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Introducing Akade

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

Izuku Midoriya : The provisional hero licensing exam ended, (0:00:01.10)
Izuku Midoriya : and it was finally time
for the results to be revealed...
Yokumiru Mera : The names of those who passed
are listed in syllabary order.
Yokumiru Mera : Please check the list. (0:00:11.86)
EXTRA : "List of Passing Candidates for
the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam"
Mezou Shouji : A lot of people passed, huh? (0:00:15.61)
Minoru Mineta : --Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi...
--Mi... Mi... Mi...
Katsuki Bakugo : Ba--! (0:00:19.83)
Izuku Midoriya : It's there...! (0:00:21.83)
Izuku Midoriya : My name's there, All Might! (0:00:24.73)
Minoru Mineta : It's there! "Minoru Mineta"! (0:01:58.47)
EXTRA : "Minoru Mineta - Quirk: Pop Off" (0:01:59.51)
EXTRA : "Kyoka Jiro - Quirk: Earphone Jack" (0:02:00.89)
Kyoka Jiro : It's there... (0:02:01.22)
EXTRA : "Tenya Iida - Quirk: Engine" (0:02:02.14)
Tenya Iida : I see it! (0:02:02.47)
EXTRA : "Mezo Shoji - Quirk: Dupli-Arms" (0:02:03.14)
Mezou Shouji : All right. (0:02:03.47)
EXTRA : "Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity" (0:02:04.06)
Ochako Uraraka : "Uraraka"! (0:02:04.39)
EXTRA : "Hanta Sero - Quirk: Tape" (0:02:05.31)
Hanta Sero : Whew... (0:02:05.64)
EXTRA : "Fumikage Tokoyami - Quirk: Dark Shadow" (0:02:06.56)
EXTRA : "Mashirao Ojiro - Quirk: Tail" (0:02:07.31)
Mashirao Ojiro : I'm so glad... (0:02:07.64)
EXTRA : "Yuga Aoyama - Quirk: Navel Laser" (0:02:08.60)
Yuga Aoyama : Merci! (0:02:09.10)
EXTRA : "Rikido Sato - Quirk: Sugar Rush" (0:02:09.73)
Rikido Sato : It's there! (0:02:10.06)
EXTRA : "Mina Ashido - Quirk: Acid" (0:02:10.98)
Mina Ashido : Yay! (0:02:11.31)
EXTRA : "Koji Koda - Quirk: Anivoice" (0:02:12.23)
EXTRA : "Momo Yaoyorozu - Quirk: Creation" (0:02:13.11)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Little strokes fell great oaks. (0:02:13.44)
EXTRA : "Tsuyu Asui - Quirk: Frog" (0:02:15.11)
Tsuyu Asui : Ribbit... (0:02:15.43)
EXTRA : "Toru Hagakure - Quirk: Invisibility" (0:02:15.99)
Toru Hagakure : I did it! (0:02:16.32)
EXTRA : "Denki Kaminari - Quirk: Electrification" (0:02:17.24)
Denki Kaminari : Aw, yes! (0:02:17.44)
EXTRA : "Eijiro Kirishima - Quirk: Hardening" (0:02:18.61)
Eijiro Kirishima : I'm there! But... (0:02:18.90)
EXTRA : "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" (0:02:20.86)
Katsuki Bakugo : It's not there! (0:02:22.24)
EXTRA : "Inasa Yoarashi - Quirk: Whirlwind" (0:02:23.24)
Inasa Yoarashi : Yo... Yoarashi! (0:02:23.49)
Inasa Yoarashi : Yo...! There's nothing after "Yu"... (0:02:25.54)
Inasa Yoarashi : It's not there after all, huh? (0:02:31.71)
EXTRA : "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" (0:02:36.38)
EXTRA : "A Talk about Your Quirk" (0:02:38.84)
Izuku Midoriya : --Todoroki...
Inasa Yoarashi : --Todoroki...
Inasa Yoarashi : Sorry! (0:02:53.36)
Inasa Yoarashi : It's my fault that you didn't pass! (0:02:54.57)
Inasa Yoarashi : It's because I was too narrow-minded! (0:02:57.65)
Inasa Yoarashi : I'm sorry! (0:02:59.95)
Shoto Todoroki : The path I was on until
now as that man's son...
Shoto Todoroki : It's something I must bear
as I aim to become a hero...
Shoto Todoroki : I started it in the first place.
Don't worry about it.
Inasa Yoarashi : But--! (0:03:14.50)
Shoto Todoroki : There were things I realized thanks
to you confronting me directly, too.
Mina Ashido : Todoroki... didn't pass? (0:03:19.80)
Hanta Sero : Both of our top two failed? (0:03:22.38)
Denki Kaminari : You should rethink your abusive language. (0:03:25.26)
Denki Kaminari : Words are important, you know. (0:03:26.85)
Katsuki Bakugo : Shut up. I'll kill you. (0:03:29.77)
Minoru Mineta : Because they are both highly skilled, (0:03:32.77)
Minoru Mineta : they end up fighting
against their own egotism.
Minoru Mineta : The hierarchy's collapsing...! (0:03:39.94)
Izuku Midoriya : Todoroki... (0:03:45.41)
Momo Yaoyorozu : Todoroki... (0:03:47.03)
Yokumiru Mera : Um, next we will pass out your results. (0:03:51.96)
Yokumiru Mera : They will have the breakdown of your scores, (0:03:55.75)
Yokumiru Mera : so please look over them carefully. (0:03:58.55)
EXTRA : Kirishima. (0:04:01.67)
Eijiro Kirishima : Thanks so much! (0:04:02.93)
Katsuki Bakugo : Hand it over... (0:04:04.22)
Eijiro Kirishima : That's not how this works. (0:04:06.01)
Toru Hagakure : Kaminari, lemme see! (0:04:08.14)
Denki Kaminari : Wait a sec, I haven't looked at it yet. (0:04:09.89)
Yokumiru Mera : The cutoff score was 50 points. (0:04:11.73)
Yokumiru Mera : We scored based on a demerit system. (0:04:13.85)
Yokumiru Mera : You can see how many points were taken off (0:04:16.40)
Yokumiru Mera : for which actions all listed
out on the printouts.
Mashirao Ojiro : 61 points... I barely passed... (0:04:21.36)
Hanta Sero : I got 84! Look, isn't it amazing? (0:04:23.49)
Hanta Sero : I'm kind of good at this, huh? (0:04:26.16)
Kyoka Jiro : Wait, Yao-momo, you got 94 points?! (0:04:28.45)
Izuku Midoriya : Iida, how'd you do? (0:04:31.33)
Tenya Iida : I got 80 points. (0:04:33.04)
Tenya Iida : Overall, I think I had trouble
with practical application.
Tenya Iida : What about you, Midoriya? (0:04:38.17)
Izuku Midoriya : I got 71 points. (0:04:39.38)
Izuku Midoriya : I didn't lose points for my actions,
but mostly for my conduct before I acted
Izuku Midoriya : and for standing around and stuff. (0:04:43.92)
Tenya Iida : I'm thankful that they tell us
what we need to improve on!
Izuku Midoriya : Yeah. (0:04:50.39)
Izuku Midoriya : But, I wonder... (0:04:52.60)
Izuku Midoriya : If it was a demerit system
with no chance to add points,
Izuku Midoriya : and no hope of passing
after falling below 50 points...
Izuku Midoriya : Then why didn't they remove those
who dropped below 50 points--
Izuku Midoriya : why allow them to stay until the end? (0:05:05.36)
Yokumiru Mera : Um, for those of you who passed,
from now on, during emergency situations only,
Yokumiru Mera : you may exercise authority
the same as that of pro heroes.
Yokumiru Mera : In other words, fighting villains,
saving people from criminal acts or accidents--
Yokumiru Mera : You may act on your own judgment in
these cases without the direction of a hero.
Yokumiru Mera : However, this means that
each and every one of your actions
EXTRA : "Heroes Public Safety
Commission - Yokumiru Mera"
Yokumiru Mera : carries with it a responsibility
toward society.
Yokumiru Mera : I'm sure you all know that the great hero,
All Might, has used up all of his power.
Yokumiru Mera : His existence played a
large part in suppressing crime.
Yokumiru Mera : With that deterrent gone,
impudent people will definitely appear.
Yokumiru Mera : The balance will be destroyed,
and as the world changes greatly,
Yokumiru Mera : you young people will someday
become the center of society.
Yokumiru Mera : Next, you all must become exemplar heroes (0:05:58.54)
Yokumiru Mera : and become great enough
to suppress crime yourselves.
Yokumiru Mera : This time, all you have received is your
provisional license to perform hero activities.
Yokumiru Mera : I would like you to think
of yourselves as fledglings
Yokumiru Mera : and be even more diligent in
your studies at your respective schools.
Yokumiru Mera : And for those of you who did not pass-- (0:06:16.89)
Yokumiru Mera : There is no time for you to feel dejected
that you didn't have enough points.
Yokumiru Mera : There is still a chance left for you all. (0:06:24.15)
Yokumiru Mera : After you attend a
3-month-long special course
Yokumiru Mera : and pass an individual test, (0:06:30.78)
Yokumiru Mera : we plan to issue a provisional
license to you all, as well.
Yokumiru Mera : In order to deal with this
"future" that I just spoke of,
Yokumiru Mera : we need as many good heroes as we can get. (0:06:40.88)
Yokumiru Mera : The first test was one to weed people out, (0:06:45.13)
Yokumiru Mera : but we would like to grow the hundred
selected in that test as much as possible.
Yokumiru Mera : That is why we watched
all of you until the end.
Yokumiru Mera : As a result, we saw that it wasn't
that you didn't have promise.
Yokumiru Mera : Rather, once your inadequacies are corrected, (0:06:57.89)
Yokumiru Mera : all of you have the potential to be
even greater than those who passed.
Yokumiru Mera : I think it will keep you pretty busy
doing this concurrently with your studies,
Yokumiru Mera : and you may also choose to retake
the exam in April instead, but--
Katsuki Bakugo : Of course! (0:07:13.45)
Inasa Yoarashi : Please! (0:07:14.62)
Izuku Midoriya : Isn't this great, Todoroki? (0:07:16.37)
Minoru Mineta : Stop that. You don't have to take it.
Just take it easy.
Minoru Mineta : The hierarch-- (0:07:21.46)
Tenya Iida : We're waiting for you. (0:07:24.88)
Izuku Midoriya : Yeah. (0:07:25.84)
Shoto Todoroki : I'll... catch up soon. (0:07:27.67)
Izuku Midoriya : And so, the provisional licensing exam ended. (0:07:30.51)
Izuku Midoriya : And we are one step closer
to becoming heroes!
EXTRA : "Provisional License Authorizing Hero Activities"
"Izuku Midoriya"
Ochako Uraraka : Deku, are you crying? (0:07:42.88)
Izuku Midoriya : Well, it's... you know... (0:07:44.86)
Izuku Midoriya : I was helped by so many...
and caused trouble for so many...
Izuku Midoriya : So... how do I put it? (0:07:52.66)
Izuku Midoriya : It's like proof that I've matured, (0:07:55.24)
Izuku Midoriya : and it makes me so happy. (0:07:57.99)
Izuku Midoriya : I want to show it to Mom
and All Might as soon as possible!
Ochako Uraraka : Yeah, that makes sense. (0:08:05.38)
Emi Fukukado : Eraser! (0:08:08.09)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Ms. Joke - Quirk: Outburst"
"Pro Hero - Shota Aizawa - Quirk: Erasure"
Emi Fukukado : Since we've got this chance,
do you want to do a joint practice sometime?
Shota Aizawa : Yeah, that might be good. (0:08:14.05)
Inasa Yoarashi : Hey! Hey! (0:08:15.80)
Tsuyu Asui : Oh my, even Shiketsu's here. (0:08:17.76)
Inasa Yoarashi : Todoroki, I'll see you at the special course! (0:08:19.47)
Inasa Yoarashi : But you know, honestly,
I still don't like you!
Inasa Yoarashi : I'll apologize in advance! (0:08:24.10)
Inasa Yoarashi : Sorry! (0:08:25.65)
Inasa Yoarashi : That's all! (0:08:26.94)
Eijiro Kirishima : Was that supposed to be considerate? (0:08:28.65)
Shoto Todoroki : I'll make the best of it, too. (0:08:30.99)
Yuga Aoyama : Merci... (0:08:33.03)
Yuga Aoyama : He's someone who's both
bold and sensitive, isn't he?
Izuku Midoriya : Excuse me! U-Um...! (0:08:43.29)
Izuku Midoriya : What kind of training do you
do to erase your presence?
Nagamasa Moura : We don't have any training like that... (0:08:49.71)
Izuku Midoriya : But, um, the girl with big lips said... (0:08:52.42)
Izuku Midoriya : And she seemed like she wanted to talk more, (0:08:56.34)
Izuku Midoriya : so I was hoping to talk to her, but... (0:08:59.51)
Nagamasa Moura : Big lips...? (0:09:01.81)
Nagamasa Moura : Oh, Camie? (0:09:03.60)
Nagamasa Moura : She said she wasn't feeling well
and took a taxi to the station first.
Izuku Midoriya : Oh, uh, I see... (0:09:09.40)
Izuku Midoriya : I feel bad for not finishing
our conversation...
Nagamasa Moura : Now that you mention it, she's been
weird for the past three days or so.
Nagamasa Moura : A little different from usual, I think... (0:09:16.53)
Atsuhiro Sako : You finally picked up! (0:09:22.95)
Atsuhiro Sako : Where are you, and what are you doing? (0:09:24.75)
Atsuhiro Sako : Toga! (0:09:26.04)
Himiko Toga : I had the most wonderful fun. (0:09:27.00)
Atsuhiro Sako : Don't slack off on your regular check-ins. (0:09:29.46)
Atsuhiro Sako : If they catch one of us, we're all in danger. (0:09:31.42)
Himiko Toga : Don't worry. (0:09:33.92)
Himiko Toga : I've never been caught in my life. (0:09:35.88)
Himiko Toga : And I've got something to show for it. (0:09:39.64)
Himiko Toga : Tomura's gonna be happy. (0:09:41.81)
Himiko Toga : I got some of Izuku's blood! (0:09:44.48)
EXTRA : "Himiko Toga - Quirk: Transform" (0:09:47.94)
Present Mic : Himiko Toga. Quirk: Transform. (0:09:48.31)
Present Mic : By ingesting someone else's blood, (0:09:51.02)
Present Mic : she can transform to look like that person. (0:09:52.78)
EXTRA : "A few hours earlier" (0:09:56.61)
EXTRA : "Special Prison For Villain Criminals -
All For One : The second semester is starting soon, right? (0:09:59.99)
All For One : Or has it already started? (0:10:02.41)
All For One : I thought you were going
to devote yourself to teaching...
All For One : What do you want from me? (0:10:09.58)
All Might : I just want to make things clear... (0:10:12.75)
All Might : All For One. (0:10:15.92)
EXTRA : "Villain - All For One - Quirk: All For One" (0:10:18.09)
EXTRA : "All For One"
"Quirk: All For One"
"He can steal the Quirks of others for himself or give them to others."
EXTRA : "All Might (True Form)"
"Quirk: One For All"
"Smashes villains with a super power passed down from one generation to the next."
All For One : This place is stifling, All Might. (0:10:31.73)
All For One : For example, if my back starts to itch,
and I scratch it with the back of the chair,
All For One : all the gun muzzles instantly point at me. (0:10:40.07)
All For One : In addition to my vital signs, even my brain
waves are constantly being monitored.
All For One : One thought about activating my Quirk (0:10:49.54)
All For One : and my life is in danger. (0:10:52.38)
All For One : I'm imprisoned deep underground,
covered by layers of security,
All For One : with the thorough removal
of anything irregular.
All For One : The world likens this place to
Greek mythology, calling it "Tartarus."
All For One : It is the name of the god that
represents the underworld.
All For One : Even I would have some
trouble rebelling against a god.
All Might : No, you can't get out. (0:11:16.19)
All For One : I'll let you think that. (0:11:19.60)
All For One : So, what do you want? (0:11:22.49)
All For One : Where's Gran Torino? (0:11:25.62)
All For One : You acting alone? (0:11:27.41)
All For One : What's with that costume that looks
like you don't know when to give up?
All For One : Don't tell me you're still working as a hero? (0:11:31.83)
All Might : You've got a lot to say. (0:11:36.42)
All For One : Try to understand! (0:11:37.84)
All For One : It's the first decent conversation
I've had in a while.
All Might : Shigaraki... (0:11:43.22)
All Might : Where is Tomura Shigaraki right now? (0:11:45.30)
All For One : I don't know. (0:11:48.60)
All For One : Unlike yours, he's already left the nest. (0:11:50.52)
All Might : What are you trying to achieve? (0:11:55.69)
All Might : What did you want to do? (0:11:57.90)
All Might : Preserving that body beyond
human reason to live on for a long time,
All Might : devoting all of that time to exploiting,
controlling, and toying with people...
All Might : What did you hope to accomplish? (0:12:08.66)
All For One : That's not a very productive topic. (0:12:10.79)
All For One : You wouldn't be satisfied
with my answer even if I told you.
All For One : There will always be people
who can't understand each other.
All For One : I'm the same, you know. The same as you. (0:12:22.22)
All For One : Just like you longed
to become a hero of justice,
All For One : I longed to be like an evil devil king. (0:12:28.43)
All For One : Isn't it simple? (0:12:31.89)
All For One : I had an ideal and the power to give it form. (0:12:33.34)
All For One : If I could live forever in my ideal, (0:12:38.47)
All For One : then I wouldn't begrudge
the effort to make that happen.
All Might : Then why do you need a successor? (0:12:44.53)
All For One : You're one to ask! (0:12:46.62)
All For One : That's funny! (0:12:49.45)
All For One : It's because you took everything from me! (0:12:51.33)
All For One : Look at my body. (0:12:54.16)
All For One : I am just barely able to remain
alive with the help of this tube.
All For One : After you appeared,
my seemingly infinite ideal became finite.
All For One : When a person realizes the end is coming,
he passes his work on to someone else.
All For One : That's true for anything-- (0:13:10.26)
All For One : the houses and buildings you see everywhere, (0:13:12.27)
All For One : the food you casually put in your mouth... (0:13:14.27)
All For One : All of it developed as it was passed
from person to person.
All For One : I'm just trying to do
what everyone else is doing.
EXTRA : All Might, you have about three minutes left. (0:13:26.74)
All For One : Wait, don't say that. (0:13:28.78)
All For One : I want to talk... more... (0:13:31.79)
All For One : I know, the world's probably
pretty shaken up by your retirement,
All For One : but how are things looking? (0:13:39.84)
EXTRA : He must be isolated from outside news. (0:13:41.46)
EXTRA : Please refrain from saying
anything carelessly.
All Might : You heard him. (0:13:46.34)
All For One : That's too bad... (0:13:47.89)
All For One : I'm sure... it's like this... (0:13:51.12)
All For One : Right about now,
the media's unease by you being gone
All For One : coupled with their worry
about Endeavor as the new leader
All For One : is causing them to complain
about the unity of hero society as a whole.
All For One : Meanwhile, sensing the growing instability, (0:14:05.69)
All For One : those who do not listen to heroes,
in other words, the people of the shadows,
All For One : have started to act. (0:14:13.74)
All For One : They think they might have
a chance to change society
All For One : and have started to move in an organized way. (0:14:18.08)
All For One : I think Tomura and his group
will continue to hide for a while...
All For One : order to be sure of which
organization will rise to the top.
EXTRA : "Villain - Tomura Shigaraki - Quirk: Decay" (0:14:25.30)
All For One : Everyone will want to
increase their influence,
All For One : so there will likely be quite a bit of
fighting among the villains themselves.
All For One : If the scenario I wrote functions properly, (0:14:36.58)
All For One : then that's probably how it'll turn out. (0:14:40.38)
All For One : Supposing that does happen, (0:14:43.94)
All For One : then it would have all been because
of your fake form and your retirement.
All For One : From now on, you will not be able
to save people as you wish to.
All For One : All you can do is look on at the villains
you yourself caused to increase
All For One : and be stricken by your powerlessness
as you pass the rest of your days.
All For One : But won't you tell me... (0:15:08.09)
All For One : you feel? (0:15:10.93)
EXTRA : All Might, please stand back. (0:15:14.72)
All For One : When their feelings are guessed correctly,
people often get angry.
All For One : Too bad, you can't punch me in here. (0:15:21.40)
All Might : Don't think that you alone know everything. (0:15:29.11)
All For One : I kept thinking about
what you would hate the most.
All Might : I understand very well
what you were thinking.
All Might : To have my master's blood
relation, Shigaraki,
All Might : kill me, or kill me and Young Midoriya... (0:15:44.34)
All Might : That was what you plotted, right? (0:15:48.17)
All For One : And? (0:15:50.76)
Gran Torino : You're not looking at him
as a villain anymore.
Gran Torino : You will definitely hesitate. (0:15:56.43)
Gran Torino : No matter who he's related
to, he is a criminal.
All Might : I will not die. (0:16:03.52)
All Might : I will not let Shigaraki kill me. (0:16:06.23)
All Might : I can't be killed! (0:16:09.78)
All Might : I won't let the future
you imagine come to pass!
All For One : You said you came to make things clear... (0:16:16.74)
All For One : Did you come to say that? (0:16:19.20)
EXTRA : All Might, it's time. (0:16:22.46)
EXTRA : Please exit. (0:16:24.29)
All Might : I will smash your future to pieces. (0:16:26.29)
All Might : As many times as it takes. (0:16:29.67)
All Might : You're the one who will look on
as you pass the rest of your days here.
All For One : The rest of my days, huh? (0:16:37.60)
All Might : Excuse me. (0:16:47.69)
EXTRA : "Young Midoriya"
"I was able to take another
step forward thanks to you!!!!!"
All Might : Young Midoriya! (0:16:51.32)
Kyoka Jiro : We've got regular classes
starting tomorrow, huh?
Momo Yaoyorozu : There is no rest for heroes. (0:17:04.75)
Rikido Sato : But man, a lot sure has happened! (0:17:06.92)
Fumikage Tokoyami : I will never forget this summer
for the rest of my life.
EXTRA : --Oh, what a cutie.
--I wonder if All Might got my message!
EXTRA : --So cute!
--I wonder if All Might got my message!
Katsuki Bakugo : Hey, go out front later. (0:17:15.34)
Katsuki Bakugo : Let's have a talk about your Quirk. (0:17:20.37)
Izuku Midoriya : Kac... chan... (0:17:25.35)
Izuku Midoriya : Kacchan... (0:17:40.91)
Izuku Midoriya : How far are we going? (0:17:42.45)
Izuku Midoriya : We shouldn't be walking around
in the middle of the night like this.
Izuku Midoriya : Hey... (0:17:48.71)
Izuku Midoriya : You're so lucky, Kacchan. (0:17:52.67)
Izuku Midoriya : Your Quirk's so cool! (0:17:54.72)
Izuku Midoriya : I hope I get mine soon, too. (0:17:57.09)
Katsuki Bakugo : No matter what Quirk you get,
you'll never beat me.
Izuku Midoriya : This is... Ground Beta... (0:18:06.10)
Katsuki Bakugo : This is the place where
we had our first combat training,
Katsuki Bakugo : where I fought and lost to you. (0:18:12.15)
Katsuki Bakugo : You've always made me sick. (0:18:14.23)
Izuku Midoriya : I could tell, somehow... (0:18:17.74)
Katsuki Bakugo : You were Quirkless and useless, (0:18:21.20)
Katsuki Bakugo : so how'd you get into U.A., (0:18:24.70)
Katsuki Bakugo : and how'd you get a Quirk? (0:18:27.46)
Izuku Midoriya : My Quirk is something
I received from someone else.
Izuku Midoriya : One day, I will make this Quirk my own (0:18:37.26)
Izuku Midoriya : and beat you with my own power! (0:18:42.64)
Katsuki Bakugo : I didn't understand this guy that
said some stuff that made no sense
Katsuki Bakugo : and then looked satisfied with himself and (0:18:49.85)
Katsuki Bakugo : just kept on climbing
up, higher and higher...
Katsuki Bakugo : Ever since the sludge villain... (0:18:56.57)
Katsuki Bakugo : No, since All Might came to town... (0:18:58.36)
Katsuki Bakugo : Higher and higher...
until finally for the provisional license,
Katsuki Bakugo : you passed, but I failed. (0:19:05.83)
Katsuki Bakugo : What the hell? Huh? (0:19:08.87)
Izuku Midoriya : That's not a matter of ability, but-- (0:19:11.08)
Katsuki Bakugo : Shut up and listen, damn scum! (0:19:12.63)
Izuku Midoriya : Sorry... (0:19:15.38)
Katsuki Bakugo : You've always made me sick and pissed me off. (0:19:16.67)
Katsuki Bakugo : But that thing in Kamino
helped me understand, kind of.
Katsuki Bakugo : You've made what you borrowed your own, huh? (0:19:25.81)
Izuku Midoriya : Here it comes. (0:19:30.98)
Katsuki Bakugo : I've been thinking about it this whole time. (0:19:33.44)
Katsuki Bakugo : You got it from All Might, didn't you? (0:19:35.82)
Katsuki Bakugo : Your power. (0:19:38.11)
Katsuki Bakugo : The boss villain, (0:19:41.99)
Katsuki Bakugo : apparently he could steal people's
Quirks and give them to other people.
Katsuki Bakugo : It's hard to believe, (0:19:48.50)
Katsuki Bakugo : but one of those old cat ladies
lost her Quirk and can't work anymore.
Katsuki Bakugo : After you met All Might, you changed, (0:19:54.63)
Katsuki Bakugo : and then All Might lost his power. (0:19:58.30)
Katsuki Bakugo : What All Might said
after he beat the boss villain...
All Might : Next, it's your turn. (0:20:07.40)
Katsuki Bakugo : Back then, you were the
only one who took it differently.
Katsuki Bakugo : Thinking about how those
Nomu scum had multiple Quirks,
Katsuki Bakugo : it seems pretty credible. (0:20:19.65)
Katsuki Bakugo : Besides... (0:20:22.36)
All For One : You've gotten weaker, All Might. (0:20:23.78)
All Might : This time, I will throw
you in prison for sure!
Katsuki Bakugo : ...All Might and that
boss bastard knew each other.
Katsuki Bakugo : Quirks could move from one person to another, (0:20:34.79)
Katsuki Bakugo : and All Might knew the guy who could do it, (0:20:37.63)
Katsuki Bakugo : so it all connected to what you said
about receiving your Quirk from someone.
Katsuki Bakugo : I asked All Might about it. (0:20:47.47)
Katsuki Bakugo : But he wouldn't answer me. (0:20:50.81)
Katsuki Bakugo : That's why I'm asking you. (0:20:55.23)
All Might : Fortunately, Young Bakugo
did not seem to take it seriously,
All Might : so I'll let it go this time. (0:21:02.99)
All Might : But please don't do it again. (0:21:05.11)
Katsuki Bakugo : Since you're not denying it, it must be true. (0:21:07.83)
Katsuki Bakugo : Damn it... (0:21:11.76)
Izuku Midoriya : When he said he wanted
to talk about my Quirk, I knew.
Izuku Midoriya : It was the price I paid for not
following All Might's instructions.
Izuku Midoriya : What're you going to do with the answer? (0:21:23.55)
Katsuki Bakugo : You and I both wanted to be like All Might. (0:21:27.80)
Katsuki Bakugo : Right... That's how it was... (0:21:31.93)
Katsuki Bakugo : Someone I'd always thought was just a pebble (0:21:34.44)
Katsuki Bakugo : was acknowledged by the person
I admired without me realizing it...
Katsuki Bakugo : That's why... (0:21:41.55)
Katsuki Bakugo : Let's fight. (0:21:44.40)
Katsuki Bakugo : Right here, right now. (0:21:46.32)
EXTRA : "Preview" (0:23:20.04)
Izuku Midoriya : Here's the preview! (0:23:21.04)
Izuku Midoriya : The number one hero, All Might. (0:23:22.27)
Izuku Midoriya : The person Kacchan and I
have admired since we were young.
Izuku Midoriya : We both admired him the same. (0:23:27.92)
Izuku Midoriya : That's why there might not
be any meaning in this fight.
Izuku Midoriya : There might not be any
meaning in winning or losing.
Izuku Midoriya : Even so, I thought that
I had to go through with it.
Izuku Midoriya : Next time, "Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2." (0:23:40.27)
Izuku Midoriya : Right now, I'm the only one
who can accept Kacchan's feelings!
EXTRA : "Next time: Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2" (0:23:46.07)
Izuku Midoriya : Go beyond! (0:23:47.31)
Izuku Midoriya : Plus Ultra! (0:23:48.55)

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