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Crusch Karsten : What? (0:00:14.49)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, I'll say it again. (0:00:16.06)
Subaru Natsuki : An alliance between the Emilia and
Crusch camps, on equal terms.
Subaru Natsuki : For this purpose, I'll provide
the time and location of
Subaru Natsuki : the White Whale's next appearance. (0:00:25.52)
Subaru Natsuki : That's the one card I can play. (0:00:27.90)
Rem : The Witch's Cult? (0:02:01.87)
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, they're on the move and after Emilia. (0:02:03.39)
Rem : Roswaal-sama feared that
might happen, as well.
Subaru Natsuki : I want to stop them, (0:02:11.79)
Subaru Natsuki : but I don't have the fighting strength. (0:02:13.53)
Subaru Natsuki : I have to start negotiating
now to pull some together.
Subaru Natsuki : Will you help me? (0:02:19.65)
Wilhelm van Astrea : The White Whale? (0:02:27.71)
Wilhelm van Astrea : Please forgive my indiscretion. (0:02:38.05)
Wilhelm van Astrea : I suppose I still have much to learn. (0:02:40.60)
Crusch Karsten : And? It is rather sudden that you
would bring up the White Whale.
Subaru Natsuki : Not at all. (0:02:48.48)
Subaru Natsuki : When we began this negotiation, (0:02:50.34)
Subaru Natsuki : I mentioned the magic stones found in
Roswaal's domain, in Elior Forest.
Subaru Natsuki : If sharing the mining rights is insufficient, (0:02:57.26)
Subaru Natsuki : I need to offer something additional. (0:03:00.26)
Subaru Natsuki : Crusch-san, I'm certain that my
information will aid
Subaru Natsuki : in your plan to subjugate the White Whale. (0:03:07.50)
Crusch Karsten : Let me ask one thing, Natsuki Subaru. (0:03:10.91)
Crusch Karsten : What gave you that idea? (0:03:14.22)
Crusch Karsten : That remark was not one you might
pass off as a baseless accusation.
Subaru Natsuki : For these past few days, (0:03:19.86)
Subaru Natsuki : some things have bothered me. (0:03:21.24)
Subaru Natsuki : First, the increase in traffic
to and from your mansion.
Subaru Natsuki : It's been just a bit excessive. (0:03:25.64)
Subaru Natsuki : Also, in the capital, I heard you've been
purchasing weapons and armor.
Subaru Natsuki : Plus... (0:03:33.34)
Russell Fellow : If Crusch-sama's goal should be attained, (0:03:34.15)
Russell Fellow : I'm sure it would suit your
desires, Wilhelm-dono.
Subaru Natsuki : You appeared to be planning something big. (0:03:41.24)
Subaru Natsuki : Of course, I can't prove it. (0:03:44.95)
Subaru Natsuki : Maybe I only made the connection (0:03:46.98)
Subaru Natsuki : because I know the White Whale
will soon be appearing.
Crusch Karsten : I have another question, Natsuki Subaru. (0:03:53.18)
Crusch Karsten : On what grounds do you know
that the White Whale will appear?
Subaru Natsuki : This. (0:04:01.24)
Crusch Karsten : What in the world is this? (0:04:03.34)
Subaru Natsuki : The moment before that happened... (0:04:06.19)
Subaru Natsuki : It's what you'd call a metia. (0:04:13.12)
Subaru Natsuki : It tells me when and where the
White Whale will appear.
Crusch Karsten : I find this a bit hard to believe... (0:04:19.78)
Crusch Karsten : But I see that you are not lying. (0:04:25.02)
Subaru Natsuki : I appreciate that, but are you sure
you want to believe me so easily?
Felix Argyle : Lies will get you nyo where with Crusch-sama. (0:04:31.48)
Felix Argyle : She has the divine protection of wind-reading! (0:04:34.18)
Subaru Natsuki : Uh, say what? (0:04:36.20)
Crusch Karsten : When a person lies, a telling
wind blows around them.
Crusch Karsten : I can see that wind. (0:04:42.59)
Crusch Karsten : You did not have that. (0:04:44.61)
Subaru Natsuki : Does that mean you'll agree to an alliance (0:04:46.58)
Subaru Natsuki : in exchange for my information
on the White Whale?
Crusch Karsten : You're getting ahead
of yourself, Natsuki Subaru.
Crusch Karsten : Whether I agree to it, (0:04:54.27)
Crusch Karsten : and whether I believe
you are separate matters.
Crusch Karsten : My decision will determine (0:04:59.61)
Crusch Karsten : the outcome of the royal selection,
if not the kingdom's very future.
Crusch Karsten : It cannot be made lightly. (0:05:04.60)
Anastasia Hoshin : Mind if I listen in on this li'l chat, too? (0:05:07.83)
Russell Fellow : Pardon us. (0:05:13.20)
Crusch Karsten : Anastasia Hoshin... (0:05:14.82)
Crusch Karsten : Russell Fellow? (0:05:16.84)
Anastasia Hoshin : Well, y'all asked us to
come, and here you are,
Anastasia Hoshin : startin' without us. (0:05:22.33)
Anastasia Hoshin : That's hardly fair. (0:05:24.03)
Anastasia Hoshin : Let us in on this. (0:05:25.49)
Crusch Karsten : Was it Natsuki Subaru who
asked you to come here?
Anastasia Hoshin : Well, to be exact, it was this
gal he keeps with him.
Anastasia Hoshin : I only heard the gist, (0:05:35.00)
Anastasia Hoshin : but if you're really plannin' to subjugate
the White Whale, I look forward to it!
Anastasia Hoshin : For us business folk, (0:05:40.90)
Anastasia Hoshin : whether the White Whale's around
is a life-or-death matter.
Anastasia Hoshin : Of course, our mercenary team will help y'all. (0:05:45.53)
Russell Fellow : In addition to the White Whale,
I'm interested
Russell Fellow : in the concession that Natsuki-dono (0:05:51.43)
Russell Fellow : proposed of mining rights to the magic stones. (0:05:53.28)
Russell Fellow : If the alliance is formed, (0:05:57.37)
Russell Fellow : magic stones from pristine veins (0:05:59.35)
Russell Fellow : will be distributed to the capital
through Crusch-sama.
Russell Fellow : As the merchant guild's representative,
I cannot let the offer go unheard.
Crusch Karsten : Natsuki Subaru called you, as well? (0:06:08.54)
Subaru Natsuki : I'll say it once more. (0:06:11.35)
Subaru Natsuki : What I offer in return for the alliance is (0:06:13.23)
Subaru Natsuki : a share in the magic stone mining rights (0:06:15.58)
Subaru Natsuki : and information on when and where
the White Whale will appear.
Subaru Natsuki : In other words, the fuel needed
to subjugate the mabeast
Subaru Natsuki : that's terrorized the world for so long! (0:06:24.95)
Subaru Natsuki : If what I say makes no sense
to you, forget I said it.
Subaru Natsuki : But if your goal and my wish align, (0:06:32.91)
Subaru Natsuki : then let's defeat the White Whale. (0:06:37.36)
Subaru Natsuki : Let's go on a hunt! (0:06:40.64)
Crusch Karsten : I still have several questions, (0:06:52.02)
Crusch Karsten : but it was brilliant of you
to expose my plans.
Subaru Natsuki : Then... (0:06:57.85)
Crusch Karsten : I have questions, as well as doubts. (0:06:59.32)
Crusch Karsten : Many things you say are unclear to me, (0:07:01.63)
Crusch Karsten : so I have difficulty agreeing immediately. (0:07:03.34)
Crusch Karsten : However... (0:07:05.99)
Crusch Karsten : I shall choose to trust your eyes (0:07:06.95)
Crusch Karsten : and the spirit that led you
to create this situation.
Russell Fellow : Then the deal is struck. (0:07:13.95)
Russell Fellow : There were a few touch-and-go moments, (0:07:19.28)
Russell Fellow : but I'm glad it worked out, Natsuki-dono. (0:07:21.74)
Russell Fellow : I trust the promise we made prior
to the negotiation still stands.
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, you were a big help, Russell-san. (0:07:26.37)
Subaru Natsuki : Once the subjugation is complete,
I'll give you the metia.
Crusch Karsten : So you did lay some groundwork
before coming here.
Crusch Karsten : And you were waiting outside the
door for your moment to enter?
Anastasia Hoshin : But it was up to us when we interrupted. (0:07:39.03)
Anastasia Hoshin : Well, as far as negotiations go,
I guess that just passes?
Subaru Natsuki : Took you long enough! (0:07:45.71)
Subaru Natsuki : I thought you were never gonna enter! (0:07:47.02)
Anastasia Hoshin : When negotiatin', there's always
a time to make your move.
Anastasia Hoshin : Well, as you're gettin' ready for
the subjugation and such,
Anastasia Hoshin : don't forget to patronize the Hoshin Company. (0:07:56.93)
Crusch Karsten : You paved the way before negotiations began? (0:08:00.56)
Crusch Karsten : You are surprisingly shrewd, Natsuki Subaru. (0:08:04.65)
Subaru Natsuki : My preparation and review
paid off, that's all.
Subaru Natsuki : To be honest, I couldn't be more relieved. (0:08:11.02)
Felix Argyle : Well, that's plain to see. (0:08:13.56)
Subaru Natsuki : We managed to save face for staying
in the capital. Right, Rem?
Rem : Yes, you are truly wonderful, Subaru-kun. (0:08:22.29)
Wilhelm van Astrea : Subaru-dono... (0:08:25.90)
Wilhelm van Astrea : I thank you. (0:08:29.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? (0:08:31.23)
Wilhelm van Astrea : I offer you gratitude (0:08:32.45)
Wilhelm van Astrea : equal to that which I offer to my
lady, Duchess Crusch Karsten.
Subaru Natsuki : E-Er, that's, um... (0:08:38.33)
Wilhelm van Astrea : As perceptive as you are, (0:08:40.84)
Wilhelm van Astrea : I am sure you're aware, but if
I may introduce myself...
Wilhelm van Astrea : My family name is Astrea. (0:08:46.18)
Wilhelm van Astrea : I took the previous Master Swordsman,
Theresia van Astrea, as my wife,
Wilhelm van Astrea : giving me the honor of the
bloodline's lowest seat.
Wilhelm van Astrea : That is who I, Wilhelm van Astrea, am. (0:08:56.08)
Wilhelm van Astrea : I thank you for so kindly
granting this old man
Wilhelm van Astrea : the opportunity to slay the loathsome
mabeast that took my wife.
Subaru Natsuki : S-Sure! Of course I knew that! (0:09:09.78)
Subaru Natsuki : I figured Crusch-san would accept
my offer, keeping that in mind—
Crusch Karsten : Natsuki Subaru... (0:09:16.97)
Crusch Karsten : The wind of untruth is blowing from you. (0:09:18.69)
Subaru Natsuki : I get it... (0:09:31.55)
Subaru Natsuki : You bought all the dragon-drawn
carriages for this,
Subaru Natsuki : so that's why I had trouble getting
one back to the mansion.
Felix Argyle : You're still awake? (0:09:38.78)
Subaru Natsuki : As if I could sleep. (0:09:40.39)
Subaru Natsuki : Everyone else is working through the night. (0:09:42.46)
Felix Argyle : They have nyo choice. (0:09:44.52)
Felix Argyle : We have little time. (0:09:45.83)
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, the White Whale will
appear tomorrow night,
Subaru Natsuki : in the area around Flügel's Tree. (0:09:50.56)
Felix Argyle : So, given the travel time,
we'll just barely make it.
Felix Argyle : Besides, can't you see it in
their faces?
Felix Argyle : Nyot a single one is preparing unwillingly. (0:10:01.85)
Felix Argyle : Everyone wants to be rid of the White Whale, (0:10:05.14)
Felix Argyle : especially Old Man Wil. (0:10:08.44)
Subaru Natsuki : He said it took his wife... (0:10:12.33)
Felix Argyle : Yeah. (0:10:15.24)
Felix Argyle : He's been chasing after the
White Whale all this time.
Felix Argyle : Ever since it killed the previous
Master Swordsman, his wife.
Subaru Natsuki : The previous Master Swordsman... (0:10:26.39)
Felix Argyle : Well, now you know, (0:10:28.28)
Felix Argyle : so you should stop worrying and get to sleep. (0:10:30.21)
Felix Argyle : There's nyo thing you can do to help (0:10:33.13)
Felix Argyle : with supply distribution
or organization, anyway.
Subaru Natsuki : That may be true, (0:10:38.36)
Subaru Natsuki : but you didn't have to say it! (0:10:40.04)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm supposed to pick whichever one I want? (0:10:52.27)
Felix Argyle : What is it nyow ? You don't like them? (0:10:55.87)
Subaru Natsuki : It's not that! (0:10:58.08)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm glad you're letting me borrow one, (0:10:59.26)
Subaru Natsuki : but I can't tell anything about their quality! (0:11:01.39)
Subaru Natsuki : Do I look like a veteran who's studied
nothing but ground dragons for decades...
Subaru Natsuki : Are you that one from... (0:11:13.19)
Subaru Natsuki : Looks like this is the one. (0:11:21.75)
Rem : I am surprised. (0:11:24.51)
Rem : This ground dragon is a type
known for extreme pride.
Subaru Natsuki : Felis, I'll take this one. (0:11:31.19)
Subaru Natsuki : It's love at first sight! (0:11:32.73)
Felix Argyle : Sure thing. (0:11:34.14)
Felix Argyle : But don't say, "Love at first sight." (0:11:35.29)
Felix Argyle : You're making Rem-chan pout. (0:11:36.98)
Rem : I'm not pouting! (0:11:38.69)
Rem : I'll be nice to it! I can do it! (0:11:40.64)
Subaru Natsuki : Wha?! (0:11:55.69)
Ricardo : My lady was tellin' me about you. (0:11:57.26)
Ricardo : You're the star of this
little show, aren't ya?
Subaru Natsuki : That logo... And a Kararagi accent
from a demihuman...
Subaru Natsuki : Then, you're with Anastasia? (0:12:06.40)
Ricardo : What, you knew? (0:12:08.16)
Ricardo : I'm Ricardo, head of her mercenary team. (0:12:10.38)
Ricardo : Nice to meet you, too, li'l lady! (0:12:13.17)
Subaru Natsuki : Keep it down! Also, you're huge! (0:12:16.08)
Subaru Natsuki : You'll snap my neck! (0:12:17.87)
Ricardo : Hey! My lady! (0:12:19.19)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey! (0:12:20.54)
Subaru Natsuki : Ow... (0:12:22.41)
Crusch Karsten : So that is the pride of Anastasia and
the Hoshins, the Iron Fang...
Crusch Karsten : I see. They all look quite strong. (0:12:28.80)
Crusch Karsten : Did you rest well last night? (0:12:32.08)
Subaru Natsuki : I nearly died a second ago... (0:12:33.23)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, so I guess you're also fighting? (0:12:36.14)
Crusch Karsten : You think I am capable (0:12:38.97)
Crusch Karsten : of sitting in a chair, waiting for good news? (0:12:40.47)
Crusch Karsten : I'm more surprised that you are participating. (0:12:43.90)
Crusch Karsten : Can you fight? (0:12:47.10)
Subaru Natsuki : Nope, I can't. (0:12:48.50)
Subaru Natsuki : But even if I can't fight, (0:12:50.04)
Subaru Natsuki : I think this human will be pretty
useful against the White Whale.
Crusch Karsten : I must ask... On what grounds? (0:12:56.98)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm not all that happy about it myself, (0:12:59.60)
Subaru Natsuki : but I seem to be the type of
guy who attracts mabeasts.
Crusch Karsten : What? (0:13:06.51)
Rem : It is true. (0:13:09.00)
Rem : Thanks to that, Subaru-kun has
previously saved my life.
Subaru Natsuki : So, on my borrowed ground dragon, (0:13:14.17)
Subaru Natsuki : I'll run around under White Whale's
nose and draw its attention,
Subaru Natsuki : while you guys launch an all-out attack! (0:13:19.73)
Subaru Natsuki : That's the tactic I'd recommend, anyway. (0:13:22.20)
Crusch Karsten : Under the White Whale's... nose? (0:13:25.21)
Crusch Karsten : Shockingly, I sense no lies in that statement. (0:13:30.35)
Crusch Karsten : I never thought (0:13:33.77)
Crusch Karsten : I would doubt my divine protection as
often as I have in the past half day.
Crusch Karsten : They're here. (0:13:44.49)
Conwood Melahau : Crusch-sama, we have arrived. (0:13:49.32)
Conwood Melahau : Is this boy... (0:13:54.68)
Crusch Karsten : Yes, he is. (0:13:56.30)
Conwood Melahau : Thank you, young man. (0:14:00.57)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? (0:14:02.39)
Conwood Melahau : Thanks to you, our wish may come true. (0:14:03.32)
Conwood Melahau : We could not be happier. (0:14:06.19)
Conwood Melahau : Thank you. (0:14:08.74)
Rem : It seems all of them have a history
with the White Whale.
Subaru Natsuki : Then, they're like Wilhelm-san? (0:14:21.64)
Crusch Karsten : Yes, many are men who have
retired from the front lines.
Crusch Karsten : They have joined our subjugation
force at Wilhelm's invitation.
Crusch Karsten : Their morale and experience (0:14:34.16)
Crusch Karsten : is comparable to those of the
capital's active knights.
Felix Argyle : Crusch-sama, it's time. (0:14:38.69)
Crusch Karsten : Right. (0:14:40.40)
Crusch Karsten : Four hundred years. (0:14:47.81)
Crusch Karsten : Since the White Whale,
created by the Jealous Witch,
Crusch Karsten : made the world its hunting ground, (0:14:52.25)
Crusch Karsten : trampling the weak and dominating
the land as if it were its owner,
Crusch Karsten : four hundred years have passed. (0:14:57.95)
Crusch Karsten : Countless lives have been lost in that time. (0:15:00.28)
Crusch Karsten : Given its fog's unscrupulous nature, as well, (0:15:04.20)
Crusch Karsten : the number of graves we cannot even
inscribe with names will only rise.
Crusch Karsten : But those days of sitting idle end today! (0:15:13.04)
Crusch Karsten : Today, those of us here will end it! (0:15:16.68)
Crusch Karsten : We shall strike down the White Whale,
and stop further tragedy!
Crusch Karsten : We shall give the sorrow, which fell
short of true sorrow,
Crusch Karsten : a chance to shed overdue tears! (0:15:26.34)
Crusch Karsten : We move out! (0:15:30.62)
Crusch Karsten : Our destination is Flügel's Tree,
on the Lifaus Highway.
Crusch Karsten : Tonight, we shall slay the White
Whale with our own hands!
Mimi Pearlbaton : I'm Mimi! Glad to know ya! (0:15:48.81)
Hetaro : My name's Hetaro. Nice to meet you. (0:15:51.17)
Subaru Natsuki : Yep, nice to meet you. (0:15:53.55)
Subaru Natsuki : Anyway, not that I doubted it, but... (0:15:55.28)
Subaru Natsuki : You really are the second-in-command, huh? (0:15:58.77)
Mimi Pearlbaton : Huh? Have we met somewhere before? (0:16:01.27)
Mimi Pearlbaton : Hmm... I totally can't remember at all! (0:16:04.94)
Hetaro : C-Come on, Sister,
you have to sit up properly.
Mimi Pearlbaton : Totally can't... (0:16:09.87)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't worry about it...
Just talking to myself.
Subaru Natsuki : I'm Natsuki Subaru. (0:16:15.25)
Subaru Natsuki : So you two are brother and sister, huh? (0:16:16.59)
Hetaro : Yes, my big sister and I will do our— (0:16:19.04)
Mimi Pearlbaton : When Mimi and Hetaro are together,
we're the strongest!
Mimi Pearlbaton : And the captain's also here,
so we're the super strongest!
Hetaro : Uh, my sister and the
captain tend to be hasty,
Mimi Pearlbaton : Strongest! Strongest! Super strongest! (0:16:27.08)
Hetaro : so I usually give the orders. (0:16:31.40)
Subaru Natsuki : I see... (0:16:33.26)
Subaru Natsuki : Must be rough... (0:16:34.96)
Ricardo : What's the matter, bro? Ya look awful gloomy! (0:16:36.72)
Subaru Natsuki : Whose fault is that? (0:16:39.22)
Subaru Natsuki : A captain shouldn't make trouble for his men. (0:16:40.97)
Ricardo : Hey, that's a nice ground dragon ya got there. (0:16:43.30)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey! (0:16:45.77)
Subaru Natsuki : Is it? (0:16:47.63)
Subaru Natsuki : I borrowed this one because
it seemed to like me, but...
Subaru Natsuki : Come to think of it, (0:16:52.90)
Subaru Natsuki : the ones you guys ride look kinda different. (0:16:54.11)
Ricardo : They're called rigers. (0:16:56.30)
Ricardo : But ya don't see 'em too often in these parts. (0:16:57.91)
Ricardo : They ain't as strong as ground dragons, (0:17:00.32)
Ricardo : but they're much more agile. (0:17:02.48)
Ricardo : If it comes to a brawl against the Whale, (0:17:04.43)
Ricardo : that's where they really
shine, so watch close.
Subaru Natsuki : Shouldn't you have had ground
dragons pull the cargo, then?
Ricardo : We've gotta manage our luggage on our own. (0:17:14.93)
Ricardo : If ya think the White Whale's our only enemy, (0:17:18.57)
Ricardo : you'll get the rug pulled out from under ya. (0:17:20.97)
Ricardo : Ain't no guarantee we won't run into
thieves on the road, after all.
Subaru Natsuki : If anyone's got the guts to take on
a fully armed group like this,
Subaru Natsuki : they wouldn't settle for being thieves. (0:17:32.25)
Ricardo : Good point! (0:17:33.86)
Rem : It looks like Ricardo-sama is trying
to ease everyone's nerves.
Rem : Subaru-kun? (0:17:48.49)
Subaru Natsuki : I thought I'd prepared myself for this... (0:17:52.36)
Subaru Natsuki : You can tell the hero inside to awaken, (0:17:55.64)
Subaru Natsuki : but it really isn't as easy as it sounds. (0:17:58.21)
Subaru Natsuki : It's huge! (0:18:15.40)
Rem : You sound happy, Subaru-kun. (0:18:17.87)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, looks like people have carved
their names into the trunk.
Subaru Natsuki : We aren't on some field trip. (0:18:28.28)
Subaru Natsuki : That's just bad manners... (0:18:30.11)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, get me a chisel! (0:18:32.41)
Rem : Even you should know that will
get you in trouble, Subaru-kun.
Rem : With me, for starters. (0:18:37.59)
Rem : So the White Whale is coming here? (0:18:40.01)
Rem : Honestly, I am opposed to (0:18:43.18)
Rem : using the witch's scent to draw
the White Whale here.
Rem : It's too dangerous. (0:18:48.59)
Subaru Natsuki : I'll use whatever I can. (0:18:50.00)
Subaru Natsuki : If it gives us even a slightly better
chance of winning, it's worth it.
Subaru Natsuki : For a guy who lacks in every way, (0:18:57.72)
Subaru Natsuki : I can only compensate with this method. (0:18:59.81)
Rem : You are wonderful, Subaru-kun. (0:19:03.54)
Rem : That metia will tell you when
the White Whale is coming?
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, I set it to make noise when it's time. (0:19:13.74)
Subaru Natsuki : To be honest, without this— (0:19:17.53)
Rem : That's a lie. (0:19:18.65)
Subaru Natsuki : Wh-What are ya saying? (0:19:21.68)
Subaru Natsuki : If it's a lie, then how am I gonna... (0:19:23.88)
Rem : You're speaking in something
like the Kararagi dialect.
Rem : It doesn't suit you at all. (0:19:28.99)
Subaru Natsuki : No, no, no! I mean, there's no
way I could be lying!
Crusch Karsten : Even Crusch-san said— (0:19:34.09)
Rem : It's all right, Subaru-kun. (0:19:35.49)
Rem : I can always tell when you're lying. (0:19:37.53)
Rem : I also know that you cannot
tell me why you do so.
Rem : So there is no need to convince me (0:19:46.44)
Rem : or wrap everything in lies, (0:19:48.72)
Rem : or try to take the blame
on yourself like that.
Rem : Because I have complete
faith in you, Subaru-kun.
Subaru Natsuki : Man! Looking up at this huge tree
really fires you up, huh?
Rem : Yes, it does. (0:20:11.34)
Subaru Natsuki : If I don't look at it for a
long time, I won't relax!
Subaru Natsuki : I won't be able to look down for a while! (0:20:18.14)
Rem : Yes, you're right. (0:20:20.61)
Subaru Natsuki : I should say "thank you" instead
of "sorry" right now, huh?
Rem : You're welcome. (0:20:30.70)
Rem : Besides, I am far more grateful
to you, Subaru-kun.
Rem : So we're even. (0:20:39.55)
Subaru Natsuki : Uh... Wilhelm-san? (0:20:51.54)
Subaru Natsuki : I heard a bit of the story from Felis. (0:20:55.62)
Subaru Natsuki : That you've been seeking revenge on the
Whale ever since it took your wife.
Wilhelm van Astrea : Please forget that. (0:21:03.48)
Wilhelm van Astrea : It was all time idly spent in
an old man's delusions.
Rem : You truly love your wife, do you not? (0:21:10.16)
Wilhelm van Astrea : Yes, I love my wife. (0:21:14.25)
Wilhelm van Astrea : More than anyone. (0:21:17.50)
Wilhelm van Astrea : And no matter how much time passes. (0:21:19.23)
Wilhelm van Astrea : My wife was a woman who
loved to look at flowers.
Wilhelm van Astrea : She never wished to wield a sword, (0:21:28.30)
Wilhelm van Astrea : but the sword loved her more than anyone. (0:21:30.41)
Wilhelm van Astrea : With no choice but to live for the sword, (0:21:33.79)
Wilhelm van Astrea : my wife accepted her fate. (0:21:36.52)
Wilhelm van Astrea : When I married her, I took it from her, (0:21:40.72)
Wilhelm van Astrea : forcing her to abandon the title
of "Master Swordsman."
Wilhelm van Astrea : But the sword would not allow her to do that. (0:21:46.44)
Wilhelm van Astrea : Subaru-dono, I thank you again. (0:21:52.00)
Wilhelm van Astrea : In this battle, I can find answers
in my own sword.
Wilhelm van Astrea : And perhaps I shall finally be
able to visit my wife's grave.
Wilhelm van Astrea : At last, I can go and see her. (0:22:05.87)
Subaru Natsuki : Let's work together to beat the
hell out of that damn whale.
Subaru Natsuki : I'll help with everything I have, too. (0:22:17.29)
Crusch Karsten : Only a short time remains. (0:22:34.99)
Crusch Karsten : Troops, be on guard! (0:23:01.36)
EXTRA : I don't see it... (0:23:11.55)
Crusch Karsten : It isn't coming? (0:23:23.74)
EXTRA : Is that... (0:23:26.56)
Crusch Karsten : Troops— (0:24:03.31)
Subaru Natsuki : Let him have it! (0:24:03.79)
Rem : Al Huma! (0:24:05.79)
Crusch Karsten : Troops! Follow those two fools! (0:24:23.27)

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