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Subaru Natsuki : I don't know this ceiling. (0:00:18.58)
Subaru Natsuki : The wound on my stomach is gone... (0:00:25.96)
Subaru Natsuki : Everything considered, it must've been her. (0:00:29.12)
Subaru Natsuki : Emilia's healing power, huh? (0:00:31.50)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, at any rate, seems I got out of
using Return by Death this time...
Subaru Natsuki : But normally, wouldn't you wake up to a girl (0:00:51.22)
Subaru Natsuki : by your bed asking, "Are you awake,"
after she'd cared for you all this time?
Subaru Natsuki : For a story about being summoned to
another world, it's kinda flawed.
Subaru Natsuki : A looping hallway... (0:01:10.36)
Subaru Natsuki : One of those things where I can't
leave until I find the right room?
Subaru Natsuki : The typical pattern says that the
first door is likely to be it!
Beatrice : What a profoundly aggravating
man you are, I suppose.
Subaru Natsuki : First NPC found! (0:01:25.21)
Subaru Natsuki : With that cold attitude, you're gonna
ruin your cute face.
Subaru Natsuki : Come on, smile... Smile. (0:01:30.76)
Beatrice : A derisive sneer is the only smile worth giving you. (0:01:32.32)
Subaru Natsuki : Are you mad because I guessed
correctly on the first try?
Subaru Natsuki : I've always been a pretty lucky guesser... (0:01:39.03)
Subaru Natsuki : I can understand why game masters would
want me in all the events, but sorry!
Subaru Natsuki : So, what is this place, anyway? (0:01:47.02)
Beatrice : Hmph, it's Betty's multi-purpose room,
both library and bedroom, I suppose.
Subaru Natsuki : Talk about your token response. (0:01:54.01)
Subaru Natsuki : Are you one of the manual girls everyone's into now? (0:01:55.92)
Beatrice : Betty's had just about enough. (0:01:58.18)
Beatrice : Time to teach you a lesson, I suppose. (0:02:00.86)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey, what are you gonna do? (0:02:03.35)
Beatrice : Don't you dare move. (0:02:05.80)
Beatrice : Anything you'd like to say? (0:02:08.38)
Subaru Natsuki : D-Don't hurt me. (0:02:10.14)
Subaru Natsuki : What did you do to me, you drill loli? (0:02:22.00)
Beatrice : I only collected the mana from your body, I suppose. (0:02:24.66)
Beatrice : It confirmed that you are not an enemy. (0:02:28.24)
Subaru Natsuki : You're not human, are you? (0:02:31.40)
Subaru Natsuki : And I don't mean your personality... (0:02:34.18)
Beatrice : It took you long enough to notice, I suppose. (0:02:36.80)
Subaru Natsuki : I take it back... Your personality isn't human, either. (0:02:38.74)
Beatrice : Do not measure a proud, noble being
by your standards, human.
Subaru Natsuki : I know that ceiling. (0:04:24.79)
Rem : Oh, he has awakened, Sister. (0:04:27.02)
Ram : Indeed, he has awakened, Rem. (0:04:29.32)
Subaru Natsuki : I, a denizen of the night, waking in the morning? (0:04:31.68)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm getting all emotional... (0:04:34.90)
Subaru Natsuki : I'd better go to sleep a second time. (0:04:36.69)
Subaru Natsuki : No, I woke up earlier, so this'll be the third. (0:04:38.16)
Rem : My, what a deadbeat thing to say. (0:04:42.64)
Rem : Did you hear that, Sister? (0:04:44.81)
Ram : Yes, truly a loser's words. I heard him, Rem. (0:04:46.16)
Subaru Natsuki : All right! (0:04:49.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Who are these two voices that
keep criticizing me in stereo?!
Subaru Natsuki : N-No way... (0:04:54.31)
Subaru Natsuki : Maid costumes exist in this world, too? (0:04:55.70)
Subaru Natsuki : In my mind, maids were always the
very personification of elegance!
Subaru Natsuki : This ain't so bad, either! (0:05:03.70)
Rem : How terrible. You are being violated
in our guest's mind, Sister.
Ram : It is terrible. You are experiencing the ultimate
shame in our guest's mind, Rem.
Subaru Natsuki : Don't underestimate my capacity. (0:05:15.42)
Subaru Natsuki : You're both fair prey in my fantasies... (0:05:17.55)
Emilia : Can't you wake up more peacefully, Subaru? (0:05:22.50)
Subaru Natsuki : Whoever picked that outfit totally gets it! (0:05:31.61)
Emilia : I don't know what you're talking about, (0:05:34.71)
Emilia : but the fact that I know it's something
stupid is disappointing.
Rem : Listen to this, Miss Emilia. (0:05:39.84)
Rem : My dear sister was just violated by that man. (0:05:41.55)
Ram : Please listen to this, Miss Emilia. (0:05:44.48)
Ram : Rem was held prisoner and shamed by that man. (0:05:45.95)
Emilia : And you two, don't tease him too much. (0:05:48.58)
Rem : Yes, Miss Emilia. My sister is very sorry. (0:05:50.98)
Ram : Yes, Miss Emilia. Rem is sorry, as well. (0:05:53.60)
Emilia : Subaru, are you feeling all right? (0:05:56.18)
Emilia : Does anything feel off? (0:05:58.92)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? Oh, I'm just a little groggy from oversleeping. (0:06:00.38)
Subaru Natsuki : You saved me, didn't you, Emilia-tan? (0:06:04.22)
Emilia : Huh? "Tan"? (0:06:06.66)
Emilia : What does "tan" mean? (0:06:08.24)
Subaru Natsuki : Uh, you can just ignore that one. (0:06:09.56)
Subaru Natsuki : Seriously, though, thanks. You saved me. (0:06:12.27)
Emilia : No, I'm the one who should thank you. (0:06:15.10)
Emilia : You barely know me, but you
risked your life to save me.
Emilia : It's natural I would heal your wounds afterward. (0:06:22.94)
Subaru Natsuki : Then, once again, (0:06:28.09)
Subaru Natsuki : I guess it's time to start a new day! (0:06:29.83)
Subaru Natsuki : This place really is huge... (0:06:34.41)
Subaru Natsuki : The yard isn't so much a yard as a field. (0:06:36.94)
Emilia : Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing?
Subaru Natsuki : My homeland's ancient practice
of warm-up exercises.
Subaru Natsuki : Come on, Emilia-tan! Join me! (0:06:47.22)
Subaru Natsuki : Radio calisthenics, number 2... (0:06:49.56)
Subaru Natsuki : Bounce on both feet to loosen up your body! (0:06:51.10)
Emilia : Huh? You're kidding! What is that? (0:06:54.18)
Subaru Natsuki : Just do what I do. (0:06:56.70)
Subaru Natsuki : I'll drill the essence of radio calisthenics into you! (0:06:58.60)
Subaru Natsuki : Now, raise both arms and shout, "Victory!" (0:07:06.72)
Emilia : V-Victory! (0:07:10.22)
Puck : Victory! Victory! (0:07:11.94)
Puck : Victory! (0:07:14.16)
Puck : Hi, Subaru! Great morning, isn't it? (0:07:16.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, since the wee hours of the morning,
it's been nothing but chaos for me.
Subaru Natsuki : Looping hallways and a mean
little girl on a rampage...
Subaru Natsuki : And then, shedding the sweat
of passion with Emilia-tan.
Emilia : Don't make it sound so scandalous! (0:07:30.20)
Emilia : Good morning, Puck. (0:07:33.02)
Emilia : Sorry I put you through so much yesterday. (0:07:34.35)
Puck : Morning, Lia. I almost lost you yesterday. (0:07:36.64)
Puck : I can never thank Subaru enough. (0:07:40.92)
Puck : I must do something for him. (0:07:43.67)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, then... (0:07:45.26)
Subaru Natsuki : Let me pet your fur whenever I want! (0:07:46.49)
Emilia : Huh? That's all? (0:07:49.02)
Subaru Natsuki : For a first-rate fur master such as myself, (0:07:51.50)
Subaru Natsuki : being able to love on the object of
your petting affections anytime
Subaru Natsuki : is worth as much as a multimillionaire's riches! (0:07:57.70)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, man, these ears... (0:08:01.54)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm in love with how soft you are. (0:08:03.91)
Puck : Since I can kind of read your mind,
I know you feel that way,
Puck : but I'm amazed you can say it! (0:08:08.97)
Puck : It's okay, Lia. (0:08:11.76)
Puck : I can't find any malice, hostility, or ill-intent in Subaru. (0:08:13.27)
Subaru Natsuki : It's so cute how you call her "Lia," too. (0:08:16.72)
Puck : Not as cute as your "Emilia-tan"! (0:08:19.34)
Emilia : You really are strange, Subaru. (0:08:22.20)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? (0:08:24.56)
Emilia : Oh? What brings you two here? (0:08:31.46)
Rem : Miss Emilia... (0:08:34.60)
Ram : Miss Emilia... (0:08:34.60)
Ram : Our lord, Master Roswaal, has returned. (0:08:35.79)
Rem : Our lord, Master Roswaal, has returned. (0:08:35.79)
Rem : Please come inside. (0:08:39.58)
Ram : Please come inside. (0:08:39.58)
Beatrice : I was watching you from upstairs,
and you know what?
Beatrice : It would seem you are quite dumb, I suppose. (0:08:48.13)
Subaru Natsuki : Where do you get off saying that, you loli?! (0:08:50.74)
Beatrice : What does that word mean? (0:08:53.24)
Beatrice : I have never heard it before, and it irritates me. (0:08:55.00)
Puck : Hey, Betty. Haven't seen you in four days. (0:08:58.03)
Puck : Have you been doing well and staying ladylike? (0:08:59.91)
Beatrice : Bubby! (0:09:02.62)
Beatrice : I've been waiting for you to come home. (0:09:04.76)
Beatrice : Will you stay with me today, do you suppose? (0:09:07.47)
Puck : Sure, no problem. (0:09:09.61)
Puck : Let's finally relax together today. (0:09:11.28)
Beatrice : Yay! (0:09:13.49)
Emilia : Bewildered, aren't you? (0:09:16.78)
Emilia : Beatrice is so taken with Puck. (0:09:18.34)
Subaru Natsuki : Who even says "bewildered" nowadays? (0:09:20.56)
Roswaal L. Mathers : My, my! How unusual to see you here, Beatrice... (0:09:24.05)
Roswaal L. Mathers : I'm so happy you've decided to dine with me. (0:09:27.63)
Beatrice : That boy is more than enough of an
addle-brained fool for me, I suppose.
Beatrice : Betty was only waiting for Bubby! (0:09:36.58)
Subaru Natsuki : You guys hired a clown to entertain
you before each meal?
Subaru Natsuki : I'll never understand how rich folks think. (0:09:43.06)
Emilia : Um, Subaru, that man is... (0:09:45.42)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Oh, no... It's quite all right, Miss Emilia... (0:09:47.72)
Subaru Natsuki : What's going on? (0:09:51.48)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Only that I am the lord of this
manor, Roswaal L. Mathers,
Roswaal L. Mathers : Natsuki Subaru-kun. (0:09:58.85)
Subaru Natsuki : This is way better than normal food! (0:10:08.22)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Despite her appearance, Rem's cooking
is quite impressive.
Subaru Natsuki : So this was cooked by the one with
blue hair... Um, Rem-chan, right?
Subaru Natsuki : You made this? (0:10:19.68)
Rem : Yes, sir. (0:10:20.86)
Rem : I do the cooking in this house. (0:10:22.63)
Rem : My sister is not very good at cooking. (0:10:25.67)
Subaru Natsuki : Ah, twins who are good at different things! (0:10:28.26)
Subaru Natsuki : Is your sister good at cleaning, then? (0:10:31.87)
Rem : Yes, that is correct. (0:10:34.19)
Rem : My sister excels at housework,
particularly cleaning and laundry.
Subaru Natsuki : So, Rem-rin, you're good at cooking,
but bad at cleaning and laundry?
Rem : No, I am generally good at all household tasks. (0:10:43.12)
Rem : I am also better at cleaning
and laundry than my sister.
Subaru Natsuki : Does your sister even have a purpose? (0:10:49.41)
Roswaal L. Mathers : You are truly a strange young man... (0:10:51.80)
Roswaal L. Mathers : You come to the mansion of Margrave Mathers,
in the kingdom of Lugunica,
Roswaal L. Mathers : but you claim to understand nothing! (0:10:57.81)
Subaru Natsuki : Is something bad happening in this country? (0:11:01.49)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Well, it is not in an agreeable state. (0:11:05.16)
Roswaal L. Mathers : After all, Lugunica's king is currently not present. (0:11:07.85)
Roswaal L. Mathers : No, there's no need to be concerned... (0:11:12.82)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Everyone is already quite aware of the reality. (0:11:16.60)
Subaru Natsuki : Really? (0:11:21.02)
Subaru Natsuki : I expected a "Now that you know my secret,
I can't let you leave here alive" thing.
Roswaal L. Mathers : Around the same time that the king went into hiding,
an epidemic began spreading through the castle!
Roswaal L. Mathers : The king and his children are the last of his line. (0:11:32.21)
Roswaal L. Mathers : A council of wise men currently manages the nation, (0:11:34.81)
Roswaal L. Mathers : and they are now in the process
of selecting a new king!
Subaru Natsuki : I see. I'm starting to get the picture. (0:11:42.43)
Subaru Natsuki : On top of the king's absence, the royal selection
is causing confusion in the kingdom.
Subaru Natsuki : Then, suddenly, I appear from another world— (0:11:48.97)
Subaru Natsuki : Wait, I'm totally suspect here! (0:11:51.07)
Roswaal L. Mathers : And on top of all that, (0:11:52.69)
Roswaal L. Mathers : you made contact with Miss Emilia,
thus becoming connected to my household!
Subaru Natsuki : Wait, why would the lord of the
mansion call her "Miss Emilia"?
Roswaal L. Mathers : It's only natural to address someone of
higher status with all due respect...
Subaru Natsuki : Um, so Emilia-tan would be... (0:12:10.70)
Emilia : My current status is (0:12:14.75)
Emilia : a candidate to become the Kingdom
of Lugunica's forty-second ruler,
Emilia : with Margrave Roswaal's backing. (0:12:20.84)
Subaru Natsuki : What?! (0:12:23.59)
Emilia : Sorry to surprise you. (0:12:24.99)
Emilia : I wasn't trying to keep it a secret. (0:12:26.69)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey, it's that insignia. (0:12:30.80)
Emilia : This qualifies one to be a candidate for king. (0:12:33.29)
Emilia : It's a touchstone for determining
if one is worthy of the throne.
Subaru Natsuki : Wait, Emilia-tan, you lost an insignia that
qualifies you to rule the kingdom?
Emilia : Don't put it like that! I didn't lose it! (0:12:46.90)
Emilia : It was stolen from me by a thief! (0:12:48.60)
Subaru Natsuki : That's the same thing! (0:12:50.24)
Subaru Natsuki : And what if you lose that thing, anyway? (0:12:52.28)
Subaru Natsuki : Will a government office issue you another? (0:12:54.86)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Oh, my! If you'd lost it, then there
would be no doubt...
Roswaal L. Mathers : If it were thought that one who
can't even protect a tiny insignia
Roswaal L. Mathers : can't be entrusted with the nation's
rule, that would be the end.
Subaru Natsuki : Now that I think about it, I did a damn good job. (0:13:08.87)
Subaru Natsuki : This totally raises my expectations for a reward... (0:13:12.20)
Emilia : Yeah, you're right. You were my true savior. (0:13:15.32)
Emilia : So ask for anything. (0:13:19.55)
Roswaal L. Mathers : You may have any reward you request.
Merely state your desire!
Subaru Natsuki : In that case, I have but one request. (0:13:27.42)
Subaru Natsuki : Hire me to work in this mansion! (0:13:33.19)
Ram : Achoo. (0:13:39.72)
Emilia : That isn't quite right... (0:13:42.48)
Emilia : Wasn't there anything else that fit you, Subaru? (0:13:44.72)
Subaru Natsuki : Oddly, some of the girls' stuff fit me, but... (0:13:47.12)
Rem : Our deepest apologies, sir. I mean, Subaru. (0:13:49.65)
Ram : You look quite ridiculous, sir. I mean, Barusu. (0:13:53.02)
Subaru Natsuki : Um, Nee-sama, you just turned my
name into a blinding curse.
Ram : Rem, looking at Barusu's ridiculous
appearance, do you notice anything?
Rem : His shoulders are shaped funny, his legs
are short, and his eyes are scary?
Subaru Natsuki : I can't do anything about two of those! (0:14:07.32)
Ram : We cannot allow you to work here
in such shady-looking attire.
Ram : People would question Lord Roswaal's dignity. (0:14:13.56)
Ram : Let us alter the jacket, at least.
Rem, if you please.
Emilia : All right, I have to study for the royal selection. (0:14:19.75)
Emilia : Good luck with your work, too, Subaru. (0:14:22.66)
Subaru Natsuki : Yep, leave it to me, Emilia-tan. (0:14:24.47)
Rem : I shall take your measurements. Stand still
and keep your back straight.
Rem : Please refrain from strange noises. It's unpleasant. (0:14:34.45)
Subaru Natsuki : That was beyond my control... (0:14:37.35)
Subaru Natsuki : This is awkward for a guy in multiple ways! (0:14:39.36)
Ram : This is the VIP room. (0:14:42.41)
Ram : This is the bathing room. (0:14:43.88)
Ram : This is the kitchen. (0:14:45.18)
Ram : And this is the lavatory. (0:14:46.72)
Subaru Natsuki : In a mansion like this, the restroom must be huge. (0:14:48.21)
Beatrice : You're so great, Bubby! Your fur is the best— (0:14:51.58)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't worry. I won't tell a soul. (0:14:55.96)
Subaru Natsuki : The feel of that fur would make anyone— (0:14:58.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey! Let me finish! (0:15:00.97)
Ram : That was Miss Beatrice's Door Crossing. (0:15:06.20)
Subaru Natsuki : So it's a spell that can connect any
door in the mansion to her room?
Ram : Once Miss Beatrice has eliminated her presence, (0:15:12.98)
Ram : there is no way to find her without
trying every door in the mansion.
Subaru Natsuki : She's in here! (0:15:20.23)
Puck : That was impressive, Subaru... (0:15:22.42)
Beatrice : You picked the right door again? (0:15:24.20)
Subaru Natsuki : What did I tell you? (0:15:26.44)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm a flag-crusher who makes game masters cry. (0:15:27.58)
Beatrice : I don't understand what you're saying! (0:15:30.16)
Subaru Natsuki : I don't know who you are, either. (0:15:32.22)
Subaru Natsuki : Ros-chi's little sister? (0:15:34.76)
Beatrice : I'd never want to be his sister, I suppose! Hmph! (0:15:36.28)
Puck : Betty is the librarian who oversees the
Roswaal mansion's forbidden library.
Ram : Lord Roswaal is the greatest
magic-user in the kingdom.
Ram : He has many books that must not be seen by others. (0:15:46.03)
Ram : Miss Beatrice is contracted to protect them. (0:15:48.69)
Beatrice : If you get it now, then go away. (0:15:51.90)
Ram : This concludes our tour of the mansion. (0:15:55.70)
Ram : Any questions? (0:15:58.74)
Subaru Natsuki : I know it's no use saying this after it's over, (0:16:00.48)
Subaru Natsuki : but shouldn't Emilia-tan be the one
with me for the tour event?
Ram : If you have no questions, let us
get to your actual job.
Ram : You will help me with my work, Barusu. (0:16:11.88)
Subaru Natsuki : This must be where my hidden
skill as a butler reveals itself!
Ram : My work today is caring for the front yard
and garden, helping to prepare lunch,
Ram : polishing the silver, airing the futons,
laundry, bathroom cleaning,
Ram : and the mansion's monthly soot cleaning. (0:16:25.28)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm exhausted... (0:16:29.92)
Rem : This is Rem. Do you have a moment, Subaru? (0:16:32.97)
Subaru Natsuki : Sure, I'm good! (0:16:35.29)
Subaru Natsuki : I won't do anything weird, so come on in. (0:16:37.04)
Rem : Your permission actually makes
you sound less credible.
Rem : Pardon me, then. (0:16:42.16)
Subaru Natsuki : You already finished it? (0:16:45.10)
Rem : When it is Lord Roswaal's clothing,
my priority is to take care.
Rem : But since this is yours... (0:16:50.23)
Subaru Natsuki : Did you just imply that you cut corners? (0:16:51.48)
Subaru Natsuki : I hate to admit it, but it's perfect. (0:16:56.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Well? Do I look good? (0:16:58.12)
Rem : Combined with the rarity of gray clothes, (0:16:59.90)
Rem : no one in any kind of strange
garment could rival you.
Subaru Natsuki : Okay! Not a compliment at all! (0:17:05.55)
Rem : What shall we do with that? (0:17:07.21)
Subaru Natsuki : This one's easy. Got a needle and thread? (0:17:09.00)
Rem : I brought them. Shall I repair it now? (0:17:11.87)
Subaru Natsuki : Nah, I'll do it. (0:17:15.09)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't underestimate my sewing skills... (0:17:16.77)
Rem : I am surprised. (0:17:23.52)
Rem : I must give you full marks for your sewing. (0:17:24.91)
Rem : Like you, however, it does not seem very useful. (0:17:27.88)
Subaru Natsuki : Ow! (0:17:33.12)
Ram : You may get full marks for sewing, but you
are still useless with a knife, Barusu.
Rem : As always, you make such a lovely image
when peeling vegetables, Sister.
Subaru Natsuki : Your bias is so blatant, it's almost comforting! (0:17:42.49)
Subaru Natsuki : I'd like a comment on my work, too! (0:17:44.93)
Rem : I pity the farmer who grew those vegetables. (0:17:47.48)
Subaru Natsuki : Stop! You're breaking my heart! (0:17:50.50)
Ram : You do not know how to handle a knife, Barusu. (0:17:52.76)
Ram : You should hold the knife still, turning the vegetable. (0:17:55.27)
Ram : Frankly speaking, my best dish is steamed tatoes. (0:17:58.13)
Subaru Natsuki : How can you say that with such a triumphant look? (0:18:01.53)
Subaru Natsuki : Damn it, just watch. (0:18:04.31)
Subaru Natsuki : My favorite blade, Shooting Star,
will show you a thing or two—
Subaru Natsuki : It sliced right through me! (0:18:08.85)
Roswaal L. Mathers : It's been five days since Subaru-kun
came to the mansion.
Roswaal L. Mathers : How has he been? (0:18:26.34)
Roswaal L. Mathers : By now, we should be seeing something. (0:18:28.02)
Ram : Cooking, laundry, cleaning. (0:18:31.09)
Ram : He is useless at all of them. (0:18:33.38)
Roswaal L. Mathers : How strict of you... (0:18:35.30)
Roswaal L. Mathers : And? (0:18:37.20)
Roswaal L. Mathers : What of his potential as a spy? (0:18:38.37)
Ram : I cannot deny it exists, but I believe
the possibility is slim.
Ram : For better or worse. (0:18:45.53)
Ram : Specifically for worse, he is too conspicuous. (0:18:47.18)
Roswaal L. Mathers : And if he's too conspicuous... (0:18:50.60)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Despite that possibility, he certainly is carefree. (0:18:53.22)
Roswaal L. Mathers : As I personally see it, interfering would be wise. (0:18:58.32)
Ram : They are only children. (0:19:03.18)
Ram : Even if we let them be, nothing will happen. (0:19:05.22)
Emilia : It isn't that fun to watch, is it? (0:19:14.58)
Subaru Natsuki : When I'm with you, nothing is boring, Emilia-tan. (0:19:16.93)
Emilia : That makes me happy, even if
you're only flattering me.
Subaru Natsuki : Besides, we haven't had a chance
to talk for the past few days.
Emilia : That's right. It must be difficult for
you to learn your work here.
Subaru Natsuki : Yes, it is! It's killing me! (0:19:34.69)
Subaru Natsuki : I wish I could be sequentially comforted in
your arms, on your chest, and on your lap—
Emilia : Yeah, yeah. If you can joke around
like that, you must be fine.
Subaru Natsuki : The moon sure is pretty. (0:19:49.63)
Emilia : Yes, it's far beyond our reach. (0:19:52.52)
Subaru Natsuki : I got a really touching response, without even trying! (0:19:54.63)
Emilia : Anyway, don't you think you're
a bit lacking in ambition?
Emilia : Like that time with Puck, (0:20:02.84)
Emilia : and in the capital, when you asked for my name. (0:20:04.41)
Subaru Natsuki : You just don't get it, Emilia-tan... (0:20:07.34)
Subaru Natsuki : I want what I want at that exact moment, (0:20:09.96)
Subaru Natsuki : and I want it from the bottom of my heart. (0:20:12.80)
Emilia : Huh? (0:20:16.50)
Subaru Natsuki : At the time, I wanted to know your name. (0:20:17.74)
Subaru Natsuki : In a new land, nervous, and unsure of the future,
I had no expectations for tomorrow.
Subaru Natsuki : When I think about it calmly, (0:20:26.04)
Subaru Natsuki : there were probably other things
I should have wanted.
Subaru Natsuki : But I can't lie to myself. (0:20:31.61)
Subaru Natsuki : Same with the request I made to Ros-chi... (0:20:37.35)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm flat broke right now. (0:20:40.01)
Subaru Natsuki : I could cheat him out of a fortune and live it up, (0:20:43.30)
Subaru Natsuki : but I can just as easily obtain
a source of livelihood, right?
Emilia : In that case, couldn't you have become a permanent
guest, rather than an employee?
Subaru Natsuki : I never thought of that! (0:20:53.53)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, man, talk about pathetic... (0:20:58.48)
Subaru Natsuki : You should keep your efforts a secret, huh? (0:21:00.42)
Emilia : Do you want me to use my healing magic? (0:21:03.32)
Subaru Natsuki : Nah, I'm fine like this. (0:21:05.53)
Emilia : Why? (0:21:07.51)
Subaru Natsuki : It's kind of hard to explain, but... (0:21:09.59)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, this is proof of the effort I put in. (0:21:12.20)
Subaru Natsuki : I don't actually dislike exerting myself, you know. (0:21:15.88)
Subaru Natsuki : Learning to do something I couldn't do before... (0:21:18.96)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, it's not so bad. (0:21:21.53)
Emilia : That's right. Yes, I think you're right. (0:21:25.38)
Emilia : Really, Subaru, you idiot. (0:21:29.80)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey, what's with that reaction? (0:21:31.13)
Subaru Natsuki : This is where you fall for me, all over again. (0:21:33.23)
Emilia : I never initially fell for you! (0:21:35.24)
Emilia : Honestly, you're so silly. (0:21:38.66)
Subaru Natsuki : EMA... (0:21:44.00)
Emilia : Huh? (0:21:45.22)
Subaru Natsuki : It's short for "Emilia-tan, major angel." (0:21:46.18)
Emilia : I'm thanking you, and you're joking around again! (0:21:48.92)
Emilia : Anyway, I know you're working hard, (0:21:51.98)
Emilia : but how did your hands get so torn up? (0:21:55.07)
Subaru Natsuki : I cut this one with knives in the kitchen... (0:21:57.98)
Subaru Natsuki : And this is from the evening when
I went shopping in town,
Subaru Natsuki : and a little animal some kids
were playing with bit me.
Emilia : It wasn't the result of your effort? (0:22:06.78)
Subaru Natsuki : Those kids were ruthless, (0:22:08.95)
Subaru Natsuki : hitting and kicking me, and wiping their
runny noses on me. It sucked, damn it.
Emilia : You do seem like you'd be good
with small children, Subaru.
Subaru Natsuki : I know! Wanna come with me
tomorrow, to get revenge...
Subaru Natsuki : I mean, to watch the kids and the small animal? (0:22:22.35)
Emilia : It isn't that I don't want to go with you... (0:22:26.03)
Subaru Natsuki : Then let's go. (0:22:29.04)
Emilia : But if I'm with you, it might cause trouble for you. (0:22:30.31)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, got it! Let's go! (0:22:34.05)
Emilia : Are you listening to me? (0:22:36.58)
Subaru Natsuki : I am! I hang on every word you say, Emilia-tan! (0:22:37.84)
Emilia : Jeez... (0:22:42.92)
Emilia : Only during a break from my studies and
when your work is done, all right?
Subaru Natsuki : All right! Roger that! (0:22:50.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey, loli girl! You're still up? (0:23:00.17)
Beatrice : So now you can break through my Door
Crossing like it's natural, I suppose.
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, I just wanted to say hello before going to bed. (0:23:07.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Can I try that, too? (0:23:10.63)
Beatrice : Only Bubby may touch me, I suppose. (0:23:12.73)
Subaru Natsuki : No fair that only you can have fun. (0:23:15.61)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, I'm in a good mood, so I can let it go— (0:23:17.82)
Beatrice : Enough! Just get out of here! (0:23:18.47)
Beatrice : That has nothing to do with Betty, I suppose. (0:23:25.02)
Subaru Natsuki : For our date tomorrow, (0:23:28.29)
Subaru Natsuki : I'll have to come up with an excuse
to ditch those kids at the village.
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, but first, I've gotta learn where all the good
views and flower fields and stuff are...
Subaru Natsuki : Crap! I can't sleep while I'm thinking about this! (0:23:37.77)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, I know! (0:23:41.79)
Subaru Natsuki : One Puck... Two Pucks... (0:23:43.35)
Subaru Natsuki : A hundred and one Pucks... (0:23:48.07)
Subaru Natsuki : A new dawn has come! A dawn of hope! (0:23:54.78)
Subaru Natsuki : Natsuki Subaru will make giant strides today... (0:23:57.92)
Subaru Natsuki : What?! You were in here? (0:24:02.67)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm so embarrassed! (0:24:04.49)
Subaru Natsuki : You should have said something! (0:24:05.84)
Rem : Sister, Sister... Our guest appears
to be a bit confused.
Ram : Rem, Rem... It looks as though
our guest has gone crazy.
Subaru Natsuki : Why are you calling me a guest? (0:24:16.54)
Subaru Natsuki : You two and your jokes... (0:24:19.34)
Subaru Natsuki : The wounds (0:24:31.14)
EXTRA : The Roswaal Mansion Family (0:24:32.28)
Subaru Natsuki : are gone. (0:24:32.71)

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