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Takuma Ichinose : I'm so glad you could make it,
my dear SOX members.
Takuma Ichinose : I am the leader of Moist Throng: (0:00:05.48)
Takuma Ichinose : White Climax! (0:00:08.98)
Ayame Kajou : I'm the leader of SOX. (0:00:10.86)
Ayame Kajou : I'm the Mongolian spot blossoming on a snow-white butt cheek! (0:00:13.15)
Ayame Kajou : Blue Tundra! (0:00:16.41)
Takuma Ichinose : May our negotiations tonight be fruitful for both of us. (0:00:19.41)
Kosuri Onigashira : Is there something sticking out? (0:00:23.67)
Otome Saotome : The size, shape, and color of that specimen are unlike any I've seen before. (0:00:27.96)
Tanukichi Okuma : Blue Tundra, (0:00:33.26)
Tanukichi Okuma : just look at that walking obscenity.
There's no common ground to be found with him.
Takuma Ichinose : How offensive. (0:00:37.80)
Takuma Ichinose : This is merely a fashion statement. (0:00:39.51)
Takuma Ichinose : Then again, I am rather disappointed in all of you. (0:00:43.06)
Takuma Ichinose : The underwear upon your heads... (0:00:46.27)
Takuma Ichinose : is freshly washed! (0:00:48.57)
Takuma Ichinose : I smell nothing! (0:00:50.28)
Tanukichi Okuma : Why would we ever wear used ones?! (0:00:50.94)
Takuma Ichinose : You naïve boy! (0:00:52.32)
Takuma Ichinose : Underwear gains value through being worn by another. (0:00:54.03)
Takuma Ichinose : And white underwear is the most precious of the bunch!{because this guy is getting his panties in a bunch over underwear. get it. k. nvm} (0:00:57.95)
Ayame Kajou : Then let me ask you one thing, White Climax. (0:01:02.79)
Ayame Kajou : Are those panties giving you the rush you so desire? (0:01:05.16)
Ayame Kajou : I doubt they're all that fresh. (0:01:08.42)
Takuma Ichinose : You're a sharp one... (0:01:11.96)
Takuma Ichinose : That's right. I've gathered all this underwear ages ago. (0:01:14.34)
Takuma Ichinose : Their once fragrant aroma is gradually turning foul! (0:01:19.39)
Tanukichi Okuma : Gross. (0:01:23.39)
Takuma Ichinose : My appetite for undergarments grows more voracious by the day! (0:01:24.35)
Takuma Ichinose : We require fresh underwear! All the time! (0:01:27.31)
Ayame Kajou : So your naughty terrorism is nothing but a front (0:01:31.36)
Ayame Kajou : to steal underwear and indulge your and your follower's fetish. (0:01:34.53)
Takuma Ichinose : Well, well. (0:01:38.03)
Takuma Ichinose : You were heroes once, but now you're mere quislings. You have no right to lecture me. (0:01:39.16)
Takuma Ichinose : Shall I take it that there's no room for negotiation? (0:01:43.16)
Takuma Ichinose : And that you will continue assaulting my followers? (0:01:46.83)
Ayame Kajou : Of course! There's no way we'd ever stop. (0:01:51.25)
Ayame Kajou : Just like a young boy after learning how to fap! (0:01:54.30)
Takuma Ichinose : Then it seems we are done. (0:01:57.05)
Takuma Ichinose : I'll punish this world even if it means risking my own life! (0:01:59.59)
Takuma Ichinose : There's something wrong with it! (0:02:02.68)
Takuma Ichinose : It's just asking to be destroyed! (0:02:04.52)
Takuma Ichinose : Let it drown in a sea of underwear, I say! (0:02:06.23)
Takuma Ichinose : Not even you can stop us now! (0:02:11.27)
Ayame Kajou : Do you understand now, Kosuri? (0:02:16.69)
Ayame Kajou : This is the true face of Moist Throng. (0:02:18.45)
Kosuri Onigashira : I totally do! They're more horribles than I imagineds! (0:02:20.70)
Ayame Kajou : I can feel that they're plotting something catastrophic. (0:02:23.41)
Ayame Kajou : These lunatics won't stop at mere underwear thefts. (0:02:27.96)
Ayame Kajou : They must be stopped at all costs! (0:02:31.79)
EXTRA : A few decades have passed since the use of indecent words and phrases, (0:02:35.09)
EXTRA : in both public and private,
has become prohibited throughout Japan.
EXTRA : Thanks to relentless legislation and the
introduction of the PM surveillance system,
EXTRA : Japan attained its status as the nation with
the most pristine public morals in the world.
EXTRA : This is a story about a group of boys and girls fighting to overthrow this boring world (0:02:55.90)
EXTRA : where the concept of dirty jokes doesn't exist. (0:03:01.70)
Ayame Kajou : Big dick! (0:03:04.99)
Kosuri Onigashira : Onii-chan, have a nice days! (0:04:39.59)
EXTRA : How much longer do we have to wait? (0:04:42.97)
EXTRA : A rescue team is on its way. (0:04:43.88)
EXTRA : I'm going to be late for work! (0:04:45.30)
EXTRA : Please wait a bit longer. (0:04:46.51)
EXTRA : Hurry up already! (0:04:46.93)
Tanukichi Okuma : I made it. (0:04:57.27)
Raiki Gouriki : If it isn't Okuma... (0:04:58.56)
Tanukichi Okuma : Gouriki-senpai. (0:05:00.32)
EXTRA : Stop! (0:05:01.78)
Raiki Gouriki : Did you also rush over here after seeing the news report about the monorail being down? (0:05:05.49)
Tanukichi Okuma : Yes. I even skipped the rest of my breakfast. (0:05:10.20)
Raiki Gouriki : It's a good thing they've got some extra buses running in the interim. (0:05:15.00)
Raiki Gouriki : But I wonder what's going on? (0:05:18.25)
Raiki Gouriki : The power line to the
traffic control system was cut.
Raiki Gouriki : That goes way beyond some childish prank. (0:05:24.30)
Tanukichi Okuma : The power line was cut? (0:05:26.09)
Raiki Gouriki : That's right. (0:05:27.64)
Raiki Gouriki : And just as the number of underwear thefts was finally going down... (0:05:28.47)
Raiki Gouriki : Imagine if some terrorist group was behind this as well! (0:05:32.10)
Tanukichi Okuma : It couldn't be... (0:05:35.94)
Ayame Kajou : Tanukichi, where are you right now? (0:05:38.94)
Ayame Kajou : Tell me it's not on a bus! (0:05:40.19)
Tanukichi Okuma : Huh? (0:05:41.98)
EXTRA : Everybody, freeze! (0:05:44.24)
EXTRA : This bus is under Moist Throng's control now! (0:05:45.82)
Tanukichi Okuma : Um, Kajou-senpai. (0:05:50.16)
Tanukichi Okuma : It seems the bus I'm on has been hijacked, so I'll call you later. (0:05:52.62)
EXTRA : We bring you this emergency broadcast: (0:05:55.45)
EXTRA : A bus in the First Purity Metropolitan Area (0:05:57.16)
EXTRA : has been hijacked by a group known as "Moist Throng". (0:05:59.58)
EXTRA : Their motives are still unknown. (0:06:04.76)
Hyouka Fuwa : Hm, so that's the current situation. (0:06:11.05)
Hyouka Fuwa : A rather impressive move of Moist Throng's. (0:06:13.93)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Tsukimigusa-san. (0:06:19.44)
Anna Nishikinomiya : We're in a precarious situation and don't want to attract any attention. (0:06:21.27)
Oboro Tsukimigusa : Understood. (0:06:23.90)
Otome Saotome : I see. (0:06:31.82)
Otome Saotome : This is what he meant with "risking his own life." (0:06:33.16)
EXTRA : Status report! (0:06:36.08)
EXTRA : Do we still not know how many buses were hijacked? (0:06:37.04)
EXTRA : At present, 42 buses are no longer responding! (0:06:39.29)
EXTRA : All perpetrators have their faces masked with underwear! (0:06:41.71)
EXTRA : Can't we take back the buses by force?! (0:06:44.34)
EXTRA : They're only underwear thieves! (0:06:46.46)
EXTRA : Maybe so, but they're armed underwear thieves... (0:06:48.63)
Takuma Ichinose : Greetings, Public Morals Committee. (0:06:54.97)
Takuma Ichinose : I am the ringleader of Moist Throng, White Climax! (0:06:56.97)
EXTRA : What's going on?! (0:07:00.44)
EXTRA : Did they hijack our communication lines?! (0:07:01.52)
Takuma Ichinose : We are an organization following SOX's vision of bringing about societal change. (0:07:04.15)
Takuma Ichinose : {We seek a world where underwear can be worn however one desires.}We seek a world where
moist underwear is available to all!{I think you can still put them on if you want to, like in the proper place. But that's not what it's saying here. change "underwear can be donned" to something like a place where one can accrue as much fresh underwear as they want or a place where anyone can come into possession of fresh underwear. And obviuosly of others. That's what they're fighting for.}
Takuma Ichinose : Thus, we've declared war upon this mad world! (0:07:13.78)
Hyouka Fuwa : Still, I cannot help but find them deeply interesting. (0:07:17.20)
EXTRA : Hey, you! What do you think you're doing? (0:07:19.37)
Hyouka Fuwa : I am watching the news. (0:07:21.79)
EXTRA : That's not what I asked! (0:07:23.25)
EXTRA : Can't you see what I'm holding? (0:07:24.84)
Hyouka Fuwa : Your tenacity is beyond amazing. (0:07:26.42)
Hyouka Fuwa : Allow me to ask you this question: (0:07:28.46)
Hyouka Fuwa : What is it about panties, items which are not connected to conception, that turns people crazy? (0:07:31.13)
EXTRA : I'm telling you to be quiet! (0:07:37.01)
EXTRA : I won't hesitate shooting. (0:07:39.18)
Hyouka Fuwa : You're going to shoot me with a fake gun? (0:07:40.48)
Hyouka Fuwa : Considering the weight of an actual gun and the size of your muscles, (0:07:43.60)
Hyouka Fuwa : I find your arm movements to be too unencumbered. (0:07:48.28)
Hyouka Fuwa : Additionally, this position allows me to clearly see the crude design of the gun's interior. (0:07:51.28)
Hyouka Fuwa : Why do you and your comrades equip your heads with fabric? (0:07:56.83)
Hyouka Fuwa : Does it bring you a thrill that is akin to reading obscene magazines? (0:08:01.29)
Hyouka Fuwa : Could you give me an easily comprehensible answer? (0:08:05.21)
EXTRA : You don't even understand the basics! (0:08:08.50)
EXTRA : Underwear is not just some "fabric"! (0:08:11.13)
EXTRA : I'll only say this once. Underwear is— (0:08:13.22)
EXTRA : Got you! (0:08:15.22)
EXTRA : Don't move! (0:08:16.85)
EXTRA : Okay! We've got her restrained! (0:08:18.76)
EXTRA : She was right. It's just a toy gun! (0:08:20.73)
EXTRA : What would we have done without you? (0:08:22.89)
Hyouka Fuwa : I didn't do anything... (0:08:25.06)
EXTRA : Thank you! (0:08:26.31)
EXTRA : Not only did you realize the gun's a fake, you also had her scared out of her wits! (0:08:27.36)
Hyouka Fuwa : I'm telling you... I'm only a lowly scientist trying to understand their motivation. (0:08:32.11)
Oboro Tsukimigusa : Are you all right, Anna-sama? (0:08:38.08)
Oboro Tsukimigusa : You have been shaking uncontrollably. (0:08:40.41)
Anna Nishikinomiya : I'm fine. I'm not frightened or anything. (0:08:43.33)
Anna Nishikinomiya : But... as of late, (0:08:46.79)
Anna Nishikinomiya : I haven't been able to get my hands on Okuma-kun's underwear. (0:08:49.67)
Anna Nishikinomiya : There isn't any at his apartment. (0:08:52.97)
Anna Nishikinomiya : It's been nearly a week since I could indulge in his scent. (0:08:55.59)
Anna Nishikinomiya : My body began showing withdrawal symptoms yesterday. (0:08:59.43)
Oboro Tsukimigusa : Is that so? (0:09:01.68)
EXTRA : Hey, you two! (0:09:03.10)
EXTRA : Quit talking! (0:09:05.02)
EXTRA : All of you will be putting your undergarments in here. (0:09:07.19)
EXTRA : And I mean top and bottom! (0:09:09.82)
EXTRA : No need to hold back. (0:09:12.69)
EXTRA : I'll give you a new pair afterwards. (0:09:14.61)
EXTRA : Cooperate peacefully and nobody's getting hurt! (0:09:17.87)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Why is Okuma-kun so mean to me? (0:09:23.58)
EXTRA : Put them in! (0:09:27.79)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Okuma-kun... (0:09:29.79)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Does this mean I am still not righteous enough? (0:09:31.75)
EXTRA : Hurry up! (0:09:35.05)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Is he unable to love me because I am still lacking? (0:09:36.30)
EXTRA : All right. You two are next. (0:09:40.85)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Oh, how convenient. There's a criminal committing an indecent act right here. (0:09:43.72)
EXTRA : Hey! Did I allow you to move?! (0:09:47.48)
EXTRA : I'll shoot— (0:09:50.06)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Indecency... (0:09:53.07)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Indecency! Indecency! Indecency! (0:09:54.57)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Indecency! Indecency! (0:09:57.82)
Anna Nishikinomiya : Indecency! (0:10:00.03)
Oboro Tsukimigusa : What splendid work, Anna-sama. (0:10:02.79)
Anna Nishikinomiya : I'm certain that now Okuma-kun will accept my love again! (0:10:05.91)
Raiki Gouriki : Damn it! (0:10:14.09)
Raiki Gouriki : These guys are bananas. (0:10:15.09)
EXTRA : Hey, Gorilla! (0:10:17.17)
EXTRA : Take off your underwear! (0:10:19.22)
Tanukichi Okuma : Gouriki-senpai, you should do as he says. (0:10:22.26)
Raiki Gouriki : My little sister isn't going to be happy about this. (0:10:27.18)
Tanukichi Okuma : Huh? (0:10:29.69)
EXTRA : Sniff, sniff. (0:10:31.44)
EXTRA : Sniff, sniff. (0:10:32.31)
EXTRA : Hey, you. You've got underwear in your bag, don't you? (0:10:33.77)
Tanukichi Okuma : Huh? No, of course not— (0:10:36.90)
EXTRA : Open it! (0:10:39.07)
EXTRA : Surprised? My nose is second to only our lead— (0:10:42.20)
EXTRA : I smell nothing but your own odor from this bag! (0:10:46.83)
EXTRA : Wait... You carry your own underwear with you?! (0:10:49.87)
Tanukichi Okuma : Um, well, you see... (0:10:52.33)
Tanukichi Okuma : It's the only way I can keep Anna-senpai from stealing them while I'm out— (0:10:54.13)
Tanukichi Okuma : I mean, I carry them with me for peace of mind. (0:10:56.71)
Tanukichi Okuma : Smelling yourself is very soothing, wouldn't you say? (0:11:00.38)
Tanukichi Okuma : I place them on my head and meditate during lunch and bathroom breaks! (0:11:03.64)
EXTRA : I see... (0:11:10.06)
EXTRA : There's something wrong with your head. (0:11:11.23)
EXTRA : You've got enough loose screws to rival our leader, White Climax! (0:11:13.86)
Tanukichi Okuma : Don't you dare compare me with him! (0:11:17.78)
Raiki Gouriki : You have some peculiar hobbies, Okuma. (0:11:20.07)
Raiki Gouriki : But do not worry, my lips are sealed. (0:11:23.62)
Raiki Gouriki : I still accept you. (0:11:27.20)
Tanukichi Okuma : Er, thanks, but it's really not— (0:11:28.66)
EXTRA : What's wrong? Are you okay— (0:11:33.71)
EXTRA : Now's our chance to capture him! (0:11:38.17)
Raiki Gouriki : What is it? What's wrong with everyone? (0:11:41.13)
Ayame Kajou : I'm surprised you were able to escape, Tanukichi. (0:11:50.98)
Ayame Kajou : The news mentioned the criminals were using real guns. (0:11:53.56)
Ayame Kajou : And I don't mean the ones between their legs. (0:11:55.52)
Tanukichi Okuma : Well... you could say we had a bioweapon with us. (0:11:58.28)
Ayame Kajou : Is that so? Who's a lewd boy? (0:12:00.99)
Tanukichi Okuma : Say something normal, please! (0:12:03.74)
Ayame Kajou : Well anyway, we have no time to lose. (0:12:05.57)
Ayame Kajou : We're as pressed for time as a boy who got
a hard-on while sleeping at a school assembly,
Ayame Kajou : only to be abruptly awakened by the call to rise, is. (0:12:13.79)
Tanukichi Okuma : Kajou-senpai... most people would think that situation means it's game over. (0:12:18.67)
Ayame Kajou : Not true! (0:12:23.18)
Ayame Kajou : If he can slip his hand into his pocket and tug his dick under his belt, (0:12:24.34)
Ayame Kajou : he can hide that trouser tent! (0:12:29.85)
Ayame Kajou : Remember those words of wisdom. (0:12:31.68)
Tanukichi Okuma : Can't you have a conversation without throwing in absurd comments?! (0:12:32.69)
Ayame Kajou : White Climax delivered a proclamation. (0:12:36.73)
Ayame Kajou : While you were stuck in the bus... (0:12:39.57)
Ayame Kajou : While you and Gouriki-senpai were enjoying the suspension bridge effect together— (0:12:41.94)
Tanukichi Okuma : Never happened! (0:12:45.36)
Ayame Kajou : They craftily worked SOX's name into their statements to justify their unconvincing cause. (0:12:46.57)
Ayame Kajou : SOX's future is looking bleak if PMC gets them before us. (0:12:53.75)
Tanukichi Okuma : What can we do? (0:12:58.54)
Ayame Kajou : There's only one way. (0:13:00.38)
Ayame Kajou : We members of SOX will have to capture White Climax (0:13:02.46)
Tanukichi Okuma : All by ourselves? (0:13:07.34)
Ayame Kajou : That's right. (0:13:08.14)
Ayame Kajou : PMC already has a lead on his identity. (0:13:09.51)
Ayame Kajou : While you were stuck in the bus... (0:13:14.14)
Ayame Kajou : While you and Gouriki-senpai were enjoying the suspension bridge effect together— (0:13:16.40)
Tanukichi Okuma : Again, that didn't happen! (0:13:19.73)
Ayame Kajou : Ichinose Takuma, a senior at Touto University. (0:13:21.32)
Ayame Kajou : That's who he is. (0:13:24.49)
Tanukichi Okuma : If PMC already knows this,
they'll have him in no time.
Ayame Kajou : No, Ichinose Takuma has avoided capture by hijacking bus after bus. (0:13:29.70)
EXTRA : We have received new information regarding the bus hijackings that started this morning. (0:13:36.37)
EXTRA : At present, a total of 39 buses are under terrorist control. (0:13:40.79)
EXTRA : PMC officers have blockaded part of the city and are trying to close in. (0:13:44.47)
Tanukichi Okuma : There's no way we can catch up to him! (0:13:47.72)
EXTRA : They have yet to apprehend the culprits. (0:13:48.14)
Ayame Kajou : Okay, okay. Calm down, Tanukichi. (0:13:51.68)
Ayame Kajou : Remember what I taught you: (0:13:54.56)
Ayame Kajou : Breathe in, breathe out... stand tall! (0:13:55.89)
Tanukichi Okuma : I won't! (0:13:58.60)
Ayame Kajou : You can't?! (0:13:59.44)
Tanukichi Okuma : I could do it just fine! (0:14:00.27)
Ayame Kajou : There's nothing to worry about, Tanukichi. (0:14:03.44)
Ayame Kajou : See your doctor soon and they'll make it all better. (0:14:05.24)
Tanukichi Okuma : I appreciate your advice. (0:14:07.65)
Tanukichi Okuma : Now, can we get back to assessing the situation? (0:14:09.74)
Ayame Kajou : Right. (0:14:11.74)
Ayame Kajou : Currently, 39 buses are under the control of the hijackers. (0:14:13.29)
Ayame Kajou : There were three buses, including yours, (0:14:16.79)
Ayame Kajou : where the passengers took back control, leading to arrests.{And they still haven't figured out all the guns are fake? PMC so slow.} (0:14:19.04)
Tanukichi Okuma : There were two other buses? (0:14:22.13)
Ayame Kajou : One bus was saved by a girl with dark circles under her eyes, (0:14:23.80)
Ayame Kajou : the other by a beauty with silver hair. (0:14:28.80)
Tanukichi Okuma : Why does this sound like something straight out of a horror story? (0:14:30.89)
Ayame Kajou : Ichinose Takuma's proclamation (0:14:34.60)
Ayame Kajou : contained information about one of his comrades carrying a real gun. (0:14:36.93)
Ayame Kajou : PMC officers are trying to find it (0:14:42.77)
Ayame Kajou : by enlisting the help of the girl with dark circles under her eyes. (0:14:45.23)
Tanukichi Okuma : That means they're going to locate the real gun sooner or later! (0:14:49.74)
Ayame Kajou : Don't worry. They're considering all aspects of the situation. (0:14:55.66)
Ayame Kajou : If someone dies because PMC relied on
civilian assistance, there'll be a huge backlash.
Ayame Kajou : They'll carefully plan their next move which takes time. (0:15:03.46)
Tanukichi Okuma : But PMC has them surrounded! (0:15:04.84)
Tanukichi Okuma : How are we supposed to infiltrate the bus Ichinose Takuma is riding? (0:15:07.88)
Ayame Kajou : We'll lure him onto a road too narrow for other vehicles to drive next to the bus. (0:15:12.51)
Ayame Kajou : When PMC breaks formation,
we'll sneak in and apprehend Ichinose Takuma.
Ayame Kajou : After we announce SOX captured him, (0:15:22.06)
Ayame Kajou : we'll take him hostage and hide. (0:15:26.11)
Tanukichi Okuma : This plan is reckless! (0:15:28.28)
Tanukichi Okuma : Besides, how will we find the bus he's on?! (0:15:30.11)
Ayame Kajou : The only way we can. (0:15:34.07)
Ayame Kajou : We're putting out some bait. (0:15:35.74)
Tanukichi Okuma : Some bait? (0:15:38.00)
Ayame Kajou : We've given you the long and the short of it, Kosuri. We need your help. (0:15:41.17)
Ayame Kajou : Can you make it happen? (0:15:44.84)
Kosuri Onigashira : You bets! (0:15:45.79)
Kosuri Onigashira : I can gets my hands on all of it.
You can counts on me!
Ayame Kajou : Then let's get this show started! (0:15:51.13)
Ayame Kajou : Fap on! (0:15:53.64)
Tanukichi Okuma : Take this seriously! (0:15:55.76)
Takuma Ichinose : I smell fresh, white underwear... (0:16:05.61)
Ayame Kajou : Ichinose's bus has been identified. (0:16:16.07)
Ayame Kajou : The scent is effective from five-hundred meters away. (0:16:18.33)
Ayame Kajou : Find a route we can lure him on with all the white panties Kosuri collected. (0:16:20.83)
Tanukichi Okuma : Is everything okay, Kajou-senpai?! (0:16:28.25)
Ayame Kajou : Don't worry! Hurry and find a suitable route first! (0:16:31.38)
Tanukichi Okuma : I found one! (0:16:35.59)
Tanukichi Okuma : Four kilometers ahead of you, there's a mountain road that passes through Shinrin Kinship Square. (0:16:36.47)
Ayame Kajou : Aye aye, faptain! (0:16:40.72)
Tanukichi Okuma : Take this serious! (0:16:41.64)
Tanukichi Okuma : I'm on my way as well. (0:16:43.35)
Tanukichi Okuma : Don't be reckless. (0:16:45.69)
EXTRA : Blue Tundra, you say?! (0:16:47.69)
EXTRA : As if we hadn't enough to worry about! (0:16:49.82)
EXTRA : However, it seems Blue Tundra is using underwear (0:16:52.82)
EXTRA : to lure Ichinose Takuma somewhere. (0:16:56.32)
EXTRA : We must initiate countermeasures immediately. (0:16:59.20)
EXTRA : Underwear as bait?! (0:17:01.37)
EXTRA : I see! What a brilliant plan! (0:17:03.46)
EXTRA : Well, let's get suitable underwear. (0:17:05.37)
EXTRA : Order all female PMC officers to provide them! (0:17:08.09)
EXTRA : Wh-What did you say?! (0:17:12.09)
EXTRA : What's wrong? (0:17:13.51)
EXTRA : None of them are wearing white underwear! (0:17:14.59)
EXTRA : What?! (0:17:17.72)
EXTRA : According to the report... (0:17:18.51)
EXTRA : 50% are wearing black, 10% are wearing red,
30% are wearing beige-pink...
EXTRA : The rest are wearing purple and hot-pink. (0:17:24.39)
EXTRA : Some aren't even wearing any— (0:17:26.90)
EXTRA : Enough! (0:17:28.36)
Tanukichi Okuma : He's here! (0:17:41.29)
EXTRA : What? (0:17:48.08)
Tanukichi Okuma : Now! (0:17:51.80)
Tanukichi Okuma : Close the door! Hurry! (0:17:55.30)
Takuma Ichinose : I'm amazed you gathered so much underwear for me on such short notice. (0:17:59.51)
Takuma Ichinose : It was obviously a trap,
but I was at my nose's mercy.
Tanukichi Okuma : There's no point in stalling. Give up! (0:18:09.06)
Takuma Ichinose : Are you taking me lightly because you think my gun is fake? (0:18:13.03)
Tanukichi Okuma : Even if it were a real gun,
you'd never shoot me!
Tanukichi Okuma : For one simple reason: (0:18:20.20)
Tanukichi Okuma : The underwear on my head?
Moistened by a girl in junior high!
Tanukichi Okuma : With this white underwear as my shield, (0:18:29.08)
Tanukichi Okuma : you wouldn't dare to shoot me! (0:18:31.79)
Takuma Ichinose : The scent already gave it away. (0:18:37.47)
Takuma Ichinose : The panties you donned are a real treasure! (0:18:39.59)
Otome Saotome : It’s awoken! (0:18:44.60)
Takuma Ichinose : You misjudged me. (0:18:49.06)
Takuma Ichinose : The panties you use as shield have increased every aspect of my strength! (0:18:50.77)
Takuma Ichinose : I assumed your leader, Blue Tundra, would accompany you, (0:18:56.49)
Takuma Ichinose : but it seems she's lowlife trash sacrificing her own comrade to protect herself. (0:19:01.24)
Tanukichi Okuma : Hey... I dare you to repeat that one more time. (0:19:07.45)
Takuma Ichinose : What? Haven't learned your lesson yet? (0:19:10.12)
Tanukichi Okuma : Don't group Blue Tundra with fools like you! (0:19:11.83)
Takuma Ichinose : That's all? (0:19:16.42)
Takuma Ichinose : Now then, why don't you take those panties off and reveal your identity! (0:19:17.76)
Takuma Ichinose : Hm? (0:19:23.60)
Ayame Kajou : Wait a sex! (0:19:26.14)
Takuma Ichinose : Blue Tundra! Don't rub me the wrong way! (0:19:27.39)
Ayame Kajou : I wouldn't. The foreplay ends here. (0:19:29.52)
Takuma Ichinose : I won't let you trample me. (0:19:33.90)
Takuma Ichinose : And I don't detect another person's odor on you. (0:19:37.69)
Takuma Ichinose : Which means the panties on your head are clean! (0:19:40.11)
Takuma Ichinose : White as they may be, (0:19:44.16)
Takuma Ichinose : they won't save you from getting shot!
They're not musty!
Takuma Ichinose : What? Why...? (0:19:52.42)
Takuma Ichinose : This can't be... (0:19:55.46)
Takuma Ichinose : Could the underwear on your head...? (0:19:56.63)
Ayame Kajou : Exactly. I spent the night preparing these white panties. (0:19:58.42)
Ayame Kajou : In addition, I only took them off seconds ago! (0:20:02.59)
Takuma Ichinose : Unbelievable... (0:20:05.30)
Takuma Ichinose : You're wearing underwear soaked with your own scent? (0:20:07.26)
Takuma Ichinose : Just what are you thinking?! (0:20:10.68)
Ayame Kajou : So it was a fake after all. (0:20:15.31)
Ayame Kajou : What a pathetic bluff. (0:20:17.57)
Ayame Kajou : Ichinose Takuma, do you know your fatal weakness? (0:20:19.99)
Takuma Ichinose : Let's hear it for future reference. (0:20:24.28)
Ayame Kajou : You're fixated on the notion that underwear is only worthy if it smells of someone else. (0:20:26.95)
Ayame Kajou : Not once did you consider wearing your own on your head. (0:20:31.25)
Ayame Kajou : In short, your weakness is your obsession with your fetish. (0:20:35.83)
Ayame Kajou : It even colors your way of life. (0:20:41.63)
Takuma Ichinose : I guess we just don't see eye to eye on this one. (0:20:43.97)
Tanukichi Okuma : I'm sorry, Blue Tundra. (0:20:46.68)
Tanukichi Okuma : Things didn't go all that smoothly. (0:20:48.81)
Ayame Kajou : Don't worry about it. (0:20:50.47)
Ayame Kajou : Wasn't that also part of the plan? (0:20:52.14)
Ayame Kajou : Anyway, this is the moment of truth. (0:20:54.77)
Ayame Kajou : We are the naughty terrorist cell SOX! (0:20:57.23)
Ayame Kajou : Ichinose Takuma was captured by us! (0:20:59.73)
Ayame Kajou : We would like to relocate for negotiations. (0:21:01.69)
Ayame Kajou : Move your vehicles and let the bus through! (0:21:04.70)
Tanukichi Okuma : Watch out! (0:21:08.66)
Ayame Kajou : Huh? (0:21:09.37)
Ayame Kajou : What's going on? (0:21:15.08)
EXTRA : Blue Tundra left the bus! (0:21:15.87)
EXTRA : Get her! (0:21:17.71)
Tanukichi Okuma : Kosuri? Since when... (0:21:25.43)
Kosuri Onigashira : It was whiles you were making a scene to gets on. (0:21:27.47)
Kosuri Onigashira : I changed places with a hostage thens. (0:21:30.72)
Kosuri Onigashira : I gotta says SOX is seriously pathetics. (0:21:33.48)
Kosuri Onigashira : Moist Throng is ways more serious about waging wars against society. (0:21:36.85)
Kosuri Onigashira : I can hardly contains my excitements! (0:21:41.57)
Kosuri Onigashira : Ichinose Takuma-san,
please lets me join your ranks.
Kosuri Onigashira : I've prepared tons of things for us to haves lots of fun! (0:21:49.16)
Tanukichi Okuma : Kosuri, you... (0:21:52.95)
Tanukichi Okuma : What are you trying to pull? (0:21:54.25)
Kosuri Onigashira : Can it, won't you? (0:21:55.54)
Kosuri Onigashira : I've gots no more use for you. (0:21:56.75)
Kosuri Onigashira : I want you outs of the picture ASAP. (0:21:59.04)
Tanukichi Okuma : Next episode: (0:23:35.89)
Tanukichi Okuma : Techno Break. (0:23:37.43)

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