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Abe no Haruakira : Can you see them? (0:00:12.07)
EXTRA : Sir. (0:00:13.28)
EXTRA : I can't see them yet... (0:00:15.41)
EXTRA : ...but I feel their presence.
It could happen at any time.
EXTRA : Why are all the Octobrists
so fearful of them?
EXTRA : Those northern freaks came many times... (0:00:27.51)
EXTRA : but they have never breached this wall. (0:00:30.96)
EXTRA : We've been driving them to the
other side for hundreds of years.
EXTRA : We are the people of Carneades,
the protectors of this wall.
EXTRA : What can those freaks do?! (0:00:42.47)
Abe no Haruakira : Those soldiers are useless.
They won't even last two days.
Abe no Haruakira : You're in charge here. I'm going
to Kafet to check on the situation.
EXTRA : Are you talking about those two old men? (0:00:59.12)
Abe no Haruakira : Yes. If they don't lead the army,
this country will be destroyed.
Abe no Haruakira : We can't win a battle like this. (0:01:06.00)
Abe no Haruakira : The power of Drifters alone
can't bring us a victory!
EXTRA : "Act 3
Army of Ours--Sortie at Dawn"
EXTRA : Don't be a fool! (0:02:44.47)
EXTRA : Are you telling me to give up my command... (0:02:47.27)
EXTRA : those bizarre Drifters?! (0:02:49.37)
EXTRA : Don't mess with me, magicians! (0:02:51.15)
Kafet : But if we don't let them lead, we'll lose. (0:02:54.65)
EXTRA : Are you mocking me?! (0:02:58.19)
EXTRA : What do you know?!
You are just a magician organization!
EXTRA : Besides, what can those two Drifters--
those scruffy old men--do?!
Scipio Africanus : What? What? What are you two arguing about? (0:03:11.67)
EXTRA : Well... umm... we're trying to have him
give up command of his troops to you two.
Scipio Africanus : Huh?! All of a sudden! That's impossible! (0:03:18.92)
EXTRA : I know it's unreasonable, but... (0:03:21.97)
EXTRA : ...if you don't command them, we'll all die. (0:03:23.47)
Scipio Africanus : Hmph. Why on earth do
we have to do such a thing?!
EXTRA : Nasty Drifters! (0:03:30.18)
EXTRA : --Bastards!
--Shut up, Drifters!
--What the hell are you talking about?!
Scipio Africanus : I don't understand their language,
but I could tell we were insulted.
EXTRA : H-Hey! (0:03:39.28)
Scipio Africanus : Huh?! (0:03:40.90)
Hannibal Barca : I'm about to pee my pants. (0:03:43.53)
EXTRA : "Shiver shiver shiver" (0:03:43.53b)
Scipio Africanus : --Huh?!
--You idiot! Hold it! You old fool!
Hannibal Barca : No, I can't. Aging causes me to
have sudden urges to urinate.
Hannibal Barca : Wh-Wh-What should I do? (0:03:52.62)
Scipio Africanus : I'm fed up with this lightning of Carthage. (0:03:56.88)
Hannibal Barca : I-I hate getting old... (0:04:17.22)
EXTRA : He is just a stupid old man! (0:04:23.86)
EXTRA : There's no way I will give
command to such an old wretch!
Scipio Africanus : W-What the... (0:04:35.67)
Scipio Africanus : That man is... (0:04:38.75)
Scipio Africanus : ...someone even millions of you can't defeat! (0:04:40.96)
Scipio Africanus : That man... That man... (0:04:45.43)
Scipio Africanus : That man is Hannibal--Hannibal Barca! (0:04:48.54)
Scipio Africanus : My Roman Empire did not fear (0:04:52.27)
Scipio Africanus : Yet, facing that man alone,
Hannibal, did Rome tremble!
Scipio Africanus : any enemy, even if there
were millions of them.
EXTRA : Wh-What are you saying? (0:04:58.81)
Scipio Africanus : Damn you! (0:05:01.73)
Abe no Haruakira : You two, that's far enough. (0:05:02.82)
Abe no Haruakira : Even if he gave in now,
it's already pointless.
Abe no Haruakira : Please get ready to escape.
Soon, this place will descend into carnage.
Abe no Haruakira : The Octobrists will also withdraw. (0:05:13.25)
Abe no Haruakira : Before the battle against
the Black King's army begins,
Abe no Haruakira : we must allow the Drifters to escape... (0:05:18.88)
Abe no Haruakira : matter what it takes
or whom we sacrifice.
Hannibal Barca : Scipio... (0:05:26.88)
Hannibal Barca : ...thank you. (0:05:29.44)
Scipio Africanus : W-Well, that's the assurance of the victor. (0:05:32.46)
Scipio Africanus : Besides, I am stronger than you. (0:05:35.88)
Hannibal Barca : What did you say, you beardless idiot?! (0:05:38.56)
Scipio Africanus : You wanna fight, old man?! (0:05:41.22)
Olminu : This is Semu. This is Semu. (0:05:43.98)
Olminu : What should we do?
Wh... is... the... con... dition... ther...
Olminu : Ca... yo... hea... me, Gr... Mas... (0:05:49.70)
EXTRA : It's magic disruption. (0:05:51.91)
Abe no Haruakira : Shoot! They are coming! (0:05:53.24)
EXTRA : There is no response from
four reconnaissance units.
EXTRA : Damn! (0:05:59.00)
Butch Cassidy : What are those noises? (0:06:00.00)
Sundance Kid : What's goin' on? (0:06:02.21)
Butch Cassidy : You got a cigarette? (0:06:04.59)
Sundance Kid : Don't be an idiot. Course not. (0:06:06.09)
Butch Cassidy : You're lying! You're hiding the
last two cigarettes, aren't ya?!
Butch Cassidy : Whose fault was it that we
ended up in a place like this?!
Sundance Kid : Who would give ya cigarettes, ya fool?! (0:06:15.27)
Butch Cassidy : I want a cigarette so bad. (0:06:17.81)
Butch Cassidy : Wherever we go, there's no tomorrow... (0:06:23.44)
Butch Cassidy : We, the Wild Bunch, only got today. (0:06:27.37)
Butch Cassidy : I should at least be able
to smoke as I please.
EXTRA : The Black King... (0:06:33.62)
EXTRA : here. (0:06:36.00)
EXTRA : Crusade, crusade. (0:06:59.14)
EXTRA : Crusade of his Majesty, the Black King. (0:07:01.56)
EXTRA : Crusade, crusade. (0:07:03.94)
EXTRA : The time has finally come. (0:07:06.15)
EXTRA : Crusade, crusade. (0:07:08.57)
EXTRA : Those who have ears, listen. (0:07:11.03)
EXTRA : Those who have eyes, watch. (0:07:13.24)
EXTRA : Those who have mouths, shout. (0:07:15.62)
EXTRA : Let them know everything. (0:07:18.30)
EXTRA : Crusade, crusade, crusade. (0:07:20.66)
EXTRA : It's the beginning of
the eradication of mankind.
EXTRA : Gather together. Join us. (0:07:27.29)
EXTRA : All your power to the Black King! (0:07:30.51)
EXTRA : All your power to the Black King! (0:07:33.43)
Abe no Haruakira : The Black King... The king of the "Ends." (0:07:36.43)
Abe no Haruakira : It's too late! (0:07:41.27)
Abe no Haruakira : He's already here! (0:07:43.81)
Abe no Haruakira : Do you hate us that much, Black King? (0:07:49.86)
Abe no Haruakira : The "Drifters," this world... (0:07:52.91)
Abe no Haruakira : ...and everything else?! (0:07:57.28)
EXTRA : They are coming! They're closing in! (0:07:59.87)
EXTRA : Archers! Take aim! (0:08:01.91)
Black King : Bring death. (0:08:07.63)
EXTRA : Sh-Shoot! (0:08:10.71)
Black King : Hijikata. (0:08:34.41)
Black King : Joan of Arc. (0:08:37.89)
Black King : Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova. (0:08:41.94)
Black King : You may go. (0:08:46.25)
Minamoto no Yoshitsune : At last, you've made your move. (0:08:50.72)
Minamoto no Yoshitsune : Are you really going to eradicate this world? (0:08:53.25)
Black King : You do as you please. (0:08:56.76)
Minamoto no Yoshitsune : Yeah. That's how I live my life.
So, allow me to continue on.
Black King : Kurou Hougan Yoshitsune. (0:09:06.52)
Black King : Which side are you on... (0:09:08.77)
Black King : ...the Drifters or the Ends? (0:09:11.24)
Minamoto no Yoshitsune : Let's see... Whichever interests me. (0:09:16.47)
EXTRA : Shoot! Shoot! Fire at will! (0:09:21.70)
EXTRA : Don't let them close in! Shoot! (0:09:25.07)
EXTRA : From Air Command to Dragon Cavalry.
Engage in aerial support.
EXTRA : Deploy mobile aerial forces! (0:09:33.34)
EXTRA : Damn it! They're coming one
after another. There is no end!
EXTRA : Descend! Begin Operation Draborne! (0:09:52.19)
EXTRA : Descent successful. Minimum damage.
2nd platoon, ready up!
EXTRA : Go! Go! Go! (0:10:02.16)
EXTRA : From Agnela 1 of Air Command
to Dragon Cavalry.
EXTRA : Backup requested by the Goblin 7th battalion. (0:10:23.23)
EXTRA : Coordinates, 42-7-12-73-42-8. (0:10:27.69)
Abe no Haruakira : It's too late. We can't save them! (0:10:40.74)
Abe no Haruakira : But if a way for the Drifters
to escape exists...
Abe no Haruakira : Which one...?! Which one?! (0:11:00.93)
Abe no Haruakira : Which one...?! (0:11:08.27)
Abe no Haruakira : Which one?! (0:11:10.48)
Naoshi Kanno : Shit! Shit! What the hell has just happened?! (0:11:19.03)
EXTRA : "August 1, 1945, Kanno
Destroyer Naoshi Captain"
Naoshi Kanno : Hey! Who told you to stop?! (0:11:28.91)
Naoshi Kanno : Run! You piece of shit! Damn it! (0:11:31.92)
Naoshi Kanno : All right! Here we go! (0:11:36.67)
Naoshi Kanno : Hey, hey, hey! (0:11:43.68)
Naoshi Kanno : What the hell?! Is this fuckin' Uzumasa?! (0:11:45.43)
Naoshi Kanno : Where the fuck am I?! (0:11:49.31)
Naoshi Kanno : What the...?! You moron! (0:11:58.90)
Naoshi Kanno : What the shit?! Why the hell are
you riding on a dragon, you idiot?!
Naoshi Kanno : Where the shit am I?!
Don't mess with me, you jackass!
EXTRA : Wh-Which one is he?! (0:12:09.50)
EXTRA : No clue! For now, the Drifters'
evacuation must be...
EXTRA : The Northern Wall was torn down! (0:12:46.82)
EXTRA : What?! Bring more troops here now! (0:12:48.66)
EXTRA : B-But it's too... (0:12:50.93)
Jeanne d'Arc : Burn them all. (0:13:04.61)
Jeanne d'Arc : Everything... Burn them all to ash. (0:13:07.43)
Jeanne d'Arc : Drift in the air. Float
on the water's surface!
Jeanne d'Arc : Burn! Burn! (0:13:19.86)
Jeanne d'Arc : Everything in this world
should be burned to ash!
EXTRA : Wh-What?! (0:13:29.20)
EXTRA : What on earth?! (0:13:31.24)
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : Sleep, everyone. (0:13:43.09)
EXTRA : Run! (0:13:48.68)
Naoshi Kanno : You... bastards! (0:14:40.19)
Naoshi Kanno : You fuckin' jackass! (0:14:42.65)
EXTRA : Open up! Open the gate! (0:14:49.78)
EXTRA : We can't get it open. It's frozen. (0:14:52.03)
Jeanne d'Arc : May I defrost it for you? (0:14:54.20)
EXTRA : K-Kill them! (0:15:00.92)
Sundance Kid : They still ain't here.
Hey, it isn't looking good, is it?
Butch Cassidy : Not good. Not at all. (0:15:25.44)
Butch Cassidy : Why don't we leave without 'em? (0:15:28.53)
Kafet : This way. Hurry. (0:15:31.66)
Kafet : --They're here.
--Please get on quickly!
Kafet : We'll catch up with you later.
Get going, please!
Butch Cassidy : Are those two old men going to be our cargo? (0:15:41.42)
Hannibal Barca : Thank you, thank you. (0:15:43.54)
Butch Cassidy : Why are ya dressed like that?! (0:15:50.09)
Hannibal Barca : What did you say, punk?! (0:15:51.30)
Abe no Haruakira : There's nothing more that can be done here. (0:15:53.30)
Abe no Haruakira : "The Northern Wall,"
the Kingdom of Carneades, has fallen!
Abe no Haruakira : Scipio! Hannibal! (0:16:01.43)
Abe no Haruakira : You must be disturbed by our sudden (0:16:03.77)
Abe no Haruakira : request to fight so soon after your arrival. (0:16:05.93)
Abe no Haruakira : But... But please help us. (0:16:08.36)
Abe no Haruakira : How can we... How can
we defeat that Black King?
Abe no Haruakira : Or do we even have a chance? (0:16:15.43)
Scipio Africanus : I am not sure. (0:16:18.33)
Scipio Africanus : Hey, what do you think? (0:16:20.49)
Hannibal Barca : There is a non-zero chance. (0:16:25.24)
Abe no Haruakira : It's non-zero! (0:16:28.55)
Abe no Haruakira : And if they join up with
those guys, we still have hope.
Abe no Haruakira : Together with the warriors
of the deserted castle...
Abe no Haruakira : ...we still have a chance! (0:16:38.32)
Abe no Haruakira : Let's go! (0:16:40.43)
EXTRA : Wait! (0:16:53.82)
EXTRA : Get them! (0:16:54.88)
Sundance Kid : Do it! Get 'em, Kid! (0:17:02.04)
Sundance Kid : Damn! Not many bullets left! (0:17:06.92)
Hannibal Barca : What on earth?! It's amazing! (0:17:17.22)
Hannibal Barca : Give me that. I'm going to destroy Rome. (0:17:19.22)
Scipio Africanus : We'll see about that, old man! (0:17:22.14)
Butch Cassidy : Hold on! (0:17:25.60)
Butch Cassidy : Do ya have a cigarette? (0:17:30.94)
Butch Cassidy : If not, die! (0:17:33.40)
Abe no Haruakira : We're almost at the West Gate. Hurry! (0:17:38.82)
Naoshi Kanno : Reporting! Bogie down! (0:18:04.06)
Naoshi Kanno : Engaging! (0:18:08.06)
Naoshi Kanno : Target "Dragon"! Target is "Dragon"! (0:18:10.31)
Naoshi Kanno : Kanno Naoshi, the commander of
the 301st "Shinsengumi" squadron!
Naoshi Kanno : Who do you think you are?!
You disgust me, damn it!
Naoshi Kanno : I don't know what the hell
is going on here, but...
Naoshi Kanno : ...crash, you damn scum! (0:18:37.09)
Abe no Haruakira : A Drifter! (0:18:42.26)
Abe no Haruakira : He was a Drifter! (0:18:43.77)
Abe no Haruakira : I'll never let you get away with this.
Never! Black King!
Abe no Haruakira : I will be sure to fix your mess! (0:18:54.65)
Abe no Haruakira : You're not supposed to exist here! (0:18:56.82)
Black King : It's too late. You humans
are fruit to be cast off.
Black King : Chase them. Seek them. (0:19:22.05)
Black King : Find them. Kill them. (0:19:25.31)
Black King : The Drifters won't be allowed to live. (0:19:29.89)
Black King : They must be brought to extinction. (0:19:32.66)
Black King : By the mandate of the Inexorable Tribulation. (0:19:35.91)
Olminu : I lost contact with Grand Master.
W-What should I do?
Olminu : No way the Northern Wall
was breached, was it?
Olminu : Furthermore, that crazy
trio has been acting up.
Olminu : What... should I do? (0:21:28.63)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I knew we were being watched.
Who the hell are you?!
Olminu : No! I'll get killed!
It's a "Leave your head here" ghost!
Shimazu Toyohisa : Who you calling "ghost"?! (0:21:44.90)
Nasu no Yoichi : Perhaps... a spy? (0:21:48.28)
Oda Nobunaga : She looks too stupid for that... or maybe... (0:21:50.28)
Oda Nobunaga : Hey, Toyohisa. (0:21:54.16)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Yeah? (0:21:55.33)
Oda Nobunaga : This girl is speaking Japanese. (0:21:56.58)
Nasu no Yoichi : You're right. (0:22:00.00)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Hey, you! Tell me! Tell me everything! (0:22:01.17)
Olminu : No! Help me! Please don't take my head! (0:22:04.59)
Shimazu Toyohisa : If you don't confess,
I'll let him take care of you.
Oda Nobunaga : Hey! I'm Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. (0:22:12.51)
Oda Nobunaga : My hobby is scorched earth and slaughter. (0:22:15.11)
Oda Nobunaga : Let's make a toast with the skull
of a person I killed! Cheers!
Olminu : No! (0:22:19.82)
Olminu : I-I'm a magician with the
Octobrist Organization, Olminu.
Olminu : I was just keeping an eye (0:22:25.82)
Olminu : on you Drifters under Grand
Master's orders. Help me!
Shimazu Toyohisa : What the hell's she saying?! (0:22:33.33)
Oda Nobunaga : Did you hear what the idiot just said? (0:22:34.91)
Oda Nobunaga : Explain in a way that even
the fool can understand.
Olminu : That's unreasonable. (0:22:38.46)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Who're you calling fool?!
Do you want me to take your head?
Oda Nobunaga : You heard what I said. (0:22:42.50)
Oda Nobunaga : So, you are, as she said,
a "leave your head here" ghost, huh?
Olminu : Umm... well... it is... (0:22:46.63)
Olminu : Here, those like you who
are transported from the
Olminu : other world are called the "Drifters." (0:22:54.12)
Olminu : Our mission as the
"Octobrist Organization" is...
Olminu : monitor their activities
and to bring them together.
Olminu : And you were brought here to fight
against the people called the "Ends."
Shimazu Toyohisa : Who cares?! (0:23:11.53)
Oda Nobunaga : What the hell?! Don't make up stories. (0:23:12.53)
Nasu no Yoichi : Nuh-uh. (0:23:14.08)
EXTRA : "Buddhist Monk" (0:23:25.88)
EXTRA : "Miracle" (0:23:27.09)
EXTRA : "Demon King of the Sixth Heaven" (0:23:28.67)
EXTRA : "Act 4
Active Heart"

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