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Ryouta Suzui : Hyakkaou Private Academy. (0:00:02.23)
Ryouta Suzui : Approaching 122 years old, the school's pride is its tradition and social status. (0:00:05.86)
Ryouta Suzui : Showdown! (0:00:29.63)
Ryouta Suzui : Full house! (0:00:31.01)
Mary Saotome : Too bad! (0:00:33.80)
Mary Saotome : Thank you for your kind patronage. (0:00:35.55)
Ryouta Suzui : A-A royal straight flush?! (0:00:39.51)
Mary Saotome : I know you're in a bit of a bind, (0:00:46.35)
Mary Saotome : but keep your chin up, okay? (0:00:50.19)
Mary Saotome : Doggy. (0:00:53.28)
Ryouta Suzui : On that day, I lost my humanity. (0:00:56.07)
Ryouta Suzui : This is how things work here. (0:00:59.83)
Ryouta Suzui : Money is everything here. (0:01:02.70)
Ryouta Suzui : Along with... (0:01:06.67)
Ryouta Suzui : Your gambling prowess! (0:01:08.46)
Mary Saotome : Straight. (0:01:22.52)
Kaede Manyuuda : Saotome won again? (0:01:24.93)
EXTRA : Of course Mary would win. (0:01:26.85)
EXTRA : She's too good! (0:01:28.44)
Mary Saotome : I'm not even playing that well today! (0:01:32.19)
Ryouta Suzui : I'm a house pet. (0:01:39.62)
Ryouta Suzui : You can't get back on your feet once you've been reduced to this level. (0:01:43.91)
Ryouta Suzui : Or so I thought. (0:01:48.00)
Ryouta Suzui : Until she arrived. (0:01:53.21)
EXTRA : Ahem, as I announced last week, (0:03:33.48)
EXTRA : a transfer student will be
joining our class today.
Yumeko Jabami : It's a pleasure to meet you all. (0:03:46.83)
Yumeko Jabami : My name is Jabami Yumeko. (0:03:48.75)
Yumeko Jabami : It would bring me utmost happiness if you were to accept me as a fellow classmate. (0:03:51.16)
EXTRA : Hey, she's pretty hot. (0:03:56.77)
EXTRA : I'd smash— (0:03:57.52)
EXTRA : Jabami's a pretty weird name. (0:03:58.23)
EXTRA : Now then... (0:04:03.43)
EXTRA : I would like someone to show Jabami around the school. (0:04:05.22)
EXTRA : Suzui, you're the class representative, right? (0:04:10.27)
EXTRA : Could I ask you to show her around? (0:04:13.35)
Ryouta Suzui : Yes, Miss. (0:04:15.31)
Yumeko Jabami : It's a pleasure to meet you, Suzui. (0:04:16.44)
Ryouta Suzui : L-Likewise. (0:04:20.28)
Ryouta Suzui : It's the first I've felt becoming
a house pet was for the better.
Yumeko Jabami : This is beautiful! (0:04:33.96)
Yumeko Jabami : This is a marvelous academy. (0:04:38.09)
Yumeko Jabami : I'm very glad I transferred here. (0:04:41.01)
Yumeko Jabami : What might this be? (0:04:50.22)
Ryouta Suzui : Um, Jabami... (0:04:57.02)
Yumeko Jabami : Yes? (0:04:59.15)
Ryouta Suzui : Well... (0:05:02.19)
Ryouta Suzui : Are you good at gambling? (0:05:04.20)
Yumeko Jabami : Gambling? (0:05:07.24)
Yumeko Jabami : I know the general rules for poker and mahjong and the like. (0:05:10.03)
Ryouta Suzui : Right... (0:05:14.87)
Ryouta Suzui : You see, gambling has been
traditionally prevalent in our school.
Ryouta Suzui : Once the bell rings, gambling
stations pop up all across campus.
Ryouta Suzui : And there are plenty of rich students, so the bets aren't anything to scoff at. (0:05:25.34)
Ryouta Suzui : They'll probably ask you to play soon enough,
so you should be carefu—
Yumeko Jabami : Well, well... (0:05:36.48)
Yumeko Jabami : I'm definitely looking forward
to receiving such an invitation.
EXTRA : Welcome to the 2nd year
Flower Class, Jabami!
EXTRA : Which school did you come from? (0:05:49.99)
EXTRA : What are your hobbies? (0:05:51.74)
EXTRA : What do you get up to on weekends? (0:05:52.24)
EXTRA : Be honest—got a boyfriend? (0:05:53.49)
EXTRA : Let's be friends! (0:05:54.50)
Yumeko Jabami : Of course, it would be my pleasure! (0:05:55.75)
Mary Saotome : Nice to meet you, I'm Saotome Mary. (0:06:02.80)
Mary Saotome : I hope we can be friends! (0:06:05.97)
Yumeko Jabami : It is a pleasure to make
your acquaintance, Saotome.
Mary Saotome : Do you have time later, Jabami? (0:06:10.22)
Mary Saotome : If you're free, would you
like to gamble with me?
EXTRA : What's going on? (0:06:21.36)
EXTRA : I heard Mary's going to gamble with the transfer student! (0:06:22.23)
EXTRA : Really? Do you think they'll
play you-know-what ?
Yumeko Jabami : What kind of game
will we be playing?
Mary Saotome : Ballot Rock-Paper-Scissors. (0:06:32.95)
Mary Saotome : It's a game that our class invented! (0:06:34.66)
Mary Saotome : First, we have everyone in the class draw
either rock, paper, or scissors onto a card.
Mary Saotome : Then, without showing us the card,
they place it in the box.
Mary Saotome : We each take three cards from the box (0:06:47.59)
Mary Saotome : and then choose one to play rock-paper-scissors with. (0:06:50.28)
Mary Saotome : If it's a draw, we choose another card
from the remaining two and play again.
Mary Saotome : If we both choose the same card three times then it's a draw. (0:06:58.10)
Mary Saotome : That makes one round. (0:07:00.73)
Mary Saotome : Unlike normal rock-paper-scissors,
you may not have all three options available.
Mary Saotome : The mind games that stem from this inequality are what make the game fun, don't you agree? (0:07:06.53)
Yumeko Jabami : That sounds delightful! (0:07:09.74)
Yumeko Jabami : I would very much love to play. (0:07:11.28)
Mary Saotome : Okay! That's the spirit! (0:07:13.03)
Ryouta Suzui : Hey, Jabami... (0:07:15.99)
Mary Saotome : Doggy, bring us some chips. (0:07:17.91)
Mary Saotome : Bring them. (0:07:23.54)
Ryouta Suzui : Yes, Ma'am... (0:07:25.92)
Mary Saotome : Here's your chips. (0:07:30.93)
Mary Saotome : Each one is worth 10,000 yen. (0:07:32.68)
Mary Saotome : For now, let's play with 120 chips each. (0:07:34.55)
Mary Saotome : I'll let you choose
the wager each round.
Mary Saotome : It's easy to pick up.
Let's play a round!
Mary Saotome : How many chips will you bet? (0:07:44.02)
Yumeko Jabami : Hm, let me see... (0:07:45.19)
Yumeko Jabami : I'll go with two chips! (0:07:48.36)
Ryouta Suzui : In this game, it's very rare to have one of each rock, paper, and scissors. (0:07:50.99)
Ryouta Suzui : Since you only get three cards, (0:07:56.12)
Ryouta Suzui : it's much more common to end up with uneven hands like two rocks and one paper. (0:07:57.83)
Ryouta Suzui : If you get two rocks in your hand, chances are rock is the most common card in the box. (0:08:02.37)
Ryouta Suzui : That means the chance that your
opponent will play a rock is also high,
Ryouta Suzui : so you'd want to play paper. (0:08:11.52)
Ryouta Suzui : It's a game where you'd be betting around this level of uncertainty. (0:08:13.30)
Mary Saotome : Have you decided? (0:08:16.47)
Mary Saotome : We'll reveal the cards on my call. (0:08:17.64)
Mary Saotome : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:08:19.68)
Yumeko Jabami : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:08:19.68)
Mary Saotome : Looks like the first win goes to you. (0:08:24.02)
Mary Saotome : Congratulations. (0:08:26.23)
Yumeko Jabami : Thank you very much.
I'll take two chips, then.
Mary Saotome : Have you gotten the gist of the game? (0:08:30.57)
Mary Saotome : Let's keep going! (0:08:32.99)
Yumeko Jabami : Of course! Then for the next game, (0:08:34.32)
Yumeko Jabami : let's bet fifty chips. (0:08:36.99)
Ryouta Suzui : F-Fifty? That's 500,000 yen! (0:08:39.70)
Ryouta Suzui : She'd bet that without
batting an eyelid?
Mary Saotome : I didn't expect you to
be so daring, Jabami.
Yumeko Jabami : Oh, not at all. (0:08:49.55)
Ryouta Suzui : 500,000 yen will change hands with
a single game of rock-paper-scissors.
Mary Saotome : Are you ready? (0:08:59.68)
Yumeko Jabami : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:09:01.60)
Mary Saotome : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:09:01.60)
Mary Saotome : Oh, a draw. (0:09:04.69)
Mary Saotome : Next card, then. (0:09:06.73)
Mary Saotome : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:09:08.56)
Mary Saotome : Yeah! I won! (0:09:11.86)
Yumeko Jabami : Oh dear... (0:09:14.61)
Yumeko Jabami : I would have lost either way. (0:09:16.78)
Mary Saotome : I'm glad that worked out for me! (0:09:20.20)
Mary Saotome : How much should we
bet on our next game?
Yumeko Jabami : Let's bet two chips this time. (0:09:25.00)
Mary Saotome : Okay, here we go. (0:09:32.30)
Mary Saotome : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:09:34.22)
Yumeko Jabami : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:09:34.22)
Mary Saotome : Congratulations, it's your win. (0:09:37.68)
Mary Saotome : How many chips this time? (0:09:41.22)
Yumeko Jabami : Hm, let's see... (0:09:43.14)
Yumeko Jabami : Let's bet fifty chips again. (0:09:48.19)
Ryouta Suzui : You're kidding! (0:09:51.19)
Ryouta Suzui : She hasn't learned her lesson? (0:09:52.57)
Mary Saotome : Well, that's interesting. (0:09:54.19)
Mary Saotome : I like your attitude. (0:09:58.16)
Mary Saotome : All right, let's go again. (0:10:04.12)
Yumeko Jabami : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:10:05.75)
Mary Saotome : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:10:05.75)
Mary Saotome : It looks like we're on
the same wavelength.
Mary Saotome : Let's play the next card. (0:10:12.46)
Mary Saotome : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:10:15.80)
Mary Saotome : Yeah! I won again! (0:10:26.93)
Mary Saotome : Thanks for the 500,000 yen! (0:10:29.60)
Ryouta Suzui : Man, that's 1,000,000 yen in total... (0:10:32.94)
Mary Saotome : Okay, let's keep playing! (0:10:35.82)
Mary Saotome : Oh, what's wrong? (0:10:39.28)
Mary Saotome : Don't tell me you've got cold feet! (0:10:41.32)
Mary Saotome : Well, considering you just lost
1,000,000 yen, that's no surprise!
Yumeko Jabami : Oh, not at all.
The match has only just started.
Yumeko Jabami : I'd like to bet two chips
for the next game.
Ryouta Suzui : It's over. It's 216 chips against 24.
The difference is too great.
Ryouta Suzui : If you lose your nerve once you've been driven back this far, it's even harder to make a comeback. (0:11:03.85)
Mary Saotome : Let's continue. (0:11:08.64)
Mary Saotome : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:11:11.02)
Yumeko Jabami : Scissors! (0:11:13.52)
Mary Saotome : Scissors! (0:11:14.44)
Mary Saotome : Oh dear, Jabami,
you've lost all of your chips!
EXTRA : Man, she lost 1,200,000 yen. (0:11:22.28)
EXTRA : Those were pretty high stakes. (0:11:24.37)
Yumeko Jabami : Would you be willing to play one more round, Saotome? (0:11:25.78)
Mary Saotome : Huh? (0:11:29.71)
Ryouta Suzui : Don't do it, Jabami! (0:11:30.58)
Ryouta Suzui : If you keep this up, you'll become
a house pet on your first day here!
Mary Saotome : Of course! How many
chips would you like to bet?
Mary Saotome : What an idiot. (0:11:39.63)
Mary Saotome : If she keeps going after this,
she'll never recover.
Yumeko Jabami : 10,000,000 yen in cash. (0:11:45.35)
Mary Saotome : Wh-What? (0:11:52.10)
Mary Saotome : Why are you carrying
so much cash on you?!
Mary Saotome : D-Don't be stupid! (0:11:56.90)
Mary Saotome : You want to bet 10,000,000 yen on
a single game of rock-paper-scissors?
Mary Saotome : You're... (0:12:03.36)
Mary Saotome : You're crazy! (0:12:04.87)
Yumeko Jabami : But that's exactly why. (0:12:07.49)
Yumeko Jabami : The true essence of gambling
is madness, is it not?
Yumeko Jabami : In our world of capitalism,
money is as valuable as your life!
Yumeko Jabami : Entrusting your life to a game of chance is no feat for the sane. (0:12:17.75)
Yumeko Jabami : In spite of this, (0:12:22.76)
Yumeko Jabami : people gather at casinos to experience
the ecstasy of putting their lives on the line!
Yumeko Jabami : Gambling gets more
fun the crazier you get!
Yumeko Jabami : Now then, let's lose
ourselves gambling!
Sayaka Igarashi : Here's the report on the transfer student who
joined the 2nd year Flower Class, Miss President.
Ririka Momobami : It appears that a snake
has entered my paradise.
Mary Saotome : Th-This is absurd!
I'm done here!
Yumeko Jabami : Don't tell me you've got cold feet. (0:13:09.93)
Mary Saotome : This stupid, commoner
girl is mocking me!
Ryouta Suzui : What's going on? (0:13:23.36)
Ryouta Suzui : She only just transferred in and she's
already playing with such high-stakes.
Ryouta Suzui : How can she stay so calm? (0:13:28.99)
Yumeko Jabami : Playing with such large
bets is so exciting, isn't it?
Mary Saotome : She's acting so carefree despite
betting 10,000,000 yen...
Mary Saotome : Doesn't she realise what she's betting? (0:13:40.63)
Mary Saotome : Well, whatever. (0:13:43.13)
Mary Saotome : I'm going to win regardless. (0:13:44.88)
Mary Saotome : After all... (0:13:47.18)
Mary Saotome : Of the 30 voters,
21 of them are voting for me!
Mary Saotome : For various reasons such as debt or
their social standing within the class,
Mary Saotome : these 21 slaves will always
vote how I want them to.
Mary Saotome : This round, rock and paper should be the most common cards in the box. (0:14:05.74)
Mary Saotome : There will be hardly any scissors. (0:14:12.37)
Mary Saotome : Even if she manages to draw one,
the chance that she will play it is abysmal.
Mary Saotome : If I play paper, I won't lose. (0:14:18.08)
Mary Saotome : The only thing I'm worried
about is not drawing paper.
Mary Saotome : I have two papers. (0:14:28.01)
Mary Saotome : This is the perfect hand! (0:14:29.55)
Mary Saotome : I've won! It's over! (0:14:31.35)
Mary Saotome : Have you decided on your move? Could we start now? (0:14:34.47)
Mary Saotome : What's wrong? You've only got three cards,
so there's only so much you can think about.
Yumeko Jabami : Were you perhaps under the
impression that I had not noticed?
Mary Saotome : Huh? (0:14:46.69)
Yumeko Jabami : The voters are in league
with you, are they not?
Yumeko Jabami : Based on all of the votes cast so far,
I do not think everyone is cooperating with you.
Yumeko Jabami : Do you have 10 people, or to be doubly sure,
perhaps 20 people on your side?
Mary Saotome : Wh-Why are you making baseless accus— (0:15:01.71)
Yumeko Jabami : Your modus operandi is crude. (0:15:03.34)
Yumeko Jabami : In the higher stakes games in which 500,000 yen was bet, (0:15:05.42)
Yumeko Jabami : you played the same card twice. (0:15:07.51)
Yumeko Jabami : It would be natural to think
something was fishy, would it not?
Yumeko Jabami : When the bets were low,
you would mix in other cards,
Yumeko Jabami : but that was a terrible way
to disguise your trickery.
Yumeko Jabami : If you aren't prepared to take a loss, you won't be fooling anybody. (0:15:20.64)
Mary Saotome : Stop with the slander. (0:15:24.15)
Mary Saotome : If you think you can nullify the
match by accusing me of cheati—
Yumeko Jabami : Oh, not at all, I wouldn't dream of wasting such an opportunity! (0:15:28.53)
Yumeko Jabami : The true fun starts now, after all. (0:15:32.45)
Mary Saotome : How is she staying so composed? (0:15:37.04)
Mary Saotome : She doesn't actually think
she can beat me, does she?
Mary Saotome : That's impossible. (0:15:42.54)
Mary Saotome : There's no way she can be sure she'll win without knowing what I'll play. (0:15:44.96)
Mary Saotome : She's just bluffing. (0:15:49.92)
Mary Saotome : I'll play a paper as planned and win! (0:15:51.84)
Mary Saotome : Is that all you have to say? (0:15:54.55)
Mary Saotome : Then hurry up and choose your card. (0:15:56.31)
Yumeko Jabami : Don't say I didn't warn you. (0:16:01.02)
Mary Saotome : Are you ready? (0:16:04.23)
Yumeko Jabami : Of course. (0:16:07.02)
Mary Saotome : It's on! (0:16:16.95)
Mary Saotome : Rock, paper, scissors! (0:16:19.29)
Yumeko Jabami : Scissors! (0:16:27.29)
Mary Saotome : Huh? Scissors? (0:16:32.30)
Mary Saotome : N-No way... (0:16:41.81)
Mary Saotome : You're joking. (0:16:44.09)
Yumeko Jabami : Of course I'm not.
You can see for yourself.
Yumeko Jabami : Now as for the bets, this means you owe me 8,800,000 yen after what I lost. (0:16:51.11)
Yumeko Jabami : I do hope you can pay. (0:16:56.66)
Mary Saotome : How did it come to this? (0:16:58.66)
Mary Saotome : I thought if I just put her
a little into debt, I'd be fine...
Mary Saotome : How did I end up being
8,800,000 yen in the red?
Mary Saotome : What's up with her? (0:17:09.13)
Yumeko Jabami : You are able to pay, are you not? (0:17:12.38)
Mary Saotome : I-I can't... (0:17:18.68)
Yumeko Jabami : I'm sorry? (0:17:21.18)
Mary Saotome : I-I don't have that kind
of money right now.
Mary Saotome : Could I possibly trouble you to postpone the repayment? (0:17:30.40)
Ryouta Suzui : Saotome... (0:17:37.24)
Yumeko Jabami : I had a wonderful time,
so let's consider it paid.
Yumeko Jabami : Well then, good afternoon, everybody. (0:17:55.26)
Yumeko Jabami : It would bring me utmost happiness if you were to accept me as a fellow classmate starting tomorrow. (0:17:57.88)
Ryouta Suzui : Jabami! (0:18:11.23)
Yumeko Jabami : Suzui? Is something the matter? (0:18:14.03)
Ryouta Suzui : Umm... (0:18:17.99)
Ryouta Suzui : There's something I wanted to ask you. (0:18:19.10)
Ryouta Suzui : How did you see through the trick? (0:18:23.49)
Yumeko Jabami : Oh, that was but a simple matter. (0:18:25.95)
Yumeko Jabami : I knew straight away that Saotome was manipulating the votes, (0:18:28.54)
Yumeko Jabami : so I needed to know which
card would be voted the most.
Ryouta Suzui : Right, but how did you do that? (0:18:38.51)
Yumeko Jabami : Let's say there were twenty
people working for Saotome.
Yumeko Jabami : If those twenty people didn't vote the same card, it wouldn't be very useful. (0:18:46.14)
Yumeko Jabami : But as far as I could tell, there was no regularity to the votes that were cast. (0:18:51.10)
Yumeko Jabami : That said, it would be difficult to remember what to vote for each game in advance, (0:18:55.82)
Yumeko Jabami : so I figured the vote was
agreed upon on the spot.
Yumeko Jabami : And how, you might ask? (0:19:05.99)
Yumeko Jabami : I was observing the entire
time until I ran out of chips,
Yumeko Jabami : but Saotome didn't appear to make any sort of signal. (0:19:11.63)
Yumeko Jabami : Then was it something she said? (0:19:15.71)
Yumeko Jabami : No, that wasn't it either. (0:19:17.63)
Yumeko Jabami : In that case, there was only one other thing it could have been. (0:19:20.59)
Yumeko Jabami : Someone else in the classroom
must have been making signals.
Yumeko Jabami : If my hypothesis was correct, then there would be a person whom everyone's eyes would fall upon. (0:19:29.02)
Yumeko Jabami : As I continued my observation,
I incidentally noticed something.
Yumeko Jabami : "As the one playing the game, it would be natural for all eyes to point on me." (0:19:37.94)
Yumeko Jabami : This notion was the root
of my misunderstanding.
Yumeko Jabami : Their gaze was trained not on me, (0:19:44.57)
Yumeko Jabami : but in fact on the person who was standing behind me. (0:19:46.69)
Ryouta Suzui : You figured out all of that... (0:19:54.42)
Yumeko Jabami : The rest was simple. (0:19:56.25)
Yumeko Jabami : I simply guessed which card was
chosen based on the signs you made.
Ryouta Suzui : The signs I made?
I was standing behind you!
Yumeko Jabami : Indeed! (0:20:02.93)
Yumeko Jabami : For you see, a hand-mirror
is a necessity for any lady.
Ryouta Suzui : Ah, right... (0:20:07.93)
Ryouta Suzui : Could I ask you one more thing? (0:20:12.48)
Ryouta Suzui : How were you able to pull
a scissors at the end?
Ryouta Suzui : The probability of drawing one should've been pretty low... (0:20:17.32)
Yumeko Jabami : Oh, that was a pure coincidence. (0:20:19.65)
Yumeko Jabami : I was pretty lucky, wasn't I? (0:20:23.66)
Ryouta Suzui : Y-You're kidding! (0:20:24.95)
Ryouta Suzui : You spent 1,200,000 yen
to see through Mary's trick,
Ryouta Suzui : and you still bet
10,000,000 yen on pure chance?
Yumeko Jabami : Hm? Well, I suppose so. (0:20:35.33)
Ryouta Suzui : If you didn't say anything
about figuring out the trick,
Ryouta Suzui : you would've been able to tie up the match at the very worst. (0:20:41.21)
Ryouta Suzui : If you managed to draw a scissors,
you were basically guaranteed to win.
Ryouta Suzui : But in spite of this,
you deliberately told her...
Ryouta Suzui : because you wanted
to enjoy the risk?
Yumeko Jabami : Oh, heavens no! (0:20:53.81)
Yumeko Jabami : Even I don't think it's fun to simply bear risks for the sake of it. (0:20:55.48)
Yumeko Jabami : But conversely, having too great
an advantage is also no fun, is it not?
Ryouta Suzui : Man, you sure are something else. (0:21:02.32)
Ryouta Suzui : I don't think I'd ever do something that bold even once in my lifetime. (0:21:06.11)
Ryouta Suzui : I'm going to drop out of this school. (0:21:10.66)
Yumeko Jabami : Oh? (0:21:11.91)
Ryouta Suzui : I have a debt. (0:21:13.12)
Ryouta Suzui : I owe Saotome Mary 5,000,000 yen. (0:21:15.04)
Ryouta Suzui : I tried to earn money to pay it back by gambling, but I fell even further into debt. (0:21:17.46)
Ryouta Suzui : I felt like I was trying
to swim out of a swamp.
Ryouta Suzui : I can't take it any more. (0:21:24.34)
Ryouta Suzui : Maybe it would've turned out
differently if I were as skilled as you.
Ryouta Suzui : Jabami, I'm deeply sorry
for what I've done.
Yumeko Jabami : Come to think of it,
I've yet to thank you, haven't I?
Yumeko Jabami : Please accept this. (0:21:44.07)
Ryouta Suzui : Huh? What? Wait! (0:21:44.74)
Yumeko Jabami : I was able to enjoy a great game today. (0:21:47.45)
Yumeko Jabami : This isn't much,
but I would like you to take it.
Ryouta Suzui : Huh? (0:21:53.12)
Ryouta Suzui : B-But I was one of Mary's accomplices and tried to make you— (0:21:54.25)
Yumeko Jabami : I absolutely detest games in which I will definitely win and games in which I will definitely lose. (0:21:58.29)
Yumeko Jabami : That isn't much of a gamble, after all. (0:22:03.34)
Yumeko Jabami : I was able to experience a thrilling
gambling match today thanks to you.
Yumeko Jabami : Thank you very much. (0:22:10.93)
Ryouta Suzui : There wasn't a trace of
a shadow to her smile.
Ryouta Suzui : Nor was there any evidence
of resentment or pity for me.
Ryouta Suzui : From the bottom of her heart,
she thought today's game was fun.
Ryouta Suzui : That was why she expressed her gratitude. (0:22:23.94)
Ryouta Suzui : That was all there was to it. (0:22:25.61)
Ryouta Suzui : She isn't normal. (0:22:27.78)
Ryouta Suzui : She has a gambling addiction—
loses herself gambling !
Mary Saotome : This is all because I lost to you! (0:24:08.42)
EXTRA : Fear is— (0:24:10.47)
EXTRA : Jabami! (0:24:11.17)
EXTRA : Why should I— (0:24:12.09)
EXTRA : I'll lend you 20,000,000 yen! (0:24:12.89)
EXTRA : Let's do it! All that's
left is for you to nod!
EXTRA : Perhaps I should meddle a little bit? (0:24:17.47)

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