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Dabi : I didn't think you'd be here. (0:00:15.32)
Endeavor : The League of Villains... Dabi...! (0:00:23.58)
Endeavor : I heard you killed Snatch. (0:00:30.25)
Dabi : "Sna"? Who was that again? (0:00:33.88)
Dabi : More importantly, let's talk a little, (0:00:36.84)
Dabi : since we have this chance. (0:00:39.30)
Hawks : Endeavor! (0:00:43.06)
Hawks : Please rest. (0:00:44.52)
Hawks : I'll do it. (0:00:46.31)
Hawks : I only have small feathers left,
but I should be able to stall--
Dabi : Give me a break. (0:00:52.78)
Dabi : I just came to get that Nomu. (0:00:55.03)
Dabi : There's no way I'd be able to win-- (0:00:57.99)
Dabi : Not against the top two
heroes covered in wounds.
Rumi Usagiyama : I saw the news and hopped over! (0:01:13.30)
Rumi Usagiyama : You're part of the League, right? (0:01:15.47)
Rumi Usagiyama : I'll kick your butt! (0:01:17.01)
Dabi : Man, it was just getting good, too. (0:01:18.09)
Dabi : Ujiko. (0:01:21.60)
Dabi : See you later, Number One. (0:01:25.10)
Dabi : I'm sure we'll have time to talk someday. (0:01:27.52)
Dabi : Until then... (0:01:30.19)
Dabi : your best. (0:01:32.07)
Dabi : Don't die, Enji Todoroki! (0:01:34.99)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Mirko" (0:01:38.11)
Rumi Usagiyama : Talk now! (0:01:38.28)
Rumi Usagiyama : Isn't this... (0:01:44.54)
Rumi Usagiyama : ...the same as that thing back at Camino? (0:01:45.87)
Hawks : Anyway, it looks like
it's case closed for now.
Endeavor : No... (0:01:52.34)
Endeavor : This is... (0:01:54.05)
Endeavor : ...the beginning... (0:01:56.09)
Hawks : A lot was different from what you told me. (0:03:36.48)
Dabi : Really? (0:03:39.44)
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Hawks - Quirk: Fierce Wings" (0:03:40.78)
Hawks : Can we get along better, Dabi? (0:03:41.24)
Dabi : I thought you only
had small feathers left.
Hawks : I can't meet with a liar unarmed. (0:03:47.70)
Hawks : The plan was for tomorrow,
at a warehouse by the coast.
Hawks : For that to turn into the middle
of the city, and that Nomu...
Hawks : That was obviously on a different level
than the ones we've seen until now.
Hawks : I wish you'd tell me
stuff like that in advance.
EXTRA : "Villain - Dabi" (0:04:06.14)
Dabi : I changed my mind. (0:04:06.89)
Dabi : Didn't I tell you in advance that
it'd be a Nomu performance test?
Dabi : But the same goes for you. (0:04:13.39)
Dabi : You said you'd bring a random strong guy. (0:04:16.56)
Dabi : The number one hero isn't a good test. (0:04:19.11)
Dabi : Think about the level here. (0:04:21.65)
Hawks : Huge damage was dealt
to the number one hero.
Hawks : I thought that'd make you happy. (0:04:26.07)
Hawks : I didn't break my promise. (0:04:28.78)
Hawks : You're the one who
reneged on your promise.
Dabi : It's unreasonable to expect me to
trust the number two hero suddenly.
Dabi : How did no one die today? (0:04:37.25)
Dabi : It's hard to believe those
were the actions of a man
Dabi : who sympathized with us
and asked for our cooperation.
Hawks : I can't lose the trust people
have in me as a hero, either.
Hawks : The more I'm trusted, the better
the information I'll be able to get.
Hawks : Can't you think about the long-term? (0:04:53.31)
Dabi : I'm doing this because
I'm thinking of the League, Dabi.
Dabi : Well, anyway,
I can't let you see the boss yet.
Dabi : I'll be in touch, Hawks. (0:05:05.82)
EXTRA : Get accepted by the
League of Villains, Hawks.
Hawks : Huh? Wait a minute. I don't understand. (0:05:16.00)
Hawks : You're making a search team, right?
With Gran Torino and the rest?
EXTRA : Where did you hear about that? (0:05:23.51)
EXTRA : That's exactly why we want you, Hawks. (0:05:25.76)
EXTRA : You have sharp eyes and ears. (0:05:28.05)
EXTRA : At the Camino battle, we had to consider
the safety of the kidnapping victim,
EXTRA : so we had to rush. (0:05:33.77)
EXTRA : In the end, we didn't have enough intel
and misread the opponents' strength.
EXTRA : In order to stamp out dark organizations,
we need a lot of information.
EXTRA : Especially about
that bioengineered human...
EXTRA : Is that something that can be made
using just All For One's power?
EXTRA : If we don't learn everything
we can about the League,
EXTRA : then we will just keep
making the same mistakes.
Hawks : So while I'm in with them, you want me
to just ignore the harm they cause?
EXTRA : We're asking you because we think
you're someone who can ignore it.
EXTRA : You're indifferent to prestige and fame, (0:06:04.88)
EXTRA : and you have your eyes
fixed on your long-term goal.
EXTRA : We think there's no one
more suitable than you.
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Endeavor - Quirk: Hellflame" (0:06:15.64)
Hawks : I'm sorry, Endeavor. I... (0:06:19.52)
Dabi : Oh, that guy. Snatch! (0:06:29.15)
EXTRA : Have you ever thought about
the feelings of those they left behind?!
Dabi : I've thought so much about it
that I've gone crazy.
EXTRA : "Vestiges" (0:06:43.09)
Hawks : Isn't this great? (0:06:48.34)
Hawks : You only had to stay for two days. (0:06:49.88)
Hawks : And it's good you still
have your left eye, too.
Hawks : It was my fault. I'm really sorry. (0:06:58.31)
Endeavor : Don't think so highly of yourself. (0:07:00.77)
Endeavor : My injuries are my own responsibility. (0:07:02.23)
Hawks : When I get injured,
can I use that line, too?
Endeavor : More importantly,
that Nomu came straight for us.
Endeavor : On the exact day we arrived... (0:07:14.41)
Endeavor : Was that a coincidence...? (0:07:17.91)
Hawks : Oh... (0:07:20.21)
Hawks : The new top two heroes walking around in
front of the station would draw attention,
Hawks : so maybe the enemy thought this was
their one chance to get us together.
Hawks : It makes me sad. (0:07:29.34)
Hawks : After all, I did all thatwhile walking through town (0:07:31.43)
Hawks : so I could make this excuse... (0:07:33.84)
Hawks : Well, it's possible that the Nomu rumors
themselves are bait to catch heroes.
Hawks : We need to contact the team
searching for the League.
Endeavor : Be careful. (0:07:46.11)
Endeavor : If you plan to keep investigating this, (0:07:48.78)
Endeavor : then you should get enough help to deal
with even something of that class.
Hawks : You aren't considerate
like that, though. Right?
Endeavor : I'll burn you, bastard! (0:08:01.75)
Hawks : Once my feathers grow back,
I'll be on active duty again.
Hawks : It'll probably take another day or so. (0:08:07.84)
Hawks : Endeavor, will you be taking a break? (0:08:12.17)
Endeavor : Right, we'll see. (0:08:14.51)
Hawks : See you later, then! (0:08:15.76)
Hawks : Is this really necessary? (0:08:23.94)
EXTRA : It's a proposition. (0:08:26.52)
EXTRA : By going after the League of Villains
from the inside and outside,
EXTRA : we can cut off their retreat for sure. (0:08:30.44)
Hawks : Proposition! (0:08:33.32)
Hawks : You're calling it that even
though you know I can't refuse.
Hawks : That's mean. (0:08:38.91)
EXTRA : I'm not denying that, Hawks. (0:08:41.04)
EXTRA : Fortunately, you were
unable to make it to Camino.
EXTRA : A child? A child saved them? (0:08:49.34)
EXTRA : Everyone? From that big accident? (0:08:52.92)
EXTRA : I can't believe it. (0:08:55.47)
EXTRA : Please find that child. (0:08:56.97)
EXTRA : Immediately. (0:08:58.89)
EXTRA : This child has a natural gift. (0:09:00.68)
EXTRA : He should become a hero. (0:09:03.52)
EXTRA : Please allow us to support
your whole family.
Hawks : The secret investigation
into the League of Villains...
Hawks : If getting my hands dirty
would help everyone else rest easy,
Hawks : then I gladly take it on. (0:09:19.24)
Hawks : I am Hawks... (0:09:23.20)
Hawks : A man too fast for my own good. (0:09:25.21)
Hawks : A world where heroes have
too much time on their hands...
Hawks : I will definitely get that... (0:09:30.79)
Hawks : the fastest speed I can. (0:09:35.67)
EXTRA : "Hawks" "Quirk: Fierce Wings"
"He can manipulate the
feathers on his back at will. He can also shoot or transform them."
EXTRA : "Endeavor"
"Quirk: Hellflame"
"He can produce high-temperature flames with his body."
Fuyumi Todoroki : Welcome back! (0:09:49.48)
Endeavor : It's been a while. (0:09:51.57)
Fuyumi Todoroki : Shoto got permission
to leave campus for this.
Fuyumi Todoroki : I asked his teacher to come in,
too, but he didn't want to.
EXTRA : "Pro Hero - Shota Aizawa - Quirk: Erasure" (0:10:00.53)
EXTRA : "Fuyumi Todoroki" (0:10:02.53)
Fuyumi Todoroki : Anyway, let's celebrate you
finishing a big job! Right?
EXTRA : "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" (0:10:07.12)
Shoto Todoroki : That's a bad scar. (0:10:09.17)
EXTRA : "Natsuo Todoroki" (0:10:14.51)
Fuyumi Todoroki : Hey, you two! You promised
to celebrate today, remember?
Fuyumi Todoroki : Dad's finally trying to think
about his family and everything!
Fuyumi Todoroki : Even if you hate him, don't let it
show on your faces so much!
Endeavor : I can hear you. (0:10:25.81)
Natsuo Todoroki : Sorry, Sis. (0:10:28.02)
Natsuo Todoroki : I don't think I can do this. (0:10:29.44)
Fuyumi Todoroki : Natsu! (0:10:30.73)
Endeavor : Natsuo, (0:10:34.32)
Endeavor : if you have something to say, then say it. (0:10:35.69)
Natsuo Todoroki : "Say it"? Give me a break. (0:10:38.07)
Natsuo Todoroki : You know, I only found out
today that Shoto likes soba.
Natsuo Todoroki : Because you didn't want him to
have anything to do with us failures.
Endeavor : Don't look at that, Shoto. (0:10:49.33)
Endeavor : They're from a different world than you. (0:10:51.00)
Natsuo Todoroki : For some reason, it seems like Mom
and Sis are both ready to forgive you,
Natsuo Todoroki : But in my head,
you're still a crazy bastard.
Natsuo Todoroki : It seems like you've changed,
but you haven't changed at all.
Natsuo Todoroki : Neglecting us. (0:11:05.60)
Natsuo Todoroki : Even if you became the number one hero
and defeated a strong enemy,
Natsuo Todoroki : that doesn't make it
disappear from my mind...
Natsuo Todoroki : Mom's screams, Shoto's crying, and
what happened to our big brother, Toya...
Natsuo Todoroki : You had a change of heart on your own! (0:11:16.61)
Natsuo Todoroki : Trying to patch things up one-sidedly! (0:11:18.36)
Natsuo Todoroki : It disgusts me! (0:11:20.74)
Endeavor : I plan to face you all from now on
and atone for what I did.
Natsuo Todoroki : Oh, yeah? (0:11:30.08)
Natsuo Todoroki : Sorry, Sis! Thanks for the food! (0:11:31.33)
Fuyumi Todoroki : Natsu! (0:11:33.17)
Fuyumi Todoroki : Jeez... (0:11:36.50)
Fuyumi Todoroki : It's no good after all, huh? (0:11:39.67)
Fuyumi Todoroki : Shoto started seeing Mom, (0:11:42.84)
Fuyumi Todoroki : and Dad's compromising... (0:11:46.01)
Fuyumi Todoroki : Mom's started smiling... (0:11:48.60)
Fuyumi Todoroki : I thought.... I thought maybe
we could finally be a family...
Fuyumi Todoroki : I was so happy, Shoto! (0:11:56.19)
Shoto Todoroki : Sis. (0:12:01.70)
Shoto Todoroki : It's the first time I've ever seen
Natsu show so much emotion.
EXTRA : Two days after that fight, (0:12:08.58)
EXTRA : "Changing Opinion"
"Voices for and against the new No. 1"
EXTRA : opinions about the number one
hero continue to change.
EXTRA : "Residents from the area" (0:12:14.08)
EXTRA : Is he okay? (0:12:14.33)
EXTRA : He was covered with blood. (0:12:15.79)
EXTRA : The League got away again, right? (0:12:17.88)
EXTRA : We've already caught
a ton of Nomus, right?
EXTRA : He was having such a hard time
with that level of villain--
EXTRA : --Voices of unease haven't changed, but-- (0:12:25.51)
EXTRA : --Turn it off, turn it off!
--Voices of unease haven't changed, but--
EXTRA : Who's the man... (0:12:29.06)
EXTRA : ...risking his life for our sakes? (0:12:31.39)
EXTRA : Look! (0:12:34.10)
EXTRA : "Man in his 20s" (0:12:35.31)
EXTRA : I used to be a fan of Edge Shot, (0:12:35.60)
EXTRA : but I have no choice
but to be his fan now!
EXTRA : "Man in his 30s" (0:12:40.15)
EXTRA : I'm a fire type, too,
so honestly, I was delighted.
EXTRA : "Couple in their 20s" (0:12:43.70)
EXTRA : You've gotta remember
that "Look! Boy," right?
EXTRA : Who's this "Look! Boy"?! (0:12:45.78)
EXTRA : "Look" (0:12:47.74)
EXTRA : The boy known by
the nickname, "Look! Boy."
EXTRA : His shout drew many hearts to Endeavor. (0:12:50.87)
EXTRA : --The boy from back then, huh?
--In that fight, Endeavor,
of course, but also Hawks...
Endeavor : I can hear it... (0:13:00.05)
Endeavor : The sound of something unseen
that you built up... crumbling away.
EXTRA : --It'll be the Age of Endeavor now, huh? (0:13:08.35)
EXTRA : --The hero, Endeavor... was amazing.
--It'll be the Age of Endeavor now, huh?
Shoto Todoroki : He's amazing. But... (0:13:15.77)
Shoto Todoroki : ...I agree with what Natsu said. (0:13:19.32)
Shoto Todoroki : I still can't forgive you
for what you did to Mom.
Shoto Todoroki : So... as a "father"... (0:13:27.95)
Shoto Todoroki : I want to see how things go from here. (0:13:31.62)
Shoto Todoroki : Because I know that something
small can change a person.
Endeavor : I was chosen to be Number One
in a way I didn't wish for.
Endeavor : I continued my hero work with
embarrassment and annoyance in my heart.
Endeavor : What was this power for? (0:13:50.39)
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : What is the reason to be strong...? (0:13:53.68)
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : Endeavor... (0:13:56.81)
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : ...I'm sure the answer (0:13:58.77)
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : is very simple. (0:14:00.86)
Endeavor : When he told me that back then,
what suddenly came to mind
Endeavor : was a simple, ordinary feeling. (0:14:06.15)
Endeavor : "I must guarantee their future." (0:14:09.74)
Endeavor : If that's the job of
the one at the top, then...
Endeavor : Then the where's the future I picked? (0:14:17.96)
Endeavor : I'm not going to ask for
forgiveness after all this time.
Fuyumi Todoroki : Dad, you too? Where are you going? (0:14:27.09)
Endeavor : Fuyumi. (0:14:28.97)
Endeavor : I'm sorry for everything. (0:14:31.01)
Endeavor : I shouldn't have said that to Natsuo. (0:14:34.14)
Endeavor : Even if it's too late, I must atone (0:14:39.98)
Endeavor : and return the future.
That's the only path I have.
Izuku Midoriya : On that day, (0:14:52.95)
EXTRA : "Midoriya" (0:14:53.99)
EXTRA : "Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" (0:14:54.20)
Izuku Midoriya : after basic physical training,
I worked on One For All
Izuku Midoriya : and fell asleep without bathing. (0:14:59.25)
Izuku Midoriya : I had a dream. (0:15:12.22)
Izuku Midoriya : Next to me, there was a beautiful woman
with a tough expression on her face,
Izuku Midoriya : and past her, there were
other people I didn't know.
Izuku Midoriya : I'd dreamed this before. (0:15:24.48)
Izuku Midoriya : No, it was more clear than that... (0:15:30.32)
Izuku Midoriya : The vestiges of One For All... (0:15:34.58)
Izuku Midoriya : I can't talk... (0:15:38.75)
Izuku Midoriya : I can move my right arm... (0:15:40.87)
Izuku Midoriya : I have no feet... (0:15:43.21)
Izuku Midoriya : There are two more in the back... (0:15:45.71)
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : One person cultivates the power (0:15:48.26)
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : and passes it on to another person,
who also cultivates it and passes it on.
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : It is the crystallization of power (0:15:55.55)
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : that spins together thevoices of those who need help (0:15:57.60)
Toshinori Yagi (true form) : and the hearts of the brave. (0:16:00.52)
Izuku Midoriya : Seven people... (0:16:03.31)
Izuku Midoriya : Eight including me. (0:16:04.81)
Izuku Midoriya : All the successors of One For All... (0:16:07.19)
Izuku Midoriya : I'm the ninth... (0:16:10.11)
Izuku Midoriya : The last person's... (0:16:12.32)
All For One : Come with me. (0:16:13.74)
All For One : Dear, foolish little brother. (0:16:17.91)
All For One : Why do you resist? (0:16:20.58)
Izuku Midoriya : This voice! (0:16:23.17)
Izuku Midoriya : I can never forget it... (0:16:24.75)
Izuku Midoriya : All For One! (0:16:26.63)
EXTRA : Because you're wrong! (0:16:29.05)
EXTRA : Because I can't allow you (0:16:31.47)
EXTRA : to do what you want to do, Big Brother! (0:16:33.51)
Izuku Midoriya : "Little brother"... (0:16:35.47)
Izuku Midoriya : "Big brother"... (0:16:37.05)
Izuku Midoriya : This is... the first...? (0:16:38.93)
All For One : That's a mean thing to say. (0:16:42.10)
All For One : I'm trying to compromise here. (0:16:44.56)
All For One : Is tolerance not part of your "justice"? (0:16:47.56)
EXTRA : Right now, the world is in chaos. (0:16:52.74)
EXTRA : Meta powers should not be
used to further your own self-interest.
EXTRA : You're only thinking
about gratifying yourself!
Izuku Midoriya : I didn't notice at all... (0:17:01.95)
Izuku Midoriya : Is the past being reenacted...? (0:17:04.71)
All For One : Come... (0:17:07.58)
All For One : This man's jaw was transformed. (0:17:11.17)
All For One : It seems like fangs won't stop growing. (0:17:13.92)
All For One : He's a kind man who
takes care of his elderly parents.
All For One : But he was persecuted
and called "monster" and "sick,"
All For One : and even his parents stay away from him. (0:17:25.44)
All For One : This man has no meta power. (0:17:29.23)
All For One : On his way home from work one evening,
he was attacked by a gang of metas.
All For One : The stun gun he depended
on was rendered useless,
All For One : and he was trapped by tentacle-like hair. (0:17:39.03)
EXTRA : No...! You won't be able to go back! (0:17:43.45)
EXTRA : --Please.
All For One : If I'm ever in trouble, will you help me? (0:18:05.85)
EXTRA : Of course. (0:18:10.23)
EXTRA : Oh, Mom... Dad...! (0:18:12.07)
EXTRA : I will, too. (0:18:14.82)
EXTRA : I'll never forget this debt. (0:18:16.11)
All For One : What is this world you
speak of, little brother?
All For One : I see people and use
my power for their sake.
EXTRA : You're equivocating. You just added
two lackeys to your collection.
All For One : I need people I can depend on. (0:18:33.13)
All For One : By rejecting me,
you also reject their happiness.
All For One : In this world,
which has lost the human form,
All For One : I can bring order with my power. (0:18:45.22)
All For One : Which one of us is really
working in self-interest?
EXTRA : What kind of order is it if you're
just taking advantage of people?!
EXTRA : You probably don't even remember (0:18:55.53)
EXTRA : how many people you've toyed
with and then abandoned!
EXTRA : I won't allow you to insult him! (0:19:02.32)
All For One : Oh, be careful there. (0:19:04.79)
All For One : My brother is frail. (0:19:06.91)
All For One : Poor thing, born
without any meta powers...
All For One : Without power,
you can't reason with anyone.
All For One : Even so, I love you,
pitiful little brother...
All For One : You're my only family. (0:19:24.51)
All For One : I will give you what you want (0:19:29.44)
All For One : if you cooperate with me. (0:19:31.81)
All For One : Choice to those without power... (0:19:34.94)
All For One : Mercy to those who have sinned... (0:19:37.65)
All For One : You didn't eat again? (0:19:44.74)
All For One : You're wasting away pitifully. (0:19:47.08)
EXTRA : I... won't become
what you want me to be...
All For One : You know, they used
their power in idleness,
All For One : formed factions, got in my way,
and refused order...
All For One : That's why they were killed. (0:20:05.35)
All For One : I didn't order anything. (0:20:08.18)
All For One : My many friends who adore me (0:20:11.31)
All For One : just acted in the way I wanted. (0:20:13.77)
All For One : It made me happy! (0:20:17.61)
All For One : Just wanting something
made everyone act for me.
All For One : It's like a dream! (0:20:23.36)
All For One : Like the world from the comic
we read together that day.
EXTRA : You only read until volume three. (0:20:30.20)
EXTRA : There's more to that story. (0:20:33.29)
EXTRA : In that world ruled by the demon king, (0:20:35.04)
EXTRA : a hero of justice struggled in agony
and saved the world in the end.
EXTRA : Did you know, Big Brother? (0:20:43.05)
EXTRA : The bad guys always lose in the end. (0:20:44.80)
All For One : Dreams have become reality. (0:20:49.43)
All For One : Reality doesn't follow a standard formula. (0:20:52.27)
All For One : This reality where you don't bend to me... (0:20:55.23)
All For One : I'll remake this, too. (0:20:58.32)
All For One : You're dear to me. (0:21:01.24)
EXTRA : Stop... (0:21:03.36)
All For One : I've found a meta power that even you,
with your withered body, can use.
All For One : Let us go together. (0:21:10.33)
EXTRA : Stop...! (0:21:11.75)
EXTRA : You're the ninth one, right? (0:21:17.96)
EXTRA : I wanted to show you more, (0:21:20.92)
EXTRA : but you're just barely at 20%, right? (0:21:23.26)
EXTRA : Be careful. (0:21:26.97)
EXTRA : We're long past the singularity point. (0:21:28.93)
EXTRA : But it'll be fine. (0:21:33.27)
EXTRA : You're not alone. (0:21:36.06)
EXTRA : "Preview" (0:23:19.92)
Izuku Midoriya : Here's the preview! (0:23:21.54)
Izuku Midoriya : I'm confused by the
changes in One For All,
Izuku Midoriya : but I take part in a
new form of combat training.
Izuku Midoriya : It's a match between Class A and Class B. (0:23:28.80)
Izuku Midoriya : I'll take control of One For All (0:23:32.59)
Izuku Midoriya : and win for sure! (0:23:34.43)
Izuku Midoriya : Next time, "Clash! Class A vs. Class B!" (0:23:36.85)
Izuku Midoriya : What? The special
participant is... y-you...?!
Izuku Midoriya : Go beyond! (0:23:45.73)
EXTRA : "Next time: Clash! Class A vs. Class B!" (0:23:45.94)
Izuku Midoriya : Plus Ultra! (0:23:47.82)

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My Hero Academia

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