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EXTRA : "Akihabara" (0:00:02.94)
EXTRA : "The Bugged Ones" (0:00:09.61)
EXTRA : "Mysterious Girl?!" (0:00:14.91)
EXTRA : "Mysterious Boy!" (0:00:19.79)
EXTRA : "Undress!" (0:00:32.21)
Matome Mayonaka : Tamotsu! Above you! (0:00:38.39)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I can't believe
they've come back from the dead...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Dammit! (0:02:29.00)
Tamotsu Denkigai : It seems like I got away... (0:02:45.68)
EXTRA : There you are! I've finally got you! (0:02:46.85)
EXTRA : Whoa! (0:02:50.14)
EXTRA : Don't you see? I am trying to help you. (0:02:51.35)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I said, no thank you! (0:02:54.61)
EXTRA : Come on! Please spend a moment
to think about the great deal
EXTRA : "Mabu-Mabunopapa" (0:02:56.53)
EXTRA : of peace and happiness that you will
be giving your mind by purchasing fine art!
EXTRA : It's only 950,000 yen,
or 16,000 per month for just 5 years!
EXTRA : So let's just go back to the gallery
and complete the paperwork for--
Tamotsu Denkigai : All right! I'll buy! (0:03:09.46)
EXTRA : What? Really?! (0:03:10.71)
Tamotsu Denkigai : But... I have just one condition. (0:03:12.25)
EXTRA : What is it? (0:03:14.21)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Young lady... you must... (0:03:15.54)
Tamotsu Denkigai : ...join me in battle! (0:03:18.88)
EXTRA : Huh? Battle...? (0:03:21.59)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Yes! Battle! (0:03:23.13)
Tamotsu Denkigai : To tell you the truth,
I am Prince Mabu-Neet, sent to Earth
Tamotsu Denkigai : by the great Space God Goldiva
from Tekan Riser, the Eleventh world!
Tamotsu Denkigai : I must collect the Mobamo Silataro Emblem,
shattered into 334 pieces,
Tamotsu Denkigai : and awaken as
the Social Love Fighter Mozuku.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Then I will lead my 16 allies
to wage an Evolution Fight against
Tamotsu Denkigai : Darkgod The Hellsflash in Stargate, where I will
Videotape the Mozaizer Chance Energies to...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Who would have thought my middle school
fantasy novel would be so useful.
Niwaka Denkigai : Big bro Tamotsu! (0:03:55.29)
Niwaka Denkigai : I knew you'd be here! (0:03:58.71)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hey, Niwaka. (0:04:01.51)
Niwaka Denkigai : I told you to wait, but you took off! (0:04:02.68)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Sorry, sorry. (0:04:05.76)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I was ambushed by
the recently resurrected Eulian.
Niwaka Denkigai : Eulian...? (0:04:09.93)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A monster, native to Akihabara. (0:04:10.77)
Tamotsu Denkigai : They increase in numbers in
the sequel and start a war!
Niwaka Denkigai : Wow, cool. (0:04:15.10)
Niwaka Denkigai : Anyway, let's go to Animate next. (0:04:17.19)
EXTRA : "Animate exclusive!
GONZO Boys special!"
Niwaka Denkigai : I need to buy this new manga
with the special bonus flier attached.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Seriously? I'm not that interested. (0:04:22.11)
Niwaka Denkigai : You have to come with me! (0:04:24.99)
Niwaka Denkigai : We'd get separated again! (0:04:27.24)
Niwaka Denkigai : Come on, you can just hang out
in the figurine store next door.
Tamotsu Denkigai : I see... Then I can look for the
Anatomy Rangers limited-edition figurines...
Tamotsu Denkigai : --No, that store is too tempting, (0:04:36.29)
Niwaka Denkigai : --Big bro! Big bro!
--No, that store is too tempting,
Tamotsu Denkigai : --Big bro! Big bro!
--No, that store is too tempting,
Niwaka Denkigai : --Big bro! Big bro!
--it will lure me into overspending...
Tamotsu Denkigai : --Big bro! Big bro!
--it will lure me into overspending...
Tamotsu Denkigai : What in the... (0:04:54.27)
Niwaka Denkigai : Huh? (0:04:56.73)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hey, are you okay...? (0:05:07.07)
Matome Mayonaka : It's not safe there. (0:05:10.33)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? (0:05:11.74)
EXTRA : Oh no! (0:05:32.56)
Niwaka Denkigai : Cool! (0:05:38.98)
Matome Mayonaka : Just a grunt... (0:05:45.49)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Hold it right there! (0:05:47.24)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : That's it! Break it up! (0:05:50.70)
Niwaka Denkigai : They're... (0:05:53.91)
Tamotsu Denkigai : The Akihabara vigilantes. (0:05:55.41)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : The show is over! Please disperse! (0:05:57.00)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A show? That was a show? (0:06:01.29)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Young lady, your show is a little too flashy! (0:06:04.30)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : You do know the
new Akihabara Accords, right?
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : You have to fill out an application and-- (0:06:09.51)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Hey, you! Wait! (0:06:12.51)
Niwaka Denkigai : That was quite a show. (0:06:14.72)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Anything goes, I guess. (0:06:16.81)
Niwaka Denkigai : I'm so glad they still had
the limited edition fliers in stock!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Ugh... That figurine store
didn't have it either...
Niwaka Denkigai : Too bad, big bro. Maybe you should
stop trying so hard to be a minority.
Tamotsu Denkigai : What's the joy in doing
what everyone else is doing?!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Fine, I guess I'll have
to go look in an auction.
Niwaka Denkigai : So, about that show... (0:06:41.00)
Niwaka Denkigai : I wonder if it's related to the
rumors about the Bugged Ones?
Tamotsu Denkigai : The Bugged Ones... (0:06:47.46)
Niwaka Denkigai : They say it's increasing rapidly.
A dark shadow haunts you and takes you over.
EXTRA : "Urban legends of Akihabara" (0:06:52.09)
Niwaka Denkigai : I heard that my friend's
sister's classmate said so.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Yeah, and once you become a Bugged One,
you gain superhuman strength, go berserk,
Tamotsu Denkigai : and attack to infect other humans, right? (0:07:03.81)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Like a vampire, or a zombie. (0:07:06.82)
Niwaka Denkigai : But if it were true,
it'd be a big problem, right?
Niwaka Denkigai : The police aren't doing anything,
and the vigilantes called it a show.
Tamotsu Denkigai : It's all hokum, an urban legend. (0:07:16.54)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A lot of people have been trying
new things after the Akihabara Accords
Tamotsu Denkigai : lifted the ban on street performances. (0:07:23.33)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Someone was bound to try
flying at some point.
Niwaka Denkigai : I guess whatever's popular is good. (0:07:28.09)
Niwaka Denkigai : Anyway, next up is Adores Café!
They have a collaboration menu!
EXTRA : "Gon-Mas" (0:07:32.80)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Not interested. (0:07:34.64)
Niwaka Denkigai : Come on! Come with me! (0:07:35.22)
EXTRA : "Kage-san"
"That thing you wanted, Tamotsu, I found it."
Tamotsu Denkigai : I'm sorry, your brother must go! (0:07:41.56)
Niwaka Denkigai : Huh?! You promised to spend
the entire day with me!
Tamotsu Denkigai : We'll do that tomorrow! (0:07:48.94)
Niwaka Denkigai : Not every day is a holiday
for me, unlike you!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Wow... He's right!
Almost all of the versions are here!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Not just Liver Blue,
but Colon Black, and Ear Hair Purple...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Impressive, Mr. Kage, Lord of Akiba.
Only he would know of such a shop...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hmm? (0:08:12.01)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Wow! It's Liver Blue Fatty Mode! (0:08:13.01)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A limited edition, released only in
an event in Aomori last year...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Never re-released because
it was so horribly unpopular...
Tamotsu Denkigai : A legendary item, I can't believe it's here! (0:08:23.31)
Tamotsu Denkigai : No, it must be destiny that lead me
to acquire this item... This mythical--
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hmm? (0:08:33.13)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi? (0:08:33.88)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? I won't... (0:08:37.62)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moimoi, mo-moi, I found this first! (0:08:39.99)
Arisa Ahokainen : What's mine is mine, what's yours is yours! (0:08:44.63)
Tamotsu Denkigai : That's normal! Wow, she's strong... (0:08:47.96)
Arisa Ahokainen : This is my figurine, my Liver! (0:08:51.38)
Arisa Ahokainen : This rare version is
not only colored differently,
Arisa Ahokainen : but is also newly modeled to more
closely reflect the original designs!
Arisa Ahokainen : I want to repaint this to match
the original, base color!
Tamotsu Denkigai : This one knows what she's talking about! (0:09:05.39)
Tamotsu Denkigai : She noticed that the rare color
is modeled differently!
Arisa Ahokainen : I love Liver! So I really,
really want it! Give me Liver!
Tamotsu Denkigai : --Oh no!
--Yay! I got Liver, moi!
Arisa Ahokainen : --Oh no!
--Yay! I got Liver, moi!
Arisa Ahokainen : Please don't feel bad. Moi, moi! (0:09:24.41)
Tamotsu Denkigai : No, wait! At least, tell me! (0:09:28.46)
Arisa Ahokainen : Hmm? (0:09:31.17)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Tell me more about the emotions
you have invested in that rare item!
Arisa Ahokainen : Motions? (0:09:34.72)
Tamotsu Denkigai : If I can't have it, I want to at least
passionately discuss Liver Blue.
Tamotsu Denkigai : You and I share a value.
We are already friends!
Arisa Ahokainen : Friends...? (0:09:45.43)
Tamotsu Denkigai : That's right. We don't come to
Akiba just to dig up rare goods.
Tamotsu Denkigai : We're here to breathe the air... (0:09:51.52)
Tamotsu Denkigai : The atmosphere of friendship and compassion! (0:09:54.19)
Tamotsu Denkigai : We are comrades,
living in the same atmosphere!
Arisa Ahokainen : Wow! (0:10:01.28)
Arisa Ahokainen : For some reason,
I totally understand what you mean!
Arisa Ahokainen : You speak directly to
the heart of Arisa Ahokainen!
Arisa Ahokainen : With a thud! (0:10:14.13)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Nice to meet you, Arisa.
My name is Tamotsu. Tamotsu Denkigai.
Arisa Ahokainen : Nice to meet you, too, Tamotsu! (0:10:22.77)
Tamotsu Denkigai : So close, so close... (0:10:28.60)
Matome Mayonaka : Found you, Bugged One! (0:10:34.98)
Arisa Ahokainen : Bug? (0:10:37.24)
Tamotsu Denkigai : You're that... (0:10:38.20)
Arisa Ahokainen : Mo-moi! What is this...? (0:10:41.24)
Matome Mayonaka : Reveal yourself! (0:10:43.58)
Arisa Ahokainen : Reveal?! What do you mean?! (0:10:45.66)
Matome Mayonaka : That weird cosplay, you must be one of them! (0:10:48.00)
Arisa Ahokainen : There are tons of cosplayers around here! (0:10:50.71)
Matome Mayonaka : Your physical abilities are superhuman! (0:10:54.59)
Arisa Ahokainen : The figurines! (0:10:59.05)
Matome Mayonaka : Accept your fate! (0:10:59.76)
Arisa Ahokainen : I will punish you
for treating treasures without respect!
Arisa Ahokainen : Strategic retreat! Off I go! (0:11:18.19)
Matome Mayonaka : Hey, wait, you Bug! (0:11:20.61)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I should have taken a movie of that. (0:11:27.08)
EXTRA : An explosion, on Chuo Dori Street? (0:11:28.95)
EXTRA : You mean around Adores Café?
What's going on in Akihabara today?
Tamotsu Denkigai : Adores Café... (0:11:35.75)
Niwaka Denkigai : Next up is Adores Café! (0:11:37.71)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Niwaka! (0:11:39.97)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Dammit! (0:11:41.11)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Retrieved! Excuse me, checkout please! (0:11:42.01)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Please stand back, stand back. (0:11:48.77)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Hey, you there! Stand back! (0:11:51.31)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : I can see you. I can see you real good. (0:11:55.27)
EXTRA : The number you have dialed
is not available right now.
EXTRA : The phone may be out of range,
or turned off.
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Hey, you can't come in! (0:12:03.16)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Hey, you! Stop! Whoa! (0:12:05.28)
EXTRA : "Emergency Exit" (0:12:20.38)
Tamotsu Denkigai : There are customers here? (0:12:22.94)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Um, have you seen a girl
wearing a weird panda outfit?
Tamotsu Denkigai : Whoa! Whoa! Ugh! Ouch... (0:12:31.35)
Tamotsu Denkigai : What?! (0:12:35.19)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh no! I'm sorry! I'll do anything! (0:12:39.32)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? Am I safe...? (0:12:42.93)
Tamotsu Denkigai : No, I'm not! No! (0:12:45.14)
Matome Mayonaka : I see you often. But you're in my way. (0:13:01.96)
Tamotsu Denkigai : It's not like I want to be here!
My little sister's here!
Matome Mayonaka : Sister? (0:13:09.30)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Right! Niwaka! (0:13:10.81)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Niwaka! (0:13:15.23)
Matome Mayonaka : Dammit! (0:13:18.77)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Niwaka! Are you okay?! (0:13:19.84)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Good... She seems to be alive, I think... (0:13:22.36)
Matome Mayonaka : Take your sister and run... (0:13:33.88)
Tamotsu Denkigai : But you're hurt... (0:13:35.96)
Matome Mayonaka : I told you, you're in my way! (0:13:37.86)
Matome Mayonaka : I might not be able to save you next time! (0:13:39.32)
EXTRA : Traitor... You are supposed
to be on our side...
Matome Mayonaka : Don't include me in
your little circle of villains...
Tamotsu Denkigai : This is bad... Really bad... (0:14:02.02)
Tamotsu Denkigai : She... (0:14:07.20)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh, wait. It's you! (0:14:12.94)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi, you are Tamotsu! Welcome! (0:14:15.58)
Tamotsu Denkigai : This isn't your house! (0:14:20.04)
Arisa Ahokainen : I was enjoying an exciting game of tag,
when the roles suddenly reversed.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Why are you in a different outfit? (0:14:26.76)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi... The previous outfit was
ripped off of me during the fight.
Arisa Ahokainen : Then she said, "Oops, sorry, my mistake!" (0:14:33.93)
Arisa Ahokainen : I wanted to ask her what she was
talking about, so I followed her.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hmm, she's always undressing the opponent... (0:14:41.98)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi? Oh, how cute! Is she your girlfriend? (0:14:45.57)
Niwaka Denkigai : Huh? Big Bro has no girlfriend! (0:14:49.28)
Niwaka Denkigai : In fact he only has very few friends... (0:14:52.95)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Grr... (0:14:56.41)
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh! Tamotsu is a loner! (0:14:57.41)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Shut up! (0:14:59.16)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Miss Ahokainen, I need to ask you a favor. (0:15:02.96)
Arisa Ahokainen : Just call me Arisa. (0:15:05.88)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Take care of my sister. (0:15:08.30)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Take her someplace safe... (0:15:10.18)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi? (0:15:12.22)
Tamotsu Denkigai : We fought over the same figurine. (0:15:13.18)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I can trust you,
as we both share the same soul.
Arisa Ahokainen : Tamotsu, what are you going to do? (0:15:18.52)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I have to go after her. (0:15:21.31)
Tamotsu Denkigai : She bugs me. I can't
leave these things unexplored.
Arisa Ahokainen : But isn't it dangerous?
You are quite below average in physique.
Tamotsu Denkigai : But I can't just leave it alone! (0:15:33.12)
Tamotsu Denkigai : If it looks interesting, no ocean, mountain,
or galaxy should separate me from it!
Tamotsu Denkigai : "Curiosity must take
precedence over everything!"
Tamotsu Denkigai : Remember that line from
episode 34 of Anatomy Rangers?!
Arisa Ahokainen : N-Now that you mention it, that might
have been a line from that episode...
Arisa Ahokainen : Tamotsu, you are so cool!
You can get any girl now!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Right! You take care of Niwaka, Arisa! (0:15:53.80)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi! You can count on me! (0:15:55.68)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Actually, it's a line
from my original novel...
EXTRA : What's wrong? What happened
to your earlier bravado?
Matome Mayonaka : Still so many... (0:16:16.49)
EXTRA : Akihabara belongs to us!
All of humanity must kneel to us!
EXTRA : Kneel to us, the Metrotica! (0:16:24.38)
Matome Mayonaka : Oh no! (0:16:33.43)
EXTRA : Hahaha! Death to the traitor! (0:16:38.39)
EXTRA : You end here! (0:16:45.19)
Matome Mayonaka : I'm done for... (0:16:46.77)
Matome Mayonaka : What?! (0:16:50.82)
Matome Mayonaka : It's him! (0:16:53.61)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Have another! (0:16:58.08)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh, oops-- (0:17:00.83)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Ugh! (0:17:02.33)
Matome Mayonaka : Why did you come?! (0:17:04.79)
EXTRA : Pay attention! (0:17:05.83)
EXTRA : Hmph, traitor... This is the end for you! (0:17:12.30)
Matome Mayonaka : What?! It can't be! (0:17:28.61)
Matome Mayonaka : Why... Why would you... (0:17:30.15)
EXTRA : Dammit! Get out of my way! (0:17:33.57)
EXTRA : Dammit... Let's go! (0:17:42.04)
Matome Mayonaka : Why...? (0:17:52.46)
Tamotsu Denkigai : My previous self... Told me to
follow anything that looks interesting...
Matome Mayonaka : What does that even mean?! (0:17:57.63)
Tamotsu Denkigai : If you see my little sister, tell her... (0:17:59.35)
Tamotsu Denkigai : ...her brother Tamotsu was-- (0:18:02.89)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Blargh! (0:18:04.52)
Matome Mayonaka : Hey! Can't you even finish your final words?! (0:18:06.56)
Matome Mayonaka : I mean, no! You can't die! You can't die... (0:18:09.61)
Matome Mayonaka : Not for someone like me... (0:18:15.78)
Matome Mayonaka : It's okay. You will not die. (0:18:23.66)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh?! Where am I?! (0:18:49.98)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I just saw Grandma across a river, and-- (0:18:52.48)
Matome Mayonaka : I'm glad you're okay. (0:18:56.08)
Matome Mayonaka : I just performed an operation on you
called Transcend Providence.
Matome Mayonaka : It has a few side effects... (0:19:00.49)
EXTRA : You nuisance... (0:19:06.66)
EXTRA : Oh no! (0:19:25.85)
EXTRA : You?! How?! (0:19:29.56)
Tamotsu Denkigai : It felt like I would be able
to do that for some reason.
Tamotsu Denkigai : I just have to undress them, right? (0:19:35.48)
Matome Mayonaka : Yes! The Bugged Ones
are extremely sensitive to the air!
Matome Mayonaka : Take their clothes off to defeat them! (0:19:40.65)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Roger! (0:19:42.24)
EXTRA : Enough! (0:19:48.50)
Matome Mayonaka : Are you okay? (0:19:55.00)
Matome Mayonaka : Here they come! (0:19:56.12)
Matome Mayonaka : Tamotsu! Above you! (0:20:11.19)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Ultra Super Miracle God Hand! (0:20:19.44)
EXTRA : No! I can't... How... No! (0:20:26.12)
EXTRA : What's that? A movie set? (0:20:33.75)
EXTRA : Lots of naked babes! (0:20:35.25)
EXTRA : Good... I got an excellent shot. (0:20:37.00)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh, hmm... F... (0:20:41.05)
Tamotsu Denkigai : No, I must respect this lady,
even if she is evil.
Tamotsu Denkigai : I must not stare at her in a lewd way. (0:20:46.22)
Matome Mayonaka : But you totally did stare, right? (0:20:48.31)
Tamotsu Denkigai : No, um, this is a thing that
Akiba comrades do with the thing, and...
Matome Mayonaka : But I'm impressed that you did so well... (0:20:53.19)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I do tend to grasp things quickly. (0:20:57.06)
Matome Mayonaka : Mister... Tamotsu, right? (0:21:00.55)
Matome Mayonaka : I'm Matome. Matome Mayonaka. (0:21:04.03)
Tamotsu Denkigai : That sounds like the name
of a mayonnaise review blog!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Can I call you Mayo? (0:21:11.41)
Matome Mayonaka : Wait, that's the part
you're going to abbreviate?
Matome Mayonaka : But... I'm sorry. (0:21:15.79)
Matome Mayonaka : You can't live a normal life anymore. (0:21:17.32)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? (0:21:19.50)
Matome Mayonaka : You have now seen the paranormal Akihabara. (0:21:20.92)
Matome Mayonaka : You are now destined to continue
fighting alongside me,
Matome Mayonaka : in a never-ending nightmare... (0:21:26.26)
Matome Mayonaka : Put your phone away and listen! (0:21:29.81)
Tamotsu Denkigai : You can't go home dressed like that, right? (0:21:35.60)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I was looking up the closest
clothes store and it's still open.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Let's get changed there. (0:21:40.25)
Matome Mayonaka : H-Huh? (0:21:41.41)
Matome Mayonaka : Hey, I'm not finished-- (0:21:44.28)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I get the gist. (0:21:46.30)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Our battle has only just begun, right?! (0:21:47.87)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Swords, guns... All boys love weapons. (0:23:25.17)
Matome Mayonaka : Do you know a lot about them? (0:23:28.05)
Tamotsu Denkigai : To be honest, no. But I do have
a bit of sentiment towards them!
Matome Mayonaka : I don't get it. (0:23:32.43)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Akiba's Trip The Animation, next episode! (0:23:33.43)
EXTRA : "We Formed a Team - Call Us Electric Mayo!" (0:23:35.51)
EXTRA : "TRIP 2 - We Formed a Team
- Call Us Electric Mayo!"
Matome Mayonaka : Electric Mayo? Is that a type of weapon, too? (0:23:36.99)

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Akiba's Trip The Animation

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