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Megumin : Darkness! That's not fair! (0:00:10.28)
Megumin : All right, then... Very well, very well. (0:00:16.42)
Megumin : Go ahead and do as you please. (0:00:19.83)
Aqua : Hey, Kazuma. (0:00:20.83)
Aqua : Relinquish that spot to me,
the exalted Aqua-sama.
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:00:25.43)
Aqua : I'm level 21, (0:00:26.57)
Aqua : the highest level in the party. (0:00:28.96)
Aqua : You're being awfully impertinent
for an under-leveled lowbie.
Aqua : If you get that, then give the spot
nearest the fireplace to your superior.
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:00:40.49)
Kazuma Satou : I don't think your stats have risen
at all since I first saw them.
Aqua : Kazuma, you fool. (0:00:46.00)
Aqua : My stats were obviously maxed
out from the very start!
Aqua : You're mistaken to lump me together
with ordinary adventurers.
Megumin : Looks like my only choice now is
to whip out my deadly teleport.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : H-Hey, Megumin! That's not fair. (0:00:58.58)
Megumin : Those are the rules. (0:01:01.51)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Huh? (0:01:02.47)
Megumin : Destroyer, explosion! (0:01:03.11)
Aqua : Oh, what's this? (0:01:05.76)
Aqua : You're being very obedient. (0:01:07.12)
Kazuma Satou : That explains why (0:01:11.39)
Kazuma Satou : her intelligence doesn't improve,
no matter how much she levels up.
Aqua : Hey, wait. (0:01:17.35)
Aqua : Why are you crying? (0:01:18.77)
Aqua : What's with that look in your eyes,
like you're staring at someone pitiful?
Kazuma Satou : Goodnight. (0:01:24.24)
Aqua : Hey, Kazuma! (0:01:25.60)
Kazuma Satou : We acquired a mansion. (0:01:27.29)
Kazuma Satou : We resolved the matter of making it through
winter, which had been our top concern.
Kazuma Satou : But we still have lots of
problems left to solve...
Aqua : Sheesh! What's your problem?! (0:01:37.30)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, what're you guys doing here? (0:01:57.95)
Keith : Oh, it's you, Kazuma?
Don't scare me like that.
Kazuma Satou : These guys are Keith and Dust,
two adventurers I got to know recently.
Kazuma Satou : You're way too jumpy. (0:02:09.56)
Kazuma Satou : Anyway, is there something down this way? (0:02:11.61)
Dust : This is a secret only for male adventurers. (0:02:17.73)
Kazuma Satou : Okay... (0:02:21.32)
Dust : Have you heard of a shop
covertly run by succubi
Dust : that lets you have nice dreams? (0:02:24.18)
Kazuma Satou : Fill me in. (0:02:29.60)
EXTRA : Episode 9 (0:03:17.22)
EXTRA : "God's Blessing on This Wonderful Shop!" (0:03:17.22b)
Kazuma Satou : I don't think I could have come into
a place like this on my own.
EXTRA : Welcome! (0:04:23.11)
EXTRA : Please come this way. (0:04:25.16)
Kazuma Satou : Uh, sure. (0:04:26.69)
EXTRA : And his companions, right this way. (0:04:28.60)
Keith : Y-Yes! (0:04:30.13)
Dust : Okay... (0:04:31.15)
EXTRA : Please wait just a moment. (0:04:34.58)
Kazuma Satou : You're... (0:04:45.59)
Ruffian : Welcome to Hell's door. (0:04:48.40)
Ruffian : Do your best, you daredevil. (0:04:50.81)
Kazuma Satou : S-Sure. (0:04:53.83)
Ruffian : I can hardly wait. (0:04:56.08)
Kazuma Satou : Occupation... Artisan Weaver? (0:04:58.86)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:05:01.68)
Kazuma Satou : He wasn't an adventurer?! (0:05:02.39)
EXTRA : Sir? (0:05:04.72)
EXTRA : Sir? (0:05:06.41)
Kazuma Satou : Y-Yes? (0:05:07.44)
EXTRA : Is this your first time at our shop? (0:05:09.45)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, yes. (0:05:12.37)
EXTRA : Well, then, I will explain. (0:05:13.93)
Kazuma Satou : Please do. (0:05:15.41)
EXTRA : We succubi have established (0:05:16.28)
EXTRA : a mutually beneficial relationship with
the male adventurers of this city.
Kazuma Satou : Yes. (0:05:21.65)
EXTRA : Many adventurers live in stables, correct? (0:05:21.98)
Kazuma Satou : Yes. (0:05:25.58)
EXTRA : So, I believe males get pent-up in various ways. (0:05:25.84)
EXTRA : But they are unable to do
anything about it since
EXTRA : there are other adventurers
sleeping all around them.
Kazuma Satou : I have nothing to feel guilty about, but... (0:05:35.61)
Kazuma Satou : Yeah, there's nothing to feel guilty about! (0:05:38.33)
EXTRA : Having said that, (0:05:41.31)
EXTRA : if they were to try to make a move on
a female adventurer sleeping nearby,
EXTRA : the other adventurers would notice
instantly and beat them into submission.
EXTRA : Or it's possible the person
he tried to mess around with
EXTRA : could cut his you-know-what
off with a hidden dagger.
Kazuma Satou : Has that actually happened to anyone? (0:05:56.66)
EXTRA : And so, (0:06:00.50)
EXTRA : we succubi give male adventurers
dreams that bring them relief.
EXTRA : We do end up taking a bit of your vitality, (0:06:06.93)
EXTRA : but we do so in moderation (0:06:09.70)
EXTRA : to ensure it won't affect
your adventures or daily life.
Kazuma Satou : Wonderful! Beyond wonderful! (0:06:15.88)
Kazuma Satou : If everyone could be in a
constant state of afterglow,
Kazuma Satou : there would be no war! (0:06:21.55)
EXTRA : Please write your order for your desired dream (0:06:23.69)
EXTRA : on this questionnaire sheet. (0:06:26.24)
Kazuma Satou : Um, there are entries for (0:06:29.91)
Kazuma Satou : the customer's condition, gender,
and appearance in the dream...
Kazuma Satou : Uh, what are these? (0:06:35.94)
EXTRA : Those are for requests such as
"I want to be a king or hero."
EXTRA : We have customers who want to try
it from a female perspective, too.
Kazuma Satou : Really? (0:06:45.48)
EXTRA : There are also those who
wish to return to boyhood
EXTRA : and get pushed down by
strong female adventurers.
Kazuma Satou : Are the men in this city all right? (0:06:57.55)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, what about this "partner preferences"? (0:07:01.98)
Kazuma Satou : How much can you actually configure? (0:07:04.54)
EXTRA : Their personality, speech patterns, (0:07:06.77)
EXTRA : appearance, and even how much they like you. (0:07:08.32)
EXTRA : It can be anything or anyone, (0:07:10.38)
EXTRA : whether they exist in real life or not. (0:07:12.17)
Kazuma Satou : For real?! (0:07:14.93)
EXTRA : For real. (0:07:16.64)
Kazuma Satou : So a specific famous girl,
a girl who's close to me,
Kazuma Satou : or even a 2D waifu would be possible? (0:07:20.83)
EXTRA : Yes, though I don't know what a "2D waifu" is. (0:07:22.92)
Kazuma Satou : Would the rights to one's likeness
and so forth cause problems?
EXTRA : They wouldn't. It's a dream, after all. (0:07:31.22)
Kazuma Satou : That's true! (0:07:34.99)
Kazuma Satou : Would that mean there's no restriction
on your partner's age, either?
Kazuma Satou : Oh, not that I intend to ask for that sort of thing. (0:07:41.07)
Kazuma Satou : I just... How should I put it... (0:07:43.40)
EXTRA : There is not. (0:07:45.06)
EXTRA : Please choose whatever you like. (0:07:46.55)
Kazuma Satou : I-Is that okay? (0:07:48.97)
Kazuma Satou : In terms of, you know, regulations and stuff? (0:07:51.64)
EXTRA : It's all right. It is a dream, after all. (0:07:54.53)
Kazuma Satou : That's true! (0:07:57.54)
Kazuma Satou : Yeah, there's no problem if it's in a dream! (0:07:59.81)
Kazuma Satou : I can't believe this! (0:08:02.48)
Kazuma Satou : Succubi erotic dream
services are the greatest!
EXTRA : Oh, also, please be careful not to
drink too much this evening, okay?
EXTRA : If you sleep too soundly,
we can't show you any dreams.
Kazuma Satou : All right, understood! (0:08:14.55)
Kazuma Satou : I'm back. (0:08:19.76)
Aqua : Be glad, Kazuma!
Tonight's dinner is incredible!
Aqua : It's crab! Crab! (0:08:30.58)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : My family sent them to
congratulate us on moving in.
Aqua : It's super high-grade marbled red crab, (0:08:36.04)
Aqua : and it even came with this
amazing, top-quality liquor!
Aqua : They said it's to thank (0:08:41.14)
Aqua : their daughter's party members
for always looking out for her!
Megumin : I can hardly believe I'm laying
my eyes on marbled red crab!
Megumin : I've never been more glad that
I joined this party than I am today.
Kazuma Satou : Is it that luxurious? (0:08:53.22)
Megumin : Of course! (0:08:55.23)
Megumin : If you told me I could eat this crab (0:08:56.45)
Megumin : in exchange for holding off on
using explosion magic for the day,
Megumin : I would restrain myself with pleasure, (0:09:00.99)
Megumin : and unleash my explosion
magic after I've eaten!
Megumin : That's how luxurious it is! (0:09:05.72)
Kazuma Satou : Wow, that's aweso— Huh? (0:09:08.14)
Kazuma Satou : What did you say at the end there? (0:09:10.66)
Kazuma Satou : Gulp. (0:09:27.22)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, no! (0:09:37.02)
Kazuma Satou : I can't stop myself! (0:09:38.85)
Kazuma Satou : Crack! (0:09:42.40)
Kazuma Satou : Crack! (0:09:44.40)
Kazuma Satou : Crack! (0:09:46.14)
Aqua : Kazuma, Kazuma! (0:09:50.14)
Aqua : Give me a little fire. (0:09:51.69)
Aqua : I'll teach you a tasty way to drink this. (0:09:53.07)
Kazuma Satou : Here. Tinder! (0:09:57.19)
Aqua : Just place a shell filled with
crab innards here, and...
Aqua : It should be ready. (0:10:09.13)
Kazuma Satou : M-Me, too! (0:10:19.13)
Kazuma Satou : This is a trap! (0:10:23.63)
Kazuma Satou : That succubus lady told me, didn't she? (0:10:25.20)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : That's a clever idea. (0:10:25.90)
Kazuma Satou : If I drink too much and sleep soundly,
I won't be able to dream!
Aqua : Isn't it? Nothing less from me! (0:10:27.81)
Megumin : Yeah! (0:10:30.21)
Megumin : Aqua, Aqua, what does it taste like? (0:10:31.19)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Not going to drink? I'll go first, then. (0:10:31.76)
Kazuma Satou : Calm down. I'm a man who's
capable of self-restraint.
Aqua : Let me think... If I had to say, it's like... (0:10:35.04)
Kazuma Satou : A man who possesses a will of steel
and the strength to endure!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I could definitely drink this! It is good! (0:10:45.72)
Kazuma Satou : Don't be tempted! I can't be tempted! (0:10:48.08)
Kazuma Satou : I'm sure there'll be no stopping
me once I get a taste!
Megumin : Please give me some, too! (0:10:53.62)
Megumin : Just for today! What can it hurt? (0:10:54.89)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : No. I hear your whole life goes "poof"
if you start drinking in childhood.
Aqua : Everyone drink up! I'm in a great mood now, (0:11:00.42)
Aqua : so I'll show you the grand unveiling
of my new party trick!
Aqua : A trick of the fingers... (0:11:06.77)
Aqua : The mobile fortress, Destroyer! (0:11:07.88)
Megumin : Th-The form, shape, and movements! (0:11:12.22)
Megumin : It's the Destroyer for sure! (0:11:14.55)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : To think you could mimic that movement! (0:11:16.23)
Kazuma Satou : Again, what the heck is a Destroyer?! (0:11:18.61)
Megumin : Aqua, do it again! Do it again! (0:11:21.59)
Aqua : Art isn't something you can
just show off when asked.
Aqua : It's something that presents itself
naturally when the soul commands it.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What's wrong, Kazuma? (0:11:31.87)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Did the food my family
sent not suit your tastes?
Kazuma Satou : N-No! The crab is super tasty. (0:11:36.53)
Kazuma Satou : It's just that I drank with some friends today
and don't think I can drink any more.
Kazuma Satou : Tomorrow. I'll have some tomorrow. (0:11:43.60)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I see. (0:11:46.90)
Kazuma Satou : Stop! Don't give me such a genuine smile! (0:11:48.48)
Kazuma Satou : You normally blurt out nothing but (0:11:52.35)
Kazuma Satou : nasty stuff that creeps me out! (0:11:54.27)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : At least eat lots, then. (0:11:56.84)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : It's my thanks for everything. (0:11:59.49)
Kazuma Satou : I kind of feel guilty... (0:12:01.20)
Kazuma Satou : That's right. (0:12:04.49)
Kazuma Satou : I should just drink with everyone
and forget about the dream.
Kazuma Satou : Look at the faces of my allies here. (0:12:09.80)
Kazuma Satou : Think about which is more important! (0:12:11.96)
Kazuma Satou : Yes. There was never any need to worry
about anything in the first place.
Kazuma Satou : Well, it's a little early, (0:12:22.60)
Kazuma Satou : but I'm going to turn in. (0:12:24.85)
Kazuma Satou : Goodnight, everyone. (0:12:27.14)
Kazuma Satou : Crap, now my heart is pounding. (0:12:35.31)
Kazuma Satou : Aw, what should I do? What should I do? (0:12:37.67)
Kazuma Satou : I'm so nervous, expectant,
and turned on that I can't sleep!
Kazuma Satou : I'm just having them give me a dream, (0:12:55.55)
Kazuma Satou : but etiquette is important. (0:12:57.68)
Kazuma Satou : The lantern flame went out? (0:13:15.72)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, whoa, whoa! No, wait... (0:13:22.06)
Kazuma Satou : I felt drowsy earlier and closed my eyes. (0:13:24.70)
Kazuma Satou : That would mean this is... (0:13:27.97)
Kazuma Satou : A dream?! (0:13:31.40)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : The moon really is pretty toni— (0:13:35.68)
Kazuma Satou : Yo. (0:13:41.83)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wh-Wh... Wh-Wh-Wh... (0:13:49.86)
Kazuma Satou : I always imagined she had a sexy body,
but this is better than I imagined.
Kazuma Satou : Maybe the succubus adjusted
her to suit my tastes.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : H-Hey, Kazu— (0:14:06.36)
Kazuma Satou : What's the matter, Darkness? (0:14:10.60)
Kazuma Satou : Come on over here. (0:14:16.82)
Kazuma Satou : You can start by washing my back. (0:14:19.35)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Ah... Huh? (0:14:21.30)
Kazuma Satou : What's with that reaction? (0:14:26.22)
Kazuma Satou : It's kind of new. I like it. (0:14:28.76)
Kazuma Satou : Still, why were you the one
to appear in my dream?
Kazuma Satou : Maybe I shouldn't have requested a
beautiful older woman with a hot body?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wh-What are you talking about? (0:14:37.40)
Kazuma Satou : Is this strange? (0:14:40.36)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I, um, I mean... I have so many questions
that my brain can't quite keep up,
Kazuma Satou : What could it be? (0:14:42.67)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : like why you're so calm,
about washing your back,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : what you mean by a "dream,"
and what this is all about...
Kazuma Satou : Whoops, playing hard-to-get wasn't
one of the settings I chose.
Kazuma Satou : Though, I did write that I wanted a shy
older woman who was inexperienced.
Kazuma Satou : I guess this works, then. (0:14:59.12)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Huh? (0:15:01.01)
Kazuma Satou : There's no way around you
being set to be inexperienced,
Kazuma Satou : but please hurry and wash my back. (0:15:06.26)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : U-Um... (0:15:07.76)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Is me washing your back considered
common sense in this situation?
Kazuma Satou : Hurry! I can't stand it anymore,
in all sorts of ways!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Y-Y-You... (0:15:17.36)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Do you understand what's going on right now? (0:15:18.80)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : If Aqua or Megumin found out about this... (0:15:21.58)
Kazuma Satou : If that happens, why don't
we all just get in together?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What's wrong with you?
Seriously, what's wrong with you today?!
Kazuma Satou : Hey, you're being awfully noisy.
What time do you think it is?
Kazuma Satou : Think about how much you're
bothering the neighbors!
Kazuma Satou : One can only be so unsensible, you know. (0:15:37.81)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Saying something sensible in this situation
won't do any good at this point!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Is it me? Am I the one with no common sense? (0:15:44.75)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Am I the strange one?! (0:15:47.54)
Kazuma Satou : Yeah, you're always strange in general. (0:15:48.92)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, this is a dream, so I guess it's
no problem if you make noise.
Kazuma Satou : All right. (0:15:55.85)
Kazuma Satou : Please go ahead, then. (0:15:57.13)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Why is this happening? (0:16:09.30)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Still, it's pathetic that my disposition (0:16:11.11)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : prevents me from resisting
when you order me so brazenly.
Kazuma Satou : This feels new in all sorts of ways. (0:16:17.36)
Kazuma Satou : I'm the one who's usually creeped out by you, (0:16:19.63)
Kazuma Satou : so it's nice seeing you shy
and embarrassed for a change.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wh-Why, you... (0:16:25.35)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You're talking and acting
like some old man today!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : C-Come on, that's enough, right? (0:16:30.84)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : C-Can I leave now? (0:16:33.31)
Kazuma Satou : Don't be foolish! (0:16:36.20)
Kazuma Satou : I know I set you to be inexperienced, (0:16:38.26)
Kazuma Satou : but don't you know what routinely comes next? (0:16:39.99)
Kazuma Satou : Next you dry me without using a towel. (0:16:42.01)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : This is not right! (0:16:44.27)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : No matter how inexperienced
I may be, that's definitely...
Kazuma Satou : Hurry... (0:16:49.31)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : totally... (0:16:49.89)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : wrong... (0:16:52.81)
Kazuma Satou : Hurry... (0:16:54.07)
Kazuma Satou : Hurry! (0:16:57.19)
Aqua : Intruder! Show yourself! (0:17:04.58)
Aqua : Everyone, there's an intruder in the mansion! (0:17:07.16)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:17:09.09)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Aqua's voice? (0:17:09.72)
Kazuma Satou : I didn't ask to be forced to wait at this point! (0:17:10.84)
Kazuma Satou : Even in my dreams, she gets in my way! (0:17:13.84)
Kazuma Satou : I'm gonna go complain! (0:17:16.09)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : K-Kazuma? (0:17:17.83)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, Aqua! (0:17:20.71)
Aqua : Look, look! (0:17:23.01)
Aqua : An intruder got caught in my barrier,
and now she's immobilized...
Aqua : We've got another suspicious guy here! (0:17:28.11)
Kazuma Satou : Who're you calling suspicious?! (0:17:29.77)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, a succubus girl? (0:17:33.45)
Aqua : This succubus got caught in the barrier,
and now she's immobilized.
Aqua : I'm positive she was after you, Kazuma. (0:17:40.49)
Kazuma Satou : What the heck? This is strange. Really strange. (0:17:43.92)
Kazuma Satou : Wait, was that "Darkness"
I ran into in the bathroom...
Aqua : I'll do an exorcism right away. (0:17:51.17)
Megumin : Just be good and let us destroy you. (0:17:53.79)
Aqua : Just resign yourself. (0:17:57.30)
Aqua : I'm going to use an extraordinarily
powerful anti-devil—
Aqua : Huh? (0:18:02.22)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:18:06.55)
Kazuma Satou : Run away. (0:18:09.16)
EXTRA : B-But... (0:18:10.91)
Aqua : What're you doing? (0:18:12.44)
Aqua : She's a devil who came here to
attack you and steal your vitality!
Megumin : Are you insane, Kazuma? (0:18:16.80)
EXTRA : Sir, it is due to my inexperience (0:18:19.92)
EXTRA : and failure to break in that
this has come to pass.
EXTRA : I can't allow you to humiliate yourself. (0:18:25.81)
EXTRA : I will accept my elimination, (0:18:28.70)
EXTRA : so just pretend you don't know anything. (0:18:30.70)
EXTRA : Sir? (0:18:35.04)
Aqua : What's the big idea? (0:18:36.42)
Aqua : There's no way a goddess like myself (0:18:37.94)
Aqua : can let that devil get away. (0:18:39.73)
Aqua : Kazuma, if you don't want us
to beat you into submission,
Aqua : then move aside. (0:18:45.55)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Kazuma has been charmed by that
succubus and is under her control!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He's been acting weird since a little while ago! (0:18:54.19)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He's been blurting out things about dreams
and settings and so forth, so I'm sure of it!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You accursed succubus, you put me
through so much humiliation...
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll slaughter you! (0:19:05.50)
Megumin : Kazuma, she may be cute, but she's still a devil, (0:19:07.19)
Megumin : a monster. (0:19:09.82)
Megumin : Have you gone mad? (0:19:11.20)
Kazuma Satou : Go. (0:19:13.41)
EXTRA : But... (0:19:15.33)
Aqua : It looks like I'll have to settle this
score with Kazuma right here and now.
Aqua : Once I've pulverized you, (0:19:21.21)
Aqua : I'll perform that succubus's last rites. (0:19:23.38)
Kazuma Satou : Fine. (0:19:31.99)
Kazuma Satou : There are some things you
absolutely must protect.
Kazuma Satou : Bring it on! (0:19:45.98)
Megumin : The succubus ran away, huh? (0:19:58.24)
Aqua : Better toss some salt. (0:20:01.38)
EXTRA : The Next Day (0:20:05.72)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Glance... (0:20:10.28)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, talk to me already. (0:20:15.04)
Kazuma Satou : Besides, I think you're part of the problem, (0:20:18.26)
Kazuma Satou : since you got caught up in the mood, too. (0:20:20.98)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You really don't remember what
happened last night, right?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You don't have any memory of it
since you were being controlled
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : by that succubus, right? (0:20:37.76)
Kazuma Satou : Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I don't remember. (0:20:39.42)
Kazuma Satou : All I know is that I had a nice dream. (0:20:42.65)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I-I see. Good, then. (0:20:45.42)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Yeah, there's no helping it. (0:20:49.88)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : It was sort of an accident. (0:20:51.93)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll try to forget about it, too. (0:20:53.37)
Kazuma Satou : Last night, I was controlled by a succubus... (0:20:55.62)
Kazuma Satou : That's the story I'm going with! (0:21:00.08)
Kazuma Satou : A convenient explanation fell into my lap, (0:21:01.67)
Kazuma Satou : so I may as well go with it. (0:21:03.57)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Still, you were kind of overbearing
at the time, and a little scary,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : but it wasn't bad. (0:21:10.28)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Although it was unacceptable
for you to instill in me
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : whatever you pleased just
because I was ignorant of it...
Kazuma Satou : Hey, it's not like you're really
some inexperienced lady.
Kazuma Satou : Brush up on your common
sense a little more.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wha— (0:21:23.91)
Kazuma Satou : Besides, what happened clearly
wasn't my fault in any way.
Kazuma Satou : I lit the lantern, and I put up the
sign saying the bath was in use.
Kazuma Satou : Who the heck pranked us like this? (0:21:33.60)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : H-Hey, you do remember last night, don't you? (0:21:36.90)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Were those actions really caused
by a succubus controlling you?!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Hey, Kazuma! (0:21:45.04)
Luna : Destroyer alert! Destroyer alert! (0:21:49.19)
Luna : The mobile fortress, Destroyer,
is currently approaching this city!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What?! (0:21:56.99)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? Destroyer? (0:21:57.64)
EXTRA : Knight Guidelines and Memorandum, Article 20
A knight must never leave their allies behind and run away, no matter how mighty the enemy. As an additional warning, you must never desire physical pain, or to receive sexual satisfaction. Having such thoughts is extremely abnormal, and knight or not, it is the lowest of acts you can perform as a human being.
EXTRA : Episode 10 (0:23:29.97b)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : A knight must never run away,
no matter how mighty the enemy.

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