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Odasaku Sakunosuke : Goodnight, Kosuke. (0:00:09.17)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Goodnight, Katsumi. (0:00:15.05)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Goodnight, Yu. (0:00:20.76)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Goodnight, Shinji. (0:00:26.42)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Goodnight, Sakura. (0:00:31.72)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Rest in peace. (0:00:36.55)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I'll be off. (0:00:42.14)
Sakaguchi Ango : Thank you for coming here today. (0:00:48.40)
Sakaguchi Ango : Again, this is an unofficial meeting. (0:00:52.03)
Ougai Mori : Thank you for inviting me here today. (0:00:55.78)
Ougai Mori : How does it feel to be
back at your main job?
Chief Taneda : Please don't torture our junior staff, (0:01:01.70)
Chief Taneda : boss-man of the Port Mafia. (0:01:05.84)
Ougai Mori : My Elise-chan wants ice cream. (0:01:08.29)
Ougai Mori : Are there any ice cream shops that
government workers would recommend, Chief Taneda?
Chief Taneda : That is a heartwarming topic. (0:01:17.14)
Chief Taneda : I need to bring back gifts
for our officials, as well.
Chief Taneda : I bet they would be more than happy (0:01:25.01)
Chief Taneda : to see your head on a platter. (0:01:27.49)
Sakaguchi Ango : If we may, let us get down to business. (0:01:31.27)
Sakaguchi Ango : The Gifted Special Operations Division has two requests for Ougai-dono of the Port Mafia. (0:01:34.99)
Sakaguchi Ango : First, the Port Mafia will divest themselves (0:01:39.79)
Sakaguchi Ango : of any interest in myself, Sakaguchi Ango, and will not harm my person. (0:01:42.20)
Sakaguchi Ango : Second, the Port Mafia will dispose of Mimic, the gifted criminal organization that has illegally entered Japan. (0:01:45.79)
Ougai Mori : I have no qualms with the first request. (0:01:52.04)
Ougai Mori : But I hesitate to agree to the second. (0:01:55.49)
Ougai Mori : After all, they are a terrifying bunch. (0:01:59.58)
Ougai Mori : Well, it'd depend on the conditions. (0:02:03.06)
Osamu Dazai : Odasaku. (0:02:36.11)
Osamu Dazai : I know what you're thinking. (0:02:39.37)
Osamu Dazai : But don't do it. (0:02:42.30)
Osamu Dazai : Even if you do it... (0:02:43.83)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Even if I do it, it won't
bring the kids back.
Osamu Dazai : They still have numbers. (0:02:49.85)
Osamu Dazai : And they are at... (0:02:52.76)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I know where they are. (0:02:54.40)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I got an invitation, see. (0:02:57.68)
Osamu Dazai : Listen to me. (0:02:59.73)
Osamu Dazai : The Boss just attended a secret meeting. (0:03:01.13)
Osamu Dazai : It was with the Gifted Special Ops Division. (0:03:05.20)
Osamu Dazai : There's something more than this going on. (0:03:07.60)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : There's nothing more going on, Dazai. (0:03:10.83)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : It's all over for me. (0:03:14.70)
Osamu Dazai : Odasaku. (0:03:16.65)
Osamu Dazai : Forgive me for putting it this
way, but please hear me out.
Osamu Dazai : You need to rely on something. (0:03:22.10)
Osamu Dazai : It can be anything. (0:03:24.01)
Osamu Dazai : You should wait and see what
happens next, whatever that is!
Osamu Dazai : It will happen. (0:03:28.14)
Osamu Dazai : Hey, Odasaku. (0:03:32.28)
Osamu Dazai : Do you know why I joined the Port Mafia? (0:03:34.44)
Osamu Dazai : I was hoping there'd be
something in it for me.
Osamu Dazai : If you're in a place where
you can feel raw emotions,
Osamu Dazai : where you're exposed to violence
and death, instinct and desire,
Osamu Dazai : you can brush against man's true nature. (0:03:49.97)
Osamu Dazai : I thought that way I could... (0:03:53.61)
Osamu Dazai : I could find a reason to live, somehow. (0:03:56.76)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I wanted to become a writer. (0:04:01.92)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I thought I'd lose my right
to do that if I killed again.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : That's why I stopped killing. (0:04:10.45)
Osamu Dazai : Odasaku. (0:04:13.04)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : But all that's come to a close. (0:04:14.70)
Osamu Dazai : Don't go! (0:04:16.27)
Osamu Dazai : Odasaku! (0:04:17.23)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I only want one thing. (0:04:23.17)
Osamu Dazai : Odasaku! (0:04:28.66)
Ranpo Edogawa : Ow... (0:04:49.47)
Ranpo Edogawa : Hey! (0:04:51.82)
Ranpo Edogawa : What do you think you're doing? (0:04:52.49)
Ranpo Edogawa : You should look where you're going! (0:04:53.48)
Ranpo Edogawa : You almost ruined the famous detective
tools the President gave me.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Detective? (0:04:59.81)
Ranpo Edogawa : Not just any detective! (0:05:01.64)
Ranpo Edogawa : I'm a great detective! (0:05:02.69)
Ranpo Edogawa : Soon, my name will be known in every
household throughout Japan.
Ranpo Edogawa : I am the best detective the world
has ever known, Edogawa Rampo.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Sorry I asked. (0:05:10.53)
Ranpo Edogawa : Hey, wait! (0:05:11.67)
Ranpo Edogawa : Once you see my ability, (0:05:13.12)
Ranpo Edogawa : you won't be so rude to me! (0:05:14.83)
Ranpo Edogawa : If you doubt me, I'll show you. (0:05:17.71)
Ranpo Edogawa : Let's see... (0:05:20.83)
Ranpo Edogawa : I'm not trying to be mean here, (0:05:27.19)
Ranpo Edogawa : but you shouldn't go
to where you're headed.
Ranpo Edogawa : You should reconsider. (0:05:33.53)
Ranpo Edogawa : If you go, (0:05:37.11)
Ranpo Edogawa : you'll die. (0:05:38.97)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Yeah. (0:05:42.29)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I know. (0:05:45.23)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Do you want me to finish it? (0:07:17.90)
EXTRA : Yeah... (0:07:19.96)
EXTRA : Please. (0:07:21.87)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Any last words? (0:07:23.24)
EXTRA : Thank you... (0:07:26.04)
EXTRA : for fighting us. (0:07:27.77)
EXTRA : Our leader... is up ahead. (0:07:29.88)
EXTRA : Please save him, too... (0:07:33.34)
EXTRA : from this hell. (0:07:35.74)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Yeah. (0:07:38.21)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I know. (0:07:39.80)
Ougai Mori : Oh? Dazai-kun. (0:07:49.17)
Ougai Mori : How rare of you to come visit. (0:07:51.66)
Osamu Dazai : Boss. (0:07:54.96)
Osamu Dazai : I'd like to request permission to organize
a gifted squad to save Odasaku.
Ougai Mori : Very well. (0:08:01.57)
Ougai Mori : Permission granted. (0:08:02.51)
Ougai Mori : But first, why? (0:08:03.99)
Osamu Dazai : Odasaku is currently doing reconnaissance (0:08:07.13)
Osamu Dazai : in full force by himself at Mimic headquarters. (0:08:10.26)
Osamu Dazai : If we do nothing, he will die,
and we will lose a valuable gifted agent.
Ougai Mori : I understand your reasoning. (0:08:18.91)
Ougai Mori : But I doubt Oda-kun wants
to be saved by anyone.
Ougai Mori : What do you think about that? (0:08:27.04)
Ougai Mori : Dazai-kun, the leader is the
pinnacle of an organization
Ougai Mori : and, at the same time, he is its slave. (0:08:36.64)
Ougai Mori : The leader must be more than willing (0:08:38.42)
Ougai Mori : to commit any atrocity in order to
ensure the organization's survival.
Osamu Dazai : That envelope... (0:08:44.81)
Osamu Dazai : I see. I get it now. (0:08:48.23)
Ougai Mori : Where are you going? (0:08:53.38)
Osamu Dazai : To Odasaku. (0:08:55.95)
Gide : "It remains only a single seed." (0:09:09.74)
Gide : "Unless a kernel of wheat falls
to the ground and dies,"
Gide : "it remains only a single seed." (0:09:14.59)
Gide : "But if it dies..." (0:09:17.47)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : "But if it dies, it produces many seeds." (0:09:19.53)
Gide : John 12:24. (0:09:22.97)
Gide : You're more well-read than
you look, Sakunosuke.
Gide : I apologize for the children. (0:09:31.96)
Gide : But it seems to have been worth it. (0:09:35.39)
Gide : Your eyes are the same as mine now. (0:09:38.70)
Gide : Like my subordinates and me, (0:09:41.28)
Gide : you look like someone who has left
the stairway of continued existence.
Gide : Welcome, Sakunosuke, to our world! (0:09:46.31)
Gide : We don't seem to make any progress
by just reading our own futures.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : It seems not. (0:10:09.42)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Then we just have to duel without
using our predictive abilities.
Gide : Indeed. (0:10:28.06)
Gide : You're right, Sakunosuke. (0:10:29.85)
Gide : You are the best. (0:10:32.26)
Ougai Mori : We have not ended the debate, Dazai-kun. (0:10:36.03)
Osamu Dazai : I've been thinking for a long time (0:10:40.99)
Osamu Dazai : about the Port Mafia, Mimic,
and the black special ops group...
Osamu Dazai : or, rather, in this case, the Gifted
Special Operations Division...
Osamu Dazai : and who's the one controlling the
conflict between the three groups.
Osamu Dazai : This bold and intricate design
was your handiwork, Boss.
Osamu Dazai : That black envelope says that much. (0:11:03.11)
Osamu Dazai : No matter how powerful the
Port Mafia may become,
Osamu Dazai : we exist in constant fear (0:11:12.00)
Osamu Dazai : of displeasing the Gifted Special
Operations Division and being oppressed.
Osamu Dazai : That is why, as the price
for crushing Mimic,
Osamu Dazai : you negotiated for the
issuance of this permit.
Osamu Dazai : This permit, which allows us to
operate a gifted organization...
Osamu Dazai : the Gifted Business Permit. (0:11:33.37)
Gide : You're perfect, Sakunosuke. (0:12:01.53)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Today, I'm with you all the way. (0:12:04.31)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : What? (0:12:22.82)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Is this what Ango was talking about? (0:12:26.63)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : The singularity of the ability?! (0:12:28.60)
Gide : This is the world I've sought. (0:12:33.56)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Why did you want it? (0:12:36.65)
Gide : Why did you stop killing? (0:12:38.53)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I wanted to become a writer. (0:12:42.76)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : A man told me that's what I should do. (0:12:45.54)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : He gave me a book. (0:12:49.70)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : It was the last volume of a novel I've
been seeking for a very long time.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Before I read it,
he told me that it's a terrible book.
Gide : And how was it? (0:13:04.76)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : It was a wonderful book. (0:13:08.13)
Osamu Dazai : Boss, you are the one who helped
them enter the country illegally.
Osamu Dazai : You invited the enemy
organization to Yokohama
Osamu Dazai : to incite the Gifted Special Operations
Division into finally taking action.
Ougai Mori : Yes. (0:13:28.87)
Ougai Mori : Thanks to that, we now have
the Gifted Business Permit.
Ougai Mori : The government has, for all practical
purposes, ratified our illegal activities.
Ougai Mori : The troublesome aggressors will be taken
care of by Oda-kun with his life.
Ougai Mori : This is a glorious victory for us. (0:13:44.61)
Ougai Mori : And yet, why are you so angry? (0:13:46.77)
Osamu Dazai : You're the one who let Mimic know about
the orphans under Odasaku's care.
Osamu Dazai : You did it so you could counter
Mimic's leader with Odasaku,
Osamu Dazai : the only gifted agent
who could be his match.
Ougai Mori : Dazai-kun. (0:14:08.11)
Ougai Mori : You need to stay here. (0:14:12.45)
Ougai Mori : Or is there a logical reason
why you should go to him?
Osamu Dazai : There are two things I
wish to say to you, Boss.
Osamu Dazai : First, you won't shoot me. (0:14:28.12)
Osamu Dazai : Nor will you have your
subordinates shoot me.
Ougai Mori : What makes you say that? (0:14:36.17)
Osamu Dazai : Because you have nothing to gain from it. (0:14:38.38)
Ougai Mori : I believe you also have nothing to
gain by defying me and going to him.
Osamu Dazai : As for the second thing, Boss. (0:14:47.33)
Osamu Dazai : There may be nothing to gain by my actions, (0:14:50.95)
Osamu Dazai : but there is one reason why I will still go. (0:14:55.15)
Osamu Dazai : It's because he is a friend. (0:15:01.60)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : The last book in the series was wonderful, (0:15:22.99)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : but there was one flaw. (0:15:26.14)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Several pages had been cut out
and removed towards the end.
EXTRA : Then you write it. (0:15:32.82)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Right before the removed
section, there was this line:
Odasaku Sakunosuke : "People live to save themselves." (0:15:39.12)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : "You will understand that at the
moment of your own death."
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Now, I think the man who gave me the
book knew that I was a hired killer.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : He knew, and spoke to me so
that I would stop killing.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : He told me his name when we first met. (0:16:05.39)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I'd forgotten that name
for a very long time,
Odasaku Sakunosuke : but I finally remembered
what it was recently.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Who are you? (0:16:16.20)
EXTRA : Me? (0:16:18.61)
EXTRA : My name is Natsume Souseki. (0:16:20.00)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : That's right. (0:16:23.69)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : He had the same name as
the author of the story.
Gide : I was a hero. (0:16:32.43)
Gide : I fought believing it was my God-given
destiny to protect my homeland.
Gide : In the last great war, (0:16:41.00)
Gide : my squad of forty defeated six hundred
enemies who were holed up in a fortress.
Gide : But that was a setup by
our allied headquarters.
Gide : At the time, our country was
already entering peace talks.
Gide : We were used to commit an unjust
act for the military staff,
Gide : by seizing an enemy transportation
network after peace was achieved.
Gide : Of course, our actions
were deemed a war crime.
Gide : Our comrades in arms became our enemies
now that we were labeled rebels.
Gide : Some in my unit took their own lives. (0:17:19.10)
Gide : But there were those who survived. (0:17:24.64)
Gide : We lost our homeland and our honor. (0:17:30.70)
Gide : We became ghosts wandering a wasteland
in search of enemies to fight.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Are you sure you couldn't
change your way of life?
Gide : I swore to my men that
I would die a soldier.
Gide : I cannot become anything else. (0:17:51.17)
Gide : No... perhaps I could have. (0:17:56.41)
Gide : I may have been able to reshape my way of life (0:18:00.03)
Gide : and become someone who wasn't a soldier. (0:18:03.74)
Gide : Just like how you stopped killing. (0:18:06.48)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I have one regret. (0:18:11.53)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I did not say farewell to my friend. (0:18:14.42)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : To the man who was my only friend
in this world I live in.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : He seemed to have tired of the world (0:18:23.08)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : and was waiting for death. (0:18:25.18)
Gide : Was he in search of death like me? (0:18:28.19)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : No. (0:18:34.00)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I think it's different. (0:18:35.34)
Gide : Sakunosuke. (0:18:49.82)
Gide : Even your last shot was perfect. (0:18:52.17)
Osamu Dazai : Odasaku! (0:19:07.56)
Osamu Dazai : You're an idiot, Odasaku. (0:19:17.01)
Osamu Dazai : You're a complete idiot! (0:19:19.13)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Yeah... (0:19:20.82)
Osamu Dazai : Why did you go along with what he wanted? (0:19:24.15)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Dazai... (0:19:26.66)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : There's something I want to say to you. (0:19:28.52)
Osamu Dazai : No! (0:19:32.34)
Osamu Dazai : Don't! (0:19:33.43)
Osamu Dazai : You might still make it! (0:19:34.68)
Osamu Dazai : No, you will make it! (0:19:36.53)
Osamu Dazai : So don't talk like— (0:19:37.96)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Listen. (0:19:39.19)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : You told me that you might
find a reason to live
Odasaku Sakunosuke : if you lived in a world of
violence and bloodshed.
Osamu Dazai : Yeah, I did. (0:19:50.47)
Osamu Dazai : But who cares what I said now? (0:19:51.74)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : You won't find it. (0:19:53.38)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : You must know that already. (0:19:56.35)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Whether you're on the side who kills people (0:19:59.50)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : or the side who saves people, (0:20:01.33)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : nothing beyond what you
would expect will appear.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Nothing in this world can fill
that lonely hole you have.
Odasaku Sakunosuke : You will wander the darkness for eternity. (0:20:14.39)
Osamu Dazai : Odasaku... (0:20:23.52)
Osamu Dazai : What should I do? (0:20:25.83)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Be on the side that saves people. (0:20:29.29)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : If both sides are the same, (0:20:33.00)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : become a good man. (0:20:35.40)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Save the weak, and protect the orphans. (0:20:37.72)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Neither good nor evil means
much to you, I know...
Odasaku Sakunosuke : but that'd make you at
least a little bit better.
Osamu Dazai : How do you know that for sure? (0:20:51.37)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Of course I know. (0:20:53.10)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : I know better than anyone. (0:20:55.06)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : Because... I am your friend. (0:20:57.69)
Osamu Dazai : I see. (0:21:07.69)
Osamu Dazai : I'll do that. (0:21:09.19)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : People exist to save themselves, huh? (0:21:11.68)
Odasaku Sakunosuke : How true... (0:21:18.76)
Osamu Dazai : I didn't think a heavyweight in
the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Osamu Dazai : would be drinking alone
in a cheap bar like this.
Osamu Dazai : How lonesome, Chief Taneda. (0:22:09.68)
Chief Taneda : You are... (0:22:13.37)
Osamu Dazai : Now, now, now... (0:22:14.64)
Chief Taneda : I heard rumors that you had
gone underground for a while.
Osamu Dazai : I'm looking for a new job. (0:22:21.86)
Osamu Dazai : Do you know of any good positions? (0:22:25.09)
Chief Taneda : Do you wish to join the Gifted Special
Operations Division? If so...
Osamu Dazai : I respectfully decline the offer. (0:22:30.88)
Osamu Dazai : I don't do too well in workplaces
that have a lot of regulations.
Chief Taneda : Then what are you looking for? (0:22:36.59)
Osamu Dazai : Somewhere I can help people. (0:22:39.59)
Chief Taneda : I have a lot of questions for you, but... (0:22:48.07)
Chief Taneda : Your history is too sordid. (0:22:50.77)
Chief Taneda : You'll have to go underground for at
least two years to get a blank slate.
Chief Taneda : But I suppose I may have a lead... (0:22:57.63)
Osamu Dazai : Let's hear it. (0:23:04.98)
Chief Taneda : There is an armed organization
of gifted individuals.
Chief Taneda : They take on cases that are in a legal gray
zone and are untouchable by civil workers.
Chief Taneda : The company president is a man of integrity. (0:23:18.45)
Chief Taneda : You may find him in alignment
with what you wish.
Osamu Dazai : Can I do work that saves people? (0:23:28.01)

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