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Izuku Midoriya : The prestigious school that turned
out many heroes, U.A. High School.
Izuku Midoriya : Enrolled in their hero course,
I continue to run toward my dream,
Izuku Midoriya : standing up to any difficulties
and saving people with a smile...
Izuku Midoriya : order to become the greatest hero! (0:00:14.24)
EXTRA : Of course we watched it! (0:01:50.04)
Shoto Todoroki : A Quirk that makes things bigger, huh? (0:01:56.34)
EXTRA : That's not all! (0:01:58.43)
EXTRA : "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" (0:02:09.35)
Shoto Todoroki : Even if I couldn't melt all of it... (0:02:09.90)
Shoto Todoroki : It didn't affect it at all?! (0:02:11.61)
EXTRA : That's because they're not
made of ordinary metal.
EXTRA : They're made of tungsten, which can
take super high temperatures!
EXTRA : Didn't I tell you, Todoroki? (0:02:25.58)
EXTRA : Even if you're a U.A.
student, acting alone...
EXTRA : ...shows you're overconfident. (0:02:32.71)
Shoto Todoroki : Then-- (0:02:36.09)
EXTRA : Do it! (0:02:37.67)
EXTRA : Right! (0:02:38.38)
EXTRA : Keep after him! (0:02:44.68)
EXTRA : Got it! (0:02:46.56)
Shoto Todoroki : Water for the flames and
physical attacks for the ice...
Shoto Todoroki : They've worked out
a counterattack for everything.
EXTRA : It's useless! (0:02:59.74)
EXTRA : Where'd he go? (0:03:06.16)
Shoto Todoroki : The Heroes Public Safety Commission must've
made a factory like this for the test on purpose.
Shoto Todoroki : Telling us to fight using the idiosyncrasies
of the buildings and terrain.
EXTRA : There he is! Surround him! (0:03:17.67)
Shoto Todoroki : In that case, there must be... (0:03:19.51)
Shoto Todoroki : ...the real thing, in the tank. (0:03:22.47)
EXTRA : He got us! (0:03:28.89)
EXTRA : That bastard... He's crazy... (0:03:42.57)
Shoto Todoroki : It looks like the commission kept
the force of the explosion down.
EXTRA : B-Bastard...! (0:03:52.16)
Shoto Todoroki : Sorry. (0:03:54.29)
Shoto Todoroki : I can't afford to fail. (0:03:55.83)
EXTRA : "Class 1-A" (0:03:58.38)
Shoto Todoroki : Simultaneous activation of left and right... (0:04:03.93)
Shoto Todoroki : I need to practice more. (0:04:06.14)
Shoto Todoroki : It slows me down. (0:04:08.18)
EXTRA : Those who have passed should
go to the waiting room.
EXTRA : Hurry. (0:04:13.81)
Present Mic : The targets send information about
who passes and who fails!
Present Mic : They recognize the balls and the
wearers and can tell who hit whom
Present Mic : based on distance, movement,
and various other factors!
Present Mic : Also, once mounted, they can only
be removed with a special magnetic key!
Present Mic : It's super high-tech! (0:04:33.62)
EXTRA : Miss Sai, I have confirmed that four
U.A. students have entered the building.
Saiko Intelli : Can you show me the video? (0:04:45.88)
EXTRA : Yes, ma'am. (0:04:47.55)
Saiko Intelli : Arm duplication, the sound wave user, frog... (0:04:50.10)
Saiko Intelli : ...and a Quirk that makes things. (0:04:54.69)
Saiko Intelli : Our prey has been decided. (0:05:05.07)
Saiko Intelli : Will you gather everyone? (0:05:07.45)
EXTRA : Yes, Miss Sai. (0:05:09.58)
Saiko Intelli : The formula for my success... (0:05:11.79)
Saiko Intelli : already complete. (0:05:14.46)
Shoto Todoroki : There are a lot of people here. (0:05:21.42)
Inasa Yoarashi : Seriously?! (0:05:23.67)
EXTRA : "Inasa Yoarashi - Quirk: Whirlwind" (0:05:25.13)
Inasa Yoarashi : I love Stampman, too! (0:05:25.34)
Inasa Yoarashi : He's a super passionate hero! (0:05:27.47)
EXTRA : Why's he talking to me out of the blue? (0:05:29.43)
Shoto Todoroki : If he applied through recommendations,
then I should've seen him at the entrance exam.
Inasa Yoarashi : But I think-- (0:05:35.10)
Inasa Yoarashi : Wait, what were we talking about? (0:05:41.23)
EXTRA : How should I know? (0:05:42.44)
EXTRA : You're the one who started talking to me. (0:05:43.78)
Yokumiru Mera : Currently, 56 people have passed.
Don't panic, but please hurry and do your best.
Tsuyu Asui : Shoji, how's it look? (0:05:55.25)
Mezou Shouji : It's no use. I don't see
anyone from our class.
Tsuyu Asui : Maybe they're in a different area. (0:06:00.63)
Mezou Shouji : Most likely. (0:06:02.96)
Mezou Shouji : Yaoyorozu, you heard the broadcast, right? (0:06:04.71)
Mezou Shouji : The number who've passed
is already past the halfway mark.
Tsuyu Asui : We should probably give up
on finding everyone else
Tsuyu Asui : and start fighting ourselves,
don't you think?
EXTRA : "Momo Yaoyorozu - Quirk: Creation" (0:06:12.26)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Yes, you're right... (0:06:14.89)
Kyoka Jiro : Shh! (0:06:17.14)
EXTRA : "Kyoka Jiro - Quirk: Earphone Jack" (0:06:18.31)
Kyoka Jiro : I hear footsteps from
four people on the stairs,
Kyoka Jiro : about ten floors below. (0:06:20.81)
Kyoka Jiro : They're coming up! (0:06:23.40)
Mezou Shouji : Are they after us? (0:06:24.82)
Momo Yaoyorozu : It bothers me that there
are only four coming.
Momo Yaoyorozu : All the schools should be moving
in bigger teams than that.
EXTRA : "Tsuyu Asui - Quirk: Frog"
"Mezo Shoji - Quirk: Dupli-Arms"
Tsuyu Asui : Maybe their companions were defeated,
and they're running away to hide here.
Kyoka Jiro : No, that's not what it sounds like. (0:06:38.96)
Kyoka Jiro : They're still climbing up. (0:06:41.67)
Momo Yaoyorozu : There must be more of them. (0:06:43.79)
Momo Yaoyorozu : A distraction? (0:06:46.34)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Or... (0:06:47.59)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Jiro! (0:06:53.01)
Tsuyu Asui : Jiro! (0:06:53.01)
Mezou Shouji : There's music! (0:06:55.81)
Mezou Shouji : I'm fine, but hearing this suddenly
would've been hard on Jiro.
Tsuyu Asui : So they know Kyoka's Quirk and are
interfering with it on purpose.
Mezou Shouji : They must be after us, then. (0:07:05.52)
Momo Yaoyorozu : This is bad. (0:07:08.69)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Now we can't tell where our opponents are... (0:07:10.65)
Saiko Intelli : Phase one, complete. (0:07:12.78)
Saiko Intelli : Next, begin phase two. (0:07:15.16)
Mezou Shouji : What's that?! (0:07:19.50)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Hide! (0:07:20.46)
Kyoka Jiro : Attacks from outside? (0:07:21.62)
Tsuyu Asui : This is... (0:07:23.25)
Mezou Shouji : Are they trying to keep me
from using my eyes, too?
Momo Yaoyorozu : The first thing they did was
seal off Jiro and Shoji's Quirks,
Momo Yaoyorozu : which are good for finding the enemy. (0:07:34.01)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Whoever we're up against knows
exactly what our Quirks are...
Mezou Shouji : Yaoyorozu, what is our opponent after? (0:07:40.77)
Momo Yaoyorozu : They're probably trying
to keep us rooted here.
Tsuyu Asui : And then they'll surround us, huh? (0:07:47.94)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Yes, we should probably assume
that they're already close by.
Kyoka Jiro : Then we need to fight! (0:07:56.83)
Momo Yaoyorozu : We can't move carelessly! (0:07:58.33)
Kyoka Jiro : Heartbeat Dist--! (0:07:59.45)
EXTRA : Phase two, complete. (0:08:03.96)
Mezou Shouji : Jiro! (0:08:05.92)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Are you hurt? (0:08:06.75)
Kyoka Jiro : They got my amp! And my left ear... (0:08:08.30)
Momo Yaoyorozu : They predicted her actions? (0:08:12.13)
Momo Yaoyorozu : They were able to predict our actions
so accurately after only seeing that one attack...
Momo Yaoyorozu : And this careful plan... (0:08:20.39)
Momo Yaoyorozu : There must be someone extremely
intelligent among our opponents.
Mezou Shouji : Does it feel a little colder to you? (0:08:27.86)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Now that you mention it, yes... (0:08:30.78)
Momo Yaoyorozu : There's cold air coming from the vents! (0:08:34.36)
EXTRA : Begin phase three. (0:08:37.37)
Mezou Shouji : They've shut us in?! (0:08:42.66)
Momo Yaoyorozu : The temperature's also decreasing steadily. (0:08:46.71)
Kyoka Jiro : I-It's too cold! (0:08:48.96)
Tsuyu Asui : R... Ribbit, ribbit... (0:08:51.13)
Mezou Shouji : Asui, what's wrong? (0:08:52.97)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Could it be that since the
temperature dropped all at once,
Momo Yaoyorozu : she's started getting ready for hibernation? (0:08:57.76)
Tsuyu Asui : Ribbit... (0:09:00.18)
Mezou Shouji : Fire! Make a lighter. (0:09:01.72)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I can't. The sprinklers will turn on,
making her body even colder.
Kyoka Jiro : Then what about an electric heater? (0:09:09.52)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Our opponents have control
over the air conditioner.
Momo Yaoyorozu : They probably turned off
the electricity, as well.
Momo Yaoyorozu : Here's a blanket for now! (0:09:17.07)
Mezou Shouji : All right. (0:09:18.57)
Kyoka Jiro : What now?! (0:09:21.45)
Momo Yaoyorozu : They're welding the door shut! (0:09:23.12)
Mezou Shouji : So they're trying to keep us from escaping? (0:09:27.29)
Momo Yaoyorozu : The door over there's the only one left. (0:09:29.21)
Mezou Shouji : Should we force our way through? (0:09:31.55)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Our opponents are definitely
waiting for us there.
Momo Yaoyorozu : It's dangerous. (0:09:36.09)
Mezou Shouji : They keep being one step ahead of us. (0:09:37.68)
Kyoka Jiro : What should we do? (0:09:39.97)
Mezou Shouji : If we holed up here, we'd have to do
something about the temperature,
Mezou Shouji : or else we'd also be done in by the cold. (0:09:46.10)
Kyoka Jiro : Yao-momo, what if you made a bomb and
blew up the door to the emergency exit?
Momo Yaoyorozu : That might cause a phreatic explosion. (0:09:52.90)
Momo Yaoyorozu : They probably knew we'd think of it. (0:09:55.94)
Momo Yaoyorozu : That's why they sealed off the observation
room and lowered the temperature.
Kyoka Jiro : No way... (0:10:00.82)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Think, Momo. (0:10:02.28)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Think of a way to get out of this situation. (0:10:04.54)
Momo Yaoyorozu : With one ear injured, Jiro can't use
her sound attacks to the fullest.
Momo Yaoyorozu : In that case, should we
break the wall to escape...?
Momo Yaoyorozu : No, our opponents probably already have
something prepared for such a simple move.
Momo Yaoyorozu : For now, we need to do something
about the air conditioning.
Momo Yaoyorozu : Can I make clay to seal off the vents? (0:10:24.68)
Momo Yaoyorozu : From what I can see,
there are eight vents...
Momo Yaoyorozu : I would end up using a lot of my Quirk,
but right now, that's all I can do...!
EXTRA : Miss Sai, phase three is complete. (0:10:35.94)
Saiko Intelli : Then, let us wait for a while. (0:10:39.57)
EXTRA : Yes, ma'am. (0:10:42.09)
Saiko Intelli : The current problem facing U.A. High
is the air conditioning in the observation room.
Saiko Intelli : In order to solve that, they must use
the Quirk of that student called Yaoyorozu.
Saiko Intelli : Her Quirk uses the lipids
from inside her body.
Saiko Intelli : In other words, there is a limit
to how much she can make.
Saiko Intelli : We'll make her use up her Quirk
and render all four of their Quirks useless.
Saiko Intelli : That is my plan... (0:11:07.81)
Saiko Intelli : formula for success. (0:11:10.48)
EXTRA : "Saiko Intelli - Quirk: IQ" (0:11:13.36)
Present Mic : Seiai Academy, second year, Saiko Intelli! (0:11:14.52)
Present Mic : Quirk: IQ! (0:11:17.44)
Present Mic : After she drinks tea, when she
closes her eyes, her IQ multiplies.
Present Mic : Her IQ is already 150 to start with, (0:11:22.95)
Present Mic : so she becomes a super genius! (0:11:25.78)
Present Mic : By the way, there's a difference in effect
based on the brand of tea she drinks!
Saiko Intelli : Now, use your Quirk. (0:11:36.05)
Saiko Intelli : That will be the end of you all. (0:11:39.92)
Saiko Intelli : Now, use your Quirk. (0:11:46.85)
Saiko Intelli : That will be... (0:11:49.73)
Kyoka Jiro : What's wrong, Yao-momo? (0:11:54.48)
Mezou Shouji : Why did you stop your Creation? (0:11:56.36)
Momo Yaoyorozu : No matter how many times I think
about it, I get the same answer.
Momo Yaoyorozu : Our opponents are trying
to get me to use up my Quirk.
Mezou Shouji : They're trying to make you
use up your Quirk?
Momo Yaoyorozu : Yes. (0:12:07.91)
Momo Yaoyorozu : In their plan, the most uncertain
factor is my Creation.
Momo Yaoyorozu : At first, I thought their manipulation
of the air conditioning was for Asui's Quirk.
Momo Yaoyorozu : But their true goal was
to make me use my Quirk.
Mezou Shouji : I see. (0:12:24.80)
Mezou Shouji : They were planning to march in calmly
after making your Quirk useless, huh?
Momo Yaoyorozu : Yes. That's why I cannot
use my Quirk right now.
Momo Yaoyorozu : I must save it for when
the need truly arises.
Kyoka Jiro : But if we stay holed up here, then we'll
fail the provisional licensing exam!
Momo Yaoyorozu : We should force our way through! (0:12:42.65)
Mezou Shouji : I'm sure our opponents have predicted
that that's what we will do.
Kyoka Jiro : Then what are you suggesting? (0:12:48.78)
Momo Yaoyorozu : At times like this, what would
Todoroki do? Or Iida? Or Midoriya..?
Izuku Midoriya : I don't know myself, either, (0:12:57.58)
Izuku Midoriya : but after hearing that I could
still reach, I couldn't just sit still...
Izuku Midoriya : I can't help thinking
that I want to save him.
Momo Yaoyorozu : That's right. (0:13:12.10)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I have to save them... (0:13:13.14)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Shoji, Jiro, and Asui... (0:13:14.85)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Forget about the provisional exam. (0:13:18.19)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Just focus on saving them for now. Just that! (0:13:22.11)
Momo Yaoyorozu : In order to do that... (0:13:25.74)
Momo Yaoyorozu : In order to do that, I need... (0:13:27.24)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Everyone, please bear with the
current conditions for a few minutes.
Momo Yaoyorozu : --Yao-momo!
Kyoka Jiro : --Yao-momo!
Kyoka Jiro : What, headphones? (0:13:38.58)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Please put them on. (0:13:40.79)
Momo Yaoyorozu : It's the first time I'm making this device, (0:13:43.55)
Momo Yaoyorozu : but its structure is not that complicated. (0:13:45.84)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I'll save just enough lipids to move (0:13:48.84)
Momo Yaoyorozu : and make it as big... as big as possible... (0:13:51.76)
Kyoka Jiro : This is... (0:13:55.56)
Saiko Intelli : It's been ten minutes since they
holed up in the observation room.
Saiko Intelli : It is probably about time. (0:14:01.69)
Saiko Intelli : Ready yourselves to storm in. (0:14:04.94)
EXTRA : Yes, ma'am! (0:14:06.90)
Saiko Intelli : Now, I wonder what the situation is inside? (0:14:09.45)
Saiko Intelli : I'm looking forward to it. (0:14:12.24)
Saiko Intelli : Wh-What...?! (0:14:15.16)
Saiko Intelli : Th-This is... (0:14:18.25)
Saiko Intelli : ...a high-frequency sound attack? (0:14:20.25)
Kyoka Jiro : Even with headphones on,
I can feel it throughout my body...
Tsuyu Asui : R... Ribbit... (0:14:30.47)
Mezou Shouji : Are you all right, Asui? (0:14:31.89)
Momo Yaoyorozu : E-Everyone, please bear with it
for seven more seconds...
Momo Yaoyorozu : Six... five... four... three... two... one... (0:14:39.23)
Kyoka Jiro : All right! It worked! (0:14:47.15)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Put your balls in the targets. (0:14:51.24)
Mezou Shouji : Got it. (0:14:52.91)
Mezou Shouji : Can you move? (0:14:54.08)
Tsuyu Asui : R-Ribbit... (0:14:54.99)
Tsuyu Asui : I'm fine... (0:14:56.83)
Momo Yaoyorozu : I'm glad. (0:14:58.41)
Kyoka Jiro : Wait--! (0:15:03.54)
Saiko Intelli : You used your Quirk for attacking
rather than defending...
Saiko Intelli : I can't believe someone from the elite U.A.
would choose a method with such high risk.
Saiko Intelli : But because of that, you can't move now. (0:15:15.64)
Saiko Intelli : Even if I can only get you,
I'll have you fail.
Momo Yaoyorozu : You can't give up! (0:15:23.52)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Show the results of the intensive training
at the training camp, Momo!
Saiko Intelli : You're struggling in vain! (0:15:33.82)
Tsuyu Asui : Ribbit! (0:15:36.29)
Saiko Intelli : Wha--?! (0:15:38.20)
Momo Yaoyorozu : E-Everyone! (0:15:39.66)
Saiko Intelli : Why did you come back...? (0:15:40.71)
Saiko Intelli : Didn't you think she failed already? (0:15:42.50)
Saiko Intelli : Right now, we're in the
middle of the licensing exam.
Saiko Intelli : You should be thinking
of yourselves, not your friends.
Kyoka Jiro : That might be true for you,
but we're different.
Tsuyu Asui : We won't leave our friend behind. (0:15:55.72)
Mezou Shouji : And we don't give up. (0:15:59.27)
Izuku Midoriya : If I have to choose one or the other... (0:16:01.48)
Izuku Midoriya : ...I want to save both of them! (0:16:03.90)
Mezou Shouji : That's right. Like Midoriya... (0:16:06.27)
Momo Yaoyorozu : That's how we, Class 1-A, are! (0:16:09.19)
Saiko Intelli : As expected of U.A.... (0:16:18.54)
Saiko Intelli : You've defeated me completely. (0:16:20.66)
Eijiro Kirishima : Kaminari, why'd you follow us? (0:16:25.75)
Denki Kaminari : 'Cause you guys started running! (0:16:28.55)
Denki Kaminari : I was lonely, so I ended up following you! (0:16:31.22)
Katsuki Bakugo : Shut up! (0:16:33.55)
Denki Kaminari : What's with that tone of voice? (0:16:34.80)
Eijiro Kirishima : I told you to stop that, Bakugo. (0:16:36.43)
Denki Kaminari : It looks like there are
a bunch of people up there,
Denki Kaminari : so the three of us should work together-- (0:16:40.06)
Katsuki Bakugo : No way! (0:16:41.73)
Eijiro Kirishima : I told you to stop saying that... (0:16:42.60)
Eijiro Kirishima : Look out! (0:16:44.73)
Denki Kaminari : Kirishima! (0:16:46.61)
Eijiro Kirishima : Damn it, let go...! (0:16:47.86)
Denki Kaminari : Wh-What the heck is that?! (0:16:51.61)
Denki Kaminari : What happened?! (0:16:54.11)
Katsuki Bakugo : Basically, that bastard did it, right? (0:16:55.41)
EXTRA : "Seiji Shishikura" (0:16:56.24)
EXTRA : "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" (0:16:59.24)
Katsuki Bakugo : I'll kill you. (0:17:00.49)
Yokumiru Mera : More people have passed.
We are now at 60 people.
Hanta Sero : It'll be over once another 40 have passed. (0:17:06.17)
Hanta Sero : People are passing in groups. (0:17:09.13)
Hanta Sero : This is bad. What should we do? (0:17:10.84)
Izuku Midoriya : Yeah... I could tell after we were attacked, (0:17:12.51)
EXTRA : "Hanta Sero - Quirk: Tape"
"Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All"
Izuku Midoriya : but at least we can probably do something
about the group that's near by.
Hanta Sero : Huh? That's amazing! What do you mean? (0:17:20.18)
Izuku Midoriya : There was someone who was trying
to get a head start on the others.
EXTRA : I'll take her out! (0:17:26.60)
EXTRA : Hey, wait! (0:17:27.90)
Izuku Midoriya : He was probably panicking. (0:17:29.86)
Izuku Midoriya : Since if a large group
is going after a small number,
Izuku Midoriya : they would end up fighting over the prey. (0:17:33.99)
EXTRA : "Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity" (0:17:35.15)
Ochako Uraraka : Oh, so if they keep leaving, then
their numbers will slowly dwindle,
Ochako Uraraka : and they'll be at a disadvantage. (0:17:40.74)
Hanta Sero : Then why were you saying we should
all stay together, Midoriya?
Izuku Midoriya : In the first place, we were told
to hit targets with balls,
Izuku Midoriya : so it's easy to think of
this as target practice,
Izuku Midoriya : but without knowing what
our opponents' Quirks are,
Izuku Midoriya : it's not easy or efficient to go after
moving targets that are being protected.
Izuku Midoriya : That's why I wanted to first restrain
enough people for everyone to pass
Izuku Midoriya : and then use the balls only after
they couldn't move anymore.
Izuku Midoriya : Class A has a lot of people
who excel at zone control,
Izuku Midoriya : so I thought we could do it, but... (0:18:11.77)
Hanta Sero : I see... (0:18:14.40)
Hanta Sero : It's true that if we were
just doing target practice,
Hanta Sero : they'd only be able to tell whether or not
we were good at hitting targets,
Hanta Sero : so this might be what they're
really trying to test.
Ochako Uraraka : Shh! Wait a sec! (0:18:23.74)
Ochako Uraraka : Don't they sound like they're getting closer? (0:18:26.66)
Hanta Sero : What should we do? (0:18:29.58)
Izuku Midoriya : I'll go out. (0:18:31.54)
Hanta Sero : What? (0:18:32.54)
Izuku Midoriya : I'll be the decoy, so you two should find openings
to restrain as many enemies as you can.
Izuku Midoriya : Your Quirks are better for
keeping people restrained.
Hanta Sero : Decoy... (0:18:43.22)
Hanta Sero : We've got three people, so we'd need... (0:18:44.56)
Hanta Sero : There's no way... (0:18:47.10)
Ochako Uraraka : Roger. (0:18:49.14)
Hanta Sero : What? (0:18:49.81)
Ochako Uraraka : Let's do it, Sero! (0:18:50.85)
Hanta Sero : Fine! (0:18:53.86)
Ochako Uraraka : I trust him. Deku's pulled through
enough times that I know I can.
Izuku Midoriya : All right, let's go! (0:19:01.78)
Seiji Shishikura : We Shiketsu students are obliged
to wear our uniform hats when working.
Seiji Shishikura : Why? (0:19:12.38)
Seiji Shishikura : That is because each and
every one of our movements
EXTRA : "Denki Kaminari - Quirk: Electrification" (0:19:16.21)
Seiji Shishikura : is crowned with the traditions of
the name of Shiketsu High School.
Seiji Shishikura : This is a demonstration of power. (0:19:22.14)
Seiji Shishikura : We have placed great importance on obligation
and dignity since the start of our education,
Seiji Shishikura : creating a great difference in level
between us and you vulgar and ordinary folk
Seiji Shishikura : aspiring to become heroes
the way you are.
Katsuki Bakugo : I hate your type. (0:19:33.23)
Denki Kaminari : What'd he say? (0:19:34.94)
Denki Kaminari : I can't process what he's saying! (0:19:36.98)
Katsuki Bakugo : He said that his eyes are too small, so he can't
see the true strength of his opponents.
Seiji Shishikura : My eyes are handsome and long in length! (0:19:43.07)
Denki Kaminari : Hey, it looks like that's
a sore spot for him!
Denki Kaminari : Stop saying stuff like that! (0:19:48.16)
Seiji Shishikura : U.A. High School. I respect the school. (0:19:51.75)
Seiji Shishikura : I take pride that we are counted as equals. (0:19:55.88)
Seiji Shishikura : However, you lot continuously act in ways
that cause its dignity to decline.
Denki Kaminari : He's gonna do that thing again! (0:20:03.93)
Denki Kaminari : That gross thing! (0:20:05.26)
Katsuki Bakugo : Shut up! (0:20:06.18)
Katsuki Bakugo : "Obligation"? (0:20:07.43)
Katsuki Bakugo : "Dignity"? (0:20:08.97)
Katsuki Bakugo : You just won't stop talking... (0:20:10.56)
Katsuki Bakugo : Show us with your actions,
not your mouth, sir .
Seiji Shishikura : Especially you , Bakugo! (0:20:18.82)
Izuku Midoriya : Draw our opponents in as much as possible
and make them gather in one place--
Emi Fukukado : Want some gum? (0:20:33.21)
Shota Aizawa : It's the kind that traps your finger, right? (0:20:34.33)
Shota Aizawa : No thanks. (0:20:36.17)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Shota Aizawa - Quirk: Erasure"
"Pro Hero - Ms. Joke - Quirk: Outburst"
Shota Aizawa : It's frustrating not being able to see
who failed and who passed, though.
Emi Fukukado : Our Shindo made it even harder to see
by splitting open the ground, too.
Emi Fukukado : Hm? What? What? Are you worried? (0:20:47.18)
Shota Aizawa : There's something I realized after
watching Class A for a while.
Shota Aizawa : They might not have realized it,
but in Class A,
Shota Aizawa : there are two people whose
presence has a big effect.
Shota Aizawa : They're not leaders, or the most popular, (0:21:04.45)
Shota Aizawa : and the two of them don't get along at all. (0:21:08.87)
Shota Aizawa : But... (0:21:11.54)
Shota Aizawa : ...before I knew it, their passion
spread to the rest of the class.
Shota Aizawa : It's strange, but one of them is always
at the center of any major event.
Shota Aizawa : Joke, I'm not worried. (0:21:27.80)
Shota Aizawa : I can't wait to see what they'll do. (0:21:31.31)
Shota Aizawa : Even if they're not
physically with everyone,
Shota Aizawa : their presence raises the
standard for the whole class.
Emi Fukukado : You've fallen for them hard, huh? (0:21:40.02)
Emi Fukukado : Gross. (0:21:41.78)
Shota Aizawa : That is my class... (0:21:44.15)
Shota Aizawa : ...Class 1-A! (0:21:47.78)
EXTRA : "Preview" (0:23:20.08)
Izuku Midoriya : Here's the preview! (0:23:20.71)
Izuku Midoriya : The first test of the provisional
licensing exam is in its second half!
Izuku Midoriya : Everyone taking the test
is fighting desperately.
Izuku Midoriya : I can't lose! (0:23:28.80)
Izuku Midoriya : Next time, "RUSH!" (0:23:30.55)
EXTRA : "Next time" (0:23:31.09)
Izuku Midoriya : Go beyond! (0:23:32.04)
Izuku Midoriya : Plus Ultra! (0:23:33.21)

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