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Of course, everyone is focused on one goal.

- Yoshii Akihisa

Made in Abyss - Episode 1

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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Rico : Come on, Nat! Line ID
Rico : Why are you following me?! Line ID
Nat : Shut up! Line ID
Nat : I'm responsible for the area just above yours, Riko! Line ID
Rico : Oh, that's right... Line ID
Rico : Well, at least help me carry the Relics
on the way home, then.
Line ID
Nat : Why?! Line ID
Rico : Well, today my haul needs to receive
the highest valuation out of all the Red Whistles!
Line ID
Nat : Doubt that'll happen. Line ID
Nat : This area's mostly been searched already... Line ID
Nat : and there's not much anything rare left. Line ID
Rico : That's why it's gonna come down to quantity! Line ID
Nat : You okay with that? Line ID
Nat : How about fudging the numbers...
with that thing you swiped the other day?
Line ID
Rico : The Star Compass? Line ID
Rico : I can't do that! Line ID
Rico : It guides its user toward the truth of the Abyss, after all. Line ID
Rico : Besides... if it's found out I was hiding it... Line ID
Rico : I'll get a worse punishment
this time than being strung up naked.
Line ID
Rico : Talk about traumatizing a little girl! Line ID
Nat : Well, be careful. Line ID
Nat : Ah, the big gondola. Line ID
Rico : Huh?! Line ID
Rico : Wow! Line ID
Rico : Nat, look at that! It's the 600-meter group! Line ID
Nat : I know, okay? Line ID
Rico : Ah, it already went out of sight... Line ID
Rico : Lucky them... I wish I could ride it. Line ID
Nat : Say... isn't it kinda quiet today? Line ID
Rico : Probably 'cause there aren't any hammerbeaks around... Line ID
Rico : I can't hear them singing at all, anyway. Line ID
Nat : You're right. Line ID
Nat : Well, should make it easier to work. Line ID
Nat : Those guys take anything shiny
back to their nests, after all.
Line ID
Rico : Wait! Why are you going on ahead of me?! Line ID
Rico : I'm the one who takes the lead! Line ID
Nat : Huh?! Line ID
Rico : I'm gonna go all out excavating today! Line ID
Rico : I'll get so much stuff Leader will be at a loss for words! Line ID
Rico : Alright, let's do this!
I'm gonna get the number one assessment!
Line ID
Rico : Hup! Line ID
Rico : There's one! Line ID
Rico : Two! Line ID
Rico : Three! Line ID
Rico : Four... Line ID
Rico : Five! Line ID
Rico : A skeleton of someone in prayer. Line ID
Rico : First time I've seen one in quite a while,
so it came as a shock.
Line ID
Rico : Sorry for disturbing you. Line ID
Rico : I can do it if I just try. Line ID
Rico : At this rate, it's only a matter of time
until I'm bumped up to the 600-meter group.
Line ID
Rico : Heavy... Line ID
Rico : Hey, Nat! Help me out! Line ID
Rico : This is seriously heavy. Where'd he run off to...? Line ID
Rico : Damn it, Nat. Line ID
Rico : A crimson splitjaw? Line ID
Rico : What's it doing this far up?! Line ID
Rico : Nat...?! Line ID
Rico : Oh no! Is that blood?! Line ID
Rico : What should I do? Line ID
Rico : Nat's... Line ID
Rico : Nat's gonna be eaten! Line ID
Rico : Oh crap! Line ID
Rico : M-my arm... is it broken?! Line ID
Rico : It's not?! Line ID
Rico : Nat! Line ID
Rico : Help! Line ID
Rico : Amazing... The petrified trees are melted. Line ID
Rico : I think... maybe somebody saved me. Line ID
Rico : Wow, beautiful... Line ID
Rico : H-hello there... Line ID
Rico : No way! He's not breathing! Line ID
Rico : He needs artificial respiration! Line ID
Rico : What's with this texture...? Line ID
Rico : Huh?! Line ID
Rico : He's not human! Line ID
Rico : A-a machine? Line ID
Rico : Wow, this is big! Line ID
Rico : Never seen anything like this before! Line ID
Rico : He's still warm... Line ID
Rico : Must've been moving until a moment ago. Line ID
Rico : But, where did this boy come from? Line ID
Rico : Thanks! Line ID
Rico : Alright! Nat, just a bit more to go! Line ID
Nat : Screw you! The hardest part is just starting now! Line ID
Shiggy : What's the matter? Line ID
Nat : Oh, it's just you, Shiggy. Line ID
Rico : You startled me. Line ID
Shiggy : Who's that? Line ID
Rico : Don't know. Line ID
Rico : But, for the time being I'm calling him "robot boy." Line ID
Shiggy : Huh? Line ID
Shiggy : I get it. So you swiped something again, Riko, huh? Line ID
Rico : I'm just sheltering him, okay! Line ID
Nat : Either way is fine by me... Line ID
Nat : Ah, I knew she'd be there. Line ID
EXTRA : Director, we're back home now. Line ID
Director : Hurry up and get inside. Line ID
Nat : How are we gonna get past her? Line ID
Shiggy : I think we can manage it. Line ID
Rico : Huh?! Line ID
Shiggy : Kiyui! Line ID
Kiyui : Huh? Welcome ho- Line ID
Shiggy : Shh! Line ID
Nat : He gonna understand that? Line ID
Rico : I hope so... Line ID
Director : Hm? Line ID
Kiyui : Book... book... Line ID
Director : How many times do I need to tell you?! Line ID
Director : Don't read books out on the veranda! Line ID
Director : Drop it again and I'll take it away! Line ID
Jiruo : Good work out there yesterday. Line ID
Jiruo : You didn't manage to excavate all that much,
but it was the first time working solo for most of you...
Line ID
Jiruo : so that's only to be expected. Line ID
Jiruo : Once again next week, Line ID
Jiruo : I'll have you base yourselves at the same site
100 meters down and continue working.
Line ID
Jiruo : Those of you who lost their equipment,
file a request with General Affairs.
Line ID
Jiruo : That is all. Line ID
Jiruo : Now, a word from the director. Line ID
Director : There's just one thing I want to say. Line ID
Director : Realize that your possession of a whistle
is based on being a student of the guild's orphanage.
Line ID
Director : Strive to work hard... Line ID
Director : so as not to shame your parents who fell so nobly. Line ID
Director : Ah, one more thing. Line ID
Nat : That's two things now... Line ID
Shiggy : That's two things now... Line ID
Director : Helping yourself to Relics is strictly forbidden. Line ID
Rico : Is she glaring at me? Line ID
Director : Relics provide valuable income to the orphanage... Line ID
Director : So pocketing them is inexcusable. Line ID
Director : No matter the punishment... Line ID
Director : I don't want to hear any complaints! Line ID
Rico : She knows it was me?! Line ID
Director : Next time, it won't stop at just being strung up naked. Line ID
Director : Keep that in mind. That is all. Line ID
Jiruo : You're dismissed. Line ID
Rico : She doesn't know... I'm safe. Line ID
Jiruo : Riko. Line ID
Jiruo : Can I talk to you for a sec? Line ID
Jiruo : Nat tells me he lost his backpack
due to being attacked by a crimson splitjaw...
Line ID
Rico : That's right! Line ID
Rico : If I didn't save him, he'd be snake droppings
right about now. Oh, that Nat!
Line ID
Jiruo : You saved him? Line ID
Rico : Yes! I blew my whistle like so
and made myself a decoy!
Line ID
Jiruo : Well, how did you get saved, then? Line ID
Rico : That's also surprising! Line ID
Rico : A light like none I've ever seen just- Line ID
Rico : Ah, that was close! Line ID
Rico : I was just about to start talking about the robot boy... Line ID
Jiruo : Well, whatever. Line ID
Jiruo : Even at a relatively safe 100 meters,
you never know what's going to happen...
Line ID
Jiruo : From now on, don't let your guard down. Line ID
Rico : Leader! Line ID
Rico : U-um... Line ID
Rico : I have a favor to ask! Line ID
Rico : Please assign me to somewhere deeper! Line ID
Jiruo : I thought I told you I'd consider it
if your haul was assessed to be the most valuable!
Line ID
Jiruo : First, develop some skills that allow you
to cave-raid more efficiently.
Line ID
Rico : I... want to quickly build up experience at deeper depths. Line ID
Rico : I want to become a White Whistle as soon as I can...
and catch up with my mother!
Line ID
Rico : I'll go down as deep as she has and- Line ID
Jiruo : You can't! Line ID
Jiruo : To begin with, if you were to go down 400 meters
with your current level of experience,
Line ID
Jiruo : simply heading back up again
would be all you could handle!
Line ID
Jiruo : For the time being, keep your head down and work hard. Line ID
Nat : Well... Line ID
Nat : That's too bad, Miss Saved-My-Life! Line ID
Rico : What of it?! Eavesdropping like that isn't cool! Line ID
Nat : More importantly, Riko, what are you going to do
about that thing in your room?
Line ID
Rico : The robot? Line ID
Rico : I'll wake him up, of course. Line ID
Nat : He's sleeping? Really?! Line ID
Rico : Yep! We've gotta hurry and wake him! Line ID
Rico : So, help me out, everybody! Line ID
Rico : So? How's that? Line ID
Rico : I think maybe he moved a little. Line ID
Rico : Really?! Line ID
Reg : Is someone there? Line ID
Rico : Maybe we should try turning up the power a little bit? Line ID
Reg : The voices of children?
Maybe we should try turning up the power a little bit?
Line ID
Reg : The voices of children?
Yeah, good idea. Riko, set the dial to 2.
Line ID
Shiggy : Yeah, good idea. Riko, set the dial to 2. Line ID
Rico : I'm on it! Line ID
Reg : Whatever... Line ID
Reg : I'll sleep... a bit longer... Line ID
Reg : Done!
I'll sleep... a bit longer...
Line ID
Reg : I'll sleep... a bit longer... Line ID
Rico : So, Shiggy, can I press it now? Line ID
Nat : Riko, isn't it actually set on 20? Line ID
Rico : Huh? Line ID
Rico : H-he's up! Line ID
Nat : Seriously?! Line ID
Rico : See! I told you that electricity would do the trick! Line ID
Nat : And who was the one who fed him hot coals earlier? Line ID
Rico : Hey, hey, Robot Boy, do you recognize me? Line ID
Rico : You saved me! Line ID
Rico : How did you attack that snake from so far away? Line ID
Rico : Ah, but first, tell me your name! Line ID
Nat : Hey, don't get carried away! He looks overwhelmed... Line ID
Rico : Ah, I'm sorry. My name's Riko! Line ID
Reg : I feel bad about replying to a question
with a question, but...
Line ID
Rico : He spoke! Line ID
Rico : How cute! Line ID
Reg : There's something I want to ask... Line ID
Rico : What? What? Ask whatever you want! Line ID
Reg : Where... is this place? Line ID
Rico : Here? Line ID
Rico : This is my room! In Belchero Orphanage. Line ID
Reg : Do you guys work as torturers? Line ID
Rico : Huh? Line ID
Nat : Riko's room is actually an old execution chamber. Line ID
Nat : She got up to too much mischief and was moved here. Line ID
Nat : Anyway, we work as cave raiders. Line ID
Nat : Well, strictly speaking,
we're apprentices called Red Whistles.
Line ID
Rico : Hey, hey, Robot Boy, what's your name? Line ID
Rico : What kind of stuff can you do? Who made you? Line ID
Reg : It's been on my mind for a bit now, but... Line ID
Rico : Yeah? Line ID
Reg : I'm... a robot? Line ID
Rico : You're a robot! Line ID
Rico : Electricity made you move! Line ID
Rico : You totally withstood fire! Line ID
Rico : And there's not a single scratch on you! Line ID
Rico : So, uh... you don't even remember that you're a robot? Line ID
Nat : Maybe that jolt of electricity messed with his memory? Line ID
Shiggy : Everyone, this is bad! Line ID
Shiggy : The lights are out throughout the whole orphanage! Line ID
Rico : What?! Line ID
Shiggy : I think we overdid it by going full throttle earlier. Line ID
Shiggy : Hide quick! Leader is headed straight over here! Line ID
Rico : Huh?! How does he know it was us?! Line ID
Nat : Probably 'cause you're always pulling stuff. Line ID
Nat : Can you stand? Line ID
Nat : Suppose we've gotta get that off you first... Line ID
Shiggy : Riko! Line ID
Rico : Huh?! Line ID
Nat : Riko! Distract him best you can! Line ID
Shiggy : I've got a bad feeling... Line ID
Rico : Huh? Line ID
Rico : Huh?! Line ID
Rico : Don't come out of there! Got it? Line ID
Rico : We'll be in a world of trouble if you do! Line ID
Jiruo : Hey, Riko! Open up! Line ID
Rico : O-okay! Line ID
Rico : Coming no-! Line ID
Rico : Ow...! Line ID
Jiruo : So, what the heck did you do this time? Line ID
Rico : Huh? Nothing... much really... Line ID
Rico : Ah, m-more importantly, I just banged my foot. Line ID
Rico : Caught it at a bad angle, too. Line ID
Rico : I-it hurts really bad... Line ID
Rico : I bumped it just the wrong way... Line ID
Rico : Wai...! Line ID
Rico : Huh?! Line ID
Jiruo : So this here is Shiggy's handiwork? Line ID
Jiruo : Once again, no idea what he's up to... Line ID
Jiruo : Hey, do you have anything to say for yourself? Line ID
Rico : S-sorry. I won't do it again. Line ID
Jiruo : I know you're frustrated given that
your cave raiding didn't go so well...
Line ID
Jiruo : That said, there's simply no sense
in causing a blackout at the orphanage.
Line ID
Jiruo : Riko...? Line ID
Jiruo : You listening to me, Riko? Line ID
Jiruo : Before I hear your explanation for this mess, Line ID
Jiruo : I think I'll have you clean the orphanage
and write a sincere apology.
Line ID
Rico : Huh? Line ID
Rico : Ah... I'm sorry! Line ID
Reg : I get it now. Line ID
Reg : If he was to find me here, there'd be hell to pay... Line ID
Reg : Nevertheless, my arm can extend... Line ID
Reg : I've got an extending metal arm... Line ID
Reg : and this helmet... Line ID
Reg : Talk about suspicious... Line ID
Reg : What exactly am I? Line ID
Reg : Does a robot really need a belly button? Line ID
Reg : Huh?! Line ID
Reg : D-do I need this thing, too? Line ID
Reg : Whoa! Line ID
Rico : Shh! Line ID
Rico : I took the chance to sneak away
when Shiggy and the others got caught.
Line ID
Rico : Oh, what now? You getting all dressed up
in front of the mirror?
Line ID
Reg : Uh, n-no... Line ID
Jiruo : Riko! Line ID
Jiruo : Riko! Where'd you go?! Line ID
Rico : C-crap!
Riko! Where'd you go?!
Line ID
Jiruo : C-crap!
Riko! Where'd you go?!
Line ID
Jiruo : Riko! Where'd you go?! Line ID
Rico : What are we gonna do?! We need to get outta here! Line ID
Reg : Grab onto me! Line ID
Reg : Quick! Line ID
Rico : Amazing! What a handy hand! Line ID
Rico : How cool! Line ID
Jiruo : Riko, where'd you go?! Line ID
Reg : Doesn't look like things
are gonna calm down anytime soon.
Line ID
Rico : Oh, right! Line ID
Rico : Reg, there's something I've been wanting to show you. Line ID
Reg : "Reg"? Line ID
Rico : That's your name. Line ID
Rico : Not having one is pretty inconvenient, right? Line ID
Rico : So what do you think of the name "Reg"? Line ID
Reg : I don't mind it, but... how'd you come up with it, anyway? Line ID
Rico : It was the name of a dog I used to have. Line ID
Reg : A dog... Line ID
Rico : Reg, hurry, come quick! Line ID
Rico : We're here! Line ID
Rico : It's almost time now, Reg! Line ID
Rico : Reg, this is the city all of us live in. Line ID
Rico : The city of the great pit. It's called Orth! Line ID
Rico : Welcome to Orth, Reg! Line ID
Reg : So this pit...? Line ID
Rico : Huh? Line ID
Rico : Reg, you've even forgotten about the Abyss?! Line ID
Reg : "Abyss"? Line ID
Rico : This great pit is called the Abyss. Line ID
Rico : And I found you in the depths of the Abyss! Line ID
Reg : I... Line ID
Rico : I thought that... Line ID
Rico : maybe you came up from the bottom of the Abyss, Reg! Line ID
Reg : Huh? Line ID
Rico : I mean, I've never seen any kind of robot like you before! Line ID
Rico : That's gotta be right! Line ID
Rico : You must've come from the bottom of the Abyss,
which no one has ever seen...
Line ID
Reg : The Abyss... Line ID
EXTRA : About 1,900 years ago, Line ID
EXTRA : a huge pit was discovered on a remote island
in the southern sea of Beoluska.
Line ID
EXTRA : With a diameter of around 1,000 meters
and a depth that is still unknown to this day,
Line ID
EXTRA : the mysterious formation mesmerized people. Line ID
EXTRA : Valuable and dangerous primeval creatures and
mysterious Relics that are beyond comprehension
Line ID
EXTRA : beckoned adventurers looking to strike it rich,
which in time gave rise to a giant city.
Line ID
EXTRA : Over the span of many years, Line ID
EXTRA : with a spirit of adventure for the unknown
and countless legends luring them in,
Line ID
EXTRA : the world's only remaining unexplored chasm
has swallowed up a great many people.
Line ID
EXTRA : It is known as the Abyss. Line ID
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