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EXTRA : So, you are the Black King and his subjects. (0:00:02.47)
EXTRA : You said you would destroy the humans.
You boasted so boldly.
EXTRA : You tamed the winged dragons that we ruled, (0:00:10.65)
EXTRA : and treated them like your own pets... (0:00:14.16)
EXTRA : You are underestimating us. (0:00:17.45)
Black King : I am the Black King. (0:00:21.25)
Black King : If you intend to join my alliance,
you may take your place in line.
EXTRA : How dare you speak in such an arrogant
manner to this Bronze Dragon?!
EXTRA : Who the hell you think you are?! (0:00:34.09)
Black King : I don't care who you are. (0:00:36.97)
Black King : It matters not to me whoever
or whatever you are.
Black King : To me, you are no different
from a single starving Goblin child.
EXTRA : Look over here, you ragged fool! (0:00:49.11)
EXTRA : We shall tear you into
rags to match your robe.
EXTRA : Stop! (0:01:10.67)
Black King : Will you follow us, or
will you die with them?
Black King : You may no longer stand on the fence, Bronze. (0:01:23.93)
Black King : Respond to me, Bronze! (0:01:27.35)
EXTRA : Cease! Stop! Stop it! (0:01:30.81)
EXTRA : All right, the alliance... (0:01:38.28)
EXTRA : I will join your alliance. (0:01:41.78)
Black King : I welcome you, Bronze. (0:01:45.33)
Black King : You have now become one who is scorned
rather than one who is feared.
Black King : Hence, you have the right
to join my alliance.
Hijikata Toshizou : Such dreadful power. (0:01:57.09)
Grigori Rasputin : That is high praise coming from
a quiet man like you, Hijikata.
Grigori Rasputin : The power of our Black Lord
is the replication of life.
Grigori Rasputin : His healing power is one derivation of it. (0:02:08.10)
Grigori Rasputin : However, uncontrolled reproduction could
result in cancerous growth, leading to death.
EXTRA : --B-Black Lord!
--Black Lord!
EXTRA : Black Lord! (0:02:26.37)
Black King : You don't need to prostrate
yourselves before me.
Black King : Allow me some room to make use of my power. (0:02:30.67)
Grigori Rasputin : He can replicate anything
that is animate ad infinitum...
Grigori Rasputin : ....cells, even food... (0:02:51.40)
Hijikata Toshizou : To those who stand against the Black King, (0:02:54.06)
Hijikata Toshizou : recognizing him as the commander
of the opposing force,
Hijikata Toshizou : his power must be nothing
short of a nightmare.
Hijikata Toshizou : He can instantly cure those who are injured. (0:03:03.66)
Hijikata Toshizou : Even those who would be beyond recovery
or facing death under normal circumstances
Hijikata Toshizou : could return to the front lines in no time. (0:03:09.96)
Hijikata Toshizou : He can create food and firewood infinitely. (0:03:12.25)
Hijikata Toshizou : The concept of logistics falls apart. (0:03:17.05)
Hijikata Toshizou : Then, why does he have
them cultivate the earth?!
Hijikata Toshizou : Why can't he just create food himself?! (0:03:22.97)
Black King : That's because... (0:03:26.76)
Black King : ...I am not God, who possesses eternal life. (0:03:28.10)
Grigori Rasputin : Our Black Lord... (0:03:34.65)
Black King : Rasputin, is it completed? (0:03:36.52)
Grigori Rasputin : I was a professional, so... (0:03:40.36)
Grigori Rasputin : The system is extremely simple, but the
simplicity should work better for them.
Grigori Rasputin : I chose an eye for our symbol. (0:03:49.16)
Grigori Rasputin : Starting with the concept of fire worship,
and mixing in other ideas
Grigori Rasputin : from Varuna, Egyptian and Celtic mythos. (0:03:53.67)
Grigori Rasputin : I combined the best parts of
these ideas to compose this system.
Grigori Rasputin : Also, these were... (0:03:59.00)
Grigori Rasputin : ...copied from the Latin alphabet...
Well, actually, this is the Latin alphabet.
Grigori Rasputin : Even so, it may take a long time
to make them understand.
Black King : What do you have planned? (0:04:07.55)
Black King : We are a multi-racial community. (0:04:10.43)
Black King : Kobolds. Goblins. And we will become
even more diverse in the future.
Black King : We need to unite these races. (0:04:17.94)
Black King : We will create our own writing system,
unify their religions, and educate them.
Black King : Primitive agriculture, a new
writing system, unified religion...
Black King : They, who have been teased
by being called monsters,
Black King : will take the place of humans and forge
their own civilization in this world.
EXTRA : "Act 10
Baba Yatu"
EXTRA : We gather all the soil collected from villages,
store it in the former administrative office first...
EXTRA : ...or if each village can bring it to us... (0:04:42.92)
EXTRA : ...then we have this many horses
and this much wheat...
EXTRA : Why am I doing this? (0:04:50.56)
EXTRA : Oh my God! (0:04:53.06)
EXTRA : Oh my God! Cherry Boy! (0:04:54.69)
EXTRA : --Oh my God!
--Well, it's true, but...
EXTRA : Don't call me that, idiot! (0:04:58.98)
EXTRA : A strange carriage is approaching here. (0:05:00.57)
EXTRA : A strange... carriage? (0:05:03.29)
EXTRA : That is Count Saint-Germi... (0:05:08.95)
EXTRA : ...a powerful aristocrat from Orte! (0:05:12.04)
EXTRA : Elven boys, go hide now! (0:05:14.71)
EXTRA : You Elven girls, no need to hide. (0:05:17.67)
EXTRA : What is going on?! (0:05:21.09)
EXTRA : Stop! (0:05:27.84)
EXTRA : Hm? (0:05:29.22)
EXTRA : Stop! (0:05:30.26)
EXTRA : Wh-Wh-Who are you?! (0:05:31.31)
Count Saint-Germi : This place looks incredibly dull. (0:05:34.43)
Flame : It certainly does. (0:05:36.12)
Alesta : This really isn't what I was expecting. (0:05:38.13)
Alesta : I imagined some place more
twinkling and glittering...
Flame : Brilliant sunlight filtering
through the leaves of trees.
Flame : A forest where a hidden,
holy spring is gushing.
Alesta : There, the naked Elven boys
playing with the spirits of dead,
Alesta : frolicking and laughing. (0:05:51.43)
Flame : frolicking and laughing. (0:05:51.43)
Count Saint-Germi : Shut your mouths! (0:05:53.87)
EXTRA : "Dreamy" "Dreamy" (0:05:53.87b)
EXTRA : Count Saint-Germi... (0:05:55.42)
EXTRA : Why did you personally
come to a place like this?
Count Saint-Germi : Who on earth are you? A Drifter? (0:06:00.92)
Mills : No... my lord. (0:06:04.09)
Mills : I am Mills, the former tax
accountant of the Elven colonies.
Mills : Now, the Elves have locked me up and... (0:06:10.04)
Count Saint-Germi : Hmm, you look like a virgin. (0:06:12.35)
Count Saint-Germi : I came to see the Drifters. (0:06:15.27)
Count Saint-Germi : They must be here, right?!
Bring them here... Bring the Drifters!
Flame : That's right. That's right. Bring them to us! (0:06:21.40)
Alesta : Why are only a few Elven boys here?!
You must be hiding them.
Alesta : Bring them out! (0:06:27.94)
Mills : Well... actually... they are
not here at this moment.
Count Saint-Germi : Huh? (0:06:32.95)
Count Saint-Germi : What do you mean by that?! Where are they?! (0:06:33.91)
Count Saint-Germi : You must confess. Or else,
I will eat you alive!
Mills : I'm sorry. I'm sowwy. (0:06:39.92)
Mills : Th-They told me they were going to (0:06:42.04)
Mills : free the Dwarves and took
the Elven men with them...
Mills : ...and, um... that the
Dwarves... would make them
Mills : firearms, machine guns, and the like. (0:06:47.37)
Count Saint-Germi : Wh...?! (0:06:49.09)
Count Saint-Germi : Di... Di... Did you say they were going
to have the Dwarves make firearms?!
Count Saint-Germi : Wh... Wh... What...
What about black powder?!
Mills : They already have black powder. (0:06:57.64)
Mills : They are continuously
making a large quantity.
Count Saint-Germi : It's over. Orte is finished. (0:07:01.19)
EXTRA : What?! Muket? What the heck is a muket? (0:07:11.49)
EXTRA : Is it edible? (0:07:14.83)
Oda Nobunaga : Musket! It's called a musket! (0:07:16.58)
Oda Nobunaga : Have you been doing anything besides eating?! (0:07:19.00)
EXTRA : We can fight as well. (0:07:22.08)
EXTRA : Bring us more booze and food! (0:07:24.38)
Oda Nobunaga : Also, you guys recovered
way too quickly after you ate!
EXTRA : --Huh?!
--You wanna fight, idiot?!
Olminu : There should've been tons
of food in this arsenal...
Olminu : Wh-What happened?! (0:07:37.18)
EXTRA : Olminu, we just got an additional order. (0:07:39.30)
EXTRA : Soup for a hundred people! (0:07:41.82)
EXTRA : What kind of place do they think this is?!
Just serve them water!
EXTRA : The more they eat,
the more muscular they become.
EXTRA : Scary... Dwarves really are scary. (0:07:55.70)
EXTRA : Yeah. (0:07:58.80)
EXTRA : What's with that? Why are you smiling, Shara? (0:08:00.95)
Shara : Hm? (0:08:05.00)
Shara : The Dwarves are back. The Dwarves
from our bedtime stories are back.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Ahhh... (0:08:15.43)
Oda Nobunaga : Don't "Ahhh" me. (0:08:16.68)
Nasu no Yoichi : So... hey, listen to me. (0:08:22.18)
Nasu no Yoichi : You know that guy Yoshitsune?
He's a horrible person.
Nasu no Yoichi : Are you listening, old man? (0:08:30.11)
EXTRA : I am... I am listening. (0:08:33.03)
Nasu no Yoichi : So here is the thing... (0:08:34.66)
Nasu no Yoichi : Suddenly, he was like, "Shoot the fan!"
That didn't make any sense!
Nasu no Yoichi : No way in hell I could hit the target. (0:08:42.58)
Nasu no Yoichi : Did he really think I could shoot a sailor?!
He's got to be out of his mind.
Nasu no Yoichi : I can't take that crap anymore. (0:08:50.13)
Oda Nobunaga : That's some nasty booze. (0:08:52.09)
Oda Nobunaga : Put your clothes back on.
You may give them the wrong idea.
EXTRA : All right... Show me this "musket" thing. (0:08:58.96)
Oda Nobunaga : D-Don't break it. (0:09:02.27)
EXTRA : We ain't gonna break it. (0:09:04.49)
EXTRA : What is this? It's an iron cylinder. (0:09:10.40)
EXTRA : It looks like it's made of rolled iron. (0:09:14.15)
EXTRA : The trigger mechanism seems to be similar
to that of a crossbow. Simple enough.
EXTRA : Does the spring cause this iron bit
to drop down onto the metal pan?
EXTRA : What does that do? Is this
some sort of projectile device?
EXTRA : The base is made of just regular wood. (0:09:29.88)
EXTRA : So, what on earth is this for? (0:09:34.05)
Oda Nobunaga : Ah. It's a weapon called a musket. (0:09:37.38)
Oda Nobunaga : Gunpowder is ignited in the cylinder,
propelling a lead bullet.
EXTRA : Are you saying this is a weapon that... (0:09:46.14)
EXTRA : ...launches a lead bullet? (0:09:48.85)
EXTRA : I don't have any idea about the
gunpowder or that sort of thing, but...
EXTRA : ...why go through so much
effort for such a thing?
EXTRA : Aren't bows and crossbows just as good?
What is so special about this?
Nasu no Yoichi : On that point, I don't
fully understand either.
Nasu no Yoichi : Bows won't make any sound
or require any development.
Nasu no Yoichi : So, why a musket? (0:10:11.63)
Oda Nobunaga : Well... umm... (0:10:13.71)
Oda Nobunaga : ...both sound and smoke are necessary.
How should I put it...
Shimazu Toyohisa : The roar of the musket is its battle cry. (0:10:19.89)
Shimazu Toyohisa : A musket has a voice of
its own when aimed at you.
Shimazu Toyohisa : On top of that, it is quick to train with. (0:10:26.06)
Shimazu Toyohisa : In the span of a day, a peasant can
be trained to kill veteran soldiers.
Oda Nobunaga : Mm... It is as I thought, he is no fool. (0:10:33.15)
Oda Nobunaga : However, battle is the only thing he knows. (0:10:36.86)
Oda Nobunaga : A musket has long range
and commanding power,
Oda Nobunaga : but that's not the only
real advantage it holds.
Oda Nobunaga : It also simplifies killing, soothes
murderous intent, and relieves guilty emotions.
Oda Nobunaga : In any case, with only a single pull,
anyone can be a warrior.
Oda Nobunaga : It is a path for all civilians
to become warriors.
Oda Nobunaga : I can't tell them that. No way... I can't. (0:10:59.17)
Jeanne d'Arc : Where...? (0:11:05.10)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : At last you have awoken. (0:11:06.18)
Jeanne d'Arc : I'm at...?! (0:11:11.15)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : The Northern Walls. (0:11:12.23)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : You were retrieved by dragon cavalry. (0:11:13.98)
Jeanne d'Arc : And Gilles De Rais?! (0:11:17.03)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : Dead... Became a lump of salt. (0:11:19.78)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : What is your intent? (0:11:25.62)
Jeanne d'Arc : I am going! I'll burn those bastards!
I'll kill them all!
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : You must not. You underestimated them. (0:11:30.04)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : You mustn't take the Drifters lightly. (0:11:33.71)
Jeanne d'Arc : This time I will kill them!
I will be sure to kill them all!
Jeanne d'Arc : I will take revenge for Gilles de Rais! (0:11:39.76)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : You must not. (0:11:41.63)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : You will wait for your chance. (0:11:44.39)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : For, in the end, I will certainly
ensure your desire comes to pass.
Jeanne d'Arc : Bastard... (0:11:55.02)
Jeanne d'Arc : I will kill that samurai bastard! (0:11:57.40)
Jeanne d'Arc : I will thoroughly burn him to death. (0:12:00.69)
Jeanne d'Arc : I will burn him until not
even his ashes remain!
Grigori Rasputin : How did it go... with her? (0:12:06.78)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : She has awoken at last. (0:12:09.35)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : She is doing well considering
her skull was almost split.
Grigori Rasputin : The Black Lord healed her wound, (0:12:14.12)
Grigori Rasputin : but it wouldn't have been strange
if she had died before arriving here.
Grigori Rasputin : The Drifter leader named Toyohisa... (0:12:21.97)
Grigori Rasputin : He does not seem the type to stay his hand
just because his enemy is a woman.
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : Perhaps... he went easy on her. (0:12:29.60)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : He held back, but he stopped
before the final blow was struck.
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : He wouldn't care what
would happen afterwards.
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : His existence itself is an
embodiment of complacency.
Grigori Rasputin : So, that is what "samurai" is. (0:12:45.66)
Grigori Rasputin : For this reason alone, we
can't underestimate them.
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : It's been 800 years since
their feudal system was born...
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : Those mere thugs can think of nothing
but killing each other on such tiny islands.
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : Our Russia lost to their
descendants, didn't it?!
Grigori Rasputin : You're angry because Joan
was bullied, aren't you, princess?
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : I have not been angered. (0:13:11.89)
Grigori Rasputin : Yes, you have. (0:13:14.44)
EXTRA : Cease! (0:13:17.98)
EXTRA : Stop! Stop it! (0:13:20.61)
EXTRA : Have them cease! (0:13:25.15)
EXTRA : Black King, stop this! Have them cease! (0:13:27.91)
EXTRA : Stop! Cease this! (0:13:31.66)
Black King : If you cannot walk beside us,
you are mere meat.
Black King : Keep this to yourself. (0:13:43.67)
Minamoto no Yoshitsune : Hey, you... (0:13:56.81)
Minamoto no Yoshitsune : Which are you? (0:13:59.40)
EASY : That damn jackass is pretending
to be a government official...
EASY : ...while he is only a social worker. (0:14:07.03)
EASY : No way in hell he will
stand a chance against me!
EXTRA : They are skilled. (0:14:19.25)
Oda Nobunaga : Huh? What?! (0:14:21.67)
EXTRA : I'm talking about the iron cylinder. (0:14:23.50)
EXTRA : You told me it was called
a musket, didn't you?
EXTRA : The blacksmiths of your
country are pretty skilled.
EXTRA : But they are no match for us. (0:14:32.68)
EXTRA : Here is the first one. (0:14:35.89)
Oda Nobunaga : Wh--?! Don't tell me you finished already.
It's only been a day.
EXTRA : If just a plan had been provided,
it would've been different. But...
EXTRA : ...we have the real thing. There is no
reason it couldn't be done quickly.
EXTRA : Try it. There shouldn't
be any problem with it.
Oda Nobunaga : If we bring the production up
to full force in this castle town,
Oda Nobunaga : how many can we make? (0:14:59.96)
EXTRA : This town provided more than half
of the Orte's armaments.
EXTRA : That was while we were starved and lazy. (0:15:07.09)
EXTRA : If all of us work at full force, let's see... (0:15:09.73)
EXTRA : It won't be same as making swords or armor, (0:15:14.72)
EXTRA : so it will take some time to get used to it. (0:15:17.54)
EXTRA : We can start out with seven to eight muskets,
then maybe we can increase to ten...
Oda Nobunaga : Is that all?! You were so
full of confidence earlier.
EXTRA : Isn't that enough?! We can only manage
to make ten muskets per day at most.
EXTRA : Don't be unreasonable! (0:15:32.03)
Oda Nobunaga : Per day?! (0:15:33.99)
Oda Nobunaga : Is that Dwarf serious?! That's incredible! (0:15:35.58)
EXTRA : What an evil look! (0:15:39.62)
Nasu no Yoichi : He gets that way every now on then.
Please ignore him.
Oda Nobunaga : By the way, where did Toyohisa go?
Is he eating again?
Nasu no Yoichi : I wonder where he went. (0:15:50.59)
EXTRA : Oh, him. He said he was
going to do something
EXTRA : to help the food digest,
gathering up our young men.
Oda Nobunaga : Frankly, I can't tell whether
you guys are young or old.
Oda Nobunaga : You all look like old men.
Is it some sort of curse?
EXTRA : Shut up! (0:16:06.61)
EXTRA : We can also fight! (0:16:12.74)
EXTRA : In Dwarven warfare, every blow is lethal. (0:16:14.24)
EXTRA : Our fighting style is to put
everything behind one ax strike.
Shimazu Toyohisa : You cleaved the helmet beautifully.
It is just like "Jigen."
EXTRA : Jige... What? What the heck is that? (0:16:23.67)
Shimazu Toyohisa : The Jigen fighting style. (0:16:26.54)
Shimazu Toyohisa : It was popular among young men
in the main branch of the school.
Shimazu Toyohisa : I learned the Taisha fighting style (0:16:31.05)
Shimazu Toyohisa : because I didn't have much time
to learn the Jigen style...
EXTRA : No matter how far away your world is
from ours, your way of thinking is the same...
EXTRA : Interesting. (0:16:42.31)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Soldiers exist everywhere
regardless of their appearance.
Alesta : Indeed. (0:16:49.15)
EXTRA : When did they...? (0:16:51.65)
EXTRA : Who are you? I mean, what the heck are you? (0:16:52.86)
Alesta : They forged an alliance with not only
the Elves but also the Dwarves.
Alesta : You Drifters are quick. (0:17:00.16)
Count Saint-Germi : I never would have expected... (0:17:04.25)
Count Saint-Germi : ...that you would actually
manage to produce a musket.
Count Saint-Germi : How absolutely terrifying! (0:17:11.21)
Oda Nobunaga : What are you?! (0:17:13.55)
EXTRA : Who the hell are you?! (0:17:14.97)
Count Saint-Germi : Oh my, the dirt won't come off. (0:17:16.80)
Olminu : W-We... We have a problem! (0:17:19.10)
Olminu : Saint-Germi's wagon is outside... (0:17:21.52)
Olminu : The powerful twinkie count... (0:17:25.35)
Count Saint-Germi : How rude! (0:17:29.06)
Oda Nobunaga : Hey, Boobienu. What the hell is he,
an entertainer or something?
Olminu : He is Count Saint-Germi! (0:17:35.65)
Olminu : He is a powerful aristocrat who
owns a third of the Orte empire!
Olminu : Wh-Why are you here?! (0:17:40.66)
Olminu : Count Saint-Germi! Are you a Drifter? (0:17:42.49)
Olminu : Or as we suspect, are you with the Ends?! (0:17:45.48)
Count Saint-Germi : Oh dear, you are treating
me like I'm criminal.
Count Saint-Germi : Whether you believe me
or not, I am a Drifter.
Count Saint-Germi : Are you stupid enough to believe
an End like me actually exists?!
Olminu : --Wh...?!
Count Saint-Germi : --Wh...?!
Count Saint-Germi : Your breasts are large but
not your brain, you stupid girl.
Olminu : Th-Then, why on earth did you help
"Father" found an empire like Orte?!
Count Saint-Germi : How dare you?! Orte is a great empire. (0:18:05.50)
Count Saint-Germi : Don't talk like it's the work
of the Ends, you idiot!
Count Saint-Germi : "Father," Adolf Hitler,
was also a respectable Drifter.
Count Saint-Germi : He formed the incredibly
efficient bureaucratic government.
Count Saint-Germi : He eliminated nepotism
and centralized the wealth.
Count Saint-Germi : Then, he meticulously
crafted a strict hierarchy.
Count Saint-Germi : Thus, he unified the people and
formed a centralized government...
Count Saint-Germi : ...excluding my reward,
which is my territory.
Count Saint-Germi : We did such incredible work. (0:18:35.13)
Count Saint-Germi : Otherwise, how could we have fought against (0:18:38.05)
Count Saint-Germi : other races surrounding us for fifty years?! (0:18:40.27)
Oda Nobunaga : You, I saw a man who
had the same eyes as yours.
Oda Nobunaga : I didn't know who he was
or what he was talking about,
Oda Nobunaga : but the man stuffed his own tea kettle
with gunpowder and died in the explosion.
Oda Nobunaga : He was that sort of monster. (0:18:54.61)
Count Saint-Germi : Are you talking about Matsunaga Danjo? (0:18:58.82)
Count Saint-Germi : Oh dear, you're lumping me in
with the likes of him? How terrible!
Oda Nobunaga : Does he already know about us?
We can't let our guard down.
Nasu no Yoichi : So, what brought you here, Count Saint-Germi? (0:19:10.58)
Count Saint-Germi : I came to verify that you are
worth joining forces with.
Alesta : You are the leader,
Shimazu Toyohisa, are you not?
Shimazu Toyohisa : That's right. Once again, I can't tell if
the person before me is a man or a woman.
EXTRA : Who the hell are you?! Are you a man of Orte? (0:19:29.23)
Alesta : Well, I may be a man of Orte... (0:19:32.69)
Alesta : ...yet...! (0:19:37.44)
Alesta : He read my move! (0:19:40.57)
Shimazu Toyohisa : His swordsmanship is great,
but his bloodthirst is weak.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Who the hell are you?! (0:19:45.03)
Alesta : It's too bad. In thirty years,
you would totally be my type.
Alesta : But there's nothing I can do about it.
I am sorry if I end up killing you!
Alesta : It would've been dangerous if you
were a bearded elderly veteran.
Alesta : Curse yourself for being young! (0:19:58.86)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Hey, old man. (0:20:12.69)
Flame : What's wrong, Allister?! (0:20:14.27)
Alesta : Fulame! I can't take this anymore...
Can't even stand up.
Flame : How dare you do this to Allister?! (0:20:20.30)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I didn't do anything. (0:20:22.07)
Flame : But you and that old man are outside
my strike zone, so I'll be just fine!
Flame : Here I come! (0:20:28.66)
Flame : I won't let you beat me (0:20:30.20)
Flame : unless a boy with a ponytail
and bangs over one eye appears!
Nasu no Yoichi : Toyohisa, we have a problem. (0:20:35.79)
Count Saint-Germi : My expert subordinates are
evaluating your leader by now.
Count Saint-Germi : Well, we'll see. (0:20:45.26)
Flame : Princess! (0:20:47.81)
Alesta : Help! (0:20:49.97)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Where are you going? (0:20:53.52)
Oda Nobunaga : Oh, Toyo. What happened? (0:20:55.31)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I don't know what is going on,
but I hit him hard.
Shimazu Toyohisa : There are many people in this world
whose gender I can't figure out.
Shimazu Toyohisa : What the hell are you? (0:21:05.82)
Count Saint-Germi : I am a traitor. (0:21:08.41)
Shimazu Toyohisa : A traitor? (0:21:09.74)
Count Saint-Germi : That's right. (0:21:11.12)
Count Saint-Germi : I came to sell off the Orte Empire. (0:21:12.29)
Count Saint-Germi : I can give you a huge discount
and a great deal right now.
Olminu : --The empire...?
--Sell off...?
Oda Nobunaga : --The empire...?
--Sell off...?
Count Saint-Germi : That's correct...
while it is still worth something.
Count Saint-Germi : When a country falls,
it must fall in the proper way.
Count Saint-Germi : It would be unbearable if the armed forces
of the other countries invaded Orte
Count Saint-Germi : and forced us to sign an instrument
of surrender, fracturing the state.
Shimazu Toyohisa : So, what do you expect us to do? (0:21:37.98)
Count Saint-Germi : We need to destroy Orte effectively
with one blow while it still holds power.
Count Saint-Germi : Sound good? (0:21:50.87)
EXTRA : "Androgynous Closing Sale" (0:23:25.88)
EXTRA : "Flintlock Musketeers" (0:23:27.09)
EXTRA : "Devil Shimazu" (0:23:28.67)
EXTRA : "Act 11
The Adventure of the Pistol Daimyo
~Bullet Counting Song~"

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