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Arslan : The foot soldiers will be led by Rukham and Shagad. (0:00:06.37)
Arslan : The cavalry by Daryun.
And the flying column by Kishward.
Arslan : In order to keep this short and decisive, (0:00:13.38)
Arslan : it is vital that the cavalry charge into the castle. (0:00:14.74)
Arslan : To do that, we must first breach the castle walls. (0:00:17.68)
Arslan : The problem is what the enemy forces will be doing in the meantime. (0:00:20.92)
Narsus : I have already plotted out various possible situations in my head. (0:00:23.85)
Narsus : The most troublesome situation would be (0:00:30.09)
Narsus : if the enemy were to make the most of their superior numbers, but... (0:00:32.29)
Narsus : We have planned most thoroughly. (0:00:36.36)
Narsus : Daryun. (0:00:38.60)
Daryun : Yes, I know. (0:00:39.60)
Arslan : I will be counting on you. (0:00:43.54)
Daryun : Please leave it to me. (0:00:44.91)
Daryun : I will bring Your Highness good news, without fail. (0:00:46.54)
Arslan : Once the fighting has begun, (0:01:01.16)
Arslan : I can only leave matters in everyone else's hands. (0:01:03.56)
Arslan : If only there were something
I could do as well...
Narsus : Your Highness is this army's banner. (0:01:09.06)
Narsus : Awaiting in the rear for the results of the battle (0:01:11.90)
Narsus : is part of a commander's duties as well. (0:01:14.10)
EXTRA : "Guest General, Kingdom of Lusitania- (0:01:32.82)
Silvermask : Brave warriors of Lusitania! (0:01:37.03)
Silvermask : By the imperial decree of
His Majesty, Emperor Innocentis,
Silvermask : I have been charged to take command of this coalition force of 100 thousand! (0:01:44.00)
Silvermask : Heed me well! (0:01:48.30)
Silvermask : In this battle to take place here at the sacred Keep of Saint Emmanuel, (0:01:49.84)
Silvermask : we must seize victory, without fail! (0:01:53.98)
EXTRA : The wind stirs (0:02:13.03)
EXTRA : We shiver, like it can see right through our shattered emotions (0:02:15.56)
EXTRA : The day the moon is at the full (0:02:23.04)
EXTRA : The life in the howl, "Don't leave us behind yet!" (0:02:25.57)
EXTRA : Can we take it back, that colored sky? (0:02:32.18)
EXTRA : Once we send those dusty dreams swirling (0:02:42.06)
EXTRA : And clench our fists (0:02:47.26)
EXTRA : Run, run now, becoming a whirlwind (0:02:52.03)
EXTRA : Clearing away all the feelings of inferiority and hopelessness (0:02:57.54)
EXTRA : Gotta chase after that last door (0:03:01.91)
EXTRA : No matter how many times we're broken, we'll turn the tables big (0:03:06.95)
EXTRA : Even if we go hoarse, we want to deliver the song of prayer (0:03:10.05)
EXTRA : If we, so unworthy, can steal the world that we've believed in (0:03:16.79)
EXTRA : We're far, far, far, far from giving up (0:03:24.77)
EXTRA : "Chapter XXIII: The Battle (0:03:31.27)
Silvermask : All things upon this earth, by rights, belong to Lusitania! (0:03:35.28)
Silvermask : The Parsian army, which does not understand this, (0:03:40.78)
Silvermask : is none other than a band of pillagers! (0:03:43.75)
Silvermask : The righteous cause is ours! (0:03:46.12)
Silvermask : Pars is the Devil that would despoil our God's faithful! (0:03:50.23)
EXTRA : That's right! (0:03:55.13)
Silvermask : Destroy the heathens! (0:03:57.23)
Silvermask : Our army is 100 thousand strong and we outnumber the enemy! (0:04:02.94)
Silvermask : And it is I in command, (0:04:07.58)
Silvermask : the man who thwarted and defeated Pars at Atropatene! (0:04:08.98)
Silvermask : Follow me! I will promise you victory! (0:04:13.08)
EXTRA : "Keep of Saint Emmanuel" (0:04:25.93)
EXTRA : "General, Kingdom of Pars: Rukham" (0:04:38.37)
Rukham : Siege towers and battering ram, move forward! (0:04:38.81)
EXTRA : That is... (0:05:03.70)
EXTRA : ...Lord Sàm! (0:05:05.03)
EXTRA : Why? (0:05:07.04)
EXTRA : This can't be... (0:05:08.54)
EXTRA : For a glorious and honorable Marzbàn (0:05:10.64)
EXTRA : "General, Kingdom of Pars: Shagad" (0:05:10.67)
EXTRA : to lower himself to become a Lusitanian pawn... (0:05:13.17)
Elam : A report for you, sir. (0:05:30.66)
Elam : The walls of the Keep of Saint Emmanuel (0:05:32.26)
Elam : have yet to show any signs of weakness. (0:05:34.26)
Elam : Additionally, some of the men have grown apprehensive. (0:05:36.40)
Narsus : Is it because of Lord Sàm's presence? (0:05:39.87)
Elam : Yes. (0:05:41.84)
Arslan : The man is a renowned Marzbàn (0:05:44.07)
Arslan : and it is said that no one knows how to defend a fortress better than he. (0:05:46.07)
Arslan : It cannot be helped that the men are apprehensive. (0:05:50.21)
Elam : Your Highness... (0:05:52.58)
Arslan : It is all right, Elam. (0:05:54.58)
Arslan : We already knew that
Sàm was with my lord cousin.
Arslan : But even then, we must fight. (0:05:59.95)
Arslan : For this is the path that I myself have chosen. (0:06:02.39)
Etoile (Young) : Please excuse me. (0:06:22.88)
EXTRA : "Lord of the Keep of Saint Emmanuel: Barcacion" (0:06:25.05)
Barcacion : Ah, Étoile. (0:06:25.21)
Etoile (Young) : My lord count, (0:06:28.15)
Etoile (Young) : I am of a mind to stand on the front line to fight in this battle as well. (0:06:29.32)
Barcacion : Wait. Allowing you to be imperiled is-- (0:06:33.92)
Etoile (Young) : The enemy we face are heathens! (0:06:36.79)
Etoile (Young) : To spread the rightful teachings of Yaldabaoth across this world (0:06:38.59)
Etoile (Young) : and to that end, to fight the heathens. (0:06:41.40)
Etoile (Young) : That is our duty as knights of Lusitania! (0:06:43.13)
Etoile (Young) : I am ready and willing to imperil myself! (0:06:45.33)
Etoile (Young) : I care not what happens to me! (0:06:47.67)
Barcacion : That is no way to talk. (0:06:51.14)
Etoile (Young) : Even if you will not grant me your permission, (0:06:53.84)
Etoile (Young) : I will go join the battle. (0:06:56.64)
Etoile (Young) : You have my apologies if you find that presumptuous. (0:06:59.45)
Etoile (Young) : Please recognize that that is how greatly I desire to fight the heathens. (0:07:03.68)
Etoile (Young) : Why can he not understand? (0:07:19.20)
Etoile (Young) : This is a golden opportunity to destroy the heathen king. (0:07:22.17)
Etoile (Young) : Even if I must sacrifice myself... (0:07:25.17)
Alfreed : Aww... I wanted to fight on the front line, too. (0:07:36.55)
Falangies : Tell me, Alfarīd. (0:07:41.89)
Alfreed : What? (0:07:43.49)
Falangies : You are of the Zot Clan, are you not? (0:07:44.46)
Alfreed : I am. Something the matter with that? (0:07:46.89)
Falangies : The Zot Clan is primarily a nomadic people, (0:07:49.80)
Falangies : who does not recognize the authority of the Parsian palace. (0:07:51.57)
Falangies : And yet, you have continued to fight alongside us all this time. (0:07:55.37)
Alfreed : I guess. (0:07:58.87)
Alfreed : Silver Mask did kill my old man... (0:08:00.51)
Alfreed : And besides, I want to be of use to His Highness. (0:08:04.71)
Falangies : For Lord Narsus's sake, is it? (0:08:08.18)
Alfreed : Yeah. But that's not the only reason. (0:08:10.25)
Alfreed : I have a feeling that Prince Arslan will manage to do something incredible. (0:08:13.22)
Alfreed : After all, just look at how much my Narsus cares about him. (0:08:20.39)
Alfreed : You think so, too, don't you, Farangis? (0:08:24.93)
Falangies : I suppose so. (0:08:27.54)
Falangies : Retaking the Royal Capital, restoring it, and reforming the country... (0:08:29.70)
Falangies : At only 14 years of age, it is too weighty a mission for His Highness. (0:08:34.74)
Falangies : And yet, His Highness makes one feel that he is capable of carrying it out. (0:08:38.95)
Alfreed : Yeah. (0:08:43.55)
Falangies : He , of all people, may be able to turn Pars into a kingdom of ideals. (0:08:47.02)
EXTRA : Several hours into the siege, (0:09:18.12)
EXTRA : as the Parsian soldiers were beginning to show signs of fatigue, (0:09:20.99)
EXTRA : a significant shift occurred upon the battlefield. (0:09:24.13)
EXTRA : The gate... (0:09:30.26)
EXTRA : Why...? (0:09:31.43)
EXTRA : Just charge in! (0:09:32.90)
EXTRA : "Follower of Lord Silver Mask: Zandeh" (0:09:36.90)
Zandeh : This is tedious! (0:09:46.85)
Zandeh : Prince Hilmes! (0:09:51.29)
Zandeh : Watch me! I, Zandeh, will bring Arslan's head back to you! (0:09:52.82)
Jaswant : Lord Daryun, it seems the enemy cavalry has sallied forth. (0:10:02.10)
Daryun : Yes. (0:10:05.50)
Daryun : Victory to our army! Yashasuiin! (0:10:07.10)
EXTRA : Know the might of our Parsian cavalry! (0:10:29.32)
Jaswant : You are a general who leads a company of Parsian soldiers. (0:11:07.73)
Jaswant : Do not die! (0:11:10.87)
EXTRA : I do not need your help for that! (0:11:12.53)
Arslan : In a simple clash between two forces, (0:11:25.85)
Arslan : with fewer men, my army is at a disadvantage. (0:11:27.85)
Arslan : I hope things are going well with Kishward and his men... (0:11:30.28)
Sam : So, you came, as I expected. (0:11:47.20)
Kishward : Lord Sàm... (0:11:49.40)
EXTRA : Parsian soldiers?! (0:11:51.44)
Sam : Enter the Keep through the aqueduct and open the gates from within... (0:11:53.64)
Sam : I imagine that was your plan, but... (0:11:58.11)
Kishward : The head of Twin-Blade General Kishward (0:12:06.55)
Kishward : is not so easily taken that the likes of you can manage it! (0:12:09.16)
EXTRA : Attack him all together! (0:12:11.73)
EXTRA : We fight, too! (0:12:15.30)
Kishward : Lord Sàm, you are a proud knight of Pars. (0:12:28.74)
Kishward : Why do you seek to impede
Prince Arslan in his path to the throne?
Sam : For Prince Hilmes's sake. (0:12:36.78)
Sam : He deserves to at least have me by his side. (0:12:38.79)
Kishward : Do you know what Prince Hilmes has done?! (0:12:42.86)
Kishward : He invaded the Royal Capital and brought it down! (0:12:46.09)
Sam : I know this! (0:12:48.33)
Kishward : Then... (0:12:49.46)
Sam : Right now, he is consumed with rage and a desire for revenge, (0:12:51.27)
Sam : but that will surely pass in time. (0:12:54.60)
Sam : And afterwards, he is certain to be capable (0:12:56.27)
Sam : of leading Pars as a good king! (0:12:58.27)
Kishward : Obsessed with the throne, he made his own people suffer. (0:13:00.37)
Kishward : Who would recognize such a man as king?! (0:13:04.48)
EXTRA : In terms of numbers and such, (0:13:13.15)
EXTRA : it appears our cavalry has the upper hand. (0:13:14.52)
EXTRA : Also, Lord Sàm has gone to protect the aqueduct. (0:13:16.99)
Silvermask : All right. You are dismissed. (0:13:20.90)
EXTRA : Yes, sir. (0:13:22.96)
Silvermask : Curse that Zandeh. Taking the liberty of acting on his own... (0:13:25.97)
Silvermask : Arslan... (0:13:30.04)
Silvermask : The humiliation and hardship that I have suffered to this day... (0:13:32.04)
Silvermask : I will make sure that you suffer the same as I have! (0:13:36.81)
EXTRA : You damn savages! (0:14:02.17)
EXTRA : Glory to God! (0:14:03.87)
EXTRA : Don't let him get away! (0:14:08.28)
EXTRA : In the name of God! (0:14:09.51)
Kubard : Hell if I know the name of your god. (0:14:14.78)
Kubard : Looks like you're in a tough fight. (0:14:26.56)
Etoile (Young) : Repent and convert to the Faith of Yaldabaoth! (0:14:35.20)
Etoile (Young) : Do that and this fighting... (0:14:38.57)
EXTRA : Don't give me that garbage! (0:14:39.97)
EXTRA : Drop dead! (0:15:03.60)
EXTRA : You fanatic! (0:15:04.47)
Etoile (Young) : Why can you not understand?! (0:15:06.13)
Etoile (Young) : Wha...! (0:15:12.24)
Etoile (Young) : He's... (0:15:35.36)
Etoile (Young) : I saw him that time! (0:15:37.03)
Etoile (Young) : What's he doing there? (0:15:39.43)
EXTRA : Hold them off at all costs! (0:15:58.95)
EXTRA : Protect His Highness! (0:16:00.49)
Zandeh : Out of my way! (0:16:02.06)
EXTRA : Someone stop him! (0:16:06.23)
Zandeh : The enemy's main camp is right in front of us! (0:16:10.50)
Zandeh : There it is. (0:16:15.84)
Zandeh : Charge! (0:16:17.04)
Zandeh : Arslan! (0:16:26.01)
Zandeh : Your head is mine! (0:16:28.05)
EXTRA : There's no one here! (0:16:40.26)
EXTRA : What?! (0:16:42.70)
EXTRA : Retreat! (0:16:43.56)
EXTRA : They deceived us! (0:16:57.58)
EXTRA : So, this main camp was just for show. (0:16:59.18)
Narsus : Your Highness, do you remember what I spoke of before? (0:17:06.19)
Narsus : Of the first step to take in any strategy? (0:17:09.12)
Arslan : Of course. (0:17:12.86)
Arslan : To make the enemy focus their manpower where we wish them to. (0:17:14.43)
Arslan : Yes? (0:17:19.10)
Zandeh : Retreat for a time and then regroup... (0:17:24.47)
Daryun : I have not seen you since we fought near Peshawar. (0:17:32.91)
Zandeh : Daryun! (0:17:36.22)
Daryun : So, even after falling from that cliff, you did not die... (0:17:40.22)
Daryun : You are a hardy bastard. (0:17:43.29)
Daryun : Surrender! I will kill you this time! (0:17:46.49)
Zandeh : Those are my words! (0:17:49.26)
Zandeh : You, I must kill myself! (0:18:00.11)
Zandeh : For my father Kharlan! (0:18:03.51)
Zandeh : Out of his sense of loyalty to the rightful king, (0:18:07.51)
Zandeh : my lord father suffered the anguish of bending the knee to Lusitania! (0:18:11.15)
Zandeh : And still under the pall of that humiliation and disgrace, (0:18:14.59)
Zandeh : he was killed by you! (0:18:16.79)
Zandeh : But when Prince Hilmes becomes king of Pars, (0:18:18.63)
Zandeh : my lord father's name will be cleared! (0:18:21.36)
Zandeh : It will surely be proven that we are the true loyal subjects! (0:18:23.60)
Sam : Just what I would expect of a knight feared by our neighboring countries (0:18:33.27)
Sam : and known to be the man securing our eastern border. (0:18:35.98)
Sam : I would not have wanted you for an enemy. (0:18:39.61)
Kishward : You safeguarded the Royal Capital of Pars for a long time. (0:18:43.38)
Kishward : I, too, did not wish to fight you in this way. (0:18:47.86)
Sam : It cannot be helped. (0:18:50.99)
Sam : We have gone down separate paths. (0:18:52.56)
Sam : Two kings cannot rule one kingdom. (0:18:56.30)
Sam : Cruel though it may be, that has ever been the unyielding rule. (0:18:57.90)
Kishward : Aye! (0:19:01.37)
Kishward : Thus, all there is for us to do is to fight for what we believe in! (0:19:03.90)
EXTRA : Lord Sàm! (0:19:10.21)
EXTRA : Protect him! (0:19:12.35)
EXTRA : They're here! (0:19:15.22)
Zandeh : My lord father's long-held dream (0:19:28.93)
Zandeh : was the coronation of Prince Hilmes!
I will not let you stand in its way!
Daryun : We are alike. (0:19:36.50)
Daryun : You and I. (0:19:38.17)
Daryun : And Lord Kharlan as well. (0:19:40.07)
Daryun : We are men who can do naught (0:19:42.51)
Daryun : but fight for the lord and master we believe in. (0:19:44.18)
Zandeh : Do not speak of my father! (0:19:46.91)
Daryun : I took to the battlefield with Lord Kharlan many a time. (0:19:49.38)
Daryun : He was a knight worthy of respect. (0:19:54.45)
Zandeh : To clear my father's name! (0:20:00.06)
Zandeh : For the sake of Prince Hilmes's path to the throne! (0:20:02.13)
Zandeh : I will lay you low! (0:20:04.63)
Daryun : I commend your mettle. (0:20:06.90)
Daryun : If we did not serve different masters, (0:20:09.04)
Daryun : we may have been surprisingly kindred of spirit. (0:20:11.74)
Daryun : You! (0:20:48.74)
EXTRA : We must have you folk shed yet more blood. (0:20:51.11)
Daryun : He disappeared... (0:21:02.59)
EXTRA : It looks like the enemy was successfully lured to the fake camp. (0:21:09.83)
EXTRA : Yeah, this should give us the advantage... (0:21:13.60)
Elam : The Lusitanian troops who were lured into the fake camp (0:21:18.17)
Elam : appear to have been virtually wiped out. (0:21:21.11)
Arslan : Mm. (0:21:23.34)
Narsus : With this, we have now managed to whittle down the enemy's forces. (0:21:24.38)
Narsus : The remaining problem is the castle gate, but... (0:21:27.81)
EXTRA : Stop them! (0:21:29.52)
Arslan : What is that? (0:21:30.82)
EXTRA : Don't let them through! (0:21:31.65)
Narsus : Elam, see to His Highness. (0:21:33.02)
Arslan : Lusitanian soldiers? (0:21:34.82)
Etoile (Young) : Is this where you are, Arslan?! (0:21:36.52)
EXTRA : Your Highness! (0:21:41.50)
Arslan : You are... (0:21:45.40)
Etoile (Young) : Why? (0:21:48.30)
Etoile (Young) : Why are you here? (0:21:49.67)
Etoile (Young) : I-I have no use for the head of a boy like you! (0:21:53.47)
Etoile (Young) : The cowardly bastard hiding from us... (0:21:56.21)
Etoile (Young) : Prince Arslan! Where is he?! (0:21:57.68)
Etoile (Young) : What does this mean? (0:22:05.89)
Etoile (Young) : Don't tell me... (0:22:09.32)
Arslan : I am... (0:22:23.84)
Arslan : ...Arslan. (0:22:25.84)
EXTRA : Surely, all the souls you have encountered (0:22:38.89)
EXTRA : Were no mistake, not a one (0:22:43.46)
EXTRA : Harboring the same dreams (0:22:46.73)
EXTRA : I thought of the people who took a different path (0:22:48.96)
EXTRA : Raising up my weather-beaten yearnings (0:22:53.43)
EXTRA : I move through the wilderness (0:22:56.87)
EXTRA : For neither smiles, nor those tears (0:22:59.24)
EXTRA : Can be left behind abandoned here (0:23:03.74)
EXTRA : Harboring the shadows of summer, so white, so high (0:23:08.45)
EXTRA : This banner, nameless, yours and mine (0:23:14.05)
EXTRA : Beyond this road that still stretches on endlessly (0:23:21.26)
EXTRA : Just the one light (0:23:27.00)
EXTRA : With a thousand emotions (0:23:30.34)
EXTRA : I have faith in the sky I see above me (0:23:32.24)
EXTRA : With my guiding star high to the east (0:23:35.91)
EXTRA : I point to it (0:23:41.31)
EXTRA : With these hands,
I will make my dreams come true
EXTRA : "Yashasuiin!" (0:23:58.60)
EXTRA : They charged. (0:24:00.17)
EXTRA : With their spears leveled, their swords and battle axes raised, (0:24:01.84)
EXTRA : and their horses thundering across the flagstones. (0:24:05.44)
EXTRA : Next time, "The Decisive Battle." (0:24:08.04)
EXTRA : "Chapter XXIV: The Decisive Battle" (0:24:08.88)
EXTRA : And thus, the boy would become king. (0:24:10.11)

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan

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