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Haruka Amagiri : I'm sorry... Ayato... (0:01:22.58)
EXTRA : During the previous century, (0:01:42.22)
EXTRA : an unprecedented disaster known as the Invertia
drastically changed the world as we knew it.
EXTRA : The powers of existing nations
declined significantly,
EXTRA : paving the way for a conglomerate (0:01:56.45)
EXTRA : called the Integrated Empire
Foundation to seize leadership.
EXTRA : The people gradually began
to alter their sense of morality.
EXTRA : But at the same time, the Invertia
also gave the world new potential.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Not at a time like this! (0:02:17.84)
Ayato Amagiri : I see. (0:02:20.35)
EXTRA : Specifically, the birth of a new species of human
born with phenomenal physical skills...
EXTRA : the Genestella. (0:02:27.73)
Ayato Amagiri : Uh... excuse me for
speaking to you from here.
Ayato Amagiri : Huh? (0:02:33.23)
EXTRA : It is here that the young men
and women of the Genestella
EXTRA : vie for supremacy in the Battle
Entertainment called Festas.
EXTRA : Rikka, the Academy City on the Water. (0:02:46.25)
EXTRA : Commonly known as Asterisk. (0:02:48.62)
EXTRA : Witch of the Resplendent Flames (0:02:58.51)
Ayato Amagiri : U-Uh... (0:03:05.27)
Ayato Amagiri : M-My bad! (0:03:11.23)
Ayato Amagiri : I mean... um... (0:03:12.65)
Ayato Amagiri : I'm only here to bring you
the handkerchief I picked up!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Turn around right now. (0:03:19.03)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Just do it! Turn around right now! (0:03:21.28)
Ayato Amagiri : S-Sorry! (0:03:24.24)
Ayato Amagiri : The reason I came here was to give her
the handkerchief I picked up.
Ayato Amagiri : S-So if I explain that properly, (0:03:36.67)
Ayato Amagiri : she should understand. (0:03:39.30)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : You can turn around now. (0:03:42.43)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : So? What's this about a handkerchief? (0:03:48.56)
Ayato Amagiri : Excuse me? (0:03:51.23)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Didn't you say something
about a handkerchief just now?
Ayato Amagiri : Oh, right! (0:03:54.65)
Ayato Amagiri : Here it is. (0:03:56.32)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Thank goodness. (0:04:01.99)
Ayato Amagiri : So it is yours? (0:04:04.20)
Ayato Amagiri : I just picked it up after
the wind blew it toward me.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Sorry. (0:04:09.62)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : This happens to be... (0:04:11.21)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : very, very dear to me. (0:04:13.58)
Ayato Amagiri : Well, hey, I just happened to
pick it up, that's all...
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Even so, I'm indebted to you. (0:04:18.88)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I'm truly grateful. (0:04:20.55)
Ayato Amagiri : Hey, it's not such a big deal. All I did
was bring you a handkerchief I...
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Now then... (0:04:25.43)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : If you're gonna intrude here... (0:04:27.31)
Ayato Amagiri : Huh? (0:04:29.60)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : then... prepare to die. (0:04:31.02)
Ayato Amagiri : This presence... (0:04:34.77)
Ayato Amagiri : Witch (Strega) (0:04:36.69)
Ayato Amagiri : A Strega? (0:04:37.40)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Burst into bloom, (0:04:39.78)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Amaryllis! (0:04:43.11)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I didn't expect you to dodge that one. (0:04:53.08)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Fine. (0:04:55.75)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I'll play to win then, just for a bit. (0:04:57.59)
Ayato Amagiri : Hold up a second! (0:05:01.30)
Ayato Amagiri : Didn't you just thank me? (0:05:02.76)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I am indeed grateful that
you retrieved my handkerchief for me.
Ayato Amagiri : Well, then... (0:05:07.14)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : But... (0:05:07.89)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : You infiltrated the girls' dorm, and spied on
a maiden while she was undressing!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Why shouldn't you pay
for that with your life?!
Ayato Amagiri : M-My life? Come on... (0:05:16.31)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Rest assured. (0:05:18.44)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : If you don't put up a fight, I'll content
myself with cooking you well-done.
Ayato Amagiri : She's totally going to
roast me all the way through!
Ayato Amagiri : I only just transferred
to this school today,
Ayato Amagiri : so I had no idea that
this was the girls' dorm!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Very well. That much I'll believe. (0:05:32.20)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : That said... (0:05:35.37)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I, for one, have an anger that can't
be dispelled as things stand!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : That being the case... (0:05:39.79)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Tell me, what's your name? (0:05:41.09)
Ayato Amagiri : Ayato Amagiri. (0:05:42.63)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I am Julis. (0:05:44.72)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Seidoukan Academy Rank #5. (0:05:46.51)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : In the name of this badge of
tenacity, the Red Lotus,
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, (0:05:52.22)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : hereby challenge you,
Ayato Amagiri, to a duel!
Ayato Amagiri : Duel? (0:06:00.82)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Should you win, I shall accept that excuse of
yours and withdraw with good grace.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : But should I win, then
I shall do with you what I will!
Ayato Amagiri : Hey, hold up! I never... (0:06:10.53)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Since you've transferred to Asterisk, (0:06:12.99)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I assume you at least
know about our duels?
Ayato Amagiri : Well, yeah, I've heard about them. (0:06:16.75)
Ayato Amagiri : But hey, I don't even
have a sword, so...
EXTRA : Then use this one! (0:06:20.29)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : All right. (0:06:36.60)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Now then, are you ready? (0:06:42.82)
Ayato Amagiri : I, Ayato Amagiri, hereby accept
your challenge to a duel, Julis.
EXTRA : Seidoukan Academy High School 1-A Rank #5
Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld
Witch of the Resplendent Flames
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : You are aware of the rules, yes? (0:06:57.50)
EXTRA : Seidoukan Academy High School 1-A
Ayato Amagiri
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Whoever destroys the other's
school badge wins.
Ayato Amagiri : Right. (0:07:03.09)
EXTRA : Countdown... start! (0:07:05.01)
EXTRA : Three... two... one. (0:07:07.72)
EXTRA : Start of the duel! (0:07:13.64)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : All right, let's go! (0:07:16.27)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Burst into bloom, (0:07:18.52)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Longiflorum! (0:07:20.77)
EXTRA : Longiflorum of the Piercing Spears (0:07:21.98)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I'm not done! (0:07:33.16)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Longiflorum! (0:07:34.45)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : This time, I'm going to
boost the spear's speed!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Go! (0:07:38.54)
EXTRA : That newbie's actually
holding his own!
EXTRA : Yeah, he's not half-bad. (0:07:57.18)
EXTRA : The princess must be
holding back, don't you think?
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : No, I'm not! (0:08:00.77)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : That would've reduced
an average opponent to cinders.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Even though I clearly
have the upper hand,
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : something's off. (0:08:07.15)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I'm going to find out what it is! (0:08:09.32)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Burst into bloom, Amaryllis! (0:08:12.32)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : So he's going to dodge it
and go for close combat?
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : But... (0:08:26.63)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Explode! (0:08:28.00)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : All right! (0:08:33.72)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : An explosion at such
close range will surely...
Ayato Amagiri : Amagiri (0:08:37.14)
Ayato Amagiri : Amagiri Shinmei Style, Twin Dragons! (0:08:37.81)
Ayato Amagiri : Shinmei (0:08:38.47)
Ayato Amagiri : Style (0:08:38.93)
Ayato Amagiri : Twin (0:08:39.85)
Ayato Amagiri : Twin Dragons (0:08:42.23)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Why, you! (0:08:46.90)
Ayato Amagiri : Get down! (0:08:48.82)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Y-Y-Y-You... what are you... (0:08:58.20)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : That spear of light...
It was clearly aimed at...
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : If that's the case... (0:09:08.34)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : What do you think you're doing? (0:09:10.21)
Ayato Amagiri : What am I doing? (0:09:12.34)
Ayato Amagiri : I wish you'd ask the guy
who shot it, not me.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : That's not what I meant!
Why did you...
Ayato Amagiri : U-Um... Look... (0:09:27.61)
EXTRA : Hey! Look at that bastard,
he shoved our princess down!
EXTRA : That's a passionate way to hit on her! (0:09:32.99)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : You...! (0:09:37.95)
Ayato Amagiri : Uh... (0:09:39.16)
Claudia Enfield : All right, all right... (0:09:41.87)
Claudia Enfield : You can stop right there. (0:09:44.08)
Claudia Enfield : Unfortunately, I'm going to have to
invalidate this particular duel.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Oh, it's you. Who gave you
the authority to interfere?!
Claudia Enfield : By the authority vested in me as
chief representative of the Red Lotus,
Claudia Enfield : I hereby void this duel. (0:10:01.06)
Claudia Enfield : As he has yet to complete his
final transfer paperwork,
Claudia Enfield : technically, Ayato Amagiri is not
yet a Seidoukan Academy student.
Ayato Amagiri : Thank you very much. Um... (0:10:15.74)
Claudia Enfield : Right. (0:10:18.66)
Claudia Enfield : I am the president of the Seidoukan Academy
student council, Claudia Enfield.
Claudia Enfield : Very nice to meet you! (0:10:24.83)
Ayato Amagiri : What? You're a first year,
too, Madame President?
Claudia Enfield : Yes. Since I was in junior high,
so this is my third term.
Claudia Enfield : Since you and I are in the same grade, (0:10:40.89)
Claudia Enfield : you may speak to me
in a more informal manner.
Ayato Amagiri : All right then, Ms. Claudia. (0:10:46.06)
Claudia Enfield : Claudia will do. (0:10:48.14)
Ayato Amagiri : No, not right off the bat. (0:10:50.81)
Claudia Enfield : Clau. Di. A! (0:10:53.02)
Ayato Amagiri : Roger that, Claudia. (0:10:57.95)
Claudia Enfield : Right. (0:11:00.49)
Ayato Amagiri : Well, then you can call me Ayato. (0:11:01.53)
Claudia Enfield : Very well, then, Ayato. (0:11:04.04)
Ayato Amagiri : And while you're at it,
you can lose the honorifics.
Claudia Enfield : It is no more than a custom of mine,
so please don't think twice about it.
Ayato Amagiri : Custom? (0:11:11.75)
Claudia Enfield : Since I am exceedingly scheming, (0:11:12.92)
Claudia Enfield : I must maintain at least
an affable outward persona.
Ayato Amagiri : You're scheming? (0:11:19.22)
Claudia Enfield : Oh, yes, you have no idea! (0:11:20.64)
Claudia Enfield : Inside, my thoughts are so dark as if someone boiled,
then burned some black substance,
Claudia Enfield : and poured black honey all over it! (0:11:26.81)
Claudia Enfield : Would you like to take a look? (0:11:29.35)
Claudia Enfield : See? Pitch-black! (0:11:32.36)
Ayato Amagiri : Whoa, what's that, all of a sudden? (0:11:34.11)
Claudia Enfield : I'm joking. (0:11:36.86)
Claudia Enfield : Your responses are so adorable. (0:11:41.28)
Claudia Enfield : Please come in. (0:11:45.79)
Claudia Enfield : All right, once again... (0:11:52.50)
Claudia Enfield : welcome to Asterisk! (0:11:54.50)
Claudia Enfield : Now, then, Ayato. (0:12:16.32)
Claudia Enfield : As a scholarship transfer student
at our very own Seidoukan Academy,
Claudia Enfield : there is just one thing
we expect of you.
Claudia Enfield : And that is to win. (0:12:26.28)
Claudia Enfield : Garrardworth, (0:12:33.67)
Claudia Enfield : Allekant Academy (0:12:34.58)
Claudia Enfield : Allekant, (0:12:35.09)
Claudia Enfield : Jie Long (0:12:36.04)
Claudia Enfield : Jie Long, (0:12:36.46)
Claudia Enfield : Le Wolfe Black Academy (0:12:37.25)
Claudia Enfield : Le Wolfe, (0:12:37.67)
Claudia Enfield : Queenvale Girls Academy (0:12:38.59)
Claudia Enfield : Queenvale, (0:12:39.01)
Claudia Enfield : Seidoukan Academy (0:12:40.05)
Claudia Enfield : and finally, Seidoukan. (0:12:40.51)
Claudia Enfield : The cream of the Genestella are hand-picked
from all over the world to attend these six schools,
Claudia Enfield : and they battle for
supremacy once a year.
Claudia Enfield : At what we call Festas. (0:12:51.73)
Claudia Enfield : These desperate battles that pit
mankind's innovation, the Genestella,
Claudia Enfield : against each other, are a major event
drawing worldwide attention,
Claudia Enfield : and it wouldn't be an overstatement
to say that Asterisk exists for them.
Claudia Enfield : However, in recent years, our school's
record has been quite dismal.
Claudia Enfield : Ayato, please triumph at the Festas. (0:13:10.75)
Claudia Enfield : Should you do so, our academy will
gladly grant you your heart's desire.
Claudia Enfield : Anything, so long as it can
be realized in this world.
Ayato Amagiri : I'm sorry to tell you this, but that
kind of thing doesn't really interest me.
Claudia Enfield : Well, well! (0:13:33.23)
Claudia Enfield : Then why did you come to this school? (0:13:34.64)
Ayato Amagiri : Claudia, there's something
I want to ask you.
Ayato Amagiri : My older sister... (0:13:43.36)
Ayato Amagiri : Is it true that
Haruka Amagiri went here?
Claudia Enfield : Please take a look at this. (0:13:49.33)
Ayato Amagiri : What's this? (0:13:52.45)
Claudia Enfield : The data for "a certain female student"
who once attended this school.
Claudia Enfield : She matriculated five years ago, (0:13:58.54)
Claudia Enfield : and six months later, due to
personal reasons, she withdrew.
Claudia Enfield : All other data has been deleted. (0:14:03.17)
Ayato Amagiri : There's no mistake - it's my sister! (0:14:05.55)
Claudia Enfield : There's no record of her ever
having taken part in the Festas,
Claudia Enfield : nor does she seem to have ever
been entered into the Named Cults.
Claudia Enfield : Actually, whether or not she really did
attend this school is quite dubious.
Claudia Enfield : However... (0:14:19.27)
Claudia Enfield : Demon Sword of the Black Furnace
Seidoukan Academy
Ayato Amagiri : What's this? (0:14:21.52)
Claudia Enfield : It's the Ogre Lux owned by
Seidoukan... Ser Veresta.
Ayato Amagiri : Ogre Lux? You mean... (0:14:26.65)
Claudia Enfield : Yes, an extremely powerful weapon
with a core of Urm Manadite.
Claudia Enfield : "Pierce the earth, and
it will turn into a crucible."
Claudia Enfield : This Ser Veresta was particularly
feared among Ogre Luxes.
Claudia Enfield : We keep records on Ogre Lux
checkouts and combat data.
Claudia Enfield : However, despite there being no record of
the Ser Veresta being checked out,
Claudia Enfield : parts of its combat data do remain. (0:14:50.05)
Ayato Amagiri : You're saying that this leftover
data is from five years ago?
Claudia Enfield : Exactly. (0:14:56.18)
Claudia Enfield : This is just my personal opinion... (0:14:58.31)
Claudia Enfield : But "she" is most likely
no longer at this academy.
Claudia Enfield : Unfortunately... (0:15:03.90)
Ayato Amagiri : Thanks. But it's all right. (0:15:12.70)
Ayato Amagiri : It's not like I came here
to look for my sister.
Claudia Enfield : Then why did you come to this school? (0:15:18.83)
Ayato Amagiri : If I had to say... (0:15:22.38)
Ayato Amagiri : to search for what it is
I'm supposed to do, I guess?
Claudia Enfield : You're quite the tough customer, I see. (0:15:28.80)
Claudia Enfield : By the way, scholarship
transfer students
Claudia Enfield : have priority regarding the use of
the academy's Ogre Lux weapons.
Claudia Enfield : What would you like to do? (0:15:37.52)
Ayato Amagiri : Does that include that Ser Veresta
that you just showed me?
Claudia Enfield : Yes. (0:15:41.81)
Ayato Amagiri : Then since it's available,
maybe I'll take a look at it.
Claudia Enfield : Very well, I'll arrange that for you. (0:15:45.03)
Claudia Enfield : Until then, please use
this as your weapon.
Ayato Amagiri : Thanks. (0:15:50.36)
Ayato Amagiri : Oh, by the way... (0:15:51.24)
Claudia Enfield : What is it? (0:15:52.62)
Ayato Amagiri : That "final transfer paperwork" you mentioned
earlier. What's the deal with that?
Claudia Enfield : You're asking me about that? (0:15:58.16)
Claudia Enfield : Well, about that... (0:15:59.87)
Ayato Amagiri : C-Claudia? (0:16:07.26)
Claudia Enfield : At long last... at long last, we meet. (0:16:10.55)
Ayato Amagiri : Um... (0:16:15.56)
Claudia Enfield : I'm only joking. (0:16:19.14)
Ayato Amagiri : Um... (0:16:20.48)
Ayato Amagiri : This wouldn't be the "final transfer paperwork"
you were talking about, would it?
Claudia Enfield : No, that was a lie. (0:16:24.81)
Ayato Amagiri : A lie? (0:16:26.73)
Claudia Enfield : A justifiable one, in my defense. (0:16:27.57)
Claudia Enfield : You've long been a legitimate
member of this academy.
Claudia Enfield : That was the most effective ploy
to get you out of that mess.
Claudia Enfield : At heart, Julis is a law-abiding soul. (0:16:36.41)
Claudia Enfield : There's no more
paperwork for you to do!
Claudia Enfield : Rest assured! (0:16:42.92)
Kyouko Yatsuzaki : So anyway. (0:16:47.71)
Kyouko Yatsuzaki : This is Amagiri, our scholarship
transfer student.
Ayato Amagiri : N-Nice to meet you! (0:16:51.68)
Kyouko Yatsuzaki : Be friends, or whatever. (0:16:53.09)
Kyouko Yatsuzaki : Your seat, now... Oh, perfect. (0:16:55.01)
Kyouko Yatsuzaki : The desk next to your
partner in crime is open, so sit there.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Who are you calling
his partner in crime?!
Kyouko Yatsuzaki : Who else but you? (0:17:02.31)
Kyouko Yatsuzaki : Causing all that drama
so early in the morning!
Ayato Amagiri : Who would've thought
we'd be in the same class, huh?
Kyouko Yatsuzaki : Okay, let's get this class started. (0:17:07.94)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : It's a seriously unfunny joke. (0:17:10.49)
Ayato Amagiri : I know we have a history,
but let's be friends.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Listen... I'm grateful to you
for saving me this morning.
Ayato Amagiri : Oh, sure... (0:17:22.71)
Ayato Amagiri : You're not still mad, are you? (0:17:24.21)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Well, I wouldn't say
that I'm not mad...
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : but the fact is, you saved me. (0:17:31.97)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Therefore, let's say
that I owe you one.
Ayato Amagiri : Owe me? (0:17:37.10)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : That's right. (0:17:37.97)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : If you so wish, I shall
come to your aid just once.
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : But I have no intention of
consorting with you otherwise!
Eishirou Yabuki : Somebody just got dumped! (0:17:47.61)
Eishirou Yabuki : Well, since we're talking about that
princess, I guess it can't be helped.
Eishirou Yabuki : After all, she keeps
everyone at arm's length.
Eishirou Yabuki : I'm Eishirou Yabuki. (0:17:55.16)
Eishirou Yabuki : And it looks like I'm your roommate. (0:17:57.03)
Ayato Amagiri : Roommate? (0:18:00.12)
Eishirou Yabuki : Nice to meet you! (0:18:02.95)
Ayato Amagiri : Hey, Yabuki, when you said "princess"
just now... is that Julis's nickname?
Eishirou Yabuki : Nope. She's a bona fide
princess, that girl.
Ayato Amagiri : Huh? (0:18:13.34)
Eishirou Yabuki : You know how since the Invertia, (0:18:14.26)
Eishirou Yabuki : monarchies all over Europe
have been coming back into power?
Eishirou Yabuki : Well, one of them is
a country called Lieseltania,
Eishirou Yabuki : Lieseltania Kingdom Crown Princess
Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld
Eishirou Yabuki : and she's its crown princess. (0:18:21.43)
Eishirou Yabuki : On top of that, she's one of
the very few Stregas in the Genestella.
Ayato Amagiri : You sure know a lot about her. (0:18:29.56)
Eishirou Yabuki : Well, I am a member of
the Newspaper Club.
Ayato Amagiri : But why would a princess
be battling it out here?
Eishirou Yabuki : Well, that's what we all wonder. (0:18:37.07)
EXTRA : 2 Years Ago (0:18:39.66)
Eishirou Yabuki : A girl that pretty, and strong,
and a princess, no less.
Eishirou Yabuki : Who in their right mind
would ignore her?
Eishirou Yabuki : However... (0:18:45.62)
Eishirou Yabuki : "Quiet! Shut up! I'm not a freak show!" (0:18:48.63)
Eishirou Yabuki : That was her response. (0:18:51.59)
Ayato Amagiri : I can see her doing that. (0:18:53.34)
Eishirou Yabuki : And those who didn't take too kindly
to that challenged her to duels,
Eishirou Yabuki : but they were all repulsed
in glorious fashion.
Eishirou Yabuki : She soared all the way up to
Seidoukan Rank #5 in the blink of an eye,
Eishirou Yabuki : but the result was the aloof
princess you see today.
Ayato Amagiri : But during our duel, she seemed
pretty darned popular.
Ayato Amagiri : Oh, right. (0:19:13.57)
Ayato Amagiri : Here... (0:19:15.44)
Ayato Amagiri : For the record, thank you. (0:19:16.61)
Ayato Amagiri : I mean, without it, Julis might've let me go,
so I do have mixed feelings about it.
Eishirou Yabuki : How'd you know it was me? (0:19:25.08)
Ayato Amagiri : Well, your voice, I guess? (0:19:27.29)
Eishirou Yabuki : You mean under those circumstances,
you remembered my voice,
Eishirou Yabuki : out of all the voices in that crowd? (0:19:31.29)
Ayato Amagiri : Well, since my older sister was always
nagging me about returning what I'd borrowed.
Eishirou Yabuki : You're a funny guy! (0:19:39.47)
Lester MacPhail : Answer me, Julis! (0:19:40.84)
Lester MacPhail : Why did you duel
a newcomer, dammit?!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I'm not obligated to answer you. (0:19:47.10)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : And I don't care how many times
you ask me, I'm never dueling you again!
Eishirou Yabuki : Whoa! Talk about a scoop! (0:19:49.94)
Lester MacPhail : What did you say?! (0:19:52.69)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I've defeated you three times. (0:19:55.03)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : No matter how many times
we do this, it's futile!
Lester MacPhail : Damn you! (0:19:59.65)
Ayato Amagiri : Yabuki, who's that guy? (0:20:01.36)
Eishirou Yabuki : Lester MacPhail. (0:20:03.03)
Eishirou Yabuki : Rank #9 in our grade, and a Page One. (0:20:04.70)
Ayato Amagiri : Page One? (0:20:07.37)
Eishirou Yabuki : You know that each school in Asterisk
has a ranking system, right?
Eishirou Yabuki : The list of rankings is
called the Named Cults,
Eishirou Yabuki : and the top twelve among them
are known as Page Ones.
Ayato Amagiri : So he's pretty powerful... (0:20:19.80)
Eishirou Yabuki : But unfortunately, he and
our princess don't get along.
Eishirou Yabuki : He dueled her three times,
and has never won once.
Lester MacPhail : I don't care!
I'm telling you to duel me!
Randy Hooke : Hey, Lester... (0:20:34.98)
Silas Norman : Please calm down.
This is no place to...
Lester MacPhail : Don't be so full of yourself! (0:20:38.32)
Lester MacPhail : That was nowhere near
my true talent level!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Then first of all, you should prove it. (0:20:42.74)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Against somebody
other than me, that is.
Lester MacPhail : Come back here, you! (0:20:48.08)
Lester MacPhail : I can't afford to remain defeated at the hands
of a princess who's just doing this for fun!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Did you say... (0:21:05.39)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : for fun? (0:21:06.81)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : Then tell me, why do you fight?! (0:21:15.27)
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : There's something that
I need to accomplish!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : And to make that happen, I'm going to
sweep the Festas and get what I want!
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld : I can't afford to spin
my wheels in a place like this!
Ayato Amagiri : Julis... (0:21:41.46)
Ayato Amagiri : Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld... (0:21:43.72)
Ayato Amagiri : Clad in flames... (0:21:51.85)
Ayato Amagiri : The Witch of the Resplendent Flames... (0:21:54.10)
Claudia Enfield : By the authority vested in me by
the Red Lotus, I hereby inform you all.
Claudia Enfield : On the official site for
The Asterisk War anime,
Claudia Enfield : we have all kinds of
content ready for you.
Claudia Enfield : Please stop by! (0:23:34.70)
EXTRA : Episode 2 - Ser Veresta (0:23:35.04)
Claudia Enfield : I'll leave the window unlocked. (0:23:37.04)

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The Asterisk War: The Academy City of the Water

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