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EXTRA : True Cross District 5 (0:00:00.08)
EXTRA : - He went that way!
- There he is! Corner him!
EXTRA : Exorcists? Did something happen? (0:00:07.55)
EXTRA : It's not safe for civilians, so please get indoors. (0:00:10.76)
EXTRA : O-Of course. Let's go, Satoru. (0:00:14.72)
EXTRA : Exorcists? (0:00:17.14)
EXTRA : I wanna see the exorcists fight! (0:00:18.56)
EXTRA : - Satoru!
- It's not safe! Stay back!
EXTRA : You're in danger, come back! (0:00:24.73)
EXTRA : Satoru! (0:00:28.86)
EXTRA : Damn! He's taken a hostage! (0:00:30.99)
Saburota Todo : S-Stop there! (0:00:33.95)
Saburota Todo : Let the boy go! (0:00:36.16)
Saburota Todo : This is a dead end.
Threatening him won't do you any good.
Saburota Todo : D-Don't do it! (0:00:42.54)
EXTRA : Episode 1: Small Beginnings (0:00:49.05)
Kuro : They're such a pretty blue... (0:01:01.27)
Rin Okumura : This is hopeless.
I can't get the hang of it.
Rin Okumura : Crap... (0:01:06.23)
Shura Kirigakure : Unbelievable...
I don't see any improvement at all.
Rin Okumura : Shura? (0:01:13.65)
Shura Kirigakure : Morning, Rin... (0:01:14.86)
Rin Okumura : You found me?
I've been training in secret...
Shura Kirigakure : I knew you've been training
up here every morning.
Rin Okumura : What? Seriously? (0:01:26.12)
Shura Kirigakure : Well, duh. My job is to monitor you
as a potential threat.
Shura Kirigakure : Didn't I say not to burn them all? (0:01:33.05)
Shura Kirigakure : You're supposed to light the two on the sides
simultaneously while avoiding the middle one.
Rin Okumura : I know that! (0:01:38.97)
Shura Kirigakure : If your flames ever go out of control again,
you'll be executed as an exorcism target.
Shura Kirigakure : Start by getting control of your flames.
Don't draw your Koma Sword until you do.
Shura Kirigakure : Understood. (0:02:02.70)
Shura Kirigakure : Let's get moving, Rin. (0:02:04.08)
EXTRA : The area beyond this line
is extremely dangerous!
EXTRA : Everyone, stand back!
Please stand back!
Yukio Okumura : Good work. (0:02:13.51)
EXTRA : Okumura? Thanks for coming. (0:02:14.96)
Yukio Okumura : I'm sorry to take so long. (0:02:19.09)
Yukio Okumura : I'm Yukio Okumura,
Intermediate Exorcist First Class.
Shura Kirigakure : I'm Kirigakure, Senior Exorcist First Class. (0:02:23.89)
Saburota Todo : And who's that? (0:02:27.48)
Rin Okumura : Who, me? (0:02:30.36)
Yukio Okumura : Rin? What are you doing here? (0:02:31.15)
Rin Okumura : I'm Rin Okumura, Exorcist ExWire! (0:02:32.90)
Rin Okumura : I'm here to save the day! (0:02:36.90)
Saburota Todo : Isn't he the... you know?
Is that a good idea?
Shura Kirigakure : Law Enforcement Division's orders.
I can't let him out of my sight.
Shura Kirigakure : I'll keep a tight rein on him,
so you can trust him.
Yukio Okumura : Could someone tell us what happened? (0:02:50.33)
Saburota Todo : P-Please, allow me— (0:02:52.00)
EXTRA : Please, you need to rest! (0:02:53.84)
Saburota Todo : Let me explain what happened. (0:02:55.71)
Saburota Todo : I'm Saburota Todo, Senior Exorcist Second Class
and Deep Keep director.
Saburota Todo : This all began when the Left Eye
of the Impure King was stolen
Saburota Todo : from where it had been sealed away
in the deepest regions of the academy.
Yukio Okumura : - The Impure King's...
- ...Left Eye? What the heck's that?
Rin Okumura : - The Impure King's...
- ...Left Eye? What the heck's that?
Shura Kirigakure : Stole it? How? (0:03:13.19)
Yukio Okumura : The Deep Keep should be the most
densely warded area in the entire school.
Saburota Todo : It's unclear how he broke in and stole it. (0:03:20.32)
Saburota Todo : The elite of the Deep Keep, myself included, (0:03:24.37)
Saburota Todo : pursued a man in a gas mask,
who we believed to be the thief, into this alley.
Saburota Todo : Don't do it! (0:03:32.04)
Saburota Todo : The man used a boy
as a human shield, and then...
EXTRA : - Mommy!
- Satoru!
Saburota Todo : He took the boy and fled into that building,
where he's still holed up.
Saburota Todo : To make matters worse, a large quantity of miasma
has been released into the area,
Saburota Todo : and 31 people, including civilians,
have been contaminated.
Saburota Todo : There aren't enough Doctors to help them. (0:03:54.15)
Saburota Todo : The boy took the full brunt of the miasma
when it came out of the flask.
Saburota Todo : There's a strong possibility his life is in danger. (0:04:01.11)
Saburota Todo : And if the Left Eye gets stolen,
this will be the biggest fiasco
Saburota Todo : in the history of the Order of the True Cross! (0:04:07.99)
Rin Okumura : Look, Yukio, what's the deal
with this Left Eye thing? I don't—
Yukio Okumura : Please remain calm.
We'll do everything we can.
Shura Kirigakure : Is this gasmasked guy tough? (0:04:17.05)
Saburota Todo : Well, that's unclear as well. (0:04:19.84)
Saburota Todo : He only ran; he never fought back.
We don't even know if he's a demon or a human.
Yukio Okumura : In any case, we must hurry.
First, Ms. Kiragakure and I will—
EXTRA : Excuse me... (0:04:33.06)
EXTRA : Is there any news about my son? (0:04:34.69)
Rin Okumura : You're the abducted kid's mom?
We're on the case, so rest easy!
Rin Okumura : We'll get him back safe and sound!
You have my—
Yukio Okumura : We can't guarantee the safety of your son. (0:04:47.24)
Yukio Okumura : You should prepare yourself for the worst. (0:04:50.91)
EXTRA : Oh, no... (0:04:54.33)
Rin Okumura : Hey, Yukio! (0:04:56.71)
Yukio Okumura : Shura, keep an eye on my brother. (0:04:58.13)
Shura Kirigakure : Will do. Actually, I just remembered
something I need to do. Let's go, Rin.
Rin Okumura : Screw that, I'm coming with you! (0:05:05.55)
Yukio Okumura : Exorcists aren't perfect! (0:05:10.02)
Yukio Okumura : We can't always save everyone! (0:05:12.56)
Yukio Okumura : Don't make promises you can't keep! (0:05:14.73)
Rin Okumura : Don't jump to any conclusions
before we even try! You chicken!
Shura Kirigakure : - Okay, that's enough of that.
- Hey! Leggo, Boobzilla!
Rin Okumura : - Okay, that's enough of that.
- Hey! Leggo, Boobzilla!
Yukio Okumura : Damn it all... (0:05:28.70)
Saburota Todo : Okumura? (0:05:31.12)
Yukio Okumura : Mr. Todo? (0:05:33.71)
Saburota Todo : Please let me go with you. (0:05:34.75)
Yukio Okumura : How are you? (0:05:37.08)
Saburota Todo : I've been inoculated, so I'm fine.
As the man in charge, I'd like to take part.
Yukio Okumura : I understand. Let's go. (0:05:42.34)
Saburota Todo : Okumura, you might come from
a complicated background,
Saburota Todo : but I hear you're quite accomplished
for someone your age.
Yukio Okumura : Not at all. You're from a distinguished
line of Exorcists, aren't you, Mr. Todo?
Yukio Okumura : They say the Todo family has had close ties
to the Deep Keep for generations.
Saburota Todo : Yes... (0:06:02.94)
Rin Okumura : So, what's with this "Left Eye" thing? (0:06:04.65)
Yukio Okumura : Rin! (0:06:08.37)
Yukio Okumura : What are you doing here? Where's Shura? (0:06:09.62)
Rin Okumura : I managed to give her the slip. (0:06:11.83)
Rin Okumura : I gave my word to the kid's mom
that we'd save him.
Rin Okumura : I can't stand by and do nothing! (0:06:18.50)
Rin Okumura : Want me to carry that bird for you? (0:06:21.96)
Yukio Okumura : Fine, carry it. Just don't do anything else. (0:06:25.47)
Rin Okumura : What the heck is this bird for? (0:06:29.59)
Saburota Todo : It's a pseudo-canary.
It will stop chirping when it senses any miasma.
Rin Okumura : It stopped right when you started talking. (0:06:36.23)
Rin Okumura : There he is! (0:06:42.61)
Rin Okumura : The kid's still alive! (0:06:46.07)
Yukio Okumura : He's in critical condition, though.
We have to hurry.
Yukio Okumura : Don't move! (0:06:52.53)
Yukio Okumura : Another step and I'll shoot! (0:06:57.41)
Rin Okumura : He disappeared? (0:07:04.59)
Rin Okumura : Hey, are you okay? (0:07:09.47)
Yukio Okumura : It's a fake! (0:07:15.60)
Rin Okumura : Yukio! (0:07:17.60)
Yukio Okumura : Mr. Todo? (0:07:21.27)
Saburota Todo : If you've figured it out, I guess that's that.
I'll buy as much time as I can.
Yukio Okumura : A demon? He's gone over! (0:07:30.57)
Yukio Okumura : Rin, that boy's life is hanging by a thread.
Hurry and get him out of here!
Rin Okumura : Got it! (0:07:38.33)
Saburota Todo : Now, now.
I can't have you running off just yet.
Rin Okumura : Back off! (0:07:45.55)
Yukio Okumura : - Rin!
- You should be... focusing on me.
Saburota Todo : - Rin!
- You should be... focusing on me.
Saburota Todo : When I look at you,
it's like I'm looking at my past self.
Saburota Todo : As far as I can remember,
I'd been on a track fate had laid out for me,
Saburota Todo : unable to even vent the doubts I had for years, (0:08:01.85)
Saburota Todo : and I worked my whole life like a good dog
for the good of the Order, of my family.
Saburota Todo : I wanted to be like my father.
Like my big brother.
Saburota Todo : But what do I have to show for it
after a life of that?
Saburota Todo : Nothing. (0:08:18.16)
Saburota Todo : So I decided to admit to myself
that my feelings were true.
Saburota Todo : My father, my brother, the Order...
That I hated everything in this world.
Saburota Todo : And you know what? (0:08:31.59)
Saburota Todo : When I admitted that to myself,
it felt so wonderful.
Saburota Todo : Like a piece of me that was always missing
finally fit into place.
Yukio Okumura : It just means you're weak.
That you gave in to a demon's temptation!
Saburota Todo : There is weakness lurking
in the hearts of all men.
Saburota Todo : Are you afraid to acknowledge yours? (0:08:47.90)
Saburota Todo : Well, it's about time I go. (0:08:53.70)
Saburota Todo : I enjoyed this unexpected chat
I got to have with you and your brother.
Saburota Todo : Even if you don't understand them now,
my words will wend their way through your body.
Saburota Todo : When the day comes, I will welcome you
with open arms, Yukio Okumura.
Yukio Okumura : Wait! (0:09:12.97)
Rin Okumura : Yukio! (0:09:17.80)
Rin Okumura : Y-Yukio, he's... What should we do? (0:09:19.39)
Yukio Okumura : The sporangia must've been
burned by your flames
Yukio Okumura : and then rapidly multiplied
to try to repair themselves.
Yukio Okumura : We'll never get him to help in time.
I'll treat him here!
Yukio Okumura : I can't like this! (0:09:39.37)
Rin Okumura : Yukio? (0:09:42.41)
Rin Okumura : Hey, is that safe? (0:09:43.54)
Yukio Okumura : - I can do—
- Don't do anything!
Rin Okumura : - I can do—
- Don't do anything!
Yukio Okumura : I have to inject the vaccine directly into
the cell walls without bursting the sporangia!
Yukio Okumura : Stay focused... (0:09:54.51)
Yukio Okumura : My hands! (0:09:56.43)
Yukio Okumura : Why are they trembling? This is... (0:10:00.51)
Yukio Okumura : ...just like when I was a kid! (0:10:04.10)
Yukio Okumura : I was so scared of demons,
I could only stand there shaking and cry!
Yukio Okumura : This is just like then! (0:10:09.81)
Saburota Todo : I wanted to be like my father.
Like my big brother.
Saburota Todo : But what do I have to show for it
after a lifetime of that?
Saburota Todo : Nothing. (0:10:18.74)
Saburota Todo : There is weakness lurking
in the hearts of all men.
Saburota Todo : Are you afraid to acknowledge yours? (0:10:23.33)
Rin Okumura : Yukio! (0:10:27.04)
Yukio Okumura : Like hell I am! (0:10:30.21)
Yukio Okumura : I'm not like you! (0:10:32.13)
EXTRA : Satoru! (0:10:47.73)
EXTRA : Mommy? (0:10:49.65)
EXTRA : Thank you so much! (0:10:50.90)
Yukio Okumura : It was nothing. (0:10:52.90)
Mephisto Pheles : That's our Mr. Okumura!
First-class work all around.
Rin Okumura : Mephisto! (0:11:01.78)
Mephisto Pheles : Goodness, what a mess.
This little incident seems to have been a diversion.
Mephisto Pheles : The real Left Eye was stolen. (0:11:08.21)
Shura Kirigakure : I have my familiar tracking it right now. (0:11:11.67)
Yukio Okumura : When did you— (0:11:14.59)
Shura Kirigakure : That Todo geezer seemed fishy,
so I did some digging and my hunch was right.
Mephisto Pheles : And one other thing.
We don't have any details just yet,
Mephisto Pheles : but it seems there was also a ruckus
over the Right Eye at our Kyoto field office.
Mephisto Pheles : This is a dire situation indeed. (0:11:31.19)
Rin Okumura : Look, would someone please explain
what this "Right Eye" and "Left Eye"—
Mephisto Pheles : In any event, (0:11:36.23)
Mephisto Pheles : we must assemble a crack team to retrieve
the Left Eye and begin tracking it at once.
Mephisto Pheles : Mr. Okumura, I'm putting you on the team. (0:11:43.03)
Yukio Okumura : Me, sir? (0:11:46.29)
Mephisto Pheles : Yes, of course. (0:11:47.62)
Mephisto Pheles : As we still don't know our enemy's goal, (0:11:49.04)
Mephisto Pheles : I want you on this mission as the only one
who has had direct contact with him.
Yukio Okumura : Understood. (0:11:55.92)
Mephisto Pheles : Very well, meet me in one hour
in the center of the base.
Shura Kirigakure : Shura, keep an eye on my brother. (0:12:01.34)
Shura Kirigakure : You got it. (0:12:03.93)
Shura Kirigakure : Sheesh, that 15-year-old is such
a grumpy old man on the inside.
Shura Kirigakure : He's so gonna go bald young. (0:12:08.56)
Rin Okumura : Hey, Yukio! (0:12:10.52)
Rin Okumura : I'm gonna make you eat my dust, you hear? (0:12:12.77)
Rin Okumura : Just watch me! (0:12:16.65)
Yukio Okumura : You, make me? (0:12:18.53)
Yukio Okumura : I doubt that.
Those jokes must sound funnier in your head.
Rin Okumura : What? (0:12:26.08)
Yukio Okumura : As you can see, I'm busy. (0:12:27.37)
Yukio Okumura : I can't babysit you 24/7. (0:12:30.12)
Yukio Okumura : That's right... (0:12:33.46)
Yukio Okumura : I'm me. (0:12:35.38)
Rin Okumura : That stupid jerk! (0:12:38.55)
Rin Okumura : I'm gonna surprise you so bad
your jaw's gonna hit the floor!
Rin Okumura : I didn't get to go on my junior high field trip,
so this'll be my first time in Kyoto!
Rin Okumura : There'll be a banana
in my snack pack, right?
Shura Kirigakure : You're so excited, it's almost entertaining... (0:12:59.86)
Shura Kirigakure : This ain't a pleasure trip. Go on, get in. (0:13:03.11)
Rin Okumura : So, where should I sit? (0:13:09.16)
Shura Kirigakure : Read the room, kid. Take a seat up front. (0:13:11.96)
Shura Kirigakure : I'm gonna go up to Car 3
to see how the inoculations are coming along.
Shura Kirigakure : So keep your butt in that seat
and don't cause any trouble.
Rin Okumura : Got it. (0:13:22.59)
Rin Okumura : Right, then... (0:13:24.51)
Rin Okumura : No way! Kyoto Tower? (0:13:27.64)
Rin Okumura : They've got a tower in Kyoto, too? (0:13:30.27)
Rin Okumura : Man, I gotta hold in my excitement! (0:13:32.18)
Shiemi Moriyama : Rin... (0:13:38.48)
Rin Okumura : Shiemi! (0:13:43.53)
Shiemi Moriyama : What's wrong with me?
I can't talk! Why?
Rin Okumura : Huh? (0:13:52.58)
Shiemi Moriyama : Suguro! Miwa! Shima! Good morning! (0:13:55.12)
Ryuji Suguro : Good morning. (0:13:58.42)
Renzou Shima : Good morning, Moriyama! (0:13:59.34)
Konekomaru Miwa : Morning! Ms. Kirigakure said to go
to Car 3 to get inoculated!
Shiemi Moriyama : Oh. Right. (0:14:06.34)
Rin Okumura : Hey, guys! I'm glad to see you're okay! (0:14:08.72)
Rin Okumura : Hey, did you know about this
"Kyoto Tower" place?
Rin Okumura : Oh, duh. You guys are from Kyoto! (0:14:15.27)
Rin Okumura : You gotta tell me what other places
I should check out!
Konekomaru Miwa : Bon, let it go. (0:14:22.57)
Ryuji Suguro : I know! (0:14:24.49)
Rin Okumura : Konekomaru! (0:14:28.45)
Renzou Shima : Koneko! Be less subtle, why don'tcha? (0:14:32.58)
Konekomaru Miwa : Wh-Why is he here like nothing happened? (0:14:35.79)
Konekomaru Miwa : What're they gonna do
if he goes on another rampage?
Renzou Shima : It's what the bigwigs decided. (0:14:41.17)
Renzou Shima : Just let sleeping dogs lie. (0:14:44.34)
Konekomaru Miwa : How can you be
so laid-back about this, Shima?
Rin Okumura : They're looking at me
like I'm some kinda mad dog...
Rin Okumura : Can't say I blame 'em, though. (0:14:54.39)
Rin Okumura : This is how anybody would react, isn't it? (0:14:58.31)
Renzou Shima : Izumo! Why don't you sit over here? (0:15:04.65)
Izumo Kamiki : What is it? (0:15:15.33)
Rin Okumura : Nothing... (0:15:16.87)
Shura Kirigakure : Okay, your attention, please! (0:15:21.84)
Shura Kirigakure : I'm Shura Kirigakure,
unwilling backup team leader.
Shura Kirigakure : Let's start off with a rundown
of the situation.
Shura Kirigakure : Early this morning
at the Order's Deep Keep installation,
Shura Kirigakure : parties unknown stole
the Left Eye of the Impure King,
Shura Kirigakure : sealed there as a designated
Special Hazard Demon Part.
Shura Kirigakure : We know that the thief
was working under the orders
Shura Kirigakure : of former Deep Keep director
Senior Second Class Exorcist Saburota Todo,
Shura Kirigakure : but his objectives and accomplices remain unknown,
and our investigations are ongoing.
Shura Kirigakure : Furthermore, the Kyoto field office's
Deep Keep off to the west
Shura Kirigakure : was also attacked by someone
at the same time.
Shura Kirigakure : That attempt was foiled, (0:15:57.08)
Shura Kirigakure : but their target
was the Impure King's Right Eye.
Izumo Kamiki : Excuse me, what are
the Impure King's Left and Right Eyes?
Izumo Kamiki : We haven't studied him. (0:16:05.75)
Shura Kirigakure : Not surprising,
he isn't considered one of the biggies.
Shura Kirigakure : The Impure King is an upper-level demon
said to have spread plagues in the Late Edo Period.
Shura Kirigakure : At the time, it claimed more than 40,000 lives. (0:16:15.81)
Shura Kirigakure : His Right Eye and Left Eye are said to have been
plucked out by a priest named Fukaku
Shura Kirigakure : as proof that he defeated him. (0:16:23.06)
Shura Kirigakure : Even the eyes by themselves emit powerful miasma,
and are extremely dangerous items.
Rin Okumura : What the heck was that Fukaku guy thinking?
Was he that eager to show off?
Izumo Kamiki : The Impure King... (0:16:35.70)
Shura Kirigakure : In any case, although the enemy's
objectives remain a mystery,
Shura Kirigakure : it's clear he intends to use
the Right and Left Eyes for nefarious purposes.
Shura Kirigakure : The Kyoto field office is guarding the Right Eye,
so it's possible it'll be attacked again.
Shura Kirigakure : In short, our mission is to tend to the Exorcists
who were injured at the Kyoto field office
Shura Kirigakure : and to beef up their weakened security. (0:16:53.05)
Shura Kirigakure : You ExWires will be helping with that. (0:16:55.35)
Shura Kirigakure : So let's all work together and do our best. (0:16:58.18)
Shura Kirigakure : And now, please give me
some peace and quiet...
Rin Okumura : Aren't you afraid of me? (0:17:09.69)
Izumo Kamiki : Me? Afraid of you?
Why in the world would I be afraid of you?
Izumo Kamiki : You apparently don't know this, (0:17:15.70)
Izumo Kamiki : but lots of people in this world
have mixed human-demon heritage.
Izumo Kamiki : In fact, there are a ton of Exorcists who do. (0:17:21.41)
Rin Okumura : Wh-What, really? (0:17:23.71)
Izumo Kamiki : So everybody's problem with you
is just that you're Satan's son.
Izumo Kamiki : The Order hasn't figured out if it's a pro or a con
to have a son of Satan among their ranks,
Izumo Kamiki : so that's why they haven't killed you. (0:17:34.80)
Izumo Kamiki : So stop making a big fuss like an idiot
over such a little thing all the time!
Rin Okumura : Eyebrows... (0:17:43.48)
Izumo Kamiki : "Eyebrows"? (0:17:45.77)
Rin Okumura : Eyebrows, are you trying to cheer me up? (0:17:47.02)
Rin Okumura : I knew it, you're a nice person after all, aren't you? (0:17:50.69)
Izumo Kamiki : Why would you say that? I am not! (0:17:53.45)
Izumo Kamiki : And my name is Izumo Kamiki,
thank you very much!
Izumo Kamiki : Don't give people weird nicknames! (0:17:58.83)
Rin Okumura : Thanks for that, Izumo. (0:18:01.75)
Izumo Kamiki : We... We're not on a first-name basis! (0:18:05.04)
Shura Kirigakure : Put a sock in it, you two! I can't sleep! (0:18:07.83)
Izumo Kamiki : I hate cowards who spout silly sap
like "To defeat Satan!" or "For my friends!"
Izumo Kamiki : and then get cold feet
when things get tough, that's all!
Izumo Kamiki : I decide to stay out of it,
and you start mouthing off!
Ryuji Suguro : Who are you calling a coward? (0:18:26.10)
Izumo Kamiki : What are you, then? (0:18:28.56)
Rin Okumura : Cut it out! We're supposed to be teammates! (0:18:30.07)
Ryuji Suguro : Teammates? (0:18:33.36)
Rin Okumura : Suguro! Believe in me! (0:18:34.49)
Ryuji Suguro : Believe in you? (0:18:37.78)
Ryuji Suguro : How can I do that? (0:18:39.66)
Ryuji Suguro : Konekomaru! (0:18:47.79)
Rin Okumura : Stop it! (0:18:52.13)
Rin Okumura : Guys! Are you okay? (0:19:12.36)
Ryuji Suguro : Why? (0:19:14.90)
Ryuji Suguro : What's the spawn of Satan doing here? (0:19:16.90)
Rin Okumura : Don't be such a drama queen, Suguro! (0:19:22.78)
Rin Okumura : Don't let my looks fool you,
I'm not that different from a regular human!
Rin Okumura : I-I'm not doing a great job
of convincing you, huh?
Shiemi Moriyama : Wh-Why? Why are you laughing? (0:19:33.88)
Shiemi Moriyama : There's nothing funny about this! (0:19:39.47)
Rin Okumura : Shiemi... (0:19:43.51)
Yukio Okumura : My brother... (0:19:46.31)
Yukio Okumura : Fifteen years ago, he was born the child
of Satan and a human mother.
Yukio Okumura : And he has inherited the power
of Satan's blue flames.
Konekomaru Miwa : Um... If I remember correctly,
you're Okumura's twin brother, aren't you?
Yukio Okumura : But I didn't inherit the blue flames. (0:20:04.95)
Yukio Okumura : Every day, I undergo an examination... (0:20:07.79)
Yukio Okumura : But strangely enough,
I'm just a normal human being.
Yukio Okumura : Rin Okumura's flames were sealed away
inside the Koma Sword by the man who raised us,
Yukio Okumura : and as a result,
he lived a relatively normal life for 15 years.
Yukio Okumura : Eventually, the Koma Sword
could no longer contain his sealed power,
Yukio Okumura : and it was about three months ago
that he awoke to it.
Shiemi Moriyama : Three months ago... (0:20:27.18)
Yukio Okumura : Until then, Rin himself had grown up
without knowing who he was.
Ryuji Suguro : What for? What was he hoping
to get out of raising him?
Yukio Okumura : As to that... I don't know, either. (0:20:38.15)
Ryuji Suguro : On the Blue Night 16 years ago, (0:20:49.50)
Ryuji Suguro : the followers at my temple
died in those blue flames.
Ryuji Suguro : Blue flames can kill people! (0:20:55.46)
Ryuji Suguro : My grandpa! (0:20:57.92)
Ryuji Suguro : And Shima's grandpa and oldest brother!
And Konekomaru's dad!
Rin Okumura : What? (0:21:04.59)
Ryuji Suguro : The followers at my temple
are like family to me!
Ryuji Suguro : How do you expect me to trust you
after what you did to my family?
Rin Okumura : I'm sorry you went through that. (0:21:14.15)
Rin Okumura : But so what?
That's got nothing to do with me!
Konekomaru Miwa : Bon! (0:21:21.28)
Ryuji Suguro : Oh, right... You said you were
gonna defeat Satan, right?
Rin Okumura : Damn right!
So don't lump me in with him!
Shura Kirigakure : Are you two gonna go at each other's throats
when you're under fire?
Shura Kirigakure : You'll die. (0:21:38.21)
Shura Kirigakure : Exorcists can't fight alone. (0:21:42.55)
Shura Kirigakure : Maybe you should learn how to work together. (0:21:45.18)
EXTRA : Keep going straight down this road. (0:21:54.98)
EXTRA : Yukio... why don't you join me in the battle? (0:22:01.86)
EXTRA : Wouldn't you rather become strong
and protect Rin and other people,
EXTRA : than sit trembling in the darkness forever? (0:22:10.45)
Yukio Okumura (child) : Me? Protect Rin? (0:22:14.21)
Yukio Okumura (child) : I can do that? (0:22:16.79)
Ryuji Suguro : An enemy's trying to kill us
and you wanna start a family squabble?
Hōjō Mamushi : That's something that you, as head priest,
need to take up directly with your father.
Shima Yaozō : Mamushi, that's enough! (0:24:16.12)
Tatsuma Suguro : You there, what's your name? (0:24:18.54)
Rin Okumura : Rin Okumura. (0:24:20.79)

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Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga

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