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EXTRA : "Act 5
Bring Back Love"
EXTRA : --Damn it!
--Search thoroughly!
EXTRA : They are not here. (0:00:11.22)
EXTRA : There is nobody here either. (0:00:12.22)
EXTRA : The place is completely empty! (0:00:13.84)
EXTRA : What the hell is going on?! (0:00:15.43)
EXTRA : Commander, please come and look. (0:00:17.89)
EXTRA : What is it?! (0:00:19.64)
EXTRA : The well... (0:00:21.85)
EXTRA : Wh-What is this smell?! (0:00:23.39)
EXTRA : It's shit. (0:00:26.56)
EXTRA : It looks like the Elves threw shit into the well. (0:00:27.77)
EXTRA : There's also something strange... (0:00:31.11)
EXTRA : What?! (0:00:33.36)
EXTRA : Sir. The soil underneath the toilet's
subfloor was dug up and it's gone.
EXTRA : How the hell did that happen?!
Is this Elven magic?
EXTRA : What is going on?! (0:00:43.71)
EXTRA : Where did they disappear to?! (0:00:45.71)
EXTRA : What is happening?! (0:00:47.21)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I am going to kill all of them tonight. (0:00:51.76)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I will take everyone's head. (0:00:56.05)
Oda Nobunaga : Altogether, we took twenty blades
and sets of armor from the dead.
Oda Nobunaga : We also took two horses from them,
but the Elves don't know how to ride.
Oda Nobunaga : We'll utilize the horses according to my plan. (0:01:15.07)
Oda Nobunaga : The armor is not our primary concern. (0:01:17.49)
Oda Nobunaga : More importantly, only a few of them
know how to wield a sword.
Oda Nobunaga : On the other hand, they are strangely
infatuated with making bows.
Oda Nobunaga : I have Yoichi helping them
create bows as we speak.
Oda Nobunaga : In a way... they look happy
making bows and arrows.
Oda Nobunaga : They are as quick and efficient
as skilled craftsmen.
Oda Nobunaga : More pressing than the sword issue is... (0:01:38.14)
Oda Nobunaga : ...our need for spears. The length of spears
would relieve some of their fears.
Oda Nobunaga : Even peasants could kill samurai
with a twenty-foot-long spear.
Shimazu Toyohisa : You probably don't know about this, (0:01:51.65)
Shimazu Toyohisa : but Akechi Mitsuhide was killed while hunting
down the routed peasant militia in Fushimi.
Oda Nobunaga : Huh? Seriously?! (0:01:59.20)
Oda Nobunaga : All right! Good for Kumquat Head. (0:02:00.70)
Oda Nobunaga : Well done, peasants of Fushimi!
I exempt them from tax for a million years.
Shimazu Toyohisa : By the way, you look like you're
having a great time conspiring.
Oda Nobunaga : A battle is only the consequence
of matters built up in the past.
Oda Nobunaga : I believe that the true contest lies in choosing
our actions well before the dawn of battle.
Oda Nobunaga : Nobody besides Hideyoshi could
understand this essence of battle.
EXTRA : No wonder we didn't see any
corpses of soldiers in the village.
EXTRA : They've been bringing them here! (0:02:36.15)
Nasu no Yoichi : Pick whichever you like, though there
are still some blood stains on them.
EXTRA : Eh? (0:02:40.95)
Nasu no Yoichi : You, the chosen ones,
may wash them yourselves.
EXTRA : Ugh! They are covered with blood. (0:02:45.66)
EXTRA : --How many are they?
--What are we going to do?
Nasu no Yoichi : It'd probably be best not to tell them
what we did to the corpses.
Nasu no Yoichi : Toyohisa cut off all the soldiers'
heads and buried them, but...
Nasu no Yoichi : ...as for their bodies, Nobunaga... (0:02:57.80)
Oda Nobunaga : You paid your respects to the dead heads
and made offerings, didn't you?
Oda Nobunaga : We shall gratefully use their bodies. (0:03:05.72)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Smells horrible. (0:03:17.69)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Is this a saltpeter mound? (0:03:22.20)
Oda Nobunaga : I mixed corpses with
grass, soil, feces, and urine.
Oda Nobunaga : It will be another two years
before saltpeter can be collected.
Oda Nobunaga : This was the trick the Ikko sect
followers used to employ.
Oda Nobunaga : The villagers should be prohibited
from entering this hill...
Oda Nobunaga : ...to prevent an epidemic. (0:03:40.22)
Shimazu Toyohisa : What should we do with
the soil from the toilets?
Oda Nobunaga : We have charcoal, but not sulfur.
Just leave it as it is for now.
Olminu : It's terrible... to do that to their corpses! (0:03:50.60)
Oda Nobunaga : What's wrong with it? The outcome would
be the same even if we buried them.
Oda Nobunaga : They would rot, get eaten by bugs,
and eventually break down into soil.
Oda Nobunaga : We're just speeding up the process.
It's the same thing.
Oda Nobunaga : We don't want to be wasteful. (0:04:03.57)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I cleaned up those heads, put them
back together, and buried them.
Shimazu Toyohisa : I made offerings to them as human beings. (0:04:09.45)
Shimazu Toyohisa : If you want to pay respect to them,
that mound is good enough.
Shimazu Toyohisa : You may think shit and urine are nasty. (0:04:14.67)
Shimazu Toyohisa : But if you and I cut open our bellies,
the inside would just be flesh filled with shit.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Could the soul dwell within
a body filled with shit...
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...instead of in a head to which we pay respect? (0:04:25.80)
Shimazu Toyohisa : That wouldn't be logical, would it? (0:04:29.85)
Olminu : I see. The clear differences
between these men and us lie...
Olminu : ...not in knowledge, technology, or culture... (0:04:39.11)
Olminu : ...but in their views on life and death. (0:04:43.28)
Oda Nobunaga : Hey, Olmi-Boobs. (0:04:49.08)
Olminu : Why do you always get the last
part of my name mixed up?
Olminu : I can't be bothered to get
upset about this anymore.
EXTRA : "Mutter, mutter, mutter" (0:04:55.33)
Oda Nobunaga : There is this stinky yellow stuff
found near a volcano.
Oda Nobunaga : It is almost like a powdery form of fart...
called sulfur. Are you able to get a hold of it?
Olminu : Eh? Sulfur? Well, I think I can manage that,
but what are you going to do with it?
Oda Nobunaga : Don't worry about that.
Just bring me a lot of it.
Oda Nobunaga : Ask your something organization...
Whatever you call it.
Oda Nobunaga : --What?!
--Boobienu Organization or something!
Olminu : --What?!
--Boobienu Organization or something!
Olminu : It's called Octobrist. (0:05:18.15)
Olminu : Well, I'm afraid it will cost you.
Do you have money?
Oda Nobunaga : Shut up, you damn Boobienu Organization! (0:05:24.40)
Oda Nobunaga : After we claim five or six states, I'll pay you. (0:05:26.70)
Oda Nobunaga : Just shut up and bring it to me, you fool! (0:05:29.32)
Olminu : Soil from toilets, corpses, sulfur... (0:05:32.04)
Olminu : What is he going to do with them?!
I don't get it at all!
EXTRA : Wow, that's excellent! (0:05:40.84)
EXTRA : Look! Almost a bull's-eye. (0:05:42.75)
EXTRA : All right! I want to try it, too. (0:05:45.22)
Nasu no Yoichi : Amazing! They are learning too quickly. (0:05:47.22)
Shara : We are natural-born archers, (0:05:51.85)
Shara : but we'd been prohibited from making
or even touching bows for a long time.
Shara : We used to practice shooting
as children before the war.
Nasu no Yoichi : I can't let them beat me. (0:06:05.61)
Nasu no Yoichi : Ha. (0:06:20.38)
Shara : Wow! (0:06:21.63)
Shara : Okay. Okay. We get it. (0:06:33.35)
Shara : I don't know what's going on, but... (0:06:35.27)
Shara : I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I apologize. (0:06:36.56)
Shara : We totally get it. You are
number one! You are the best!
Shara : You're wasting arrows. Please stop! (0:06:41.90)
Shimazu Toyohisa : We are now going to invade the village. (0:06:47.82)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Don't let anyone leave alive. (0:06:50.86)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Taking back the village is
not the end of this mission.
Shimazu Toyohisa : From there, we'll march
into the lord's castle, and...
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...take his head. (0:06:59.62)
Oda Nobunaga : Wh-What?! (0:07:01.42)
Shimazu Toyohisa : These two told me the reason... (0:07:02.88)
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...why there are no women left in the village. (0:07:04.67)
Shara : We Elves can reproduce only once a year. (0:07:08.26)
Shara : During that time, all the young women
were taken by the lord and his men.
Oda Nobunaga : I see. That's the reason. (0:07:16.22)
Oda Nobunaga : Their intention is to drive
your race... to extinction.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Take back your wives and children. (0:07:23.44)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Stop living like animals. (0:07:26.07)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Go take the heads of the men who
reduce you to nothing more than livestock.
Shimazu Toyohisa : If right and wrong exists
in this world, this is right.
Shimazu Toyohisa : Even if you are killed, you can face your
forefathers in the next world and say...
Shimazu Toyohisa : "We died fighting." (0:07:42.29)
Shimazu Toyohisa : "We died protecting our family." (0:07:44.25)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Take back your wives. (0:07:47.46)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Take back your children. (0:07:49.38)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Reclaim your state! (0:07:51.38)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Reclaim yourselves! (0:07:53.34)
Oda Nobunaga : This man is a natural-born warrior. (0:08:00.52)
Oda Nobunaga : He has the abilities required
of a warlord, not a ruler.
Oda Nobunaga : What he has is the power
to impel people to fight.
Oda Nobunaga : A zealous determination. (0:08:14.36)
EXTRA : Where did the Elves disappear to? (0:08:26.88)
EXTRA : I don't know. (0:08:29.21)
EXTRA : I've been told we're going to the surrounding
villages to search for them tomorrow.
EXTRA : If any village harbors them,
are we supposed to destroy it, too?
EXTRA : Maybe... (0:08:37.35)
EXTRA : I'm thirsty. (0:08:47.44)
EXTRA : Bear with it. We can't get water from the well. (0:08:49.32)
EXTRA : They threw shit into it. Damn Long Ears. (0:08:52.24)
EXTRA : We should just slaughter all those bastards...! (0:08:55.49)
EXTRA : What the...?! What the hell is happening?! (0:09:05.83)
EXTRA : "Toyohisa Assults Orte's Troops" (0:09:12.21)
EXTRA : --What the hell is going on?!
--It's the east side of the village!
EXTRA : Dr-Drifters... (0:09:23.81)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Ready? Come at me! (0:09:27.15)
EXTRA : D-Don't let him get away. After him! (0:09:30.15)
EXTRA : As I suspected, the Drifters are behind this. (0:09:35.99)
EXTRA : No matter what it takes, capture him! (0:09:38.62)
EXTRA : --Get him!
--Don't let him get away!
Oda Nobunaga : Let's do this. It has begun. (0:09:45.16)
Oda Nobunaga : Everyone ready? (0:09:48.25)
EXTRA : "Battle Plan" (0:09:49.96)
Oda Nobunaga : In battle, it's speed... that matters most. (0:09:52.96)
Oda Nobunaga : Move as I told you. (0:09:55.76)
Oda Nobunaga : Don't worry so much.
Even if you mess up, you'll only die.
Oda Nobunaga : Run! (0:10:07.81)
Oda Nobunaga : I used to lead an army composed of over
200,000 soldiers, and this is how I ended up.
Oda Nobunaga : This existence is intriguing... (0:10:17.78)
Oda Nobunaga : I can't get enough of it. (0:10:21.16)
EXTRA : After him! (0:10:28.87)
EXTRA : What are you doing?!
We're going against only one man.
EXTRA : Close in on him and attack him! (0:10:34.17)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:10:36.01)
EXTRA : What the...?! What the hell is he?! (0:10:40.05)
EXTRA : He is smiling. (0:10:43.85)
EXTRA : What the...?! (0:10:50.10)
Oda Nobunaga : Unleash the horses! (0:10:51.90)
Oda Nobunaga : Begin working! (0:10:53.65)
Oda Nobunaga : Get it as tight as possible! (0:10:54.98)
Oda Nobunaga : Hurry up! (0:10:56.73)
Oda Nobunaga : Hurry! Hurry! (0:11:02.16)
Oda Nobunaga : Hurry up! Get a move on! (0:11:03.87)
Oda Nobunaga : You will die! (0:11:05.58)
Oda Nobunaga : Everyone will die! Hurry up! (0:11:07.25)
Oda Nobunaga : Ready the fire arrows! (0:11:11.88)
Oda Nobunaga : This is it. Say goodbye to your village. (0:11:13.50)
Oda Nobunaga : Steel yourselves! (0:11:16.17)
Oda Nobunaga : This is your farewell to the
village that restrained you,
Oda Nobunaga : and a goodbye to your lives as serfs. (0:11:20.97)
Oda Nobunaga : Release! (0:11:25.01)
EXTRA : What the...?! What is happening?! (0:11:38.03)
Oda Nobunaga : The Owari soldiers in
my hometown were weak...
Oda Nobunaga : ...which became problematic. (0:11:53.71)
Oda Nobunaga : I constantly tried to
come up with measures...
Oda Nobunaga : ...that would make up for their weakness. (0:11:59.26)
Oda Nobunaga : I've never even thought about
copying that monkey, Hideyoshi.
Oda Nobunaga : This is my Sunomata Castle. (0:12:11.35)
Oda Nobunaga : Draw! (0:12:17.94)
Oda Nobunaga : All right! Now, release! (0:12:20.57)
Oda Nobunaga : Orte is currently engaged in war, isn't it? (0:12:28.83)
Oda Nobunaga : That means these soldiers here
are only third-class crap.
Oda Nobunaga : That explains their poor skills and low morale. (0:12:37.50)
Oda Nobunaga : There's no way they will fight till they break. (0:12:41.46)
Oda Nobunaga : No need to crush the entire army. (0:12:44.80)
Oda Nobunaga : If we destroy 10 or 20 percent--
30 to 40 soldiers--they will fall apart.
Oda Nobunaga : They will scatter. (0:12:53.27)
Oda Nobunaga : They won't gain any glory
fighting against serfs.
Oda Nobunaga : If they are defeated, they die in vain. (0:13:00.44)
Oda Nobunaga : What a pity. (0:13:02.90)
Oda Nobunaga : Furthermore, all we need to do is to
graze them. It is a good opening gambit.
Oda Nobunaga : It's an easy fight. (0:13:10.45)
EXTRA : What the hell are you doing?
Reorganize the formations!
EXTRA : If you charge all at once, that crappy
barricade should drop like nothing.
EXTRA : Sh-Shit! They coated the arrows with shit. (0:13:30.89)
EXTRA : What the...?! Water! Wash yourself
with water. Or else you could get tetanus.
EXTRA : Water... There is no water! (0:13:37.48)
EXTRA : They threw shit into the well. (0:13:40.11)
EXTRA : Our water ration is almost gone... (0:13:42.82)
EXTRA : Th-They planned this from the beginning... (0:13:45.82)
EXTRA : It was for this reason that
they threw shit into the well.
EXTRA : The entire village was a trap! (0:13:52.83)
EXTRA : It was a trap. (0:13:55.91)
EXTRA : The village... The village
was not really abandoned!
Oda Nobunaga : Take aim! (0:14:02.80)
Oda Nobunaga : Shoot! (0:14:04.92)
EXTRA : What the hell?! (0:14:09.47)
EXTRA : Don't panic! We overwhelmingly
outnumber them.
EXTRA : If we can close in on them... (0:14:14.72)
Oda Nobunaga : What a cry! It sounds just
like a monkey's yelling.
Oda Nobunaga : That's no human battle cry. (0:14:35.58)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I'm going to take the commander's head. (0:14:41.54)
Shimazu Toyohisa : You wouldn't mind if your head
became my trophy...
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...would you? (0:14:47.05)
EXTRA : Wh-What?! What the...?! (0:14:53.51)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Got it! (0:15:03.65)
Oda Nobunaga : This man... Toyohisa... (0:15:09.20)
Oda Nobunaga : He found the perfect time to attack, take the
commander's head, and destroy the army.
Oda Nobunaga : It seems he is a natural-born fighter. (0:15:21.00)
EXTRA : W-We... won! (0:15:29.84)
EXTRA : We won! (0:15:32.76)
EXTRA : We did it! We won! (0:15:33.93)
EXTRA : We won! (0:15:35.76)
Shara : We did it... (0:15:39.68)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Not so fast! (0:15:41.35)
Shimazu Toyohisa : It's not over yet! (0:15:42.90)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I told you we would
take down the lord's castle.
Oda Nobunaga : You kept saying, "take down,"
but do you have a plan for that?
Oda Nobunaga : --Nope.
--Ahh... As I thought.
Shimazu Toyohisa : --Nope.
--Ahh... As I thought.
Shimazu Toyohisa : When you attack an enemy, you need to keep
after them till you crush the root of their power.
Shimazu Toyohisa : I was taught to attack them
until we destroy them all.
Shimazu Toyohisa : That was the teaching of my father,
my uncle, my other uncles,
Shimazu Toyohisa : my grandfather, and my great-grandfather. (0:16:08.17)
Oda Nobunaga : Your entire clan is moronic.
As I thought, you were a bunch of freaks.
Shimazu Toyohisa : What did you say?! (0:16:15.01)
Oda Nobunaga : Calm down. I have an idea. (0:16:17.51)
Oda Nobunaga : Besides, the soldiers who ran... (0:16:20.85)
Oda Nobunaga : ...should be experiencing hell by now. (0:16:24.02)
EXTRA : Damn it! We've been scattered. (0:16:29.36)
EXTRA : Shit! They did it again! It's a trap! (0:16:42.50)
EXTRA : They coated it with shit again...
Damn bastards!
EXTRA : --Run!
Nasu no Yoichi : This is just like him. Such... Such tactics... (0:16:58.55)
Nasu no Yoichi : Such conduct is against
warrior code. It's unfair, isn't it?!
EXTRA : Unfair? Warrior code? (0:17:10.15)
EXTRA : What is unfairness? (0:17:14.20)
EXTRA : There is no injustice or code
of honor on the battlefield.
EXTRA : You are naïve, Yoichi. (0:17:19.53)
EXTRA : The Taira clan, the Minamoto clan, and my
stupid brothers in Kamakura are all credulous.
EXTRA : Don't ask anything else. Just do as I say. (0:17:28.38)
Nasu no Yoichi : Forget it! (0:17:35.42)
Nasu no Yoichi : Forget about him! (0:17:36.80)
Nasu no Yoichi : Forget about that monster! (0:17:39.47)
Oda Nobunaga : All right. Is everyone here?! (0:17:42.64)
EXTRA : Where are they?! (0:17:53.15)
EXTRA : Not even a single soldier has been back yet! (0:17:55.82)
EXTRA : They haven't even checked in. (0:17:58.61)
EXTRA : As I suspected, the Elves didn't just flee
the village! It wasn't simple civil unrest.
EXTRA : Even so, we've sent out most
of the soldiers stationed here.
EXTRA : Do you think that was the right move? (0:18:08.00)
EXTRA : The status of the mainland war
continues to deteriorate.
EXTRA : We've been oppressing demihumans
in all our occupied territories.
EXTRA : It is only a matter of time before not only
the Elves but also the others explode in anger!
EXTRA : We'll get bogged down if
we keep sending small forces.
EXTRA : We must crush them all at once
through shock and awe.
EXTRA : Before rebellion spreads among
the Elves throughout the territories,
EXTRA : we must destroy one or two of their
villages just to teach them a lesson.
EXTRA : If necessary, we may have to
hang our female Elf hostages.
EXTRA : Lord... (0:18:45.45)
EXTRA : The soldiers... The soldiers have just returned. (0:18:46.95)
EXTRA : Ohh... Perfect! They're finally back! (0:18:49.79)
EXTRA : Open the gate! Open the gate! (0:18:55.25)
Oda Nobunaga : Reporting on the ongoing status of our troops! (0:18:59.01)
Oda Nobunaga : The main subjugation force is currently
on patrol, continuing their assignment!
Oda Nobunaga : Request to open the gate! (0:19:07.60)
Oda Nobunaga : Ready? Smile. (0:19:14.27)
Oda Nobunaga : Keep walking. Keep smiling. Don't run. (0:19:16.19)
Oda Nobunaga : Slowly... Slowly. (0:19:20.78)
EXTRA : Report. Report to me. (0:19:23.37)
EXTRA : How was it? Was it a rebellion, as we thought?! (0:19:25.99)
Oda Nobunaga : Uh-huh... Therefore... (0:19:33.50)
EXTRA : Drifters... Elves...! (0:19:36.80)
Oda Nobunaga : We will be taking over. (0:19:41.26)
EXTRA : Wh... (0:19:44.68)
Shimazu Toyohisa : It's hot! (0:19:46.85)
Shimazu Toyohisa : It was too bulky! (0:19:48.31)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Where are those women confined? (0:19:53.85)
EXTRA : The tower. They are inside the tower. (0:19:57.19)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Let's go. (0:20:02.03)
EXTRA : What happened to the soldiers?!
My... My soldiers?!
Oda Nobunaga : Ahh, them? Well... (0:20:07.66)
Oda Nobunaga : I'm sorry, but most of them are dead. (0:20:10.91)
Oda Nobunaga : And as for the rest, Yoichi is
hunting them down in the forest.
Oda Nobunaga : But don't worry. (0:20:17.25)
Oda Nobunaga : In the end, you'll be with them,
mixed with soil and shit,
Oda Nobunaga : and I'll make sure you
reincarnate into black powder.
EXTRA : What the hell?! (0:20:34.90)
EXTRA : I surrender! (0:20:40.90)
EXTRA : I surrender to you! (0:20:43.07)
Shara : This... (0:20:44.07)
Shara : Wh-Why? (0:20:46.32)
Shimazu Toyohisa : He already laid down his sword. (0:20:47.87)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Whether you kill your enemy
should depend on their actions.
Shimazu Toyohisa : It would be a shame to take
the head of one who surrendered!
Shara : Even so... But we-- (0:20:54.21)
Shimazu Toyohisa : It would be a disgrace! (0:20:56.54)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Saving the women is our priority right now. (0:21:01.13)
Shimazu Toyohisa : Ready? (0:21:05.26)
EXTRA : Let's go. (0:21:13.81)
Shara : Yeah. (0:21:15.98)
EXTRA : Wh-What the hell?! (0:21:21.69)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I was wrong. (0:21:33.83)
Shimazu Toyohisa : These pieces of shit in this castle are a blight! (0:21:36.04)
Shimazu Toyohisa : I will carve them up... (0:21:43.88)
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...tear them out by the roots... (0:21:47.05)
Shimazu Toyohisa : ...and slaughter them all. (0:21:49.35)
EXTRA : "Purge" (0:23:25.98)
EXTRA : "Virgin" (0:23:27.19)
EXTRA : "Black Powder" (0:23:28.78)
EXTRA : "Act 6
Men of Destiny"

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