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Matome Mayonaka : Hey! Pay attention! (0:00:02.96)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? No, I am listening, really. (0:00:04.85)
Matome Mayonaka : Those freaks that you fought,
they are the Bugged Ones...
Matome Mayonaka : The bloodthirsty monsters who
disturb the peace in Akiba.
Tamotsu Denkigai : The rumors were true... (0:00:15.59)
Matome Mayonaka : The ones we fought were cosplayers (0:00:18.26)
Matome Mayonaka : who became violent by becoming Bugged Ones. (0:00:20.37)
Matome Mayonaka : Most of the Bugged Ones are low-class types,
taken over by demons called Kurobugs.
Matome Mayonaka : But there are those called the Hazoku, who can
create stronger, high-class Bugged Ones...
Matome Mayonaka : Are you listening?! (0:00:34.86)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh! Yeah, um... I'm hungry, and...
Can I go and grab a katsu sandwich?
Matome Mayonaka : I said! (0:00:40.22)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I know, I'm listening!
Something about the Hazoku?
Matome Mayonaka : The Hazoku are non-humans who have
the power to create Bugged Ones...
Matome Mayonaka : And I am one of them. (0:00:50.09)
Matome Mayonaka : Some Hazoku seek to coexist with humans. (0:00:52.86)
Matome Mayonaka : I am one of them,
and I fight to protect this land.
Matome Mayonaka : Recently, they have become active
for some reason.
Matome Mayonaka : I have to keep fighting... (0:01:07.02)
Matome Mayonaka : My clan has been defending Akihabara
for over 300 years now.
Matome Mayonaka : Now that you have the power,
you can no longer leave Akiba.
Matome Mayonaka : So you must join me and-- (0:01:20.78)
Tamotsu Denkigai : See ya. (0:01:21.91)
Matome Mayonaka : Hey?! Aren't you listening?! (0:01:23.62)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I don't want to do that!
That sounds so bothersome!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Can't you ask the police
or the vigilantes or something?
Tamotsu Denkigai : I don't need to take part! (0:01:31.09)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Bye! (0:01:32.46)
Tamotsu Denkigai : --Hey--
--Wait for me, katsu sandwich!
Matome Mayonaka : --Hey--
--Wait for me, katsu sandwich!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Ow! W-What the...? (0:01:35.30)
Matome Mayonaka : Like I said, you cannot exit Akiba. (0:01:38.22)
Matome Mayonaka : The whole city is surrounded by a powerful
force field to keep the Bugged Ones in.
Matome Mayonaka : After receiving my "Transcend Providence,"
you have become my underling...
Matome Mayonaka : In other words, a Bugged One. (0:01:52.11)
Matome Mayonaka : That hair color is the proof. (0:01:54.65)
Matome Mayonaka : In combat, your hair shines,
unlocking your powers.
Tamotsu Denkigai : It can't be... (0:02:01.85)
Niwaka Denkigai : You're okay! (0:02:07.37)
EXTRA : "TRIP 2 - We Formed a Team -
Call Us Electric Mayo!"
Tamotsu Denkigai : Wow, great! (0:03:47.39)
Tamotsu Denkigai : There's a bunch of old video games
that I've heard of but never played!
Niwaka Denkigai : Big Bro, sit down! (0:03:52.14)
Niwaka Denkigai : This is important, probably. (0:03:54.65)
Matome Mayonaka : "Probably"? (0:03:57.23)
Arisa Ahokainen : This used to be a warehouse for a hobby shop. (0:03:58.78)
Arisa Ahokainen : I understand why Tamotsu is excited. (0:04:01.45)
Niwaka Denkigai : Miss Arisa, you should sit, too. (0:04:03.07)
Arisa Ahokainen : Don't mind me! And do just call me Arisa! (0:04:05.07)
Arisa Ahokainen : Hmm...? (0:04:10.41)
Arisa Ahokainen : --Moi! (0:04:12.81)
Tamotsu Denkigai : --Wow!
Tamotsu Denkigai : This is the world's first
home video game machine, the Ottossei!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Great! Super! (0:04:18.80)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Is there anything else? (0:04:20.21)
Niwaka Denkigai : Um, so... My brother is no longer human? (0:04:21.51)
Matome Mayonaka : Yes... Your brother Tamotsu is... (0:04:26.30)
Tasujin Ratu : Ahem, allow me to explain. (0:04:29.56)
Matome Mayonaka : Professor... (0:04:33.71)
Niwaka Denkigai : Professor? This little girl? (0:04:34.98)
Tasujin Ratu : Nice to meet you.
I am Professor Tejasvi Latu.
Tasujin Ratu : My full name is Tejasvi Najawardene Bangalbengal
Rajarajamaharaja Virendravarendra...
Tamotsu Denkigai : How about just Professor? (0:04:45.36)
Tasujin Ratu : Totally fine! (0:04:46.66)
Tasujin Ratu : Tamotsu, you almost...
Or rather, totally died.
Tasujin Ratu : When Matome performed the
"Transcend Providence" on you,
Tasujin Ratu : you became a Hazoku underling...
a high-class Bugged One.
Tasujin Ratu : That is the power that allowed you to
defeat the Bugged One with a single blow.
Tasujin Ratu : The Hazoku are superior to the Bugged Ones, (0:05:02.26)
Tasujin Ratu : so high-class Bugged Ones
empowered by the Hazoku are stronger.
Tasujin Ratu : By the way, Matome, how did you
convince yourself to perform the ceremony?
Tasujin Ratu : You really hated it. (0:05:13.06)
Niwaka Denkigai : Okay, I understood none of that,
but I guess you're really not human anymore...
Niwaka Denkigai : Daddy always did say
you fail as a human being.
Tasujin Ratu : No need to be pessimistic. (0:05:25.40)
Tasujin Ratu : You should feel lucky that
you have become a higher being.
Tamotsu Denkigai : But to grow stronger without even trying... (0:05:32.87)
Tamotsu Denkigai : That type of opportunism feels unacceptable... (0:05:35.29)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Wait, so if I'm also a Bugged One... (0:05:38.12)
Tamotsu Denkigai : What happens if my clothes get ripped off? (0:05:42.00)
Tamotsu Denkigai : The other ones returned to
normal humans when they got disrobed.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Would that happen to me, too? (0:05:48.47)
Matome Mayonaka : We'll get to that later. (0:05:50.45)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? What? (0:05:52.60)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Besides, how am I supposed to bathe without taking my clothes off? (0:05:54.70)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I'm going to stink. (0:05:57.51)
Tasujin Ratu : Fear not! This secret base is equipped
with a special shower room, built by me.
Tamotsu Denkigai : I prefer bathtubs... (0:06:03.90)
Arisa Ahokainen : Tamotsu, you pervert! (0:06:05.59)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Why are you in here?! (0:06:07.47)
Matome Mayonaka : Don't look! (0:06:08.66)
Matome Mayonaka : Enough about the bath. (0:06:11.58)
Matome Mayonaka : Since you are my underling now, (0:06:14.22)
Matome Mayonaka : the Bugged Ones will
definitely meddle with you.
Matome Mayonaka : You have to fight to defend yourself. (0:06:19.23)
Matome Mayonaka : You will join my vigilante group. (0:06:21.75)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? (0:06:24.55)
Niwaka Denkigai : Vigilante? Like those other people
who hang out in groups around Akiba?
Matome Mayonaka : Yes. The vigilantes are volunteers
who stood up in defense of Akiba.
Matome Mayonaka : Most are just regular people
cleaning the streets and stuff,
Matome Mayonaka : but some are dedicated
Bugged One hunters, like me.
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi! This is so cool,
like a shadow warrior hitman!
Matome Mayonaka : Wear something! (0:06:45.36)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Ah, well. (0:06:46.74)
Tamotsu Denkigai : There's no getting out of this, right? (0:06:48.51)
Tamotsu Denkigai : If I'm stuck in Akiba,
I guess I have to live here.
Matome Mayonaka : Live? (0:06:54.01)
Niwaka Denkigai : Huh? Big Bro, you're going to stay here? (0:06:55.37)
Tamotsu Denkigai : What else can I do? I can't go home. (0:06:58.04)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Mayo, you live here, too, right? (0:07:00.64)
Matome Mayonaka : Well, yes, but... (0:07:02.42)
Tamotsu Denkigai : So I can, too, right? (0:07:04.88)
Matome Mayonaka : Well, I mean... (0:07:06.55)
Niwaka Denkigai : But Mom and Dad will be worried! (0:07:07.90)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Tell the folks I started working
at a live-in job or something.
Niwaka Denkigai : Seriously? Mom might buy it, but Dad... (0:07:14.24)
Matome Mayonaka : --Hey, I demand to be heard...
--What about prep school?
Niwaka Denkigai : --Hey, I demand to be heard...
--What about prep school?
Arisa Ahokainen : --Hey, I demand to be heard...
--I never go anyway, whatever.
Tamotsu Denkigai : --Hey, I demand to be heard...
--I never go anyway, whatever.
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi! It's like summer camp!
--I never go anyway, whatever.
Arisa Ahokainen : Sounds fun! (0:07:23.36)
Matome Mayonaka : Hey! (0:07:24.69)
Tasujin Ratu : Oh, don't worry. (0:07:25.52)
Tasujin Ratu : If we clear out that closet space there,
we can fit one more person.
Matome Mayonaka : --But...
--It's okay.
Tasujin Ratu : --But...
--It's okay.
Tasujin Ratu : He seems like an idiot but not a bad person. (0:07:35.26)
Tasujin Ratu : Besides, he's your underling,
which is like your pet, right?
Tamotsu Denkigai : So... (0:07:43.25)
Matome Mayonaka : Tamotsu! (0:07:43.79)
Matome Mayonaka : You will begin working for me, immediately! (0:07:45.88)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Seriously? Already? (0:07:47.73)
Matome Mayonaka : As a member of the vigilante group,
you will obey my instructions. Understood?
Matome Mayonaka : If you disobey, or I find you useless,
I will kick you out immediately!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Fine, fine. (0:08:01.56)
Matome Mayonaka : The correct response is, "Yes!" (0:08:03.31)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Yesh! (0:08:04.19)
Matome Mayonaka : Okay, first off, clean out that room. (0:08:05.02)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Y-Yes! (0:08:07.73)
Matome Mayonaka : Tomorrow morning, we start patrolling at 7 a.m. (0:08:08.90)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh no, I want to sleep in until 10... (0:08:11.40)
Niwaka Denkigai : Is Big Bro going to be okay? (0:08:13.74)
Matome Mayonaka : Why are you here, too? (0:08:21.16)
Arisa Ahokainen : I am a member of this vigilante group, Ma! (0:08:22.91)
Matome Mayonaka : "Ma"? (0:08:25.79)
Arisa Ahokainen : Me. (0:08:26.42)
Arisa Ahokainen : Ma! (0:08:27.92)
Matome Mayonaka : Me?! I mean, who said you could join? (0:08:28.59)
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh, no, no. Don't be so stubborn! (0:08:32.92)
Arisa Ahokainen : The figurines on the shelf... (0:08:36.18)
Arisa Ahokainen : Those were the ones you broke yesterday. (0:08:38.91)
Arisa Ahokainen : Ma, you purchased them, and fixed them. (0:08:41.64)
Arisa Ahokainen : I like that about you, Ma! (0:08:46.02)
Matome Mayonaka : W-Well, I felt bad for the shop, and... Well... (0:08:50.48)
Matome Mayonaka : I'm sorry about yesterday. (0:08:54.78)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi? (0:08:57.32)
Matome Mayonaka : I thought you were a Bugged One, so I... (0:08:58.89)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi! (0:09:03.54)
Arisa Ahokainen : Ma is so cute! (0:09:04.96)
Arisa Ahokainen : From today, you and I are teammates,
soulmates, schoolmates!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Okay! I've decided! (0:09:12.67)
Arisa Ahokainen : What's up, Tamotsu? (0:09:14.84)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I've decided what
our team name is going to be!
Matome Mayonaka : Huh? Is that what you've been pondering
so hard for so long?
Tamotsu Denkigai : Actually I've been pondering
since yesterday. And the name is...
Matome Mayonaka : What?! That's terrible! It sucks! (0:09:29.36)
Tamotsu Denkigai : It's based on my name and Mayo's!
There is nothing better!
Matome Mayonaka : No! (0:09:36.03)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Excuse me? (0:09:37.66)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Vigilantes? (0:09:39.82)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : I need to ask you something
about the many violent events
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : that happened in Akihabara yesterday... (0:09:43.75)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : We have intel suggesting
you were involved in all of them.
EXTRA : You seem to be hanging around with him.
Are you a vigilante, too?
Matome Mayonaka : If so? (0:09:54.13)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Indeed, we are a new team, composed of
Tamotsu Denkigai and Matome Mayonaka...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Named "Electric Mayonnaise!" (0:09:59.64)
EXTRA : "Electric Mayonnaise" (0:10:00.87)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi? But where is my name, then? (0:10:05.56)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh! Um, in that case... (0:10:08.94)
Tamotsu Denkigai : How about "Electric Mayonnaise and Friends?" (0:10:11.94)
Arisa Ahokainen : That's great! (0:10:14.90)
Matome Mayonaka : I said I hate that! (0:10:16.78)
Matome Mayonaka : I do not want such a stupid name! (0:10:19.28)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Come on, it's cool! (0:10:21.41)
EXTRA : I don't know if you're Electric Mayo
or Shock Tokyo or whatever,
EXTRA : but are you saying you, a vigilante,
caused those incidents?
EXTRA : How dare you mess around in our turf! (0:10:28.87)
Matome Mayonaka : Turf? What's that? (0:10:31.54)
EXTRA : The unspoken laws of Akiba vigilantes,
designed to maintain order!
Matome Mayonaka : Silly. Let's go, Tamotsu. (0:10:37.67)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hey, you guys! (0:10:40.39)
Tamotsu Denkigai : You'd better respect
the Electric Mayonnaise and Friends!
Matome Mayonaka : --I said I don't want that name! (0:10:44.18)
Matome Mayonaka : --Hey, wait!
--I said I don't want that name!
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : --Hey, wait!
--I said I don't want that name!
Tamotsu Denkigai : --Hey, wait!
--Come on, I decided already!
Arisa Ahokainen : --Moi!
--Come on, I decided already!
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi, moi! Don't mind us! (0:10:47.98)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi! (0:10:51.69)
Arisa Ahokainen : See you Ahokainen! Moimoi! (0:10:52.90)
EXTRA : Hey! Wait! (0:10:57.90)
EXTRA : Uh, Boss? (0:10:59.53)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : She's... cute! (0:11:00.70)
EXTRA : Huh?! (0:11:02.70)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Electric Mayonnaise...
We need to keep an eye on them.
EXTRA : Welcome home, Master! (0:11:09.16)
EXTRA : Welcome to your dream! (0:11:11.75)
Tamotsu Denkigai : The Bugged Ones... What do they want? (0:11:15.67)
Tamotsu Denkigai : The fighting from yesterday... (0:11:19.51)
EXTRA : "Cosplayers gone wild!" (0:11:20.93)
Tamotsu Denkigai : The online news called it
"Cosplayers gone wild."
Tamotsu Denkigai : What's going on? (0:11:25.47)
Matome Mayonaka : They use the Kurobugs to create more allies, (0:11:26.81)
Matome Mayonaka : and are trying to take over Akiba for sure. (0:11:29.03)
Matome Mayonaka : The name of the organization is Metrotica. (0:11:33.48)
EXTRA : Kneel to us, the Metrotica! (0:11:35.94)
Matome Mayonaka : Their headquarters must be
somewhere in Akihabara.
Tamotsu Denkigai : But if we don't even know what they are, (0:11:42.41)
Tamotsu Denkigai : isn't it kind of pointless to just fight blindly? (0:11:44.51)
Matome Mayonaka : I... just want to protect this place... (0:11:47.27)
Arisa Ahokainen : I understand! This town is full
of splendid somethings.
Arisa Ahokainen : I want to protect it, too! (0:11:55.63)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A splendid something... (0:11:57.63)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I want some, too. (0:11:59.51)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I'm in Akiba of all places,
but on patrol from the morning...
Tamotsu Denkigai : I want to go shopping and stuff... (0:12:04.26)
Matome Mayonaka : Tamotsu... (0:12:05.74)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Wait, vigilantes are unpaid, right? (0:12:06.60)
Tamotsu Denkigai : How do you make a living, let alone shop? (0:12:10.35)
Matome Mayonaka : The research institute that the professor
belongs to does give us some funds.
Matome Mayonaka : But it barely covers more
than the rent at our base.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Then how am I supposed to live?! (0:12:21.15)
Matome Mayonaka : You can do some part-time work,
I'll give you enough free time for that.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hmm... But with no way out
of Akiba, how can I...
Momo Tsukumo : Master? (0:12:31.50)
Momo Tsukumo : Are you looking for work? (0:12:34.96)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Whoa! (0:12:37.13)
Momo Tsukumo : Oh, please stay quiet here! (0:12:38.21)
Matome Mayonaka : Oh, Momo, you're working here today. (0:12:40.63)
Momo Tsukumo : Yes, meow! (0:12:43.55)
Arisa Ahokainen : Momo?! Tsukumo Momo,
the popular free agent maid,
Arisa Ahokainen : known for various legendary acts?! (0:12:48.18)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi! Nice to meet you,
good evening! I am Arisa!
Momo Tsukumo : Thank you! Meow-chu! Please buy
a handshake ticket at my next concert!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Mo... Momo-momo...?! (0:13:00.78)
Momo Tsukumo : Master. (0:13:02.49)
Momo Tsukumo : If you are looking for work,
I know of a great place!
EXTRA : "Mashiro's 'Anything' Agency" (0:13:08.91)
Mashiro Kuga : Hello! Welcome to
the anything goes agency!
Mashiro Kuga : I heard from Momo. (0:13:14.96)
Mashiro Kuga : You're the guy looking for work, right? (0:13:16.71)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Yeah, something really easy
that pays really well, please.
Mashiro Kuga : That sounds too good to be true... (0:13:23.38)
Mashiro Kuga : And is right here! (0:13:25.63)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Wow, really good pay! (0:13:26.43)
Matome Mayonaka : That sounds shady. (0:13:28.72)
Arisa Ahokainen : You probably won't get so much. (0:13:30.64)
Mashiro Kuga : We don't take any responsibility
for information.
Mashiro Kuga : That's how we do things! (0:13:35.85)
Matome Mayonaka : Wait, I remember getting
a weird reading around there.
Tamotsu Denkigai : What's that? (0:13:41.15)
Matome Mayonaka : The Bugged One sensor,
made by the Professor.
Matome Mayonaka : It's mostly useless, since they have to reveal their true nature (0:13:44.55)
Matome Mayonaka : for the sensor to work, but... (0:13:46.97)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Just what we needed! Let's check it out! (0:13:48.80)
EXTRA : "Gun & Military ECHIGOYA Tokyo"
"Akihabara Shop"
"Staff wanted" "Gun enthusiasts welcome!!"
Matome Mayonaka : Is this the place? (0:13:57.37)
Tamotsu Denkigai : It's pretty crowded. (0:13:59.25)
Matome Mayonaka : I guess the military theme
is popular nowadays.
Matome Mayonaka : Maybe the pay is real. (0:14:02.84)
Arisa Ahokainen : Thanks to Admiral Connection and Tank Girls, (0:14:04.71)
Arisa Ahokainen : the popularity of military-themed things
is at an all-time high.
Matome Mayonaka : I see. (0:14:10.60)
Tamotsu Denkigai : It's just a bunch of shallow fans
chasing the latest fad.
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh? Is Tamotsu a bona fide
hardcore military otaku?
Tamotsu Denkigai : Actually, I don't know much. (0:14:19.15)
Arisa Ahokainen : Unexpected! Do you think all
Japanese fighter planes are Type Zero?
Tamotsu Denkigai : It's not? (0:14:26.78)
EXTRA : Die, casual users! Die! (0:14:27.74)
EXTRA : Are you listening to me, maggots?! (0:14:30.49)
EXTRA : I have nothing of value
to sell to you putrid scum!
Tamotsu Denkigai : What's going on?! (0:14:39.04)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Bugged Ones?! (0:14:50.18)
Matome Mayonaka : Look! (0:14:51.39)
Matome Mayonaka : It's off the charts. (0:14:52.80)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Is he the boss?! (0:14:53.97)
EXTRA : ...only serious maggots
in the know are welcome!
Arisa Ahokainen : He's the owner of this store! (0:14:57.54)
EXTRA : "Manager Hardman" (0:14:57.56)
Matome Mayonaka : That's a high-class! Let's go, Tamotsu! (0:14:59.14)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? Go? What? (0:15:01.98)
Matome Mayonaka : Just do what you did yesterday! (0:15:03.61)
Arisa Ahokainen : I go, too! Whee! (0:15:06.19)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Dammit! (0:15:08.82)
EXTRA : What are you, vigilantes?! (0:15:15.45)
EXTRA : Fine, this is war! (0:15:17.77)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Ow! (0:15:28.44)
Matome Mayonaka : Dodge them all! (0:15:29.67)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Don't be silly... (0:15:30.97)
Arisa Ahokainen : Okay! I dodge! (0:15:32.43)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi! (0:15:36.39)
Arisa Ahokainen : Counterattack time! (0:15:40.06)
Matome Mayonaka : How is she doing that?! (0:15:41.75)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Not the time for that! (0:15:43.15)
Matome Mayonaka : How?! (0:15:45.52)
EXTRA : Those moves, are they one of us?!
In that case--
EXTRA : Sir! The enemy is approaching! (0:15:52.16)
EXTRA : I can see that, you idiot! (0:15:54.41)
EXTRA : Maggots! Prepare special ammunition! (0:15:55.62)
EXTRA : Sir! yes, manger sir! (0:15:58.41)
Arisa Ahokainen : Ma? Tamotsu? (0:16:02.96)
Tamotsu Denkigai : My body, it's burning up! (0:16:05.50)
Matome Mayonaka : What a weapon... (0:16:08.05)
EXTRA : Ha, ha, ha! Witness the power
of the disrobing rounds!
Tamotsu Denkigai : It's hot... (0:16:13.93)
Matome Mayonaka : We can't lose any more clothing... Retreat! (0:16:15.14)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Dammit, tactical retreat! (0:16:18.26)
EXTRA : Sir, the enemy has retreated. (0:16:21.25)
EXTRA : I can see that, you idiot! (0:16:23.35)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I thought I was going to die. (0:16:29.11)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Hey! Are you causing trouble again?! (0:16:32.86)
Tamotsu Denkigai : We don't have time for... (0:16:37.53)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Huh? Are you having a naked good time? (0:16:38.87)
Matome Mayonaka : That's none of your business. (0:16:41.54)
EXTRA : Of course it is! We can't let some
random interlopers do as they please!
EXTRA : It'll ruin the good name
of the Chuo Dori Vigilantes!
Matome Mayonaka : Oh, you're the random interloper. (0:16:49.96)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Huh?! You wanna fight? (0:16:51.55)
Matome Mayonaka : Look! Above you! (0:16:54.84)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh no! (0:16:57.89)
Matome Mayonaka : Oh no! (0:16:57.89)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Oh no! (0:16:57.89)
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh no! (0:16:57.89)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Run! (0:16:59.22)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : What... What are those?! (0:17:02.83)
Matome Mayonaka : Bugged Ones. You must have heard of them. (0:17:05.14)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Bugged Ones...? (0:17:09.07)
EXTRA : But that's an urban legend, right? (0:17:10.27)
Matome Mayonaka : It's up to you, whether you
want to believe it or not.
Matome Mayonaka : But the truth is, Akiba is in danger. (0:17:15.49)
Matome Mayonaka : And you've tasked yourselves
with defending it.
Arisa Ahokainen : We are the same! (0:17:21.79)
Arisa Ahokainen : Ma and Tamotsu are fighting
to protect Akiba, too!
Arisa Ahokainen : The feeling is the same with you! (0:17:26.54)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : B-But... (0:17:30.88)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Feel! Be friendly! We are all vigilantes! (0:17:31.94)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Let's leave these guys,
we need to think of something.
Matome Mayonaka : Yes. (0:17:41.64)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Let's go, Arisa! (0:17:42.68)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Wait! (0:17:43.89)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Let us help. (0:17:45.77)
EXTRA : --Help?
--But we were...
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : I call for a truce. (0:17:51.52)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : I don't believe this Bugged Ones nonsense,
but keeping the peace at Akiba is our job.
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Let me remind you, I'm not doing this for you. (0:17:58.07)
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh! A yandere! (0:18:00.03)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : Close, but no. (0:18:01.45)
Matome Mayonaka : But... (0:18:03.62)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Why not? The more the merrier. (0:18:04.04)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Besides, I have a plan. (0:18:07.50)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Even if we fail, you can just
revive me again, like last time.
Matome Mayonaka : Huh? But... (0:18:13.21)
Arisa Ahokainen : Move, move! We must protect Akiba! (0:18:14.51)
Arisa Ahokainen : I'll handle the outside! (0:18:25.98)
Matome Mayonaka : Let's go! (0:18:27.94)
Matome Mayonaka : I always fought alone... (0:18:29.73)
Matome Mayonaka : I thought that was enough... (0:18:33.44)
EXTRA : It's them! (0:18:38.72)
EXTRA : I can see that! (0:18:39.86)
EXTRA : Go! (0:18:40.82)
Matome Mayonaka : I'll handle the Kurobugs,
you get the manager!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Got it! (0:18:51.58)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Manager, why do this?! (0:18:54.36)
EXTRA : I have no need for unfaithful cockroaches
who are driven by trends!
EXTRA : My shop is only for knowledgeable elites,
who truly deserve to have hobbies!
EXTRA : The most this casual scum deserves
is to become pawns in my army,
EXTRA : to conquer all of Akiba! (0:19:11.40)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hah! You have to treat newcomers well.
That's the only way any content can survive.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Everyone started off as a casual user. (0:19:18.28)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I'm sure you used to think all
Japanese warplanes were called Type Zero!
EXTRA : Huh?! Um... No! Of course not! (0:19:25.43)
EXTRA : I knew about Hayate and Kikka
from the day I was born!
EXTRA : There! That should be
enough disrobing rounds to...
EXTRA : Dammit! (0:19:44.55)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Royal Ultra Super Miracle God Hand! (0:19:48.35)
EXTRA : Sir! It's a suicide attack! (0:19:54.67)
EXTRA : I... I can see... that! (0:19:57.11)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Mission complete. (0:20:00.65)
EXTRA : --Great!
EXTRA : He did it! (0:20:04.32)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Thanks, leader! (0:20:07.12)
Chuo Dori Vigilantes Leader : I demand you take responsibility for this... (0:20:10.25)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Right, now the manager should
return to a normal human...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh?! (0:20:18.84)
Matome Mayonaka : You're the same... (0:20:19.88)
Matome Mayonaka : Lesser Bugged Ones, who are just
being possessed by a Kurobug,
Matome Mayonaka : will return to being a normal human
after being disrobed.
Matome Mayonaka : High-class Bugged Ones and us Hazoku...
We will evaporate, if we are disrobed.
Matome Mayonaka : There's no going back
to being a human for us.
Matome Mayonaka : Tamotsu, you are the same. (0:20:38.07)
Matome Mayonaka : I'm sorry... I should have told you sooner... (0:20:40.99)
Tamotsu Denkigai : So... I... (0:20:46.12)
Matome Mayonaka : Tamotsu... (0:20:48.12)
Tamotsu Denkigai : ...should have a good time while I can?! (0:20:48.99)
Matome Mayonaka : Huh?! (0:20:50.95)
Tamotsu Denkigai : If I don't know how long I have to live, (0:20:51.75)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I should see and buy all sorts of things,
so I don't have any regrets, right?!
Matome Mayonaka : Uh, um... (0:20:57.48)
Tamotsu Denkigai : All right! Time for play! (0:20:58.42)
Tamotsu Denkigai : For that, I need to find a job
and make tons of cash!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Let's go to that agency again! (0:21:03.17)
Matome Mayonaka : Hey! Wait! (0:21:05.55)
Matome Mayonaka : Is he... just a real idiot? (0:21:07.26)
Arisa Ahokainen : Phew, that's about all of them. (0:21:11.68)
EXTRA : A brawl in the back streets of Akiba! (0:21:15.39)
EXTRA : Sources say it's a military otaku infight! (0:21:17.77)
EXTRA : Come on, otaku, let's all get along, am I right? (0:21:20.77)
EXTRA : And that's it for the news for this afternoon, (0:21:23.82)
EXTRA : brought to you by GonTuber, Masuto Niikura. (0:21:26.03)
EXTRA : This is looking really forced,
no matter how we spin it.
EXTRA : Information control is
really getting out of hand--
EXTRA : And it's your job to figure out how! (0:21:36.75)
EXTRA : Yes... (0:21:39.63)
EXTRA : I did not expect the high-class Metrotica
member to be taken down so easily...
EXTRA : I may need to play my next move. (0:21:49.47)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Niwaka, ever heard of the Earphones? (0:23:24.27)
Niwaka Denkigai : O-Of course I have! Why are you
being such a direct salesman?!
Tamotsu Denkigai : I'm just trying to recommend things
to you that have true value...
Niwaka Denkigai : You're sounding just like those people
who sell art on the street!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Akiba's Trip The Animation! Next episode: (0:23:32.22)
EXTRA : "TRIP 3 - What Happens When You Mindlessly
Follow Someone Who Offers You an Idol Debut"
Tamotsu Denkigai : "What Happens When You Mindlessly Follow
Someone Who Offers You an Idol Debut"!
Niwaka Denkigai : What? What happens?! Tell me! (0:23:36.41)

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