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Lauri Echevarria : Your Majesty, (0:00:07.52)
Lauri Echevarria : this is my grandchild, Ernesti Echevalier. (0:00:09.14)
Ernesti Echevarria : I am honored to meet you. (0:00:14.55)
Knut Dixgard : The reports said he was a boy. (0:00:16.60)
Ernesti Echevarria : Yes, I am a boy. (0:00:19.19)
Joachim Serrati : Did he inherit his
fearlessness from you, Raul?
Lauri Echevarria : Thank you, Your Majesty. (0:00:27.16)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : He does seem quite composed for a boy
who's not even in his teens yet.
Ernesti Echevarria : Your words honor me. (0:00:35.50)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : There's a reason I've brought you here today. (0:00:38.77)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : I couldn't think of the
proper way to reward you
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : for your success. (0:00:47.94)
Lauri Echevarria : Your Majesty, Ernie is still a child. (0:00:50.85)
Lauri Echevarria : He doesn't need a reward... (0:00:54.26)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : Child or no, I cannot fail to reward
someone who defeats a behemoth.
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : I'll just come out and ask: what do you want? (0:01:01.85)
Ernesti Echevarria : What do I want? (0:01:07.11)
Ernesti Echevarria : He can't be asking me this
out of the goodness of his heart.
Ernesti Echevarria : I should assume the king is testing me. (0:01:14.24)
Ernesti Echevarria : Should I say I don't need a reward, (0:01:18.06)
Ernesti Echevarria : or ask for something? (0:01:19.83)
Ernesti Echevarria : If I ask for something,
what should I ask for?
Ernesti Echevarria : I could just come out and ask for the
latest model of Silhouette Knight.
Ernesti Echevarria : No, no. (0:01:28.39)
Ernesti Echevarria : This is the chance of a lifetime! (0:01:29.89)
Ernesti Echevarria : I want to ask for something
incredibly difficult,
Ernesti Echevarria : something I'll never have
another chance to get!
Ernesti Echevarria : Then I ask for this. (0:01:39.67)
Ernesti Echevarria : What I want most right now is knowledge. (0:01:42.86)
Ernesti Echevarria : I want to know how to create the heart
of a Silhouette Knight, the Ether Reactor!
Knut Dixgard : D-Do you know what you're asking for? (0:01:55.56)
Knut Dixgard : That's one of the country's greatest
treasures and best-kept secrets!
Knut Dixgard : You can't just— (0:02:02.83)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : Silence, Dixgard. (0:02:03.62)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : You're correct to assume that none
but I could grant that wish of yours.
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : But what will you do when you've learned
the mysteries of the Ether Reactor?
Ernesti Echevarria : Okay, this is it! (0:02:17.23)
Ernesti Echevarria : I'm learning to be a Knight
Runner at Laihiala,
Ernesti Echevarria : but my ultimate goal is to acquire
my own unique Silhouette Knight.
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : If you'd asked for that
instead of the reactor,
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : your wish may have been granted. (0:02:34.56)
Ernesti Echevarria : No, that's not what I meant. (0:02:37.71)
Ernesti Echevarria : I want to make my very own
Silhouette Knight, with my own hands!
Knut Dixgard : You want to make a Silhouette
Knight from scratch?
Ernesti Echevarria : Indeed! (0:02:49.41)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : And why is this so important to you? (0:02:51.11)
Ernesti Echevarria : Because... (0:02:53.78)
Ernesti Echevarria : It's my hobby! (0:02:55.81)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : How ridiculous! (0:03:06.45)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : Of all the possible answers,
you say it's your "hobby"?
Lauri Echevarria : Your Majesty, I'll give my
grandson a stern talking-to,
Lauri Echevarria : so please be merciful. (0:03:14.69)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : Very well. (0:03:15.54)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : Consider your wish granted. (0:03:17.00)
Knut Dixgard : Your Majesty! (0:03:18.80)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : But slaying a mere behemoth is not enough to
justify access to our nation's greatest treasure.
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : Show me proof that you can make good use
of the Ether Reactor's manufacturing method.
Ernesti Echevarria : And how should I do that? (0:03:30.42)
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : You merely need to create the
body of a Silhouette Knight.
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : If your work is sufficiently
impressive to satisfy me,
Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira : I will grant your wish! (0:03:43.63)
Ernesti Echevarria : Yes, Your Majesty! (0:03:47.23)
EXTRA : The next day, the Marquis of Selati
invited his children back from Laihiala.
EXTRA : Chapter 3: (0:05:23.88)
Stefania Serrati : I'm so happy to see you again, Father. (0:05:29.33)
Joachim Serrati : It seems you're all doing well. (0:05:33.16)
Adeltrud Olter : So what did you summon us here for? (0:05:35.70)
Joachim Serrati : Stephania told me that you're
friends of Ernesti Echevalier.
Archid Olter : Yes, I suppose. (0:05:44.64)
Joachim Serrati : His Majesty seems to have
taken quite a liking to him.
Joachim Serrati : If Ernesti is successful in any way, (0:05:51.75)
Joachim Serrati : please let me know. (0:05:55.29)
Joachim Serrati : I want to be the first to tell His Majesty. (0:05:57.50)
Adeltrud Olter : Is that going to benefit Ernie? (0:06:00.25)
Joachim Serrati : Of course. (0:06:03.41)
Joachim Serrati : But you needn't inform him of this. (0:06:05.26)
Joachim Serrati : I can't let it interfere with his task. (0:06:09.00)
EXTRA : Hey, give me a hand. (0:06:15.88)
EXTRA : What're you doin', you moron? (0:06:17.88)
David Hepken : Anybody who's slacking off is
gonna get a kick in the ass!
David Hepken : What is this? (0:06:27.28)
David Hepken : This thing's Crystal Tissue
was replaced just last month.
David Hepken : What did you do to wreck
it in a single night like this?
Ernesti Echevarria : It's so beautiful. (0:06:41.56)
Ernesti Echevarria : Even broken mechs are
beautiful in their own way.
Ernesti Echevarria : The form collapses and
only the wreckage remains.
Ernesti Echevarria : This is true, refined beauty! (0:06:49.94)
Ernesti Echevarria : It's beautiful. (0:06:52.70)
Ernesti Echevarria : And that ambivalent guilty
sensation when you realize that
Ernesti Echevarria : you were responsible for its destruction... (0:06:57.97)
David Hepken : What? (0:07:01.00)
Batson Tendony : I'm sorry, boss! (0:07:01.84)
Batson Tendony : No, I mean, David. (0:07:03.64)
David Hepken : Wait! (0:07:06.87)
David Hepken : Let's hear more about that ambiviwhatsit. (0:07:09.17)
David Hepken : I'm sorry, can you say that again? (0:07:16.42)
Ernesti Echevarria : Okay. (0:07:18.82)
Ernesti Echevarria : I said that I copied out the
scripts from the Magius Engine,
Ernesti Echevarria : did the calculations myself, (0:07:23.46)
Ernesti Echevarria : and used that to operate
the Silhouette Knight.
David Hepken : Let's just say, hypothetically, that you did. (0:07:27.14)
David Hepken : What's that have to do with
the way the Guair fell apart?
Ernesti Echevarria : Acting as a stand-in for the Magius Engine
allows you to remove all its limiters.
Ernesti Echevarria : I took all the mana in the
mech and used it to attack.
Ernesti Echevarria : And as a result, it couldn't maintain the
enhancement magic that holds it together.
David Hepken : Is that correct, Guair's Knight Runner? (0:07:48.16)
Dietrich Cunitz : Yes... he's right. (0:07:58.74)
Ernesti Echevarria : Dietrich really surprised me, you know! (0:08:01.58)
Ernesti Echevarria : That last attack on the behemoth... (0:08:04.96)
Ernesti Echevarria : Without his help, it would've been impossible! (0:08:07.65)
Ernesti Echevarria : It was wonderful! (0:08:11.30)
Dietrich Cunitz : No, I didn't do anything. (0:08:12.63)
Ernesti Echevarria : What are you talking about? (0:08:14.97)
Ernesti Echevarria : Let's be very proud of this! (0:08:16.30)
Ernesti Echevarria : Let's sing the praises of the Guair! (0:08:17.76)
Dietrich Cunitz : I see... (0:08:20.77)
Dietrich Cunitz : You're right. (0:08:22.00)
David Hepken : Let's get back on topic. (0:08:23.36)
David Hepken : So you're saying that if you're
using your full strength,
David Hepken : you'll destroy any Silhouette
Knight that exists?
Ernesti Echevarria : It's likely that I'd destroy
any that currently exists, yes.
David Hepken : You idiot! (0:08:34.42)
David Hepken : How the hell are we supposed
to deal with that?
Ernesti Echevarria : I've got the perfect idea! (0:08:38.53)
David Hepken : So this is... crystal tissue? (0:08:42.98)
Ernesti Echevarria : This should increase its structural
integrity and energy output.
Ernesti Echevarria : I call it Strand-Type Crystal Tissue! (0:08:50.08)
David Hepken : I see. (0:08:58.11)
David Hepken : We only swapped out 30% of the
muscle and it worked great.
Ernesti Echevarria : Even if each individual fiber is weak, (0:09:03.87)
Ernesti Echevarria : they'll become stronger
if you weave them together.
Ernesti Echevarria : And compared to laying them
out in a straight line,
Ernesti Echevarria : this allows them expand and
contract over a greater distance,
Ernesti Echevarria : which leads to greater energy output. (0:09:14.41)
David Hepken : Great. (0:09:16.53)
David Hepken : Let's put them in all the
units currently under repair.
Ernesti Echevarria : Then why don't we make one more minor
alteration to the humanoid shape?
David Hepken : Okay, lay it on me, silver-haired boy. (0:09:28.25)
Helvi Oberg : Boss... (0:09:33.54)
David Hepken : There you are. (0:09:34.58)
Ernesti Echevarria : Hello there. (0:09:35.48)
Edgar C. Blanche : Ernesti, what are you doing here? (0:09:36.82)
Ernesti Echevarria : Chasing my dreams. (0:09:40.20)
Edgar C. Blanche : Your dreams? (0:09:41.78)
Ernesti Echevarria : Helvi, about the Trandorkis... (0:09:43.37)
Helvi Oberg : Yeah, it's a mess, isn't it? (0:09:46.69)
Ernesti Echevarria : The boss will fix it all
up to where it was before.
Ernesti Echevarria : Actually, he can make it stronger
and faster than before.
Helvi Oberg : Really? (0:09:55.03)
Ernesti Echevarria : Yes, (0:09:56.17)
Ernesti Echevarria : but we need your help. (0:09:56.89)
Helvi Oberg : Help? (0:10:00.73)
Ernesti Echevarria : Silhouette Knights only have two arms, right? (0:10:03.26)
Ernesti Echevarria : When I saw this, I was wondering about
how they use their Silhouette Arms.
Ernesti Echevarria : In order for one to use
magic for long-range attacks,
Ernesti Echevarria : it needs to hold its rod in its hand. (0:10:15.33)
Ernesti Echevarria : In other words, (0:10:17.76)
Ernesti Echevarria : I think it's inefficient to have
to switch between sword and rod.
Edgar C. Blanche : But for an experienced
Knight Runner, that's a simple matter.
Ernesti Echevarria : Right! (0:10:27.71)
Ernesti Echevarria : But I want to make the simple
matters even simpler!
Ernesti Echevarria : Why not add another two arms here? (0:10:33.41)
David Hepken : Silver-haired boy, the Silhouette Knights
were originally based on human beings.
David Hepken : That's part of the reason we're
capable of operating them.
David Hepken : Sure, we can put arms on the back, (0:10:51.02)
David Hepken : but how are you going to move them? (0:10:52.81)
Ernesti Echevarria : We're not putting real arms there. (0:10:55.75)
Ernesti Echevarria : You just need something to
hold the rod and fire it.
Ernesti Echevarria : What we actually need is a simpler design. (0:11:03.41)
Ernesti Echevarria : For convenience, let's call the rod the
back arms are holding the "back weapon."
Ernesti Echevarria : We'll use a dedicated script to control the
movement of the sub-arm and the back weapon.
Ernesti Echevarria : We'll also add an aiming function. (0:11:20.41)
Ernesti Echevarria : All the Knight Runner has to do
is aim and fire at the right time.
Helvi Oberg : It's simpler than I thought. (0:11:30.17)
Helvi Oberg : With some training, (0:11:32.97)
Helvi Oberg : I bet I could use the sword
and the rod at the same time.
Ernesti Echevarria : They may look human, (0:11:38.00)
Ernesti Echevarria : but they're actually tools. Machines. (0:11:39.61)
Ernesti Echevarria : If there's some function
we want them to have,
Ernesti Echevarria : don't you think we should
change their form to create it?
David Hepken : Who the hell are you, anyway? (0:11:47.18)
David Hepken : How come you keep trying to make all these
things I've never seen or even heard of?
Ernesti Echevarria : What are you talking about? (0:11:55.84)
Ernesti Echevarria : I'm making them because they don't exist! (0:11:57.44)
Ernesti Echevarria : If they existed, I wouldn't need to make them. (0:11:59.22)
Archid Olter : Hey, Ernie. (0:12:03.03)
Ernesti Echevarria : What? (0:12:04.28)
Archid Olter : If you add those things, Silhouette Knights
will get even stronger, right?
Ernesti Echevarria : Yes, of course. (0:12:08.97)
Archid Olter : Then knowing you, you're going to
fight the demon beasts again, right?
Ernesti Echevarria : Th-That's true. (0:12:17.02)
Ernesti Echevarria : A Knight Runner's job is to protect
people from the demon beasts.
Archid Olter : Is there anything Addy
and I can do to help you?
Adeltrud Olter : Ernie! (0:12:26.80)
Adeltrud Olter : Teach us how to fight in a Silhouette Knight! (0:12:28.16)
Adeltrud Olter : I don't want you ever going
to fight on your own again!
Archid Olter : We want to fight, too! (0:12:36.03)
Archid Olter : We don't want to be left behind
like we were with the behemoth!
Ernesti Echevarria : Of course! (0:12:43.65)
Ernesti Echevarria : And I've come up with the perfect plan, too! (0:12:44.87)
Lauri Echevarria : Can you really do this, Ernie? (0:12:53.45)
Ernesti Echevarria : May I have permission, principal? (0:12:56.34)
Lauri Echevarria : The majority of our Silhouette Knights
are being repaired right now.
Ernesti Echevarria : The creation or major overhaul of
a Silhouette Knight requires
Ernesti Echevarria : complicated processes and lots of parts, (0:13:08.69)
Ernesti Echevarria : as well as a long construction period. (0:13:11.39)
Ernesti Echevarria : If I want a simpler way to
make a new Silhouette Knight,
Ernesti Echevarria : there's only one way. (0:13:17.57)
Ernesti Echevarria : That's right. Make it smaller! (0:13:19.21)
Ernesti Echevarria : The biggest benefit of this new machine (0:13:23.30)
Ernesti Echevarria : is that it's far simpler and easier
to make than a Silhouette Knight.
Ernesti Echevarria : I'd like Batson to take the lead (0:13:29.34)
Ernesti Echevarria : and have the middle school students help. (0:13:31.21)
Batson Tendony : Us? (0:13:34.58)
EXTRA : And so Ernie came up with several new plans, (0:13:36.58)
EXTRA : and began to get the whole school involved. (0:13:40.39)
David Hepken : The new Crystal Tissue is safe, (0:13:54.80)
David Hepken : but the underlying frame's blown out. (0:13:57.30)
David Hepken : I forgot to think about that! (0:14:00.27)
David Hepken : We're gonna have to reconsider
the whole mechanical balance.
Ernesti Echevarria : We're counting on you, boss! (0:14:05.89)
Archid Olter : Okay, time to go train! (0:14:11.85)
Batson Tendony : Hey, take it easy! (0:14:14.49)
Ernesti Echevarria : It's so cold, so hard... It's wonderful! (0:14:19.84)
Adeltrud Olter : All Ernie will look at is
big, hard, cold things!
Ernesti Echevarria : How does it feel to pilot
the Silhouette Gear, Edgar?
Edgar C. Blanche : You can tell, can't you? (0:14:36.41)
Ernesti Echevarria : I see! (0:14:40.00)
Ernesti Echevarria : Looks like you're having lots of fun! (0:14:41.09)
Edgar C. Blanche : Hey, Ernesti, (0:14:43.15)
Edgar C. Blanche : these Silhouette Gears aren't bad. (0:14:44.84)
Edgar C. Blanche : But the controls are complicated, (0:14:47.93)
Edgar C. Blanche : and they drain too much mana. (0:14:50.43)
Edgar C. Blanche : There's no way using these will serve as a
replacement for Silhouette Knight training.
Ernesti Echevarria : You think so? (0:14:56.70)
Adeltrud Olter : One, two! One, two! (0:14:58.08)
Archid Olter : Hup! (0:14:59.28)
Edgar C. Blanche : They're unique. (0:15:00.74)
Edgar C. Blanche : Is there no way you can at
least put a Magius Engine it?
Edgar C. Blanche : That would make it simpler to control. (0:15:05.62)
Dietrich Cunitz : Pathetic, Edgar! (0:15:08.19)
Dietrich Cunitz : You're the top knight, (0:15:10.13)
Dietrich Cunitz : and you're just giving up this easily? (0:15:12.34)
Edgar C. Blanche : You're working hard, huh? (0:15:14.11)
Dietrich Cunitz : Of course. (0:15:15.81)
Dietrich Cunitz : Mana control is an absolute
necessity for a Knight Runner.
Dietrich Cunitz : No amount of training is wasted! (0:15:20.80)
Archid Olter : Hey, want to go play tag? (0:15:23.89)
Dietrich Cunitz : Sure! (0:15:27.14)
Edgar C. Blanche : Dietrich has changed. (0:15:32.16)
EXTRA : After much research,
failure, and improvements,
EXTRA : a modified Silhouette Knight with the
Strand-Type Crystal Tissue and back weapons
EXTRA : was finally ready for its test run! (0:15:44.11)
David Hepken : Helvi, all set? (0:15:49.64)
David Hepken : First, stand up. (0:15:51.72)
EXTRA : It stood up! (0:16:02.09)
EXTRA : This is really gonna work! (0:16:02.70)
David Hepken : Okay, try walking. (0:16:08.27)
David Hepken : Slowly! (0:16:10.34)
David Hepken : Okay, stop! (0:16:27.97)
David Hepken : How's it feel? (0:16:35.49)
Helvi Oberg : It's a rough ride, just like you'd think. (0:16:37.82)
Helvi Oberg : It's got too much power, (0:16:40.02)
Helvi Oberg : so it's hard to even make it work. (0:16:41.40)
Ernesti Echevarria : Let's do some tuning later. (0:16:43.92)
Ernesti Echevarria : Our big goal today is to check those. (0:16:46.17)
Edgar C. Blanche : I didn't realize you could use
Silhouette Gears like that.
Dietrich Cunitz : Just goes to show they aren't just toys. (0:16:58.35)
Helvi Oberg : Deploying Silhouette Arms. (0:17:02.08)
Helvi Oberg : Displaying reticle. (0:17:07.49)
Helvi Oberg : Aiming... (0:17:09.86)
Helvi Oberg : Fire. (0:17:11.89)
Ernesti Echevarria : It's pretty accurate, huh? (0:17:20.90)
Helvi Oberg : Test fire complete. (0:17:23.06)
Helvi Oberg : Retracting sub-arms. (0:17:24.57)
David Hepken : Looking good! (0:17:30.42)
Archid Olter : They're happy over something like that? (0:17:34.95)
Adeltrud Olter : Isn't it more amazing if you
just used the magic yourself?
Ernesti Echevarria : We can increase the firepower
anytime we want.
Ernesti Echevarria : What's important today is that a new
Silhouette Knight has taken its first step.
Ernesti Echevarria : That's the happiest news of all. (0:17:48.53)
Adeltrud Olter : I don't really understand,
but congratulations!
Adeltrud Olter : I'm so happy for you, Ernie! (0:17:54.77)
Edgar C. Blanche : What's your take on the
new equipment, Dietrich?
Dietrich Cunitz : Hmm... It won't just help
with long-range combat,
Dietrich Cunitz : but close-range combat as well. (0:18:03.43)
Dietrich Cunitz : It's wonderful. (0:18:05.44)
Edgar C. Blanche : It's one thing if we're
up against a demon beast,
Edgar C. Blanche : but eventually we may have to face it. (0:18:08.86)
Helvi Oberg : That's right. (0:18:12.13)
Helvi Oberg : Maybe we'll begin with me knocking you flat. (0:18:13.37)
Helvi Oberg : With this new power, even the strongest
Knight Runner at the school is no match for me.
Edgar C. Blanche : Sounds scary. (0:18:22.32)
Helvi Oberg : Just you wait! (0:18:24.18)
Edgar C. Blanche : Jeez... it's just a mock battle, (0:18:31.81)
Edgar C. Blanche : but they're acting like it's a party. (0:18:35.28)
Helvi Oberg : Don't tell me you're quitting now! (0:18:36.98)
David Hepken : Helvi, Edgar, you're both ready, right? (0:18:39.70)
David Hepken : We will now finish the
trial run of the new unit
David Hepken : by pitting the Trandorkis, now known as
the Telestale, against the Earlcumber.
David Hepken : Both of you, bow! (0:18:53.86)
David Hepken : To your positions! (0:18:56.16)
Edgar C. Blanche : It's not the capabilities of the
machine that decide the victory.
Edgar C. Blanche : It's the skill of the Knight Runner! (0:19:05.90)
Helvi Oberg : We get to fight together again, huh? (0:19:08.99)
Helvi Oberg : Let's go, Trandorkis—no, Telestale! (0:19:11.49)
David Hepken : Begin! (0:19:15.78)
Edgar C. Blanche : She's not taking advantage
of her strength at long range?
Helvi Oberg : Let's start by saying hello! (0:19:24.68)
Edgar C. Blanche : So this is the power of the Strand-Type? (0:19:35.26)
Edgar C. Blanche : I didn't know anything like it existed! (0:19:37.44)
Edgar C. Blanche : But ever since I met Ernesti, (0:19:41.64)
Edgar C. Blanche : I've gotten used to
throwing away what I know!
Dietrich Cunitz : That's Edgar for you. (0:19:47.08)
Dietrich Cunitz : A normal pilot would've lost
during that first charge.
Ernesti Echevarria : Helvi's doing a great job
with the new machine, too.
David Hepken : Well, she's a Test Runner for a reason. (0:19:56.59)
Dietrich Cunitz : Helvi's pushing really hard, isn't she? (0:20:00.48)
Ernesti Echevarria : I think she's trying to take advantage
of her superior energy output.
Ernesti Echevarria : And the control system tuning isn't done yet, (0:20:05.80)
Ernesti Echevarria : so she'll be at a disadvantage
if she tries to fight with precision.
Dietrich Cunitz : Strength or skill... (0:20:12.00)
Dietrich Cunitz : So that's what this fight is about? (0:20:14.42)
Edgar C. Blanche : A magical strike at close range... (0:20:15.98)
Edgar C. Blanche : That's too hard to deal with! (0:20:17.77)
Edgar C. Blanche : I don't like to gamble, (0:20:23.46)
Edgar C. Blanche : but it would be no fun to just
let you push me into a corner!
Helvi Oberg : He's coming straight at me? (0:20:36.60)
Helvi Oberg : That's just like you, Edgar! (0:20:37.92)
Helvi Oberg : I'll fight you with all I've got! (0:20:40.35)
Helvi Oberg : There! (0:20:44.34)
Helvi Oberg : He stopped the attack with his blade? (0:20:49.35)
Ernesti Echevarria : He crushed the sub-arm? (0:20:55.77)
Helvi Oberg : Now you've done it. (0:20:57.36)
Helvi Oberg : I won't let you keep doing this! (0:20:59.00)
Helvi Oberg : Get ready, Telestale! (0:21:01.32)
Helvi Oberg : You're mine, Edgar! (0:21:08.12)
Ernesti Echevarria : She's out of mana! (0:21:29.37)
David Hepken : Thanks to your help, (0:21:33.22)
David Hepken : the new Telestale has passed its trials. (0:21:34.76)
David Hepken : Next, we deal with the decreased fuel
efficiency caused by the increased output.
David Hepken : Well, anyway... (0:21:45.72)
David Hepken : Cheers! (0:21:47.54)
EXTRA : Cheers! (0:21:48.53)
Dietrich Cunitz : Go cheer up Helvi. (0:21:51.51)
Edgar C. Blanche : Me? (0:21:53.79)
Adeltrud Olter : Hey, Ernie. (0:21:55.05)
Ernesti Echevarria : Yes? (0:21:56.20)
Adeltrud Olter : This is amazing, right? (0:21:56.93)
Adeltrud Olter : Won't the king praise you for this? (0:21:59.13)
Archid Olter : I bet! (0:22:01.41)
Archid Olter : You made a Silhouette Knight. (0:22:02.47)
Ernesti Echevarria : No, there's a long way to go. (0:22:04.81)
Ernesti Echevarria : The Telestale is "finished,"
but it's nowhere near done.
Batson Tendony : There's more? (0:22:11.98)
Ernesti Echevarria : The path of the Silhouette Knight (0:22:13.81)
Ernesti Echevarria : isn't trod in a day! (0:22:15.68)
Kerhild Hietakangas : So it's not complete, then? (0:22:30.64)
Kerhild Hietakangas : Then let's watch this awhile longer. (0:22:33.17)
EXTRA : By this time, (0:22:39.49)
EXTRA : a tiny thorn had already embedded itself
in the Laihiala Academy of Knight Runners.
EXTRA : But nobody, even Ernesti, (0:22:45.49)
EXTRA : had noticed. (0:22:49.38)
EXTRA : Next Time: "Light & Shadow!" (0:24:25.56)
EXTRA : Chapter 4: (0:24:26.61)
EXTRA : Machiavellianism is calling me! (0:24:27.64)

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