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Subaru Natsuki : My left arm! (0:00:20.83)
Subaru Natsuki : I still have it? (0:00:23.00)
Subaru Natsuki : I went back again... (0:00:25.04)
Subaru Natsuki : No, maybe I should say I made it back... (0:00:27.28)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, sorry. Good morning. (0:00:33.98)
Subaru Natsuki : Right, I guess you don't remember me... (0:00:38.87)
Subaru Natsuki : Sorry for the trouble I've caused! (0:00:44.25)
Subaru Natsuki : Natsuki Subaru will now start over! (0:00:46.31)
Subaru Natsuki : By the way, what day and time is it? (0:00:50.00)
Subaru Natsuki : It's my third first day in the Roswaal mansion. (0:02:24.81)
Subaru Natsuki : That chill I felt... (0:02:28.54)
Subaru Natsuki : Does that mean I died in my sleep the
first time, due to physical weakness?
Subaru Natsuki : But the second time, (0:02:34.41)
Subaru Natsuki : there was an attacker. (0:02:36.48)
Subaru Natsuki : So if I was killed, (0:02:39.19)
Subaru Natsuki : does that mean the others in
the mansion are targets, too?
Subaru Natsuki : Because we're involved in Emilia's royal
selection, like at the loot house?
Subaru Natsuki : But even if I know that, (0:02:49.00)
Subaru Natsuki : I have no proof to explain it
or any way to avoid it.
Subaru Natsuki : Worse yet, I didn't see the
attacker's face, or their prey.
Subaru Natsuki : My death was totally in vain. (0:02:58.44)
Beatrice : You're irritating me to death. (0:03:00.24)
Beatrice : Either stop it or be blown away. (0:03:02.01)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, sorry... (0:03:05.68)
Subaru Natsuki : But somehow, walking in circles also
turns the gears in my head.
Subaru Natsuki : Cut me some slack, huh? (0:03:11.53)
Subaru Natsuki : We're tight, aren't we? (0:03:12.68)
Beatrice : Exactly what sort of relationship do
you think we have, I suppose?
Beatrice : We've only met twice. (0:03:17.38)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, I won't make trouble for you. (0:03:22.64)
Subaru Natsuki : Serve some tea or something, and let me relax. (0:03:25.36)
Beatrice : As if I'll serve you anything, I suppose. (0:03:27.58)
Beatrice : Ugh, you're irritating me! (0:03:30.44)
Subaru Natsuki : What's that book you're reading? (0:03:32.83)
Beatrice : It explains how to get rid of bugs that
have gotten into my room, I suppose.
Subaru Natsuki : You've got bugs in the library? That sucks. (0:03:38.90)
Subaru Natsuki : What kind of bugs? (0:03:42.72)
Beatrice : It's time for you to leave! (0:03:44.36)
Beatrice : Your hands have stopped shaking, (0:03:46.92)
Beatrice : so you can mask your fear now, I suppose. (0:03:48.60)
Subaru Natsuki : You could tell? (0:03:52.07)
Beatrice : You were trying to hide it, I suppose. (0:03:53.21)
Beatrice : It's quite vexing to be treated
as a mere convenience.
Subaru Natsuki : You're not nice at all... (0:03:58.73)
Subaru Natsuki : Thanks for the help, though. (0:04:01.02)
Subaru Natsuki : I'll be counting on you again. (0:04:02.56)
Beatrice : I don't want to be counted on, I suppose. (0:04:04.02)
Beatrice : So don't come in here again! (0:04:06.24)
Beatrice : Shoo, shoo. (0:04:09.09)
Subaru Natsuki : "Shoo, shoo"? (0:04:10.75)
Subaru Natsuki : Wait! When you said "bugs," you meant me? (0:04:13.36)
Beatrice : Just get out of here this instant! (0:04:16.03)
Subaru Natsuki : I-If not for the flower bed, that would
have been instant death...
Emilia : Um... (0:04:29.42)
Emilia : Can I ask if you're all right? (0:04:32.11)
Subaru Natsuki : Emilia-tan, your kindness is the
one thing that can heal me.
Emilia : You know, Rem just spread manure
in that flower bed yesterday.
Subaru Natsuki : Argh! (0:04:44.18)
Subaru Natsuki : Three-second rule! That didn't count...
That didn't count, right?
Emilia : In fact, they say this kind
of thing is actually lucky.
Subaru Natsuki : Emilia-tan is already shifting
into consolation mode...
Emilia : Puck, wake up. (0:05:01.23)
Puck : Morning, Lia... (0:05:08.73)
Emilia : Morning, Puck. (0:05:10.78)
Emilia : Sorry to ask after you just woke up,
but could you wash Subaru off?
Puck : Subaru? (0:05:17.18)
Puck : Okay, I'll wash you off. (0:05:18.97)
Puck : Here! (0:05:21.85)
Puck : There, all clean. (0:05:28.51)
Puck : Isn't that nice? (0:05:30.21)
Subaru Natsuki : I thought I was a goner... (0:05:36.55)
Subaru Natsuki : Wasn't there another way to do that? (0:05:38.79)
Subaru Natsuki : You enjoyed that, didn't you? (0:05:40.96)
Puck : That isn't true at all... Hmph. (0:05:43.63)
Puck : Punch-backs! (0:05:47.29)
Subaru Natsuki : Now, you've done it! (0:05:50.11)
Subaru Natsuki : Like that? It's my lethal move,
Make the Cat Cry Ha Ha...
Puck : Cut it out! (0:05:55.84)
Puck : Tail punch! (0:05:57.33)
Subaru Natsuki : You— (0:05:58.54)
Puck : And I'll finish you with my paw-pad grind! (0:05:59.09)
Puck : Grind, grind, grind, grind... (0:06:02.50)
Emilia : Oh, gosh... Sorry, I can't... (0:06:08.07)
Emilia : What are you two doing? (0:06:09.90)
Emilia : Oh, my stomach... I'm dying... (0:06:12.58)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, now that I've rebounded from
my initial bad impression...
Subaru Natsuki : Thanks for your assistance, Father! (0:06:21.79)
Puck : Who are you calling "Father"? (0:06:23.62)
Puck : I won't give you my daughter that easily. (0:06:25.32)
Emilia : Please stop. You're both too funny... (0:06:27.75)
Puck : Nothing beats your smile, Lia. (0:06:31.31)
Puck : You agree, too. Right, Subaru? (0:06:33.72)
Subaru Natsuki : I totally do. (0:06:35.82)
Subaru Natsuki : To me, Emilia-tan's smile is the first
shining star in the night sky!
Emilia : Not you, too, Subaru. (0:06:42.87)
Emilia : Also, what does "tan" mean?
Where'd it come from?
Subaru Natsuki : It's what they call a pet name. (0:06:49.96)
Subaru Natsuki : Just like when Puck calls you "Lia." (0:06:52.73)
Subaru Natsuki : It's an expression of affection
that shows people's closeness.
Emilia : I don't remember getting so close to you... (0:06:59.68)
Subaru Natsuki : That somewhat hurts, but I won't lose heart! (0:07:04.42)
Subaru Natsuki : Think of it as an advance on our relationship. (0:07:08.16)
Subaru Natsuki : It means I want us to get close enough
to call each other by pet names.
Subaru Natsuki : Okay? (0:07:14.49)
Emilia : All right, I'll accept that. (0:07:20.01)
Emilia : No... Don't look at me. (0:07:25.07)
Subaru Natsuki : I expected her to cringe,
but I got a positive response.
Subaru Natsuki : What could this mean,
Commentator Puck-san?
Puck : She doesn't have many friends, (0:07:33.73)
Puck : so she craves things like nicknames. (0:07:36.00)
Puck : She's easy to please. (0:07:38.32)
Subaru Natsuki : My main heroine is easy to please, huh?! (0:07:39.39)
Rem : Sister, Sister... It's only been a short time, (0:07:41.94)
Rem : and now our guest looks like a drowned rat. (0:07:44.51)
Ram : Rem, Rem. In just a short time, (0:07:46.91)
Ram : our guest has turned into a dirty, old washrag. (0:07:49.44)
Subaru Natsuki : I know I'm a rat. You don't have to tell me. (0:07:51.77)
Ram : Our lord, Roswaal-sama, has returned. (0:07:55.55)
Rem : Our lord, Roswaal-sama, has returned. (0:07:55.55)
Rem : Please come inside. (0:07:59.29)
Ram : Please come inside. (0:07:59.29)
Subaru Natsuki : Here we go. (0:08:02.47)
Subaru Natsuki : My third first meeting with
the lord of the mansion.
Subaru Natsuki : All I know for certain is that someone
will attack on the fourth night.
Subaru Natsuki : It'd be ideal if I could let them know. (0:08:13.34)
Subaru Natsuki : But I can't explain where I got the information, (0:08:16.09)
Subaru Natsuki : so they might think I'm working
with the assassin.
Subaru Natsuki : If I just knew even the attacker's physique, (0:08:21.94)
Subaru Natsuki : it might be a different story. (0:08:24.74)
Subaru Natsuki : So this time, I'll use these next four days (0:08:26.99)
Subaru Natsuki : to gather information and
learn who the attacker is.
Subaru Natsuki : And to do that... (0:08:33.66)
Roswaal L. Mathers : You may have any reward you request. (0:08:35.48)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Merely state your desire! (0:08:37.72)
Subaru Natsuki : In that case, (0:08:41.58)
Subaru Natsuki : let me live here as a house guest, (0:08:42.98)
Subaru Natsuki : and eat and sleep all I want! (0:08:44.60)
Subaru Natsuki : But how am I supposed to gather information? (0:08:54.54)
Subaru Natsuki : I guess I'll start with some
indirect questioning...
Subaru Natsuki : That's where I fell. (0:09:04.24)
Subaru Natsuki : Sorry for the trouble... (0:09:09.96)
Rem : Of course. If you'll excuse me, sir. (0:09:11.77)
Subaru Natsuki : Wait. (0:09:14.73)
Subaru Natsuki : I didn't even get a chance to talk. (0:09:16.33)
Subaru Natsuki : I don't see anything out of the ordinary... (0:09:24.76)
Roswaal L. Mathers : What do you not see? (0:09:30.06)
Subaru Natsuki : Ros-chi... (0:09:32.35)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't scare me like that. It's misleading. (0:09:33.94)
EXTRA : Magic - died of weakness in sleep
Sound of chains
Roswaal's chains X
Subaru Natsuki : Come in! (0:09:44.42)
Ram : Here you go, sir. (0:09:46.06)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, thanks. Want to drink it with me? (0:09:47.74)
Ram : No, thank you, sir. (0:09:50.68)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey, you can be a little friendlier
to me if you want...
Subaru Natsuki : Well, it's my first day.
I guess it makes sense.
Subaru Natsuki : Yo! (0:10:09.06)
Beatrice : Every day, you come in here
without even knocking.
Beatrice : You truly have no manners whatsoever. (0:10:12.92)
Beatrice : Leaving would be in your best interest,
before you get blown away, I suppose.
Subaru Natsuki : Whoa! Wait, wait... (0:10:18.77)
Subaru Natsuki : I just want to ask you something. (0:10:20.28)
Subaru Natsuki : Is there any magic that weakens and kills
someone, as if putting them to sleep?
Beatrice : If I must answer, then yes, there is. (0:10:27.84)
Subaru Natsuki : There is? (0:10:31.76)
Beatrice : But it isn't so much magic as
it is a curse, I suppose.
Beatrice : There are many such things among the
spells that shamans specialize in.
Subaru Natsuki : Shamans? (0:10:41.08)
Beatrice : Magicians. (0:10:42.19)
Beatrice : However, shamans are a subclass
of magic- and spirit-arts users,
Beatrice : originating in the northern nation
of Gusteco, I suppose.
Beatrice : They're all quite useless, and not
to be taken seriously.
Beatrice : But there is an easier method
than a curse, I suppose.
Subaru Natsuki : Easier? (0:10:58.83)
Beatrice : I believe you've already experienced it. (0:11:00.56)
Subaru Natsuki : Wait, you mean... (0:11:05.45)
Subaru Natsuki : That mana drain you did against
my will could actually kill me?
Beatrice : Mana is also one's very life force. (0:11:12.69)
Beatrice : If you continually suck it out, one could
die of weakness, I suppose.
Subaru Natsuki : Wait... You're not the one
who killed me, are you?
Beatrice : Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm busy. (0:11:24.18)
Beatrice : I couldn't even spare the effort to kill you... (0:11:27.90)
Subaru Natsuki : Is this what you want? (0:11:32.21)
Subaru Natsuki : So, uh... (0:11:34.75)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, yeah. (0:11:36.21)
Subaru Natsuki : Can anyone do that mana-sucking thing? (0:11:37.29)
Beatrice : That's an absolutely terrible
way to put it, I suppose.
Beatrice : In this mansion, only Bubby and I can. (0:11:43.28)
Beatrice : Even Roswaal can't. (0:11:45.45)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh... It's actually a pretty rare skill, then. (0:11:47.55)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't suck up that stuff too much. (0:11:50.76)
Subaru Natsuki : Especially from me. (0:11:53.76)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm really short on blood right now,
so I'd die in a heartbeat.
Beatrice : Yes, all your organs were restored, (0:11:58.63)
Beatrice : but your blood wasn't replaced, I suppose. (0:12:01.20)
Beatrice : Well, I have no obligation to do so, anyway. (0:12:03.65)
Subaru Natsuki : My organs? (0:12:06.81)
Subaru Natsuki : The way you said that (0:12:10.29)
Subaru Natsuki : makes it sound like you were the
one who healed my wounds.
Subaru Natsuki : Trying to take the credit from Emilia-tan
makes you look bad!
Beatrice : That silly girl doesn't have the power
to heal fatal wounds yet, I suppose.
Subaru Natsuki : Eh? (0:12:25.35)
Beatrice : She and Bubby stabilized you,
and I healed your wounds.
Subaru Natsuki : Huh?! (0:12:30.91)
Subaru Natsuki : F-For real? You're kidding, right? (0:12:31.79)
Subaru Natsuki : Of course... It's a lie. (0:12:34.97)
Subaru Natsuki : It was a lie! It's not nice to lie! (0:12:36.51)
Subaru Natsuki : No lying... (0:12:39.12)
Beatrice : Shut up, I suppose. (0:12:41.53)
Beatrice : You're too averse to the truth. (0:12:43.16)
Beatrice : Someone not worth saving should
disappear, I suppose!
Emilia : Um... (0:12:51.10)
Emilia : Once again, are you all right? (0:12:52.75)
Subaru Natsuki : So, in the end, the key words
are "curse" and "chains."
Subaru Natsuki : I don't know anything else. (0:13:00.04)
Subaru Natsuki : If Return by Death's conditions are the same, (0:13:02.36)
Subaru Natsuki : I died three times in the capital,
and survived the fourth time.
Subaru Natsuki : But that doesn't mean I intend to
treat this as a throwaway life.
Subaru Natsuki : That's why I asked Puck to keep
an eye on Emilia for me.
Puck : Sure. (0:13:17.88)
Puck : This is all really vague, (0:13:19.19)
Puck : but I can tell you're asking
out of concern for Lia.
Subaru Natsuki : On the morning of the fourth day,
I'll leave here and—
EXTRA : Magic - died of weakness in sleep
Sound of chains
Roswaal's chains X
Ram : Pardon my intrusion, sir. (0:13:29.30)
Ram : I see you really are studying, sir. (0:13:32.22)
Subaru Natsuki : That's super rude... (0:13:34.76)
Subaru Natsuki : I am a guest here, you know. (0:13:37.09)
Ram : You're a freeloader calling yourself a guest. (0:13:40.32)
Ram : That's how I perceive it, sir. (0:13:42.51)
Subaru Natsuki : Thanks. (0:13:45.20)
Subaru Natsuki : Ugh, it's still nasty. (0:13:48.72)
Ram : You'll incur the wrath of the
mansion's finest tea leaves.
Subaru Natsuki : Slacking off right in front of your guest? (0:13:56.52)
Subaru Natsuki : I have no words for that nerve of yours. (0:13:59.40)
Ram : You were the one who told me to
be more friendly toward you.
Ram : I'm only responding to your demand. (0:14:05.93)
Ram : So? How is your studying coming? (0:14:09.06)
Subaru Natsuki : Not bad... (0:14:11.42)
Subaru Natsuki : I can read simple fairy tales like these now. (0:14:12.78)
Subaru Natsuki : It's interesting how the morals slightly
differ from those of the ones I know.
Subaru Natsuki : It's like true cross-cultural communication! (0:14:19.55)
Subaru Natsuki : Maybe I should import a few fairy
tales from my homeland.
Subaru Natsuki : Like "The Red Ogre Who Cried." (0:14:25.92)
Ram : The Red Ogre Who Cried? (0:14:30.41)
Subaru Natsuki : Want me to tell it to you? (0:14:33.24)
Subaru Natsuki : All right, your attention, please. (0:14:38.45)
Subaru Natsuki : Once upon a time, there lived
a red ogre and a blue ogre.
Subaru Natsuki : The two were very good friends. (0:14:47.74)
Subaru Natsuki : The red ogre wanted to be friends
with the people of the village.
Subaru Natsuki : But the people were too scared
to get close to him.
Subaru Natsuki : The blue ogre couldn't bear to watch, (0:15:00.43)
Subaru Natsuki : so he devised a plan to help his friend. (0:15:02.08)
Subaru Natsuki : "I'll make a ruckus in the village,
so you come and stop me.
Subaru Natsuki : Then the villagers will be sure to trust you." (0:15:10.14)
Subaru Natsuki : The plan worked, and the red
ogre befriended the humans.
Subaru Natsuki : But as time passed,
something began to worry him.
Subaru Natsuki : His friend, the blue ogre,
no longer came to visit him.
Subaru Natsuki : One day, the red ogre went
to the blue ogre's house.
Subaru Natsuki : The door was tightly shut, and a
letter was affixed to it.
Subaru Natsuki : The letter said... (0:15:38.18)
Subaru Natsuki : "Red Ogre-kun, please have fun
with your human friends.
Subaru Natsuki : If I continue to hang around you, (0:15:46.54)
Subaru Natsuki : they might think you're a bad ogre, too. (0:15:49.52)
Subaru Natsuki : So I've decided to go on a journey, (0:15:53.47)
Subaru Natsuki : but I will never forget you. (0:15:56.76)
Subaru Natsuki : Goodbye. Please take care of yourself. (0:16:00.42)
Subaru Natsuki : Your friend forever... (0:16:03.98)
Subaru Natsuki : Blue Ogre." (0:16:06.57)
Subaru Natsuki : The red ogre read the letter in
silence, over and over again.
Subaru Natsuki : Tears fell, as he began to cry. (0:16:13.51)
Subaru Natsuki : The end. (0:16:16.90)
Ram : That's a sad story. (0:16:19.74)
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, it is. (0:16:21.84)
Subaru Natsuki : But I think it's a sweet story, too. (0:16:23.84)
Ram : I think all the characters in it are just stupid. (0:16:27.58)
Ram : The red ogre, the blue ogre,
and the villagers, too.
Subaru Natsuki : That's kind of a harsh critique. (0:16:34.91)
Subaru Natsuki : I mean, I'm not denying it, but... (0:16:38.14)
Subaru Natsuki : That's why I both love and hate that story. (0:16:40.86)
Subaru Natsuki : The blue ogre's self-sacrifice
is really appealing,
Subaru Natsuki : but it's stupid because
he gets nothing in return.
Subaru Natsuki : I'm the type that wants to be
rewarded for my effort.
Ram : Is that what you think of the blue ogre? (0:16:54.75)
Ram : But it's the red ogre that I think is beyond help. (0:16:58.37)
Ram : He dragged the blue ogre into his own desires. (0:17:01.96)
Ram : As a result, he lost nothing. (0:17:04.32)
Ram : Only the blue ogre lost anything. (0:17:06.81)
Subaru Natsuki : Then what do you think the two
ogres should have done?
Ram : If the red ogre truly wanted
to befriend the humans,
Ram : he should have broken off his
horns and gone to them.
Ram : He should have done that before the
blue ogre couldn't bear to watch anymore.
Subaru Natsuki : That's a pretty extreme opinion, too... (0:17:24.30)
Ram : Is it? (0:17:28.05)
Ram : Which of the two ogres would
you rather be friends with?
Subaru Natsuki : Which of the two? (0:17:33.30)
Ram : The red ogre, who can only wish
and be taken care of by others,
Ram : or the stupid blue ogre,
who basks in self-sacrifice?
Ram : What a foolish answer. (0:17:53.63)
Ram : If you want to befriend both, (0:17:56.08)
Ram : you must be the indecisive, adulterous type. (0:17:58.28)
Ram : You'll regret it one day. (0:18:01.01)
Subaru Natsuki : I don't recall it being that kind of story! (0:18:02.36)
Ram : Putting aside your homeland's fairy tales, (0:18:06.21)
Ram : did any of these stories leave
an impression on you?
Subaru Natsuki : Well, the ones that interested me most (0:18:11.74)
Subaru Natsuki : were the middle one, about the dragon, (0:18:14.95)
Subaru Natsuki : and at the end, about the witch. (0:18:17.58)
Subaru Natsuki : I finally know where the name the "Dragon's
Kingdom of Lugunica" comes from.
Ram : Oh? (0:18:23.92)
Subaru Natsuki : It said the royal family signed
a covenant with a dragon,
Subaru Natsuki : so it's more like a folk tale
than a fairy tale, right?
Ram : Yes, since it's true. (0:18:31.14)
Ram : The noble dragon still protects
this nation from far away,
Ram : beyond a great waterfall. (0:18:38.57)
Ram : It will do so until its contract with
the royal family is fulfilled.
Subaru Natsuki : Wait, didn't the royal family that signed
the contract recently die out?
Ram : Yes, quite abruptly. (0:18:50.81)
Ram : No one knows what the dragon wants. (0:18:53.51)
Ram : In the nation's current situation,
only the gods know...
Ram : No, only the dragon knows what
the dragon will do, sir.
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, by the way, about this witch story— (0:19:06.34)
Ram : I don't want to discuss that. (0:19:08.86)
Ram : I've stayed too long. (0:19:11.41)
Ram : I'll come again to notify you
when dinner is ready, sir.
Subaru Natsuki : O-Okay. (0:19:18.50)
Ram : That story you told me about the ogres... (0:19:20.87)
Ram : Don't tell it to Rem. (0:19:23.82)
Ram : I'm certain she wouldn't like it. (0:19:25.64)
Subaru Natsuki : "A scary witch, a terrifying witch. (0:19:36.38)
Subaru Natsuki : To even speak her name was terrifying. (0:19:39.69)
Subaru Natsuki : Everyone called her (0:19:42.80)
Subaru Natsuki : the Jealous Witch." (0:19:45.60)
Emilia : Are you sure about this? (0:19:52.86)
Emilia : We could call a royal car to
take you to the capital.
Subaru Natsuki : I'll be fine... (0:19:57.20)
Subaru Natsuki : One day, when I'm the kind of strong,
smart, rich man who's worthy of you,
Subaru Natsuki : I'll take you away on a white horse. (0:20:04.14)
Emilia : Do you have a handkerchief? (0:20:06.23)
Emilia : And water, lagumite ore, and... (0:20:07.50)
Emilia : Will you be able to sleep by yourself? (0:20:10.62)
Subaru Natsuki : Do you think you're my mom? (0:20:12.26)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Then, Subaru-kun, be well. (0:20:13.87)
Roswaal L. Mathers : And do not lose the gift I gave you. (0:20:17.07)
Roswaal L. Mathers : I added something equivalent to our three
days' worth of memories together...
Subaru Natsuki : Hush money, right? Don't worry, I get it. (0:20:25.43)
Subaru Natsuki : I won't say anything I shouldn't.
I swear to the dragon.
Roswaal L. Mathers : Talking with you makes any evil scheme
seem to lose its purpose.
Roswaal L. Mathers : And in this nation, swearing to the dragon
is the highest form of promise.
Roswaal L. Mathers : Be sure not to forget it. (0:20:41.04)
Subaru Natsuki : Got it! (0:20:43.65)
Subaru Natsuki : You two helped me out a ton. (0:20:45.12)
Subaru Natsuki : Especially you, Rem-rin.
Thanks for all the great food.
Subaru Natsuki : And Ram-chi... (0:20:50.64)
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah! You're good at cleaning toilets, right? (0:20:52.27)
Rem : Sister, Sister... Our guest is
hopelessly bad at flattery.
Ram : Rem, Rem... Our guest has a
fatal lack of skill in flattery.
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, shut up! (0:21:03.20)
Subaru Natsuki : I seriously couldn't think of anything! (0:21:04.27)
Subaru Natsuki : Thanks, though. (0:21:07.51)
Rem : Yes, sir. (0:21:09.58)
Ram : Yes, sir. (0:21:09.58)
Emilia : Subaru! (0:21:17.42)
Emilia : Thank you for everything. (0:21:19.95)
Emilia : If you need anything, come visit anytime. (0:21:21.55)
Subaru Natsuki : Sure! (0:21:25.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Thanks, Emilia-tan! (0:21:28.30)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, this is it. (0:21:51.37)
Subaru Natsuki : From here, I can see Emilia's
room especially well.
Subaru Natsuki : Now all that's left is to wait
for something to happen.
Subaru Natsuki : And stop it. (0:22:01.21)
Subaru Natsuki : She'd probably get mad at me
for using it this way...
Subaru Natsuki : I hope she does... (0:22:10.10)
Subaru Natsuki : I don't want to die. (0:22:14.01)
Subaru Natsuki : I don't want them to die. (0:22:18.04)
Subaru Natsuki : What did I tell you, Natsuki Subaru? (0:22:23.26)
Subaru Natsuki : Even if no one remembers what
happens when things repeat,
Subaru Natsuki : you remember. (0:22:30.10)
Subaru Natsuki : Now that I think about it, I didn't
go shopping for Rem this time.
Subaru Natsuki : Just because the food
meant for me was leftover?
Subaru Natsuki : It'll still be a while before dark. (0:22:45.47)
Subaru Natsuki : Focus! Focus! (0:22:48.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Emergency escape... (0:23:02.49)
Subaru Natsuki : I saw it! (0:23:05.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Yes, I saw it! (0:23:05.88)
Subaru Natsuki : I saw where the sound of chains came from! (0:23:07.36)
Subaru Natsuki : But is it coming this way now? (0:23:09.73)
Subaru Natsuki : Does this mean I played right
into the attacker's hands?
Subaru Natsuki : If you're coming, then come! (0:23:27.12)
Subaru Natsuki : Do you have the nerve?! (0:23:35.76)
Subaru Natsuki : All right... Show yourself, damn it! (0:23:42.56)
Subaru Natsuki : I've gone through all kinds
of hell to see your face!
Rem : Then I have no choice. (0:24:03.90)
Rem : The ideal scenario would have been to
finish this without anyone noticing.
Subaru Natsuki : You're joking... (0:24:24.65)
Subaru Natsuki : Right, Rem? (0:24:26.84)
EXTRA : The Sound of Chains (0:24:32.78)

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