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- Black Rabbit

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Episode 2

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Bell Cranel : Is something wrong, Goddess? Line ID
Hestia : No, it's nothing. Line ID
Hestia : He's growing too fast. Line ID
Hestia : I know he had some kind of
extraordinary experience, but...
Line ID
Hestia : That's not enough to explain this. Line ID
Hestia : It must be because... Line ID
Hestia : ...of this rare skill,
which I've never heard of before!
Line ID
Hestia : Realis Phrase! Line ID
Hestia : In other words, Wallenwhatsit! Line ID
Hestia : Skill effect: quick growth. Line ID
Hestia : As long as his feelings remain,
it'll stay in effect.
Line ID
Hestia : And the stronger his feelings,
the more its effects grow.
Line ID
Hestia : Forget your dumb feelings! Line ID
Hestia : Bell, you cheater! Line ID
Hestia : You huge cheater! Line ID
Hestia : But is it okay to tell
Bell his real ability scores?
Line ID
Bell Cranel : I want to get stronger. Line ID
Hestia : The other gods might be watching,
so I can't tell him about his skill, either.
Line ID
Hestia : Bell, can I just tell
you about your status today?
Line ID
Bell Cranel : Oh, sure. Line ID
Hestia : I've decided. Line ID
Hestia : I'm going to give him a push forward! Line ID
EXTRA : Is It Wrong to Try to
Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Line ID
EXTRA : Monsterphilia
Monster Festival
Line ID
Bell Cranel : M-My status has gone up that much? Line ID
Hestia : Yes. Line ID
Hestia : You're growing at an
incredible rate right now.
Line ID
Hestia : It's like a growth spurt. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Right. Line ID
Hestia : This is just my personal opinion, Line ID
Hestia : but I think you have talent. Line ID
Hestia : You'll become strong, for sure. Line ID
Hestia : And you want to become stronger yourself. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Yes. Line ID
Hestia : I respect your desire. Line ID
Hestia : I'll support you and help you. Line ID
Hestia : I'll lend you my powers. Line ID
Hestia : So promise me you
won't be so rash anymore.
Line ID
Hestia : Please. Don't leave me alone! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Okay. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I won't do anything rash. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'll do my best to get stronger, Line ID
Bell Cranel : but I'll never leave you alone, Goddess. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I won't make you worry! Line ID
Hestia : As long as I can hear
those words, I feel fine.
Line ID
Hestia : And so, Bell, Line ID
Hestia : I'll be gone for a few days,
starting tonight.
Line ID
Hestia : Is that all right? Line ID
Bell Cranel : Huh? Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'm sorry! Line ID
Bell Cranel : I ran off earlier without paying. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Here's the money. Line ID
Mia Grand : I'm glad you came came all
the way here to pay your bill.
Line ID
Mia Grand : Well, if you didn't come to me,
I was going to come to you.
Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'm really sorry! Line ID
Syr Flover : Don't apologize anymore, Bell-san. Line ID
Syr Flover : I'm happy you came back. Line ID
Syr Flover : You're going back to the
dungeon today, right?
Line ID
Syr Flover : Here, I made you a lunch. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Oh, I couldn't... Line ID
Syr Flover : Please take it. Line ID
Syr Flover : Can you not? Line ID
Bell Cranel : Thank you. I'll take it. Line ID
Mia Grand : Make sure to thank Syr. Line ID
Mia Grand : The staff here is pretty rough,
and that includes me.
Line ID
Mia Grand : We only forgave you
because she persuaded us.
Line ID
Bell Cranel : I see. Line ID
Mia Grand : Kid, there's no point in an Line ID
Mia Grand : adventurer pretending
to be something he's not.
Line ID
Mia Grand : When you're just starting out,
put all your energy into surviving.
Line ID
Mia Grand : No matter how pathetic you feel,
or how people laugh at you,
Line ID
Mia Grand : if you come back alive, you win. Line ID
Mia Grand : Now that you've made me tell you all this, Line ID
Mia Grand : I'll never forgive you if you get killed. Line ID
Mia Grand : Now get going! Line ID
Mia Grand : We've got work and you're in the way! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Okay! Line ID
Bell Cranel : See you later! Line ID
Syr Flover : Bye. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I said, "See you later,"
without thinking about it.
Line ID
Ganesha : Thank you for coming, everyone! Line ID
Ganesha : I am Ganesha! Line ID
Ganesha : I'm so happy that so many of my
colleagues were able to be here tonight!
Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, how many centuries has it been? Line ID
EXTRA : Four days, I think. Line ID
EXTRA : That unfortunate-looking guy over there... Line ID
EXTRA : Is that Takemikazuchi? Line ID
EXTRA : Hermes is here, too. Line ID
EXTRA : He's back from his journey? Line ID
EXTRA : Hey! Line ID
EXTRA : She's here! Line ID
EXTRA : The goddess of beauty! Line ID
EXTRA : Freya! Line ID
EXTRA : She's so wonderful. Line ID
EXTRA : And this is what she looks
like on the surface, too.
Line ID
Freya : Good evening, Hestia. Line ID
Hestia : Freya. Line ID
Freya : Am I interrupting? Line ID
Hestia : I just don't like dealing with you. Line ID
Freya : I love that about you. Line ID
Hestia : Well, I like you better than some... Line ID
Loki : Hey, Freya! Line ID
Loki : Shrimp! Line ID
Freya : Oh, Loki. Line ID
Hestia : What are you doing here? Line ID
Loki : What, am I not allowed to
come here without a reason?
Line ID
Hestia : Anyway, this is perfect timing. Line ID
Hestia : Loki, I wanted to ask you something. Line ID
Loki : You wanted to ask me something, shrimp? Line ID
Hestia : Your familia's sword princess,
Wallenwhatsit... is she seeing anybody?
Line ID
Loki : Idiot. Line ID
Loki : Aiz is my favorite. Line ID
Loki : If anybody went after her... Line ID
Loki : I'd rip them apart. Line ID
Freya : You two are such great friends. Line ID
Hestia : We are not! Line ID
Loki : We are not! Line ID
Freya : Anyway, Loki, Line ID
Freya : it may be a little late for this
but you seem very different today.
Line ID
Freya : I haven't seen you in a dress in forever. Line ID
Loki : I guess so. Line ID
Loki : I heard that a certain shrimp
was coming to the feast,
Line ID
Loki : so I decided to come laugh at the poor god Line ID
Loki : who's can't even afford to buy a dress. Line ID
Hestia : That's hilarious. Line ID
Hestia : You came to laugh at me, Line ID
Hestia : when everybody's going to be laughing at you? Line ID
Hestia : What's with your utterly sad... Line ID
Hestia : ...flat chest?! Line ID
Hestia : Flat chest! Line ID
Hestia : Flat chest! Line ID
Hestia : Flat chest! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Everyone's got great equipment... Line ID
EXTRA : It's that time of year again, huh? Line ID
EXTRA : Monsterphilia? Line ID
EXTRA : A year goes by so fast. Line ID
EXTRA : Go! Get her! Get her! Line ID
EXTRA : Loli-big-boobs and Loki-no-boobs, huh? Line ID
EXTRA : I've got 10,000 valis on Loli-big-boobs! Line ID
EXTRA : Ten elixirs on no-boobs causing
an "accident" at the last second!
Line ID
EXTRA : I'll bet all my star chips on me Line ID
EXTRA : consoling Loki-tan after she loses! Line ID
Loki : I'll let you off with that for today! Line ID
Hestia : Next time we meet,
don't let me see those tiny things!
Line ID
Loki : Shut up, damn you! Line ID
Hephaestus : You guys were at it again? Line ID
Hestia : Hephaestus! Line ID
Hestia : I'm so glad I came! Line ID
Hestia : I wanted to see you! Line ID
Hephaestus : See me? Line ID
Hephaestus : Listen, I'm not lending
you even one more valis, okay?
Line ID
Hestia : How rude! Line ID
Hestia : Do I look like someone
who'd treat her friends
Line ID
Hestia : like walking piggy banks? Line ID
Hephaestus : Whatever. Line ID
Hephaestus : You freeloaded off my familia for forever, Line ID
Hephaestus : and then when we kicked you out you came Line ID
Hephaestus : crying back and said you had
no money, no house, and no job!
Line ID
Hephaestus : So of course I'm going to think that! Line ID
Hestia : Y-Yeah, that's how things used to be, sure. Line ID
Hestia : But things are different now! Line ID
Hestia : I have a familia now, too! Line ID
Hephaestus : That's right. Line ID
Hephaestus : Bell, was it? Line ID
Hephaestus : The human with the white hair and red eyes. Line ID
Hephaestus : Well, a lot of gods change
once they have a familia, but...
Line ID
Freya : Hephaestus, Hestia... Line ID
Freya : I'll be leaving. Line ID
Hephaestus : Really? Line ID
Freya : Yes. Line ID
Freya : There was something I
wanted to check up on...
Line ID
Freya : But that's done. Line ID
Freya : And I've already had all the fun
I wanted with all the men here.
Line ID
Freya : Bye. Line ID
Hestia : Wow. Line ID
Hephaestus : So, why did you want to see me? Line ID
Hephaestus : Depending on what it is, I may
decide to never speak to you again.
Line ID
Hestia : I-I know. Line ID
Hestia : Actually... Line ID
Hestia : I want you to make a weapon for Bell! Line ID
Miach : Oh, it's you, Bell. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Lord Miach! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Sorry... I know I'm not
going to be buying anything.
Line ID
Miach : There's nothing to apologize for. Line ID
Bell Cranel : You didn't go to the
Banquet of the Gods, Lord Miach?
Line ID
Miach : Yeah. Line ID
Miach : I was invited, Line ID
Miach : but since my familia is so small,
I've been busy preparing my goods.
Line ID
Miach : Bell, I'll give you these. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I couldn't. Line ID
Miach : Don't worry. I'm just
brown-nosing a good neighbor.
Line ID
Miach : It's my way of asking you to
keep patronizing my familia.
Line ID
Bell Cranel : T-Thank you. Line ID
Miach : Bye. Line ID
Hephaestus : How long are you going to keep doing that? Line ID
Hephaestus : I'm actually pretty busy. Line ID
Hephaestus : You're distracting me. Line ID
Hephaestus : Do you understand? Line ID
Hephaestus : You're kidding me. Line ID
Hephaestus : I'm not trying to brag here, Line ID
Hephaestus : but you know how much our
made-to-order equipment costs, right?
Line ID
Hestia : I know it's expensive, but... Line ID
Hephaestus : Then save up the money. Line ID
Hephaestus : We can talk then. Line ID
Hestia : It has to be now. Line ID
Hestia : Please, Hephaestus! Line ID
Hestia : I'm begging you! Line ID
Hephaestus : What exactly are you
supposed to be doing, anyway?
Line ID
Hestia : Prostrating myself. Line ID
Hestia : Takemikazuchi told me about it. Line ID
Hestia : It's the ultimate technique
for apologizing and begging.
Line ID
Hephaestus : He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Line ID
Hephaestus : Hestia. Line ID
Hephaestus : Tell me why you're willing to go this far. Line ID
Hestia : I want to help Bell! Line ID
Hestia : He's trying to change! Line ID
Hestia : He's found a goal, and now he's
trying to follow a long, harsh path.
Line ID
Hestia : It's a dangerous path. Line ID
Hestia : So I want the power to help him! Line ID
Hestia : A weapon to cut open the way for him! Line ID
Hestia : He's always been there for me,
and I can't do anything for him.
Line ID
Hestia : He gives me everything,
and I do nothing for him.
Line ID
Hestia : I'm his god, but I can't do any
of the things a god should do.
Line ID
Hestia : I hate not being able to do anything! Line ID
Hephaestus : Trying to change, huh? Line ID
Hephaestus : Fine. Line ID
Hephaestus : I'll make your weapon. Line ID
Hephaestus : For your child's sake. Line ID
Hestia : Thank you, Hephaestus! Line ID
Hephaestus : Just so we're clear, you're paying. Line ID
Hephaestus : Even if it takes decades, or centuries. Line ID
Hestia : Yeah! I know! Line ID
Hephaestus : What kind of weapon does your child use? Line ID
Hestia : He uses a knife. Line ID
Hestia : Hephaestus, are you going
to make it yourself?
Line ID
Hephaestus : Of course. Line ID
Hephaestus : I can't get my familia involved in
a private matter between you and I.
Line ID
Hestia : Wow! Even in heaven,
you're known as the Divine Smith!
Line ID
Hestia : And you're going to make
it for me personally!
Line ID
Hephaestus : Did you forget? Line ID
Hephaestus : This isn't heaven. Line ID
Hephaestus : We can't use any of my divine powers. Line ID
Hestia : I don't care. Line ID
Hestia : The thing that makes me happiest is
that you're the one who's making it.
Line ID
Hephaestus : You help me, too! Line ID
Hephaestus : You're going to be my assistant. Line ID
Hestia : Sure, leave it to me. Line ID
Hephaestus : A first-rate weapon for a
new adventurer,
Line ID
Hephaestus : with only two weeks' experience... Line ID
Hephaestus : Now then, what to do? Line ID
Bell Cranel : She said she'd be gone for two or three days. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Maybe she won't come home today... Line ID
Anya Flomer : Hey! Line ID
Anya Flomer : Wait up, white-hair! Line ID
Anya Flomer : I have a request! Line ID
Anya Flomer : Oh, good morning. Line ID
Bell Cranel : G-Good morning. Line ID
Anya Flomer : So what I want is for you to
give this wallet to that airhead Syr.
Line ID
Bell Cranel : Um... Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'm sorry. I'm not sure I understand, still. Line ID
Ryu Lion : Anya. Line ID
Ryu Lion : That's not a good enough explanation. Line ID
Ryu Lion : Mister Cranel is confused. Line ID
Anya Flomer : You're so dumb, Ryuu. Line ID
Anya Flomer : He can understand that I want
him to take Syr her wallet,
Line ID
Anya Flomer : which she forgot when she skipped out on Line ID
Anya Flomer : her shift and went to Monsterphilia. Line ID
Ryu Lion : That's the situation. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I see. Line ID
Ryu Lion : Syr, of course, did not
skip out on her shift.
Line ID
Ryu Lion : She took a vacation day for the festival. Line ID
Ryu Lion : She's probably in trouble without her wallet. Line ID
Ryu Lion : Please help, Mister Cranel. Line ID
Anya Flomer : Please! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Alright. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Leave it to me. Line ID
Bell Cranel : So um... Line ID
Bell Cranel : What's Monsterphilia? Line ID
Anya Flomer : Monsterphilia is a huge festival held
once a year by the Ganesha familia!
Line ID
Ryu Lion : They take over the coliseum for a full day, Line ID
Ryu Lion : and tame monsters brought from Line ID
Ryu Lion : the dungeon in front of the whole crowd. Line ID
Anya Flomer : It's a really hardcore spectacle,
more or less.
Line ID
Loki : What are you planning now? Line ID
Loki : Did you take a liking to
some familia's child again,
Line ID
Loki : and decide to go after them? Line ID
Loki : Jeez... Line ID
Loki : All you're doing it sowing
the seeds of conflict,
Line ID
Loki : you sex-obsessed goddess. Line ID
Hephaestus : It's done. Line ID
Hestia : Hooray! Hooray! Line ID
Hestia : Thank you, Hephaestus! Line ID
Hestia : Can I go give it to Bell? Line ID
Hephaestus : That's fine, Line ID
Hephaestus : but don't forget about the loan. Line ID
Hestia : Yeah! Line ID
Loki : So which child is it you're after? Line ID
Freya : A child who's so terribly forlorn,
he'd cry at the slightest provocation.
Line ID
Freya : But he was so pretty. Line ID
Freya : Ethereal, almost. Line ID
Freya : A color I'd never seen before... Line ID
Freya : It was truly a coincidence that I saw him. Line ID
Freya : He just happened to
wander into my field of vision.
Line ID
Loki : What's wrong? Line ID
Freya : Sorry. Line ID
Freya : I have somewhere to be. Line ID
Loki : You can't just— Line ID
Freya : Let's meet again later. Line ID
Loki : What's her problem? Line ID
Loki : Wait, she left me with the bill, too? Line ID
Loki : What's wrong, Aiz? Line ID
Ais Wallenstein : Nothing. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Wow. Line ID
Bell Cranel : It's just like they said! Line ID
Bell Cranel : It looks like it'll be hard to find Syr... Line ID
Hestia : Bell! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Goddess! Line ID
Bell Cranel : What are you doing here? Line ID
Hestia : I missed you, I guess! Line ID
Bell Cranel : I missed you, too. Line ID
Hestia : Splendid! Line ID
Hestia : I knew it! You and I
share an incredible bond!
Line ID
Bell Cranel : Um, Goddess... What...? Line ID
Hestia : Let's go on a date, Bell! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Wait, Goddess! Line ID
Bell Cranel : I've been asked to find someone! Line ID
Hestia : Oh, yeah? Line ID
Hestia : Then let's look for them
while we go on our date!
Line ID
Hestia : Two birds with one stone! Line ID
Bell Cranel : No, I can't... Line ID
Hestia : Mister, give us two crepes! Line ID
EXTRA : Sure thing! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Goddess... Line ID
Hestia : Say, "Ahh," Bell! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Goddess, I can't— Line ID
Hestia : What? Line ID
Hestia : You don't want to take a bite after me? Line ID
Bell Cranel : It's not that! Line ID
Bell Cranel : I can't take your food from you, Goddess. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Eat mine instead! Line ID
Hestia : You decided to run away, huh? Line ID
Hestia : Well, that's okay. Line ID
Hestia : I'd like you to wipe that off. Line ID
Bell Cranel : Okay. Line ID
Freya : You're perfect. Line ID
Freya : It's no good... Line ID
Freya : I planned to simply watch
his growth for a while, but...
Line ID
Hestia : So it's a girl you're looking for, huh? Line ID
Hestia : I can't take my eyes off
you for a second, Bell.
Line ID
Bell Cranel : What does that mean? Line ID
Hestia : Who knows? Line ID
Bell Cranel : Goddess? Line ID
EXTRA : A monster! Line ID
Hestia : A monster? Line ID
Freya : Chase after little me! Line ID
Hestia : B-B-Bell, is it looking at me? Line ID
Bell Cranel : Goddess, why is that monster chasing you? Line ID
Bell Cranel : Do you know him? Line ID
Hestia : I've never met him before! Line ID
Bell Cranel : This is... Daedalus Street? Line ID
Bell Cranel : We have to go! Line ID
Hestia : Bell! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Goddess! Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'm scared. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'm scared, but... Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'm a man! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Go! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Go! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Don't run and leave that girl behind! Line ID
Hestia : Bell! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Goddess! Line ID
Bell Cranel : It's no good. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'm not strong enough to protect her! Line ID
Bell Cranel : At this rate it'll catch up to us! Line ID
Bell Cranel : What do I do? Line ID
Bell Cranel : What do I do? Line ID
Hestia : Bell? Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'm sorry, Goddess. Line ID
Bell Cranel : I'll buy you some time. Line ID
Bell Cranel : You should run away. Line ID
Hestia : What are you saying? Line ID
Hestia : Open this door, now! Line ID
Bell Cranel : Goddess... Line ID
Bell Cranel : I don't want to lose any more family. Line ID
Hestia : Bell! Line ID
Hestia : Bell! Line ID
Hestia : Bell! Line ID
EXTRA : Hestia Knife
The Blade of a God
Line ID
EXTRA : Next time: "Hestia Knife." Line ID
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