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Sir Edward Lampard : Moroha, was it? (0:00:01.05)
Sir Edward Lampard : I went to see how good he is. (0:00:03.34)
Tadanori Urushibara : Don't tell me you attacked him. (0:00:05.54)
Sir Edward Lampard : Don't worry, I just tested him. (0:00:08.50)
Sir Edward Lampard : I haven't hurt anyone. (0:00:11.19)
Tadanori Urushibara : So how is Haimura Moroha? (0:00:13.54)
Sir Edward Lampard : He was a complete let-down. (0:00:16.28)
Sir Edward Lampard : Sadly I can't nominate him for Rank S. (0:00:18.77)
Angela : Dammit! (0:00:23.06)
Angela : I was going to test him,
and he ended up going easy on me.
Sir Edward Lampard : I'm disappointed, too, of course. (0:00:27.44)
Sir Edward Lampard : But they'll find out sooner
or later, even if we lied.
Tadanori Urushibara : He defeated a Dreadnought class,
even if it took the three of them.
Sir Edward Lampard : Three Rank As might cause a miracle. (0:00:38.16)
Sir Edward Lampard : Maybe the other two besides
Moroha are pretty good, too.
Moroha Haimura : I'm back. (0:02:19.50)
Maya Shimon : Welcome home, Moroha-san. (0:02:21.87)
Moroha Haimura : Oh, Maya. (0:02:26.70)
Moroha Haimura : Why? I mean, how? (0:02:28.10)
Maya Shimon : I'm going to be your roommate
starting today, Moroha-san.
Moroha Haimura : Huh? (0:02:33.21)
Maya Shimon : Just think of me as the world's
warmest, softest, cutest body pillow.
Moroha Haimura : How could I? (0:02:40.82)
Moroha Haimura : Hurry up and go back to the principal. (0:02:42.51)
Maya Shimon : This was Mari-oneechan's decision. (0:02:44.82)
Moroha Haimura : S-Seriously? (0:02:48.02)
Maya Shimon : Seriously. (0:02:49.16)
Maya Shimon : Good night. (0:02:51.81)
Moroha Haimura : This isn't illegal, is it? (0:02:57.56)
Shizuno Urushibara : Study abroad? (0:03:05.05)
Tadanori Urushibara : Great Britain HQ doesn't have
enough able Dark Mages.
Tadanori Urushibara : They're more than happy to have one of the
three that took down that Metaphysical.
Tadanori Urushibara : After graduation,
you'll work as an executive—
Shizuno Urushibara : No! (0:03:17.76)
Shizuno Urushibara : I'm not going. (0:03:18.42)
Tadanori Urushibara : Sit down, Shizuno. (0:03:20.05)
Shizuno Urushibara : Nii-san! (0:03:21.84)
Tadanori Urushibara : This was decided on by the family. (0:03:23.07)
Moroha Haimura : Hey! (0:03:34.06)
Moroha Haimura : Morning, Shizuno. (0:03:36.36)
Shizuno Urushibara : Morning, Moroha. (0:03:41.69)
Satsuki Ranjou : Hey, hear me out, Urushibara! (0:03:42.89)
Satsuki Ranjou : This Maya kid says she's
Nii-sama's roommate now!
Maya Shimon : I hope you'll be patient with me. (0:03:48.66)
Maya Shimon : Tee-hee. (0:03:52.04)
Shizuno Urushibara : Do you care to tell me what's going on? (0:03:54.17)
Moroha Haimura : I don't have a clue myself. (0:03:56.60)
EXTRA : Curry Bun (0:04:03.76)
Maya Shimon : Time to eat. (0:04:05.97)
Satsuki Ranjou : Your lunches have no flair! (0:04:11.61)
Satsuki Ranjou : Look at mine! (0:04:14.29)
Maya Shimon : Don't you know, Satsuki-oneesan? (0:04:16.01)
Maya Shimon : Rice balls are delicious. (0:04:18.54)
Satsuki Ranjou : I know that. That's not the point. (0:04:20.69)
Moroha Haimura : I never pictured you eating curry buns. (0:04:23.99)
Shizuno Urushibara : I heard it's popular here,
so I thought I'd give it a try.
Maya Shimon : It's the chef's favorite. He was
a chef in his past life, too.
Moroha Haimura : Seriously? (0:04:33.62)
Moroha Haimura : I should have had that, then. (0:04:35.12)
Shizuno Urushibara : Want a bite? (0:04:37.14)
Moroha Haimura : Thanks. (0:04:38.63)
Satsuki Ranjou : What're you doing, Nii-sama?! (0:04:41.55)
Moroha Haimura : It's pretty good. (0:04:46.03)
Satsuki Ranjou : I don't care about how it tastes. (0:04:47.21)
Satsuki Ranjou : You have me, your sister! (0:04:49.21)
Satsuki Ranjou : How could you have a second-hand
kiss with her, you cheat!
Moroha Haimura : Cheat? (0:04:53.86)
Satsuki Ranjou : Nii-san wasn't so heartless
in our past lives.
Satsuki Ranjou : He used to do the "say ah"
thing with me every day.
Moroha Haimura : Fine, fine. (0:05:06.00)
Moroha Haimura : Here, say ah. (0:05:07.46)
Satsuki Ranjou : You used to kiss me when I
said ah with my eyes closed.
Moroha Haimura : We were really siblings, right? (0:05:14.54)
Moroha Haimura : All right, see you tomorrow. (0:05:21.74)
Shizuno Urushibara : Yes, see you tomorrow. (0:05:23.69)
Moroha Haimura : It was good, right? (0:05:26.51)
Satsuki Ranjou : Yeah! (0:05:28.12)
Satsuki Ranjou : The meat was so good. (0:05:29.65)
Moroha Haimura : Let's go again sometime. (0:05:30.24)
Shizuno Urushibara : I envy Ranjou-san. (0:05:41.22)
Shizuno Urushibara : She gets to call Moroha "Nii-sama" and
have him pamper her as much as she wants.
Shizuno Urushibara : Meanwhile, I... (0:05:51.06)
Shizuno Urushibara : Why do I always (0:05:55.38)
Shizuno Urushibara : end up like this? (0:05:59.77)
Satsuki Ranjou : I went to negotiate with
the principal directly.
Satsuki Ranjou : I asked if I can be your roommate,
since I'm your actual sister.
Moroha Haimura : How'd it go? (0:06:23.11)
Satsuki Ranjou : I can't. (0:06:24.52)
Moroha Haimura : Of course not. (0:06:26.36)
Satsuki Ranjou : Listen, Nii-sama. (0:06:27.28)
Satsuki Ranjou : I'll let you cheat on me for now. (0:06:28.91)
Satsuki Ranjou : But she's not your sister. (0:06:30.82)
Satsuki Ranjou : I won't let anyone else be your sister. (0:06:32.17)
Moroha Haimura : But you're going to let me cheat? (0:06:35.84)
Satsuki Ranjou : Why isn't Urushibara at school? (0:06:38.99)
Satsuki Ranjou : Did she contact you, Nii-sama? (0:06:42.50)
Moroha Haimura : No. (0:06:45.00)
Maya Shimon : Oh, no! (0:06:45.83)
Maya Shimon : Moroha-san, Satsuki-oneesan. (0:06:47.88)
Sir Edward Lampard : I'm really glad you decided
to study abroad, Shizuno.
Tadanori Urushibara : My sister couldn't possibly
refuse an offer from you, sir.
EXTRA : Sir, Principal Shimon is
calling to speak to the lady.
Tadanori Urushibara : To think she's asking for
Shizuno specifically.
Tadanori Urushibara : What a nuisance that woman is. (0:07:07.06)
Tadanori Urushibara : Shizuno, make it quick. (0:07:08.78)
Shizuno Urushibara : Okay. (0:07:12.05)
Shizuno Urushibara : I'm here. (0:07:16.41)
Moroha Haimura : Is this Shizuno? It's me. (0:07:18.57)
Moroha Haimura : What happened today? (0:07:25.80)
Shizuno Urushibara : I caught a cold. (0:07:29.25)
Moroha Haimura : Yeah, right. (0:07:31.22)
Moroha Haimura : If you're not going to tell me the truth,
I'm going to barge into your place.
Shizuno Urushibara : I'm going to study in England. (0:07:39.21)
Moroha Haimura : That's pretty sudden. (0:07:42.97)
Shizuno Urushibara : It is. (0:07:47.34)
Moroha Haimura : If you're the one that wants
to go, I'll support you.
Moroha Haimura : But you don't, do you? (0:07:53.34)
Moroha Haimura : Forget what that brother of yours says. (0:07:59.46)
Shizuno Urushibara : I can't. (0:08:03.18)
Moroha Haimura : Why? (0:08:04.35)
Shizuno Urushibara : I'm tied down to the Urushibaras. (0:08:18.61)
Moroha Haimura : Listen, Shizuno. (0:08:26.63)
Moroha Haimura : There isn't (0:08:29.07)
Moroha Haimura : a chain in this world for a
person to chain down another.
Shizuno Urushibara : Even without your memories you
say the same things, Shu Saura.
Shizuno Urushibara : I'll be okay, don't worry. (0:08:47.43)
Moroha Haimura : Shizuno! (0:08:50.17)
Shizuno Urushibara : Moroha. (0:08:58.25)
Sir Edward Lampard : I intend to have Shizuno become an
executive as soon as she graduates.
Tadanori Urushibara : That's more than I'd ever hoped for. (0:09:05.92)
Sir Edward Lampard : It's going to get lonely for you, Tadanori. (0:09:08.28)
Tadanori Urushibara : Don't worry about me. (0:09:10.02)
Tadanori Urushibara : Please make good use of my sister
for as many years as you need.
Tadanori Urushibara : Tell him to kindly leave. (0:09:16.44)
Shizuno Urushibara : Thanks, Moroha. (0:09:21.31)
Moroha Haimura : Coming through. (0:09:27.05)
Moroha Haimura : I told you I'd barge in if you lied. (0:09:33.10)
Tadanori Urushibara : You! (0:09:39.34)
Tadanori Urushibara : What do you think you're doing? (0:09:40.65)
Tadanori Urushibara : Property damage and trespassing! (0:09:42.05)
Moroha Haimura : I lost control of myself. (0:09:44.30)
Moroha Haimura : I won't ask you to forgive me. (0:09:47.67)
Sir Edward Lampard : So what are you here for? (0:09:50.65)
Moroha Haimura : To warn you that you're so blind, (0:09:53.22)
Moroha Haimura : you're going to end up making a
fool of yourself if you continue.
Sir Edward Lampard : Oh? (0:09:58.42)
Shizuno Urushibara : Moroha, don't say it! (0:10:00.56)
Moroha Haimura : I defeated that Metaphysical by myself. (0:10:03.00)
Tadanori Urushibara : Are you declaring that you're a Rank S now ? (0:10:12.27)
Shizuno Urushibara : Do you know what you're saying? (0:10:16.97)
Shizuno Urushibara : Once you're a Rank S,
you won't have any freedom.
Moroha Haimura : Yeah, I know, and I'm ready. (0:10:25.19)
Shizuno Urushibara : Why? (0:10:28.75)
Shizuno Urushibara : Why would you do that for me? (0:10:30.24)
Moroha Haimura : You don't get it, do you? (0:10:34.21)
Moroha Haimura : It's because it's for you that I can do it. (0:10:36.55)
Shizuno Urushibara : I ought to go to hell. (0:10:41.08)
Shizuno Urushibara : You're a fool. (0:10:44.89)
Shizuno Urushibara : We already died once before,
and yet we got to meet again.
Shizuno Urushibara : Compared to that, studying abroad is nothing. (0:10:50.55)
Moroha Haimura : I told you I remember almost nothing
from my past lives, remember?
Moroha Haimura : That's why you're everything
to me as you are now.
Moroha Haimura : I don't want to be separated from you. (0:11:01.81)
Moroha Haimura : What about you? (0:11:05.24)
Moroha Haimura : Tell me how you really feel, Shizuno. (0:11:09.99)
Shizuno Urushibara : I want to be with you. (0:11:15.44)
Shizuno Urushibara : In the past life, in this
life, and in the next.
Shizuno Urushibara : I want to be with you forever. (0:11:20.00)
Moroha Haimura : Then come with me. (0:11:22.40)
Tadanori Urushibara : Haimura! (0:11:46.26)
Tadanori Urushibara : Are you trying to run off with my sister? (0:11:47.81)
Satsuki Ranjou : Nii-sama, over here! (0:11:58.50)
Maya Shimon : I'm flooring it. (0:12:02.22)
Moroha Haimura : Shizuno? (0:12:10.21)
Tadanori Urushibara : Please, take my sister
back from that kidnapper!
Sir Edward Lampard : I'd cause a huge problem if I got
involved in internal affairs.
Tadanori Urushibara : I appeal to you formally with
the rights afforded to me
Tadanori Urushibara : as an executive of the Japan Headquarters. (0:12:27.44)
Satsuki Ranjou : Stop carrying her around
like a princess already.
EXTRA : The chains of hell release no dead. (0:12:47.30)
Moroha Haimura : Bind! (0:12:49.91)
Maya Shimon : I'm so dizzy. (0:13:02.09)
Angela : Dammit! (0:13:04.31)
Moroha Haimura : Wow, so that's what you look like. (0:13:07.95)
Sir Edward Lampard : Now, give her back to me. (0:13:12.71)
Moroha Haimura : I'll never give you Shizuno. (0:13:16.13)
Sir Edward Lampard : Well, if you really defeated
the Metaphysical yourself,
Sir Edward Lampard : there'll be no reason to make
Shizuno study in the UK.
Sir Edward Lampard : But there's no evidence. (0:13:26.10)
Moroha Haimura : What if I were to defeat you? (0:13:27.74)
Sir Edward Lampard : Are you challenging me to a duel? (0:13:30.11)
Sir Edward Lampard : Then as a Knight I have to oblige. (0:13:33.07)
Moroha Haimura : Satsuki. (0:13:36.81)
Satsuki Ranjou : I know, Nii-sama. (0:13:38.36)
Moroha Haimura : Come, Saratiga! (0:14:01.54)
Sir Edward Lampard : Wow, that's a nice sword. (0:14:11.88)
Sir Edward Lampard : Mine's a pretty shabby piece. (0:14:14.53)
Sir Edward Lampard : Don't be too disappointed. (0:14:17.45)
Moroha Haimura : Taihaku! (0:14:33.27)
Angela : Silly. (0:14:45.49)
Angela : You're still not giving up? (0:14:47.66)
Angela : It's over! (0:14:50.83)
Shizuno Urushibara : Freezing Shade. (0:14:52.55)
Satsuki Ranjou : I hope you're not done yet. (0:14:59.41)
Angela : Don't get too cocky. I'll kill you. (0:15:03.78)
Moroha Haimura : Freeze Blade! (0:15:17.76)
Sir Edward Lampard : That's more like it. (0:15:20.24)
Moroha Haimura : What kind of trickery is all this? (0:15:23.16)
Sir Edward Lampard : It's nothing, really. (0:15:25.71)
Sir Edward Lampard : It's a Kougi where I concentrate all of
my body's Plana into one point. Kinnu.
Sir Edward Lampard : And a Kougi to condense time (0:15:34.36)
Sir Edward Lampard : and make my whole body invincible
for a split second, "Gyokuto."
Sir Edward Lampard : They're both variations on Konnoutsuu. (0:15:40.38)
Moroha Haimura : Invincible for a split second. (0:15:43.59)
Moroha Haimura : Then even if he can fend off my Step Three (0:15:46.00)
Moroha Haimura : with the Gyokuto, the fire
that follows should burn him.
EXTRA : There exists purgatory in the netherworld and fields of fire in the corporeal world. (0:15:49.78)
EXTRA : Fire discriminates not against good and evil
as it burns and purifies with ferocious mercy.
Sir Edward Lampard : I can't give you your S at this rate. (0:15:56.17)
EXTRA : All must die and return to bone. (0:15:58.89)
Moroha Haimura : It's the Hagun Kougi. (0:16:00.26)
Moroha Haimura : I've seen it before. (0:16:01.63)
Sir Edward Lampard : Shall we stop there? (0:16:14.98)
Maya Shimon : Field of Dreams! (0:16:20.67)
Moroha Haimura : What's this? (0:16:27.41)
Moroha Haimura : It's the same as back then. (0:16:29.42)
Maya Shimon : Yeah. (0:16:31.68)
Maya Shimon : So don't worry about everything
else, just go for it.
Moroha Haimura : Thanks, Maya. (0:16:37.78)
Moroha Haimura : Now I can finally fight
with everything I've got.
Sir Edward Lampard : Oh? (0:16:43.05)
Moroha Haimura : Write! (0:16:44.52)
EXTRA : There exists purgatory in the netherworld and fields of fire in the corporeal world. (0:16:45.71)
EXTRA : Fire discriminates not against good
and evil as it burns and purifies with ferocious mercy.
Sir Edward Lampard : You never learn, do you? (0:16:49.37)
Sir Edward Lampard : What? (0:16:52.61)
EXTRA : All must die and return to bone. (0:16:52.72)
Sir Edward Lampard : The Dark Art was a trap? (0:16:53.61)
EXTRA : God has forsaken humanity. (0:16:55.01)
EXTRA : The world of the decadent is eternal.
The trumpets must blare and bring the moment of judgment.
Moroha Haimura : Yin Yang Kurikara! (0:17:00.81)
Sir Edward Lampard : That's what you've been hiding! (0:17:03.39)
Sir Edward Lampard : Oh, boy. (0:17:08.16)
Moroha Haimura : He has two dog tags? (0:17:13.66)
Sir Edward Lampard : You did well. (0:17:26.00)
Sir Edward Lampard : To think you'd made me invoke
the Ginrei Argusten.
Angela : What? (0:17:45.85)
Angela : What's going on? (0:17:47.27)
Sir Edward Lampard : It's useless. (0:18:07.71)
Sir Edward Lampard : Give it up. (0:18:09.23)
Sir Edward Lampard : I'm invincible! (0:18:09.86)
Moroha Haimura : Then don't be reborn! (0:18:18.42)
Sir Edward Lampard : I'm shocked. (0:18:28.92)
Sir Edward Lampard : Impressive! (0:18:30.00)
Moroha Haimura : What do I do? (0:18:37.87)
Moroha Haimura : How can I defeat him? (0:18:39.12)
Moroha Haimura : I have to defeat him, or Shizuno... (0:18:41.35)
Moroha Haimura : Shizuno. (0:18:43.91)
Shizuno Urushibara : You raze many nations and take
tens of thousands of lives.
Shizuno Urushibara : But you save even more lives. (0:18:51.73)
Shizuno Urushibara : As I used to do. (0:18:55.92)
Shizuno Urushibara : Even if the whole world turned
against you, I'll stay by your side.
Shizuno Urushibara : I'm your wife, after all. (0:19:06.48)
Moroha Haimura : I remember. (0:19:11.81)
Moroha Haimura : Decree's Wait! (0:19:14.15)
Moroha Haimura : Write! (0:19:19.66)
EXTRA : Ender of things, wolf of ice, lend me your breath.
Freeze them to a silence deeper than death.
EXTRA : Even the affluent perish in this cruel world.
The inescapable deeds of the past life declared by God.
EXTRA : As water runs from high to low, take away all life. (0:19:30.42)
EXTRA : Show me a world standing still as though time itself had frozen. (0:19:34.38)
Sir Edward Lampard : Good, that's it! (0:19:34.62)
EXTRA : Show me eternal, ultimate beauty indestructible, unassailable. (0:19:37.42)
Angela : There's someone other than the prince of
Russia that can use Step Eight Dark Art?
EXTRA : I reject understanding, I seek only perfection. (0:19:42.59)
Shizuno Urushibara : It's not over. (0:19:44.27)
EXTRA : How despicable! (0:19:45.18)
Shizuno Urushibara : Moroha's chanting the forbidden spell. (0:19:46.59)
EXTRA : Life gathers, undulating, reeking, displaying the horrors of its procreation. (0:19:47.64)
EXTRA : I will not accept it, I will not understand it. (0:19:52.35)
Sir Edward Lampard : Are you ever going to
stop letting me have fun?
EXTRA : I long for a scenery of pure white. (0:19:55.78)
EXTRA : I long for a beautiful world of death. (0:19:57.92)
Sir Edward Lampard : Lose your humanity, Haimura Moroha! (0:19:59.07)
EXTRA : I long for a world where all creatures are buried and closed off. (0:19:59.88)
EXTRA : I long for everything to stop. Stop. Stop. (0:20:02.01)
Moroha Haimura : Cocytus! (0:20:05.88)
Sir Edward Lampard : You're a captured monster now! (0:20:33.21)
Sir Edward Lampard : You're our seventh comrade! (0:20:35.88)
Angela : Edward-sama! (0:20:42.74)
Satsuki Ranjou : What? (0:20:53.80)
Satsuki Ranjou : You didn't defeat him? (0:20:54.84)
Moroha Haimura : I just froze him so he couldn't move. (0:20:57.18)
Maya Shimon : I wanted you to avenge the car. (0:21:00.21)
Mari Shimon : Avenge? (0:21:02.61)
Moroha Haimura : Sorry. (0:21:04.15)
Moroha Haimura : But I attacked him all that much,
and I finally put a bit of a dent in him.
Moroha Haimura : If you know how to defeat him, tell me. (0:21:08.77)
Mari Shimon : How's your injury? (0:21:12.09)
Maya Shimon : I'm almost done. (0:21:14.14)
Moroha Haimura : Are you all right, Shizuno? (0:21:16.42)
Shizuno Urushibara : Yes, Ranjou-san protected me. (0:21:18.39)
Mari Shimon : That's good. (0:21:22.89)
Mari Shimon : Sorry it's so cramped,
but make yourselves at home.
Moroha Haimura : Thank you. (0:21:29.17)
Maya Shimon : Thank you. (0:21:29.17)
Shizuno Urushibara : Thank you. (0:21:29.17)
Sir Edward Lampard : Sup? (0:21:33.37)
Sir Edward Lampard : Don't worry, I won't do anything. (0:21:36.44)
Sir Edward Lampard : Knight's honor. I admit you won. (0:21:38.65)
Sir Edward Lampard : I'll call off Shizuno's
transfer, as promised.
Moroha Haimura : Then why are you here? (0:21:46.31)
Sir Edward Lampard : There's something I wanted to ask. (0:21:49.01)
Sir Edward Lampard : Why didn't you dodge my punch? (0:21:52.37)
Moroha Haimura : Because you didn't intend to kill me. (0:21:55.87)
Sir Edward Lampard : How did you know? (0:21:58.99)
Moroha Haimura : You can tell from looking at your
opponent's Plana, obviously.
Sir Edward Lampard : No, you really can't. (0:22:09.52)
Sir Edward Lampard : You sure are a jack-in-the-box of a man. (0:22:13.02)
Sir Edward Lampard : Moroha Haimura. (0:22:18.00)
Sir Edward Lampard : With the rights granted
to me as the president
Sir Edward Lampard : of the Great Britain Headquarters,
I formally nominate you for Rank S.
Moroha Haimura : What'd he say? (0:22:50.53)
Shizuno Urushibara : That you're going to become central
to the White Knight Agency someday,
Shizuno Urushibara : so I have to seduce you,
no matter what it takes.
Moroha Haimura : That's extreme. (0:22:59.76)
Moroha Haimura : Oh well. (0:23:01.51)
Moroha Haimura : It'd be better than being far apart from you. (0:23:02.81)
Moroha Haimura : So you're the Witch of
the Netherworld, right?
Shizuno Urushibara : I don't know. (0:23:13.54)
Moroha Haimura : Don't play dumb now. (0:23:15.46)
Shizuno Urushibara : I'm not playing dumb. (0:23:17.70)
Shizuno Urushibara : I just don't want to declare
it like Ranjou-san did.
Shizuno Urushibara : I want you to remember me properly. (0:23:24.14)
Moroha Haimura : You're free. (0:23:30.65)
Moroha Haimura : There isn't a chain in this world
for a person to chain down another.
Shizuno Urushibara : I was a slave, and you freed me. (0:23:38.02)
Shizuno Urushibara : You have the responsibility to chain me down. (0:23:41.04)
Shizuno Urushibara : Please, don't let me go. (0:23:45.73)
Shizuno Urushibara : Not until we die, and not after we're reborn. (0:23:49.12)
Shizuno Urushibara : Forever. (0:23:53.93)
Shizuno Urushibara : That's your... (0:23:55.88)
Shizuno Urushibara : You chained me down in the
past life and in this life.
Shizuno Urushibara : That's your... (0:24:06.93)
Shizuno Urushibara : Your atonement towards me. (0:24:10.80)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:14.97)
Mari Shimon : Say, Maya, what do you think of Haimura-kun? (0:24:15.49)
Maya Shimon : He has a pretty strong chest. (0:24:17.81)
Mari Shimon : How do you know? (0:24:19.57)
Maya Shimon : Next time, episode 5: "We are the Summer!" (0:24:20.68)
Mari Shimon : I remember. (0:24:22.97)
Maya Shimon : I remember. (0:24:22.97)

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World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

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