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Jotaro Kujo : It should be about time. (0:00:32.31)
EXTRA : JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (0:01:58.97)
EXTRA : Episode 25
Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'doul, Part 1
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Wh-What's that? (0:02:17.34)
Joseph Joestar : They're here. (0:02:19.74)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : It's a helicopter! (0:02:22.59)
Noriaki Kakyoin : You don't have to state the obvious.
We can see that.
Joseph Joestar : That's a helicopter from
the Speedwagon Foundation.
Joseph Joestar : They're looking for a place to land. (0:02:28.22)
Jotaro Kujo : Speedwagon Foundation? (0:02:30.51)
Jotaro Kujo : Your old friends who are taking
care of Mom back in Japan?
Joseph Joestar : Yeah, that's right. (0:02:37.61)
Jotaro Kujo : Don't tell me we're going
for a ride in that helicopter.
Joseph Joestar : No. As much as I'd like to,
the crew aren't Stand users.
Joseph Joestar : If we were attacked, they would be at risk. (0:02:49.50)
Noriaki Kakyoin : Then why is that helicopter here? (0:02:52.03)
Joseph Joestar : They've brought us a helper. (0:02:55.44)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : What? A helper? (0:02:58.65)
Joseph Joestar : He has a few personality issues, (0:03:01.28)
Joseph Joestar : so it's taken a while to get him here. (0:03:03.71)
Mohammed Avdol : Mr. Joestar! (0:03:06.51)
Mohammed Avdol : It's impossible for him to
come with us on this trip!
Mohammed Avdol : There's no way he could be helpful. (0:03:10.88)
Noriaki Kakyoin : Do you know him, Avdol? (0:03:12.93)
Mohammed Avdol : Yeah, very well. (0:03:14.54)
Jotaro Kujo : Hold on. If he's a helper,
that means he's a Stand user, right?
Joseph Joestar : He's the Stand user whose Stand
suggests the card called The Fool.
Jotaro Kujo : The Fool? (0:03:26.94)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : The Fool? (0:03:30.25)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Hah! That card sounds like an idiot. (0:03:31.92)
Mohammed Avdol : We're lucky that he's not our enemy. (0:03:36.27)
Mohammed Avdol : You wouldn't be able to beat him. (0:03:40.03)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : What'd you say, you asshole? (0:03:42.46)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : You'd better watch your mouth. (0:03:44.52)
Mohammed Avdol : It's the truth. (0:03:45.97)
Mohammed Avdol : And what's with the hand? That hurts. (0:03:47.64)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Sounding all high-and-mighty and shit... (0:03:49.67)
Noriaki Kakyoin : Knock it off already. (0:03:50.99)
Noriaki Kakyoin : The helicopter landed. (0:03:52.99)
EXTRA : Mr. Joestar! Thank goodness you're safe. (0:04:16.13)
Joseph Joestar : Thanks for coming out here. I appreciate it. (0:04:18.78)
Jotaro Kujo : So... (0:04:21.65)
Jotaro Kujo : Who's the Stand user? (0:04:23.11)
Jotaro Kujo : I'm asking which one of you is the Stand user. (0:04:30.88)
Jotaro Kujo : Is it you? (0:04:33.82)
EXTRA : No, it's not either of us. (0:04:34.76)
EXTRA : He's in the back seat. (0:04:37.36)
Jotaro Kujo : The back seat... (0:04:43.48)
Jotaro Kujo : I don't see anyone there. (0:04:46.22)
EXTRA : No, he's there. (0:04:47.53)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Hey, hey, hey! (0:04:49.15)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : You say he's there, but where is he? (0:04:51.21)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Is he really short or something? (0:04:53.88)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Get the hell out here! Come on! (0:04:56.52)
EXTRA : W-Watch out! (0:04:59.07)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Hm? (0:05:01.27)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : What's this sticky stuff? (0:05:02.35)
EXTRA : Please, be careful! (0:05:04.85)
EXTRA : The helicopter ride was rough,
so he's in a really bad mood.
Joseph Joestar : Don't get close to him! (0:05:08.73)
Joseph Joestar : I told you, he's got some personality issues! (0:05:09.83)
Mohammed Avdol : Polnareff, you can't win. (0:05:12.08)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : And I'm asking where the hell he is— (0:05:14.54)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Whoa! (0:05:20.37)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : H-H-H-H-H-He's... (0:05:23.02)
Noriaki Kakyoin : ...a dog! (0:05:25.24)
Jotaro Kujo : Don't tell me this dog is.... (0:05:26.20)
Joseph Joestar : Yes! He is The Fool Stand's user. (0:05:29.54)
Joseph Joestar : His name is Iggy. (0:05:33.32)
Joseph Joestar : He loves to tear out human hair by the mouthful. (0:05:34.68)
Joseph Joestar : We don't know where he was born. (0:05:38.29)
Joseph Joestar : When even the dog catchers in
New York couldn't get him,
Joseph Joestar : Avdol was able to find and finally capture him. (0:05:43.78)
Joseph Joestar : Oh, I just remembered. (0:05:48.20)
Joseph Joestar : While he's ripping out hair, he likes to... (0:05:51.12)
Joseph Joestar : fart in the human's face.
He's kind of vulgar.
Jean Pierre Polnareff : God damn it! You're gonna pay for that! (0:06:05.50)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Damn you... (0:06:08.50)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Chariot! (0:06:09.84)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Th-That's... (0:06:30.78)
Jotaro Kujo : So that's The Fool. (0:06:32.16)
Noriaki Kakyoin : We met an orangutan Stand user
off the shore of Singapore, but...
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Who the hell do you think
you are, you stupid mutt?!
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Don't make me cut you in half! (0:06:40.25)
EXTRA : Slice (0:06:43.48)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : What the?! It's like it's turning into sand... (0:06:45.16)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : I-I can't cut it! (0:06:47.42)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Now it became solid and swallowed up my sword! (0:06:49.94)
Noriaki Kakyoin : That's... (0:06:54.02)
Mohammed Avdol : Simply put, it's a Stand made of sand. (0:06:55.07)
Jotaro Kujo : Yeah... And the simpler they are,
the stronger they are.
Jotaro Kujo : I'm not sure if I could hit it. (0:07:01.21)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Hey! Help! Do something about this dog! (0:07:04.43)
Noriaki Kakyoin : Sorry, Polnareff, (0:07:07.99)
Noriaki Kakyoin : but I'm not about to get
my hair ripped out, too.
Jean Pierre Polnareff : You monster! (0:07:12.59)
Mohammed Avdol : Do you have his treats? (0:07:14.46)
EXTRA : If we didn't, we wouldn't
have been able to make it here.
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Stop! Help me! (0:07:19.71)
Mohammed Avdol : His sense of smell is incredible. (0:07:28.44)
Noriaki Kakyoin : What is that? (0:07:30.87)
Mohammed Avdol : Coffee-flavored chewing gum. (0:07:31.98)
Mohammed Avdol : It's Iggy's favorite treat,
and he'll do anything for it.
EXTRA : Mr. Avdol! Keep the box hidden from— (0:07:37.64)
Mohammed Avdol : Oh, no! He got the box! (0:07:42.56)
Joseph Joestar : He loves coffee-flavored chewing gum, (0:07:49.15)
Joseph Joestar : but he still won't let down his guard for anyone. (0:07:52.48)
Mohammed Avdol : At least take the paper off first. (0:07:56.41)
Noriaki Kakyoin : There's no way he could actually help us. (0:07:58.49)
Jotaro Kujo : Good grief. (0:08:01.86)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Damn it... (0:08:02.38)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : My beautiful hair's been thinned... (0:08:04.18)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : You stupid bastard! (0:08:07.11)
EXTRA : While he's eating the gum, he should be fine. (0:08:09.72)
EXTRA : Let's get the supplies out now. (0:08:12.01)
EXTRA : Here's some food and water for your trip. (0:08:17.78)
Joseph Joestar : Oh, thank you. (0:08:20.46)
EXTRA : There are medical supplies
and a change of clothes, too.
EXTRA : Also, a new camera, for taking spirit pictures. (0:08:24.47)
Joseph Joestar : TVs don't work so well for spirit photography. (0:08:27.94)
Joseph Joestar : Oh, I know. (0:08:31.78)
Joseph Joestar : Hey, you guys. (0:08:33.50)
Noriaki Kakyoin : I see. It'll make a nice memory. (0:08:39.06)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Avdol! Hurry up with the gum! (0:08:46.30)
Mohammed Avdol : But you're already such good friends, Polnareff! (0:08:50.09)
EXTRA : Mr. Joestar, we'll be taking our leave now. (0:08:58.46)
Joseph Joestar : There's something I'd like to ask you. (0:09:03.03)
Joseph Joestar : About my daughter... (0:09:05.54)
Joseph Joestar : How is Holly doing? (0:09:09.11)
Joseph Joestar : Give it to me straight. (0:09:11.53)
EXTRA : Well, sir... I hate to say this, (0:09:15.68)
EXTRA : but I'm afraid she's not doing very well. (0:09:18.54)
EXTRA : Her energy is fading,
and her life remains in danger.
EXTRA : According to the doctors from
our Speedwagon Foundation,
EXTRA : she'll be lucky if she survives
for another two weeks.
Noriaki Kakyoin : There's no time. (0:09:33.84)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Damn it... (0:09:35.37)
EXTRA : Also, we have some information for you. (0:09:36.84)
EXTRA : According to the report, two days ago... (0:09:40.28)
EXTRA : Nine mysterious men and women (0:09:42.63)
EXTRA : gathered in a building that Dio
is believed to be hiding in,
EXTRA : and then they all departed together. (0:09:47.91)
Joseph Joestar : Dio and nine others? (0:09:51.66)
EXTRA : We don't know who they are. (0:09:53.73)
EXTRA : The person who reported this was killed, (0:09:56.06)
EXTRA : and the mansion had already been cleared out. (0:09:58.69)
EXTRA : We were unable to locate
the nine men and women.
EXTRA : Any further investigation of
this matter is impossible for us,
EXTRA : since we are not Stand users. (0:10:08.40)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Were they new Stand users? (0:10:09.67)
Noriaki Kakyoin : Hold on. (0:10:11.58)
Noriaki Kakyoin : Any remaining Stand users with Stands that (0:10:12.89)
Noriaki Kakyoin : suggest Tarot cards...
Excluding Hol Horse's Emperor,
Noriaki Kakyoin : the only card left is The World. (0:10:18.01)
Noriaki Kakyoin : I had thought that The World
would be Dio's Stand, but...
Noriaki Kakyoin : Avdol? (0:10:24.55)
Mohammed Avdol : I-I don't know. (0:10:25.48)
Mohammed Avdol : I have no idea. Nine of them? (0:10:27.32)
Joseph Joestar : Apparently, Dio's head hasn't
gotten used to its new body yet.
Joseph Joestar : Dio is very proud, so there's
no way he'd flee from Cairo.
Joseph Joestar : It would appear that he's trying
to stop us from reaching Cairo.
Jotaro Kujo : Good grief. There's only two
weeks left, and nine of them...
Jotaro Kujo : We might end up a little tired. (0:10:51.96)
EXTRA : We'll be off, then. (0:10:54.67)
EXTRA : Please have a safe trip. (0:10:57.15)
Joseph Joestar : Thank you. Take care of Holly. (0:10:58.86)
N'Doul : That dog... (0:11:24.98)
N'Doul : It noticed the presence of the Great N'doul, eh? (0:11:26.59)
N'Doul : Damn. So close. (0:11:49.20)
N'Doul : I was almost able to get it. (0:11:52.43)
N'Doul : I guess I need more practice. (0:11:55.72)
N'Doul : The Nile Ue Ue Fly, eh... (0:11:58.93)
N'Doul : It's because of this fly
that Joestar and the others
N'Doul : were able to pursue Lord Dio this far... (0:12:05.18)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Mr. Joestar, can't you
do something about this?
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Why is that shitty little dog sitting in (0:12:38.09)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : the seat while we're stuck in the back? (0:12:41.10)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : It's so cramped, my back hurts. (0:12:43.78)
Joseph Joestar : You'll have to wait until the flavor from his (0:12:45.75)
Joseph Joestar : beloved coffee gum fades. (0:12:48.39)
Joseph Joestar : Once that happens, I'll throw
a new piece of gum into
Joseph Joestar : the back so he'll go there. (0:12:52.76)
Joseph Joestar : Then you can change seats. (0:12:54.36)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : All right, all right. Calm down! Damn it... (0:12:57.46)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Wh-What the hell?! (0:13:06.17)
Joseph Joestar : L-Look! Over there! (0:13:08.26)
Joseph Joestar : Th-That's... (0:13:12.19)
Joseph Joestar : The helicopter! (0:13:14.98)
Noriaki Kakyoin : The Speedwagon Foundation helicopter
that flew off earlier is down in the sand!
Mohammed Avdol : There's no sign that it was attacked. (0:13:25.91)
Noriaki Kakyoin : It's like it just fell to the ground. (0:13:28.53)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : It couldn't be! (0:13:31.58)
Joseph Joestar : Be careful! (0:13:32.62)
Joseph Joestar : It's very likely we'll be
attacked by the enemy's Stand!
Jotaro Kujo : Look! It's the pilot! (0:13:36.42)
Jotaro Kujo : He's dead... (0:13:41.53)
Jotaro Kujo : There are marks where he
clawed the helicopter's side...
Joseph Joestar : This is horrible. (0:13:47.75)
Joseph Joestar : Approach carefully. (0:13:49.80)
Joseph Joestar : Something could be hiding there. (0:13:52.22)
Jotaro Kujo : It's water. (0:14:03.33)
Jotaro Kujo : So much water... (0:14:12.61)
Jotaro Kujo : It's coming from the pilot's mouth...
No, from his lungs.
Jotaro Kujo : There's even a small fish. (0:14:20.15)
Jotaro Kujo : He drowned in the middle of the desert! (0:14:22.38)
Joseph Joestar : What on earth? (0:14:26.36)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : H-Hey... (0:14:27.77)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : The other one's over here. (0:14:29.09)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : He's alive! (0:14:30.93)
Joseph Joestar : Are you all right? Get a hold of yourself! (0:14:35.03)
Joseph Joestar : What on earth happened? (0:14:37.16)
EXTRA : Wa... (0:14:41.44)
EXTRA : Water... (0:14:43.85)
Joseph Joestar : What? You want water? (0:14:46.22)
Joseph Joestar : Polnareff, hand me that canteen. (0:14:48.44)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Right. (0:14:51.11)
Joseph Joestar : Here, get a hold of yourself.
Here's some water.
Joseph Joestar : Drink slowly. (0:14:56.70)
EXTRA : No! The water's going to attack! (0:15:05.83)
Joseph Joestar : What?! (0:15:08.04)
Joseph Joestar : I-It's the enemy Stand! (0:15:14.15)
Joseph Joestar : The enemy Stand is inside the canteen! (0:15:16.43)
Joseph Joestar : D-Damn it! (0:15:21.24)
Joseph Joestar : The Speedwagon Foundation crew wasn't (0:15:23.44)
Joseph Joestar : part of this fight,
but they were still attacked!
Joseph Joestar : Avdol, did you see what kind of Stand it was? (0:15:28.05)
Mohammed Avdol : I only saw a hand. (0:15:30.82)
Mohammed Avdol : But it's still inside the canteen! (0:15:32.68)
Mohammed Avdol : I haven't seen it leave. (0:15:35.33)
Mohammed Avdol : Who could it be? (0:15:38.28)
Mohammed Avdol : They mentioned that Dio
gathered nine men and women...
Mohammed Avdol : Is the attacker one of them, then? (0:15:44.33)
Joseph Joestar : Jotaro, locate the enemy's body. (0:15:46.98)
Jotaro Kujo : I'm looking for it right now. (0:15:49.51)
Jotaro Kujo : But... (0:15:51.74)
Jotaro Kujo : The enemy's body isn't anywhere I can see. (0:15:58.38)
Jotaro Kujo : I even looked for something like
that stupid mirror The Sun had.
Jotaro Kujo : But it seems the enemy is
operating from very far away.
Noriaki Kakyoin : Polnareff, attack the canteen. (0:16:22.88)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Huh? Me...? (0:16:25.32)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Th-The pilot's head was completely
sucked into that tiny little canteen.
Jean Pierre Polnareff : So if I poke a hole in that thing... (0:16:33.94)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Hell no! (0:16:38.43)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Kakyoin! You're closer! (0:16:39.66)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : You should just hit it with an Emerald Splash! (0:16:42.06)
Noriaki Kakyoin : I don't want to. (0:16:45.47)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Don't try to make someone do
something you won't do yourself!
Jean Pierre Polnareff : What the hell is wrong with you?! (0:16:50.74)
Noriaki Kakyoin : No means no. (0:16:52.86)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Well, I say that I don't want to do it, either! (0:16:54.76)
Noriaki Kakyoin : Th-This is... (0:17:05.80)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Kakyoin! (0:17:12.64)
Joseph Joestar : It's the water! (0:17:14.52)
Joseph Joestar : It had already left the canteen,
along with the blood!
Mohammed Avdol : It's not that the Stand was
inside the canteen...
Mohammed Avdol : The water is the Stand! (0:17:23.26)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : It got Kakyoin! (0:17:24.94)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : I-It got Kakyoin's eyes! (0:17:27.46)
Joseph Joestar : Polnareff! Stop panicking! (0:17:30.02)
Joseph Joestar : Bring out Chariot and defend yourself! (0:17:32.91)
Jotaro Kujo : Crap. It's going to get Polnareff, too. (0:17:40.02)
Joseph Joestar : What's going on?
It attacked the pilot's corpse!
Jotaro Kujo : No, not the corpse. The watch. (0:17:59.18)
Jotaro Kujo : It attacked the watch's alarm. (0:18:03.14)
Mohammed Avdol : Sound! It attacks by locating sounds! (0:18:06.56)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Sounds? (0:18:10.13)
Joseph Joestar : Shit! Polnareff! (0:18:17.15)
Joseph Joestar : It's coming for you this time! (0:18:18.70)
Joseph Joestar : Run to the vehicle! (0:18:22.59)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : I-It's so fast! (0:18:33.71)
Joseph Joestar : Hurry, Polnareff! (0:18:37.37)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : It cut me! (0:18:46.44)
Joseph Joestar : Hermit Purple! (0:18:47.50)
Mohammed Avdol : It soaked into the ground... (0:18:57.70)
Joseph Joestar : The enemy can detect sound
through vibrations in the ground.
Joseph Joestar : It can move freely around underground, (0:19:02.84)
Joseph Joestar : without being seen, and before we know it, (0:19:05.31)
Joseph Joestar : it can attack us from behind,
or through the bottoms of our feet.
Joseph Joestar : And its user is able to remain far away. (0:19:14.34)
N'Doul : They all got onto their vehicle. (0:19:27.26)
N'Doul : He must have realized that I,
N'doul, was finding them with sound.
N'Doul : Too bad figuring that out
won't do them any good...
Jean Pierre Polnareff : H-How's Kakyoin? (0:19:47.78)
Mohammed Avdol : It's not good. (0:19:49.78)
Mohammed Avdol : He may have been blinded. (0:19:51.06)
Mohammed Avdol : Let's drive. (0:19:53.48)
Mohammed Avdol : We have to get him to a doctor immediately. (0:19:54.58)
Joseph Joestar : But if we move, it'll attack. (0:19:57.05)
Joseph Joestar : We can't be careless. (0:20:01.13)
Joseph Joestar : What?! (0:20:21.61)
N'Doul : These footsteps... It's the dog. (0:20:31.03)
N'Doul : That dog... (0:20:33.83)
N'Doul : It left the car before my attack. (0:20:35.45)
N'Doul : It anticipated my Stand's attack. (0:20:38.13)
N'Doul : It seems that dog is going
to be a problem after all.
Jotaro Kujo : The tires are in the water! Shit! (0:20:44.22)
Jotaro Kujo : It's no use. We're being pulled in! (0:20:47.26)
Mohammed Avdol : We're going to slip! (0:20:49.78)
Joseph Joestar : Move further back! (0:20:51.02)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : Helper! Come on, damn it! Help, already! Hey! (0:20:53.35)
N'Doul : That accursed dog... (0:20:59.60)
N'Doul : It must also know that I'm
only four kilometers to the west.
N'Doul : What should I do... (0:21:08.84)
N'Doul : I'll have to take care of the dog first! (0:21:13.27)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : How careless can you be?! (0:21:21.61)
Jean Pierre Polnareff : You stupid dog! (0:21:24.86)
N'Doul : No, I'll leave the dog alone. (0:21:32.69)
N'Doul : It doesn't appear that Joestar
and the others can control that dog.
N'Doul : If it's just going to sleep, it's harmless. (0:21:39.12)
N'Doul : Now, without hesitation... (0:21:44.45)
Joseph Joestar : It's so sharp!
It cut the front tires in half!
Joseph Joestar : Go even further back! (0:21:52.04)
Joseph Joestar : S-So that's what it's trying to do...
Shit! Everyone hang on!
EXTRA : Rumble (0:21:58.15)
N'Doul : I can hear it! I can hear it! (0:23:35.77)
Mohammed Avdol : Don't make a sound. (0:23:37.06)
Jotaro Kujo : He can smell where the
enemy's going to attack next.
Jean Pierre Polnareff : The water started chasing Jotaro! (0:23:41.72)
Mohammed Avdol : If we can just find their body, (0:23:43.24)
Mohammed Avdol : there's a good chance we
can defeat that fearsome Stand!
Jotaro Kujo : It's Iggy. (0:23:47.59)

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