thing is
Line ID
Saitama : SAVE MONEY

to never use the A/C or heat
in the summer or winter
Line ID
Saitama : SAVE MONEY

so that you can strengthen the mind.
Line ID
Saitama : In the beginning, you'll wish
you were dead.
Line ID
Saitama : You might start thinking
what's the harm of taking a day off?
Line ID
Saitama : But for me, in order to be a strong hero,
no matter how tough it was,
Line ID
Saitama : even if I was spitting blood,
I never stopped.
Line ID
Saitama : I kept doing squats even when my legs
were so heavy they refused to move.
Line ID
Saitama : Even when my arms started making
weird clicking noises,
Line ID
Saitama : I kept doing push-ups. Line ID
Saitama : A year and a half later, I started
to notice a difference.
Line ID
Saitama : I was bald... Line ID
Saitama : And I had become stronger! Line ID
Saitama : In other words, you gotta train like hell
to the point where your hair falls out.
Line ID
Saitama : That's the only way to become strong. Line ID
Saitama : The guys that are fooling around with Line ID
Saitama : the "new human race" and evolution junk
will never make it this far.
Line ID
Saitama : Human beings are strong because
we have the ability to change ourselves.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : W-What? Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Is this guy...for real? Line ID
Genos : Master... Line ID
Genos : You are so... Line ID
Genos : full of crap! Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Genos : That is nothing but
standard strength training!
Line ID
Genos : And it's not even that intense!
It's just a normal level!
Line ID
Genos : I...I have to get stronger. I didn't ask
to study under you just to hear jokes!
Line ID
Genos : Master Saitama, Line ID
Genos : your power is clearly stronger than
what you'd get from just training your body.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : That's right, I want to know your-- Line ID
Genos : We want to know your true secret! Line ID
Saitama : Genos... Line ID
Saitama : You may not believe me,
but that's really all I did.
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Oh yeah? Line ID
Doctor Genus : No! Carnage Kabuto! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : If you don't wanna tell us your secret...
so be it.
Line ID
Doctor Genus : Stop! You'll go on another rampage! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : I bet you aren't stronger than me anyway! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : But, since you pissed me off, Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : I'm gonna annihilate you. Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : CARNAGE MODE

Carnage Mode!
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : When I get like this I lose control
for a whole week
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : and my lust for death cannot be quelled! Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : After I kill you, I'll head into town and go on
a killing rampage until next Saturday!
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : If you are indeed a strong hero,
then try and stop me!
Line ID
Saitama : No way... it can't be. Line ID
Genos : Master?! Line ID
Saitama : Dammit. I may have made
a horrible mistake.
Line ID
Saitama : This guy's in Carnage mode... Line ID
Saitama : He said he'll be on a rampage
for a whole week?
Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Death, death, death, death, death, death, Line ID
Carnage Kabuto : Death, death, death, death, death!! Line ID
Saitama : He'll be like this till next Saturday? Line ID
Saitama : One whole week from today... Line ID
Saitama : Next Saturday... Line ID
Saitama : In other words, today
is Saturday too.
Line ID
Saitama : That means.. . Line ID
Doctor Genus : It's all over. Line ID
Doctor Genus : There's no one in this world
that can stop him.
Line ID
Saitama : That means...
Today is...
Line ID
Saitama : Bargain day at the supermarket!! Line ID
Doctor Genus : Who the hell is this guy? Line ID
Saitama : I screwed up!!! Line ID
Doctor Genus : What is he-- Line ID
Genos : I'm pretty sure he's upset about this. Line ID
Line ID
Genos : Master, the store closes at 10:00 PM. Line ID
Genos : That is about four hours away.
If we really hurry, we can make it.
Line ID
Saitama : I'll make it if I hurry? Line ID
Genos : Yes! Line ID
Saitama : Let's go, Genos! Line ID
Genos : Yes, Master! Line ID
Doctor Genus : I think I'm done with evolution. Line ID
Doctor Genus : It appears...
I am the one who must change.
Line ID
EXTRA : Yes. The on-site investigation
is underway.
Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, that's correct. Line ID
EXTRA : Just like the other cases, the area has been
thoroughly burnt by intense flames.
Line ID
EXTRA : Everything points to the young cyborg
being responsible for this.
Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, understood. Line ID
EXTRA : Such a devastating amount of power. Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah... Line ID

Yo, this is Carnage Kabuto.
In Japanese my name is "Ashura Kabuto,"
Line ID

and the kanji come from "Shell," "Field Trip"
and the sanskrit word "Aum."
Line ID

Whaddaya think?
Bah, you don't give a damn!
Line ID

Coming next on One-Punch Man is
episode 4, "The Modern Ninja."
Line ID

So the guy is finally gonna show up?
Line ID
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