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Subaru Natsuki : Haven't I made everything work out all right?! (0:00:20.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Without me, it would've been a lot worse. (0:00:24.46)
Subaru Natsuki : All of it was because I was there! (0:00:26.71)
Subaru Natsuki : You should have a greater debt to me
than you could ever repay!
Wilhelm van Astrea : Shall we stop for now? (0:00:42.94)
Emilia : So I'll repay all of them now. (0:00:45.97)
Emilia : And we'll end this. (0:00:48.57)
Felix Argyle : I swear, Julius, your good
nature is going to waste,
Felix Argyle : playing the villain for someone like him. (0:00:59.80)
Julius Euclius : I haven't the slightest idea
what you're talking about.
Felix Argyle : How could you get yourself punished,
trying to protect a guy like that?
Felix Argyle : It's foolish! (0:01:09.45)
Julius Euclius : I only acted as I wished,
true to my own nature.
Julius Euclius : Righteously, in my own way, (0:01:13.47)
Julius Euclius : and without shame, as I wished. (0:01:16.34)
Felix Argyle : Are you sure about this? (0:01:20.99)
Felix Argyle : Old Man Wil is busy preparing, too... (0:01:22.60)
Crusch Karsten : It was a request from our guest. (0:01:25.94)
Crusch Karsten : I cannot ignore it. (0:01:27.92)
Felix Argyle : If they're just practicing,
it's nyo big deal, but...
Felix Argyle : Frankly, it appears to me
he's just making excuses.
Crusch Karsten : Excuses? (0:01:37.32)
Felix Argyle : He wants to say, "I'm just
fine. I'm working hard."
Crusch Karsten : Can you blame him? (0:01:44.17)
Reinhard van Astrea : Forgive me. (0:03:24.81)
Subaru Natsuki : Hang on... (0:03:26.36)
Subaru Natsuki : What do you have to apologize for? (0:03:27.57)
Subaru Natsuki : None of this was your fault! (0:03:30.80)
Reinhard van Astrea : No, I am a friend to you,
as well as to Julius.
Reinhard van Astrea : My own lack of virtue was
responsible for my failure
Reinhard van Astrea : to stop a disagreement between my two friends. (0:03:41.71)
Reinhard van Astrea : That duel had no meaning. (0:03:44.86)
Subaru Natsuki : No meaning? (0:03:48.46)
Reinhard van Astrea : No... (0:03:51.16)
Reinhard van Astrea : What came of you two fighting there? (0:03:52.35)
Reinhard van Astrea : You were hurt, (0:03:55.11)
Reinhard van Astrea : and Julius tarnished his own career. (0:03:56.67)
Reinhard van Astrea : Why not try to have a calm,
open discussion with him?
Reinhard van Astrea : I'm sure that will clear up the misunder— (0:04:04.75)
Subaru Natsuki : Reinhard. (0:04:06.14)
Subaru Natsuki : I get how you feel, and I appreciate it. (0:04:08.13)
Subaru Natsuki : You really are a nice guy. (0:04:11.66)
Reinhard van Astrea : Then... (0:04:13.36)
Subaru Natsuki : But I can't accept that proposal! (0:04:14.07)
Subaru Natsuki : We're done talking. (0:04:16.54)
Subaru Natsuki : Go back now. (0:04:17.93)
Reinhard van Astrea : Subaru... (0:04:19.96)
Reinhard van Astrea : Why? (0:04:21.43)
Reinhard van Astrea : What did you gain from that duel? (0:04:22.66)
Reinhard van Astrea : You've only suffered losses. (0:04:24.91)
Reinhard van Astrea : Even Emilia-sama— (0:04:27.09)
Subaru Natsuki : You'd better head back for today, Reinhard. (0:04:28.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Before your mistress gets lonely
and starts yelling for you.
Subaru Natsuki : Mind your own damn business. (0:04:40.75)
Wilhelm van Astrea : Shall we stop for now? (0:04:51.95)
Rem : You must be tired after practice, Subaru-kun. (0:05:03.85)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, you don't think I'm pathetic? (0:05:10.14)
Rem : I do. (0:05:14.89)
Subaru Natsuki : You do? Seriously? (0:05:16.78)
Subaru Natsuki : Then why are you still here
with a pathetic loser like me?
Subaru Natsuki : Because you were told to? (0:05:22.01)
Rem : The fact that I think you're pathetic (0:05:23.65)
Rem : and my staying with you are not contradictory. (0:05:25.32)
Rem : Besides, even if I had not been ordered to, (0:05:28.69)
Rem : I'm certain I would have stayed. (0:05:31.31)
Subaru Natsuki : Why? (0:05:34.17)
Rem : Because I want to. (0:05:36.55)
Rem : Shall we go out tomorrow, Subaru-kun? (0:05:40.84)
Rem : You haven't gone anywhere in the
three days since we arrived.
Kadomon Risch : Interested in the royal selection, too? (0:05:59.18)
Subaru Natsuki : Whoa! Don't sneak up on me with that face! (0:06:01.27)
Subaru Natsuki : Wait, where's Rem? (0:06:04.54)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't make someone without
experience watch your shop.
Kadomon Risch : Five candidates, huh? (0:06:14.17)
Kadomon Risch : If you ask me, letting a half-elf be
one of them is pure insanity.
Kadomon Risch : "Emilia," eh? (0:06:21.71)
Kadomon Risch : There's no way a relative of the
witch could become our ruler.
Kadomon Risch : They've gotta be crazy. (0:06:26.75)
Subaru Natsuki : Why does everyone say that? (0:06:29.67)
Subaru Natsuki : It doesn't mean she has anything
to do with the witch!
Kadomon Risch : Huh? (0:06:34.64)
Subaru Natsuki : Just because she's a half-elf,
don't lump them together
Subaru Natsuki : and brush her off! (0:06:38.57)
Kadomon Risch : H-Hey... (0:06:40.30)
Subaru Natsuki : That Emilia girl... I mean... (0:06:41.79)
Subaru Natsuki : She might really care about this
kingdom's people, too!
Kadomon Risch : Hang on, why are you getting so worked up? (0:06:48.67)
Subaru Natsuki : I... (0:06:50.72)
Emilia : It was for you, wasn't it? (0:06:52.03)
Subaru Natsuki : Why is it... (0:06:55.97)
Subaru Natsuki : Because of the Jealous Witch? (0:06:57.16)
Subaru Natsuki : You think all half-elves are dangerous, (0:06:58.84)
Subaru Natsuki : just because the witch was one?! (0:07:01.39)
Kadomon Risch : That's right! (0:07:03.94)
Kadomon Risch : Everyone's scared of the witch. (0:07:05.93)
Kadomon Risch : That's common knowledge. (0:07:07.40)
Kadomon Risch : As long as people see her that way, (0:07:12.40)
Kadomon Risch : she can't win. (0:07:14.57)
Kadomon Risch : Jeez, (0:07:17.93)
Kadomon Risch : who would actually choose to support her? (0:07:19.22)
Kadomon Risch : Try not to say the word "witch"
too loudly in public.
Kadomon Risch : You never know who's listening, or where. (0:07:30.19)
Subaru Natsuki : You didn't tell me (0:07:39.84)
Subaru Natsuki : everyone felt that way about you... (0:07:43.11)
Emilia : I can't understand if you
don't tell me, Subaru.
Subaru Natsuki : I can't understand if you
don't tell me, either.
Crusch Karsten : Natsuki Subaru, would you
mind joining me for a bit?
Subaru Natsuki : Crusch-san... Right? (0:08:20.52)
Crusch Karsten : That's right. (0:08:22.80)
Crusch Karsten : Oh, yes... (0:08:24.76)
Crusch Karsten : This is the first time you've seen
me out of business attire.
Crusch Karsten : The breeze is pleasantly cool tonight. (0:08:30.20)
Crusch Karsten : Perfect conditions for sharing a drink, (0:08:32.76)
Crusch Karsten : as we gaze upon the night sky. (0:08:35.11)
Subaru Natsuki : But I can't drink alcohol. (0:08:40.19)
Crusch Karsten : You're welcome to drink water. (0:08:42.88)
Crusch Karsten : I won't be drinking enough to get drunk. (0:08:45.11)
Crusch Karsten : How goes the healing of your gate? (0:08:59.32)
Subaru Natsuki : H-Hey! (0:09:03.82)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh... (0:09:05.55)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh... Well, it goes, I guess... (0:09:07.21)
Crusch Karsten : I see. (0:09:10.03)
Crusch Karsten : Well, Felis is excellent with healing magic. (0:09:10.81)
Crusch Karsten : You can trust him. (0:09:14.00)
Subaru Natsuki : You always seem busy, too. (0:09:19.20)
Crusch Karsten : In response to a certain occurrence, (0:09:22.45)
Crusch Karsten : my family is currently gathering
people and objects.
Crusch Karsten : Plus, since word of the
royal selection spread,
Crusch Karsten : I've received proposals every day. (0:09:31.21)
Crusch Karsten : I'm sure the other candidates have, as well. (0:09:33.54)
Subaru Natsuki : P-Proposals?! (0:09:35.47)
Subaru Natsuki : You mean, as in marriage? (0:09:36.84)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, yeah. (0:09:39.54)
Subaru Natsuki : I guess they're all single... (0:09:40.67)
Crusch Karsten : Does that bother you? (0:09:43.30)
Subaru Natsuki : Not really. It's just... (0:09:44.99)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, right! (0:09:47.52)
Subaru Natsuki : Wilhelm-san said he had a beautiful wife. (0:09:48.41)
Crusch Karsten : Are you aware that Wilhelm serves me? (0:09:53.87)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? Why? (0:09:58.99)
Felix Argyle : What are nyou doing here, Subaru-kyun ? (0:10:02.38)
Felix Argyle : And Crusch-sama! (0:10:05.26)
Felix Argyle : Why are you dressed so vulnerably?! (0:10:06.77)
Crusch Karsten : Is it strange? (0:10:08.86)
Crusch Karsten : It's no different than what
I wear to dine with you.
Felix Argyle : That's exactly the problem! (0:10:12.96)
Felix Argyle : Men are nyo thing but wolves! (0:10:15.94)
Subaru Natsuki : You're a man, too. (0:10:18.13)
Crusch Karsten : That's enough joking, Felis. (0:10:20.35)
Crusch Karsten : All who were present at the royal selection (0:10:22.48)
Crusch Karsten : know whom Subaru loves. (0:10:25.60)
Felix Argyle : Yeah. I heard they had a fight, though. (0:10:28.14)
Felix Argyle : I swear, Subaru-kyun , you're so easy to read! (0:10:31.57)
Crusch Karsten : Don't cast your gaze down, Natsuki Subaru. (0:10:36.98)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? (0:10:39.23)
Crusch Karsten : When your eyes are clouded, your soul darkens. (0:10:40.20)
Crusch Karsten : That means your future is closed to you, (0:10:42.98)
Crusch Karsten : and you lose sight of your reasons to live. (0:10:45.02)
Crusch Karsten : When you do what you know to be right, (0:10:47.77)
Crusch Karsten : what can you do by looking downward? (0:10:50.04)
Crusch Karsten : Lift your head, face forward, (0:10:53.58)
Crusch Karsten : and reach out your hands. (0:10:55.82)
Crusch Karsten : I do not want to regard you
as an insignificant enemy.
Felix Argyle : If Crusch-sama says so, (0:11:02.49)
Felix Argyle : you have nyo choice. (0:11:04.52)
Felix Argyle : The point is, Subaru-kyun , you need to
hurry and make up with Emilia-sama.
Felix Argyle : Think about what you can do (0:11:11.40)
Felix Argyle : to accomplish that, and do it. (0:11:13.54)
Subaru Natsuki : What I can do? (0:11:18.74)
Subaru Natsuki : There is something I can do. (0:11:27.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Something that only I can do. (0:11:33.94)
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, that's right... (0:11:37.07)
Subaru Natsuki : You don't even have to tell me. (0:11:38.83)
Crusch Karsten : The wind is picking up. (0:11:45.58)
Crusch Karsten : It looks as if the weather will
be rough again tomorrow.
Wilhelm van Astrea : Shall we stop for now? (0:11:58.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't be silly... (0:12:00.48)
Subaru Natsuki : You've seen how far I've come in taking blows! (0:12:02.36)
Wilhelm van Astrea : Your attitude seems quite
different this morning.
Subaru Natsuki : Last night, Crusch-san gave
me some good advice.
Subaru Natsuki : If I just get a chance, I can make
any problem disappear!
Wilhelm van Astrea : Then, let us call it a day. (0:12:20.99)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? (0:12:24.22)
Wilhelm van Astrea : Well, I think teaching swordsmanship,
which will make a man stronger,
Wilhelm van Astrea : to one who has abandoned the option
to get stronger seems meaningless.
Subaru Natsuki : What do you... (0:12:36.12)
Rem : Subaru-kun! (0:12:38.14)
Rem : We must discuss something important. (0:12:41.50)
Crusch Karsten : Has Rem told you what's going on? (0:12:46.07)
Rem : What I felt was... (0:12:48.88)
Rem : Something like a presence,
through the sense I share with my sister.
Rem : My sister could have used (0:12:54.41)
Rem : her clairvoyance to get a
clearer picture, but I...
Felix Argyle : So I guess you picked up a nya sty sort
of synesthesia from her, huh?
Crusch Karsten : We don't know the details, either. (0:13:02.81)
Crusch Karsten : But it came from the Mathers domain, (0:13:05.32)
Crusch Karsten : which you know as Margrave
Roswaal's territory.
Crusch Karsten : Evidently, some troubling movement was
seen in the vicinity of his mansion.
Crusch Karsten : Parts of the domain are already on high alert. (0:13:14.31)
Subaru Natsuki : Troubling movement? (0:13:17.59)
Crusch Karsten : We did foresee this situation. (0:13:19.57)
Crusch Karsten : From the moment the margrave declared
his intention to back Emilia, a half-elf.
Subaru Natsuki : You mean there's trouble happening
because of that prejudice?
Crusch Karsten : That is likely a correct summation. (0:13:31.95)
Subaru Natsuki : The moment I leave her side, this happens? (0:13:36.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Everyone around her is an enemy. (0:13:40.18)
Subaru Natsuki : The only one who can take her side... (0:13:42.78)
Subaru Natsuki : is me. (0:13:47.31)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, then... (0:13:49.69)
Subaru Natsuki : We have to go and help, right? (0:13:51.47)
Rem : Y-You mustn't, Subaru-kun. (0:13:54.40)
Rem : You have to obey Emilia-sama's orders. (0:13:56.49)
Rem : She told you to focus on healing! (0:13:58.89)
Rem : And I agree! (0:14:01.28)
Rem : Healing must take priority now. (0:14:02.82)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, we're the only ones (0:14:05.92)
Subaru Natsuki : who can take Emilia's side! (0:14:09.27)
Subaru Natsuki : You heard that, Crusch-san. (0:14:13.68)
Subaru Natsuki : We're going back to the mansion,
back to where Emilia is.
Subaru Natsuki : Until it's taken care of, my healing will— (0:14:19.72)
Crusch Karsten : Natsuki Subaru. (0:14:21.32)
Crusch Karsten : If you leave here, (0:14:23.07)
Crusch Karsten : that will make you my enemy. (0:14:25.00)
Crusch Karsten : Allow me to correct one idea you have. (0:14:28.62)
Crusch Karsten : I have only allowed you to stay here
as a guest, receiving treatment,
Crusch Karsten : because I am contracted to do so. (0:14:35.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Contracted? (0:14:37.26)
Crusch Karsten : Emilia and I formed a contract (0:14:38.74)
Crusch Karsten : regarding your treatment. (0:14:41.92)
Crusch Karsten : However, (0:14:44.03)
Crusch Karsten : if you abandon that contract yourself, (0:14:45.44)
Crusch Karsten : I am not obligated to continue protecting you. (0:14:47.89)
Crusch Karsten : The moment you leave this household, (0:14:50.22)
Crusch Karsten : Emilia and I will not hesitate
to become enemies.
Subaru Natsuki : I was wrong about you. (0:14:56.67)
Subaru Natsuki : I thought, just maybe,
you and I could get along.
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, of course... That was just a
little joke over drinks, right?
Subaru Natsuki : I was stupid to take you seriously (0:15:07.28)
Subaru Natsuki : when you told me,
an enemy, to do what I could.
Subaru Natsuki : You don't want me to leave
because getting Emilia
Subaru Natsuki : out of trouble will be bad for you, right? (0:15:14.83)
Felix Argyle : Nyow I think you have it all wrong— (0:15:17.42)
Crusch Karsten : Felis, enough. (0:15:19.53)
Felix Argyle : No, I will say it. (0:15:20.49)
Felix Argyle : The mistake he's making is a bit too grave. (0:15:21.82)
Felix Argyle : Even if you leave, nothing will change. (0:15:25.13)
Felix Argyle : You'd be wasting your time. (0:15:28.35)
Felix Argyle : After making a fool of yourself at the castle (0:15:29.77)
Felix Argyle : and being clobbered by Julius,
nyou still don't realize that?
Felix Argyle : If you stay to finish your treatment,
you'll be much better off.
Subaru Natsuki : I've decided. I'm going back to Emilia. (0:15:41.46)
Subaru Natsuki : Though it wasn't for long,
thanks for taking care of me.
Felix Argyle : Is it nyot true that a good man (0:15:47.66)
Felix Argyle : knows how to take a warning? (0:15:49.81)
Subaru Natsuki : It's thanks to your warning that
I've made up my mind.
Subaru Natsuki : Thank you. (0:15:55.23)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, how long until we reach the mansion? (0:16:00.42)
Rem : About two and a half days, I think. (0:16:02.59)
Subaru Natsuki : Over two days? (0:16:04.92)
Subaru Natsuki : It took less than half a day to get here! (0:16:06.07)
Rem : We cannot go that way. (0:16:08.03)
Rem : There is a fog over the road, (0:16:09.08)
Rem : so we need to take a detour. (0:16:11.45)
Subaru Natsuki : Who cares about fog? (0:16:12.95)
Rem : The fog is created by the White Whale. (0:16:14.63)
Rem : Should we encounter it, (0:16:16.71)
Rem : we would not survive. (0:16:18.78)
Rem : Thank you for lending us your
dragon-drawn carriage.
Rem : In my master's stead, I offer my gratitude for (0:16:31.07)
Rem : the favor you have shown us till today. (0:16:33.78)
Wilhelm van Astrea : It's nothing. Please take care. (0:16:36.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Are you getting anything from Ram? (0:16:42.84)
Rem : No, our shared sense is consciously
controlled, to an extent.
Rem : This morning, I think (0:16:49.64)
Rem : that what I sensed was something
that exceeded my sister's control.
Subaru Natsuki : So Ram didn't even mean
to let us know about it...
Subaru Natsuki : Is she trying to keep
us from getting involved?
Subaru Natsuki : But why? (0:17:06.38)
Subaru Natsuki : She needs me by her side... (0:17:08.08)
Subaru Natsuki : I can save her. (0:17:12.75)
Subaru Natsuki : Once I do, I'm sure she'll understand. (0:17:14.96)
Subaru Natsuki : She has to. (0:17:17.95)
Subaru Natsuki : Why are we stopping? (0:17:34.06)
Subaru Natsuki : We have to hurry. (0:17:35.48)
Rem : I'm sorry, Subaru-kun. (0:17:36.78)
Rem : The ground dragon cannot go any farther. (0:17:38.48)
Subaru Natsuki : I can't sleep. (0:17:51.60)
Rem : Subaru-kun, are you awake? (0:17:55.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah. (0:17:57.55)
Rem : I cannot sleep, (0:18:07.29)
Rem : so I hoped we could talk. (0:18:08.67)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh... You, too? (0:18:10.81)
Subaru Natsuki : Can't help that, I guess. (0:18:13.87)
Subaru Natsuki : You're really worried about the mansion (0:18:21.63)
Subaru Natsuki : after what you felt through your shared sense? (0:18:23.61)
Subaru Natsuki : It'll be fine. (0:18:28.21)
Subaru Natsuki : We're not the sort of lovable little kids
to get our feelings hurt so easily.
Subaru Natsuki : We'll get right back, and I'll fix things. (0:18:33.66)
Rem : Yes, I have put all my faith
in you, Subaru-kun.
Subaru Natsuki : R-Rem-san, um, (0:18:54.50)
Subaru Natsuki : why are you holding on to me? (0:18:57.02)
Rem : Because I want to. (0:19:00.66)
Subaru Natsuki : I... I know this feeling... (0:19:07.00)
Rem : I am healing your gate, (0:19:11.12)
Rem : just as Felix-sama did, Subaru-kun. (0:19:12.92)
Subaru Natsuki : O-Oh, healing! (0:19:15.87)
Subaru Natsuki : You're healing me... Of course you are. (0:19:17.68)
Subaru Natsuki : Because you want to, huh? (0:19:22.95)
Subaru Natsuki : She'll probably be angry with
me at first, won't she?
Rem : If you take the time to properly face her (0:19:32.41)
Rem : and communicate how you feel with words, (0:19:36.26)
Rem : I'm sure she will understand. (0:19:39.36)
Rem : You are a wonderful person, after all. (0:19:41.67)
Subaru Natsuki : I am? (0:19:45.10)
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah... I am, right? (0:19:47.85)
Subaru Natsuki : Emilia is hopeless without me. (0:19:50.99)
Subaru Natsuki : Because I (0:19:55.52)
Subaru Natsuki : care about her... so much... (0:19:57.98)
Rem : So save just a tiny bit of that for me, too. (0:20:06.26)
Rem : Don't go anywhere. Okay, Subaru-kun? (0:20:14.05)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, wake up! We oversle— (0:20:25.42)
EXTRA : Well, now! Good morni— (0:20:33.29)
Subaru Natsuki : Where's the blue-haired girl
who was here with me?!
EXTRA : Th-The lady you were with, u-uh— (0:20:38.59)
Subaru Natsuki : I can't hear you! (0:20:41.06)
EXTRA : I was saying that she left during the night. (0:20:41.95)
EXTRA : Here are your things... (0:20:45.39)
Subaru Natsuki : What the hell? (0:20:53.07)
Subaru Natsuki : What are you thinking, Rem? (0:20:54.45)
Subaru Natsuki : I thought that you would understand me... (0:20:57.62)
Rem : "Dear Subaru-kun. (0:21:07.15)
Rem : When you read this letter, (0:21:09.02)
Rem : I'm sure you will be very angry with me. (0:21:12.01)
Rem : I shall not ask (0:21:16.62)
Rem : for your forgiveness for leaving you
to go to the mansion.
EXTRA : The one in there might agree to your offer. (0:21:20.23)
Rem : But please understand. (0:21:22.92)
Rem : Bringing you to the mansion right
now would be very dangerous.
Subaru Natsuki : Are you the one called Otto? (0:21:30.02)
Rem : So please wait here for me to return." (0:21:34.25)
Otto Suwen : I'll accept your payment, but I think
this is very reckless, Natsuki-san!
Subaru Natsuki : So you think I'm a useless
good-for-nothing, too, Rem?
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, fine. If you won't trust me, (0:21:55.21)
Subaru Natsuki : then why should I depend on you? (0:21:58.53)
Otto Suwen : I'm sorry, but can we please turn back now? (0:22:14.88)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? After coming this far? (0:22:18.06)
Otto Suwen : My ground dragon is frightened. (0:22:20.62)
Otto Suwen : It instinctively knows that this place
is too dangerous to approach.
Subaru Natsuki : Where are we now? (0:22:28.00)
Otto Suwen : We're already in the Mathers domain, (0:22:31.34)
Otto Suwen : near a village called Arlam. (0:22:34.04)
Subaru Natsuki : Got it! (0:22:35.85)
Otto Suwen : Natsuki-san, you can't go out there!
Let's turn back!
Subaru Natsuki : This is far enough, Otto. (0:22:41.54)
Subaru Natsuki : You can take the money and all my stuff. (0:22:44.19)
Otto Suwen : I can't do that. (0:22:46.55)
Otto Suwen : Please rethink this! (0:22:47.92)
Otto Suwen : Natsuki-san! (0:22:49.60)
Subaru Natsuki : What is this? (0:22:57.71)
Subaru Natsuki : It's too quiet... (0:23:01.12)
Subaru Natsuki : What was that? (0:23:26.02)
Subaru Natsuki : Damn it! (0:23:38.89)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm back... (0:23:50.12)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem... (0:24:59.71)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem... What happened to Rem? (0:25:01.20)
Subaru Natsuki : Right. Rem... Rem is... (0:25:07.37)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem... Rem... Rem... Rem... (0:25:11.83)
Rem : "So please wait here for me to return. (0:25:23.18)
Rem : When this is all taken care of, (0:25:28.09)
Rem : I shall return for you. (0:25:30.64)
Rem : Please take care of yourself. (0:25:32.90)
Rem : And please... I beg you to wait for my return. (0:25:35.88)
Rem : Please. (0:25:39.89)
Rem : From your (0:25:41.93)
Rem : Rem." (0:25:45.40)

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