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Introducing Akade

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

EXTRA : ...and they lived happily.
The End
Masamune Izumi : I always remember the day
my little sister first arrived.
Masamune Izumi : She was as fragile as spring snow, (0:00:09.21)
Masamune Izumi : and hiding behind Mom, she cast her eyes
down as she glanced at me.
EXTRA : From today, she's going to be your little sister. (0:00:17.01)
EXTRA : Please take good care of her. (0:00:19.85)
Masamune Izumi : I smile, and reply, "Sure!" (0:00:23.10)
Masamune Izumi : Hey there! (0:00:36.37)
Sagiri Izumi : Nice to meet you, Big Brother. (0:00:50.88)
Masamune Izumi : N-Nice to meet you. (0:01:00.77)
Masamune Izumi : Ever since, I haven't seen my little sister at all. (0:01:03.10)
Masamune Izumi : I'll be right there! (0:01:43.81)
Masamune Izumi : Sagiri, I brought your meal. (0:01:52.86)
Masamune Izumi : I'll leave your meal right here.
Make sure to eat up.
EXTRA : Please come out of your room
so I can see your face.
- From, Your Brother
Masamune Izumi : I'll be going now! (0:02:11.04)
Masamune Izumi : All right! (0:02:19.93)
Masamune Izumi : My name is Masamune Izumi.
I'm a first year in high school.
Masamune Izumi : I go to school, but I also
work as a light novel author.
EXTRA : I read your newest release! (0:02:35.19)
Elf Yamada : Hey! Carry that a bit more carefully!
There's still a bit left!
Masamune Izumi : From a year ago, I've been continually fighting. (0:02:38.24)
Tomoe Takasago : Wanna try this place? (0:02:41.20)
Masamune Izumi : Against my little sister
who refuses to leave her room.
Masamune Izumi : My irritation that I'm still
only a high school student.
EXTRA : Masamune Izumi. (0:02:45.08)
Masamune Izumi : Well, all sorts of stuff like that. (0:02:47.54)
Masamune Izumi : Now, the only family member left for me
is my little step-sister.
Masamune Izumi : From that incident a year ago, (0:02:56.80)
Masamune Izumi : my little sister shut herself in her room (0:02:59.01)
Masamune Izumi : and stopped communicating with everyone. (0:03:02.80)
Masamune Izumi : "Come out of your room so I can see your face."
That is my only wish.
EXTRA : Adachi Fourth Public High School (0:03:10.98)
Masamune Izumi : The super-dangerous action that I sealed away
from the trauma I suffered after debuting...
EXTRA : Masamune Izumi Autograph Event (0:03:17.90)
EXTRA : Egosurfing. (0:03:17.99)
Masamune Izumi : I debuted as a light novel author
right around when I entered middle school.
Masamune Izumi : And for the three years since,
my trusty partner who draws really erotic art,
EXTRA : Silverwolf of Reincarnation 3 (0:03:27.95)
Masamune Izumi : Eromanga-sensei, has been working with me. (0:03:30.21)
Tomoe Takasago : I really recommend this book! (0:03:32.92)
Masamune Izumi : I have yet to meet this partner of mine. (0:03:33.13)
Masamune Izumi : And the other day, (0:03:35.75)
Masamune Izumi : I had my first autograph session
commemorating the series completion.
EXTRA : "Silverwolf of Reincarnation"
Series Completion Commemoration
Autograph Session - Author, Masamune Izumi
Masamune Izumi : My pen name is also "Masamune Izumi".
I just wrote my first name in katakana.
Masamune Izumi : I showed my face
during the autograph session.
Masamune Izumi : So there's a chance my classmates
might have realized.
Masamune Izumi : Looks like I'm okay for no— (0:03:56.36)
EXTRA : [TERRIBLE NEWS] Masamune Izumi-sensei's
autograph is too messy lolololol
Tomoe Takasago : Come on now,
stuff like that happens all the time.
Tomoe Takasago : If you ask me, it's the price of fame. (0:04:06.03)
Masamune Izumi : I'm really not that famous, though. (0:04:08.24)
Tomoe Takasago : Dissing someone like you, Mune-kun, isn't
going to increase page views on a blog, either.
Masamune Izumi : Tomoe, what you're saying is even worse. (0:04:16.80)
Tomoe Takasago : Mune-kun, Mune-kun. (0:04:19.46)
Tomoe Takasago : I was just looking at that post. (0:04:21.38)
Tomoe Takasago : Isn't this the blog of the "sensei"
who draws illustrations for your novels?
EXTRA : Eromanga-sensei's Doodling Blog
"At the Tip of the Panties"
Masamune Izumi : Wait, you're right. (0:04:28.26)
Masamune Izumi : What is this guy doing? (0:04:30.68)
Tomoe Takasago : Eromanga-sensei sure disses you
in a strangely happy fashion, don't you think?
EXTRA : The materials aren't here yet.
These settings are hard to understand!
He can write fast though (lol)
Tomoe Takasago : Mune-kun, did you do something
to this person?
Masamune Izumi : No! I think. (0:04:40.53)
Masamune Izumi : I mean, I haven't even met the guy yet. (0:04:43.03)
Tomoe Takasago : Despite working together for three years? (0:04:45.12)
Masamune Izumi : My editor said she's never met this guy, either. (0:04:47.41)
Masamune Izumi : Apparently all the work
is done over the internet.
Tomoe Takasago : A work style of the modern era! (0:04:53.04)
Masamune Izumi : Maybe the guy found out
I complained about the lewd pen name?
Masamune Izumi : But you have to think about how I feel with
each cover showing "Art: Eromanga".
Tomoe Takasago : Hey, Mune-kun. Eromanga-sensei
is going to do live streaming later today.
Tomoe Takasago : Why don't you take a look? (0:05:11.43)
Masamune Izumi : I'm home! (0:05:14.60)
Masamune Izumi : A live streaming, huh? (0:05:17.27)
Masamune Izumi : Yeah, yeah, got it! (0:05:21.36)
Masamune Izumi : Wait just a second! (0:05:25.99)
Masamune Izumi : Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got it, I got it! (0:05:30.91)
Masamune Izumi : Sagiri. (0:05:34.71)
Masamune Izumi : When you're done eating,
leave the dishes outside the room!
EXTRA : Please give me requests on what foods
you want to eat. From, Your Brother.
Masamune Izumi : All right, let's see what kind of person this is. (0:05:48.89)
EXTRA : NiyaNiya Live (0:05:50.72)
EXTRA : - my one and only fun
- It started lolol
EXTRA : - To think it would go for 16 episodes!
- Meruru is mai waifu
EXTRA : Eromanga-sensei's
Let's chat while I draw Part 16
EXTRA : - Meruruuu!
- Ero!! Lolol
EXTRA : - looking forward to this!!
- it's here! lolol
EXTRA : I-I don't know anyone by that name! (0:05:57.23)
EXTRA : - gimme mai waifu again today
- the old man that draws erotic art's here!
EXTRA : You're "Eromanga" because
you keep drawing erotic stuff, right?
EXTRA : I'm telling you, that's not it! You guys
always keep saying ero, ero, ero, ero!
EXTRA : So, today's art won't be that erotic. (0:06:06.07)
EXTRA : - What will you draw?
- Hurry up.
EXTRA : I'll be drawing Beniusagi, (0:06:10.08)
EXTRA : - Nice seeing you
- Gimme an erotic one
EXTRA : - It started!
- Illustrations incoming!
EXTRA : She's my favorite character! Though,
Izumi-sensei killed her off in volume three.
EXTRA : Silverwolf of Reincarnation (0:06:19.00)
Masamune Izumi : Ugh, sorry. Come to think, she did
seem to be Eromanga-sensei's favorite.
Sagiri Izumi : Izumi-sensei is a really terrible person. (0:06:27.76)
Sagiri Izumi : He mercilessly killed off
such a cute girl like her.
Masamune Izumi : I couldn't help it. It's a battle-focused series. (0:06:35.73)
Sagiri Izumi : HmHm. So that's how to structure this... (0:06:41.61)
EXTRA : Oh, thanks for the comments. (0:06:44.86)
EXTRA : Sorry for not going to the autograph session
to celebrate the conclusion of Silverwolf.
EXTRA : - excited-!
- I went there!
EXTRA : - I went to the autograph session
- It was fun!
EXTRA : I can't show my face in public. (0:06:49.91)
EXTRA : Is Izumi-sensei a beautiful
grade-school girl like the rumors say?
EXTRA : Shut up. I've never met Izumi-sensei
so I wouldn't know.
EXTRA : - It was fun!
- I went!
EXTRA : By the way, I saw Izumi-sensei's autograph (0:06:58.08)
EXTRA : in a signed copy to show
at the autograph session.
EXTRA : - You're actually an old man, right?
- Good erotic level.
EXTRA : The handwriting was so awful,
I had to put it up on my blog.
EXTRA : Masamune Izumi / My regards! (0:07:06.51)
Masamune Izumi : Shut up! (0:07:08.76)
EXTRA : And there we go, done! (0:07:11.51)
EXTRA : - Hard worker!
- Fast drawing as always
EXTRA : - Super cute
- Amazinggg
EXTRA : - so erotic!!
- butt! lololol
EXTRA : - best ever
- her butt lolololol
EXTRA : Now, which character
should I draw in the next stream?
EXTRA : - Beniusagi, naked version
- something erotic!
EXTRA : Wait, you guys don't stammer all at once!
Hold on a second!
EXTRA : - can it be a current season anime?
- such a tease~~
EXTRA : - anything, as long as it's erotic
- Kinjishi-chan
EXTRA : It's him!! (0:07:27.65)
EXTRA : Pick from one of these. (0:07:28.07)
Masamune Izumi : So this is Eromanga-sensei. (0:07:30.03)
EXTRA : I'd like it to be from something
I've worked on...
EXTRA : Please give me requests on what foods
you want to eat. From, Your Brother.
Masamune Izumi : What does this mean? (0:07:40.33)
Masamune Izumi : That's what I made earlier. (0:07:41.62)
Masamune Izumi : A coincidence? No, I'm positive. (0:07:44.21)
Masamune Izumi : What's being shown here is... my home? (0:07:46.71)
Masamune Izumi : Could this be my little sister? (0:07:51.84)
Masamune Izumi : Is that even possible?
What's the probability for that?
Masamune Izumi : "Are you Sagiri?" (0:07:59.14)
Masamune Izumi : Wait, I can't disclose her real name! (0:08:00.35)
Masamune Izumi : "I'm watching. -Your Brother" (0:08:02.19)
Masamune Izumi : No, wait.
"Come out of your room"
Masamune Izumi : No! (0:08:05.23)
EXTRA : Well then, I'm planning
to stream again tomorrow.
EXTRA : - Goodnight!
- Beniusagi is the best!!
EXTRA : Come watch again! Bye-bye! (0:08:09.61)
EXTRA : - Camera, camera!!
- forgot to turn it off?
EXTRA : Oh, that was fun! (0:08:17.33)
EXTRA : what an entertainer lololol (0:08:17.58)
EXTRA : - The true face of Eromanga-sensei??
- The mask!!
EXTRA : Oof. (0:08:19.87)
EXTRA : - Meruru- lololol
- How old is this old man
Sagiri Izumi : Oh yeah, I was hungry,
but I forgot to eat my meal.
EXTRA : It's just an old man, right? (0:08:23.58)
EXTRA : - you're kidding me lolol
- time to disclose the true form lolol
EXTRA : - those are unexpectedly cute socks.
- I don't wanna see a naked old man!
EXTRA : I don't want to see a dude strip. (0:08:26.34)
Masamune Izumi : This could be bad. (0:08:28.34)
Sagiri Izumi : It's not coming off. (0:08:37.39)
EXTRA : Dammit, you're not on screen! Come back! (0:08:42.39)
Masamune Izumi : Oh no, no, no, no, no! (0:08:44.31)
Masamune Izumi : This is all too bad! (0:08:46.77)
Masamune Izumi : If Eromanga-sensei is Sagiri, (0:08:49.61)
Masamune Izumi : my little sister's strip show
will be broadcast to the entire world!
Masamune Izumi : Stop! Camera! You forgot to turn it off! (0:08:56.37)
Masamune Izumi : A family intrusion! (0:09:00.50)
Masamune Izumi : It's off. (0:09:05.29)
Masamune Izumi : I guarded it.
I guarded the nudity of my little sister.
Sagiri Izumi : Nice to meet you, Big Brother. (0:09:23.77)
Sagiri Izumi : It's been a while, Big Brother. (0:09:29.61)
Masamune Izumi : It was my first reunion
with my little sister in a year.
Masamune Izumi : It's been a while. (0:09:42.66)
Masamune Izumi : Has it been like a year? (0:09:44.33)
Masamune Izumi : You're Eromanga-sensei? (0:09:46.54)
Masamune Izumi : That stream earlier... (0:09:50.67)
Masamune Izumi : That wasn't you? (0:09:54.01)
Sagiri Izumi : I don't know anyone by that name. (0:09:55.72)
Masamune Izumi : I can't hear you. (0:09:57.80)
Sagiri Izumi : I... (0:09:59.22)
Sagiri Izumi : I don't know anyone by that name. (0:10:00.47)
Masamune Izumi : Then why did you pick a pen name like that? (0:10:02.89)
Masamune Izumi : Whoa! (0:10:08.77)
Masamune Izumi : Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! (0:10:10.69)
Sagiri Izumi : Let go! (0:10:13.11)
Masamune Izumi : Aren't you Eromanga-sensei, who drew
illustrations for "Silverwolf of Reincarnation"?
Sagiri Izumi : I-I'm not... (0:10:19.24)
Masamune Izumi : That's amazing! (0:10:20.24)
Masamune Izumi : That stream earlier.
That illustration was really really cute!
Masamune Izumi : So many of your fans were watching, too,
and you made them all happy.
Masamune Izumi : You've been doing some amazing things. (0:10:30.71)
Masamune Izumi : Your... (0:10:32.84)
Masamune Izumi : Your illustrations are really erotic. (0:10:45.31)
Masamune Izumi : A-And Sagiri, actually, I-I... (0:10:49.94)
Sagiri Izumi : No! (0:10:52.73)
Sagiri Izumi : Go away! (0:11:01.74)
Masamune Izumi : Dammit. This is the beginning. (0:11:09.25)
Ayame Kagurazaka : I'm sorry, Izumi-sensei. (0:11:15.34)
Ayame Kagurazaka : I've been really busy lately! (0:11:20.34)
Ayame Kagurazaka : I'm in charge of so many hit titles that I've only
slept for two hours the past two nights!
Ayame Kagurazaka : What's this? (0:11:29.69)
Masamune Izumi : Project proposals for my new series. I have
two titles, and they're finished to volume three.
Ayame Kagurazaka : Proposals? (0:11:35.53)
Masamune Izumi : This one is a superpower school battle series
like the previous one.
Masamune Izumi : And this is an adventure
in an alternate universe.
Ayame Kagurazaka : Wait, these are complete manuscripts! (0:11:42.24)
Masamune Izumi : I thought that would be faster. (0:11:44.66)
Ayame Kagurazaka : I told you the other day to submit something
that conveys the plot in 10 seconds!
Masamune Izumi : Did you? (0:11:50.67)
Ayame Kagurazaka : Sheesh. You sure do write fast, if anything. (0:11:52.04)
Masamune Izumi : And this is the script
for when it turns into an anime.
Ayame Kagurazaka : Are you dumb!? (0:11:59.63)
Ayame Kagurazaka : Izumi-sensei, you sure changed
from about a year ago.
Masamune Izumi : Oh, I used to do this
as an extension of my hobby.
Masamune Izumi : I wrote stories that I thought were fun to read, (0:12:10.23)
Masamune Izumi : and it felt good to have everyone else
read and enjoy them.
Masamune Izumi : But now... (0:12:17.23)
Masamune Izumi : I need money. (0:12:18.61)
Masamune Izumi : It's a commonplace reason. (0:12:20.32)
Ayame Kagurazaka : Isn't that okay, though? (0:12:23.11)
Ayame Kagurazaka : That's an ordinary reason
for someone who writes for a living.
Ayame Kagurazaka : If it leads to your motivation,
I don't care what it is.
Ayame Kagurazaka : Oh, there's one more thing
that will motivate you, Sensei.
Masamune Izumi : The "Silverwolf" series that ended the other day
is the title that I'm known for right now.
EXTRA : Autograph session - Author, Masamune Izumi (0:12:44.26)
Masamune Izumi : And I don't think I'll continue the story. (0:12:46.30)
Masamune Izumi : But! (0:12:49.43)
Masamune Izumi : Sagiri! (0:12:50.52)
Masamune Izumi : The guys I thought I'd never meet again
were all waving at me.
EXTRA : Congrats "Silverwolf of Reincarnation" completion
Art: Eromanga
Masamune Izumi : And they all looked like they were saying,
"See ya! Let's keep our spirits up!"
Masamune Izumi : That made me happy, so... (0:13:05.78)
Masamune Izumi : Sagiri! Eromanga-sensei! (0:13:08.95)
Masamune Izumi : Listen to me! (0:13:11.12)
Masamune Izumi : I am Masamune Izumi, the author
of "Silverwolf of Reincarnation"!
Sagiri Izumi : Really? (0:13:22.17)
Sagiri Izumi : Big Brother, you're Masamune Izumi? (0:13:23.68)
Sagiri Izumi : The author of "Silverwolf of Reincarnation"? (0:13:27.14)
Masamune Izumi : Y-Yeah, that's right. (0:13:30.10)
Masamune Izumi : And you're Eromanga-sensei, right? (0:13:31.81)
Sagiri Izumi : I don't know anyone by that name. (0:13:35.19)
Sagiri Izumi : I-Is that bad? (0:13:40.65)
Masamune Izumi : Of course it's not bad. (0:13:44.20)
Masamune Izumi : I finally met you! (0:13:46.36)
Sagiri Izumi : Come in. (0:13:49.33)
Sagiri Izumi : Didn't you hear me? I said, "Come in." (0:13:53.00)
Masamune Izumi : It's okay? (0:13:56.08)
Sagiri Izumi : I-I said it's okay. (0:13:59.79)
Masamune Izumi : I-I see. All right. (0:14:02.63)
Masamune Izumi : - It's pretty tidy in here.
- Yeah.
Sagiri Izumi : - It's pretty tidy in here.
- Yeah.
Masamune Izumi : Good girl. (0:14:19.52)
Sagiri Izumi : ...Don't. (0:14:21.11)
Masamune Izumi : "Don't treat me like a child?" (0:14:22.65)
Sagiri Izumi : Don't touch me. (0:14:24.07)
Sagiri Izumi : Sit there. (0:14:27.20)
Masamune Izumi : "Touch me there"? (0:14:28.99)
Sagiri Izumi : Sit! There! (0:14:30.28)
Masamune Izumi : Sure! (0:14:32.70)
Sagiri Izumi : - So, why...
- Huh?
Masamune Izumi : - So, why...
- Huh?
Masamune Izumi : Ouch! (0:14:44.63)
Sagiri Izumi : Wh-Wh-What? (0:14:46.05)
Masamune Izumi : I only got closer
because you were speaking softly!
Sagiri Izumi : Ahh... (0:14:56.02)
Sagiri Izumi : Is this okay? (0:14:59.19)
Masamune Izumi : Y-Yeah. That will do. (0:15:01.11)
Sagiri Izumi : How did you figure it out? (0:15:04.36)
Masamune Izumi : You mean, "How did you realize that I was
the person behind Eromanga-sensei"?
Sagiri Izumi : Yup. (0:15:11.91)
Sagiri Izumi : If not, I won't ever let you in. (0:15:14.20)
Masamune Izumi : When you were streaming, the meal
I made for you was in the background.
Masamune Izumi : You forgot to turn the camera off,
and you started taking your clothes off...
Sagiri Izumi : Th-That's enough. I get it now. (0:15:29.30)
Sagiri Izumi : So after all, Big Brother,
you were "Masamune Izumi-sensei".
Masamune Izumi : "After all"? You had noticed? (0:15:38.02)
Sagiri Izumi : I was just thinking you had the same name. (0:15:41.02)
Sagiri Izumi : For it to actually be the same person...
What kind of probability is that?
Masamune Izumi : To think that I've been living under
the same roof as Eromanga-sensei.
Sagiri Izumi : I can't believe it. (0:15:53.45)
Sagiri Izumi : And I don't know anyone by that name. (0:15:55.45)
Sagiri Izumi : Um, this is so sudden,
and I don't know what to do.
Masamune Izumi : For starters, I'm sorry
I made you draw all those lewd pictures!
Sagiri Izumi : I-Idiot! (0:16:13.22)
Masamune Izumi : Don't suddenly shout so loudly, idiot! (0:16:17.68)
Sagiri Izumi : Y-You're the idiot! Lewd pervert!
Even the other day...
Masamune Izumi : Your illustrations are really erotic. (0:16:26.40)
Sagiri Izumi : You can't just say that to a girl, s-so suddenly! (0:16:28.82)
Masamune Izumi : Do you have to get that angry? (0:16:32.49)
Masamune Izumi : I was talking about how I was requesting
lewd illustrations from my little sister!
Sagiri Izumi : L-Lewd illustrations are my job,
and I like it, so it's okay!
Sagiri Izumi : But you can't talk about stuff like that! (0:16:42.00)
Masamune Izumi : Why? (0:16:44.46)
Sagiri Izumi : Th-That's... (0:16:48.25)
Sagiri Izumi : Big Brother, you idiot! Dunce!
Light-novel protagonist!
Masamune Izumi : Fine. I won't say it again. (0:16:54.22)
Sagiri Izumi : It's fine if you understand. (0:16:58.93)
Sagiri Izumi : I-In the first place, Big Brother,
you're all sorts of no good.
Masamune Izumi : All sorts? (0:17:06.11)
Sagiri Izumi : F-For instance... (0:17:07.36)
Sagiri Izumi : That's right!
You stay at home too much on days off!
Masamune Izumi : Writing is my side job,
so of course I'd be home working!
Sagiri Izumi : Even during summer vacation? (0:17:15.78)
Masamune Izumi : Right. (0:17:17.33)
Masamune Izumi : Back then, everything I wrote was getting
turned down, so I pulled a lot of all-nighters.
Masamune Izumi : So I forgot to make you meals. (0:17:24.83)
Sagiri Izumi : The despair I felt when meals didn't arrive
even after thumping the floor...
Sagiri Izumi : you know how that feels, Big Brother? (0:17:31.97)
Masamune Izumi : Come out of your room and eat. (0:17:33.80)
Sagiri Izumi : I think I've lost if I leave my room! (0:17:35.47)
Masamune Izumi : Even if you say it like a famous quote,
it's not cool.
Masamune Izumi : By the way, I noticed
you blog and stream stuff.
Sagiri Izumi : I-Is that bad? (0:17:46.40)
Masamune Izumi : It's not bad. But it was slightly unexpected. (0:17:47.65)
Masamune Izumi : You weren't the person I knew,
and you were really lively.
Masamune Izumi : What's wrong? (0:17:57.24)
Sagiri Izumi : It's fun. Drawing art, and chatting
with everyone while streaming.
Masamune Izumi : I want to hear more stuff like that. (0:18:04.91)
Masamune Izumi : I hardly know anything about you. (0:18:06.96)
Sagiri Izumi : The reason why I started drawing illustrations
was because Mom taught me.
Sagiri Izumi : I was naturally doing nothing but drawing
since I was little...
Sagiri Izumi : And I was a professional before I knew it. (0:18:20.06)
Sagiri Izumi : Mom complimented me,
saying it was amazing.
Sagiri Izumi : After Mom was gone, (0:18:26.10)
Sagiri Izumi : I couldn't draw at all. (0:18:28.44)
Sagiri Izumi : And I couldn't leave my room. (0:18:30.48)
Sagiri Izumi : But one day, I saw someone streaming. (0:18:35.74)
Sagiri Izumi : That person was happily drawing
while chatting with everyone.
Sagiri Izumi : I was jealous. (0:18:42.49)
Sagiri Izumi : I wanted to be like that, and tried it out. (0:18:43.91)
Masamune Izumi : I see. (0:18:48.25)
Sagiri Izumi : It was really fun. (0:18:50.96)
Sagiri Izumi : After seeing the illustrations, they give me
their opinions, like "so cute", "so amazing".
Sagiri Izumi : They ask me to draw more. (0:18:57.18)
Sagiri Izumi : I'm still in my room, (0:18:59.89)
Sagiri Izumi : but I can play and chat with people
all over the world like we're friends.
Sagiri Izumi : That, really, really makes my heart race. (0:19:05.14)
Masamune Izumi : I see. It's the same for me. (0:19:10.52)
Masamune Izumi : The reason I became an author (0:19:13.27)
Masamune Izumi : was because the people posting their novels
on the internet seemed to have fun.
Masamune Izumi : There was a time when I wrote novels
on the web, too.
Masamune Izumi : And, I got my first fan mail ever. (0:19:21.91)
Masamune Izumi : That made me so happy.
I was really, really happy.
Masamune Izumi : That's why I'm here right now. (0:19:28.25)
EXTRA : The Adventures of Hero Masamune
Congrats on the Completion!
Masamune Izumi : I wonder if that person
still reads my novels today.
Sagiri Izumi : I see, so Izumi-sensei, you too... (0:19:35.67)
Masamune Izumi : "Sensei"? (0:19:39.18)
Sagiri Izumi : Oh, n-nothing!
I knew you wrote novels on the web!
Masamune Izumi : I-I see. But to think I'd see the day
where I could talk to you like this.
Sagiri Izumi : Big Brother, why are you bothering me? (0:19:51.90)
Sagiri Izumi : You should just leave me alone. (0:19:55.69)
Sagiri Izumi : I'm just... (0:19:58.74)
Masamune Izumi : Do I trouble you? (0:20:02.12)
Sagiri Izumi : T-Trouble... (0:20:03.66)
Masamune Izumi : It's because you're my little sister. (0:20:05.16)
Masamune Izumi : And Mom asked me to take good care of you. (0:20:08.33)
Sagiri Izumi : Is that your reason? (0:20:12.17)
Masamune Izumi : I still don't know what counts
as taking good care of you.
Masamune Izumi : So I just do things that I feel
would count as such.
Sagiri Izumi : I don't get it at all. (0:20:21.09)
Masamune Izumi : Other than that, I'm just lonely, after all. (0:20:23.39)
Masamune Izumi : I'd like to eat meals together
with my cute little sister.
Masamune Izumi : And I want to take care of her, too. (0:20:28.52)
Sagiri Izumi : Even a troublesome little sister like this,
who hardly ever talks to you?
Masamune Izumi : So you were aware of that. (0:20:36.73)
Masamune Izumi : I want us to get along. (0:20:40.57)
Masamune Izumi : Because we're family. (0:20:44.87)
Sagiri Izumi : Are we a family? (0:20:47.66)
Masamune Izumi : Of course. We live together like this. (0:20:50.46)
Sagiri Izumi : I see. I don't see it that way. (0:20:57.21)
Sagiri Izumi : You don't call people
merely living together a family.
Sagiri Izumi : I don't want to talk anymore.
Get out, Big Brother.
Masamune Izumi : Sure thing. (0:21:15.98)
Masamune Izumi : Sagiri. (0:21:20.32)
Sagiri Izumi : What? (0:21:22.61)
Masamune Izumi : This illustration made me really happy. (0:21:24.86)
Masamune Izumi : Let's do our best together next time, too! (0:21:27.33)
Sagiri Izumi : How stupid. That was something
I only drew out of a sense of obligation.
Masamune Izumi : Yes? (0:23:21.27)
Megumi Jinno : I'm Megumi Jinno! (0:23:26.19)
Megumi Jinno : Is Sagiri-chan here? (0:23:28.82)
Masamune Izumi : Next Episode:
Class Rep with a Normie Life, and a Fearless Fairy

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