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Abe no Haruakira : Hamu, how's it going? (0:00:02.51)
Abe no Haruakira : Hamu? (0:00:04.42)
Kafet : Yes, sir. This is Hamu. As ordered,
I brought those two here.
Kafet : Those Drifters appear to be two old men, (0:00:10.38)
Kafet : but they are in the midst of a heated fight. (0:00:14.21)
EXTRA : Thief! Thief! Why the hell
is this two-bit thief here?!
Scipio Africanus : Who're you calling "two-bit thief"?! (0:00:22.87)
Scipio Africanus : You are the one who should be called that! (0:00:24.82)
Scipio Africanus : Justice lies with the victor. (0:00:26.87)
EXTRA : Shut up! You stole it from me, idiot! (0:00:28.92)
EXTRA : You copied my strategy from Cannae
and used it in Zama, moron!
Scipio Africanus : What are you talking about, you old fool?! (0:00:37.36)
Scipio Africanus : Why don't you show me you can win, then?! (0:00:39.93)
EXTRA : Grrr, why are you talking
like a chosen one, you idiot?!
Scipio Africanus : I didn't steal it, since I won
the war fair and square!
EXTRA : That's why I hate the Romans! (0:00:50.70)
Scipio Africanus : When I go back, I will salt all of Carthage! (0:00:53.40)
EXTRA : When I go back, I will cross
the Alps one more time!
Kafet : What would you like me to do, Grand Master? (0:01:00.64)
Abe no Haruakira : Stop them. (0:01:03.89)
Kafet : Yes, sir. (0:01:06.83)
Abe no Haruakira : The issue is that their intentions... (0:01:10.80)
EXTRA : "The Octobrists" (0:01:11.46)
Abe no Haruakira : ...are unclear. (0:01:15.68)
Abe no Haruakira : We must find out what they are somehow... (0:01:18.51)
Abe no Haruakira : ...otherwise... (0:01:20.93)
Abe no Haruakira : ...this world will be destroyed. (0:01:22.85)
EXTRA : "Act 2
EXTRA : You two, I've told you so many times! (0:03:03.47)
EXTRA : You guys went to that deserted
castle again, didn't you?
EXTRA : I've repeatedly told you not
to get involved with Drifters!
EXTRA : I've warned you about entering the forest,
going to that deserted castle,
EXTRA : and associating with Drifters! (0:03:14.25)
EXTRA : If the lord and his men ever
find out, they will kill you!
EXTRA : But he was dying. (0:03:19.05)
EXTRA : No buts! (0:03:21.44)
EXTRA : Stay away from them, got it?!
Am I understood?!
EXTRA : Damn it! It's before the harvest. Well, let's go! (0:03:31.73)
Nasu no Yoichi : You've noticed, huh? (0:03:46.37)
Shimazu Toyohisa : What is... (0:03:48.29)
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...this smell? (0:03:51.12)
Oda Nobunaga : Is this the smell of battle? (0:03:53.42)
Oda Nobunaga : There's fire. (0:04:01.05)
Oda Nobunaga : They are the "Elves." (0:04:03.36)
Oda Nobunaga : There must be bandits or brigands. (0:04:05.83)
Oda Nobunaga : The Elves are under attack. I smell the battle. (0:04:08.97)
Shimazu Toyohisa : What are "Elves"? (0:04:12.85)
Oda Nobunaga : They are the strange folks
who live beyond the forest.
Oda Nobunaga : The ones with long ears who dragged you here. (0:04:18.07)
Oda Nobunaga : Hey! (0:04:23.07)
Oda Nobunaga : Hey! Wait! Are you going over there?! (0:04:24.66)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I don't know where I am or what's going on! (0:04:26.99)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I don't know if this is a dream or reality! (0:04:30.19)
Shimazu Toyohisa : So, the only thing left for me
is to charge forward!
Oda Nobunaga : He's the idiot, not me.
He was dying not long ago.
Oda Nobunaga : Is he a human bullet or something? (0:04:45.58)
Olminu : Are they on the move? (0:04:51.93)
Oda Nobunaga : Let's go! (0:04:54.77)
Olminu : What are they going to do?
What will happen to them?
Shimazu Toyohisa : You're slow, too slow, Nobunaga! (0:05:05.11)
Shimazu Toyohisa : What's wrong with you,
Demon King of the Sixth Heaven?
Oda Nobunaga : Shut up! I'm already fifty, you idiot! (0:05:12.14)
Nasu no Yoichi : How old are you, Lord Toyohisa? (0:05:16.09)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I'm thirty. (0:05:18.84)
Nasu no Yoichi : "Nineteen" (0:05:21.84)
Shimazu Toyohisa : What's with that smug smile?! (0:05:24.05)
Oda Nobunaga : This punk is completely different from the character in the (0:05:27.46)
Oda Nobunaga : chronicle of the Genpei War. (0:05:29.98)
EXTRA : He-Help... (0:05:40.07)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Hey, kids! (0:05:59.63)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Leave your head with me! All right?! (0:06:15.48)
EXTRA : Wh-Who the hell are you?! (0:06:18.14)
EXTRA : Are you the Drifters in the deserted castle? (0:06:20.62)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I don't understand you. I don't know
what the hell you're talking about.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Speak Japanese. (0:06:28.43)
Shimazu Toyohisa : If you can't speak Japanese... (0:06:32.87)
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...you must die! (0:06:35.70)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You two have strange-looking ears. (0:06:50.48)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You two saved my life,
didn't you? Now it's my turn.
EXTRA : "Mutter mutter mutter" (0:07:03.98)
Oda Nobunaga : Are you okay with these two? (0:07:04.07)
Oda Nobunaga : They can't speak Japanese, either. (0:07:07.57)
Oda Nobunaga : Why don't you tell them to "die," too? (0:07:11.05)
Shimazu Toyohisa : "Help!" Repeat after me. "Help!" (0:07:15.99)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Say it! "Help! Help!" (0:07:21.08)
EXTRA : Help, help, help! (0:07:24.63)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Good! That's that, then! (0:07:27.96)
EXTRA : "Rumble rumble rumble" (0:07:31.55)
Nasu no Yoichi : Way to force the conclusion you want. (0:07:31.93)
Oda Nobunaga : I've just witnessed fast-talking
on par with that of the Ikko sect.
Oda Nobunaga : They are very well equipped.
They can't be brigands or bandits...
Oda Nobunaga : Regular soldiers? Are they the lord's forces? (0:07:51.64)
Oda Nobunaga : These idiots. It's like they're
asking me to seize their land.
Oda Nobunaga : Okay, now. (0:08:06.17)
Oda Nobunaga : Let's claim the village. (0:08:08.92)
Abe no Haruakira : "Claim"? Did he actually say, "claim"? (0:08:12.26)
Olminu : Yes. (0:08:14.84)
Abe no Haruakira : Instead of saying "take back,"
or "help them," he said, "claim," right?
Abe no Haruakira : That's their nature,
and it's innate and pathological.
Abe no Haruakira : It's their most powerful ability. (0:08:23.90)
Abe no Haruakira : No. It's the only ability they have. (0:08:26.44)
Abe no Haruakira : No matter when or where they live,
they have only one governing principle.
Abe no Haruakira : They want to conquer territory. (0:08:37.49)
EXTRA : Line up! (0:08:45.08)
EXTRA : What on earth is going on?
What are you accusing us of?
EXTRA : You entered the forest and
saved a Drifter, didn't you?
EXTRA : Entering the forest, making bows,
and associating with Drifters...
EXTRA : These are all serious crimes for Elves. (0:09:15.32)
EXTRA : Th-That was... (0:09:17.62)
EXTRA : In order to save a dying man, the children... (0:09:19.41)
EXTRA : Children? Is that the reason
you're asking me to overlook this?
EXTRA : You Elves are really disgraceful and insolent. (0:09:25.84)
EXTRA : The administration of Drifters is a job for
magicians of the Octobrist Organization.
EXTRA : It's a serious crime for
demihumans like you to get involved.
EXTRA : Did you think we didn't notice? (0:09:40.85)
EXTRA : Shut up! (0:09:43.52)
EXTRA : First of all, you've been unreasonable! (0:09:44.98)
EXTRA : We wouldn't be able to get firewood
or nuts without entering the forest!
EXTRA : Or even hunt! (0:09:54.07)
EXTRA : You've forced us to work as serfs and
have taken our women away from us.
EXTRA : Now, these children save a
dying man and you call it a crime?!
EXTRA : Are you telling us Elves to die?! (0:10:01.83)
EXTRA : That's right. You all should just die. (0:10:05.54)
EXTRA : If you want to curse at somebody, (0:10:09.88)
EXTRA : put the blame on your ancestors who lost the war. (0:10:12.07)
EXTRA : Someday, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits,
and all demihuman races will be extinct.
EXTRA : Isn't that right? (0:10:22.72)
EXTRA : Wh-What are you doing?! (0:10:30.73)
EXTRA : I'm just culling your population.
How many shall I take?
EXTRA : I was told I'm allowed to
eliminate up to 50% of you.
EXTRA : Stop! (0:10:44.37)
EXTRA : Take my life instead. Kill me! (0:10:45.95)
EXTRA : No! You're still young.
You have to take care of yourself.
EXTRA : You have a future... as a pathetic serf. (0:10:51.75)
EXTRA : As for your brothers who saved
the Drifter, they're finished.
EXTRA : They started this whole mess. (0:10:58.84)
EXTRA : They're probably corpses by now. (0:11:02.93)
EXTRA : They'll become feed for
the insects of the forest.
EXTRA : It's an emergency! (0:11:13.98)
EXTRA : What's wrong?! (0:11:16.57)
EXTRA : There is a fire in the wheat filed. (0:11:18.40)
EXTRA : What the hell?! (0:11:21.75)
EXTRA : It's before the harvest time!
I'll lose the tax money!
EXTRA : I've been telling you to keep
an eye on it, haven't I?!
Nasu no Yoichi : You set fire to their field? (0:11:34.67)
Oda Nobunaga : Yeah. Those without dignity can
survive if they have food to eat.
Oda Nobunaga : Those without food can endure their
hunger as long as they have dignity.
Oda Nobunaga : But those who have lost both stop caring
and desperately cling to anything.
Oda Nobunaga : That was the tactic the Ikko sect
kept employing against me.
Oda Nobunaga : It's the best way to steal a country. (0:11:58.91)
Nasu no Yoichi : You're a frightening person. (0:12:03.33)
Oda Nobunaga : The fire still looks good! (0:12:07.87)
Oda Nobunaga : It reminds me of Ise Nagashima. (0:12:11.71)
EXTRA : Our field... (0:12:27.22)
EXTRA : What are you doing?! Put out the fire! Now! (0:12:28.93)
EXTRA : It's impossible. It has spread too far! (0:12:32.44)
EXTRA : What on earth... (0:12:37.82)
EXTRA : Dr... if... ter! (0:12:47.78)
Shimazu Toyohisa : One! (0:12:58.75)
EXTRA : What?! (0:13:00.19)
EXTRA : What the hell just happened?! (0:13:04.59)
EXTRA : H-How could...?! (0:13:09.72)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Two! (0:13:16.64)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Three! (0:13:20.24)
EXTRA : Stop running! I'll kill you! (0:13:23.90)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Four! (0:13:29.37)
Shimazu Toyohisa : That's a commander's head. (0:13:38.54)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You're the commander, right? (0:13:41.27)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You, leave your head here!
That's the head of the commander, huh?
EXTRA : This must be a Drifter.
What the hell is he saying?!
EXTRA : That is... a Drifter! (0:13:57.56)
EXTRA : Brother...! (0:14:02.32)
EXTRA : Brother! (0:14:04.42)
EXTRA : Masha! Mark! You're alive! (0:14:06.15)
EXTRA : That man... (0:14:10.49)
EXTRA : That scary-looking man saved our lives. (0:14:12.43)
EXTRA : That Drifter! (0:14:14.75)
EXTRA : What on earth?! (0:14:17.21)
EXTRA : What are Drifters? (0:14:19.79)
EXTRA : Drifter, are you interfering with me? (0:14:22.71)
Shimazu Toyohisa : How... (0:14:38.06)
Shimazu Toyohisa : How dare you?! (0:14:40.48)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I don't want your head.
Just leave your life here!
EXTRA : I don't know what on earth
you are talking about.
EXTRA : You, a barbarian who can't even speak! (0:14:54.54)
EXTRA : We'll talk with swords! (0:14:57.74)
EXTRA : Come, Drifter! (0:15:00.79)
EXTRA : Aram is not an ordinary soldier. (0:15:04.00)
EXTRA : He is a real knight backed by the magistrate. (0:15:06.46)
EXTRA : Even a Drifter can't... (0:15:09.76)
EXTRA : Indeed! Are you afraid? (0:15:19.25)
EXTRA : Pitiful! (0:15:21.19)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Here we go! (0:15:30.95)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You're pitiful. (0:15:41.12)
Oda Nobunaga : The Kumite style anti-armor technique
with the sheath of a sword...
Oda Nobunaga : That's nasty! (0:16:17.74)
Nasu no Yoichi : Wow... scary. (0:16:20.91)
Oda Nobunaga : Is it finished? (0:16:24.42)
Nasu no Yoichi : Yes. (0:16:26.40)
Nasu no Yoichi : The enemies who were fleeing are no more. (0:16:28.00)
Oda Nobunaga : That guy is scary, but so are you. (0:16:32.84)
Oda Nobunaga : Well, what is he going to do now? (0:16:39.33)
EXTRA : S-Stop... (0:16:50.74)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Kill him. (0:17:23.14)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Finish him off. (0:17:31.46)
Shimazu Toyohisa : No, kill him. Kill him.
You must put an end to his life.
Shimazu Toyohisa : I don't know where we are or who you are, (0:17:40.24)
Shimazu Toyohisa : but this is the revenge you must take. (0:17:43.33)
Shimazu Toyohisa : This kid is telling you to avenge him! (0:17:46.50)
Oda Nobunaga : They can't understand his words,
but they know what he's been telling them.
Oda Nobunaga : He is quite something... (0:17:58.30)
EXTRA : Stop! You damn Elves... (0:18:26.96)
EXTRA : Stop! Stop! (0:18:31.88)
EXTRA : Don't you know the consequences...?! (0:18:33.99)
EXTRA : I was wrong... S-Stop! (0:18:37.83)
EXTRA : Help! (0:18:42.00)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Good! (0:19:02.24)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Well done... (0:19:04.29)
Oda Nobunaga : All right! (0:19:06.75)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Where the hell were you?
You know I'm still recuperating!
Oda Nobunaga : Well, we've been busy with other things. (0:19:12.46)
EXTRA : "Rumble rumble rumble" (0:19:12.46b)
Nasu no Yoichi : Yes, indeed. (0:19:14.75)
Oda Nobunaga : Well, well, you must be tired.
Please take a seat.
Oda Nobunaga : I was going to sit down,
but I'll let you take my seat.
EXTRA : "Gleam" (0:19:24.76)
Olminu : Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! I can't believe this! (0:19:27.45)
Olminu : Grand Master, those guys... (0:19:31.38)
Olminu : Those guys! (0:19:34.52)
EXTRA : "Shimazu Toyohisa Seizes
Control of Elf Village?!"
EASY : You're still wasting your time
struggling, huh, Murasaki?
EASY : No matter how hard you try,
no matter how many Drifters you send,
EASY : I'm going to win. (0:20:16.40)
EASY : No matter how much effort
you make, it's all futile.
Murasaki : Get out of here, Easy.
The wrongs must be righted.
Murasaki : Get lost, Easy. I won't let you have your way. (0:20:34.91)
Murasaki : Pathetic woman. (0:20:41.33)
EASY : You're the pathetic one. (0:20:44.84)
EASY : If you think you can do it, go ahead and try! (0:20:47.56)
EXTRA : "Black King Commences Southern Invasion" (0:20:50.85)
EASY : There's no way your Drifters
could possibly beat my Ends!
Olminu : This is Semu, this is Semu! (0:21:04.11)
Olminu : Grand Master, they finally seized the village! (0:21:06.44)
Olminu : It's dangerous to let them run loose!
I'll bring them there immediately!
Abe no Haruakira : No, that won't work. There's no time for that. (0:21:14.37)
Abe no Haruakira : Don't bring them here. Don't you come, either. (0:21:16.88)
Olminu : What?! So then... (0:21:20.03)
Abe no Haruakira : Yes. It's begun. (0:21:22.66)
Abe no Haruakira : It's already begun! (0:21:36.56)

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