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Kash Winger : No, you've got it wrong. (0:00:04.80)
Glenn Radars : So today's class amounts to this again. (0:00:09.61)
Glenn Radars : Take care of the rest. (0:00:12.86)
Sistine Fibel : What's his problem? (0:00:16.29)
Sistine Fibel : He's been doing nothing but this,
even after losing the duel.
Sistine Fibel : I can't believe he'd just abandon
an agreement made between mages.
Lynn Titis : E-Excuse me. (0:00:26.29)
Glenn Radars : What is it? (0:00:28.44)
Lynn Titis : U-Um... There's something I don't understand
on the subject of translating runic...
Sistine Fibel : You're wasting your time, Lynn. (0:00:34.08)
Lynn Titis : Sisti? (0:00:35.52)
Sistine Fibel : You shouldn't be asking that man. (0:00:36.48)
Sistine Fibel : He doesn't understand a thing about
the greatness or value of magic.
Lynn Titis : B-But... (0:00:44.70)
Sistine Fibel : It's all right. (0:00:45.87)
Sistine Fibel : I'll teach you. (0:00:47.00)
Glenn Radars : Is magic really that great or valuable? (0:00:48.64)
Sistine Fibel : I wondered what you might say. (0:00:53.72)
Sistine Fibel : Magic is the study of this world's principles. (0:00:56.20)
Sistine Fibel : The origin and structure of this world,
the rules that govern this world...
Sistine Fibel : Magic reveals those to us (0:01:06.04)
Sistine Fibel : and answers the eternal question
of why we and this world exist.
Sistine Fibel : It's the means by which humanity can discover
the path to a greater plane of existence.
Sistine Fibel : That's why magic is great and valuable. (0:01:18.81)
Glenn Radars : What use is it? (0:01:22.40)
Sistine Fibel : Huh? (0:01:24.22)
Glenn Radars : Exactly what use is there in studying
the principles of this world?
Sistine Fibel : Like I just said, it brings us
closer to a higher plane of—
Glenn Radars : And what's on a higher plane of existence? (0:01:33.58)
Glenn Radars : Gods? (0:01:36.36)
Sistine Fibel : Well... (0:01:38.12)
Glenn Radars : What kind of benefit does magic
provide humanity, anyway?
Glenn Radars : Just look at the medical field.
It saves people from sickness.
Glenn Radars : There are many fields that benefit humanity, (0:01:47.84)
Glenn Radars : like agricultural sciences and
architectural engineering.
Glenn Radars : But is it just my imagination, or does
magic provide no benefit at all?
Sistine Fibel : Magic isn't about something
so lowly as benefiting humanity.
Sistine Fibel : It's about searching for the truth
behind this world and humanity itself.
Glenn Radars : Sorry about that. (0:02:08.91)
Glenn Radars : I was lying. (0:02:10.46)
Glenn Radars : Magic is incredibly useful... (0:02:12.82)
Glenn Radars : for killing people. (0:02:15.73)
EXTRA : Just the Slightest Bit of Motivation (0:02:18.99)
Glenn Radars : Listen up. In the same time
sword arts can kill one person,
Glenn Radars : magical arts can kill ten people. (0:02:24.75)
Glenn Radars : There's no other field that excels
so much at killing people.
Sistine Fibel : Quit joking! (0:02:30.64)
Glenn Radars : Both now and in the past, magic has
had an inseverable link with murder.
Sistine Fibel : No! (0:02:35.69)
Glenn Radars : Magic is a good-for-nothing field
that advanced through killing people.
Sistine Fibel : Magic is not about that! (0:02:40.84)
Glenn Radars : I honestly can't understand
what all of you are thinking.
Glenn Radars : Studying this field that's only
good for killing other people...
Glenn Radars : Instead of devoting your life to
something so foolish, you should—
Glenn Radars : Why, you... (0:03:02.47)
Sistine Fibel : I hate you! (0:03:09.70)
Rumia Tingel : Sisti! (0:03:10.86)
Glenn Radars : What's this crap about magic being great? (0:03:19.12)
Glenn Radars : That brat. (0:03:22.80)
Glenn Radars : No... (0:03:26.37)
Glenn Radars : I was the one being a brat. (0:03:29.60)
Glenn Radars : Okay, I'm through with this job. (0:03:32.10)
Glenn Radars : Better practice groveling when I get home. (0:03:35.64)
Glenn Radars : If I apologize hard enough,
Celica should forgive me.
Glenn Radars : What's she doing? (0:03:44.76)
Glenn Radars : A magic circle? (0:03:48.48)
Rumia Tingel : That's odd... (0:03:52.39)
Glenn Radars : Personal use of this lab
is prohibited, you know.
Rumia Tingel : Glenn-sensei! (0:03:58.39)
Rumia Tingel : I'm sorry. I just wanted to review
how to construct magic circles.
Rumia Tingel : I'll clean up right away. (0:04:03.96)
Glenn Radars : It's fine. (0:04:05.50)
Glenn Radars : See it all the way through. (0:04:06.36)
Rumia Tingel : It's not working right, though. (0:04:08.16)
Glenn Radars : Idiot. (0:04:10.41)
Glenn Radars : You're just short on mercury. (0:04:11.52)
Rumia Tingel : Huh? (0:04:13.25)
Glenn Radars : You all get sensitive so easily
about things you can't see,
Glenn Radars : but for whatever reason,
you neglect what's in front of you.
Glenn Radars : That proves you consider magic
more sacred than it really is.
Glenn Radars : There. Try activating it again. (0:04:27.68)
Glenn Radars : Use five phrases, just like the textbook says. (0:04:30.03)
Glenn Radars : Don't shorten it. (0:04:31.88)
Rumia Tingel : Okay. (0:04:32.97)
Rumia Tingel : Cycle, cycle, oh origin of life. (0:04:35.17)
Rumia Tingel : Form your path within the circle of truth. (0:04:38.44)
Rumia Tingel : I've never seen such a beautiful circle before. (0:04:55.38)
Glenn Radars : Don't be stupid. Anyone can do this much. (0:04:58.65)
Glenn Radars : Besides, most of it was your doing. (0:05:01.90)
Celica Arfonia : See? Incredible, right? (0:05:10.37)
Rumia Tingel : Glenn-sensei, you actually
love magic, don't you?
Glenn Radars : What makes you say that? (0:05:24.62)
Rumia Tingel : Well, you looked like you
were having fun back there.
Glenn Radars : No way. I hate magic. (0:05:29.62)
Rumia Tingel : Is that so? (0:05:33.67)
Rumia Tingel : What were you doing before
you became a teacher here?
Glenn Radars : I was a freeloading shut-in! (0:05:40.04)
Rumia Tingel : Huh? Shut-in? Freeloading? (0:05:42.63)
Glenn Radars : There's a haughty woman named
Celica at the academy, right?
Glenn Radars : I've been sponging off
of her for the past year.
Rumia Tingel : A year? (0:05:53.30)
Rumia Tingel : What about before then? (0:05:54.59)
Glenn Radars : Okay, enough, enough. (0:05:58.66)
Glenn Radars : That's enough digging into my past. (0:06:00.22)
Glenn Radars : Now it's my turn to ask questions. (0:06:02.68)
Glenn Radars : Why are you all so frantic
when it comes to magic?
Glenn Radars : You take a dumb thing like
magic way too seriously.
Rumia Tingel : I want to make magic beneficial
to mankind in a real sense.
Rumia Tingel : To that end, right now,
I want to understand magic more.
Rumia Tingel : There's someone I'd like to repay a debt to. (0:06:25.19)
Glenn Radars : What do you mean? (0:06:28.49)
Rumia Tingel : Three years ago, when I
was banished from my home,
Rumia Tingel : right around the time I
started living with Sisti,
Rumia Tingel : I was captured by evil
mages and nearly killed.
Rumia Tingel : That was when a mage of
justice came to my rescue.
Rumia Tingel : He took care of the evil
mages one after another.
Rumia Tingel : It was terrifying. (0:06:57.57)
Rumia Tingel : But after that man saved my life, I realized... (0:07:01.22)
Rumia Tingel : I want to be in a position to lead humanity
so it doesn't lose its way with magic.
Rumia Tingel : To do that, I'll need to
understand magic better.
Rumia Tingel : And if I follow that path, (0:07:16.42)
Rumia Tingel : perhaps one day, I'll be able to thank
him for what he did back then.
Rumia Tingel : The man who gave me light when
I was crying alone in darkness...
Glenn Radars : Are you... (0:07:34.82)
Rumia Tingel : What is it? (0:07:36.40)
Glenn Radars : No, forget it. (0:07:40.93)
Rumia Tingel : Also, Sensei? Please apologize to Sisti later. (0:07:48.83)
Rumia Tingel : She feels a bond with her late
grandfather through magic.
Rumia Tingel : So it's important to her. (0:08:01.05)
Redolf Fibel : One step. (0:08:05.28)
Redolf Fibel : I wish I could've taken... (0:08:06.96)
Redolf Fibel : just one step into Melgalius's Sky Castle. (0:08:09.30)
Redolf Fibel : That was the sole reason I became a mage. (0:08:16.37)
Sistine Fibel : I'll do it! (0:08:22.16)
Sistine Fibel : I'll become an even better mage than you, (0:08:24.02)
Sistine Fibel : and unravel the mysteries
of Melgalius's Sky Castle!
Glenn Radars : I'm sorry about yesterday. (0:08:46.00)
Sistine Fibel : Huh? (0:08:47.88)
Glenn Radars : Well, you know, I may hate magic,
but still... I went too far.
Glenn Radars : Anyway, um... I'm sorry. (0:08:55.55)
Glenn Radars : Okay, time to start class. (0:08:59.05)
Glenn Radars : Though, before that, I have one thing to say. (0:09:03.27)
Glenn Radars : You guys really are idiots. (0:09:06.98)
EXTRA : Huh?! (0:09:09.65)
Glenn Radars : I realized it while watching
how you approach class.
Glenn Radars : You don't understand a
single thing about magic.
EXTRA : You're one to talk! (0:09:17.09)
EXTRA : What?! (0:09:17.33)
Gibul Wisdan : I don't want to hear that
from a third-rate mage
EXTRA : That's your fault! (0:09:18.17)
EXTRA : Screw you! (0:09:19.47)
EXTRA : This is cruel! (0:09:20.12)
Gibul Wisdan : who can't even one-line a chant
as simple as Shock Bolt.
Glenn Radars : Well, frankly, you're making
my ears burn with that one.
Glenn Radars : I don't have any sense for mana
manipulation and chant reduction.
Glenn Radars : But "as simple as Shock Bolt," you say? (0:09:31.00)
Glenn Radars : You really are idiots. (0:09:34.48)
EXTRA : Wha?! (0:09:36.09)
Glenn Radars : So today, I'm going to teach
you about that Shock Bolt.
Glenn Radars : The basic chant is: (0:09:41.59)
Glenn Radars : "Thunder sprites, pay heed,
and strike with your electric shock."
Theresa Lady : Figures he's using a three-line chant. (0:09:48.98)
Wendy Nablesse : We already mastered Shock Bolt a long time ago. (0:09:51.08)
Glenn Radars : As you all know, for those with an
excellent sense for mana manipulation,
Glenn Radars : you can shorten it to
"Thunder sprites, shock."
Glenn Radars : But here's your question: (0:10:01.00)
Glenn Radars : "Thunder sprites, pay heed,
and strike with your electric shock."
EXTRA : Thunder sprites, pay heed, and strike with your electric shock (0:10:03.79)
Glenn Radars : What happens if you make this
three-line chant into four lines?
EXTRA : Thunder sprites, pay heed, and strike with your electric shock. (0:10:09.58)
EXTRA : Thunder sprites, / pay heed, / and strike / with your electric shock. (0:10:11.08)
Gibul Wisdan : That chant wouldn't function properly. (0:10:12.44)
Gibul Wisdan : It'll fail somehow or other. (0:10:15.32)
Glenn Radars : I know that, idiot. (0:10:17.74)
Glenn Radars : I'm asking you what shape
that failure will take.
Wendy Nablesse : Obviously, that's just random! (0:10:24.16)
Glenn Radars : Random? Didn't you say you've mastered this? (0:10:26.48)
Glenn Radars : What? You're all done? (0:10:30.98)
Glenn Radars : Fine, then. The answer is... (0:10:33.32)
Glenn Radars : It'll curve right. (0:10:36.08)
Glenn Radars : Thunder sprites, pay heed, and strike,
with your electric shock.
Wendy Nablesse : No way! (0:10:50.75)
Gibul Wisdan : That's impossible! (0:10:51.58)
Glenn Radars : By the way, if you make it five lines, like this, (0:10:52.50)
EXTRA : Thunder / sprites, / pay heed, / and strike / with your electric shock (0:10:53.63)
EXTRA : Thunder / sprites, / pay heed, / and strike / with your electric shock (0:10:55.75)
Glenn Radars : the firing range shortens. (0:10:56.37)
EXTRA : Thunder / sprites, / pay heed, / and strike / with your electric shock (0:10:57.67)
EXTRA : Thunder / sprites, / pay heed, / strike / with your electric shock (0:10:58.63)
Glenn Radars : then its output plummets. (0:10:59.26)
Glenn Radars : Well, if you're claiming you've mastered it,
then you should be capable of this.
Glenn Radars : Listen, in short, magic is just an
advanced form of autosuggestion.
Glenn Radars : The runic language we use
when chanting spells
Glenn Radars : is the language most
efficient for achieving that.
Glenn Radars : It reforms the human subconscious so we can
intervene upon the principles of this world.
Glenn Radars : You guys might say that magic is about
studying the principles of this world,
Glenn Radars : but you're wrong. (0:11:26.40)
Glenn Radars : Magic is about probing the heart of mankind. (0:11:28.41)
Glenn Radars : You all look like you refuse to believe
that mere words could have such power.
Glenn Radars : In that case... (0:11:37.66)
Glenn Radars : Hey, white cat. (0:11:38.88)
Sistine Fibel : Wh-White cat?! (0:11:40.22)
Sistine Fibel : Are you calling me a white cat? (0:11:41.34)
Sistine Fibel : I have a proper name, Sistine— (0:11:43.32)
Glenn Radars : I love you. (0:11:45.53)
Glenn Radars : I fell for you the moment
I first laid eyes on you.
Glenn Radars : Okay, pay attention! (0:11:50.02)
Glenn Radars : The white cat's face is now beet red! (0:11:51.48)
Glenn Radars : That's a splendid show of how
mere words influenced her mind.
Glenn Radars : Influencing the world through
the use of language...
Glenn Radars : That is the foundation of ma— (0:12:00.83)
Glenn Radars : Hey, idiot! Don't throw your textbook! (0:12:02.60)
Sistine Fibel : You're the idiot! (0:12:04.36)
Sistine Fibel : You idiot, idiot, idiot! (0:12:05.80)
Glenn Radars : A-Anyway... (0:12:07.70)
Glenn Radars : Magic has something similar
to grammar and syntax,
Glenn Radars : which helps it reform your subconscious
in the way you want.
Glenn Radars : Once you know that, then, for example... (0:12:17.55)
Glenn Radars : Well, anyway, paralyze. (0:12:20.43)
Glenn Radars : Huh? That was weaker than I expected. (0:12:26.09)
Glenn Radars : Well, then you'll be able
to modify it like that.
Cecil Clayton : No way! (0:12:32.10)
Kash Winger : He can activate it with
such a half-hearted chant?
Glenn Radars : "Keywords to activate the spell
embedded in your subconscious."
Glenn Radars : That's what a chant is. (0:12:39.85)
Glenn Radars : In short, it's just an association game. (0:12:41.84)
Glenn Radars : For example, what associations come to mind
when you hear this white cat's nickname?
Wendy Nablesse : A cat. (0:12:48.36)
Theresa Lady : A cat, yeah. (0:12:48.56)
Glenn Radars : Chants and spells work the same. (0:12:49.60)
Glenn Radars : Once you know that, modifying
chants like these isn't hard.
Glenn Radars : But skipping over those basics (0:12:55.66)
Glenn Radars : and writing down or translating chants because
this dumb textbook just says to memorize them...
Glenn Radars : That's the kind of "for dummies"
classes you've been taking thus far.
Glenn Radars : Talk about dumb. (0:13:10.90)
Glenn Radars : Right now, all of you are no more
than magic users who can use spells.
Glenn Radars : If you want to call yourselves mages,
then think hard about what you're lacking.
Glenn Radars : Now, I'm going to teach you
the most basic of basics.
Glenn Radars : If you're not interested, then just sleep. (0:13:27.24)
Celica Arfonia : I knew it all along! (0:13:33.01)
Celica Arfonia : He can do it when he puts his mind to it! (0:13:35.26)
Rick Walken : His class has been so popular, even other
students are stopping in to watch.
Celica Arfonia : I always thought his talent
lay in teaching others.
Celica Arfonia : Well, that's because he's my best
apprentice, who I taught from scratch!
Rick Walken : What? (0:13:45.04)
Celica Arfonia : He's the one I chose when I wouldn't
take any other apprentices.
Halley Astry : Damn you, Glenn Radars! One day,
you'll be gone from this academy!
Glenn Radars : In contrast with general magic, (0:13:51.68)
Glenn Radars : you all tend to view unique,
original magic as sacred,
Glenn Radars : but creating it isn't that big a deal. (0:13:58.54)
Glenn Radars : So what makes it challenging? (0:14:02.51)
Glenn Radars : The single fact that you
have to somehow surpass
Glenn Radars : general magic that's already
been minutely perfected.
Glenn Radars : Otherwise, there's no point in using it. (0:14:12.63)
Glenn Radars : You know... (0:14:21.11)
Glenn Radars : This isn't so bad. (0:14:32.18)
Celica Arfonia : Oh, look at you, getting
all pensive in the twilight.
Celica Arfonia : Enjoying your youth, I see. (0:14:38.38)
Glenn Radars : What do you want? (0:14:39.96)
Celica Arfonia : Well, you know, I just thought
you've perked up a bit lately.
Celica Arfonia : Before, you looked like a fish
that had been dead for a month,
Celica Arfonia : but now, you look like one
that's only been dead for a day.
Glenn Radars : Hey. (0:14:53.98)
Glenn Radars : Sorry for worrying you. (0:14:57.96)
Celica Arfonia : Well, I'll be away for a magic
conference starting tomorrow,
Celica Arfonia : but your class is behind after Huey left,
so you're having supplementary lessons, right?
Celica Arfonia : Don't play any weird pranks on your female
students just because we'll all be away.
Glenn Radars : As if! (0:15:17.92)
Glenn Radars : Besides, after getting used
to seeing a woman like you,
Glenn Radars : how could I be interested in average women? (0:15:21.92)
Celica Arfonia : Oh? You've been looking at
me that way, you pervert?
Glenn Radars : Of course not! (0:15:27.80)
Glenn Radars : Get away! (0:15:29.08)
Glenn Radars : Don't shove your breasts against me! (0:15:29.93)
Celica Arfonia : You're no fun. (0:15:31.75)
Rumia Tingel : Sensei! (0:15:33.21)
Rumia Tingel : Oh, Professor Arfonia. (0:15:35.00)
Celica Arfonia : What's wrong? Need Glenn for something? (0:15:36.91)
Rumia Tingel : Yes! There's something I wanted to ask you. (0:15:38.91)
Glenn Radars : Oh? All right, then. (0:15:41.50)
Glenn Radars : I guess the great teacher Glenn Radars
can give his poor students advice.
Sistine Fibel : This is why you were the
last person I wanted to ask!
Rumia Tingel : His explanation was really
easy to understand.
Sistine Fibel : He's incredible as a magic instructor,
but he's still a scumbag.
Rumia Tingel : Hey, Sisti, (0:16:03.19)
Rumia Tingel : do you remember when I
first came to this house?
Sistine Fibel : Where's this coming from? (0:16:08.49)
Rumia Tingel : We didn't get along very well at first, right? (0:16:10.84)
Sistine Fibel : Well... (0:16:15.33)
Rumia Tingel : But now we're good friends. (0:16:18.00)
Rumia Tingel : So I'm sure even you and Glenn-sensei can... (0:16:22.77)
Sistine Fibel : That's not happening! (0:16:25.92)
Rumia Tingel : You're so bashful. (0:16:27.75)
Jin Ganis : Is the plan proceeding smoothly? (0:16:31.94)
Carrel Mardos : Yes. (0:16:33.98)
Carrel Mardos : But there is Glenn, the man
Celica Arfonia brought on board...
Jin Ganis : He's just a third-rate mage. (0:16:39.56)
Jin Ganis : He's no threat to us. (0:16:41.45)
Jin Ganis : Proceed as planned, when the
magic conference commences.
Carrel Mardos : Then I will pray for the plan's success. (0:16:47.13)
Carrel Mardos : Glory to the Divine Wisdom. (0:16:50.47)
Glenn Radars : Late! I'm late! (0:16:58.45)
Glenn Radars : Come on out. (0:17:09.21)
Glenn Radars : It's obvious you're there. (0:17:10.35)
Carrel Mardos : It was a quick barrier to ward people off, (0:17:13.17)
Carrel Mardos : but you're still pretty sharp
for a third-rate mage.
Glenn Radars : And who on earth might you be? (0:17:20.85)
Glenn Radars : I'm in a hurry. (0:17:23.16)
Carrel Mardos : There's no need for that. (0:17:24.64)
Carrel Mardos : Because your new destination
is the afterlife!
Carrel Mardos : Corruption, fester! (0:17:29.86)
Sistine Fibel : He's really been popular lately. (0:17:35.99)
Sistine Fibel : What? (0:17:38.99)
Rumia Tingel : You're feeling lonely now that Sensei's
getting more popular, huh?
Sistine Fibel : Wh-What are you saying? That's not— (0:17:43.26)
Jin Ganis : Hey! (0:17:47.12)
Jin Ganis : Pardon us! (0:17:49.00)
Jin Ganis : Hey! Who are you people?! (0:17:51.53)
Jin Ganis : Your teacher's occupied,
so we've come in his stead.
Sistine Fibel : Stop playing around! (0:17:57.88)
Sistine Fibel : Outsiders are prohibited here! (0:17:59.26)
Sistine Fibel : If you don't leave at once, I'll call secur— (0:18:01.56)
Jin Ganis : Bang. (0:18:03.43)
Sistine Fibel : M-Military-grade magic? (0:18:10.62)
Jin Ganis : If you defy us again, you're dead. (0:18:12.86)
Jin Ganis : We're looking for a girl called Rumia-chan. (0:18:17.40)
Jin Ganis : Could you raise your hand if you're here? (0:18:21.28)
Jin Ganis : Huh? She's supposed to be in this class. (0:18:24.47)
Jin Ganis : Maybe you're Rumia-chan? (0:18:28.44)
Lynn Titis : I-I'm not. (0:18:30.04)
Jin Ganis : Then do you know who Rumia-chan is? (0:18:31.50)
Lynn Titis : I don't. (0:18:34.06)
Jin Ganis : Really? I hate liars, you know. (0:18:35.17)
Sistine Fibel : What are you planning to do with Rumia? (0:18:39.35)
Jin Ganis : Do you know Rumia-chan? (0:18:43.16)
Sistine Fibel : Answer my question. (0:18:44.92)
Jin Ganis : You're mouthy. (0:18:48.22)
Jin Ganis : Ba— (0:18:49.98)
Rumia Tingel : I'm Rumia. (0:18:50.44)
Jin Ganis : So you're Rumia-chan? (0:19:01.28)
Jin Ganis : Yeah, actually, we knew. (0:19:03.51)
Jin Ganis : I was just playing a game where we kill
uninvolved people until you reveal yourself.
Reik Fohenheim : That's enough playing around. (0:19:11.86)
Jin Ganis : Yeah, yeah. (0:19:14.04)
Reik Fohenheim : Come. (0:19:15.33)
Sistine Fibel : You can't, Rumia. (0:19:16.77)
Rumia Tingel : It's all right. I'm sure Glenn-sensei
will come rescue everyone.
Jin Ganis : That teacher? We already killed him. (0:19:22.06)
Sistine Fibel : Lies. (0:19:24.85)
Rumia Tingel : No way... (0:19:25.60)
Reik Fohenheim : Now come. (0:19:28.58)
Rumia Tingel : What is it you're after? (0:19:35.08)
Rumia Tingel : Why do you want me? (0:19:36.64)
Reik Fohenheim : You should know quite well, Rumia Tingel... (0:19:37.74)
Reik Fohenheim : I mean, Princess Ermiana. (0:19:41.60)
Reik Fohenheim : You are not supposed to be alive. (0:19:44.69)
Reik Fohenheim : Yet you remain when you should be gone, (0:19:47.85)
Reik Fohenheim : and that makes you worth using. (0:19:50.53)
Jin Ganis : Since you are a pretty woman, (0:19:55.25)
Jin Ganis : it'd be a waste not to enjoy you. (0:19:57.24)
Sistine Fibel : I'm the daughter of the proud Fibel family! (0:19:59.84)
Jin Ganis : What's that mean? You a big shot? (0:20:02.38)
Jin Ganis : To be honest, having my way with girls
like Rumia-chan isn't any fun for me.
Jin Ganis : She may look weak, but she's the
type whose spirit won't break.
Jin Ganis : But you, on the other hand... (0:20:13.29)
Jin Ganis : You might be acting tough, (0:20:15.08)
Jin Ganis : but you're just a kid hiding her
own weakness with a mask.
Jin Ganis : I enjoy breaking weak
women like you the most!
Sistine Fibel : Screw you! You think I'll submit to you?! (0:20:25.24)
Jin Ganis : Huh? (0:20:33.41)
Jin Ganis : What pretty skin you have! (0:20:46.42)
Sistine Fibel : ...op... this... (0:20:48.69)
Jin Ganis : What? (0:20:51.48)
Sistine Fibel : Please stop. (0:20:53.59)
Sistine Fibel : Please. (0:20:56.21)
Jin Ganis : You fell so fast! (0:20:58.47)
Jin Ganis : You're the best! (0:21:00.49)
Sistine Fibel : No. Someone, save me! (0:21:02.08)
Jin Ganis : Time to dig in! (0:21:04.24)
Sistine Fibel : No! (0:21:04.99)
Jin Ganis : Who the hell are you? (0:21:13.01)
Glenn Radars : Sorry to interrupt. (0:21:15.00)
Sistine Fibel : Help me out here! (0:21:16.33)
Glenn Radars : Hey, you. (0:21:18.72)
Glenn Radars : No matter how unpopular you are,
what you're doing is a crime.
Sistine Fibel : No! Sensei, run! (0:21:23.92)
Glenn Radars : Help me, run, which is it? (0:21:25.51)
Sistine Fibel : Forget it, just hurry! You're no match— (0:21:28.86)
Jin Ganis : Too late! (0:21:30.92)
Jin Ganis : Bang! (0:21:33.60)
Jin Ganis : Huh? (0:21:38.64)
Jin Ganis : Bang! Bang! (0:21:39.27)
Glenn Radars : Magic won't activate anymore. (0:21:40.91)
Jin Ganis : The Fool arcana? (0:21:44.60)
Glenn Radars : By reading the magic spell that's
been converted into this card,
Glenn Radars : I can completely seal the
activation of all magic
Glenn Radars : within a set range centered around me. (0:21:56.37)
Glenn Radars : That's my original spell, The Fool's World. (0:22:00.70)
Jin Ganis : Original spell?! (0:22:05.67)
Jin Ganis : Are you saying you're at that level?! (0:22:07.50)
Sistine Fibel : He can seal magic?
That'd make him invincible!
Glenn Radars : Of course, it means I can't
activate magic, either.
Sistine Fibel : Huh?! (0:22:16.86)
Jin Ganis : Huh?! (0:22:16.86)
Glenn Radars : Well, you know, I'm in the
effective range too, so...
Jin Ganis : How is a mage going to fight
if he seals his own magic?!
Jin Ganis : You're an idiot! (0:22:25.78)
Sistine Fibel : We're done for! (0:22:27.10)
Jin Ganis : Why don't you hurry up and— (0:22:28.77)
Jin Ganis : Wh-Why, you! (0:22:35.59)
Jin Ganis : Th-The imperial military's
hand-to-hand combat style?
Jin Ganis : Who the hell are you?! (0:22:53.34)
Glenn Radars : Glenn Radars, substitute teacher. (0:22:56.50)
Jin Ganis : Then you defeated Carrel?! (0:22:59.88)
Jin Ganis : Impossible! (0:23:03.31)
Jin Ganis : Some mage who challenges
people to fist fights can't...
Glenn Radars : Good grief. (0:23:07.92)
Glenn Radars : If you hate being defeated
by non-magic that badly,
Glenn Radars : then I'll finish you off with
the legendary super magic,
Glenn Radars : the magic iron fist, Magical Punch! (0:23:15.24)
Glenn Radars : Here I go! (0:23:18.00)
Glenn Radars : Magical Punch! (0:23:18.86)
Jin Ganis : That's a kick! (0:23:32.96)
Glenn Radars : That's the part that makes it magical! (0:23:35.56)
EXTRA : illustration: Nishimata Aoi (0:23:39.98)
Sistine Fibel : Suddenly, a terrorist organization
appears in the school,
Sistine Fibel : and their target is none other than Rumia! (0:23:47.94)
Rumia Tingel : Sisti, you can do it! (0:23:49.68)
Sistine Fibel : To save the students,
their bastard instructor—
Glenn Radars : Ah! It's Melgalius's Sky Castle! (0:23:52.18)
EXTRA : The white cat's
a Melgalian
Sistine Fibel : T-To save the students,
th-their bastard instructor...
Glenn Radars : Incredible! How is a castle flying?! (0:23:55.06)
Rumia Tingel : Sisti, are you okay? (0:23:58.72)
EXTRA : The white cat's
a Melgalian
Rumia Tingel : Sisti! (0:24:01.92)
Sistine Fibel : Meow! Melgalius's Sky Castle is (0:24:02.75)
Sistine Fibel : a mysterious city where the ancients are
said to have lived since ancient times,
Sistine Fibel : and its flight is a mystery
no one understands!
EXTRA : Next Fool and Death (0:24:08.92)
Rumia Tingel : Look forward to next time! (0:24:10.67)
EXTRA : Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (0:24:11.72)

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