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EXTRA : Five years ago... (0:00:10.69)
EXTRA : After a few hundred years of tyrannical rule,
the Arcadia Empire fell after a coup d'etat.
EXTRA : The one who caused that was a mysterious rider in the Black Machine Dragon. (0:00:20.50)
EXTRA : Even now, the true identity of
that Knight remains unknown.
EXTRA : Out of respect and fear, the people would tell
the tale of this Drag-Knight, whom they called...
EXTRA : The Black Hero. (0:00:54.95)
EXTRA : (0:01:00.91)
Lux Arcadia : Um, how did I get here? (0:03:11.35)
Lisesharte Atismata : Say, pervert. (0:03:21.07)
Lisesharte Atismata : Any last words before you die? (0:03:23.34)
Lux Arcadia : I-I have to talk my way out of this, now! (0:03:27.34)
Lux Arcadia : O-Oh, I know! (0:03:30.33)
Lux Arcadia : The old man at my last job said girls love to be complimented! (0:03:31.39)
Lux Arcadia : Um... You're cute. (0:03:35.86)
Lux Arcadia : Your figure is childlike... (0:03:38.92)
Lux Arcadia : Actually, even though you look quite young,
you're still shapely, and...
Lux Arcadia : You're a real knockout! (0:03:46.30)
Lux Arcadia : Wait. Huh? (0:03:49.59)
Lux Arcadia : What am I saying?! (0:03:51.33)
EXTRA : Disgusting! (0:03:56.76)
Lux Arcadia : N-No, that didn't come out right! (0:03:57.84)
Lisesharte Atismata : Hoodlum! (0:04:00.09)
Lux Arcadia : Oh man, I'm in trouble.
And I had a work order today.
Lux Arcadia : Hello? Anyone there? (0:04:11.91)
Lux Arcadia : It really is a misunderstanding! (0:04:14.23)
Lux Arcadia : I'll apologize for stepping through the ceiling! (0:04:16.20)
Lux Arcadia : Please, listen to me! (0:04:23.11)
Lux Arcadia : Um, I can explain everything. (0:04:26.68)
Lux Arcadia : A thieving cat stole a girl's pouch, (0:04:30.12)
Lux Arcadia : and I ran after that cat. (0:04:33.45)
Lux Arcadia : I was chasing it along the rooftops, (0:04:35.63)
Lux Arcadia : and before I knew it, that happened. (0:04:38.04)
Krulcifer Einfolk : Is this Sword Device yours? (0:04:40.12)
Lux Arcadia : Yes, it is. (0:04:43.11)
Krulcifer Einfolk : It's rare to see someone
carrying around two of them.
Krulcifer Einfolk : And furthermore, this black sword... (0:04:48.82)
Shalice Baltshift : Well, if it isn't Krulcifer! (0:04:54.54)
Shalice Baltshift : What are you doing here? (0:04:57.26)
Krulcifer Einfolk : I came to see our cute peeping Tom here, Sharis. (0:04:59.68)
Shalice Baltshift : Oh, I see. (0:05:02.88)
Shalice Baltshift : Okay, you cute deviant. (0:05:04.73)
Shalice Baltshift : The Academy's headmaster wants to see you. (0:05:07.70)
Lux Arcadia : The Headmaster? (0:05:09.90)
Tillfur Lilmit : Groping girls in the bathhouse just because
the third-year knights are away...
Tillfur Lilmit : You've got some nerve, don't you? (0:05:22.75)
Shalice Baltshift : Cut it out, Tillfarr. (0:05:24.64)
Lux Arcadia : I told you... (0:05:26.29)
Lux Arcadia : Wait. Headmaster and third-year knights... (0:05:28.18)
Lux Arcadia : Does that mean this is... (0:05:32.03)
Relie Aingram : Welcome to the Academy! (0:05:34.17)
Relie Aingram : In other words, it was an unfortunate accident. (0:05:37.10)
Relie Aingram : Right, Lux Arcadia-kun,
prince of the former Empire of Arcadia?
Lux Arcadia : I'm sorry for causing a ruckus on my way here. (0:05:44.65)
Tillfur Lilmit : A former prince? (0:05:48.79)
Shalice Baltshift : But Headmaster! (0:05:50.32)
Relie Aingram : Now, now... We were the ones
who called you here for the job,
Relie Aingram : and I'll vouch for your innocent character
as a longtime acquaintance.
Relie Aingram : This boy is not that gutsy. (0:05:59.56)
Lux Arcadia : Um... (0:06:02.55)
Relie Aingram : Ah, yes, yes, the main matter. (0:06:03.54)
Relie Aingram : You know about this academy,
don't you, Lux-kun?
Lux Arcadia : Yes. It's the Drag-Knight academy run by the new kingdom, isn't it? (0:06:09.85)
Relie Aingram : That's right. Since the coup d'etat five years ago, (0:06:16.22)
Relie Aingram : the new kingdom has invested significant resources into training its Drag-Kights (0:06:19.90)
Relie Aingram : to be on par with the military
forces of other countries.
Relie Aingram : As girls are said to have higher aptitude
in general for being Drag-Knights,
Relie Aingram : this academy is actually an all-girls school
intended to train them.
Relie Aingram : However, I thought I'd ask you to work here, Lux. (0:06:37.43)
Tillfur Lilmit : What?! (0:06:41.33)
Shalice Baltshift : What?! (0:06:41.33)
Lux Arcadia : B-But I'm a man! Why would you ask me? (0:06:42.42)
Relie Aingram : There are only a few male Drag-Knights
left after the coup d'etat,
Relie Aingram : so boys like you are valuable. (0:06:51.00)
Relie Aingram : And those two swords hanging from your waist
aren't just for decoration, right?
Shalice Baltshift : Headmaster! (0:06:57.93)
Tillfur Lilmit : W-W-Wait! (0:06:59.33)
Lisesharte Atismata : Wait a second! (0:07:00.69)
Lisesharte Atismata : I haven't deemed this man acceptable! (0:07:02.75)
Lisesharte Atismata : Allowing this perverted groper
to work at this school is...
Lisesharte Atismata : unthinkable! (0:07:10.95)
Lux Arcadia : You're the one from... (0:07:13.16)
Tillfur Lilmit : Hey, Lisha-sama, if you get that close
he's gonna mount you again!
Shalice Baltshift : You girls better be careful, too! (0:07:21.04)
Lux Arcadia : This talk is becoming pretty serious. (0:07:23.79)
Relie Aingram : Fair enough. (0:07:25.96)
Relie Aingram : Okay then, I'll leave his punishment to you,
Lisesharte-san, as the victim in this incident.
Lux Arcadia : What?! (0:07:33.25)
Lisesharte Atismata : Then fight me! (0:07:34.97)
Lisesharte Atismata : I'll determine whether or not you are worthy of becoming a Drag-Knight of this academy. (0:07:37.33)
Shalice Baltshift : This will be fun to watch! (0:07:42.60)
Tillfur Lilmit : You can beat a man for sure. (0:07:44.21)
Relie Aingram : Will it really be that simple? (0:07:47.22)
Relie Aingram : He won the prize money in the royal capital tournament, and he's still undefeated. (0:07:49.60)
Relie Aingram : He's also known as "The Undefeated Weakest." (0:07:54.95)
Lisesharte Atismata : A pervert like is still undefeated? (0:07:59.39)
Lisesharte Atismata : That doesn't sit right with me. (0:08:03.70)
Lisesharte Atismata : Listen well, Lux Arcadia. (0:08:09.15)
Lisesharte Atismata : This match will be a one-on-one duel
with our Machine Dragons.
Lisesharte Atismata : If you lose, you will be jailed as a criminal. (0:08:14.01)
Lisesharte Atismata : If you win, you will be acquitted
and may work here!
Lisesharte Atismata : Are we clear? (0:08:21.63)
Lisesharte Atismata : Tell the whole academy: (0:08:26.60)
Lisesharte Atismata : There will be an exhibition of the new kingdom's princess crushing the former empire's prince! (0:08:28.66)
Lux Arcadia : The new kingdom's princess? (0:08:34.11)
Lisesharte Atismata : Lisesharte Atismata. That's my name. (0:08:36.55)
Lux Arcadia : Seriously?! (0:08:40.95)
Lisesharte Atismata : First princess of the new Kingdom of Atismata. (0:08:41.66)
Lisesharte Atismata : A princess of the new kingdom that
destroyed your empire five years ago.
Lisesharte Atismata : Nice to meet you, Former Prince. (0:08:51.15)
Lux Arcadia : What?! (0:08:54.55)
Airi Arcadia : Jeez... (0:08:59.99)
Airi Arcadia : What are you doing, Nii-san? I'm appalled. (0:09:00.97)
Lux Arcadia : Sorry about everything... (0:09:04.69)
Lux Arcadia : Sorry I caused a commotion at your school, Airi. (0:09:07.04)
Lux Arcadia : Um, you're not gonna sit? (0:09:11.62)
Noct Leaflet : Yes.{She's using it in the Japanese way to answer negative questions, which is "Yes, indeed, I'm not gonna sit." It would probably be a bit weird to sub it "No" though. That said, I can't think of a good way to rephrase the question either. "Are you just going to stand?" is not really optimal here. Maybe just leave this like this and write it off as her talking weirdly?} (0:09:13.89)
Noct Leaflet : I heard that if get too close,
with just a breath, you can lift my skirt.
Lux Arcadia : What do you think I am?! (0:09:19.84)
Airi Arcadia : She's my roommate in the girls' dorm. (0:09:22.18)
Airi Arcadia : Her name is— (0:09:25.64)
Noct Leaflet : Yes. I am Nokuto Leaflet, a first-year. (0:09:26.70)
Noct Leaflet : It's disappointing that Airi's big brother
is an unbelievable pervert.
Lux Arcadia : But it was a misunderstanding! (0:09:34.47)
Airi Arcadia : If you get incarcerated,
how am I going to pay your debt?
Airi Arcadia : Since the coup d'etat, (0:09:44.57)
Airi Arcadia : as surviving members of the former imperial family, we've been considered criminals. (0:09:46.02)
Airi Arcadia : The debt we'd taken on in exchange for amnesty is not something I can ever pay for by myself! (0:09:50.24)
Airi Arcadia : I need you to work diligently as a handyman
for the poeple of this kingdom.
Lux Arcadia : And that's what I've been trying my best to do. (0:10:03.91)
Noct Leaflet : I see. And as a result of those efforts, you jumped into the girl's bath and groped people, right? (0:10:08.75)
Airi Arcadia : If you go to jail for that,
it'll also cause me trouble.
Lux Arcadia : S-Sorry. (0:10:20.89)
Airi Arcadia : Anyway, no matter what you do,
you must beat Lisesharte-sama.
Lux Arcadia : Is she strong? (0:10:28.19)
Noct Leaflet : Yes. (0:10:29.73)
Noct Leaflet : Lisesharte-sama is presently
undefeated in this school.
Airi Arcadia : But even if she hasn't lost to anyone, (0:10:34.68)
Airi Arcadia : that goes for you as well, right, Nii-san? (0:10:37.99)
Lux Arcadia : Right. (0:10:41.53)
EXTRA : To all machines, deploy the barrier. (0:11:00.24)
EXTRA : Now, let the Machine Dragon match between the first princess of the new kingdom, Lisesharte-sama, (0:11:06.27)
EXTRA : and the former seventh prince
of the former empire, Lux, begin.
Lux Arcadia : Come on, don't these people
have better things to do?
Lisesharte Atismata : Lux Arcadia! (0:11:22.55)
Lisesharte Atismata : Why do you think I challenged you to this fight? (0:11:24.59)
Lux Arcadia : Because I'm a prince of the former empire? (0:11:29.88)
Lisesharte Atismata : If you win, I'll tell you. (0:11:34.15)
EXTRA : Both parties, prepare! (0:11:36.56)
Lux Arcadia : Come, symbol of power,
winged dragon of the crest!
Lux Arcadia : Obey my sword and soar! (0:11:46.58)
Lux Arcadia : Wyvern! (0:11:49.41)
Lisesharte Atismata : What? Just a Wyvern, Lux Arcadia? (0:11:54.99)
Lux Arcadia : Huh? (0:11:58.20)
Lisesharte Atismata : My Divine Raiment Machine Dragon, Tiamat, (0:11:58.98)
Lisesharte Atismata : is on a completely different level compared to that generic machine you're using. (0:12:01.53)
Lux Arcadia : Divine Raiment... Machine Dragon... (0:12:07.03)
Airi Arcadia : Divine Raiment Machine Dragon... (0:12:17.33)
Airi Arcadia : It's a rare, ancient weapon that holds an ability
a generic Machine Dragon can't hold a candle to.
Airi Arcadia : None but the most skilled can even use one. (0:12:25.72)
Noct Leaflet : Yes. There's too great a power gap compared to
Lux-san's generic Wyvern Machine Dragon.
EXTRA : Battle, start! (0:12:37.10)
Lisesharte Atismata : How do you fair at dancing, Lux Arcadia? (0:12:39.73)
Lisesharte Atismata : I'm a little on the rough side, personally. (0:12:47.62)
Lisesharte Atismata : Show me a good time, my prince! (0:12:50.86)
Lisesharte Atismata : Dodging my attacks with only swordplay, huh? (0:13:06.23)
Lux Arcadia : I have one favor to ask of you. (0:13:09.63)
Lisesharte Atismata : What is it? (0:13:12.27)
Lux Arcadia : If we keep going like this and the match
ends with a draw, can't we work things out?
Lux Arcadia : I-I'm sorry about what happened
at the bath. Really, I apologize.
Lisesharte Atismata : Oh... (0:13:23.45)
Lisesharte Atismata : It seems you're not just some ordinary fool. (0:13:25.58)
Lisesharte Atismata : You're the king of idiots! (0:13:28.64)
Lisesharte Atismata : Show your true nature, Tiamat! (0:13:31.87)
Lisesharte Atismata : Seven Heads! (0:13:34.92)
Shalice Baltshift : She added more special armaments?! (0:13:41.09)
Tillfur Lilmit : Not good. (0:13:43.09)
Tillfur Lilmit : By the way, isn't it dangerous
for us all to be here?
Lisesharte Atismata : A word of advice. (0:13:47.36)
Lisesharte Atismata : You should get rid of that broken-down Wyvern
and use that other Sword Device of yours.
Lux Arcadia : Sorry, but I mustn't use that one. (0:13:55.23)
Lisesharte Atismata : Then meet your end here... (0:13:58.60)
Lisesharte Atismata : together with the pride of the former empire! (0:14:00.80)
Lisesharte Atismata : Got you! (0:14:10.20)
Lux Arcadia : Y-You'll kill me at this rate! (0:14:17.04)
EXTRA : Redeploy the barrier! (0:14:20.19)
Relie Aingram : Well, at least I think she's considering
how to avoid hitting the spectators.
Noct Leaflet : Yes. As things are, Airi's big brother is sure to lose. (0:14:25.38)
Airi Arcadia : He asked for it. (0:14:30.35)
Airi Arcadia : But even though that's the way he is,
there is one good point he has.
Noct Leaflet : What's that? (0:14:38.87)
Airi Arcadia : Once he's decided on something,
he'll absolutely follow through with it.
Lisesharte Atismata : Why can't I defeat him? (0:14:47.43)
Lisesharte Atismata : At this rate, time will run out and it'll be a draw. (0:14:48.99)
Lisesharte Atismata : Is this the reason he's called
the "Undefeated Weakest"?
Lisesharte Atismata : Very well. Out of respect for your skill,
I'll let you witness my Tiamat's Divine Raiment!
Lisesharte Atismata : Grovel before the name of the god. (0:15:04.59)
Lisesharte Atismata : Thresher! (0:15:07.31)
Airi Arcadia : Divine Raiment... (0:15:16.67)
Airi Arcadia : Secret, special abilities exclusive to
Divine Raiment Machine Dragons.
Airi Arcadia : Tiamat's Divine Raiment controls gravity. (0:15:21.43)
Airi Arcadia : But using a Divine Raiment on top of
all the other weapons she has deployed...
Lisesharte Atismata : It's over, Fallen Prince! (0:15:30.15)
Tillfur Lilmit : What happened?! (0:15:40.07)
Shalice Baltshift : She's losing control! (0:15:41.82)
Lux Arcadia : This looks bad. (0:15:44.52)
Lux Arcadia : Hurry and get out of your Machine Dragon! (0:15:45.63)
Lisesharte Atismata : I'm not going to lose like this! (0:15:48.41)
EXTRA : The barrier disappeared? (0:16:00.56)
EXTRA : Why is there an Abyss?! (0:16:04.33)
EXTRA : Looks like a Gargoyle! (0:16:05.82)
Airi Arcadia : Abyss... (0:16:12.51)
Airi Arcadia : It's a monster that should
only come from the ruins.
Airi Arcadia : Why is it here? (0:16:17.97)
EXTRA : Threat detected! Triad, evacuate
all students to the school buildings!
Shalice Baltshift : Everyone, remain calm! Don't panic! (0:16:27.31)
Tillfur Lilmit : Everyone, remain calm! Don't panic! (0:16:27.31)
EXTRA : Everyone, take shelter on the school buildings! (0:16:29.50)
EXTRA : All Wyverns, deploy a barrier around the Gargoyle. (0:16:31.88)
EXTRA : Protect the students at any cost! (0:16:35.79)
Lisesharte Atismata : What's going on?! (0:16:38.01)
Lux Arcadia : Howling Roar! (0:16:46.81)
Lisesharte Atismata : Lux Arcadia?! (0:16:50.37)
Lux Arcadia : Lisesharte-sama, may I ask one favor of you? (0:16:52.39)
Shalice Baltshift : You two! (0:16:57.35)
Shalice Baltshift : Why haven't you evacuated yet? (0:16:58.73)
Tillfur Lilmit : And what are you doing, Nokuto?
You're part of the Triad!
Noct Leaflet : Airi's big brother... (0:17:03.40)
Tillfur Lilmit : He's crazy to face an Abyss
with a generic Machine Dragon!
Shalice Baltshift : You shouldn't interfere until
the instructors come to help.
Airi Arcadia : No. (0:17:16.92)
Airi Arcadia : There is only one enemy here.
That means he won't lose.
Lisesharte Atismata : I managed to regain control
over Tiamat, but at this rate...
Lisesharte Atismata : You... (0:17:37.16)
Lux Arcadia : Lisesharte-sama, may I ask one favor of you? (0:17:38.90)
Lux Arcadia : I can't destroy that Abyss with my Wyvern. (0:17:42.66)
Lux Arcadia : So please land and take aim at the enemy. (0:17:46.16)
Lisesharte Atismata : You think you can order me around?! (0:17:49.79)
Lux Arcadia : I'll give the signal to fire the cannon.
That signal will be...
Lux Arcadia : Right after I raise my sword over my head. (0:17:56.82)
Lisesharte Atismata : I don't know what you're planning to do with that broken sword, (0:17:59.65)
Lisesharte Atismata : but with the remaining power, Seven Heads
can manage about one more shot.
Lisesharte Atismata : Make sure I can hit, Fallen Prince. (0:18:07.11)
EXTRA : Lux Arcadia! Reinforcements are coming! Fall back! (0:18:16.99)
Lisesharte Atismata : You're finished! (0:18:33.55)
Lisesharte Atismata : If a strong defender acts
as a diversion for an attack,
Lisesharte Atismata : their ally can put all their power
into one powerful finishing shot.
Lisesharte Atismata : You know your tactics, you monster. (0:18:53.20)
Lisesharte Atismata : I'm the same as you! (0:18:56.10)
Lisesharte Atismata : Purposely taking the enemy's attack
to create an opening...
Lisesharte Atismata : This is the first time a man
has tried to help or protect me.
Lisesharte Atismata : Lux Arcadia, huh? (0:19:38.77)
Fugil Arcadia : So what do you intend to do now? (0:20:02.63)
Fugil Arcadia : Are you going to support my
Bahamut with your Wyvern?
Fugil Arcadia : Or perhaps... (0:20:12.54)
Lisesharte Atismata : D-Do your injuries hurt? (0:20:29.32)
Lux Arcadia : Um, did you come here to take care of me? (0:20:33.60)
Lisesharte Atismata : O-Only because you saved me. (0:20:39.71)
Lux Arcadia : No, that's not... (0:20:43.80)
Lisesharte Atismata : Honestly, I can't figure out whether
you're being modest or arrogant.
Lisesharte Atismata : Are all men of the former empire like that? (0:20:51.64)
Lux Arcadia : I don't know. When I was young,
I was forced out of the imperial court.
Lisesharte Atismata : And why did you do that anyway? (0:20:59.86)
Lisesharte Atismata : People don't normally face an Abyss
in a generic Machine Dragon, you know?
Lux Arcadia : I don't really remember.
I just felt that's what I had to do.
Lisesharte Atismata : I see. (0:21:11.40)
Lisesharte Atismata : Well, that's fine. You protected me— (0:21:12.79)
Lisesharte Atismata : You protected us . That's plenty enough. (0:21:16.55)
Lux Arcadia : You're an openhearted person,
aren't you, Princess?
Lisesharte Atismata : Yes, that's right. (0:21:24.66)
Lisesharte Atismata : To people of ability, I'm quite
the lenient and generous princess.
Lisesharte Atismata : Okay, I believe you completely, Lux. (0:21:35.06)
Lux Arcadia : I'm glad. (0:21:39.24)
Lisesharte Atismata : I have to tell you the real reason
I challenged you to a duel.
Lux Arcadia : Huh? (0:21:46.25)
Lisesharte Atismata : I-I couldn't let you get away
with... seeing that , s-so...
Lux Arcadia : Oh! S-Sorry about that. I saw everything. (0:21:55.04)
Lux Arcadia : But... it was pretty. (0:21:59.25)
Lisesharte Atismata : You idiot! Filthy pervert! Drop dead! (0:22:03.34)
Lux Arcadia : What I was talking about... i-is this. (0:22:08.75)
Lisesharte Atismata : Because you saw this at the bath back then. (0:22:15.31)
Lux Arcadia : Isn't that... the crest of the former empire? (0:22:20.86)
Lux Arcadia : Why in the world do you have it? (0:22:24.79)
Lisesharte Atismata : I still can't tell you that. But... (0:22:26.44)
Lisesharte Atismata : Don't tell anyone about this crest. Please. (0:22:30.84)
Lux Arcadia : It's okay. I won't tell anyone. (0:22:36.04)
Lisesharte Atismata : Do you swear? (0:22:40.27)
Lux Arcadia : Yes. I swear on my Sword Devices. (0:22:41.55)
Lisesharte Atismata : Okay. That settles that, then. (0:22:46.67)
Lisesharte Atismata : But why did you stubbornly refuse to use that black Sword Device? (0:22:50.19)
Lux Arcadia : Um... That's because... (0:22:55.64)
Lisesharte Atismata : Well, it looks like we both have secrets. (0:22:58.40)
Lisesharte Atismata : Starting tomorrow, you will formally be a member of this academy. (0:23:01.11)
Lux Arcadia : Okay. (0:23:04.97)
Lisesharte Atismata : By the way, I had your job
from the headmaster canceled.
Lisesharte Atismata : You'll attend this school as a Royal Knight Cadet. (0:23:11.14)
Lux Arcadia : Understood. (0:23:14.68)
Lux Arcadia : Wait, what?! (0:23:16.24)
Lux Arcadia : Lisesharte-sama? (0:23:17.91)
Lisesharte Atismata : Also... (0:23:20.33)
Lisesharte Atismata : Please call me Lisha,
as you would a classmate.
Lux Arcadia : Wh-What? (0:23:25.42)
Krulcifer Einfolk : Lux Arcadia, huh? (0:23:33.55)

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